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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> overall, i'm just happy it's over. >> i didn't think that there was any debt that needed to be repaid. >> i really felt like he needed someone in his life. >> i felt like she was just constantly pursuing me. >> i do wish him well. -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by cbs television distribution announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: right now at 4:00, indictments for the ford brothers. all three of them. michelle: michael, malik and elijah faces charges related to detective jacai colson's death. michael is the one police say opened fire outside a police station. colson was killed by friendly fire when he responded. jonathan: the most severe charge sticking right now is second-degree murder. that is against michael. maryland bureau chief brad bell has the complete story for us. brad? brad: michael faces the most serious charges but his younger brothers facing serious charges today.
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conclusion. this, of course, all having to do with the march 13 attack. bizarre attack in palmer park. carried out allegedly by the ford brothers on the district iii police station. michael ford standing in the middle of the street. firing a gun. while his brothers watch from a car. one of them malik ford videotaping the whole thing. the incident ending when another police officer mistakes detective jacai colson for the shooter. it's a case of friendly fire. officer colson killed by a fellow officer. as we said all three facing serious charges. the state's attorney laying them out this afternoon. >> there are about 55 counties against cedric ford. -- against michael ford. second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder. the grand jury returned indictment in the case of elijah and malik ford
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also include conspiracy to commit murder. brad: the charge is a bit of a surprise for malik and elijah. elijah's role in this apparently was to just ride along in the car. he was simply there. as for malik, he is alleged to have secured the weapon that michael ford allegedly fired in the middle of the street. he also drove the car to police station. his role was more significant. when we come back at 5:00, we will tell you why the state's attorney thinks that these are the appropriate charges and we'll have reaction from the police officers union. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. across the country deadly tornadoes. take a listen. >> still has not shown much weakening at all. ahead of you -- jonathan: look at the size of that thing. everything in the path torn to shred.
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after the outbreak across the great plains. we watched some of it playing out live almost 24 hours ago on abc7 news. in all there were 21 twisters over five states. meteorologist brianne carter carter -- meteorologist brian van de graaff shows us the damage. brian: the damage done. devastating for families that lost everything. >> i walked out. i went into shock a little bit. brian: from oklahoma. >> god. get out. i hope the people are underground. >> to nebraska. >> wow! >> look at that. brian: and arkansas. images of the destructive storms and the stories of survival are incredible. >> picks me up and threw me against a tree. i just held on. >> this is the worst storm i went through as far as hail in my lifetime. brian: cars took a beating from baseball size chunk of ice. >> that is a tree. brian: winds so fierce trees were uprooted, homes demolish and sparks flue
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two beam in oklahoma were killed. the situation at times was so dire officials declared a tornado emergency. brian van de graaff, stormwatch7 weather. jonathan: our chief meteorologist doug hill is joining us. severe weather. this could be repeat today because it sets up the same way. doug: the same emergency. the atmosphere is different than yesterday. severe thunderstorm watch put out for part of texas, dallas-fort worth area. any severe thunderstorm this time of year could be a tornado. any time of year really. not the numbers. concentrate to start out on areas with the best chance. that is in portion of kentucky. where we are keeping an eye on. show it to you. enhanced risk put out by the storm prediction center in norman, oklahoma. a couple of the tornadoes were literally you can see it from the s.p.c., the storm prediction center office in norman. that close. the enhanced risk across kentucky and ohio, along the rivr
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that is the story. we are watching radar in the area. we have a tornado warning right now. southwestern kentucky. but there it is only 3:00 in the afternoon. there are several more hours for the heat to interact with the approaching line here. more storms are a possibility. again, isolate tornadoes can be expected. locally, showers. now mainly cloudy. we will stay cloudy through the everything. outdoor plans should be okay. we get to 9:00 or 10:00 tonight and closer to 11:00 and midnight, the rain chances will go up. we have had rain in many locations today. not enough to make the 14th consecutive day of rain at reagan national. it could happen before midnight. michelle: thank you. while we wait for this officially extended record-setting streak of rainy days. not something we are excited about. it has been annoying for people who want to get out and enjoy a nice spring day. as richard reeve founder, frustration is mounting.
