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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this happens as metro is getting orders to make repair on three stretch of track. brianne carter is covering metro. what is the latest? brianne: the f.t.a. saying hours ago to metro they need to make urgent repairs to three stretches, including right herling at east falls church going up to ballston. the f.t.a. tonight telling metro to first prioritize it on the three stretches. east falls church to ballston, impacting orange and silver lines. also from potomac avenue to just outside stadium-armory where we have an issue tonight. and from medical center to van ness impacting red line. this comes days after general manager paul wiedefeld outlined his safe track plan identifying 15 safety surges to start to take place next month. now that plan according to metro
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modified. the maintenance and the repairs that the f.t.a. is calling for focuses on the track. insulators and the third rail that powers the train. and cleaning up, including clearing out debris. the f.t.a. says between april 23 and may 10 it investigated 15 safety events including nine with fire and smoke. >> i have always looked at concern and i will be safe, neat. >> every day you hear we apologize for the inconvenience, thank you for riding metro. which is translating to if you enjoy inconvenience in your daily life thank you for choosing us. it's awful. brianne: metro tonight stressing that the general manager is already taking action. there had been work in progress. some of it is expected to be completed later this month prior to the safe track time or the letter from the f.t.a. we also
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will be involved in this work. how this will reshape the plan outlined by the general manager and expected to take place starting june 4? those details are still needing to be worked out. this plan was supposed to be finalized may 16. we are hearing it will not be the case. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: thank you. now the country's best known consumer advocate and former presidential candidate ralph nader weighing in on metro. you may recall ralph nader wrote the book about the car dangers 51 years ago. well, today, "7 on your side" asked him about metro safety today. >> is our metro system safe? >> well, obviously not. there are a lot of deferred maintenance and repairs. there has been serious crashes. it's symptomatic of the country. we spend trillions of dollars blowing up places around the world. and we don't pay attention to our own
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leon: he argued that it affects all of us. he insists congress needs to step up with funding to fix the issue. maureen: while metro receive decline in ridership, the d.c. new streetcar is beating expectations. ddot says it is averaging 2,600 riders a day. it expected to average 1,500 passengers a day. 64,000 people rode the streetcar last month. the streetcar is free until august. leon: it's been as constant as deaths and taxes in the area. it seems like the stuff you see here, umbrellas, mud puddles, windshield wipers going on the cars around here. well, today marks 150 straight days of measurable rain at the reagan national airport. will the streak continue? chief meteorologist doug hill is here with the answer to that. we have the record. enough is enough. okay?
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we will see what happens. we are looking at now the doppler radar. metro area is in good shape with the rain in baltimore. further south and west. harrisonburg, i-81 corridor. showers there. that is it. zoom in and good news for the nats tonight. good news if you are traveling outside. we can't rule out isolated showers later. but it's generally over four now. look at the nats forecast. first pitch at 7:05. cloudy around the area tonight. the temperatures in the 60's. tomorrow, we will see if we hit day 16. i know friday will bring showers and storms. a lot to share in a few minutes. back to you. maureen: thank you, doug. new video tonight. d.c. police want you to see. this is it. four people all wearing masks, dash out the front door of the been elementary school. they swipe computer and run out the door. the big box is a photo copier. "7 on your side" fighting back
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with the still pictures of the suspects on or our facebook page. leon: some other images for you to see here. these are tough to stomach. three puppies neglected, abusessed and left hairless from mange. the state of the pups found in the district has a woman facing animal cruelty charges. stephen tschida shows hope amongst the heartbreak. stephen: the puppies are believed to spent the first four months of their lives in this northeast d.c. home. veterinarians say months of neglect and abuse left dogs sick. emaciated and covered in sores. >> it's similar to having a child. it's helpless. it depends on you. stephen: perspective dog owner michelle has trouble understanding how anyone could treat puppies so badly. the sickest puppy is called chase. >> chase being the worst was severely underweight. too we
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walk around or move. stephen: chase received thousands of dollars in care and underwent a complete blood transfusion. annual control office -- animal control officers learned of the dog's condition from the owner. >> she called animal control to have three sick puppies picked up from her house. stephen: since the three puppies were rescued april 13. one recovered and been adopted. the other is in foster care. the littlest one, the sickest one chase is in medical foster care. with someone taking him back and forth to the veterinary hospital to continue treatment. >> she might need time. >> -- might do time. >> that's what she deserves. >> she is charged with three charges with animal cruelty. for the littlest puppy chase, he is improving but the prognosis is not certain. stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon:
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tonight -- clean-up underway after a twister filled night in kentucky. >> customers at a chinese restaurant in arlington are surprised to see a few extra lines added to the receipt. i'm cheryl -- cheryl conner. more on what it says and how the management is responding. maureen: what caused the deadly explosion in texas that is now prompting $50,000 reward. leon: 15 days of rain. doug is back with what it will take to get it dry for the weekend.
