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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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sites. but let's begin with brianne carter who is live on the scene of another shooting near georgia avenue metro station. brianne: leon, take a look behind me. still a very active scene. police remain out here two hours after this was first reported. we understand that the victim said to be in his 50's, suffering a grave wound after this shooting that happened along new hampshire, just down the street from the georgia avenue metro station. d.c. police tonight telling us that the man was shot in the street and then ran down to the metro station for help. all of this as the road is blocked off. causing a commuting mess for those trying to get down new hampshire. they then have to turn off of new hampshire to quincy and go over to georgia avenue. as the road remains blocked, as the investigation tonight continues. again, the latest we heard in the last half hour from d.c. police. they tell us that the man in his 50's taken to a hospital after suffering a
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no information on the suspect. leon: thank you. in the last 20 minutes we got breaking news out of montgomery county. where police are investigating yet another shooting. this one in wheaton. live pictures now from news chopper 7 flying over the scene on the 11,000 block of georgia avenue. we have few details coming in here at the moment. we are sorting through all of that right now. we will bring you new information as soon as we have got it together. now you can track crime when it happens in your neighborhood. using our spot crime maps. that is available for you at alison: imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find someone you don't know touching you in your bed. tonight the search is on for a man who did that to a woman. i was on north edgewood street. that is just off of busy washington boulevard. kevin lewis is there live with the details on this story. kevin: we have been on the treat fo
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fewer than ten cars passed the news truck. you can hear the birds chirping. this is a quiet and a safe neighborhood. residents are stunned about the weekend's sexual assault. fingerprint powder remains on the front door of a home in the upscale arlington neighborhood where police say a young woman was sexual assaulted. >> this is obviously a very serious crime. it's something that the public should be aware of. kevin: police tell us the woman was out socializing saturday night. she took a cab back home. arriving around 2:30 a.m. around 5:00 a.m., she woke up to an unknown man making threats in her bedroom. >> i think what is most alarming in this situation is that this was an unlawful entry. a female victim that was home asleep in her bed. when an unknown male subject assaulted her. that is concerning for us as well as the public. kevin: police canvassed the neighborhood with 9:00
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k9 and knocked on every door looking for witnesses. the woman couldn't make out the attacker's height or race or weight. but he was wearing a black jacket. >> you feel the anxiety it is happening here. kevin: john lives across the street. >> we have my wife and our 29-year-old daughter happen to be home right now. so they, of course, were in panic mode. my wife says it is the worst possible thing that can happen to a woman. kevin: police say saturday night a woman half a mile from here was walking home and reported a man following her. the woman ran inside, shut her door. the man reportedly started knocking on it. arlington police now looking to see if the two cases are linked. we arelife in arlington, i'm kef -- we are live in arlington, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: thank you. last week a man was shot helping kids get off a school bus near a fort dupont ice
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that is the latest in the series of shootings near schools. today the district announced steps to try to keep kids safe. stephen tschida is live in southeast washington now with a look at how folks there are fighting back against crime. stephen: we are kicking off the program. we have a group here. this is what it is about. this is called man the block. they will be watching over d.c. school childrens at times they are the most vulnerable. coming and going from school. a vicious brawl at metro station. d.c. school children attacking other children. some school kids say when they are alone and encounter other students, they have a persistent worry. >> jump me. practically jumped me. assault me. at that point it's nothing i can do. >> knowing that the child -- stephen: today a group of leaders launched "man
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block." they are calling for volunteers across the city to give their time daily to watch over students coming and going from school. >> marco clark came up with the idea after witnessing too many children losing their lives or suffering serious injury. >> we have to take care of our kids. when you look at what is happening across the city and all the negative things that happen with violence. stephen: the program just began we found adults already positioned near flash points. such as bus stops answer metro stations. >> we make sure they get on the bus safely. >> some welcome any attempt to relieve the violence. >> i want them to feel safer going home. i feel safer. back live you can see the volunteers here are getting used to them
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>> reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. we have new information in a case out of tennessee today where a 58-year-old man says he does not understand why he is being charged with kidnapping his niece. in court today gary simpson who once had custody of his niece told the judge he should not be charged for something the girlfriend of his niece's father also has done. leon: the man accused of ramming two police cruisers with a dump truck will not be found guilty. he is going to remain in a