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water, water, everywhere. >> ready for sunshine. richard for 14 days now the d.c. area has been under a cloud. >> i hate the rain. i'm from new england. it doesn't rain that much. it's pretty sunny in the summer. >> a bit of this and we will hit a new record. two weeks of straight precipitation. for outdoor gear saleswoman melinda that is good news. >> i am wet and need something to keep me wet. >> rain jackets heading out the door. >> cut the tags on so they can throw it on there. >> making for deserted hiking trails. isn't may where it gets nice after april showers? >> yes, yes. we have been trying to get sun. can't get none. richard: national weather service shows rain every day through the rest of the week. on sunday it seems to be clearing now. at 5:00, you will hear from a guy who likes all the rain. not a farmer. in fairfax, richard re
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thank you. stay with our abc7 storm watch team on the go. download the weather app from google play and the itunes store from apple. we have the real-time weather updates right there. in maryland now, a trial date set for officer edward nero who is one of the six charged in the death of freddie gray more than a year ago. nero was the arresting officer who faces assault, reckless endangern't and misconduct. the bench trial begins thursday and is expected to last five days. jonathan: well, he calls himself the "nova creeper." matthew bishop is facing a mountain of criminal charges including child pornography. police say he even boasted about some of the pictures. understandable reaction. >> that is very scary. it's not right. glad he got caught. jonathan: that is understandable reaction from people. just now finding out about this. there is a twist. stephen tschida has a bizarre case. this guy now is out on bond? stephen: oh, yeah.
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with the photos of women, it might be disturbing. but not necessarily criminal. this is the greenbar down center where investigators say 37-year-old matthew bishop liked to haunt this shopping center. we have a mugshot of bishop we can show you now. bishop does face ten counts of child pornography possession. he allegedly used his twitter feeds to private message people images of child pornography. that is where the charges stem from. but what he did at the shopping centers like this at fairfax that has so many people disturbed. basically sneaking up behind women and then taking photos of them. women in tight closing and tweeting the images. here is what one of his neighbors had to say about the charge's. >> matt has been a model neighbor. type of guy in wintertime, the first one out with a slow blower to
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the driveways. we become good friends. this is something of course came out of nowhere. stephen: matthew bishop charged with ten counts of possession of child pornography. the other incidents he is linked to according to the investigators, taking pictures of women at shopping centers at a.t.m.'s, in department stores. those that they say are disturbing. they want the public to be aware of it. now again, matthew bishop bonded out. he does bo tenially face more charge -- potentially face more charges in fairfax and loudoun as wellment stemming from the child porn investigation. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. abc7 is fighting back against crime. you can keep an eye on crime in your neighborhood with our spot crime map. go to click on the on your side tab. on metro, transportation secretary anthony fox said he considered shu
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last week. that is after a fire caught on camera in a station last week. you can see that fox says he could potentially shut down metro in the future if he deems it's not safe enough to be using. this comes as metro holds a closed door manager meeting. all 650 of them. transportation reporter shedding light on what happened today. brianne carter? that will be coming up at 5:00. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- mistake. michelle: explosive look inside rainbow experiment. >> like sticky. the few people it did hit, it hit like got on. more difficult to put out. burning hotter than a regular flame. jonathan: a mess. melted chairs, charred shoes. the experiment that went wrong. what happened to the teacher that conducted this? >> my mind was trying to tell my body to go. by body was no, no.
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we're staying here. michelle: difficult decision. the diagnosis and decision an area runner might have to make that could cost her a shot at the olympics. jonathan: the fountain of youth. the new treatment of harvard and m.i.t. scientists that will knock years off of how you look. michelle: cutting cable costs. four easy things you canan do to slash your bill in ten minutes ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00".
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jonathan: "7 on your side" getting access to investigative report for classroom accident for fairfax county schools. michelle: it's shining new light on what happened the day a sign experiment went wrong at woodson high school. "7 on your side" investigator joce sterman has exclusive details and stunning pictures from the experiment that critics say is too dangerous for the classroom. joce: charred backpacks, blackened notebooks. science lesson captured as a tragic moment in history. >> the whole thing was a freak accident. joce: a classroom accident witnessed by high school student nick and photographed to the last detail by investigators from virginia occupational safety and health.
