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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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kimberly: something of a tease of spring, sunny skies, rain, back to son in some areas. another burst of wet weather is hitting now and with the storms are leaving behind. and the district getting ready for the worst of the mosquito season. how they are protecting residents from the zika virus. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit outside, a live look it is beautiful, sunshine moving in this afternoon. we are not done with the rain just yet. josh knight has a first look at forecast. a little picture is
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spotty thunderstorms in the area, lots of sunshine. the weather story, spotty activity through the evening, ndy tonightuld be widn and tomorrow. lotave really cleared out a of the area, the temperatures on the way back up, allowing thunderstorms to fire up along the spine of the blue ridge. these are moving to the east, the east of winchester, luray. this is what we are watching the rest of the evening. i think after it 8:00 is when the drier weather takes over. a blast of cold or is headed our way and what it means for sunday coming up. before the quick burst of rain today, the sunshine was a welcome sight for residents fighting cabin fever. how did you enjoy this long-awaited sunshine day? richard reeve had a tough assignment, live in arlington with how people spent the day. rich? richard:
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were doing a shot for channel 8 from this very same spot, it was a miserable, drizzling. right now, wilson boulevard, the sun is out, finally a respite from all the rain. ah, the sounds of spring. [lawnmower] maybe just a day without rain. >> are you tired of rain? >> 16 days in a row? richard: the break and precipitation -- >> it's wonderful, refreshing. richard: means volleyball along the potomac in d.c. >> it is heavenly to be outta here just a couple of hours in the sunshine. richard: dining out dru. -- dining out dry. richard: in arlington. >>
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15% of the business. richard: work or play -- >> all through the country they have drunk conditions come and we are having wet conditions. richard: probably the best plan is to enjoy it while it lasts. great, i'm squinting for the first time in a live shot in about a week, and i understand we will get a lot more of this on sunday. richard reeve, abc 7 news. when severe weather hits, we have you covered. sign up for the abc 7 weather text alerts to find out when storms are heading to your neighborhood. go to and enter your phone number. breaking news from southeast d.c., a young boy was shot just after 5:30 p.m. in the 2500 block of 12 place. we are being
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was on his way to the hospital. his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. to learnill working more about what led to the shooting and we have a crew on the way to the scene. now, the 3600t block of u street northwest is blocked off because a tree fell, nearly smashing a car in half. nobody was in the car at the time, thankfully. the tree caught power lines on the way down. 30 customers are without power right now. this happen before the wet weather moved in. individual begins in just about an hour for two men shot and killed in a robbery in district heights. early wednesday morning, the police were called to reports of a gunshot. they found a crest car and a driver inside, dead from gunshot wounds. a second man was found around the corner.
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single page. -- samuel page. the vigil begins at 7 p.m. at the first baptist church of district heights. a grim anniversary of the district today, when you're since a mother, father, son, and their family housekeeper were found dead inside of this d.c. mansion. court documents say the man, his wife, their 10-year-old son, and housekeeper were held captive overnight, tied up, and murdered. the home was then set on fire. only one person has been charged .n the crime, daron wint he has been indicted on charges of kidnapping, murder, arson, and extortion and has pled not guilty. 7 on your side with health matters as d.c. gets tough on the zika virus. the department of health handed out free kits of bug spray and condoms. cheryl conner shows us how to fight the zika virus. cheryl
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: saturday morning, loading up in preparing for the pesky mosquitoes. health condition, so i want to mature uncovered. helping spread the word about free handouts from the d.c. department of health, bug spray, mosquito dunks, which five in standing water, and condoms. the can be transmitted through sexual activity. >> i think i will give that to a younger adult. cheryl: more than 1400 kits were handed out in all eight rewards come a first for the district. >> the primary concern for the d.c. area and others is pregnant women. cheryl: if you are not pregnant, the zika virus typically shows no signs. did you know that we the people
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people? you travel to an infected area and you get the virus. then a miscue comes in bites you when you are back home and can pass it to other people. you are asked to spray yourself with bug repellent for three weeks once you return. d.c. has four reported cases. each patient travel to ways eco-region, which is central and south america, mexico, and the caribbean. -- each patient had traveled to a zika virus region. track work isan underway on all six metro lines. that means delays for you. red line trains are running every 18 minutes for insulator repairs. a problem spot near friendship heights. orange and blue line trains are operating every 20 minutes. on the silver line, trains are running every 12 minutes. green line trains are operating every 24 minutes.
