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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 12, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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baltimore last year. michelle: he would later die after being driven around in a police van, no seat belt strapping him in. what followed days of protest and ultimately riots after gray's funeral. jonathan: today, the arresting officer edward nero want on trial. prosecutors believe the arrest was illegal in the first place. brad bell was in the courtroom. what are the take-aways from today's argument? brad: three things at this hour. the state revealed the claim against officer edward nero. the first point they are not saying he physical hurt freddie gray in any shape, or form. they claim when he searched gray it amounted to unwanting touching and that is a misdemeanor assault. defense firing back saying if nero is guilty of anything at all it's slight violations of departmental policy. and that those
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not criminal matters and shouldn't be in court. the third point at this stage of the trial. the judge, the man at the heart of this, judge barry williams. this is a bench trial. no jury. he must decide guilt or innocence. he has been with this case through the motions. he knows just about everything there is to know about it. but he must set aside his knowledge of certain bit and pieces of evidence. certainly an interesting trial. it is still going on right now. it started at 9:30 this morning. we will go back in. we will come back at 5:30 with a complete report and we will tell you about a dramatic video that was played in the courtroom today that actually drew some groans from the audience. that is coming up at 5:30. in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: we will see you then. a bad crash developing in wheaton. three calls involved in the center of the sc
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this is randolph road. an area you want to avoid. you can see it is backing up traffic in one direction. they have only one lane squeezing through there. and if you are in aspen hill now and you are wondering what is going on at the giant store, a person accidently drove their car into the grocery store. a few people were treated for minor cuts and breezes. everyone we are told is okay. have not figured out why the person thought the grocery store was a drive through. today a helping hand to make life better for kids in the battle for their lives. michelle: diane cho was there when volunteers helped build play set for children fighting cancer. diane: today, four kids in the national capital reason fighting cancer got v.i.p. treatment with a chance to forget about the diseases for arrest while. volunteers with the rock solid foundation partnered with keller williams and capital properties at 4-year-old olivia's home in centreville to help build a play set for her and her brother at their home. she was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago and has more of a year left of treatment to go.
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limo this morning. they went out for breakfast and they went bowling when the volunteers turned the backyard in their own personal playground. >> it's really incredible so many people would come and support us. they don't know us. >> having a place to congregate at our own house, lucas can play. we can be with libby and it's a great big deal. diane: the rock solid foundation helped complete 200 projects from play sets to remodeling bedrooms for children fighting cancer since 2009. jonathan? jonathan: thanks. some incredible video to show you from across the country. look at this. that is all hail in the street. it's not snow or from a few months ago. that is going on now. that hail is having to be dug out of the road. the other day they had severe storms dumping heavy rain. you add them together and you are dealing with the flooding. look at that. they are using skip loaders and front end loaders to move all of that hail around. michelle: it makes our weather not look so bad. it's
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looking out for rain possibility of that happening. to extend that long going streak now. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with us. we are pay past two weeks at this point. doug: 15 days. if we get .01 at reagan national between now and midnight it will make it 16 days. if we don't, we won't. we have a chance to do it. showers all day west of interstate 81. now they are creeping eastward a bit. the reason is the persistent wedge of the cold, damp air through the midatlantic and the northeast and new jersey and delaware. so, these showers as may move eastward they are not having much success. they encounter the cool, stable air and they go away. they may be later tonight as the frontal zone tries to shift. maybe a few scattered showers later tonight. we have a much better chance tomorrow as the cold front approaches. showers and thunderstorms could be widespread in some part of the region. future cast. cloudy skies. winds turn southeast. we are getting a change in lo
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showers and storms are midday tomorrow. we might get a touch of sunshine later in the afternoon. back to you. jonathan: thanks. now to one of the fastest growing sports across the country. lacrosse. michelle: yeah. there are questions about its safety, particularly among women. alison starling is here now with the concerns. what is going on? alison: good afternoon. there is actually a lawsuit now. florida teen family is suing another student player. their daughter was injured in a game. what happened is raising questions over safety. and the risk you take when you play a sport. the parents of a florida high school lacrosse star claim this hit caused their daughter kendall holly to suffer traumatic brain injury; leading to pain and suffering, mental anguish and permanent scarring. they are suing florida state and the county athletic association. also named in the lawsuit is ellie, the former florida high school pl
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hit kendall with a strick during a scammable for the ball. >> we need to bring attention to the matter before another child gets something worse. >> illegal slashes are not unusual in competitive lacrosse. but they believe the trainers, coaches and the refs should be held accountable for keeping kendall in game, even though she showed signs of having a concussion. >> i went behind the bleachers. i vomited and collapsed in the parking lot. >> the florida high school athletic association says they cannot comment because it is an ongoing legal matter. ellie has yet to comment. legal watchers wonder if it could open the door for the high school athletes to sue each other for actions that take place on the field. so for more, abc news analyst dan abe rams provided insight. this is his take on who the lawsuit has merit. >> there have been a number of lawsuits with regard
