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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: the t.s.a. a promising a plan to relieve song security lines this busy travel season. that comes one day after the long lines at the chicago mid-ware airport. and a glitch that left thousands of passengers in a different city in the luggage. we explain what is causing the problems and when they will be fixed. >> this summer that could be easier said than done. passengers this week across the country are already facing swelling security lines. >> this summer the backup are only expected to build. >> there will be wait times this summer. >> at issue the number of the t.s.a. officers hasn't kept up with the growing number of passengers. to combat that, the t.s.a. announced a ten-pot
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include speeding up the hiring of more than 700 officers by this summer. maximizing overtime and adding k-9 teams to help screen people. >> we will work to bring on more resources to meet the increased demand. but we will keep at our principal job, protection of the american people. >> congressman john micah who chairs the transportation committee isn't convinced this will keep the line dragging on. >> they need to staff the traffic. they can't get that right. airlines know how many people are coming in and how many planes. airports do. they manage it. but t.s.a. can't get it right. in addition to overtime and the officers t.s.a. says there is something you can do as well. next time you travel double check carry on item to follow 311 rules to get rid of any prohibited items. >> it would be nice. i don't think the idea of having to wait in
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safety -- nothing bad about having patience. leon: covering metro we have learned the first significant change will come in two weeks. may 28 is the last day for late night rail service. after that rail service ends at midnight every night. that is to allow more time for workers to get out and repair the system. this weekend previously planned repairs impact all lines at 8:00 p.m. tonight for the red, green and yellow lines. the stations will remain open. but the wait between trains could be as long as 24 minutes because of single tracking. this major physical work ahead is adding to metro's big financial headache. today on "news talk" with bruce depuyt, they revealed the transit agency are facing shortfalls worse than anyone knew.
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>> the finance are dire. we are the only transit system in america without a dedicated funding source. >> this has to be different than when paul wiedefeld got into it. is ig can'tly worse than he knew or i knew when we walked in the jobs. >> metro i don't know why has a history and i'm told this by other people of downplaying the problems. >> the problems include how to fund a $2.5 billion pension liability. how to pay for $18 billion in capital projects. and a projected $120 million shortfall next year. evans says the the only solution is dedicated funding source from congress. maureen? maureen: a firefighter suffered severe burns to his hands battling an apartment fire in temple hills. the fire broke out about 12:30 this afternoon in the building on st. barnabus road. the smoke, flames, and the water damaged eight apartments. firefighters managed to save a
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there is no word on a cause. an arrest tonight in a fire in 2012 that forced 21 people to jump from second and third floor windows to escape the fire in december. four-alarm fire in december of 2012 ripped through a drift store and an apartment building in cambridge. two firefighters were hurt. two dozen people lost their homes. prosecutors say clanton intentionally set the fire. he is now charged with arson and assault. leon: fairfax county firefighter is suing the department claiming sexual harassment. hernandez says she was harassedded for years and repeatedly transferred without cause. the federal civil rights lawsuit alleges a lack of accountability within the department. neither the department nor the county commented on the suit. now last month chief richard bowers promised to investigate the claims inside the fire department following the suicide of nicole mittdo
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posted on online message board. the board's operator said he will reveal who posted them under court order. maureen: eyewitness says he saw baltimore police officer edward nero throw a handcuffed freddie gray in the back of a police van. that witness testified in the second day of nero's trial. he is charged with assault and reckless endangerment. prosecutors say nero had no reason to chase and arrest gray last april in baltimore. gray died from injuries suffered inside that van. officers never belted gray in his seat. leon: happening now, thousands are gathering on the national mall in honor of police officers who gave their lives to save others. richard reeve is live at the site of the vigil and he checks in. this is the first time the event has been held on the mall. richard: that is right, leon. so many peep have been attending this event. they decided to move it to the national mall. emotional
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look behind me and you can see the officers at rigid attention now. family members of the fallen are guided in to this enclosed area one by one. they each carry a rose to symbolize their fallen loved one. this is a time to honor and remember. >> recent months have been a difficult and a deadly time for d.c. area law enforcement. last december montgomery county officer noah leotta was fatally struck while working a d d.u.i. assignment. suspected drunk driver hit the 24-year-old officer walking back to his cruiser. february of this year, 28-year-old ashley guinod a prince william county officer shot and killed responding to domestic incident in woodbridge. she had been just sworn in the day before. in march, prince george's county detective jacai colson killed by friendly fire while officers were confronted gunman michael ford outside police headquarters. police say the 28-year-old plain clothes office
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fire to himself to protect others. weeks later virginia state trooper chad dermyer was shot and killed inside a richmond bus depot. gunman james brown opened fire on the 37-year-old trooper before he was killed by two other troopers who returned fire. for many this gathering is a time to heal. >> this is a somber event it's an emotional event for them and it's helpful in their grief process. >> many of them as odd as it may sound always talk about how they leave police week and the candlelight vigil feeling uplifted knowing that they are not alone. >> this is the informal section of the event. >> they are bonding.
