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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 12, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," breaking news. in the mysterious disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. after nearly two years, we now have new clues that may help find the plane. we're live with the latest. and in politics, donald trump and his taxes are the new hot topic. hillary clinton is pushing for him to release his returns this as trump heads to capitol hill in hopes of winning support from republican leaders there. >> and new this half hour, george zimmerman managing to stir up fresh controversy. >> the man acquitted of murder charges in the death of trayvon martin is offering to sell the gun he says he shot the teen with to the highest bidder. and fashion parade on the french riviera. hollywood's "a" listers kick off
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the cannes film festival. who topped the glam pack on then year's red carpet? that's all ahead in "the skinny." it is thursday, may 12th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and we say good morning to m kendis gibson. day. >> i'm diane macedo. >> the cannes music festival sounds kind of awesome . you may have come up with something. i think we should go with it. >> i'm not sure what sort of "a" lived lissers i can think of kicking it off in france. >> you get to planning. > we have breaking news for you to start off with first about the missing malaysian airlines flight 370. it vanished more than two years ago with hundreds of people on board. >> since then, there's been precious little to help investigators get to the bottom of exactly what happened to that flight. this morning, confirmation about a couple of pieces of debris. abc's lauren lyster is joining us now with the details on what they found. good morning. >> good morning. this has long been a source of intrigue and the focus of a major search effort, too. but that aircraft has never been found.
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now, two new pieces of debris have been discovered, two small pieces of a puzzle that span seas and an entire ocean. take a look. >> reporter: these images just released. 24 partial rolls royce stencil from the covering of the aircraft's mej and this interior panel from the plane almost certainly coming from malaysian flight 370 according to the australian government. two new clues found in the mysterious disappearance of the aircraft. two years after it vanished from the sky on its way from kuala lumpur to beijing taking its 239 passengers down with it. the pieces of debris found here in south africa and on this island off of mauritius. in all this makes five pieces of the jet recovered. just last march. >> a piece has been found on the order of about a meter long. an american tourist discovering these parts also deemed almost certainly from the plane on a beech in mozambique. last year it was this barnacle covered wing found on france's remote reunion isl
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>> we want closure, we seek and we cry for closure. >> reporter: in the search for clues, grieving families still searching for closure. by march 1th of 2014, this had become the longest disappearance in modern aviation history. it's incredible to think we're still scratching our heads about exactly what happened other than a belief that this plane is at the bottom of the indian ocean in a remote area. >> it really is. i remember when it first happened, we kept thinking they're going to find something. every date search pares went out. every now and then it seemed like they came up with a fraction of a clue and still here we are still looking at the tiny pieces. >> with the fractions of clues. that's it. it's interesting, things have been unearthed i was doing some reading. they found a ship wreck while they were searching for this plan but they have not been able to find this plane that was a modern aircraft just two years ago disappearing. >> a giant aircraft disappearing just like that. >> lauren, thanks. we're going to turn our focus back here at home and to
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the race for the white house and donald trump sitting down with the republican leadership today. trump has at least three meetings on capital hill starting with house speaker paul ryan who has refrained from endorsing trump at least for now. as he looks to repair strained relations, trump is facing new criticism over his taxes. trump says he will not release his tax returns until an irs audit is finished. if he doesn't make them public before the election, he would be the first major presidential candidate to do so in 40 years and hillary clinton wants to know if he's hiding something. >> my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. so you got to ask yourself, why doesn't he want to release them? yeah, we're going to find out. >> well, mitt romney also slamming trump categorizing any refusal to release his tax returns before election day as disqualifying. bernie sanders is holding a
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dakota today after speaking to thousands in montana, he reminded supporters he's won 19 states and he's not giving up anytime soon. he's also shaking up things a bit in his staff. the head of his california campaign has been replaced in preparation for next month's primary. >> turning overseas now to iraq where isis has claimed responsibility for a series of bombings in baghdad. three separate explosions yesterday killed at least 93 people and wounded more than 160 others. it was the deadliest day there so far this year. the attacks come amid growing concern about the political turmoil destabilizing iraq and undermining the fight against the terror group. >> back here at home, a question of force during an arrest in new england. before that arrest, a 50-year-old man in a pickup truck led authorities on a high speed chase from massachusetts to new hampshire. the suspect was wanted on multiple active warrants. at some point, he hit 90 miles an hour. when the chase ended he fell to his knees at which point the police delivered several violent blows before making the arrest.
