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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  May 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. two homicides less than a block apart and police believe they are connected. one victim found dead inside a crash car on gateway boulevard. the other
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away suffering from gunshot wounds. police believe this started with an attempted robbery. go to district heights right now for the latest on the investigation. county policege's assisting district heights police this afternoon with this double homicide. we in getting updates from the police chief here -- we had been getting updates here from the police chief. friends of the victims arriving here. earlier, our cameras captured one young lady, very difficult to watch. she was very, very emotional. she dropped to the ground. she was yelling, "oh, my god." detectives questioned her for some time. her, trying to figure out how she knew the victims and if she had information they could possibly use with this double homicide. what we know
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police arrived and found one man, and look at that vehicle. you can see the back window was shot out. he was dead when police arrived. another man, a second victim, about a block away was also shot as was later pronounced dead well. >> our preliminary information is these individuals were targeted. we believe that robbery was the motive in this particular incident. >> two adult males and one of the victims did live here in the city of district heights. unfortunately this afternoon, police say they do not have a good description of the suspect or suspects behind this early-morning double homicide. police are investigating a deadly shooting right in front of a prep school. police found a van -- a man unresponsive
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he later died at the hospital. we will update you on this story as soon as we learn new details. we also have a crime alert in montgomery county to tell you about. that's where police are searching for a suspected oldator after a 16 year girl on her way home from school was followed and attacked inside her own apartment building. suzanne kennedy has details. attack has left many people in this community wondering if teenagers are safe from school.home police say the girl had just gotten off her school bus and headed into her apartment building. she entered the building, and that's when the incident took place. the alleged suspect asked the team to hold the door open for him. >> [inaudible]
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suzanne: police say this is the suspect they are looking for, described as an african-american male in his 30's, weighing 200 pounds with short hair and a beard. students say they are worried and on heightened alert. is very unsafe sometimes. it shows that it can happen anywhere. home, not on your way even worried about people trying to hurt you or do anything. victim: police say the us brother was able to break up the attack. authorities say a $10,000 reward is being offered for information -- that leads to an arrest or indictment. abc 7 is fighting back against crime this noon. keep an eye on crime in your neighborhood with our spot crime map.
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to the weather now, and that streak that we have all been loving continues. today makes 15 consecutive days of rain. doug: people have been asking if this string of days is getting under my skin a bit and i say that it's fine. it's official -- i'm done. i am done with this stuff. clouds and rain and it's not finished. a like northeasterly wind at three miles per hour. this is the rainfall we have had in the past 14 days -- 3.5 inches, a bit more at reagan national. we are still in a deficit since the first of march. we will get more today and probably more tomorrow and maybe a lot more on friday. here is the washington metro area. heavier
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the southwest. a couple of thunderstorms moving in from the day just at the mouth of the potomac river. shows a bitpicture of brief hope -- skies clearing out west. we might see this move through the area by two: 30, 3:00, break the some sunshine by afternoon. wouldn't that be sweet? we will let you know if that's a type dream or reality. jummy: right now, we want to get a check of the roadways as well. starting with heavy traffic on 95 in virginia, we begin with the average time -- from thes right now beltway as you get closer, and that's where this heaviest stretch is. nothing reported as far as an accident. i just want to show you you can see some of our volume here as you continue south. we
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seeing as far as the big picture. we are mostly in the green. are traveling along this topside of the beltway, we do have pothole repairs between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue with lanes blocked. also a crash just happened near connecticut avenue. it's not bad on georgia avenue. we are not seeing a huge backup, but this traffic may start to throughout the afternoon. just a heads up if you are planning to get out this afternoon and travel -- you may see some delays. thank you so much. we want to head to metro, and the troubled transit agency is in trouble. the transit secretary threatened to shut down the transit system if those problems do not get fixed. it puts extra pressure on the general manager. intensifying. if tre
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dmv i do not want to be, it is paul because the weight of the world is on his shoulders. in the last 24 hours, the transportation secretary has laid down a very serious plan, metro.he will shut down this strong rhetoric comes a few days after that video was released from the federal center metro station where we see a fireball come out from the third rail. we've also learned federal inspectors were denied access to the station after that incident. we caught up with a metro board member to see how they are reacting to this plan. >> my responses that is a very bold statement and that is his opinion. clearly, we are doing whatever safetyto enhance our programs. people have to understand that the way the system is designed, it m
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shut down segments of the system for the purposes of repair and all of that, so we are doing the best we can. management is doing an excellent job moving or word. given several safety demands to remodel to comply with in the upcoming weeks. the transportation secretary says he will go ahead with his the ramadaut down system. jummy: family and friends will say goodbye to one of three victims of last week's shooting spree in maryland. will be held for a man who was shot and killed in the montgomery mall parking lot on writer a trying to help another victim. his family says they will remember him as a hero. his funeral will be held tomorrow morning.
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investigators are still looking for a motive in a deadly stabbing rampage in massachusetts last night at a mall. police say the suspect crashed a car, then when inside a home and stabbed two people. and they say he went to the silver city galleria mall, crashed a car through the macy's and stabbed for people at a nearby restaurant. one of those people later died. >> he came from the back of the restaurant and was walking toward the front. as he was coming, he was slashing people and people with throwing chairs at him and stuff. a quick thinking off-duty officer shot and killed him. his family said he had been suicidal and was hospitalized for depression the day before. say isis has claimed responsibility for a deadly bombing in baghdad. at least 45 people were killed in that car bombing at a crowded outdoor market.