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the fundamental question were the same. were they negligent? did the coach see something that should have led to action? to removing? was it clear there was a concussion? were they trained properly? these are the typical questions that come into play when deciding was the coach, was the school negligent in this particular case. they are fact specific. >> they are going beyond that, this family and saying that the opposing player suing her. >> that is a real longshot. the idea you will be able to win a lawsuit against the opposing player. to win that kind of lawsuit the conduct has to be so egregious. you would need someone nowhere near the ball and you go up and smack them. or something like that. because you do assume a level of risk. alison: so you can see how many different doors this opens for discussion. michelle: it's crazy that they are not wearing helmets, because that might help in some of these cases. alison: that was the first thing you brought up when you
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where are the helmets. jonathan: women's lacrosse. it's not like they are picking daisies. they play as hard as the guys and run just as fast. a game that is aggressive and you are swinging a stick. my son when he played it, he had a helmet on. thank goodness he did. alison: absolutely. this is the subject of the twitter poll today. a lot of people wonder about the helmet issue. should high school and college women's lacrosse players be required to wear helmets like the male counterparts? we know it's a different game. the equipment, et cetera. but share your thoughts about this. so far 80% say yes, women and girls should be wearing helmets in this sport. so tomorrow we'll hear from a school that claims it is the first in the country to mandate helmets for their women's team. jonathan: it make sense. you are swinging sticks. when they throw the ball, a hard ball. michelle: i know. i got hit in camp. alison: you never played again after that. michelle: never picked up the lacrosse stick after that. alison: why not? jonathan: it doesn't make sense
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it's the same game. playing at the same level. around the nation, dramatic cell phone video out of california. check this out. this captures a van pulling a driver out of a wrecked fiery car. this is the aftermath of a street racing crash. at first, they are shooting video this is horrible, get it on video. but he realized he was in the car and burning and it was hurt. he put his phone down and pulled the guy to safety. the driver is expected to survive. michelle: the gun that zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin is no longer up for auction. he shot and killed the unarmed teen in 2012 but was acquitted of the charges. he was selling the weapon to the highest bidder on the site but it was pulled less than an hour after bidding went live. zimmerman called the weapon a
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claimed that the smithsonian expressed interest in it. today on twitter, the smithsonian denied this claim. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- eating your own words. we talk to a columnist that just finished having lunch. michelle: high-yield problem. who forced the woman to wear them and why is it sparking a national conversation. >> the goal should be to get people out here. jonathan: historic park goes to the dogs. controversy and the confusion about this one. we have it for you c
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michelle: check this out, video from the opinion writer dayna millbank getting a nine-course mill of his own words. he predicted donald trump would not win the nomination and pledged to eat his column. to prove he is not full of it, he is now literally full. he did it. he ate his words. dana is joining us. how was the peel? >> it was long. and expensive. you know there was really good food there. victor from del campo cooked up eight dishes from around the world. finished it with newspaper-filtered cof
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wine, which was sort of the worst part. the larger the pieces of the newspaper the harderer it was to get down. you can grill a newspaper or pickled it or soak it in beer. it is still a newspaper. it wads up in your mouth when you chew it. michelle: so it wasn't disguised to the point you didn't realize there was newspaper in there. you can taste the chunks. >> a nice ground newspaper and pork dumpaling. these were quite good. i was a finally ground newspaper. it gives its texture. it's chewier than before. i recommend for your viewers who like to eat newspaper, they want to grind it up as much as possible first. michelle: quantify for us about how much would you estimate that you ate in terms of the actual newspaper? >> the chef says all the food presented to me would be a
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so i tried to calculate eating -- he said it was at least one. i believe i heath my own words and at one point i noted i was eating a rolex ad that popped up from other pages. michelle: while you are at it, you might as well. at any point do you wish you had been more concise with your writing? >> at least they didn't run a picture with the story. at least i didn't run it in color. that would have introduced all kind of other toxins. you know, i have no idea about the toxicity level of the "washington post" ink. it's been a few hours and i'm still here. michelle: last question here. does it put an end to any future predictions? >> well, i mean, i make predictions in this line of work. i may decide that if trump loses i may have a celebratory meal rather than declaring what i'll have to eat if he wins. i'll try to be kinder to my digestive t
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we thank you for sharing it with us in your own words. thank you. jonathan: given what we have seen on them campaign cycle he might get a taste for his own words. donald trump, while we are talking about it, he was on capitol hill today and meeting with the top g.o.p. leaders to unify the party. he met with the house speaker paul ryan who previously said at that point he couldn't endorse the presidential candidate. ryan says that the meeting was encouraging and that the two penalled to work together despite their difference -- pledged to work together despite their differences. we bring in political correspondent scott thuman. what is the take-away from the meeting? scott: there is possibly room for optimism between all sides involved in this. we have four different take-aways in this. the first is they are unified on one level. beat hillary clinton. they said no matter what, that is the ultimate goal. that is where they will see eye to eye. of course it doesn't mean that everything went smoothly. there are policy differences from trade to abortion to medicare reform. this is not an endorsement.