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leon: three years ago a burning fertilizer plant in texas explode and killed 15 people. most of them for firefighters. they now say it was arson and this is criminal case. they are offering $50,000 reward for information leading to arrest. maureen: visitation underway for one of the victims of last week's deadly shooting rampage in maryland. family members and the friends are paying respect to malcolm winffel. his funeral is tomorrow at st. rose of lima catholic church in gaithersburg. winffel was shot and killed friday in the parking lot of
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the westfield montgomery mall. police say he tried to help a woman being carjacked by eulalio tordil. tordil is now charged in three homicides. leon: in the case of a real twist, police are looking for a minivan. investigators believe it was involved in a fatal hit-and-run crash in woodbridge after midnight on dale boulevard. pennsylvania woman, nicole lemar, was struck while riding a bicycle. but get this. police say that lemar and her boyfriend had just assaulted and robbed a woman. police arrested the boyfriend at the scene of the crash. he is charged with robbery. police say the minivan they are looking for has damage to the driver's front side. maureen: up next at 6:00 -- the receipt that got restaurant workers fired. what it said and how the coverage could save you money on your next bill. leon: should we be -- [inaudible] doug tells us when we could see an end to rain.
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maureen: the senate passed a bill for wasps to be placed in the cemetery and they worked in the war so male pilots could be free for combat. last year they reinterpreted a 1977 law. leon: folk, take a look at this. this slip of paper here, the receipt prompted big changes at popular arlington restaurant. now employees have been fired including the owner's daughter. in a practice of describing customers on the bill. that is no more. cheryl conner explains what happened to bring about a big mea culpa. cheryl: the lunch crowd at peter chang in arlington was waiting for the doors to open at 11:30. the chinese cuisine has a reputation for repeat customers. >> the food is good and different. spice is great. cheryl: spicy food this
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spicy retreat according to a customer. peter chang has responded in a letter apologizing. the receipt has two extra lines with words we had to blur out. we are told that chang speaks very little english but the cofounder of the seven restaurants gave us an interview through facetime. >> did you make a practice of having your employees write on the receipts describing customers? >> never. never capable to do it. i was so shocked. cheryl: they translated the letter for peter change who described he is firing four people including his daughter a manager who wasn't at the restaurant saturday night. >> according to the assistant manager, they have been doing this. >> management said they were too busy to have us in the restaurant today but i wanted to know what my receipt would say if i made a food purchase. with my egg drop soup on this rainy day, my receipt reads
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$2.20. thank you. chang says he will have consultant to improve management at the arlington location. >> disappointed but we enjoy working with you today and serving you today. in arlington, cheryl conner, abc7 news. leon: that story you saw can save you money. peter chang called cheryl conner and said the restaurant is offering 10% off to customers. there is a catch. you have to bring them a news article about the receipt. since "7 on your side" you can print out our article. it's online at bon appetit. maureen: eating out or getting a meal to go could cost more in fairfax county. board of supervisors will vote june 17 to put a meals tax on the november ballot. the tax would increase the cost of all prepared food by four cents.
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leon: the view from above shows extent of the destruction. a dozen people were hurt when a tornado ripped through mayfield, kentucky, yesterday afternoon. winds estimated to reach 140 miles per hour. residents are staying with loved ones nearby or shelters. it's one within three to touch down in the state. it's not just oklahoma getting hit these days. maureen: all over the place. doug: violent weather. we are fairly protected from it because of the cool damp air that is pulling the winds off the atlantic ocean.