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and leotta's family as well and a candlelight ceremony at 8:00. maureen: what led to biggest pot growing bust in a county's history. >> church broken into. instrument from a music therapy group stolen. i'm amy aubert with thety story coming up. leon: plus he came home from war and went to college. why he is the oldest graduate in u.s.b. history. maureen: sunlight at last after two long weeks. doug will tell us how long we will see it. doug: we get more over the weekend but also thunderstorms possible tomorrow. we have important timing of that. that is still to come on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. leon: a special honor for a member of the greatest generation who won't take no for an answer. you see the young man there? 96-year-old an fon sew gonzalez. 63 years after leaving t
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school. he enrolled after returning from world war ii skipped his 1953 commencement to go to work. recently his family tried to get a copy of his diploma but they found out he hadn't earned it because of a technicality. he was one credit short. the school no longer offered his original major. but rather than give up, gonzalez went back to school. he got that final credit. and he got his diploma. he is now officially the oldest graduate in u.s.c.'s history. maureen: probably one of the oldest the history of any college or university anywhere. leon: great example! maureen: yes, quite. leon: never too late. all right. love that. maureen: up next at 6:00 -- a church that is always helped those in need. now need help itself. the burglary that stopped the music and what is adding to the investigators' frustration. leon: and coming up at newschannel8 at 10:00, the nation's newest multimillionaires. we introduce you to the winner of the powerball jackpot. and tell you what plans they have for
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howard county police say you are seeing the largest indoor marijuana growing operation they have seen. officers found it inside a home just sold. when the new owners came to view the property they called the police after they saw a van in the driveway. if police charged casey fowler and daniel sims with several crimes. 600 plants and $75,000 in cash were seized from the home. maureen: only on 7 tonight a group known for helping those in need is in need of help itself. thrive d.c. was hit by a burglary this week. the fourth one. amy aubert shows us this time the thieves really struck a sour note. amy: for jackie, life is finding your rhythm. each tap of the drum in a sense therapy. >> to me it is like sharing an echo that onl i can echo. >> echo shared typically on tuesday morning. and a music for
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like jackie. >> it's been a moving force that connects us. amy: thrive d.c. held jam session for two years. but this week and for the time being, music won't be billowing out through the doors and the windows of st. steven episcopal church. >> it takes the wind out of you. amy: alicia horton said she came in tuesday morning and her door was unlock. the office a mess. and the group's instruments were gone. >> that was the most heart breaking loss we suffered. the laptops can be replaced. we will work to do that. the instruments that we had really labored to have donated. reporter: workers say they broke through the window. ransacked the office and continued out into the hallway. a security camera pointed in this area should have caught the whole thing. but they are having trouble pulling the video. >> take from us, you really are reducing resources for those who have so
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it is now a waiting game. waiting until there is instruments once again to be played. in northwest d.c., amy aubert, abc7 news. maureen: outside right now something that has become a rare sight. bright sunshine. i can't even say it. we asked for pictures and you delivered. this picture from springfield with the message -- great to see an old friend. well put. share your own pictures of the sun. be careful taking them, of course. e-mail what is the sun? what is that? leon: yeah. will the friend of ours stick around for any time? doug: this evening is fine. any outdoor plans after work this evening will be fine. tomorrow is good until we hit 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon when the cold front comes through and gives us showers and storms. clear out tomorrow night. sunny is sunny, breezy and cool. have
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see you monday. we'll share a few images with you. look at glint off the potomac river. haven't seen it in weeks. 76 degrees at reagan national. delight of the friday evening. the weekend will be okay. we have a cold front to deal with tomorrow. more on the timing of that in a moment. 77 today with sunshine. actually above average for a change. 62 is the morning low. 75 is the average high on this 13th day of may. 77 in leesburg. 73 in winchester as we speak. 78 in culpeper. 79 in charlottesville. joint base andrews at 75. comfortable evening underway. great weather for the nats' first pitch in less than an hour on south capitol street. it should be 74 degrees at the ballpark. slowly dropping after that. the breeze will diminish in the evening hours. all the changes here are courtesy of the cold front moving offshore, preceded and accompanied by showers. still lingering clouds across southern maryland and the northern neck and the middle peng. thos
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hang in there, the sun is coming your way. a lot of sunshine through first part of the daym to. as we get through tomorrow, mid-day, the clouds start to increase as the next cold front moves in. look already the front is well defined in the map. wichita, all the way up to sioux st. marie, michigan. showers and the thunderstorms developing. once we get the heat of the day going for seven or eight hours or something like that, the atmosphere will be primed up to produce heavy downpours. maybe some isolated severe thunderstorms. the best timing of that is between 2:00 and 6:00 tomorrow afternoon. the future cast bears this out. 3:30 with the showers and the storms. we should clear out by 6:00 or 7:00. tomorrow night at 7:05 the nats' first pitch looks nice as well. sunday will turn sunday and breezy and cooler. quick look at the 802% chance of showers and storms tomorrow.