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exclusively by the "7 on your side" shows the aftermath of october experiment that injured five students. two with serious burns. three others with minor injuries including nick. >> all chaos broke loose. joce: that followed the demonstration of the so-called rainbow experiment. the controversial science lesson resulted in six mishaps across the country with more than a dozen students and teachers injured. that is according to the u.s. chemical safety board, which is called for schools to stop doing the rain we experiment with an open flame and flammable solvents. >> the sameer alternative exist -- safer alternative exists for this demonstration. joce: evidence of the pain caused at woodson can be seen off over the fairfax county clastroom. marker shows the places where the students sat. the unlucky ones in melted chairs wearing clothing and shoes turned into ashes! the problem since it was ethanol
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the few people it did hit, it hit like got on them. more difficult to put out. burning hotter than a regular flame. >> flames fueled by ethal alcohol. the teacher involved poured the chemical and lit in. when she added more ethanol to refuel the vire, squeezing the bottle shoot flames horizontally toward the student. >> it looked like a blanket. joce: the unexpected result of an experiment the teacher told investigators she had done many times over the years with no problems. it is jokingly mentioned in classroom work sheets but has no specific curriculum instructions on how to perform it. with appropriate protective equipment in place and in use that day no citations were given by the state. this report which fairfax county school says is not yet seen rand cannot comment on,
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we are told that the teacher involved remains on administrative leave. joce sterman, abc7 news. michelle: to see the item reporting log on the you can see all of the "7 on your side" work on the top at the top of the page. jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert about the pone tent danger of -- potential dangers of a light-up shoes purchased at a payless store. a texas couple believes their son bought them and it shot fire to the front of the car. the family suspects a battery in the shoes maybe caught fire. "7 on your side"'s horace holmes reaching out to consumer product safety commission. we have that for you at 5:00. facebook and twitter making headlines today. accusations that facebook trends stories that lean left. michelle: and that
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less likely to be a trending story. something that facebook denies. executive says there are a "rigorous guidelines in place to ensure consistency and neutrality." jonathan: from suppressing trends to suppressing feds. twitter is reportedly preventing intelligence agencies from using data minor. a service owned by the social media site. data minor has information use to feel clients and passes it along. according to "usa today," twitter told data miner it didn't want government investigators access to the service. now a check on the roads and jamie sullivan has details. a lot of cars behind you. jamie: there is. we had this accident. 66 westbound in virginia near the fairfax county parkway. you get a good idea with the slashing lights. our left shoulder. we have all lanes open. all lanes getting by. as everyone approaches they
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we move to maps to show you a different view of this. so you can see. this is where the activity is. it's very, very heavy. the backup is bumper to bumper. talk about how slow. you are congested past the beltway closer to route 50. then you are in the 20's. but still 30 minutes it will take to get from the capital beltway closer to there to where the activity is. near the fairfax county parkway. the outer loop looks good and the inner loop is bumper to bumper. we have a little sun glare out there and you need sunglasses. jonathan: did she used the s word? the sun? we haven't seen it in so long. doug: cloud cover is different than yesterday. steady rain. every now and then it breaks through. but n
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go outside real quick and get your vitamin d and then come back in. sunday, monday, tuesday is when we will see legitimate clearing and dryer weather for a few days. but until then more chances of rain starting this evening. start with a time lapse. this is from one of the h.d. camera in frederick, maryland, where it is only 55 degrees. runing 20 degrees below average. this morning rain. see what it looks like through the day as the skies brighten a bit. the winds out of the east/northeast. keeping the cool air off the atlantic atlantic ocean. farther west away from the influence of the ocean temperatures it will warm up. elkins, we virginia, 68. only 65 at the reagan national airport. for the next few hours as
