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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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together. disgusting, yes. and also what these kids learned today dangerous. a medic escorts three students to a waiting ambulance. the youngsters obviously well enough to walk. but according to the fire department, in need of observation. >> they were sick enough where they reported it and went to the nurse's office. brad: the number of sickened students eight according to the school system and a dozen according to the fire department. either way they overwhelmed the school nurse who called 911. >> we ended up transporting six students to nearby hospitals. brad: according to a school system spokesperson a student brought a concoction from home which he or she shared and sources tell us a mixture that included alcohol in some form, cold medicine and a type of candy. recipe much like a dangerous homemade intoxicant called "lean" or "the
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"scissor." for young people here if they were trying to make the drink, there would be no shortage of information how to do it. we look at youtube and find literally dozen of recipes and tutorials. >> it's so much stuff at their disposal. brad: at dismissal time, parents handed letters sent home by the school explains what happened. >> that is no good. >> i don't think so. >> the times we live in. you know, so, i mean, i'm not surprised. brad: use of the con connection can have serious consequences including death. fortunately none of the children here were sickened all that badly today. those taken to the hospital were just taken there for checkups and for observation. all of them will have to deal with discipline in the school system and likely at home. brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. public
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students use bathroom and the locker room of the gender they choose to identify with. that is the directive from the obama administration today. it comes in the midst of a national debate, of course. after north carolina declared that people must use the bathroom. that corresponds with the sex on their birth certificate. >> what the framework does provide is advice. for how school administrators protect the dignity and safety for every student under their charge. alison: a virginia high school student born as a girl is already suing for the right to use the boy's bathroom in gloucester county. stephen tschida look at what the cases and the order could mean for local schools. >> the obama administration just took a stand on the transgender bathroom issue in a big way. any school, secondary, primary or university that gets several dollars must
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students or risk losing the money. >> women can be uncomfortable with that. >> we asked about the guidelines and found few to respond. >> one resent grad did weigh in. >> i support obama in what he is doing. i'm not saying that it's right. >> they are moving on the issue. plan is in place for non-gender specific in campus. >> maybe part of the locker room set up so functionally everyone is accommodated. we did find vocal support. >> that is where they are happy. >> as far as the other schools the threat of losing federal dollars provides motivation for making changes.
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uncomfortable. leon: is it trump or not trump? the paper is claiming that the candidate made posing as a publicist. leon: new york journalist who covered trump in the 1970's and 1980's and 1990's they received calls from john miller or john barren in the year and they all thought that trump was advocating for himself. >> i can tell you off the record. get to know you and tell you off the record. she didn't care until we got the divorce finished. leon: in 1980's trump admitted to using the name john barren. this morning on "the today show" he denied it
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>> it was not me on the phone. it doesn't sound like me on the phone. it wassed no me on the phone. this is 25 years ago? >> in the early 1990's. >> you are going so slow to talk something took place 25 years ago whether or not i made a phone call. you are saying under a presumed name. leon: yeah. scott: so here is the thing. he can use the defense and say you are going thin to get me. this is 25 years ago. on the other hand people will say it speaks to other instances that we believe he lied. leon: i know you can't go there. but do you think it's him? you listen to the language used? the accent? scott: there are people cover him much more closely than i who have listened to the entire tapes. they say if you listen to the
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through a tv newscast, that you hear it better and they say it sounds undeniably like him. it is all opinion. leon: over to you. alison: thank you both. don't be startled by that in the sky. it's called the sun. you may not have seen it in a while. we haven't. doug hill in the weather center with a check on how long it sticks around. looks nice. doug: nice change. we start with a live look at alexandria, virginia. the computer models yesterday had it pegged on the money when the cold front would come through with the rain. 77 in alexandria. pleasant weather in everything. drop to 50's overnight. the big story is going to be
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we talk about those and the timing in a couple of minutes. alison: a giant tire fire is rage until central spain. thick black smoke from madrid which is 25 miles away. 9,000 people living close to dump there have been evacuated. no injuries reported. the fire is contained to the one area. authorities believe the fire was intentionally set. leon: clues are cleaning up a -- crews are cleaning up an oil spill off the louisiana coast. skimmers are out there collecting the oil off the surface of the water. they say the leak has been contained. drilling at a nearby platform is stopped. the state and the federal agencies oversee clean-up operation. alison: new developments in a case of a serial bank robber in northern virginia.