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massachusetts state police are looking into whether the level of force was in fact appropriate. george zimmerman is auctioning off the gun that he used to kill trayvon martin. on the auctions site zimmerman declares the weapon an american firearm icon and he said many have told him it should be displayed at the smithsonian. the starting bid has been set at $5,000 and thousands have visited the page already. now, zimmerman shot martin as the teen returned from buying snacks. he was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter. >> a former south carolina police officer now faces federal charges in the killing of an unaround man who ran from a traffic stop. the victim's brother largely credits cell phone video for what the family calls a momentous legal victory. abc's marci gonzalez has the latest. >> reporter: handcuffed and shackled, former south carolina police officer michael slager in court, indicted by a federal
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walter scott. >> this is historic. what happened today is that the federal government said it stops now. police brutality stops now because there's consequences. >> reporter: slager was captured on cell phone video last year shooting scott who was unarmed as he ran away following a traffic stop. the rare three-count indictment does not cite race as a factor but charges slager fired those deadly shots without legal justification, thus violating scott's constitutionally protected civil rights. slager's also charged with obstruction of justice, accused of misleading investigators about the circumstances leading up to the shooting. >> i thank god for justice and i claim it and i stand on the word justice will prevail. >> reporter: and slager pleaded not guilty. the justice department says if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. diane and kendis. >> our thanks to marci there in new york.
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district is rethinking its policy on allowing pepper spray after a public outcry. a board member sparked controversy after saying the spray might be a valuable tool for female students if they go to the bathroom not knowing who might be coming in. he has now backed away from that statement saying he meant perverts and pedophiles, not lgbt students. >> some lucky high school students not only got to see the hit musical "hamilton," they got a chance to show off their rapping skills right on the stage. >> pretty lucky. it was all part of "hamilton" education day at the theater. more than 1,000 kids attended. then a lucky few got to perform with the stars sitting in the audience. a dream come true. >> that's for sure. coming up, it's being called the future of high speed travel. being propelled inside a sealed tube at nearly 750 miles per hour. why engineers are so excited about the experiment in the nevada desert. >> prince harry making new friends at the invictus games
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and checking out the most magical place on earth. that story ahead in "the skinny." >> first here's a look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol. ow" weather, brought to you by lysol. the worst thing about toilet germs? they don't stay in the toilet. disinfect your bathroom with lysol bathroom trigger... ...lysol power foamer... ...and lysol toilet bowl cleaner. they're approved to kill 50% more types of germs than leading competitors. to clean and disinfect in and out of the toilet... lysol that.
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cky to get through a shift my bargain detergent, it couldn't keep up.ter. so i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated... so i get a better clean. voted 2016 product of the year. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. folks in los angeles after a man climbed a tower at a tv station. that stunt forced the closure of busy sunset boulevard. the man was on the tower for more than three hours. at one point, he appeared to be smoking and talking on a cell phone. he eventually climbed back down after a woman from his church offered to help him. the man was taken into custody for medical evaluation.
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invention gets off the way, you won't have to worry about traffic nightmares anymore. you go through the drive through window at the bank, you see the tubes you put your cash in. exactly. it's kind of like that. >> so imagine you're inside one of those tubes traveling hundreds of miles an hour. it's not crazy. it really might just be the future of high speed transportation. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: it didn't go very far but hyper loop transportation is now one step closer to reality. hyper loop one engineers successfully completed their first full scale propulsion test with this sled in the desert near las vegas. >> we're really engineering a commercial system from scratch. and this is part of the testing to deploy that. >> reporter: it's a low pressure vacuum tube system that would push cargo and people inside pods like these at speeds of more than 700 miles per hour. powered by an electric propulsion system with compressed air levitating the pod.
