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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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leon: a teenaged couple vanished. growing concerns from the family as the police ask for public help to track them down. alison: the couple were reported missing in fairfax county wednesday morning. is inves say that lena need of medicine. tom roussey has the story. tom: fairfax county police say these middle schoolers were reported missing at 7 a.m. in fairfax, wednesday, but police say they have evidence at 5 a.m. even before they were missing they were already in jessup, maryland. now they feel they may be in baltimore. >> you know i love you so much. i cannot live without you. tom: his parents hope that somehow he will hear the message. >> we want you back. tom:
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police say that sadly, teenagers running away is not rare, but 14 teenagers in middle school to do this is rare. >> we don't know why. tom: the 14-year-old and 13-year-old are both students at a middle school in fairfax. early wednesday morning, somehow, possibly by taxi, they made it around the beltway and to jessup. they believe that from there they went to baltimore, where danielle has connections. danielle has had trouble in the past, but rudy has never done anything like this. >> come back home, please. come back! tom: the police say this is a wake-up call. the torzanos are good parents. >> it can still happen to good parents, where traditionally one would think people would not do this. tom:
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and danielleg rudy back safely, please give the fairfax county police a call. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, thank you. now breaking news from the west coast, where there are terrifying moments for a hiker stranded on the side of a cliff. firefighters were called into the scene at a popular part. it took over an hour for them to put her on a harness and bring her to safety. no word on how she got there. leon: we could always call this breaking news -- we saw the sun today. though, we are not quite out of the woods just yet area let's check in with meteorologist steve rudin. steve: mainly clear skies right now, but not lasting very long. tomorrow morning, futurecast shows mainly clear skies at 9:00.
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thunderstorms off to the west. this is part of a cold front that is likely to bring stronger storms during the afternoon. justiming will work out perfect for the nationals game tomorrow. about five minutes after 1:00, middle 70's. keep a watchful eye to the sky for the showers and thunderstorms. we are talking about the chances for snowflakes for parts of the area. more about that on sunday coming up. leon: weekend work on the metro started tonight. three lines will be impacted by the track work that began tonight at 8 p.m., lasting all the way through the weekend. metro is targeting some headaches. jay korff is live with how the crowds are handling the issues with the lines being single tract. how does it look? jay: i have to tell you,
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left seconds ago. right now on the platform at the navy yard, which is the green line, the issue is that all six lines tonight are having work done early. three of them started at 10 p.m., the other three -- this one green and yellow and red -- actually all started track work at 8 p.m., which is a little earlier than usual. this is video from earlier this evening. things were busy on the platform. these who the trains are coming minutes,ry 20 to 24 which is a little more time than usual, so there is a confluence of the track work, fewer trains, and also a nats game. it was a little dicey here, pretty busy. of course, most riders understand what is going on, they know that metro
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to restore reliability and safety and they know that it could be painful. >> i think it's something that is necessary. they have all these incidents during the workday. i think it is necessary you have to do it on the weekend. jay: do it at night and early. >> yeah, i don't blame them. if it is a sacrifice i have to wait here in extra 15, 20 minutes during the weekend, it is what it is. >> it's not really something i enjoy, but i understand it's for safety reasons and trying to improve the system, so do what you got to do, get it done. live on a now, we are metro train. it does not look too bad right now, but about 10 minutes ago the platform was full. the reason metro is doing this earlier in the evening, they are going to try to get three years worth of track work into one years time. jay
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weeks from the metro safety blitz that will impact almost every rider. may 28 will be the last night for late-night real service. after that, service will end at midnight every night, allowing time for workers to make repairs. leon: a dangerous cocktail of common ingredients at francis scott key key middle school in white oak. several students were taken to the hospital. ofy were drinking a mixture cold medicine, candy, and some type of alcohol. the sicknesses are not life-threatening and the kids are home tonight. alison: a grim anniversary today, one year ago, four gruesome killings inside of a d.c. mansion, still standing, but boarded up. inside the multimillion dollar home, a businessn,
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housekeeper were all found dead. court documents say the victims had been held captive overnight, tied up, and possibly tortured before they were murdered. a man pled not guilty in the case. his next court date has been pushed back to august. investigators say he probably did not act alone, but no other arrests have been made. begged the0 people attorney general of maryland to help them fight back against fraud every single year. however, he handpicked his next case to take to court, telling our consumer investigator kimberly suiters it is one of the most outrageous examples of consumer abuse he has ever seen. >> hold on, wait a minute! phone videois cell captures a near physical fight with employees from a moving company. the panicked voice tha
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belongs to this woman. >> i was like they have to be crazy. is a single mom, her 18-year-old daughter is a deaf-mute. together, they needed to move to an apartment just had miles down the road. lucas found movers online who made the best offer, just $384, but after all her stuff was loaded onto the truck, the price tripled to more than $1000. everything they owned was on the truck. ,> beds, our clothing, medicine orthotics. hearing aids. kimberly: when she said she cannot pay -- >> i watched them drive off with my belongings. it was 30 degrees outside, we had nothing. switch?y: bait and >> totally illegal.
