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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 13, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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the white house though blaming congress for not funding it additional security officers. and if that wasn't bad enough in, phoenix, a tsa computer problem meant that 3,000 bags didn't get where they were supposed to yesterday. the problem has now been fixed and a spokeswoman says they are cautiously optimistic this morning's flights will go off without a hitch. >> a global investigation is under way how hack areas stole $81 million. it's a theft that involves several countries. the money was stolen from lang bangladesh's account at the federal reserve bank of new york and ended up in the philippines. the fbi suspects that an insider with access to the bank's computers played a role in that theft. and canada's prime minister's visit fire ravaged ft. mcmurray alberta today as officials work on plans to bring residents back to the town and hopes to have a strategy in place within two weeks that would allow thousands to rush. officials are trying to make
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more fire danger from those fires and that utilities are up and running. pope francis is making a call for a radical change in the catholic church. he says the vatican should look at the possibility of ordaining women as deacons. the pope made the comment while take agquestions from heads of women's religious orders. it would allow women to provide religious commentary during mass. the vatican press office is not commenting on the pope's remarks. >> we have a bit of musical update here. you may recall a couple weeks ago we showed you the new dance trend all the kids are calling the running man. this was our version. >> really poor version of it. >> hopefully it made you laugh a little bit. it made us laugh, too. i don't know that the ghost town deejays are laughing so much. maybe all the way to the bank maybe. >> this was the video from 1996. it was a staple on mtv.
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really had that much success as it is now. >> that's right. in '96, it peaked at number 31 on the charts. however, this year, number 14. it had more success now because of this whole trend running man than it did when it actually came out. >> so 20 years later. >> but it did face some stiff competition. >> it did? >> any guesses on the number one song in 1996? >> no. it's got to be back street boys something. >> you are incorrect. >> thank you. >> you want to keep guessing? would you like to hear it? ♪ macarena >> kind of tough to do the jumping part. the macarena. can you believe that? number one song of 1996. >> who knew. >> that's right. >> it would spawn. >> my boo, nothing compared to the macarena. but now they both
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popular dances. >> very good. that's good to know. >> now we have another silly dancing video we can play. >> embarrassing. >> don't say that about jack's moves. i there he nailed that part. >> look, he knows the whole thing. he's killing it. >> bounce. >> i love this. i'm good at it. >> coming up, we're going to switch geernz she was caught on surveillance camera trying to fight off two attackers as they punch and dragler. now the surprise message that georgia woman has for those two attempted carjackers. >> and why even if the label says made in america, you may be still buying foreign. first let's take a look at today's temperatures. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care. we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get
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in georgia, a
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off two would be car jaerkz. the woman heads to her car at gaze station and is immediately confronted by two men. she struggles with them and at one point, one of the suspects points a gun at her. eventually they both run away. several people reportedly saw the attack but no one tried to stop this. the woman has a message for her attackers. i forgive them. police are still searching for those two suspects. >> a big change is coming to pop warner youth football this fall. the kids playing in the organization's three youngest divisions will not participate in kickoffs. instead possessions will start at the 35 yard line. the idea behind the elimination of kickoffs is to reduce the number of full speed impacts during a game. if it's deemed a success, they will consider doing away with kickoffs in older divisions, as well. >> a new lawsuit raising questions about safety on the lacrosse field. >> one florida teenager's family is suing another player. they say their daughter suffered a concussion after just one hit. here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: the parents o
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former high school lacrosse star claim this hit caused their daughter kendall holly to suffer a traumatic brain jir leading to mental anguish and permanent scarring. now they are suing. the county and the florida state athletic association. also named in the lawsuit, ellie yenor who hit kendall with her stick during a scramble for the ball. >> we need to bring attention to this matter before another child gets something worse. >> reporter: illegal slashes are not unusual in competitive lacrosse but the hollys believe the trainer, coaches and refs should be held accountable for keeping kendall ofle in the game even though she had signs of i've concussion. >> i went behind the bleachers and vomited and collapsed in the parking lot. >> reporter: the florida high school athletic association says they cannot comment because it's a legal matter. ellie yenor has yet to comm
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happened on this field could end up in the courtroom. ryan smith, new york. >> really see the play there at the end. fairly graphic, as well. >> but the thing is, i've actually played lacrosse in high school. when you're going for the ball sometimes, it's easy to just, you're focusing on the ball not necessarily looking at what's around you. there is a responsibility as a player to be aware of that, but at the same time when you're playing sports, these kind of things can happen. >> did you ever have a concussion as a result. >> not from lacrosse. i did from soccer interestingly enough. the difference people sometimes don't realize. in women's lacrosse you don't wear helmets. but the rules are different. you're not supposed to penetrate a sphere around your whole head. with guys lacrosse, they whack each other all the time. you have helmets. >> it's not just about football injuries we should be concerned about in getting these concussions and having long-term effect but soccer, as well, wrestling. >> lots of -- you know what no one talks about,
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most frequently. the whole point is to give your opponent a concussion. it's a complicated issue and whether or not the helmets help or hurt is another topic. >> coming up, made in america. >> when you buy something that says made in america, how can you actually be sure in we'll talk about that next on "world news now."
