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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- pushing back. donald trump at his daughter's graduation as a new controversy swirls around the presumptive gop candidate. what he's saying about a new report detailing how he allegedly treats women and president obama is taking his own shots at trump during another commencement speech we're live. extreme weather officials sounding the alarm. flash flood emergency. neighborhoods surrounded by water with more rain on the way. plus, where record-breaking cold is settling in this this morning a swimmer gets a big surprise when a shark latches on to her arm. she went to the hospital with the shark still dangling there. wrong turn. a woman drives right into the lake and she's blaming her gps.
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good monday morning, everyone. we'll start with the race to the white house and president obama putting donald trump in his crosshairs. >> the president turned his commencement address into a sharp indictment of trump without actually saying his name, he slammed trump on his stance on immigration, muslims and trade. >> in the meantime, trump is refuting a blistering report about the way he treats women. we get the latest right now from megan hughes. joining us from d.c. good morning. >> reporter: president obama during his remarks at rutgers made it very clear he's not going to be sitting on the sidelines this summer. he's going to be involved in this campaign season. meanwhile, donald trump was at a ceremony himself. donald trump at the university of pennsylvania, attending his
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playing the role of father as he's facing attacks of his life. "the new york times" report detailing unwelcomed romantic advances and unending commentary on the female form. the chairman of the republican party admits trump has some explaining to. trump is pushing back at "the new york times" calling it a lame hit piece. at the same time, the president is taking swipes at him at rutgers. >> suggesting that we can build an endless wall along our borders and blame our challenges on immigrants. it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. that's not challenging politically correctness. that's just not knowing what you're talking about. >> reporter: trump is accused of making phony calls. pretending to be his own pr and getting skewered b
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night live. >> trump is the real-life inspiration for iran man. who am i? i'm his publy cyst. hillary clinton striking donald trump on foreign policy. >> it's not just offensive but dangerous. >> reporter: clinton makes her case again today in kentucky which holds its primary tomorrow. bernie sanders is campaigning in puerto rico. we have breaking news from kabul, afghanistan, a city is on lockdown overnight in response to a massive protest there is. demonstrators from an afghan minority group are protesting the proposed route of a power line. and in iraq a series of attacks by isis have left at least 30 people dead. she of the victims when a gas plant north of b
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by a team of suicide bombers. despite the latest attacks the u.s. diplomat in charge of fighting isis said the terror group is losing ground and isis is leading the idea logical battle as well. some dramatic scenes overnight from south texas. stalled vehicles and accidents reported. . the flooding was severe enough to float away at least one heavy dumpster. strong winds and hail is effected along the gulf coast. the ground is as you know already saturated. on the weather radar right now, you can see that storm system spreading from texas eastward into louisiana and the southern plains, since march 1st, that region has received two-times to three-times the normal rainfall. it's an interesting story as far as temperatures, feeling more like march. possibly record-breaking cold this morning. some of the numbers, 30
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pennsylvania. 40s in new york and mid-40s as far south as raleigh. >> all right, ready for summer. police in london had to remove an air marshal from a tlans atlantic flight to atlanta. they're not allowed to drink for four hours before a flight. the air marshal was released without charges because he hadn't broken any british laws. now to the prince to worshipers at a jehovah witness's hall he was brother nelson. hundreds attended the invitation-only gathering. including sheila e. prince's family was not there, but his sister said there will be an official
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the latest birthday barb for queen elizabeth. featuring actress helen mirren. it featured dances and some 900 horse and that's all? 900 horses. the entire royal family was in attendance including prince harry and prince william and duchess kate. >> queen elizabeth herself arrived by horse-drawn carriage. she turned 90 on april 21st. another birthday bash will take place on june 11th. it's good to be queen. commencement ceremony brought some political adversaries to the same side. >> john boehner and vice president joe biden shared a hug at notre dame graduation ceremony on sunday. it was time to talk about their relationship on capitol hill. >> let's get something straight right off the
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john boehner. i love him. >> awe. the vice president also visited the university of pennsylvania to see his granddaughter naomi graduate. donald trump was there. >> i don't think they shared a hug. >> no. still ahead -- forced to stay indoors. an american town terrorized by bees. and see this incredible image of a swimmer coming to ashore with a shark latched right on to her. a tractor-trailer full of metal, turning over on a bridge.