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that will be between huntington and mount vernon square. time work will ramp up big in two weeks when metro begins it safety blitz. may 28 is the last day for late-night real service. after that, service will end at midnight every night come even weekends. the metro gm says that will likely last at least one year. that gives them extra time to work on much-needed repairs through the entire system. frustrated flyers. >> i hate it. kimberly: long lines at the airport keeping passengers grounded. the plan to speed up summer travel. plus, a problem night disaster. a limo full of teenage
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kimberly: in the race for the white house, democratic front runner hillary clinton has a new ad, targeting presumptive gop nominee donald trump. it asks why he is not released his tax returns. the spot asks, "what is donald hiding?" not follow the example of every single democratic nominee. clinton: when you run for president, especially when you are nominee, that is kind of expected. trump blames the delay on the irs, singh that he is being audited. he says as soon as the auditends, he will release his returns. forto the airport early summer vacation, several hours early. security lines are really backing up this year and now the tsa is facing tough questions about the slowdown and how to fix it.
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york. >> i hate it. i hope i get on my flight. standing nobody likes in line, but if you're headed to the airport this summer, this could be your future. >> take your shoes off, your belt off. reporter: the summer travel season has not started, and security wait times are extending past that hour, sometimes up to three hours. this mile is a quarter-mile long it midway. >> you hear stories about people standing in line missing their flights. reporter: not enough tsa agents, down 3000 screeners nationwide. the department says they are aware of the situation. obviously waiting three hours for what may be a two-hour flight is not acceptable. top officials say there is a 10 point plan to shorten lines at least short-term. a
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on the job next month, plus more k-9 units. to cute asking airlines the number of carry on bags which have to be screened. >> everybody makes extra planes to be here early. >> we had to be here with all by 7:00, three hours. we hope that is enough. if irly: still ahead -- restart to prom night -- a fiery start to prom night. a limo turns into an inferno. helpedck thinking driver save the teenager seconds before the limo burst into flames. and sunshine followed by a quick storm and then sunshine again. the forecast coming up.
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an investigation underway involving this west virginia woman who died after undergoing a very popular cosmetic surgery. hadear-old heather meadows liposuction and a butt augmentation thursday in florida. she suffered complications and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. last year a maryland woman died after a botched cosmetic surgery in queens, new york. inrightening prom night massachusetts, nearly ruined when 10 teenagers were headed to their prom and a stretch limo when it suddenly caught fire on friday the 13th, no less.
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before the limo turned into a raging inferno. >> it started to get really big and it looked like it would explode. see grabbed my jacket to what was going on in there was a fire right away. kimberly: the driver tried to get it out with his coat. that did not work. the teenagers were picked up by other prom goers who were riding by trolley. everything turned out to be ok, except for the white stretch limo. scary. josh: they are lucky that they got out. kimberly: what is happening right now, sunshine, pouring rain? josh: depends on where you are, and it's only a matter of miles. over the capital, sunshine coming down. this view was taken through the day and a kind of gives a good idea of everything we have watched from the morning into the afternoon. sunshine starts off, clouds move through, we get the rain, the sunshine, and the last couple frames clouds building back.