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alexandria police arrested kahn on two counts of robbery. he is charged in ex-connection with the robbery at sun trust on mount vernon avenue. and wells fargo bank on fern street. leon: a 17-year-old in prince william county in custody charged with murdering 14-year-old luis coca-crespo. police that coca-crespo was found dead in his home last night. the law enforcement has not decided whether to try the suspect as the doesn't. alison: tomorrow is one year since a father, mother, their son and the housekeeper were all found dead inside the home in northwest washington. so far just one person has been charged in the death. roz plater live outside the home withup date on the investigation. and where it stands now. roz: that
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is standing but it is boarded up. online records indicate it was sold last november but it's still here. painful reminder to the murders that happened in the neighborhood a year ago. the first neighbors knew anything amiss was smoke was spottedded coming out of the home may 14 inside the multimillion dollar mansion. the firefighters and the police made a gruesome discovery. businessman, his wife their son and housekeeper were found dead. they were held captive overnight and tied up and torturedded before they were brutally murdered. after finding his d.n.a. on a pizza crust they arrested 35-year-old former employee daron wint. was indicted and has pleaded not guilty to the crime. he probably d
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arrested. there is no new information they are ready to share about the investigation at this point. he was supposed to be court friday for a status hearing and i learned from the u.s. attorney's office that it has been pushed back to august 19. roz plater, abc7 news. alison: you can track the crime in your neighborhood through the spot crime map. leon: new information on the plans to address three stretches of the metro track. these are advertise are the area they highlighted this week as being most in need of repair. today metro announced the system will be closed midnight every night june 3. alison: traveling through the nation's airport can b
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stressful prop cig. >> it will make it difficult if we are traveling and going internationally. leon: stay with us. the steps to make it easier when you fly. alison: later a change of plans. the final word for coupling looking to say i do at a local venue told you better not. leon: but first -- >> that is uncalled for. >> something startled folks in
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alison: a man known for giving free hugs to tourists tourists s square is facing robbery and possibly assault charges tonight. new york police arrested hemelstein after a canadian story said he punched her after she refused to tip him. she suffered a black eye, cut and bruises. he told reporters led from the police station he was aggressively asking for tips. leon: welcome to new york. after weeks of rain, the area looks lush and covered
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green. invasive weeds are growing wild. now the national park service is creating a region wide management plant. >> like the horror movie the blob, being eaten alive. how did it take over so much territory? the national park service is compiling a plan. they are looking more like civil war fields. decorative bamboo is growing in the park. >> it can also be threat to wildfire. the eastern box turtle is formally camouflaged. by if the ground is covered by english ivy it'sh
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hide from the predators. >> first we try hand removal. >> with herbicide, some residents, parent of young children and the dog owners worry about the health impact. >> i tend to avoid that for a few days. i know they are there. i can go to a different part of the park. >> they are seeking volunteers to pull the plants. >> what we do is smart with a small area. that he will likely need an earl. leon: for once, in the longest time we are not talking about rain. alison: i know. finally. doug: talk about rain for tomorrow! [laughter] listen, my advice is if you have outdoor plans and things to do outside do it before noon. or p
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do it. this is a time lapse. on the roof of john champs high school in virginia where it is 75 in the sun now. a few fair weather clouds. sunshine and blue skies and mild temperatures. we didn't have any measurable rain yesterday. it's damp so there is no surprise that mold spores are in the high range. it will jump tomorrow. this is what sunshine will do for you. 79 in frederick. 77 in leesburg. manassas. 77 in winchester. andrew's air force base at 74. now low 60's to the low 70's. a comfortable day. it's drier w
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northwest. with the nats games for the past few days i have been saying i hope we get it in. but not tom. it will be beautiful. 75 degrees when the marlins come to town. a good progression from the satellite image. the front in the last few hours is making it to the by a and the eastern shore. so you get west of the by a. skies clear. and friends in st. mary's county are hanging in there. another hour or so. this is mild in '70's. can't rule out isolated