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very hesitant is paul ryan. he wouldn't go that far. support doesn't mean endorse. he blew it off. and that is what we are hearing from the bush family and the previous nominee mitt romney. they are staying back from that particular word. the house and the senate leaders are, of course, saying they had meetings with this, too. this is all about planting seeds and getting past initial stages. they want to create a dialogue to be in this on the long haul. the other thing to mention they are talking about big differences because donald trump republican now hasn't always been. he was a democrat for a long time. so that is where they aren't going to see eye to eye on some of the major issues like trade, like abortion. jonathan: we don't expect him to sing "kumbaya." no republican president ever had the cabinet in his corner so it doesn't strike it as being unique. who is making a big deal out of this? scott: paul ryan said mitt romney an
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eye on a lot of issues but this is a largest contrast. they admit they have to bury the hatchet. but whether they can do that is yet to be seen. donald trump called lindsey graham. they had a phone conversation. graham said it was great talking to him. hasn't changed my stance. there will be a lot of republicans that have been on the hill a long time to say yeah, he can come and make amends but it doesn't mean i will endorse this man. jonathan: mainly because he is an outsider and not a politician, all the other folks are? scott: that may be one way to look at it but if they unify in the concept of beat hillary clinton they will coalesce a little bit. jonathan: we'll get closer to it, coalesce more. scott: perhaps. michelle: sony wants to be able to take a picture at the blink of an eye. literally. it's looking into creating a contact lens that acts as a digital camera. sony filed an application to patent the lens. sony says the lens would be able to capture still images or video using embedded sensors and camera
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27-year-old man in china used rubix cubes to win over his crush. but unfortunately didn't land him a date. the heart-breaking tale going viral after the man posted photo of the finished product on social media. jonathan: holy cow! michelle: he spent two months and hundreds of dollars planning a huge mosaic portrait of his dream girl. but unfortunately, she did not return his feelings. she was apparently moved by this bizarre gift. jonathan: she may have thought it was weird, too. there is that. check this out. the fire department in taiwan had to rescue a woman from the elevator after it stopped working in an earthquake. video here. you can see this is blurry and grainy. you can see what they are doing. they are prying open the doors. the crew got to elevator where she was, pried open the door and pulled her to safety. 5.8-magnitude quake that hit the east coast of taiwan. witnesses say te
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no major damage has been reported. huge! speaking of damage, talk about the evening commute. there is always damage out there. jamie sullivan is keeping an eye on things for us. jamie: it's never ending. we start with the issue we are seeing in montgomery county. take a look here. you can see this activity. traveling on veers mill road. this is at ran doll road. you see the activity. we have two right lanes getting by. now all the lanes are getting by eastbound. except we may have just police activity blocking off the left lane. if you live in montgomery county in the wheaton area this may be an issue for you. as far as slowing. 66 typical slowing as you head outbound. 16 miles per hour. you can see here some of the volume as you head out. as you approach fairfax and you continue out, traffic does loosen up and get better. that northwest corner, capital beltway inner loop is heavy. 66 continuing to the american legion bridge. we have had a few accidents. nothing major right now that you have to worry about.
