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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: right now, a baby gunfire, arrupted i bullet hitting a young mother walking in southeast d.c., and the hero that saved his life -- saved her life. a weekend getaway turning into tragedy in texas, a bus flipping over, killing people. much a crashing sound as it was an enormous sigh. massive tree slams to the ground, bringing down power lines. the warning that residents say could have prevented this. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] bullets flying
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southeast d.c., hitting an innocent target, that target a young victim. this after a seven-year-old girl was caught in the crossfire a month ago. roz plater is live at the d.c. police headquarters with more. roz: kimberly, what is a say the shoulder and he is expected to survive and recover. brazen daylight shooting, another d.c. neighborhood is on edge. the shooting happened just after 5 p.m., still daylight, 12 play southeast. a school on one side of the street, a church on the other, and inside a baby shower when they heard more than a dozen shots ring out. >> about 15 shots. once outside, they discovered a young boy had been hit. one of the members come an off-duty d.c. fire emt, ran to help. >>
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roz: the child was walking with a friend at the time when it appears he was hit by a bullet intended for somebody else. the young friend that he was walking beside was so terrified, he was running in circles in the parking lot. >> the kids play outside all day long. until sunset they are out there playing. this is really careless. roz: it is the latest shooting in d.c., another involving a child. mohammed says it is hard at this point to know what to do. >> is very concerning and very upsetting it is taking place over and over again. witnesses say they heard a car speed away from the scene right after the gunshots stopped , but at this point the police have not released any lookout information.
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news. kimberly: more details about the fact this is a second time in just over a month a child has been shot in the district -- it was in april that a seven-year-old girl was seriously injured when she was hit in the stomach by a stray bullet about a mile away on next place. she was walking with her family when the gunshots erupted. a 27-year-old has been arrested and charged with that incident. news in texas, a weekend excursion to a casino turned into tragedy. a terrible accident just hours ago on a country highway, leaving a charter bus on its side and at least eight people have died. dozens more are in the hospital. we have this report. reporter: it happened on a remote stretch of highway 83 outside of laredo. >> the tour bus was coming into the rio grande valley. reporter: the authorities do not
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to roll over and crash early saturday afternoon. the fire department said no other vehicle was involved. the bus left with about 50 people aboard abound for a casino about 125 miles northwest of laredo. seven people were killed at the scene, eight died at the hospital. tong dozens of victims rush at least three hospitals by emergency crews responding to the scene. a spokesperson said that some passengers are being treated and in stable condition. a team from the ntsb has joined the investigation. members will be on the ground sunday. area,ly: back in our people took advantage of what appeared to be a rare appearance from the sun. people mode their lawn, played volleyball, dining outside. many were happy simple to get out, especially after two weeks of rain.
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owners said the rain cost him 16% of his business. chennai, you will be missing the spring again, scattered storms bringing with them very chilly temperatures. josh knight has the forecast for the rest of the weekend. josh: we are already looking at the numbers tumble. we are talking about wind chill's in the middle of may. rockville, md, montgomery college, 59 degrees, but factoring in the wind it feels like 48. fallinghe area, we are into the 50's, most of us in the 40's, cumberland and hagerstown. in the morning we will be in the 40's areawide. the breezes to the northwest, bringing in the chilly air, anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. butdryer trend taking over, the 5k in boston tomorrow morning, these are the
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low 40's at the start line. more about when we are back to normal coming up. kimberly: earlier, my lights flickered at home. the lights are just coming back on for some d.c. residents, more than eight hours after a massive trees slammed to the ground. this happened early this morning on yuma street. amy aubert is live on the scene. i know they are saying the storms did not knock the tree down, but maybe the wet earth made a giveaway? amy: that is what a lot of neighbors are -- [no audio] >> there was a big noise. the no power. amy: a massive tree uprooted. slamming to the ground, crushing a truck on a quiet street in northwest d.c.