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thunderstorm. storms are moving through the area and it will be scattered throw the west and the mountains. at 5:00, the back edge is moving through the area. clearing skies on saturday night. behind the front this will turn breezy and cooler as well. sunday we will have sunshine. in the low 60's. police week 5k is comfortable. that is good. the temperatures are only in the 60's. on sunday we have highs at 61 degrees. we get through tuesday and 30% chance of showers. we will start another warmup next week. we have broken the pattern. we won't go five or six days without rain. leon: i want to know when it is
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doug: sunday. alison: good. speaking of the sun. edwin from arlington sent this picture in today. what is this? i'm afraid. we want to see your sun and beautiful weather pictures. see it, send it. e-mail is don't go toward the light. leon: stay with us. alison: no reason to fear. the sun may have come out for the first time in a week today. was your day sunny? leon: people are saying they have weird vibe at the office. this is friday the 13th. some us a trail gist say this is a -- us
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a triple threat for people with tripotyctaphobia. fear of the 13th. alison: your nerves could drive you to drink. leon: what changes in the booze buying habits for the first time in two decades? that is coming up. alison: plus -- >> i think she deserves better better space. bigger grassland. >> the real selling point on why this bison might work as your next house pet. leon: house pet? alison: uh-huh. leon: first a look at what is coming up tonight on abc7 --
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leon: we just checked with and singles are still available for bruce springstein show at nats park. if you want to sit with someone you know you are out of luck. those tickets were gone in moments after going on sale. let's talk about fees. they are a fact of
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alison: a "7 on your side" viewer thought she knew what she was getting when she bought a pair of tickets to a play. but then she got the bill in the mail and she called horace holmes. >> after i said don't worry about the tickets. horace: grace says she doesn't understand how she was charged $199.99 for tickets to a play she and her granddaughter grace wanted to see at ford's theater when they bought tickets online. they thought they were purchasing them from ford's theater for a cheaper price. >> $25 each. >> look. there is the value of the ticket printed right there on the front. in three separate places. $25. but when she received the credit card bill -- >> i got my charge bill and it's $199. horace: how did two $25 tickets turn into a $200 night at t
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ford's theater website but ended up on ticket master which handles all the theater's online sales. "7 on your side" contacted ticket master. so ticket master explained to us first there is a face value to the ticket. in her case here, $25. it's written in three different places. then there are the fees. order processing fee, retail service fee, delivery price. facility charge. then the taxes. then this box comes up. where a breakdown of the ticket price and additional fees including tax. in total it shouldn't cost more than $20 per ticket. so why was she charged $200 for two tickets that should have cost her $70? she had the same question and called ticket master. >> i said i think almost $200 for two $25 tickets is usery. i said i'm s
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i wonder how many other people this happens to. alison: wow! horace holmes says she was offered $24 refund. she said that was just way too little too late. leon: hard to argue with her. >> you know. something to really look out for. leon: exactly. all right. click carefully. damage control tonight for the department of homeland security. >> i would not characterize it as a national crisis. alison: coming up, four things the agency plans to do to keep you from waiting to travel this summer. leon: plus, taking a new look at the law when it comes to testing school drinking water. this is in light of a growing number of problems across the country. >> dozens of couples tell the wedding venue to cough up a full refund? i'll
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alison: new developments tonight for local couples left in limbo days before the
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story when the venue was told they violated code. today the couples found the next step. tell us about it. kevin: more than 80 couples in total were planning to say, "i do" this year alone at shade trees. and evergreen in frederick county. now most of the couples are bailing. including a hagerstown duo set to get married this weekend. >> friday was a very tough day. i cried a lot. i got mad. cried again. kevin: brittany and her fiance chris literally planned a wedding in one week. this after frederick county shut down the venue. shade tree in evergreen operating without permit. >> i couldn't bare to see her worry about it anymore. >> they found a similar outdoor venue. but had to bump back the wedding from the saturday to this sunday. so far they have spent an extra $5,000 and