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leaving the city. yesterday 395 northbound was bumper to bumper getting into the city. no problems today. just the normal southbound slowing. that is a look at traffic. back to you. michelle: thank you. we are getting some cool images from nasa tonight. it's giving us a bird's eye view of possible volcanic eruption on bristol island. it's atlantic ocean between south america and antarctica. they show the heat signature of what is hot lava and white plumes trailing from the crater. the volcano on the island hasn't erupted in 60 years. jonathan: it's good to say "uninhabited" to look at it from space and all is well. michelle: we have been keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine. but we are so close to extending the streak -- jonathan: breaking records. michelle: why not? doug: we have 15 days and running for consecutive days with the measurable rain in washington. there is a chance we could have more measurable rain to
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but things are changing. they will change tomorrow as a cold front comes sweeping through. jonathan: what season are we in? doug: spring. we get the cold weather situations where the cold air is pinned up against the eastern slope and the appalachians and socked in. it happens every season. sometimes more profoundly than most. get started. 65 degrees. we have cloudy skies and are used to seeing that. winds out of the south/southwest. not used to seeing that. that is a hint now that things are changing in lower levels of the atmosphere. that means a couple of things. one, showers are west of 81 all day. they are making a move now east. especially in the southern extent. south and east of harrisonburg. we keep an eye on these shouters. this will encounter the cool unstable air in place and we think it will diminish. we get through the night time hours showers could give us enough of the .01. we will find out. tomorrow, a lot of moisture surging northward ahead of a cold front. tomorrow a high likelihood of
4:23 pm
throughout the area. with the southerly and the southwesterly winds it will turn warmer. push of warm air with a briefly southerly winds ahead of the cold front. the showers and the storms late morning and early afternoon. breezy, clearing weather in the afternoon. sunshine. get in 70's. i will be nice tomorrow afternoon. we will feel like may around here. on saturday, even stronger cold front will come to town. showers and the thunderstorms. warm and breezy as well. but then much cooler air moves in sunday and monday. we will have a little bit of sunshine to deal with. that is good news. 78 tomorrow with 80% of showers and storms. saturday, second front. partly sunny. breezy and 74. 60% chance of storms. sunshine and windy on sunday. 63. 66mont. more showers tuesday and wednesday. jonathan: when can we wash the cars? doug: i forgot to tell you something. go to graphics for a second. i forgot to tell you about the trivia question. answer this coming up in a little bit here. how much rainfall has washington, d.
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far the first 12 days of may? 1,000 inches? is 4.17 or 3.39. michelle: this is a gimme. jonathan: it would be lake washington. doug: we'll answer it for you in a minute. jonathan: tell us about washing our cars, too. you probably heard about max scherzer fanning 20 detroit tiger last night. where does it stand in baseball history and the pitching accomplishments? here you go. we did digging and this is what we came up with. 295 no-hitters in baseball history. mad max responsible for two of those. he did it last year. of those no-hitters, just 23 were perfect games. that is very impressive. but when it comes to 20 strike-outs in nine innings of play, that has only happened five times in baseball history. scherzer, randy johnson, kerry wood, and the rocket, roger clemens. he did it twice in his career. so it's a
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congratulations to him. michelle: those folks witnessed history and they got a bobblehead. jonathan: bryce harper bobblehead. michelle: win-win. still ahead for us at abc7 news at 4:30 -- confusion and controversy at the logan circle park has dog owners on a short leash. are they welcome or not? we get to the bottom of it. jonathan: weighing the north carolina bathroom bill. how does the transgender community feel about it? >> when i select a restroom i prefer to use the women's room because i'm a woman. jonathan: her mission and reaction to the law that has gotten the whole nation talking. that is still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00".
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we are in the help center with one of the popular phone banks. ask the attorney. they are standing by to take your phone calls. they specialize in got services and disabilities rights. if you have any legal questions this is the group for you here. they are volunteers. standing by until 6:30 tonight. call 703-236-9220.
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jonathan: dog owners feel like they are on a short leash at logan circle park. where are they allowed? the controversy and confusion up next. michelle: facebook post go viral. some women are required to wear heels at work. it can be a painful task. the bloody result goes viral. what do you think? does the requirement go too far? weigh in. jonathan: one more look at the weather trivia question. look at it. last chance before we get the answer. doug will be checking back. give us the answer after the break. you have three choices of how much rain d.c. has had so far this month. back after this.