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sun come out. you may see more of it in the next few hours. by th time we get to 8:00, the clouds roll back in. by 10:00 or 11:00, more clouds in the forecast. rain could get steady overnight dropping in the 50's. update you on severe weather. tornado on the ground. south of kentucky. one tornado warning confirmed. more showerses and storms develop north and east. we keep an eye on that. we are in cooler, much more stable air. we have no concerns about that tonight or tomorrow at all. we see areas of rain. the future cast shows heavier rain south of fredericksburg late tonight. over night hours the rain comes in. tomorrow morning by 10:00, we have more showers and downpours. more moving in tomorrow everything and tomorrow night. the pattern is unchanged until a cold front arrives on friday with a cold front to get showers or thunderstorms. another cold front saturday could give us a few more. later in the afternoon highs of 66 degrees. for
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best chance of rain comes our way on friday. thursday we will mention showers in the area. we are call for temperatures near 70 degrees. maybe drizzle. i should be light. the first cold front friday, 73 with showers or thunderstorms. lingering storms. clearing and cooler through sunday and monday. michelle: hopefully we are turning the corner. doug: every time we think so we just think so. something happens. jonathan: remember the salute profile on bill dawson. the original navy frog man. he has been called the grandfather of the navy seals. at 91 years old he is the last frogman still alive. our story went viral. 930,000 hits on this thing. the d.c. mayor's office tipping off the nationals. so now the team will award him with the spirit award before tonight's game. i'll be going there for the special ceremony. we will have it coming up later this evening in one of the newscasts. if you haven't seen the story, go to
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just look up frogman. you will find the story. he is a real inspiration. great guy. coming up for us, a child torching a school bus. motivated by hate. the evidence and more of this video coming up for you. ♪ ♪ ♪ turn the bass up michelle: taking a stand. the reason meagan trainor pulled this video and why she calls it worst fail ever. >> it could be one of the best come backs ever. if the caps can force a win and go to game seven, erin hawksworth in pittsburgh tonight. tall order. the way they played the last game, they can do it. erin: yeah. the capitals have come back from being down 3-1 before. in 2009. coming up hear how alex ovechkin handles the pressure. we have a live rep
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michelle: is it. part two. jonathan: caps have to win to keep the stanley cup hopes alive. then they must do it all over again. erin hawksworth is in pittsburgh site of gape six. not a bad -- site of game six. not a bad time for the caps to get hot and show them something down
4:27 pm
erin: absolutely. they need to come out strong and fast. look at the energy. there is nobody in here now but it is ramping up. pre-game festivities right now. doing run throughs. it looks spectacular. if you are a penguin fan. for the capitals if they force the game seven they need their biggest star to step up. alex ovechkin has two goals and three assists in the series. coming off a dominant performance in game five. >> we have character. trust each other. tomorrow is the biggest game of the year. erin: i will show you the pre-game festivities once again. it looks so cool. this is what the fans will see
4:28 pm
i'm throwing this out there for what it is worth. alex ovechkin has ten points in ten game sixes. hopefully we will see more of the same here tonight. guys? back to you. jonathan: perhaps a good time for ovechkin to have a hat-trick tonight. michelle: hopefully dazzles them when the fans get there. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- meghan trainor has her music video pulled and reedited. the reason. spoiler alert. too much photo shopping. see the before and after ahead >> there are plenty of wedding horror stories. if
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announcer: you're afternooning "abc7 news at -- you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: a top story. >> tornado ongoing 20 minutes now. still not shown much weakening at all. jonathan: unbelievable video. at least two people killed after the outbreak across the great plains. we watched this play out live 24 hours ago on abc7 news. michelle: a long list of charges for three brothers accused in
4:32 pm
colson. the detective killed by friendly fire after accused shooter michael ford opened fire outside a police station in prince george's. jonathan: edward nero the baltimore officer who arrested freddie gray will go on trial this week. that came out of a hearing today. your wedding could be the most expensive and probably the most important day of your life with the birth of your children. michelle: absolutely. what happens when the venue, you booked for months shut the doors. kevin lewis has more. folks must be frantic and scrambling. kevin: absolutely, michelle and jonathan. this ranks awfully high on a list of a bride's worst nightmare. here is the problem. this business here, shade tree and evergreen started as a landscaping company. a decade ago it built a structure and started using it to host weddings and special events.