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you're looking at an
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driver crossing the hudson river. a tractor-trailer carrying a load of steel overturned saturday as it passed this car in new york city. the driver tapped on the brakes to give the truck a little bit more distance and there were no injuries reported. unfortunate not the case in texas at least two major investigations are under way after a deadly bus crash,le people died, 44 people were hurt. investigators haven't talked to the driver who was severely injured. they're looking into the company's safety record. they have twice been ordered to take a bus off the record. facebook ceo plans to sit down with conservatives to discuss the social media site's political leanings. it has taken hea
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biased against the right. a senate committee looking into facebook's practices. in the meantime the world's largest cruise ship has set sail for the very first time heading to the uk from france as tens of thousands of people waved good-bye to the vessel. it took nearly 3 years and nearly 1 billion there are to build the harmony of the seas. it's bigger than the eiffel tower if it was laying down. it heads to florida later this year. and at the box office captain america held off the money monster and the darkness. disney our parent company had the top two films this weekend with captain america:civil war outperforming those new release. jungle book came in second with $18 million. when we come back --
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sight especially when seen from orbit. this time-lapse video taken from the international space station just over 200 miles above us all. astronaut jeff williams point out that they get 16 sunrises every day. they also celebrated a milestone just a few hours, the 100,000th orbit of the sun of the space station. drivers will have to watch out for wet roads in much of the country and flooding in the central plains. storms and lightning could cause some airport delays for you. if you're flying through denver and houston. the coast guard has called off the search for a missing cruise ship passenger. >> 33-year-old samantha broberg went overboard last week. the coast guard searched all weekend covering more than 4,000 square miles. surveillance video shows her sitting on a railing on the ship's 10th floor and falling
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in georgia, a pilot was killed when his stunt plane crashed during an air show during atlanta. biplane was engaged in some kind maneuver and was unable to pull out. the faa and ntsb are looking into the incident massive cocaine bust are calling colombia's largest drug haul ever. the drugs were found in an undergone hall on a banana farm. three people were arrested. this morning, the worst appears to be over for a northern california community attacked by killer bees. the bees became agitated after an amateur beekeeper destroyed their hive in a bay area city. they're blamed on the death of two dogs and stinging several people. some of those people had to
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hospitalized. residents were told to stay indoors. >> they were super aggressive. they were following after us and banging on the windows. >> there are still some isolated bees in the neighborhood and caution still advised for many residents in florida, a shark took a bite out of a swimmer and would not let go. she walked out of the water with the shark's jaws still clamped down into her right forearm. it stayed there even after it was killed. the victim was take on the the hospital with the shark still attached to it. the woman was part of a group teasing that shark. time now for some sports including a big bench-clearing brawl. >> here with the highlights let's go to our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. we're not going to fight. but that doesn't mean other people that you're going to see will not. >> we talked about
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hitter in more ways than one. imagine something like this going down in major league baseball game. it in fact did. a little retribution. the bat flip from jose bautista, on first after the hit pitch, later, bautista coming in hot at second base and he takes exception to the tune of a thunderous right hand. eight ejections in total. some suspensions coming. guys losing money. all right, game seven in the east. toronto and miami. we the north all excited. third quarter, kyle lowry spins, hits the jumper. derozan, jumper as well. they scored 30 of the raptors' 33 third-quarter points. i mean, they pulled away in the second quarter. lowry, again, for three. they win 116-89.
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it will be the cavs/raptors in the eastern conference finals. >> warriors/thunder, game one in the western conference finals tonight. for john anderson, i'm kevin connors. good morning, america. >> all right, thank you, guys. up next in the pulse, a wrong turn because of a gps? ends up sending this woman right into a lake. and safe at home, a softball player makes an amazing play to score a run. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. "see what's possible."