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the live look from national harbor. east and the northwest winds. 15 straight day of the rainfall at reagan national. since march 1, below average at reagan national and dulles and b.w.i. despite the fact we had the rainfall. the rainfall is fairly minimal. heavier showers and the thunderstorms are possible on friday. doppler radar. the main batch of rain out. scattered showers to the west. the future cast shows the wedge holding in through the
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by night and early friday morning the warm air will bubble in. we may get clearing tomorrow afternoon and everything. that looks nice. briefly warm if the timing works out. saturday another cold front moves in. more showers and the thunderstorms possible. clearing skies beyond that. our three-day outlook calls for a cloudy sky. light chance of rain during the day. more rain at night. partly sunny. 75 with showers and thunderstorms likely on saturday. another chance of showers and thunderstorms. 74 degrees. is there any hope of a dry day? hang on there till sunday. windy and somewhat cooler. look at the drop in highs. 74 on saturday. we jump back in the 70's because of a warm
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yea, warm front! it comes by the middle and the end of next week. maureen: looking forward to that. leon: all right. here is at nats park and hoping we stay dry. maureen: robert burton there for the nats game. leon: hey, robert. robert: it looks like they are still passing out the bryce harper bobbleheads. and it looks like the league is still passing out suspensions. we have details up next in sports. leon: tonight on newschannel8 at 10:00 -- a big fight brewing over school buses. residents in montgomery county upset over proposal to bring a new bus depot to the middle of their neighborhood. why they are calling for a change in plans and what the school district is saying about it. that's tonight at so:00 with jonathan elias
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robert: welcome back to a soggy nats park where we have soggy news if you will. bryce harper, by the way, is on bryce harper bobblehead day. bryce harper had a one-game suspension for his action on monday's game against the detroit tigers. we do have the video. want to show you how it happened. bryce harper was at the plate. struck out. nobody wants to do that. so he goes back to the dugout. nobo
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another strike-out. called by the ump. so, instead of the entire dugout being ejected, bryce harper just gets ejected. a it little later, clint robinson with a walkoff home run and bryce harper comes out in the celebration and drops an expletive to the ump. he didn't like that. so he has a one-game suspension. that is pending. he will play tonight. however, for the game itself, matchup on the mound. jord dan zimmer -- jordan zimmerman against max scherzer. zimm talked about it earlier today. >> things happen with baseball and i'm with the tigers now. just happened that we are playing the nationals. entitled. i'm sure i will be afternooned up.
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taum te motions and go pitch the game. robert: in hockey a tough ending for an amazing season to the caps. they lost to the pen last night. 4-3 in overtime. i was an awesome comeback. caps were trailing 3-0 in that one and they came all the way back to force overtime. unfortunately didn't have enough juice to force a game seven and bring it back here to d.c. once again bryce harper suspend and fined. suspended for one game but he will play tonight. that suspension is a -- that appeal is pending. back to you in the studio. leon: all right. maureen: we understand. thank you, robert. leon: yeah. we can read your lips, too. doug: so the weather looks good. damp at the stadium but no rain. robert won't have to put on the nice pink slicker before. stylish indeed, robert. take a look. rain north and east of washington. rain south and west. it will stay damp through the everything. steve rudin take over at 11:00. drizzle and fog in the morning and track weekend cold front, too. maureen: a lot to see here. "world news tonight" with
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breaking news tonight. the deadly explosion in the u.s., now ruled a criminal act. >> get out of here! please, get out of here. >> 15 people killed in the plant explosion. dozens of homes destroyed. and tonight, authorities now ruling it was intentional. the new reward just issued. the deadly knife attack at an american mall. the man crashing into a store, slashing victims at random. tonight, inside the moments of terror and the heroic off-duty officer. major new developments after this moment. the car pulled over, the chase on foot. the deadly shots. tonight, history made involving that former officer. donald trump and his taxes. will he release them before the election? what he's saying now about the audit and what voters will see and when.


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