4:33 pm
frederick county officials the owners never applied for a electrical plumbing or occupancy permits so last week the county shut down the venue indefinitely leaving 60 upcoming weddings in limbo. today, shade tree and evergreen told us the team of attorneys advise them to keep quiet. they took to facebook to tell bride and grooms they are working with the county to address the concerns. we spoke with a local competitor who told thus is the risk you run when you don't play by the rules. >> that is unfair to the other businesses like ours that have gone through the site plan, approval process. business expenses and permits. we have been operating for 26 years. we knew what the rules were 26 years ago. i don't think they are changed today. kevin: at 5:00, i'll explain the offer heard from extending to
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parties. kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: sorry about the weather situation. we get teased by the sun. only for a little while and then the plans come back. doug: the sun is there. we are just not seeing it. jonathan: wait a minute. why didn't leave the newscast with that? doug: even in the senior years i make scientific discoveries and observations. jonathan: this is a flash. doug: we have had report of a few area of sunshine. generally the sun will come out and clouds will return. am i done? continue for three minutes. the warmest point of the day so far. winds from the northeast at 9 miles per hour. temperatures in the 60's. farther east and west. far enough south and west you are in the 70's.
4:35 pm
still a report of tornado on the ground near mayfield in southwestern section of kentucky. paducah is under severe thunderstorm watch. we are not. we do expect more showers. tomorrow more showers and breaks. and drizzle for the day on thursday. the numbers tonight are 50 to 58 degrees. cloudy and cool. showers late. northeasterly winds at 5 miles per hour. heading through the forecast tomorrow. we're back in the mid-60's. cloudy weather. periods of showers and mid-60's. with doe better on thursday near 70 degrees. shower chances will be with us at least through saturday. that is the latest. back to you. michelle: "7 on your side" health matters alert about what is called a facelift in a bottle. the new skin treatment developed by scientists at harvard and m.i.t. they say it takes unwanted bags an
4:36 pm
without injection or pricy procedures. it also holds medicine in place to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. jonathan: meghan trainor fans out there. her video disappeared after she released it. michelle: alison starling is here is what the pop sensation saw. alison: we know her from "all about the bass." brought her in existence. but she was disappointed with her waistline in the new video. it was digitally slammed down. for her part, meghan trainor really been outspoken about body acceptance and her appearance. just hours after the music video for meghan trainor's single "me too" hit the internet, it vanished. overnht
4:37 pm
her fans on snap chat. >> this is the "me too" video and they photo shopped the crap out of me. i'm sick of it and over it. i took it down until they fix it. alison: she decided to take down the video after sher noticed her body was digitally photo shopped making her waist smaller. >> my waist is that teeny. i had a bomb waist that night. i don't know why they didn't like it. i didn't approve it and it went out to the world. i'm embarrassed. alison: the 22-year-old credits the single "all about the bass" to help her embrace the skin she is in. something she shared with abc last february. >> i was like this is what i wish i felt like. i wish i was all about the bass about my curves. this is not how i feel. alison: but last month she told "17" magazine she is done shying away from her curves. >> one thing i love about my body is my curves. they photograph well.