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attorney general of maryland filed suit on behalf of the family. >> you have a kid who is disabled, a family that is not well-to-do. you have to do something. kimberly: the attorney general got an injunction to get lucas her items back and she wants the moving company to pay restitution to any consumers harmed by its alleged unfair and deceptive practices. 7 on your side tried to track down the company owner. his business address led us to a ups store. that would be the mailbox? >> mailbox. kimberly: we try to reach them at home. instead, an attorney for the moving company told 7 on your "in the moving business, people underestimate significantly what they have. there was a misunderstanding over the price." he insisted the company does not hold good hot stitch
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quoting consumers one prices and demanding another price is blatantly false. found otherr side customers are complained online about hidden fees, being charged double, even triple the original quote. >> i did not expect to be ripped off the way i was. kimberly: she was quoted $75 per hour, expecting 600, but i she got to the new apartment, the bill was $2000. >> they don't warn you, they don't tell you, and then they threaten you. kimberly: had she not paid on the spot, or furniture might have been taken and stored for a cost here, the same place that the company took lucas's furniture. how long did they have yourself? >> one month>>. kimberly: plus 18 days. the attorney general said he was made aware and cannot legally keep her goods and she was allowed to get them, but not
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>> everybody called down. -ally cold where two investigatorse from the attorneys general office try to diffuse the situation. alison: the attorney general's case against best offer moving heads to a court hearing june 2. 7 on your side will let you know what happens. leon: we will stay tuned for that. alison: definitely. of people insands dcr gathering to honor fallen officers. we would hear from the families of those officers tonight. alison: and is the face of an apple watched too small for a touchscreen?
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tonight a solemn gathering in honor of fallen police officers. 252 names have been added to the national law enforcement officers memorial. by candlelight, each were remember. has how this emotional tradition keeps the memories alive. rich? richard: thousands of people here to honor these officers filling the seats, and way beyond, all the way to the street just before the washington monument. a somber remembrance. [bagpipes play] richard: a sea of candles and the sounds of pipes. >> we are very grateful for all of them. richard: this gathering unlike any other. >> is extremely emotional. richard: families, friends, colleagues of 252 fallen officers, a red rose to symbolize each life l
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for law enforcement being themong those ultimate sacrifice, montgomery county police officer noah leotta, killed when he and his cruiser were killed -- were struck by suspected drunk driver last year. >> that night, that was the last time i heard his voice. richard: prince william county officer ashley guindon, prince george's county jacai colson among the fallen this year. >> it is something you never forget. richard: honor, remembrance, and love. >> is overwhelming, it's special, it's love. and slept for what they did, what they sacrificed. is love for what they did, with a sacrificed. richard: it is hoped that this
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healing. from the national mall, richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: controversy over breaking news we brought you last night, at issue guidance from the obama administration saying that public school should allow transgendered people to choose their own bathroom. some pushback against the directive. in texas, one superintendent said the letter they received from the feds wish read it when it arrived. well not legally binding, public schools that do not conform to this could be sued. alison: researchers have found a way to expand the smart screen on your smart watch by using your skin. researchers at carnegie mellon university did this. you can swipe using a finger on your own skin. the watch will respond to that. you have to wear an additional wristband and a ring for the electoral signal to respond. apps
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leon: we will ask steve rudin. steve: so many. leon: today was the big reveal of who won the huge powerball jackpot. a mother of seven bought the winning ticket at a 7-eleven in new jersey. a spokeswoman said they picked the winning numbers through divine intervention. and they only used one ticket. >> marcia called me on the phone and said, guess who won the powerball. i said, who? she said, we did. i said stop april fooling me. retire and all year after working in the prison administration for more than 27 years. she says that she wants to help young women. alison: she seems like a nice lady.