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killing his brother before ramming the cruisers and tagging them 100 feet. alison: check out this building collapse in northeast washington over the weekend. watch this. the walls crack and look. this crashes to the ground. the driver of the silver s.u.v. was able to swerve out of the way. just in the nick of time. strong winds may be to blame. leon: boy, timing is everything. alison: amazing. leon: wow! this word just coming in. investigators zeroed in on a likely cause of last year's deadly train derailment in philadelphia. cnn is reporting that the national transportation safety board determined the engineer was distracted by radio traffic before the crash. eight people died. more than 200 were injured. alison: in the last hour we
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monument will be back open tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. the land mark closed yesterday because of the power supply to the elevator and it was closed all day for the repairs. >> the just supreme court reviews to weigh in on the latest challenge to the accordable care act. instead the justices sent dispute over the contraceptive mandate to the lower court in hope of a compromise reached there. they sued arguing that the accommodation by the obama administration violates their religious beliefs. today justices rejected appeal from a man arrested for protesting on the plaza outside the court. harold hodge junior challenged it on first amendment grounds. the 1949 law that banned protests on the plaza and the sidewalk in sup
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the supreme court. years later they allowed the protest to take place on the sidewalk but kept it in place for the safety reasons. alison: let's turn to the weather now. bright beautiful sunshine today. leon: this is what we have been waiting for. but it won't last. well, i don't know. let's see. chief meteorologist doug hill. every time we have a day like this you tell us it won't last long. what is the word today? doug: that is my job. today is a beautiful sunshine and a one-day deal. already the clouds from the south and the west. this is the day that it will be. increasing clouds and pleasant. cooler than average. pleasant weather this everything. clouds thicken overnight. many areas tomorrow morning there is rain falling. 67 at reagan national airport. winds from the west at 15. dew point is 33. that drives humidity levels down. dry on the cool side. the sun is intense here in the middle of may. if you look at the satellite and the radar. seeing the evidence that the clouds start to roll in from the south and the w
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area. we have rain at times throughout the day and the afternoon and the evening. wednesday afternoon the rain gets out of here but look at the rain we may see. that is the latest. back to you. alison: thank you. we are keeping a close eye on a developing story today after a baby was born in back of a cab. 16th and v street today. we have a picture. aaron sent i
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snapped it from a gym across the street. he was working out and saw paramedics arrive. five minutes later they pulled out a seemingly healthy newborn and put the mom on a stretcher. abc7 is in contact with d.c. fire about the story. we'll follow up and let you know when we learn more about exactly what happened. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- thank goodness we don't have smell-o-vision today. we will tell you about a stinky situation that has neighbors up in arms in drink. leon: the week began with more flooding. find out where they are bracing for more of this on the way. alison: it laer the six words it took to get action for a -- later the six words it took to get action for a woman fighting her cable company. >> highly unexpected discovery in an unlikely place. i'm jeff goldberg. we will tell you what and where in a live report when "abc7 news at 5:00" continues.
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leon: abc7 on the scene of a story in centreville where they are investigating a situation where a body was found floating in a pond off ridge
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vass bureau chief jeff goldberg is on the -- virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is on the scene. what do we know about the situation? jeff: we don't have a lot of answers. it was the body of an unidentified female. we don't know the person's age or how long the body had been in the pond and we do not know the cause of death. this apartment complex off center wood drive in centreville, we have been asked to leave the property. it's private property. in the lake jobbed -- lake beyond that ridge, all day today, plenty of police activity. it's the sort of apartment complex very little ever happens. >> i'm not sure what to make of it. it's not every day you see the cops in your backyard. jeff: that is why the sight of police officers and homicide detectives is catching everyone here by surprised. >> i'm shocked. i have never seen it happen in this area. >> really weird and creepy. jeff: at 12:10 this afternoon at the lakeside apartment complex in
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lakes spotted what appeared to be a body floating near the gazebo. fairfax police soon descended on the area looking for information and evidence. >> the homicide team is here to see if there is foul play. we don't know it for sure. jeff: the dive team is brought in to retrieve the body later determined to be of an unidentified female. >> it makes me nervous. jeff: the police activity continues to draw attention from people not used to the commotion. >> i lived three years. nice neighborhood. >> for something like this to be found is shocking. unnerving a little bit. jeff: we also asked police if there were any missing persons cases in the area that could potentially be connected to this case. again, that is another piece of information they don't have now. still under
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if you have any information, call the fairfax police. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: severe storms in south texas dumped up to a foot of rain in some areas. more storms could be on the way there. they pulled vehicles from low-lying area in corpus christi. no one has been hurt. but it could be raining all week. leon: that is not good there. it's so flat. no place for water to go. doug: all the patterns that keep repeating themselves repeat the same weather pattern in different part of the country as well.