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michelle: breaking news into the abc7 newsroom. district heights mayor dr. james walls jr. has died. he died this afternoon. the prince george's county police and the police are on the scene. michelle: we are told they are notified of all deaths and this is standard procedure so it doesn't mean there is anything suspicious. no word on cause of death. he is very young. and vice deputy mayor will be the acting mayor. some d.c. residents are barking up a storm. jonathan: as michael reports there is a c
4:33 pm
allowed or should be allowed in the park's inner ring. >> in national park, they must be leashed but here a number of allowing pets to play leash-free. >> on saturday there are 20-30 dogs running around. >> some claim it's unofficial dog park with byproducts. a hot topic. a neighborhood turf war. >> as long as they pick up the defecation. >> the fence around the statue is part of the historic landscape of logan circle and we hope they will respect the memorial and appreciate the intent. but many argue this is a public park. >> the goal is to get people out here. >> most washingtonians passing through likely have little knowledge about the general john a. logan. a civi
4:34 pm
congressman and a senator from illinois. in fact that state's official song celebrates him with lincoln and grant. he was also an unsuccessful vice presidential candidate. whether they know it or not the legacy is still felt by every american every year on the last monday of may. because it was general logan who proclaim and helped establish decoration day, later known as memorial day. everyone seems to agree the memorial deserves respect. beyond the leash rule there is confusion. are dogs banned from the inner ring? that is unclear. there were once sign in the circle that said just that. at some point they were removed. maybe stolen. even the park service is not sure what happened to them. in light of the doggie debate they are determining whether and where it should be curtailed. northwest, mike
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carter-coonnen, abc7 news. doug: this is a tough question. jonathan: i was going with a thousand inches. doug: there is the question. how much rain have we had so far? i will turn this way. i will learn. 1,000 inches. you think about it. it has rained a lot. 4.17 inches or 3.39 inches. you say -- michelle: 3.39. jonathan: i'm going 4.17. doug: survey says -- 3.39 inches. that is the right inches. jonathan: done it again. nice job. doug: interesting. even with the rain we havede had we're still below where we should be for mark. it's just dark days outside. the numbers for you, since the first day of march. 1.28 inches below average at reagan national. 1.26 below at washington-dulles. 1.66 inches below at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. rain out west of metro alongse
4:36 pm
against the slopes. it's diminishing as it moves eastward. there is a chance with the southwesterly winds changing to the lower level of the atmosphere that a few showers could make it here tonight. .01 of one inch is all we need at reagan international to extend the streak to 16 straight days. cloudy skies for the most part tonight. fine shape later tonight and a isolated shower. tomorrow it will change. strong cold front is coming through. showers and the thunderstorms coming through. good news for afternoon. clear and breezy weather and we will repeat the process saturday with another gusty cold front. more showers and storms and mild temperatures. that is the latest from the weather center. michelle: thank you. phone lines in the "7 on your side" help center are now open. you can ask the lawyer. 703-236-9220. volunteers from the washington lawyer committee for civil rights and urban affairs are on hand to answer your questions about civil rights
4:37 pm
violations, equal employment, immigrant rights and much more. phone lines are open through 6:30. jonathan: a wonderful resource. kevin lewis is in mobiletrak7 and just got to southeast washington where police are investigating a killing that is taking place there. the chief is even there. what is going on? kevin: the d.c. police put out a photo on the twter feed. looks as if the police chief is here. ely place. this is the active homicide scene. you see a number of high police department brass in the white shirts standing behind the second line of yellow police tape. this all occurred close to the washington nationals youth baseball academy. you can see the new structure there and the ball field. beyond that black fence line. the red brick building is sousa middle school. unclear if the students were
4:38 pm
happened at 3:19. we'll bring you updates as they come. kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. now to a story that has us all talking in the newsroom. talking about a waitress who claims she had to wear high heels for her entire shift. she has become internet sensation after picture of her bloodied feet shared on facebook. these aren't socks. alison: this is bad. nicola from alberta, canada, up loaded the image of her friend's feet describing she was bleeding to the point she lost a toenail and claimed that the heels would be required on her next shift, which would be the following day. now the post has now been viewed by more than 11,000 people. 11,000 times it's been viewed. so people all over the world are wagging in on this. is it fair for restaurant to require female employees to wear high heels?