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they had to express order ann arbor on amazon. change their wedding date on party favors. reshuffle seating arrangements after a number of guests had to cancel. >> we lost 30 already. we still have probably around 10 or so we are not sure about to get off of work at this point. so that is the biggest thing to me. people wanted to celebrate with us and won't have the ability to do so now. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, brittany and chris give shade tree and evergreen customer service a zero. now they want their money back. >> they handled it poorly. they could have done something for us. kevin: last night shade tree and evergreen sent out a mass e-mail telling customers they will refund deposits. we still want to know and haven't gotten a clear answer does it include all the cancel flights, hotels, rental cars and also switching dates on vendors. that is still up
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we are live in frederick county, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you, kevin. a bit of irony on national cocktail day. for the first time if 20 years, people don't seem to be drinking as much alcohol. research firm euro monitor international says alcohol sales fell .7% in 2015. rum and vodka took the biggest hit. but people do seem to be drinking gin, whiskey and dark beer. alison: thousands of bags just piledded up in an airport parking lot. look at that. about 3,000 of them missed the flights thursday after a glitch in the baggage screening system at phoenix sky harbor airport. k-9 units brought in to screen the bags. but more find themselves waiting in security. michelle marsh
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michigan this week the new york and the new jersey port authority sent a letter to the transportation security administrator threatening to add private security saying the patience of the flying public reached a breaking point. >> three hours is not ideal. we want to reduce that as much as possible. michelle: today a new plan and a new promise to speed things up. increase overtime, expedite hiring, k9 teams to sniff bags and ramping up the research to find ways to keep the line moving. there will be wait times. michelle: the agency is under intense scrutiny and long security lines at airport blamed for the passenger frustration and missed flights. travelers reported long wait and the upcoming busy travel season could make it worse. while not all travelers are frustrated with the agency, congress is. >> i will tell you what. it is
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michelle: the t.s.a. says the best way to avoid long lines is sign up for the precheck program. michelle marsh, abc7 news. alison: thank you. take a look at this video. a train slams into an empty truck that was stopped on the tracks in poland. but it's not the collision today that is capturing people's attention. it's this. after pulling the emergency brake, the conductor right here runs through the train and tells the passengers to brace for impact. today they are saying thanks to his actions no one was hunter. isn't that quick thinking? leon: quick thinking. quick feet. alison: unbelievable. leon: nice move. nice move. >> thank goodness he did that and had the wherewithal. leon: move over dogs, man has a new best friend. this is forsale. take a look at this big girl here. this is 1,000-pound bison. her name is
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the name. alison: whatever. leon: karen has been raising bullet in texas for some time now. lives behind a fence but she is allowed to go inside her house. she swears that bullet is domesticated and potty trained. but she is running out of room for the pet and she is putting her on the market. >> i think she deserves better. some better space. some bigger grass land. i think it's best for her. leon: bigger potty. if you are interested in bullet, purchase her for $6,000. right now a special needs camp for autistic camp is looking at buying her. alison: how do you potty train a bison? leon: i don't know. you are the one with the most recent experience. you tell me. alison: any tips you want to pass along, i'll take them. incredible. leon: that is in my short book. brothers with bison in the hou
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leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- on the verge of making history on the hill. the senate vote that puts us one step closer. >> congress gets something done following a "7 on your side" investigation. i'm chris papst. why law
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doug: look at the forecast. the day-night doubleheader for the nats tomorrow. showers and storms could develop in the afternoon. everything game looks good, too, with clearing skies. 74 tomorrow. sunday, sunshine, breezy and cooler. highs of 61. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5
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alison: this just in to the abc7 newsroom, family in fairfax county asking for your help to locate these two teens. police say the 13-year-old girl facette and the 14-year-old boy rudy ran away from their homes last wednesday. lema needs medication and she did not take it with her. rudy's mother is begging for her son to return.