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monday looks nice. more showers are possible tuesday and wednesday. warmup next week. european union holding open houses at the embassies tomorrow. it should be delightful for that. we talk about the taste of arlington in ballston on sunday from noon until 6:00 p.m. take a jacket. it will be cooler but should be bright and sunny all through arlington county and the rest of the metro area. leon, maureen, robert? maureen: thank you for remembering our names. [laughter] robert: leon gave me bad news. he is still going. if you could show your face and leave after the second inning that would be great. leon: that may make me leave. maureen: brings them bad luck. leon: nats-marlins. are they still on cloud nine after scherzer's record-breaking performance? preview next in sports.
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robert: all right. nats starting off a four-game set with the marlins today. i would hate to be gio gonzalez tonight. he has a hard act to follow after max scherzer struck out 20 batters wednesday. it happened two days ago and you have a good team coming in with the marlins tonight. the first pitch is 7:05. daniel murphy says it is time to come back down to earth. daniel: the farther you get
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appreciate. i'll appreciate being part of it. but right now we have the marlins in up to and need to get the series off to the right foot. >> we played them so many times. we haven't played the mets this year. a long way to go with them. the marlins are a good team. right there in the division. over john is to get a win tonight try to distance ourselves from them. when it's time to go to mets take the same approach. robert: remember, d.c. united will host the new york red bulls at r.f.k. tonight playing the second new york team in as many weeks. a team that eliminated d.c. united from the playoffs last year. so it should be friday night frenzy. one of the league's best rivals. >> excited. we love to play the red bulls. the biggest rive. luckily at home. we are excited and ready to rock. hopefully the fans are. leon: all right. haven't seen this in a while. robert: joe kennously tosses the ball underhand off the side of the house. deflects the other way and in
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no it's in there, actually. another look. we don't think this is foth -- photoshop. maureen: you could do that. robert: i don't think i can. no. sorry. if you are heading to the d.c. united game before, be sure to stop by and tailgate with the abc7 tent at 4:00. it ends at game time at 7:00. leon: how many times did he hit the side of his mother's house before he made the bucket? lucky to be alive. robert: i know! exactly. doug: the weekend weather story is partly sunny tomorrow, warm and 74. look for the afternoon showers and the thunderstorms. some heavy. sunny, breezy, chilly. 61 on sunday. steve has the updated timing to the showers and the storms tomorrow and cooler sunday forecast. when he sees you tonight right here at 11:00. maureen: where will you be? [snoring] maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir up next.
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tonight, a bombshell and the uncovered tape. did donald trump pretend to be a media spokesperson to spin a story? you'll hear for yourself. >> what's your name again? >> jon miller. >> what was said on tape about madonna wanting to date him, and today why he says his taxes are "none of your business." city on edge. first one, then a second police officer shot on duty. a shelter in place, schools closed, and tonight, this gunman under arrest. crash cam. inside a plane that landed upside-down. 17 skydivers onboard. and somehow they all survived. tonight, their helmet cams show how it all went down. outrageous fortune. $65 million for the gun used to kill trayvon martin?


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