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it's sunny and then it will move out and come back for the weekend. make it stop! it won't stop. we got down to 37 at b.w.i. we missed the other records in the area. but it was a chilly start. you got the sun up a few hours. the sun is so strong even at the low levels of the sign in may. that the rapid warmup occur. with that said, it is 63 degrees in northwest washington. through the day overthe city we enjoy bright blue skies. but late afternoon, the clouds starting to show up. high clouds south and west. more will develop tonight and become cloudy with a chance of rain by morning. pollen count. big numbers. low reading on the weeds. mold spores in the moderate range on monday. temperatures across the area are well below average. six to ten degrees below th
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may. only getting cooler tomorrow. we'll be stuck in 50's with the rain. we should be in the lower 60's for wednesday to make it milder here. as far as the country goes or the eastern half, everybody is in the same game here with the cooler than average temperatures. even places like raleigh and charlotte. last week in the 80's day after day. they have cooled down as well. all due to the big area of high pressure overhead that gave us the gorgeous sunshine. center line moving out to open the door for the approaching cloudiness and the areas of the showers in the frontal zone. it is stretched out far from east to west and a warm front that will develop off the coast. this means prolonged period of clouds with occasional rain tomorrow morning. maybe 6:00 or 7:00. this commuter model with the steady rain over the city by 7:30. period of rain throughout mid-morning and the afternoon. it may break briefly and then tomorrow night come in again with the steady and the heavier downpour south of washington area. even wednesday morning we have rain to deal with here. we are thinking timing wise, by the time we hit
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improvement. as far as how much rain will fall, computer models say over the next 48 hours we will get close to an inch and more. fredericksburg and leonard town. .9 in annapolis. same here. lesser amount if you get farther north and west toward the pennsylvania line. as far as tomorrow, cloudy skies and rain. highs at best of 58 degrees. winds turn northeast. raw day. 70% chance of rain on sunday. through the midday. tapering off and ending in the afternoon. 64. partly sunny. 70 thursday and friday. the weekend, mostly cloudy. 60% chance of rain. mid-60's on saturday. 30% chance on sunday. of course you go to work monday and bright and sunny again. leon: of course. alison: maybe it will -- doug: might as well laugh about it. nothing to do about it. alison: maybe it will change. doug: it could. alison: something could happen. doug: it probably won't but it could. [laughter] alison: fine. fine. leon: mr. positivity. alison: see you in a bit. doug: okay. alison: still to come, a talking versio
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of an elmo doll gave a father a great idea. >> i would love fo her to say hi one day. leon: well, we will tell you how robots could hold the key to make the dream come true. alison: later, on the prowl. tiger may not be playing. but see how his swing is looking ahead of the tournament at congressional. leon: but first, a look at what is coming up tonight on abc7 --
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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leon: "7 on your side" with health matters and the quest to communicate with children with the most severe form of autism. michelle marsh is here with promising news. michelle? michelle: yeah, this is offering families hope. the idea started with a father in washington state, who saw his daughter react like never before after getting an interactive elmo doll. a rare genetic mutation leaves 4-1/2-year-old lucy developmentally delayed. unable to speak, she only began walking this school year. she also has autism. but her parents noticed musical toys seem to hold her attention. then a relative gave lucy a talking elmo doll. >> in the beginning of the video, she is trying to get him do the song and dance. she does a hand waving thing. and she ge
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can see her go in for the kiss. michelle: the tech savvy dog made therapy robots. >> the robots are drawn to them. they have sort of like really advanced toys. he and his wife misty formed a non-profit organization called robo-starter with a goal to raise enough money to purchase therapy robot for lucy's school. the teachers and the therapists believe it could be effective tool. >> i would love to for her to say hi one day. michelle: the robots cost between $700 and $7,000 a piece. they are costly. robo-starter held the first fundraiser this weekend. the youngmans are trying to raise enough money for her school district to use the therapy robots for other special needs students as well. we could see if it's success in term of the fundraising it could open the door up for other kids struggling.