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woods yet area right now, sunshine across the white house, the temperatures up to 62. the breeze starts to pick up tonight and the windy weather sticks around tomorrow. the first swath of rain is a most all the way to the beaches, but we are starting to build back more with the second wave that will bring us another chance of showers until about 8:00, 9:00 tonight. everything is pushing to the east at about 30, 35 miles per hour. heading towards leesburg, so we will get some rain there, parts of loudoun county, and that this will continue across fauquier county. and then more showers through the d.c. area between 8:00 at 9:00. then it will break down. this model is doing a decent job, i think a little too early. 7:00 p.m. it has all the rain out. i think it will be closer to about 9:00 to really see things break down. overnight, thing stay quiet, just a little
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two, game number two at nats park, rain moves back in, the temperatures not bad. tonight, the number start to tumble. 43, with mostly clear skies. when you factor in the wind, it will be chilly. cold air is moving in, and that is extending all the way to the northern parts of canada. this is not a normal air mass for this time of year. tomorrow will be feeling like the 40's and 50's with a breezy weather and the cooler temperatures. 60 at7 a.m., close to noon, and we top out at 61. improvements monday, 66, mostly sunny. enjoy that because we have more rain coming in tuesday into wednesday. i think the best days for this upcoming week will be thursday and friday, more sunshine, back into the 70's. kimberly: if you have a soccer game or baseba g
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the windbreaker. kimberly: the rain is not battling the nats? scott: it was pouring in the ninth inning, but the net's are playing good baseball right now. the nationals facing the marlins in a day/night doubleheader. plus, nfl football is back. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to buyer local toyota dealers. back inhe boys are town, at least the rookies, the redskins holding rookie minicamp at team headquarters in ashburn. it is the first test of the draft class. erin hawksworth has more for mashburn. erin:
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the first chance the redskins have to truly evaluate the new draft picks. a teachingn: experience, a learning experience, the temple of the plays come all of that. get them out there, running around was exciting. erin: they worked exclusively with the inside linebackers and headokie camp, coach jay gruden says the focus will shift as they get comfortable. >> it's a challenge. i'm fine with it. i think i will be able to do it. i just need time learning as fast as i can. coach gruden: initially we have to teach him the position. right now it is being in inside linebacker. from there we may branch off to be a safety. give him something to sink his teeth into. erin: the rookie group also features undrafted rookies hoping to sign, like vernon adams junior, who tried out for the seahawks last week th
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does it make you hungrier? >> always, everybody has always doubt it may. -- everybody has always doubt ed me. when it comes to the game, i'm a gamer. erin: erin hawksworth, abc 7 sports. scott: i don't know about you, but i am sick and tired of all the rain we have been getting, and so was the grounds crew at nationals park. today, a double-header with miami, the nationals with a one-game lead in the national league east going into today. big first inning, scoring on the sac fly, then jayson werth but a single to left, bryce harper scores, 3-1 washington. bottom of the sixth, wilson ramos off the end of the bat, a solo blast, number four on the year. the nats take game one of the doubleheader, 6-4.
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their new season tonight at the verizon center against the new york liberty. that is the same team that knocked them out of the playoffs a year ago. rostere player on the new to the 30, and this year's club does not look all that different from the 2015 version. in new journey has arrived the players are determined to turn some heads in the wnba. >> we are relentless. we are a young team, very versatile, beyond our years. ,e are developing together which is nice, so i think we will shock a lot of people. istt: bethesda's katie destroying the competition in atlanta in her final tuneup before the trials. last night she swam the third fastest time in the world in the 200 freestyle. i think she is pretty good. kimberly: that is an understatement. scott:
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scott: one more sports no just came down, bryce harper dropped his appeal, so tonight he is serving down his one-game suspension come on the bench kimberly:. and he will be done with a penalty. all right, blue skies tonight? we one people to come out for kickoff, women soccer at 7:00. josh: still a few more showers and thunderstorms that we are tracking to the east. that is gaithersburg. give it about a half hour you may be looking at wayne showers -- rain showers. upper 50's across the area, so enjoy tonight.
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showers. kimberly: thank you for joining us.
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welcome to "world news tonight." taking on trump. the reporter who interviewed that mystery voice now speaking out, saying it was a younger donald trump posing as his own spokesman. >> of course he's lying. >> what makes her so sure. breaking news the deadly bus accident near the texas border. the bus rolling on to its side. emergency crews on the scene. new details coming in right now. travel nightmares. long lines at major airports around the country. passengers reaching a breaking point. >> i hate it. i mean, i hope i get on my flight. >> how early do you have to arrive so you don't miss your flight? the mother on vacation, falling overboard during a cruise. the sp


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