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tv   ABC World News  ABC  May 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> mark: lowry getting it down in game seven. pick and roll action. go underneath the screen. again double pick and roll. laid back joe johnson a price to pay. gets it going and even when you play stellar defense like dwyane wade does, take a look, guess what, hand up, so what? kyle lowry knocks down the jumper. spectacular play by the backcourt and kyle lowry, spectacular all game long. >> jeff: i liked that little technology. that three. that's good. >> mike: that's outstanding work right there. >> jeff: hand up and still man down. >> mark: that's good. >> jeff: sometimes that's how it is.
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>> mark: you do everything you're supposed to do defensively and it doesn't matter. >> mike: lowry pull a two pointer. he had 33 in game three. 36 in game six and his third 30-point game of the series. lost out of bounds, toronto ball as wade comes off hobbling. mark, just as you suggested, a foul biyombo, they have got still 3:00 left to do this strategy. see he turned that left ankle there, that's how he lost the ball. >> mar looked like the right
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ankle, mike. did it? i think it's the right ankle. >> mike: yep, you're right. biyombo 2-7. for his career he's 53%. that right footsteping on lowry's foot. that's what caused it to turn. shakes his head no. does not want to come out. biyombo misses a pair and another offensive rebound. such a deflating play especially when you do that strategy. they foul biyombo with 4:57 remaining. >> mark: when you think about it. they do a one-time, he gets it, dunks it.
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finishes. this time they do it offensive rebound. you have got to follow the game plan. you got to rebound the basketball collectively. >> mike: just the second half over all. 19 rebound advantage. also free-throw shooting, obviously it's going to add up. 41 attempts for toronto. 21 for miami. as the raptors so aggressive early attacking the basket. >> mark: we talked about whiteside also. this is different. 18 with a healthy chris bosh. certainly hope he gets healthy. most importantly he has his health. >> jeff: they're going to be loaded next year if bosh and whiteside are back. obviously whiteside can pick where he goes. he's a free agent. >> mike: bosh out since february
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calf. wade sets up three. lowry pushing down the other end. picks it back out. joseph. joseph for three. winslow, grabs it. stolen by lowry. what a game for kyle lowry. the biggest game of his career. derozan. largest lead of the game. patterson grabs it. this crowd ready to explode.
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when yobeertown, usa...aukee, these are your celebrities. and this is your hollywood sign. spelled different because it's brewed different. . >> mike: here in game seven, a sparkling performance from kyle lowry. now with 35 points after this
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1-11, the two all-star guards have had their struggles. out at jurassic park on that last three yet another explosion as they're on the verge of raptor history. here this afternoon in toronto. lowry was born and raised in philadelphia, had a couple of good years at villanova but his nba career has not been easy after being a first round pick he had injuries, he was a backup, he was traded. almost with another steal there. johnson is out of bounds. not until his eighth year did he make his first all-star team. been an all-star the last seven seasons. this year averaged the career high, but had a terrible playoff last year. absolutely brilliant the last
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>> mark: lowry's struggle, stayed out there. jim all to himself getting upshots. put the time in. and then derozan struggled to the point where he was on the bench to close out a game until lowry found out. give this backcourt credit. their toughness and love of the game. >> jeff: and get them out of the game right now as we see kyle lowry. >> mike: that was after game one. they lost game one in both series on their home floor. first to indiana, then to miami, but again it bounced back. hasn't been pretty. they're a feisty group. grinding out victories when they didn't shoot well. dragic tries to draw the foul way off the mark. rebound lowry. ball knocked out. lowry, 35 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds and 4 steals. a bit of everything from kyle
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lowry. dwyane wade's season will come to an end. he had some superb moments and lowry getting a standing ovation as he goes to the bench. biggest game of his career and he pours in 35. derozan with 28. biyombo fouled and won! a celebration is under way here at the air canada centre. >> mark: how good has this big guy been all game long. been awfully good. it's good to see
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on the floor as his younger brother playing for the toronto raptors, dion wright. great accomplishment. >> jeff: that isool isn't it? >> mike: the younger one was a huge heat fan growing up. loved dwyane wade. big brother throws that one up and in as we approach 2:00 remaining. there's the younger wright with the ball, the rookie. hasn't played a heck of a lot this season. rookie from utah. four to shoot. joseph's jumper. blocked by richardson. le green on the drive kicks it out, stolen by patterson.
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always difficult to be eliminated especially in game recei seven. the heat couldn't overcome key injuries and could not stop the toronto raptors in game seven. patterson misses. another offensive rebound. 20 second time-out. ball by toronto. as they get biyombo out of the game. raptors on they way to a conference final.