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michelle: it is. but the fundraising, the go fund me pages really bring people in. so we will keep track of it to see where it goes. is that once word gets out somebody will to to make it expensive. alison: look at this picture. you can't teach an old dog new tricks but this shows us an effort to teach a new dog. the parents didn't expect him to show the video to the dog. no idea if the puppy learned from the video. leon: who smarter? him or the dog? alison: he was captivated. leon: he was sitting. he got it. alison: step one. lesson one.
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leon: unbelievable. all right. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- making a match. update on the woman who is trying to find a new home for bet bison she claims is house broken. alison: and then later, "7 on your side." it isn't just a phrase. find out how it paid off for a local woman fighting her cable company. sam: inside the catch basin is a ot of u.s. mail. apparently a postal service worker decided he didn't want to deliver it. i'm sam ford. that is
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alison: we heard "check is in the mail." but they were actually in the sewer. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in northeast washington with the stinky situation you will see only on 7. sam: we are in knot east washington. if nobody had a problem with a clogged drain, perhaps nobody would have suspected anyone.
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came to the scene when he learned u.s. mail has been dumped in a sewer anacostia and douglas northeast. >> this is not old mail. >> this is recent. >> what do you think? >> what do i think? it goes down the drain just like you think. it has been in the drain. >> this started over the weekend when the neighbor gertrude asked him to snake out a clogged drain of a house she owns. >> my drain is still clogged. he still hasn't been able to get it open. sam: you think it's stuffed with mail? >> he found mail in it. >> a shock to see the ma
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>> after pulling mail from the drain he decided to find a source that led to the sewer. all the mail in this wagon is stuff he pulled out. pepco bills. even a check. >> it looks like a $10,000 check to somebody for work and services rendered. sam: the postmaster didn't say who was responsible. we learned that the regular mailman had been off. back just today. >> somebody is in deep trouble. sam: now just so you realize that catch basin still has a whole lot of u.s. mail in it. the postal service is trying to work something out with d.c. water so they can open this up and retrieve the mail. in fact the postal service issued a statement this afternoon saying that the postal inspector is investigating. and that the postal service will make every effort to retrieve and deliver the mail.
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alison: thank you. before we let you go. it's great to see you. you look really good be the shades but i know there is more behind this than just a sunny day. can you fill us in? sam: well, alison, two weeks ago today i discovered that i had a detached retina. i went through that operation and i have been recovering ever since. finally i am back at work today. so happy to be back at work. happy to be here. so happy to have something to do. alison: glad to see you and you're feeling well. leon: happy to have you back. absolutely. turn on to new developments tonight. melt met tries to get back on track. the trainless it agency announced new -- transit agency announced new speed restrictions today. brianne carter loo
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with a look at how the restrictions could impact you. brianne: a slow start on the rails for many monday morning riders. >> stop and start. between foggy bottom and mcpherson square. brianne: the cause, speed restrictions on the tracks. this morning metro says the trains were going slower speeds on the orange, blue, and the silver line inbound around mcpherson square. all to repair a section of the rail around a tight curb. the delay on the track expected to last all week could set you back 15 to 20 minutes. >> for many riders gritting on and off train -- getting on and off trains this morning they didn't know about the slowdown. so some say it caused a commuting mess and caused some riders to say on the train longer than expected. >> yeah. i guess i'm aware now. brianne: metro officials tell abc7 riders weren't told this morning because the issue wasn't properly communicated internally. it all comes at the same time that speed restrictions were put in place last w
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on three other sections of the track. the trains only go 45 miles per hour on the red line between grover and dupont circle. the orange line between rosslyn and minnesota avenue. silver and the blue lines between rosslyn and benning road. this follows a directive by the f.t.a. to try to reduce electrical power drawn by the trains. metro says the restrictions should about have significant impact on service. all of this comes ahead of the general manager's safe track plan expected to be finalized this week. in arlington, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: millions of people are buying into a fitness tracking trend. you strap a band on your wrist and count a step toward a healthier you. allegedly. but what you might not realize is that data that is collected could one day show up in court. "7 on your side" fighting back reporter jennifer donelan here now with a preview of the special report. "who's tracking