4:39 pm
michelle: my two cents. if the men are wearing heels then yes, the ladies wear them, too. if the guys aren't, if the waiters aren't, why should waitresses have to? alison: true. hard to imagine a boss would see that and say you have to wear them again tomorrow. that is cruel. you can see why people are talking. michelle: jonathan, to you. jonathan: i don't know how you squeeze your toes in that point. it has to hurt. it hurts looking at it. the north carolina bathroom law fawned a federal lawsuit, sparked calls for a boycott and it stung the transgender comm
4:40 pm
stephen tschida spoke with a woman who made the decision to transition and get her reaction. stephen: months after making the life-altering decision to become a woman, liz finds herself crying. but not out of sadness. >> i am so much happier with who i am today. and the life i'm living. stephen: the 24-year-old law student decided to transition from thomas to liz and is comfortable interning at one of the most progressive jurisdictions on transgender issues. the single occupancy bathrooms in the city are gender neutral. >> i select a restroom and i prefer a woman's restroom because i'm a woman. stephen: north carolina law to require people using bathroom assigned to birth gender left her troubled. >> it's frightening and hurtful that people want to prevent me being who i am when it doesn't affect their lives
4:41 pm
stephen: she supports the boycott for personal and political reasons. >> i would risk being a target. if that is the kind of law they pass, that seems to be the mind set they have. i wouldn't feel safe. stephen: like many transgender people and americans across the country, she will watch closely to see how the controversy over the north carolina bathroom law is resolved. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- "scandal"'s big finale. what the stars are saying about the cliff-hanger you're about to get.
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michelle: after tonight you have to wait until fall for "scandal." it's the season finale. kidd o'shea has the cliff hanger in the "scandal scoop". kidd: there are questioning we hope will be answered on the season finale of "scandal" tonight. no matter how hard you try, you can't hide from politics in real life and on tv. can it trump real life? when it comes to write for the shoe it's hit with the challenges on a daily basis. >> what is insane is so much of what shanda writes seems to come true six months
4:45 pm
>> i'm going to win in florida. >> this is interesting and hard to write in the sense we have made the stories up and i have gone back to the room and say we have to scrap it completely. kidd: with everything happening in real life would it be that crazy for a man playing a president on tv to run for president some day? >> no way. kidd: one guarantee the cast can make about the finale is this. >> set things up for season six. so beautifully. but in such mind-bending unexpected ways. none of us could have imagined that was going to happen. >> hilltary experience, family men. >> felon. >> he didn't lie about it. it says something. >> can we clean him up in time? >> we can try. >> good. get on it. kidd: get ready for "scandal" at 9:00. i'm joined by "good morning washington's" biggest fan of "scandal." jummy olabanji. you came dressed as olivia pope to work today. >> i do. i have my white
4:46 pm
hat. my gladiator pants and my pants from the limited "scandal" collection. i feel like her. kidd: are you excited tonight >> do you think we get answers? jummy: i think so. if you watch from the beginning and how shanda writes shows we'll be surprised at the hour and at the send the cliff hanger we are like i can't wait until the foul. mouths drop open. kidd: we saw bellany, is someone going to die in some shocker? she said it's mind blowing. jummy: i think the shocker won't have to do with the election itself. i think the shocker at the end will have to do with jake, maybe even a return from momma pope. we have not seen her since the beginning of the season. she kind of disappeared. but we know she is not dead. i think she is waiting for the return. that could be the night. kidd:
4:47 pm
jummy: you can call me to live -- olivia. kidd: back to you. jonathan: limited has a "scandal" collection? did you know that? michelle: i did. jonathan: if you wake up for "good morning washington," r&b star maya is joining us in studio. i hope she is wearing that. 9:00 on newschannel8. if you watch all morning on abc7 you can win big cash. all on "good morning washington" on abc7 and newschannel8 tomorrow. you can understand how i get confused. michelle: if she wears that people will be late to work. jonathan: i'll be watching. is it good guys behaving bad or occupational hazards? police officers not on an emergency call and caught speeding on camera. should they pay the ticket? why they haven't been. we have it next. michelle: still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- is amazon inflating the
4:48 pm
you getting the best deal? closer look and how to make sure you are getting the best bang for your b
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jonathan: there is nothing more frustrating than getting a speed camera ticket in the mail. michelle: you don't know you got it phenomenal you check the mail. but i-team investigation found local police officers don't have the frustration. many of their tickets are being dismissed. government watchdog investigator chris papst has been dogging into this for months -- digging into it for months and joins us with what he found. chris? chris: should police officers who get a speed camera violation while on duty but not on an emergency call have to pay the ticket? the investigation we found apparently plenty of officers in montgomery county don't think so. this on connecticut avenue caught a police officer speeding but not on an emergency call. the fine was never paid.