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>> mike: a dominant game seven victory and the fans inside and out have been dilirious throughout this second round. the injured valanciunas who they hope they can get back for the conference final against cleveland. he's going to be re-evaluated tomorrow. they certainly need him against the cavaliers' team yet to lose in the playoffs. as dwane casey has emptied his bench. no norman powell and the gang. as wright grabs that rebound. dorell
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short rebound. tyler johnson out to winslow. winslow foul. that's one of the things from miami. obviously they have got some impressive rookie in wins envelope and richardson but a key thing for them is resigning whiteside who is going to receive a lot of interest. deng is expected to be back and joe johnson. whiteside signing is critical. >> jeff: whiteside will have multiple teams give him the max as erik spoelstra is congratulating his team on really a well deserved run here in the playoffs. they did a miraculous job. >> mark: sometimes as a team erik spoelstra gathers his guys, you maxed out. a heck of accomplishment. he's done an outstanding job and so has his
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>> jeff: i don't think they should -- i think dwyane wade wants to come back but i don't think he's going to give him a bargain this time either. >> mike: they're chanting we want cleveland as it's thrown down. they'll get cleveland starting tuesday night. these fans have waited a long time for this moment. three can't connect. raptors making history in toronto advancing to the franchise's first ever eastern conference final. it's official now. it's the greatest season in raptors' history.
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>> mike: a long awaited celebration as the two teams exchange handshakes and congratulations. all five starters in double figures led by lowry as wade and lowry exchange pleasantries. the season is over for dwyane wade and the heat. a quick turn-around for kyle lowry and the toronto raptors. let's go to db. >> doris: kyle, there were points early in this playoffs where it was a monumental struggle for you but in the biggest moment of your career you delivered. how did you get back to being yourself? >> just being here. my family and friends and people
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struggles and kept telling me to do what i can do and you see what happens. >> doris: we expect you and demarre to drive this team but in the absence of valanciunas what effect does biyombo have on your ability to win? >> he's been like that all season, went down with a broken hand and did an unbelievable job. he stayed ready, committed to the process. did an unbelievable job. 16, 17, i don't know how many blocks but it's a team effort. one man goes down next man up. >> doris: you'r committed to an organization for the long term and the first time you go to a conference finals, what put you into getting here? >> hard work, dedication, stick with the process. having fun. it's not going to last forever so have fun with this smile and enjoy it and the fans. >> doris: waiting in the wings is a lebron james led team. what are you looking forward to? >> just the opportunity to play
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league. kyrie is a tough matchup. but we're going to go play our game and do our job and see what happens. >> doris: congratulations. >> thank you, dory. >> doris: mike. >> mike: they win two game sevens and they'll play a team that's played the minimum number of games through two rounds as kyle lowry helps the raptors advance to the conference final. espn will have it for you tuesday. game one from cleveland. all games on the conference finals on espn and all will tip-off shortly after 8:30 tuesday's coverage begins at 7:00 with nba countdown and have the nba lottery at 8:00. history for the raptors as the franchise advances to their first ever conference final. they win game seven. with a dominant second half led by kyle lowry's 35. so for all
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much for watching. thanks to our entire terrific crew here on abc. home on the nba finals. let's send it to sage steel back in the studio. we the north, it is official. the toronto raptors for the first time in their 21 year franchise history has done it. won the biggest game in their history. your first reaction to this victory for the team that you once played for? >> i'm happy for the fans of toronto. a long awaited opportunity to make it to the conference finals and big salute to the raptors started off the playoffs in this series, really slow, shooting ineffectively. lowry and derozan took their team over the top today. >> first game of the playoffs this year kyle lowry was so bad he was in the
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the morning and then the smile on his face here today just says it all about you know what, just keep working, just keep working things will change for you. my team believes and this is derozan posting up josh richardson in there. koufldn't handle him and the relentless attacks to the rim by lowry all day long. the mid ranges game of derozan. these guys combined for 63 points today and what looked like miami might make a push there's lowry. look at the numbers 63-32. a knockout plus 31. free-throw line and it was those guys in the backcourt derozan and lowry were special. >> takes two in the backcourt for teams that continue to be successful you have to play multiple styles and be able to absorb injury yet still be productive. we saw that for the toronto raptors. biyombo was a big time difference. after losing valanciunas we know
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whiteside, his ability to be a rim protector. that left the opportunity not only with this emotion and effort and tenacity on the defensive end but using the size on the offensive end. he along with patrick patterson towered over the frontline of the miami heat and guarding nine shooters like deng and winslow allowed him to patrol on defense and be a defender. >> small ball worked for a tday and the size of toronto. 20 second chance points and patrick patterson and biyombo their presence. miami didn't have any answers. >> because of all the pressure and criticism that kyle lowry had been under they fought their way through and lowry his 35 points more than dwyane wade and dragic combined two days after dragic put up a high 30. we're going to get to the matchup coming up in the eastern conference and cleveland beginning tuesday.