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keep you honest about your steps. did you think the police could use it to see if you are being honest about what you were doing at a particular time? move, walk, run. all while the band around your wrist counts. >> definitely using it to be sure i stay active. jennifer: prince george's county resident hits the sidewalk every day. >> i just recently graduated. a lot of people i noticed gain weight after college. jennifer: she is working at a desk and determined to stay in shape. >> this is the charge with the heart rate one. jennifer: she joined 70 million people who bought a wearable device last year. millions of people who may not thought about this. >> we are voluntarily allowing people to track our every movement. that is scary. jennifer: attorney and law enforcement officers around the country use the explosion of the wearable technology as another means to gather data for use in their cases. >> this is the same as the black box data you would get
5:37 pm
airplane. >> this is something i never considered. not even a little bit. jennifer: let's say you claim you are active or not active at a particular time and you are wearing fitness tracker. >> it literally knows when you are resting or up and moving. jennifer: the wrist bands can confirm or disprove your statements. >> this information doesn't lie, right? what is on your fit bit is what you did. >> i think it's good to find ways to pinpoint the lies. jennifer: pin point the lies. i can't lie about how much or little i walked today. anyway. so these things keep your honest to keep your words honest, too. tonight we will show you a crime that got sterned inside out when police got ahold of the victim's fit bit. that is part of our report, "who's tracking you in the that's at 11:00. alison: thank you. see you then. leon: as we head to break, check this out.
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station completed the 100,000 trip around the earth today. that is equivalent of a one-way trip to neptune. construction began in 1998. 220 people from 18 countries called the place home for months at a time.
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alison: new developments in case of the domesticated bison. we told you about the 1,000-pound bison on sale for
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she has a new home. she was transported to a pasture 15 miles from the old home. it is a change of pace for the bison who used to spend time in a house. she will now spend time in a field with two cows. got to show us how she potty trained a bison. we need to figure out. alison: see it to believe it. leon: exactly! [laughter] okay. anyway. today marks 50 years since the beach boys released album that was 11th studio album for the band. congratulations. now, barbra streisand heading back to the stage. launching a nine-city four.
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talk about bison. alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- he may not be a contender. but he is still the host. what tiger has to say about the tournament at congressial. >> calls went unanswered for weeks. we will tell
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i feel the need. the need for speed. alison: how is this possible? today marks 30 years since the movie "top gun" hit theaters. that is hard to believe. a storm blew down a cable in the backyard of a "7 on your side" viewer. leon: a big inconvenience for sure but she didn't know if it was a dangerous situation. so we repeated calls for help went unanswered she got angry and she called troubleshooter ho
5:47 pm
alison: suddenly, some action. horace: erica is mad. in fact, she is still hopping mad. >> i was focused on the safety issues. these are wires. i don't know if we are going to get electrocuted. >> so mad at comcast. she said it started with a storm. >> wires had fallen in the backyard. she started an online chat with the company representatives. and the rep says i see you want an pointment. she answers it took me four requests to get one. they promised they would come yesterday. nothing. this is out of control. five requests for help and three weeks
5:48 pm
then finally. >> i said i am saving this chat session. i e-mailed it to "7 on your side." horace: the next day, crews came out to fix the line. >> okay. thank goodness. i'm glad. we're safe. it shouldn't take contacting the media to get basic safety issue. horace: she is still mad! all the cables are back in place. she was given a credit for her troubles. we haven't heard back from comcast. she is mad but happy in the end. horace: just one little call. that is all it takes. alison: name dropping. leon: way to go. get a check of the traffic now with jamie sullivan. hey, jamie. jamie: we are starting off with a closure. this is because
5:49 pm
395 southbound and the h.o.v. lane. the ramp to access 95 is where it is. you have to be careful if you are traveling on 395 and 95. if you are heading then near the springfield interchange this shows you a live look. of course, 395 slowing to get there. i will say that this afternoon, yes, we have seen sun glare. much better of course than the rain. because when we have the rain it causes more accidents. we have not seen many accidents. happy to report that. as we take a live look traveling along the beltway. looks like they zoomed in. possibly looking for an accident. past that point, closer to river road. volume, like i said, sun glare. welcome surprise for us today. back to you. alison: nice change.