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first unveiled the futuristic idea as a cheaper faster alternative to california's controversial high speed rail project. but the ceo of tesla and spacex -- >> two, one. challenged others to go out and develop the concept. hyper loop 1 is one company stepping up. another hyper loop transportation technologies which is working to build a five-mile hyper loop test system in central california. >> 760 miles per hour. we're completely solar powered. >> the idea to one day transport passengers from l.a. to san francisco in just 30 minutes. for now, this test topping out at 116 miles per hour is a start, just don't call it a train. >> ain't no train. >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> just don't call it a train. it is super cool. by the way, they're hoping to have like a three-mile version that have later on this year. >> i'm voting for the hamptons hyper loop.
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>> that would be very -- >> how awesome is elon musk though. >> very 1% of you. >> the man's going to take over the world. >> you don't have to be 1% to go to the hamptons. >> you would have to be 1% to go to the hamptons to get anywhere around the city. there's so much traffic. i want to go in a levitating little cart. >> there's a new helicopter service for you, 750 miles per hour. you know how short your commute would be? >> like a couple of minutes. >> like "i dream of jeannie." >> just blink and you're there. >> when we come back, the hottest jaw dropping fashions from the red carpet at cannes. you're trying to get me to disappear. you're still here. >> it's not working. >> all right. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc st
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♪ skinny, so skinny all right. topping "the skinny" this morning, we're going to start overseas we shall say. full-fledged fashion on the french riviera. >> the 69th annual cannes film festival kicked off yesterday evening. for the opening ceremony, a screening of woody allen's film "cafe society." leading the glam pack on the red carpet, blake lively showed off her tiny baby bump in a nude sheer gown with shimmering panels. >> also going sheer, julianne moore. according to our writer matt, looking stunning. i just can't get these words out
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off my mouth -- in an iptory cattily woven black design covered with silver and gold shimmering worrells up her chest into the shape of two cobras. >> that didn't just roll off your tongue. >> just came off. >> naomi watts went strapless in an ethereal pale lilac covered dress was silver embellishments. >> kristin stewart debuting her new bleach blonde hair stepping out in a sheer black blouse with a full black patterned skirt. do we like it? >> it's a little risque. >> it's bold. >> i don't know if i'd wear it. should i try it on the show tomorrow, see how it goes? >> let's not and say that we did. >> while wear a gown when you don't have to, super model victoria beckham rocking a simple black and white jumpsuit proving that sometimes less really is more. >> she will look stunning wearing anything clearly. next closer to home, prince harry is
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in side of the pond. >> on day three of the i can victory tus games in orlando, florida, a touching moment for the spare to the heir as he presented a gold medal for swimming to a 25-year-old arizona born elizabeth marx. she pressed the medal back into his hand telling him to give it to the london hospital that saved her life at the invictus games two years ago when she nearly died from a lung condition. >> he was also making a new four-legged friend as he presented a gold medal to retired special operations command sergeant leonard anderson with his faithful service dog aza at his side. >> harry found time to slip into disney world owned by our parent company disney for a late night ride on splash mountain. the young prince last visited disney world when he was just 8 years old. that iconic photo with him and his mom. remember princess diana and his brother wills.
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>> i hope he gets a chance to go to space mountain, too. that's my favorite. >> i look great in space mountain just in the dark. >> next, why sear serena williams says she was riding the struggle boat. >> the number one ranked tennis phenom took to snapchat to caution everyone why you shouldn't eat dog food. that's right. in rome, williams says the gourmet dog food came up from the kitchen for chip and it looked so good, she couldn't resist. and then this happened. >> i mean, it did taste weird like i forced -- i force swallowed it. like it was a little, i don't know, i don't think it's consumable for humans. and they should have wrote that. >> not for human consumption. in her defense, it was salmon and rice and it didn't look so bad. >> kind of looks all right. >> remember pet food contains raw meat many of the times.