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so many americans have been making an honest effort to buy american. >> but a new abc news investigation has found that even when the label says "made in america," it's aurve not. abc's david muir on the story. >> reporter: so many of you at home still tweeting us the dish towels, for example, complete with the american flag down below made in china. that label for oven mitts by american mills, made in pakistan. and how about the united states sweaters, made in china? but those companies defending themselves, telling us, they clearly labeled them made overseas. director lev kubiak showed us the deliberate fake of that language learning tool, rosetta stone. it turns out, some are copying it, saying it's made here, when it's not. this looks like the rosetta stone you would order from the american company. >> right. >> and yet this one came from -- >> came from china. >> look closer. the spelling errors. 100% guaranteed, missing an "e." even the state department spelled wrong. and we've now learned
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being duped. it's american taxpayers. government agencies trying to buy made in america supplies with your tax dollars. right down to the silverware they think has long been made in america. take a look at general services administration they sell supplies to those government agencies. many with budgets mandating that they buy american when available. that's why, on the site, they have a clear "made in" category. search silverware, and you'll find made in the united states of america right next to this spoon. but how can you be sure that what taxpayers are buying is really made here? we went to find the spoons, liberty tabletop, made in new york, selling their silverware to the navy, the air force, the army. but it turns out, they're fighting mad, because they started to lose business. >> nobody could tell us why. >> because also on that website, other distributors like thompson and little, listed here as made in the usa, but when we called the manufacturer, they told our team, they make this spoon overseas. these knives? made in in
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and this flatware set? made in china, too. bang in cheryl, new york, they say this mislabelling is costing american jobs. >> there's a lot of people that are purchasing, unbeknownst to them, products that are not being made where they say they're being made. >> reporter: so we asked why are they being labeled made in america in the first place? it turns out the government doesn't really police this. it's the distributor of the products listing their own information. a&e supply, with these forks, made in china, but labeled made in the united states of america, telling us the product is no longer sold on that site and has been removed, due to the error. telling us, the listings are honest mistakes. and they're now modifying the website. those american workers in upstate new york argue those mistakes can't be fixed soon enough. >> think about this. for every $100,000 we sell, it's probably a job. that's 30, 40 more jobs we could provide in cheryl, new york. the jobs are overseas.
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♪ all right. it's time now for our favorite feature of the week "insomniac theater" previewing two movies opening this weekend. >> we'll get started with jodie foster's biggest movie to date as a director called money monster". george clooney playing a wall street wiz who hosts a tv show produced by julia roberts. now, a viewer posing as a delivery guy takes clooney hostage forcing him to wear a vest wired with explosives. >> there is a sniper on the catwalk at your 1:00. >> let him go. >> there is a receiver on your vest. if he shoots it out it, disables the trigger. get out of there right now. >> come on. >> got a shot?
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>> take the shot. >> that's a lot of money. >> many news producers would probably say can you still go live. critics are taking plenty of shots at "money monster" which is getting 62% on rotten tomatoes. maura mcdonald brights "money monster" though perfectly competent promises more than it delivers and colin culvert calls it only kind of good and that foster's instincts as a director outpace the abilities of her screen writing team. >> next let's take a romantic trip back to the 1790s. >> i remember it so well. >> based on jane austen's as "love and friendship" this movie stars kate beckon say as lady susan scandalizing society with her hand some but married lord. she also attracts the attentions of two other men while trying to fix her finances by scheming to marry off her reluctant
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daughter foo scandalous. >> lady susan vernon. >> how dare you address me, sir. >> lady susan. >> be gone, sir. i will have you whipped. >> outrageous. have you not met him? >> no, i know him well. i would never speak to a stranger like that. >> love and friendship is smacking it out of the park with the critics scoring a perfect 100% on rotten tomatoes. time-out's josh rothkopf writes finally a jane austen movie that's fresh and deliciously rotten at the same time. and chris bumbra writes it's maybe the best big screen jane austen adaption ever. >> interesting. >> i would never speak to someone i don't know that well. >> i can't believe you are talking to me like that. >> that's the news for that half hour. >> all of london accents.
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this morning on "world news now," let's call it a tamer or toned down donald trump. >> that's what republican leaders say they want from their presumptive presidential nominee. meanwhile the secret service is now investigating donald trump's former butler for inciting violence against president obama. >> baggage baung. the troubled tsa facing heat from all directions. thousands of bags getting backlogged at one of the nation's busiest airports because of a computer glitch. >> calvin klein is also under fire over its new ad campaign. some are straight out calling it pornography and calling for the company to pull ads entirely. >> saluting our heros. the closing ceremonies at the invictus games honoring warriors from around the


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