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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> it is made. -- itere has to come soon is may. summer has to come soon. helpsly: a local nursery you protect your plants. trees and someer of the damage caused by whipping wind. i was creating ready to break down when i saw it was a child. up first, a d.c. fire she ran to the side of a young boy in need. >>
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now, abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. we finally had some sunshine and it's clear now, but avery chilly night after breezy day. josh knight has the forecast. freezing temperatures for some? for: exactly, not everybody, not around the metro. headlines,me of the frosty spots tomorrow morning. everybody will need the heavy coat to get started, but we are better in the afternoon. monday is breezy. at this pointes dropping into the 40's, 48 reston, manassas, low 50's woodbridge, 54in d.c. the wider picture, it could be worse. parts of central pennsylvania, they are dealing with snow showers. for
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along with cooler temperatures. advisory starting at midnight for counties west of the d.c. metro, including western loudoun county, fauquier county, winchester, and further west is to freeze warning. tomorrow starting in the 30's and 40's, recess mid 50's. comfortable and back in the mid-60's in the afternoon. windrly: as the strong lewis and the chillier weather, it also caused a bit of damage, talking about heart of a brick wall collapsing -- part of a brick wall collapsing at a warehouse in northeast. trees blew over at the national zoo as well as. first-come he just planted your favorite bulbs in the ground, you may want to give them some tlc before you go to bed. cheryl conner has that. cheryl: we have a frost cloth,
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and we are going to cover these plants. if you are concerned about the cold overnight, the best thing is to put a blanket over the blooms or bring them inside. outdoor plants are moved inside for the night at merryfield garden center in falls church. the month of may got mixed up with march. tropicalr bulbs, trees, insensitive vegetables need a warmer place. kevin tells us how to handle temperatures dipping into the high 30's and low 40's. >> tomatoes are a little more sensitive, herbs, basil. cheryl: if you stocked up, carrie what you can inside or use a blanket if the plays are in the ground. this person is visiting his daughter. >> dry
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faster then moist. cheryl: he had a career in agriculture. areas closer to the city are not expected to get to freezing, but you may see frost in the morning. >> it's may. summer has to come soon. cheryl: we hope the artificial sunshine rubs off on the real thing. it will beill come, fine, and in july we will be complaining about the heat. cheryl: i'm ready to complain. merrifield garden center has yearsn business for 45 and they have never seen such unusual weather in mid-may. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kimberly: now the strong wind ather, thisller we tree and all the damage. roz plater is live in northeast to show it up close. all ofhis from the wind?
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working theory. this building behind me on a construction, appears gutted out on the back end is also open. they believe the wind got inside, swirled around, and lou out the wall of this building -- and blew out the wall of this building. it happened just after 2:00 sunday, the old wall from the down, plant came crashing snapping the utility pole, dragging down street signs. all of that damage likely due to a strong wind gust. perhapsuess is the wind played a portion because it was swirling as bad as it is out here. roz: the old plant is being but firefighters quic
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at the time. >> we threw everything we had added, including our special ops are tracking dog, who made three rounds just as a precaution. so far, in the end, there was nobody inside the building and nobody injured. roz: once deemed safe, inspectors could get in to determine the building's stability ad if there were any other factors that may have led to the partial collapse area about the same time, wind gusts brought down a big tree in northeast d.c., tumbling onto this bridge connecting beach drive with the national zoo. soggy ground likely played a role. the tree smashed down a railing and knocked out a light post and the bridge remains closed. late tonight, construction crews brought in concrete barriers, putting it all around the debris field. that means this portion of fenwick
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least until further notice. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: thank you. if you want to know when it will warm up, rain, or get colder, sign up to get the weather alert and forecast sent to your phone. just go to and enter your phone number. emergency, you want this woman by your side. time,s off duty at the but this d.c. fire paramedic is credited with helping save the life of a seven-year-old boy. the boy remains in the hospital after somebody shot him in the shoulder late yesterday afternoon, insight of a church southeast.ce in there was a baby shower at the time, and one of the attendees rush to help. >> he was alert, made eye contact with me, and let me know what hurt.