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your pets can eat it. it's fine for them. not so fine for us as she learned the hard way. >> it looks decent. >> yeah. >> she invented a new word. >> also, if she eats it, what's the dog going to eat? did anybody think of him in all of this. >> maybe she figured when in rome, do that. >> just in time for throwback thursday, looking back three decades. >> it was 30 years ago that "top gun" held its world premiere in new york city starring tom cruise and kelly mcgillis, winning an oscar, grammy and a golden globe. the film would eventually rake in nearly $354 million worldwide. >> also marking a 30-year milestone, heather locklear posted this photo on instagram of she and her ex, tommy lee captioned happy 30 years baby. problem is they are not married anymore. 54-year-old locklear, 53-year-old lee would have been married for 30 years this week. except they divorced 23 years ago.
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happy anniversary. >> not. >> i don't know. >> that's kind of awkward. >> kind of weird. kind of weird.
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♪ clean up everybody, clean up, clean up, everybody cleanup ♪ >> been a long time since i heard that song. >> yeah, for me a lifetime. >> really? never heard it. >> i don't know if i recall it. >> some of my relatives used to sing that thinking if they sang it to you it would make you clean up. no matter how neat you are, anyone can do a better job of cleaning out some of the accurate -- clutter. >> yeah. so the woman you're about to meet is billed as the most organized woman in america. >> now she's sharing her secrets how you can whip your home into shape. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: she's conquering clutter one drawer at a time. >> this is the junk drawer. >> reporter: the most organized junk drawer in the history of
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junk drawers. hall alejandro costello is not just a neat freak. hgtv called her one of the most organized people in the country. >> i hear that you have a tea drawer. >> i do. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. nothing is left out. or heaven forbid, just stashed in a cupboard at home in virginia, from the pantry. >> i put all the produce that doesn't go in the fridge like the potatoes. >> reporter: to the home office. >> all my tax returns, personal on this side, business on this side. everything is labeled by year. >> reporter: i have a feeling the irs is never calling you. >> reporter: she says being uber organized doesn't have to cost much either. >> these are all ice cream jars that were recycled. >> reporter: she uses vinegar bottles to hold glass cleaner and marbles for a homemade lazy susan. >> this spins. >> reporter: were you like this as a kid? >> yes, i've always been so organized and loved to create order. you know, now i get to teach
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hi, everyone, i'm alejandra. >> reporter: her lifelong pursuit of order is now a full-time gig. along with her husband ed, she's bringing her brand of home organization to the masses with over 663,000 subscribers and more than 60 million views on youtube, she says her method makes a difference in people's lives. >> we change their relationships. we save marriages. it's amazing. >> reporter: so organizing might be the secret to a good relationship? >> it might be. >> it might be the secret. >> reporter: all this organization, is it an obsession? is it a little ocd? >> it's about finding things when you need them. i don't think anyone would say i don't want my life to be easier at home. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> in my head, my home looks like that. i'm always working on one of those projects. they just -- they either never get finished or if they do, somehow they never keep up. >> it's tough to keep up with it. in my head, my home looks like that. in reality it's a hot mess.
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making news in america this morning, high stakes meeting. donald trump and speaker of the house paul ryan face-to-face in washington, d.c. new details about what they'll discuss as trump's tax returns become a flash point in the election. we're live. new this morning, george zimmerman is sparking controversy after announcing what he's going to do with the gun he used to shoot and kill trayvon martin. a driver trapped in a car. this dramatic scene. the vehicle upside down and burning. the rescue after a fiery crash. and the mvp, steph curry, is doing it again with another must see game-winning moment. steph curry makes it look easy, doesn't he?


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