4:38 pm
her fans thought her body was digitally enhanced. but she insists the "me too" video is the worst photo shop fail to happen to her so far. >> i told them to fix it asap. i hope they fix it for me. i am sorry about this. alison: the updated video was posted a short time around. she shows the difference. over here, is the photo shop version. then on the right is her natural body. you can see the difference for yourself. michelle? michelle: thank you. taking a look now around the nation in new york. a boy is under arrest and the police look for others in connection to what they are calling arson and a hate crime. this is all caught on camera. you can see the boys enter the bus with the cardboard. they light it on fire. investigators say it wasn't just cardboard. burnt pages of a jewish prayer
4:39 pm
book and the bus belonged to a jewish elementary school. they are still looking for others involved. jonathan: you think you had a bad day today? how about these folks. they are up there on a scaffold way up there. tense moments. 17 stories above the ground. window washers were cleaning minute and the next they were stuck on scaffolding about to fall. started to slant toward the ground. the firefighters rescued both guys on board cutting through the windows about pulling them in. neither of the workers were injured. president obama will be making a historic visit to hiroshima later this month. it would make him the first sitting u.s. president to visit the site where america dropped the first atomic bomb in 1945. the white house says the u.s. does not owe japan a formal apology for the bombing. but say that the president's visit will be a reminder of the terrible destruction that can come from nuclear weapons. michelle: supreme court nominee merrick garland is taking another step toward the confirmation process. he submitted a questionnai
4:40 pm
detailing his experience today. it's standard spot in vetting any judicial nominee. since chuck grassley didn't send the questionnaire to garland the white house had him fill one out anyway. jonathan: it's primary day in west virginia. senator bernie sanders had been leading in the polls up to today. but we will show for sure who comes out with more delegates when the voting is complete. that is happening later tonight. for the general election,ing there is a new quinnipiac poll that shows clinton and trump neck and neck in three key swing states. florida, pennsylvania, ohio. those are critical. historically, you need to win two of the three in order to win it all. michelle: still ahead on abc7 news -- meet sarah brown. virginia woman on the road to rio but her journey sidetracked by a diagnosis that almost floored her. what doctors found and the detour to rio. jo
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jonathan: rage is a number until it's world record. michelle: the oldest cat scooter turned 30. the oldest cat. he was born in the reagan presidency. travels. he has been to 45 states. enjoys blow dries after baths. and snacking on chicken. a treat provided every other day. scooter has eight more years to reach oldest cat ever. he is well on his way. jonathan: 30-year-old cat. like a parrot. also on the subject of big 30's, "ferris bueller's day off" celebrating a major milestone. michelle: to celebrate the 30th anniversary, fans of the film can now recreate the infamous adventure. groupoo and fathom events team up to offer a contest for the ultimate day off. one winner will get a trip to
4:45 pm
car rental. tickets to the willis tower sky deck. and the chicago art institute and lunch at the everest restaurant. it will run between now and may 16. jonathan: do you get to sit on a float and sink "danke schoen"? that is the best part. michelle: add it to the list. next the race to rio. a virginia woman, a favorite to make the team. team usa. but she is blind-sided. >> what did the doctor tell you? >> are you sitting down? it clicked in my mind and then he confirmed it. >> the diagnosis that floored sarah brown and how it is adding a detour to her road to rio. jonathan: still ahead, cutting the cost of cable without cutting the cord. how to keep your service and expenses way down. four things to do. we have them co
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. jonathan: chasing the olympic dream is no easy feat. for one world class runner from warrenton, virginia, you can call her olympic journey a roller coaster. it has been. abc7 sports reporter scott abraham x
4:49 pm
some things you can't control and you have to roll with the punches. scott: sarah brown have come a long way from her days at fauquier high school. >> i started as a soccer player. i didn't dom from a running background. reporter: today, the 29-year-old is a world class runner. >> just the success i started having early on is what kept me in it and kept me going. >> er with husband darren who is her coach guiding her last spring, sarah was having the best stretch of her career. >> the we finally felt like we were on a roll and a pattern of win, p.r. win, win. p.r. going really well. the ball was rolling. there quickly becoming a favorite to represent the united states in the 1,500 meters at the rio olympics. but then suddenly sarah was feeling a bit off. >> my mind was trying to tell my body to go. butpy body was like no, no. we're good. we are staying here. >> you had tes
4:50 pm
what did the doctor tell you? >> "are you sitting down?" he confirmed it. you're pregnant. >> a big surprise since she had ani.u.d. olympic dreams at a crossroad. >> when you become a runner the eolympics are the epitome of the running world. you are always focusing on that. there sarah and darren push forward. the journey to rio continues with a growing belly. scott abraham, abc7 sports. jonathan: running for two. we have part two of the story 24 hours from now tomorrow on "abc7 news at 4:00". michelle: it's been a couple of week since we checked on freedom and liberty, the new bald eagles at the national arboretum. they have grown a lot in the past few months. growing before your eyes. they should tart flying in the next few weeks. jonathan: that is the next
4:51 pm
milestone. to bud. this summer you see america on the cans instead of the budweiser insignia. it starts at the end of the month an runs through the election. there you go. michelle: look forward to this weekend for a break in weather pattern. steve: we will see it on sunday. we save the best for the weekend. that is when we are talking about. jonathan: not arguing. steve: clouds out there. there are breaking in the clouds. 65 at reagan national airport. temperatures are mainly in 60's. 63 in winchester. 61 in leesburg. cooler off toward the mason dixon line be the temperatures are in the upper 50's for cumberland and hagerstown. a few showers move through this afternoon. moving toward the east.