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come back. we are doing everything possible for them to come back home. alison: the young girl needs that medication. however, we are told her life is not considered to be in danger. police say there is a possibility the teens took a cab to jessup so please call police if you have any information on where they may be. leon: congress taking action months after a "7 on your side" investigation revealed how your e-mail and texts are not nearly as private as you may think they are. the government watchdog investigator chris papst joins us now with a look at how congress finally agreed on something here. chris: at a time when congress has not been able to get much of anything done there is a topic they seem to agree upon. it's called the 180-day rule. in february, we told you how the little known federal law from 30 years ago
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government without a warrant to read any digital message six months after you send it. in 1986, congress started treating electronic messages, e-mail and text older than 180 days as abandoned and therefore unprotected against unreasonable search and says sure but it could change -- search and says -- seizure. but it could change. they are trying to pass a bill to make sure they are private forever and would require a warrant before being searched. barron zaka from freedom tech has been lobbying for six years for this change. >> this is important because americans have a constitutional right to that warrant protection. that is what the fourth amendment is about. it's the single biggest reason for the american revolution. chris: the bill will go to the u.s. senate where it is likely to come up against some resistance from certain regulators and the law enforcement agencies
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specific exemptions to the warrant rule. as of now, things are happening, your, the and e-mail are still no longer private. 180 days after you send them. in the newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. alison: okay. leon: thank you. alison: thank you. coming up at 5:00 -- >> i'm a huger and a people person. i like to be around people. alison: seven salutes this woman for taking the time to volunteer more than anyone else in
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jonathan: tonight we salute a woman who spent her life caring for others. mary has been working for military wounded for every war beginning in the 1940's. she not a doctor or a nurse but what she provides some argue is just as important. >> this is getting heavier. >> at walter reed there are the wound and those recovering. >> mary is the longest serving red cos volunteer in world. >> i'm going to give you a plant. jonathan: she is 91 and she has been
5:47 pm
since a teenager. >> i'm a hugger and people person. jonathan: she pushes the comfort cart from room to room. but it's the comfort part that only she can offer. >> i have to hug them. they need it. >> she is doing all right. >> good. this is what she wants to hear. >> she had open heart surgery. >> my husband had it and lived for many years afterwards. he was old. she is not. >> she met her husband in her rounds on world war ii. a young soldier who lost his leg captured her heart. >> a good looking guy. nice hazel eyes. >> married 62 years. he died ten years ago from a heart attack. >> i do miss him every day. i really do. he was special. just a special guy. >> she met him providing comfort. without
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do what she loves. >> you are in a good place and you will get better. >> with me coming out of surgery yesterday to see a smiling face it means a lot. >> everyone she has seen, touched or hug for the last 73 years she hopes that she made a difference. >> i like to think it is good for them and many. give a little to get so much more. you get so much back. jonathan: the red cross mission is to alleviate human survivorring. that may be. but for mary -- >> come with us. jonathan: -- it's more than that. it's keeping her alive. that with the memories of her husband. >> okay, go girl. you might be. alison: that is one special lady. great story. we
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tonight that the senate armed services committee approved a bill to require women to register for a military draft. bill would require women to sign up for the selective service beginning in january 2018. the push to include women in a potential draft gains steam after the pentagon opened all military position to women last year. there has not been a draft since 1973. leon: check to see how the friday evening commute looks. jamie sullivan is watching. >> we are starting off with the ways map. 19 miles per hour. this is 95 in virginia. you head south and try to get out of town for the weekend we have the wisers check in with the slow traffic. just starting to pop up. 95 in virginia. get ready for that. sun glare, too. look outside at 66. you get a better idea at how congested we are working your way past nutley street. the sun glare is a factor.