4:52 pm
of speed camera court cases and found a lot of police officers who got their tickets dismissed or reduced. the officers are not on an emergency call. the lights and sirens are not on. they were on duty. get caught speeding by a camera. then get off. jim, the attorney for the montgomery county police union and represents the officers in speed camera court. we sat down with him and asked him why police should not have to pay the tickets. here is what he said. >> police officers put their lives on the line every day. they are in the car eight and ten hours a day. this is their office. they are serving us and on the roads working for us. if they have to speed in the work day we would ask him to consider it legitimate, acceptable practice. >> tonight at 11:00, with le show you how many are not paying the speed camera tickets and how many
4:53 pm
live in chevy chase, chris papst, abc7 news. steve: skies were brighter an hour ago. now cloudy skies returned. we have rain on the way. 65 degrees now. the temperatures on the mild side through the next few hours or so. rain to the west of us arrives later tonight. 58 to 62 degrees. we could see nothing fog this morn -- we could see fog this morning. daytime highs tomorrow are around 77 degrees. mid-day showers and thunderstorms. some may contain gusty winds. part of a cold front. national police week 5k saturday morning. spirits rebound to middle 60's. the e.u. open house on saturday with the temperatures in the middle 70's but late
4:54 pm
the taste of arlington on sunday highs in the middle 60s. jamie: if you live in wheaton area we are still working on this accident. you need to keep in mind randolph road you will still see activity from accident blocking lanes a while ago. the big picture here, there is green and red in d.c. heavy volume on the inner loop of the beltway from virginia to maryland and the outer loop unusually heavy from the toll road to little river turnpike. bottom side, slowing approaching the wilson bridge. once you cross we are clear. jonathan: hamson markdowns, don't they look like they are out of control? it's not held to the same standard as the brick and moror stores that sell them. the same items. the best prices and the real
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help.
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just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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...cleasee ya!ake off. when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. john: everyone loves a bargain. if you spend time on amazon you find markdown on everything but a new report says some may be delusions. we have all done it. checking the tv's or the laptops in a big box store and going home to order it from amazon. where we assume it's cheaper. not necessarily according to the
4:58 pm
the times claim the markdowns are no bargain at all because the list price is not realistic. at times it shows phone batteries for $3 that were originally $832. savings of over $800. really? dog treats for $7 that were original $822. for dog treats? from the doesn't that stink file the fact that most state laws about sale pricing don't apply to internet commerce. doesn't that stink? a local furniture store filled with fake markdowns the attorney general would be all over them. when it comes to the independent seller on amazon who change the prices daily the times claims it's up to you to make sure the sale is real. amazon has not commented. check prices on several retailers like best buy, target and google. that is when you know if it's a deal and you don't waste
4:59 pm
i'm john matarese. abc7 news. leon: tonight -- met low keeps the -- metro keeps the federal government out of loop on the safety plans and the general manager explains why. the parking meter you will soon be paying 200% more to park your car. eyes light up as young cancer patients come home to a brand new place to play. now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: well, tonight, metro again after another misstep with the federal government. new general manager paul wiedefeld says his impatience to get things done could be to blame. brianne carter covering metro live for us from the rosslyn station tonight. what is the story? brianne: just last week paul wiedefeld the general manager introduced this plan. take a look. 15 safety surges each represented. each one of the pages. now thanks to the f.t.a. it may have to be changed and within
5:00 pm
finalized until next week. >> the sooner we get out there the sooner we get out of the case. brianne: paul wiedefeld referring to his repair plan to overhaul the metro system. the question is now where will the single tracking and the long-term shutdown happen first? >> we have a revised plan to reflect it. brianne: wiedefeld is altering the plan after the f.t.a. sent the letter to the transit authority demanding that metro prioritize work in three sections of the track. between potomac avenue and east of stadium armory. ballston to east falls church and medical center to van ness. this is as the board members question wiedefeld's decision to not consult the f.t.a. before unveiling the plan last week. >> the chain of directives and the letters back and forth between wmata and the f.t.a. i believe to get broken. we nee


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