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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  May 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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republican presidential candidate donald trump is in the district today. he met with gop leaders this morning. suzanne kennedy is in the gop satellite center with how they plan to work together. suzanne: a round robin of meetings with the presumptive
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conversations. the morning started at the republican national headquarters chairman acted as mediator. he said the meeting was cooperative and that there was good chemistry. ryan said he was very encouraged by what he heard from donald trump. speaker ryan: i believe we are planting the seeds to get ourselves unified, to bridge the gaps and differences. from here, we're going deeper makethe policy areas to sure we are operating off these same core principles. suzanne: the chairman said it was a great first step toward unifying the party but no endorsement yet toward unifying the party. jummy: thank you for that update. we had to the forecast now.
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now, and we could even see the sun today, but there is still a chance of rain. let's get to meteorologist doug hill. doug: the forecast is a bit iffy, but it could happen later this afternoon. what we have right now is just another cloudy, gray day around the nation's capital. rain -- some thunderstorms, actually, northwest of harrisonburg. they are moving to the east, but they will hit headlong into this air, so theamp store may wind up being if light showers later on this afternoon. satellite, we do see a few breaks in the overcast, but again, that is west of interstate 81. expect for the day most of the region will be kind of locked into this, and we may inch it up a few
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any warmer temperatures, any prolonged periods of sunshine -- that all fits in nicely with our sunshine coming in a few minutes. jummy: thank you. we want to continue to cover metro as we have them doing. the transit agency holding a meeting. we expect to hear from the new safety officer for the first time today. this comes less than a day after the federal government issued an rail safety fix the issues that three critical intersections of track or else. sam sweeney has more. sam: good afternoon. right now, i just walked out of that meeting about five minutes , and the new safety officer has been introduced, but he has not said anything. also, that letter that was sent last night run the federal government regarding
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the safe track program has not been mentioned as well. we were in the meeting waiting people would respond. the meeting started at 10:00 this morning. what is on everyone's mind is how it will affect closures that were supposed to start in june. they have their own inspectors in the room on a system and matt inspector says you need to address concerns right now. they cannot wait until later in the summer. that could affect schoolchildren going to school as early as may. right now, that is what we are waiting to hear. still, nothing. you may ask what they talked about for the last two hours. a lot of it had to deal with budget concerns.
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they are about $100 million in the hole going into the school year 2018, and he's in the alarm out to all the jurisdictions -- d.c., maryland, virginia -- but they may have to come up with 40, 50, $60 million to compensate romana going forward. the meeting is still ongoing. my colleagues rhiannon carter is inside the meeting, and she will have an update coming up this afternoon. thank you. how will officials get to the bottom of what seems like never-ending issues facing metro? connolly was on "good morning washington" today at shared his thoughts on the dilemma. connolly: the problems have been happening for decades and are frankly pervasive. it is actually a workforce problem. if you don't whistle while you
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a mission, whatever level you are, you are putting public safety in jeopardy. that attitude becomes toxic and viral, and that is what has been .llowed to happen in metro i cannot think of a corporation that would change its workforce metro's and expect to succeed. jummy: you can catch the full interview by heading to our website right now. that is we want to get a check on traffic this noon. jamie: traffic is not terrible as far as the big picture goes. we are seeing mostly green right now traveling out there along the capital beltway. traffic heading northbound is about 17 miles an hour. we will take a live look outside. -- some of the volume we do have is because of
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construction. we had a minor accident. focus for theour past half hour. northbound dct 95 just after malcolm x -- we do have two left leg of blocked. if you are heading southbound, we also have two left lanes blocked. now, so per hour right if you have to get into d.c. from prince george's county, know that you will have some of that volume. a live look shows you hear the beltway, no problems at all as .ou get past st. barnabas road that is a look at traffic. back to you. you so much. right now, the trial is under way for the second of six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. edward marrow opted for a bench trial before a judge rather than a jury trial. gra
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y died last april after sustaining an injury while in police custody. that sparked riots in baltimore and protests nationwide. the trial is expected to last about five days. our maryland bureau chief is in baltimore, and we will have the latest developments from inside the courtroom. also developing now, the handgun george zimmerman says he used to kill trayvon martin is going up for auction. zimmerman shot and killed the unarmed teenager in 2012. he claimed self-defense and was -- he claimed self-defense and was acquitted. the gun is now on an option site . he described it as a piece of american history and even claimed the smithsonian expressed interest. the smithsonian, though, x -- it hasd the claim saying no plans to ever collect or display the firearm. also responding, trayvon
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friends and family gathering this noon for an emotional victimsto one of three of last night's deadly shooting spree in maryland. that service just wrapped up. john: it really has been emotional. weekl know very well this that great big smile, and at the same church where his children were baptized, the funeral mass or the 45-year-old montgomery county man has just concluded in gaithersburg. the walking procession to the burial ground is under way here. to 400 people in
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inside, family and friends focused not so much on how mike when felt died in that parking lot last friday but rather how he lived, moving to the area he was onlym when 11 years old. his wife of 24 years says it took her about two years to say yes and finally go on a date with him he cuts, as she put it, he was such a clown. she fell in love with that clown, the kind of guy who would call his mother weekly with a prank call saying he was from immigration. we understand he was a great handyman who would always finish a task and say, "who's the man?" last friday, he proved he was truly the man, a real-life superhero. he lived and died as a hero, and we will always remember him. >> if you have not talked with your brothers or sisters or
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people that you are not talking to because you never know -- you might not see them again. friday,lice say last the victim and a friend rushed to help a woman who was allegedly being carjacked by the alleged gunman in this shooting spree. that woman was not a complete worther, she was a sister dying for. thank you for that report. coming up, new information about the suspect in the deadly stabbings in massachusetts. why family says it could have been avoided. plus, changes to high school education in the commonwealth.