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good work there. television first on the simpsons. >> attend of last night's episode homer simpson answered live questions from the viewers both on the east and west coa coasts. first time an animated show has ever attempted this and here's how it looked. >> let's go to hannah. your talking to homer. >> hi, there, homer. my question to you is, who do you like more -- lenny or carl and why? >> let's see, i like lenny because he's the black guy and -- wait a minute, no. carl is the -- wait, let me get back to you when i figure out who's who. >> it was done through motion capture technology. it tracked a real-time head and arm movements of the actor who provides homer's voice and immediately animated them
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it was kind of cool >> i liked it. i liked it when you were cleaning up the set a little bit. don't believe everything your gps tells you. an ontario woman ended up in lake huron. he said she just followed when her gps told her turn, she did, she went down a boat ramp. >> she managed to lower her window and swim to shore and her toyota was pulled out the next morning. she's fine, but a little embarrassed. the class of 2016 is getting some extra credit for being clever. >> some graduation caps on social media. some are protesting student lones like this one, that sames game of loans. this student with
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with the caption -- help me, i'm poor. >> and other students used some popular memes like the crying jordan. >> and there's a reason for this. 2016 the graduates will have the highest debt, ever. about $37,000. >> they don't seem too happy about this. >> no. west point softball player may want consider going into aviation after this play. >> army batting against lehigh in the playoffs. watch carefully. is senior looks like she'll be out by a mile, until she jumped over the catcher and spins midair and reaches home plate. >> many baseball players. >> the game-winning run. so, they won. >> all right, more news after this.
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16th. but the air outside feels a little more like january. a freeze warning in effect in western maryland and parts of west virginia. and other areas in the d-m-v are under a frost advisory this morning. good morning washington. toss to eileen today: mostly sunny. breezy and unseasonably cool. highs: 64-68 winds: w 5-15 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. not as cold. lows: 46-53 winds: sw 5 mph tuesday: cloudy and cool. periods of rain. highs: 57-60 winds: e 5 mph
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it's deadline day for metro..
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for metro.. the transit agency, needs to act on four safety mandates from federal regulators by today. first... training to make sure employees prioritize safety over convenience... second... mitigating fire and smoke risk by carrying out daily infrared testing and daily inspections. third... improving emergency planning and preparedness...and conducting training drills with staff. and lastly...metro must conduct a safety stand-down. this all comes as metro is set to begin it's safe-track maintenance overhaul in just over two weeks. we'll have a look at what that plan will mean for your commute, coming up in the next thirty minutes. a chaotic end to traffic stop in hampton,virginia. a chaotic end to traffic stop in hampton,virginia. now one man is charged with opening fire on a police officer. it happened late saturday night in hampton. police say 27-year-old markese lewis almost hit another vehicle in his car. and when an officer tried to pull him over, he sped away and eventually
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thats when police say, he got out and opened fire on the officer's cruiser. neighbors were shocked. lewis was caught after a short foot chase. police say he is a convicted felon, and was released from jail earlier this month. lewis is now being held without bond on attempted first degree murder charges. the police officer was not hurt. this morning.. dozens of teachers are expected to rally in the district. protesters will gather outside thomson elementary school in northwest to demand that the school system resumes negtiations with the washington teacher's union. this will be the second demonstration in the last two weeks. the demonstration begin at 7-45 a-m. in the day ahead-- visitors will not be allowed to visit one of d-c's most popular attractions. the washington monument will remain closed because of elevator power issues. officials say it will
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repairs are done. this comes just one month after the elevator got stuck twice in one week. it's xx and we're just getting started. trees down-- and buildings damaged. emergency workers now assessing the damage left behind after a very windy day in the district. more on the impact.. and how it could slow down your commute today. the search is on for a missing man in spotsylvania county. the latest information on police, as they try to track him down. good morning washington. today: mostly sunny. breezy and unseasonably cool. highs: 64-68 winds: w 5-15 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. not as cold. lows: 46-53
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tuesday: cloudy and cool. periods of rain. highs: 57-60 winds: e 5 mph developing right now-- safety inspectors will be busy trying to assess the


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