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outbound kenilworth avenue no major accidents. no delays right now. let's head outside. steve rudin a little jealous today. at the british embassy and it's gorgeous out there. >> a lot of folks were complaining about the rain. i was. we had 15 days of it. the rain is well worth it. look at the flowers at the british embassy. tomorrow they are having open house from 10:00 to 4:00. a will of folks plant the garden plant four or five or six kinds of flowers. here they measure it in the thousands of variety. i will show you the rose garden. they have the pinks and the reds and the yellow an
5:51 pm
it's beautiful. you can see the garden tomorrow at the open house with the 28 other countries that have the open house. look at the forecast tomorrow. we have temperatures to make it in the 70's. we have a cold front in the mid-day hours. that is likely to bring the showers and stronger thunderstorms during the mid-day hours. once the cold front clears we are going to look for the cooler temperatures for day on sunday. taste of arlington in ballston. the temperatures will only be around 60 degrees. it's going to be dry and breezy. the next seven days has two day of dry weather. sunday and monday. we will throw a you shower back in the forecast. come tuesday and wednesday. next week looks brighter compared to what we have had in the past well, two weeks. welcome, welcome change. across the mid-atlantic. head back inside. scott abraham with an update on the
5:52 pm
>> great to see the sunshine back again. sunday, the maryland men lacrosse team will host quinnipiac in first round of the ncaa tournament. it's quite the journey back to the field for tim, the midfielder who feels fortunate to be playing a sport he loves again. we take you to college park for this week's abc7 rising star. maryland sophomore tim comes from a lacrosse family. >> my brother won national championships. my dad and uncle won them. scott: lacrosse became secondary in july of 2014. tim was sick. >> the room started to spin. i printed to the bathroom, bumping into the shares and the walls. i started vomiting. >> he was diagnosed with vertigo. his lacrosse career in doubt. >> tough to swallow. i wasn't sure if i would play again. he messed last season but a couple of days after the national championship game he met with a doctor. >> he cleared me. th
5:53 pm
tim feeling like the old self. it is showing on the field as well. he could be a mayor difference maker for the terps' team as they forge ahead to a national championship. >> every game he is back. we are starting to see more of timmym we knew. we saw two years ago. >> setting the standard for overcoming adversity. >> take it one goal at a time. one step at a time. set a short bench mark for yourself. >> going from setting goals -- >> tim. single man wrecking crew. >> to scoring goals. >> i tell you what. a tremendous young man. if you know of a person overcoming adversity to star in sports we want to hear from you. e-mail. great young man. big things ahead for tim. leon: hope so. alison: thank you. all right. issues in two big cities raising questions about the water in schools nation
5:54 pm
out why the schools are not required to test the water.
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maureen: the water crisis in flint, michigan, prompted or cities to take a closeer look at what is in the water. now there are questions about some schools in boston and three schools, of course, in d.c. we look at whether congress should revisit the law when it comes to testing water in schools. from washington state to washington d.c. schools across the nation confronting lead in water. >> it's not only in flint. this is a travesty we have lead in the school system. reporter: many schools and the parents of children attending them may not even know if there is lead in drinking water or how much. that is because the public water utility symptoms are mandated to test. so when it comes to schools. >> they are not a pubic
5:58 pm
schools have been exempt. it's fall on the the state to implement that portion of the act. >> chris christie is an exception ordering the state to test all school water fountain after high lead levels found in newark. >> we are concern on the cognition and i.q. >> this is important to have safe drinking water. >> so far lawmakers aren't pushing for a federal law to require the monitoring. thaw are trying to incentivize states to do so. >> we have proposed legislation working its way through the senate to reimburse the school districts for the testing for led. >> schumer's bill would allocate millions for testing. it's relatively inexpensive at $50 or less for test but costs add up in larger
5:59 pm
district. there should be a mandate. >> government needs to play a role. needs to be federal government to make sure the programs are equitable across the states. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00, major backups at airport security. the new plan to ease the summer travel crunch. why some on capitol hill say the t.s.a. can't get it right. plus, the one thing new homeowners did that helps police bust what they are calling the biggest drug growing operation in county history. only on 7, thieves strike a chord. >> it takes the wind out of you. alison: the burglary that turned the table on a group helping others in
6:00 pm
announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: the t.s.a. a promising a plan to relieve song security lines this busy travel season. that comes one day after the long lines at the chicago mid-ware airport. and a glitch that left thousands of passengers in a different city in the luggage. we explain what is causing the problems and when they will be fixed. >> this summer that could be easier said than done. passengers this week across the country are already facing swelling security lines. >> this summer the backup are only expected to build. >> there will be wait times this summer. >> at issue the number of the t.s.a. officers hasn't kept up with the growing number of passengers. to combat that, the t.s.a. announced a ten-pot


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