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as an enormous thud. amy: that happened in front of eric parker's home. after the recent rain, he noticed something was going on. >> the asphalt in front of the tree had started to separate. it was like a hollywood special affected an earthquake movie. amy: for neighbors, it is no motion picture. >> it's not surprising, trees fall. abouthey have complained this tree and another nearby for years. this bigmbs of around have fallen in front of my house. amy: saturday, more than just giant limbs. >> the neighborhood has these wonderful big old trees. to lose one is a tragedy. crews spent the afternoon
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the massive tree that blocked the street and ripped down power lines. >> it is an unpleasant annoyance. amy: a problem ripping through, leaving a smart. >> its life. it happens once in a while. 11:00, morew at problems for the washington monument. the national park service is the monument will be closed tomorrow because of power issues related to the elevator. last month, the elevator got stuck twice in one week. the monument had reopened a several years ago after earthquake repairs. the national police week 5k walk and run, the sunshine pouring down on the runners. it began and ended at 4th and f street.
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police week continues tomorrow with the annual national police officer memorial service. that kicks off at 11 a.m. on the west lawn of the north capital. if you think that metro we can service is bad now, just you wait. track work will ramp up time in two weeks, when metro begins it safety blitz. may 28 is the last day for late-night rail service. after that, service ends at midnight every night. wiedefeld said it will likely last at least one year. extraal is to give crews time to make much-needed repairs through the entire system. coming up -- a voice from the past coming back to haunt donald trump. >> i knew as soon as i got off the phone there was a problem. kimberly: the phone call the presumptive nominee says he never had.
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in houston, some families still do not have a place to call home. coming up, life after the storm. and it felt like spring today, but you will have to wait longer for the warm temperatures.
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kimberly: a grim anniversary in the district, today marking one year since a family was found dead inside of their d.c. mansion. court documents say the man come his wife, their tenure also, and their housekeeper were held captive overnight, tied up, and murdered. the home was set on fire. only one person has been charged he hascrime, daron wint been indicted on charges of kidnapping, murder, arson, and extortion. he has pleaded not guilty. d.c. officials are fighting back against the zika virus. the city health department held an event at the recreational in all eight awards. they handed out free kits with bug spray and mosquito
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which kills the bugs in standing water. there werealso bash also condom since it can be transmitted through sexual activity. >> the primary concern is for pregnant women. it causes birth defects. kimberly: d.c. has just four reported cases of the virus, maryland and virginia have a few more. was with amed case person who it traveled to south america or central america. happening now, a desperate search for a mother missing at sea. the carnival liberty was heading from galveston, texas, to cozumel when the woman somehow fell into the water. ews also checked surveillance video discovered her fall was caught on the video. the coast guard will keep searching for her as long as they
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important investigation underway involving a west virginia woman who died after undergoing a very popular cosmetic surgery. heather meadows had liposuction and butt thursday in florida. she suffered complications and was pronounced dead at the hospital. last year a prince george's county woman also died after cosmetic surgery went wrong in queens, new york. presumptive gop nominee donald trump is trying to fend off a new controversy, or maybe he leaked it. we don't know. he says the newly resurfaced reap porting -- recording of a man sounding like him is not him. from 1991 comeas in interview conducted by "people" magazine.