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kept talking to him in and controlling the bleeding. kimberly: she has a mom and she said she had to keep it together treating such a young boy. the police do not believe he was the intended target. officers canvassed the neighborhood for what this is. the washington monument will be remaining close because of elevator power issues. it will reopen as soon as repairs are done. this is one month after the elevator got stuck twice in one week. developing right now, federal investigators took over the investigation into a deadly charter bus crash in south texas. nine people died, nearly 60 were hurt. the bus rolled over in bad weather saturday morning. witnesses described a horrific scene, with some passengers thrown from the bus as it crashed, others trapped inde. many of the victims
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were employees of the texas school district, headed to a casino. donald trump pushing back, his reaction to inappropriate behavior accusations. man, butt an emotional it can absolutely kill you. sea of blue and tears filling the u.s. capitol of fallen officers who n
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[bagpipes play] blue, full ofa of officers and families filled the lawn of the u.s. capitol for the 35th annual national peace officer memorial service. they were honoring fallen officers, those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> i think every american needs to be here at some point at this arerial to know the people out there putting their lives at risk are doing it for us. >> it's a way for us to
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states. for us to play and be part of this, because we cannot see all the families, we cannot hug all the families, it is our way of doing it. kimberly: it really has been an amazing tribute. new developments in the war on terrorism, the obama administration's point man on isis says they are using terrorists in iraq and syria. isis has launched insurgent attacks in both countries. they said that isis is losing the propaganda battle with companies like twitter and facebook countering their messages online. isis planned and inspired attacks remain a real threat. today, hundreds of new york city police and firefighters conducted the largest terror drill in the city's history, joined
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federal agencies. the scenarios included a chemical attack. >> exercises like this really help because it is in the environment. >> it's extraordinarily helpful. you cannot be confident you can handle a real-life scenario without these type of drills. will analyze the response and see if any changes need to be made. this was their night to drill in the past two years. is vote 2016, donald trump confronting new accusations tonight from a newspaper story about his relationship with women. mary bruce has that and more. : donald trump, the father, not the politician come in philadelphia tonight, attending his daughter's graduation ceremony from the univerty
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overshadowing the family party, new accusations on trump's inappropriate behavior with women, including unwanted romantic advances, unsettling workplace conduct, and comments on the female form. he has raised eyebrows in the past. at theushing back accusations, calling the "new york times" story a lam hit p iece. the statement likely will not make the story go away. >> these are things he will have to answer for. mary: this as democrats are hammering him on the economy. president obama: suggesting we can build an endless law along the borders and blame are challenges on immigrants. mary: and a campaign style that sometimes seems to stretch the truth. president
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politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. it is not cool to not know what you are talking about. republicans admit that the normal rules do not seem to apply. >> he has rewritten the playbook. kimberly: want a break from politics? putpdate on the pet bison up for sale on craigslist. she sold her 1000 pound bison with an ad that says she is housebroken and loves to interact with humans. she arrived at her new home saturday, then ran across the pasture to say goodbye to her former owner before she said goodbye. say that the former owner can visit whenever she wants. really chilly temperatures headed our way.
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in the low 40's around reagan national was about a month ago. that is april 15. this will be a rude awakening in the morning. right now, at least the breezes calling down. 54 degrees at reagan national. i tomorrow morning, we are closer to the low 40's at the airport, and many of us will be in the 30's. the positive side of this, if you are running outside to let out the dog, the wind gusts are starting to subside. still a little breezy, but the really strong gusts are taking a backseat. the peak wind gust today, 40 miles per run were leesburg, 38 and andrews. a windy day. unfortunate, that also bringing cooler air with it are the skies clearing out, the brees lightens up. combination of clear skies and lighter wind really allows temperatures to drop.
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into new york. we stay dry through tonight and tomorrow. highype pressure -- the pressure building and, cold tonight, starting in the 30's and 40's tomorrow. you have to go back about four weeks to find the temperatures this cold. breezy in the afternoon, but lots of sunshine. sunrise now before 6 a.m. we start warming quickly, back into the mid-60's tomorrow. the sunshine does not last long. tuesday, clouds build back. 7 a.m. tuesday, cloud cover starts early in the morning, then the rain showers sticks around a lot of the day. it will not rain all day, but it will look like it wants to. 42leesburg tomorrow morning, manassas, 38 winchester. some cold temperatures, which is
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,e top out at 66, mostly sunny still 10 degrees below average. our way into tuesday, that is when the rain moves in. wednesday, showers hang on for the morning, back into the 60's. we are in the 70's, below average, as we get into thursday and friday. a big improvement from the beginning of the week. kimberly: it's hard to get much worse, josh. josh: the months seems to have gotten mixed up. kimberly: things were heated up on the baseball diamond. robert: it was crazy. they brought hockey to a baseball game. the nats collided with the marlins. fists collided with faces in texas.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. marlins, somend caps at the park today. bottom fourth, scary moment in the outfield. to right center, giancarlo stanton and
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bit. zimmerman with the inside-the-park home run. stay in the game, and stanton get some revenge. homer ofrite, his 11th the season. the nats split the series, 5-1. orioles-tigers, miguel cabrera, a solo shot. the tigers with the lead. theirse 6-5, ending seven-game winning streak. blood between the rangers and blue jays after the bat flip by bautista last year. then a huge odor, fight breaks out. smashes bautista in the gel. -- in the jaw.
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in a few minutes, keep it locked right here, abc 7 "sports sunday " with erin hawksworth and scott abraham. scary times in texas. onberly: i also tweeted twitter about the 90-year-old at the ballpark. coming up, you will like this -- a belgian brewery ran their bu ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors.
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a great many people see you as a hero. power and no supervision. turnedy: i had my earset up too loud, and it was like will be. like the box office draw for "captain america" dropped this weekend. more people are tracking their every step with wearable devices out thebit, but turns band around your wrist could be used against you.
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courtrooms now. tomorrow night, a new look at the possible fitness devices. annifer donelan investigates crime where the police say that a fitbit help them close the case. she had gone to bed, and it were about a thousand steps after the time she said she had gone to bed before she called the police. what happened out and how your steps could snitch on you in a special 7 on your side investigation at 11:00. two was tracking you?
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