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heat franchise, obviously dwyane wade 34 years old. so many questions with chris bosh. what are you seeing? >> erik spoelstra did a great job. they reinvented themselves two, three times. hassan whiteside is a free agent. can do wherever he wants to go. he's going to make a lot of money. he's a big part of their team. they're going to make that financial commitment. the health of bosh, is he going to be able to play again? we won't know probably for a while. dwyane wade was spectacular. can you get another year like this out of d. wade where he obviously misses eight games and plays like this? i like their three players, winslow, johnson. pat riley will go to work and see what he can do. you got luol deng and joe johnson both older guys. what will they do? a lot of questions going into next year but a terrific job by
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>> i think on the win they have to get younger, faster about athletic. joe johnson and deng best days behind them. udonis has them. stoudemire still has uniforms. taking time to reinvent the miami heat squad. now we see them losing to the toronto raptors. >> with the cap going up there's a lot of funny money in the system this year. there's going to be a lot of guys getting overpaid. a lot of guys sitting back with free agents that are unrestricted you know people start throwing droppers at them saying am i willing to pay that to get this and guys will have to make big decisions. a lot of money in the system july 1st. >> go back to game six with charlotte. dwyane wade took this team on his back. and what he has done at 34 years old. what he did. without hassan whiteside was tremendous. congrats to the heat. tough season. th
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the raptors advance to play the top seed in the east. cleveland cavaliers are waiting. look at head to heads this season. raptors actually 2-1 advantage there for wins and losses and points per game. look at the numbers and your memories of the game. >> look at the two numbers that jump out. 50% from three making 14 a game. >> a lot of threes. what did they do in the last series? >> that's what i'm saying. they better have an answer for that. >> do they? what can -- they don't have much time to try to figure this out. what's the first thing that comes to mind? >> biyombo is not going to punish in the post. he's going to get rebounding and blocked shots. channing frye has been so good for them. when thompson goes out and channing frye is in the game, who is he going to guard? remember what happened with andre drummond in the first round? who was he going to guard when they put kevin love at the five spot. >> also the cle
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have so many bigs that do various things. tristan thompson the effort in the offensive rebounding. kevin love can shoot the three and post up. channing frye. you can put lebron at the four if you need to. that versatility could possibly overwhelm the raptors. >> those three guys are all playing well but as i said before no turbulence yet. pretty smooth sailing. can anybody put the pressure on cleveland, take a game from them, maybe make them start thinking? >> the raptors are going to have to show character. i feel like with a healthy whiteside miami would have won that series with the healthy bosh they would have pushed the cavaliers without the toronto raptors able to advance. >> and without valanciunas right now. you were comments that they -- >> they had to help him up off the bench. he's going to be
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hyperbaric chamber. get off your feet and rest. mental preparation but there's no way they can do -- they've got to travel. i mean, that first game is going to be tough. >> tell me your thoughts coming into the first game. if you're the cavs they have been sitting and resting. >> if you're the cavs you're feeling really good about having a pace that you can play at home that a team that just played a big game seven after playing seven games in the previous round now have to travel to cleveland to play a game one. >> when did miami hurt toronto when they played with pace? right? when they got to score in the hundreds. today was a different deal. but for the most part when they were able to keep miami under 100 they won the games. but they're not going to be draggout affairs. >> you talked about rest a lot and why you shouldn't rest.
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days. >> game one our coverage begins 7:00 eastern time on abc. wait that's on espn and we will be here for you 7:00 eastern time. thank you for all of us, "world news" or your local news is next except on the west coast. have a good sunday.
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anchor: right place, right time. here for the emt who sprung into action seconds after a seven-year-old boy was shot walking to church. blue on the u.s. capitol lawn as thousands of law enforcement officers, survivors, and family remember once you made the ultimate -- made the ultimate sacrifice. >> if you have a car, and they can be hit with some kind of technology, they are going to do it. anchor: a consumer alert. how would be crooks are breaking into your cars without breaking anything. >> now, abc seven news


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