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donald trump's spokesman, john miller. >> frankly, he gets called by everybody. >> he sounds like he is sorry he made the call. it was a joke that went awry. kimberly: they say that trump called her and admitted it was him all along, but 25 years later he adamantly denies he was posing as a spokesman. the woman says she is outraged by the denial. hundreds of houston-area residents are trying to get settled after flooding left them without a place to live. 17,flooding started april and many of the victims have been staying in motels ever since, paid for by the greater houston storm relief fund. today, the city stopped picking up the tab. fema should begin paying for permanent
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victims who checked out of their motel rooms are frantically looking for a place to stay right now. at anyare not looking flooding like that around here, thankfully, but it has been really wet. josh: we picked up between .1 .2 inches today. the cooler weather will be the big change. the weather story the rest of the neck, drying out, chile and windy. we get a break from the rain at least until tuesday, so enjoy the sunshine. unfortunately, it's accompanied by lower temperatures. right now, 56 degrees, and we have to put on the wind gusts. right now, the breeze at 16, but gusting close to 30. that is what it will be like tomorrow as well. the wide map shows the air mass, 41 degrees, mid 40's charleston, stilba
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it does not stick around too long. the rain that move through this afternoon, that is this batch in off thele of -- just coast, rather, and the storms we had during the evening are pushing through now, working across the bay. a general drying out overnight, but still some rain. lly,ou think it is too chi the blue and pink and pennsylvania's where they are getting some snow. we at least avoid that. the cold front continues to drop to the south, making for a chilly night and a windy day. partly cloudy. there are some shower showing up in futurecast, especially north of d.c. it is not out of the question, but i think it is a slim chance, just partly cloudy skies is what we are calling for. sunshine monday, the high-pressure takes over. the timing tuesday, the high moves off the coast, making way for the next arm system, and it looks like a rainy tuesday.
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the mid-40's, 42 winchester. by the time you factor in the breeze, the windchill beyond the 30's and low 40's, so keep that in mind. if you are enjoying the sunshine, the bike ride, 48 to noon.y breezy.y, better chance of rain tuesday, hanging on into wednesday. the better days this week will be thursday and friday. this front is tracking just a few showers saturday. not bad, but make sure that you layer up. this time of year, graduation parties, may not be cooperating. kimberly: redskins are suiting up? exciting time for football fans as the season gets closer. are
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plus, find out how the nationals fared.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. bryce harper was a spectator in the day/night doubleheader, dropping his appeal on his one-game suspension, deciding to serve the penalty tonight tanner roark did not have his stuff on the mound. crushed to dead center, on to the grassy area, well over 400 feet. 3-0 miami. cap,ngton drops the night 7-1. in game one, a big first-inning r
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sac fly's. jayson werth smacks a single to left. bryce harper who played in the first game scores. -3.tom six, nats up 4 ramos with a solo blast, number four on the season. nats take game one, 6-4. the orioles hosting the tigers. bottom six, matt wieters turns on one, giving the orioles the 3-2 lead. eighth-inning, 5-3 baltimore. crushes a grand slam to left, his second homer of the game. the red-hot orioles win their seventh straight game, beating detroit, 9-3. the boys are back in town -- at least the rookies. the redskins holding rookie minicamp this weekend at team headquarters in ashburn.
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grading period of the draft class, seven draft takes, 14 undrafted free-agent signings, 32 tryout players had the opportunity to learn the system and intent -- and attempt to impress the coaching staff area right now they have to soak it all in. right now, and it's getting comfortable. , and not know the playbook we are getting comfortable and more relaxed. scott: a big night for the ladies, the washington mystics tipped off their new season at the verizon center against the new york liberty, the same team that knocked them out of the playoffs a year ago. fourth quarter, mystics down three, check out the defense. steals it and goes all the way for the easy lay-in
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tina charles too much for the mystic to handle. she pounded washington with 24 points, 11 rebounds. liberty wins. the washington spirit remain undefeated on the season thanks to this 39th minute goal by .ontgomery county local and look at this video, my friends, a fan posted to his girlfriend at the cubs game. she said yes, except that the ring, then a photo up. congrats to the happy couple. and the nationals pick up a two-year option with gm mike rizzo. that will keep him in washington through 2018. the nationals trending in the right direction under the watch pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve
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♪ ♪ kimberly: it is graduation time, and this is special, a graduate finally got there degree from the university of california this weekend, the 92-year-old or two usci veteran job947, but because of his had to stop. 70
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relatives try to get a copy of the diploma, they found out that did not graduate area the university was quick to help create a special course so we could finish up his credits and he became the school's oldest graduate. congratulations. z1zqkz z2025z
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