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wounded in the shiite neighborhood. coming up, bernie sanders racking up another win on the campaign trail. what that means for his chances to win the nomination and why clinton's losses are raising red flags. plus, police say creditors are students local college . plus, controversial guidelines about baby bump's and booze. >> pregnant women should be place ofo enter any public accommodation in new york city. why the cityahead, says bars nnot
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donald trump is narrowing down his potential vice president candidates, but while he's looking ahead to the general election in november, democratic candidates are still battling it out as bernie sanders picks up yet another win. karen: bernie sanders called his win in west virginia tremendous. this is a state where hillary clinton won by over 40 innt against barack obama 2008. senator's vermont winning streak continues, but hillary clinton still has a massive leave -- massive lead in the numbers that count. clinton's big loss in west virginia is raising red flags. >> this should sound
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alarm bells inside the hillary clinton campaign. these are the types of voters that will be her biggest weak spot in the wall. >> for donald trump, it's full them ahead in november. he's already considering who he will pick as his number two. trump: i would say that i have in mind five different people. i think they are excellent. >> and the likely nominees gearing up for a capitol hill blitz. house speaker paul ryan says he is not yet ready to endorse. trump: he's a very good man. he wants what is best for the party and i think we will have positive results. >> to pretend we are unified without actually unifying, we go into the fall hamstring -- we going to the fall at half strength. this election is too important for that. not even says he does know trump and now republican leaders need to find common ground. jummy: police are looking
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numeral four people seen in this surveillance video scene right here stealing items from an elementary school. this burglary happened in the .00 block of decatur street we checked and barnard elementary school is on that street. the suspects are seen taking computers and other items from that school. if you recognize them or know anything about this, d.c. police want to hear from you. now a new warning for parents and children about online threats. two george mason university students became victims of sex tortion in the past couple of weeks. the suspects reportedly threatened to circulate videos online if the students did not pay $5,000. it justice department says has become all too common. a former miss teen usa recalls her experience of this kind. >> watched me in my room for a year without me knowing. they had
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getting ready for school. >> police say the incidence are not isolated. officials say the investigation is ongoing. and 86-year-old's son thought his mother and caregiver were driving around with a valid buticap parking placket, then they received a $250 ticket, a ticket they claim they did not deserve, so they contacted 7 on your side. >> i asked why they put the ticket, and i asked -- i said the sticker was here. >> tonight, we will tell their story and reveal important information about what all of us need to know before we pull into a public parking space. several tornadoes touched down in the southern part of the country overnight, the latest in a series of severe storms. at least 10 people injured. in the most recent outbreak in the town of mayfield, aerial images you are looking at
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salvage what they can. much of that was reduced to rubble. the storm system brought intense hail and heavy rain. forecasters say more rough weather is expected there today. those scenes from kentucky yesterday in the in oklahoma and texas. mostly rain and drizzle here. chance of a little sunshine this afternoon. motivate this old guy more to get over to the map and get into this than talking about sunshine. day 15 of measurable rainfall. consecutive day 15. a couple of reports since midnight, almost a third of an inch reported in upper marlboro. noontime temperature map update, just
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the day before in the day before in the day before, mid 50's. cloud cover, wind generally out of the east. you go a few hundred miles west and south, a whole different set up, a whole different season. for us, we are stuck. there is a stationary front, and that front is stuck. the front runs from west through virginia and north carolina. southern maryland, a couple of lightning flashes reported at the mouth of the potomac river. the good news we think is we have been looking into satellite pictures very closely and even though we had heavy downpours to deal with over the next couple , they will eventually head toward solomons. the good news is we might see a little clearing this afternoon, based on this, the satellite imagery, starting to see some clearing back behind this line of showers. we will be in the same kind of pattern
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just kind of drizzling at times, and the cold front arrives during the day friday, and that could bring showers and thunderstorms to the area. for now, going to look at this area right now. kentucky, west virginia, ohio, and just keep our fingers crossed that some sunshine will get here during the afternoon. breaks in the overcast as we head through the latter afternoon, early evening hours. cloudy skies, a little drizzle. not much happening until we get to nighttime hours. then the setup in place for possible thunderstorms on friday, but i think it will be ok. partly to mostly cloudy skies. 40% chance of showers in the forecast tomorrow. we get through friday, we will hit the lower 70's. showers and thunderstorms and possibility in the afternoon. percent chance. storms on saturday with a second front
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jummy: will this is just great, doug. doug: more good news coming up shortly. jummy: we will wait for it. court documents revealing new informatio morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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jummy: a recently sealed search warrant revealed that prince met with the doctor twice last month including the day right before he died. that warren says prince was treated on april 2 and 20th and prescribed
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it's not clear which drugs he was given or if he even took them. the warrant was obtained by two news outlets before it was sealed by investigators. a controversial new guideline for pregnant women in new york -- the city tells bars and restaurants they cannot refuse alcohol to expectant mothers, saying it would be discrimination. it's part of a larger effort to enhance and protect the rights of pregnant women, particularly in the workplace. >> pregnant women should be allowed to enter any place of public accommodation in new york city that a nonpregnant person would also be able to enter. doctors recommend women steer clear of alcohol for the entire nine months of their pregnancy. a cloudy and gray wednesday for you out there. we will check
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jummy: rain for everybody later today? doug: pretty much. most areas will get rain. we have already tied -- not tied the 15th consecutive day of measurable rain. we will hit 66 today, maybe a little afternoon sunshine later on. tomorrow, not much rain.umv mostly cloudy. warmer friday with showers and thunderstorms. more to say about this today at 4:00. jummy:
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>> ashley ward has won $100,000 so far, and is about to come face-to-face with a question worth a $1/4 million. she's a little overcome with emotion right now. can you blame her? let's see if she can get all the way to the $1 million question right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] hi, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to a very special show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] me, too. 'cause we are right in the middle of it. as a writer, living paycheck to paycheck, our returning contestant has had an emotional journey to $100,000. i would love nothing more than to give her a million. from the east village in new york city, please welcome back


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