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we saw her, i like her. steve: divine intervention. some of these people with these crazy codes picking numbers. with all the sunshine today. leon: divine intervention? steve: 77 degrees, the sunshine warmed us above average. we are now at 66 and clear skies , something we have not had for this time of night for quite some time. frederick at 55 degrees. closer to the bay, upper 50's, near 60 at annapolis. the satellite and radar, not a lot going on right now. the cold front to the west is what will bring us the better chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. some of the storms may contain gusty wind and heavier downpours , but once the storms are over with, you will feel the difference sunday. no worries if you need to take the dog out for one last pitstop
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is nice. it will be pretty nice in the morning. wake up temperature about 52 to 60, mainly clear skies, but don't be fooled by the sunshine early. 9:00 a.m. looks like this, the farmers market tomorrow morning, don't forget about that, showers off to the west, part of the cold front. midday hours, noon until about 5:00, the best chance of showers and thunderstorms. a few lingering showers during the dinner time, then cooler air funnels and behind. how much colder? a chance of snow flurries to the west, in the mountains. virginia, not looking at accumulations, but it will be cool for the day sunday. tomorrow, the national police week five k early in the morning, in the 60's, clouds through the midmorning. open housen union tomorrow with temperatures near 75 degrees. the showers and thunderstorms
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baseball game. the taste of arlington's sunday, only near 60 degrees. the area early next week, tuesday, wednesday, with temperatures rebounding back into the 70's. alison: the nats played tonight. leon: they did. robert: they said thank you, by the way, leon. leon: because i left? robert: exactly. gio gonzalez on the mount tonight, a nice outing. not exactly 20 k's. and
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: hard act to follow for gio gonzalez, his night to pitch tonight after max scherzer's 20 strikeouts. stephenix, marlins up, drew deep to right center. that is a two run shot, his second of the year. we are tied at 2-2. next inning, bryce harper comes up clutch, crushes it deep to right-center. that is number 11 from bryce harper. nats win 5-3. how about this -- two days after his 20 strikeouts i, -- his 20 strikeouts night, posting this picture on 20th
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. that is good stuff. soccer'sjor league biggest rivalries tonight, d.c. united and the new york red bulls. no score, 29th minute. united up 1-0 after he finds the back of the net. 43rd minute, united on the attack again. look at the right foot, goes in for united. they beat the red bulls, 2-0. nba playoffs, miami facing elimination. the crossover, fouled, no call. still drains it. lives, winning 103-91. golf, to the tpc. wilcox, the pitching wedge from 147 yards
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the golf ball rolls right into the cup. he is five under for the tournament, three shots behind jason day. and the orioles took care of business, beating the tigers, 1-0. a good one. leon: nats, you don't owe me anything for leaving. you are welcome. still ahead -- more than just an adorable face.
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alison: she is melting hearts all over the country. , six weeks old, found in the stadium of a baseball team in savannah, georgia. the team house president adopted the dog and they put her to work, greeting visitors and training to clean up bats and deliver balls to the umpire. about babe? leon: or dusty. on her and gand
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alison: the weekend is finally
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early in the morning. if you have to walk your dog or go, where? alison: farmers market! steve: 70's the daytime highs.
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- dr. mehmet oz. from "bones," emily deschanel. and it's mash-up monday with music from monsters and men at work. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm your host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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