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how it could help students prepare for the work face. by ahe amazing performance nats pitcher still being talked about today and the record he
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jummy: a review now under way into the deadly stabbing spree in massachusetts. the suspect's family is raising about how those attacks were able to be carried out. elizet
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week'sparked this stabbing spree that left three people, including the suspect, dead. he was hospitalized the night before the attack in treatment for what the family calls a breakdown, but the family claims the hospital did not treat his mental illness and released him. >> it's a disgrace how someone goes in for mental health and wants help and no one does nothing. elizabeth: investigators looking into the hospital actions and retracing steps, saying hours after his release, the father of two left his child's soccer game, crashed his car, entered a random house, and then stabbed a woman to death a injured her daughter. police allege he drove to the small, slammed into macy's, grabbed a woman at a restaurant and stabbed her repeatedly. >> he had the back of her shirt and kept sta
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around the waist area. >> that heroic bystander was stabbed to death. >> i lost a good man. he was a great man. the attack finally ending with off-duty deputy james creede shooting and killing de rosa. that waitress who was hospitalized. motorist,you are a you know the feeling of getting a speeding ticket in the mail. they are always very expensive. an investigation found some local police officers do not know that feeling. the i-team goes through years of montgomery county cases and found many officers who had their tickets dismissed or reduced. the officers were not on emergency calls. there sirens were not
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on. they were simply on duty, got caught speeding by a camera and then got off. officersntative of the in speed camera court spoke to us. >> these officers put their .ives on the line every day the police officers feel very strongly that they should not be ticketed when they are working to protect citizens. tonight at 11:00, our government investigator will show you how many officers were getting their tickets dismissed or reduced and how many thousands of dollars in fines .ave an waived virginia governor terry mcauliffe signing a new bill today reforming high school education in the commonwealth. it happened this morning. he says the high school redesign to create more opportunities to create college credit
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focus more on career prep. very cool. .omething to look forward to doug: a lot of people looking forward to a couple of sunny days here. if we can eat out a couple here and there, that will be the pattern for the next few weeks. let's get started and do a time lapse for you. 62 right now at the moment. a little variation in the cloud cover, but this is a continued variation. .t's kind of trapped in a bigger way, it is keeping thunderstorms off to the west away from affecting our area. as they move into this cooler,
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away, but out west, somewhat cooler. lower 60's around the metro area. we expect temperatures to climb a bit today. ofever, this is the area showers and storms that is mentioned, a couple of thunderstorms just to the withwest of harrisonburg the environment will be a little bit different than it is here. travel another 40 or 50 miles, they will head headlong into the cool, damp air. a few showers will exist. otherwise expect showers to get you. we're looking at possibilities in some areas. southwest washington may get a glimpse of sunshine. otherwise, do not see much in the way of any rain here for the daylight hours. our futurecast shows the rain will stay to the west of the area. look what happens after 3:00 -- it pretty much dissipates before it gets here. i think we will see more
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showers and a better chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon as a cold front comes through. if this timing works out, it will be great. we will have a fresh, northwesterly wind ringing drier air in. for unitedstory bulls. the new york red friday at 7:00, the weather will be fine. 70 today. 75 tomorrow. close to that on saturday. friday, and what he percent an evenf showers, and stronger cold front comes through on saturday and a chance some of those storms could be strong. sunshine monday. enjoy it. back to shower chances tuesday and wednesday. jummy: thank you. now, hopefullys clear skies tonight. the team hoping for another game like last night. the $212 milon pitcher put up 20
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, to complete a game win against detroit, tying begin they'll be record for single game. a he got that gatorade shower as well. tickets for bruce springsteen go on sale as well, and this will be a pretty tough ticket to get. we are trying to help you get to the front of the line. to get that secrets ticket and others this summer coming up tonight at 11:00. coming up, a major drugstore taking on mental health problems. details on that new program.
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stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. jummy:
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with a health matters report. a new article suggests this summer's olympic games in brazil should be postponed due to the zika virus epidemic syria rio is at the heart of the outbreak. a canadian public health professor warns the games should be postponed or the virus could become a full-blown health disaster. the virus causes a range of health defects. the international virus committee said there's no need to cancel, delay, or even move the summer olympic games. walgreens aims to tackle a nationwide health issue by expanding mental health services including screenings and awareness. just over a year ago, the drugstore chain partnered with a cine company to provide around-the-clock access to physicians. coming up, still cloudy and gray. doug is back
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i know. talking about how we would like a few sunny days in the 80's. take a look at our doppler radar right now. these thunderstorms northwest of the harrisburg area will diminish. maybe isolated showers. we will expect milder temperatures -- 70 today
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>> over the past 15 years, this stage has seen a lot of great moments and nothing would make me happier than to add to that legacy right here today on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheering and applause] [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [audience cheers] me too. our returning contestant is getting married in two months and could use some money to start her life as a newlywed. from the upper west side in new york city, please welcome rachel samburg. [cheering] >> well. >> rachel. >> hello. we meet again. >> welcome, we meet again. that's right. welcome back. >> thank you. >> so you're getting married soon. >> i am. >> first of all, congratulations. >>


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