4:52 pm
showers will develop late. keep an umbrella handy as we showers throughout the day. clouds increase later tomorrow. the seven-day outlook calls for 70 on thursday. cold front on friday. 73 degrees. lower 70's on saturday. we have the national police week 5k. british open house. temperatures will be in the middle to the upper 60's. sunday, sunny. temperatures around 66 degrees. jamie: we have delays on the blue and the yellow line. there was a disabled train at pentagon. in the 20's heading outbound on 62. slow. the earlier crash near the fairfax county parkway. they cleaned it up. gone. on inner loop of thec
4:53 pm
a little volume approaching the wilson bridge. traffic on the beltway you can see near old dominion. pedestrian truck with an accident at shady grove and gather road. that is a look at traffic. back to you. michelle: thank you for the update. next rat "abc7 news at 4:00" -- cut -- next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- what you can see to keep everything you've got and the costs of the table bill down -- cable bill down. jonathan: gun lost or stolen from law enforcement agencies. why aren't we hearing more about this? "7 on your side" i-team investigates this problem.
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john: if you have cable with internet in the d.c. area you are probably giving them more than $100 a month of your hard-earned money. the bill goes up every year. you are not getting that kind of a pay raise. we found tricks to bring the bill back down. >> it's getting higher. it keeps going up. lower last year. six months later it went higher. john: cable bills are rise 6% a year, twice the inflation rate according to the f.c.c. >> i think the fact i have to negotiate what i pay once a year is harassment of customers. >> what if you're more like tim. he didn't want to use espn or the internet service but he figured out a way to lower the bill. he tried to ask for a lower rate. that got him nowhere. so he checked for other deals from dish network and
4:58 pm
several promotional packages in hand he threatened to leave. i worked. he lored the cable bill from $105 to $90 a month. how to lower your cable bill? do your homework. find promotional deal from cape company and other providers. call with specific officers you have found saying you are thinking of leaving. ask for the retention department whose job it is to keep people from canceling. don't simply do nothing. >> the price goes up. time to go back to them and say why am i paying this now. john: many people are too business to call and pay a higher rate. make the call. if you don't get satisfaction be escalated to the "retention department" so you don't waste your money. leon: tonight. it's creepy. >> yeah. not right. leon: he calls himself the "nova creeper." he is under arrest.
4:59 pm
but the charge is more troubling. hundred of metro managers get an ultimatum from the boss. abc7 learns the federal government is prepared to shut down metro, too. strange case of hot foot. minivan catches fire and a culprit could be a kid's shoe. >> "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: he is under arrest on child pornography charges. now police take a closer look at the man who calls himself the "nova creeper" online. stephen tschida live in fairfax to explain why. the developing story tonight. stephen: we are at the town center a location that they say matthew bishop used to prey on women. sneak up on them from behind and take photographs of them. post them on his twitter feed volleyball perv and "nova creeper." the twitter feed. filled with shot of women
5:00 pm
which we have blurred. taken by the self-described "nova creeper." >> "nova creeper"? >> oh, my gosh. stephen: loudoun county sheriff investigators identified 37-year-old matthew bishop as the "nova creeper." they learned of the identity and the actions in a child porn investigation. he is alleged to have used his twitter feeds to send child porn via private messaging. >> he was exchanging child pornography. that is really what the charges are all about. it's the other activity he was engaged in we find disturbing. stephen: bishop captured the image of grocery store, clothing shop or a.t.m. without their content or knowledge. >> guys come up and take pictures. that is scary. >> the charges are


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