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leon: hmmm. doug: sunshine today. but tomorrow clouds roll in and a rainy day. start off with this fun fact. we look at the dates of which we lid 90 degrees for the first time each year. may is 2. may 28. that was a late yesterday. this is beautiful 65 degrees. a day like this in the middle of may. amazing to be in the mid-60's. ten degrees below average. 67 in the nation's capital. the clouds approaching from the west. behind it is the
5:51 pm
may taper in the afternoon. more coming in tomorrow night. more chances we think until wednesday afternoon. when they finally will come to an end. look at the next seven days. 90% chance of rain. 70% until wednesday. beautiful thursday and friday. cool and rain back in the forecast for the weekend. i have done all the damage with one forecast. talk to erin. leon: tiger is in town. erin: he did damage. he was for the quicken loans national media day. we haven't seen him play professionally since august.
5:52 pm
he took to the tee box to hit three shots for promotional for charity. first in the water. get another one here. the second shot. well, that is in the water, too. have you played here? he did take time to speak with me and we thank him for that. take a listen. >> when do you think your kids will understand your legacy? >> i don't know. they know i play golf but they don't understand it yet. erin: how do you get the sense? tiger: the neat thing is in our society now you have
5:53 pm
plaques. she got that. she took them all down. only keep the one that she won, she earned and won in the tournament. erin: she gets it. >> she says all your -- she puts where i hit my major. she put up her trophies she earned and won the tournament. that is where the important trophies go. my son did the same thing. so to me that is how they understand it. erin: that is a big trophy case with his and his kids. we talk about teaching his son how to throw a c
5:54 pm
leon: school. alison: coming up at 5:00 -- jennifer: she is 5'4", 23 years old and wa
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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jennifer: i'm jennifer donelan. tonight a case involving a young child hit by gunfire. in prince williams county, it's now closed. after being on the wall two weeks the detectives are happy to report that pearson wanted for shooting out of a car and wounding a 12-year-old boy turned himself in. making the first appearances now are 35-year-old barrack for failing to show up for court in arlington county on the third d.u.i. and 23-year-old crystal, the d.c. police are looking for her in a burglary case. they join ongoing for daniel young who robbed
5:58 pm
gunpoint. and agualar wanted in a manassas murder case. and police say this man robbed a man in woodbridge. set the wall of justice in motion. spotlight is on donald young. d.c. police need your help to find 23-year-old donald young. case that is a warning to all who shop online. police say young agreed to buy a tablet from three men from maryland through the mobile app offer up. when they showed up, the detectives pulled out a gun and robbed all three. >> phone, tablet. any of the items they had on them were gone. >> police say young is 5'5", weighs 125 pounds, black hair, brown eyes and wanted for robbery. detectives want him off the wall of justice to put him behind bars. if you know where young is, call the d.c. police. i'm jennifer donelan, we'll see you next week with the wall of justice. alison: u that. that is
5:59 pm
5:00" -- thank you. that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". we are following three big stories at 6:00, including breaking news in the district. five shot in only two hours. the new information from our police sources. plus, look at this. narrowly escaping. the collapsing side of the building. what is blamed for bringing down the wall in the district. only on 7:00, mail dumped in the sewer. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts with breaking news. announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. maureen: breaking news right now at 6:00. eruption of violence in the district. five shootings in two hours. two people are dead. one has slowed service at georgia avenue
6:00 pm
leon: of the five shootings since noon, four east of anacostia. two turned deadly. the first of the man on texas after near plummer elementary school. the school has been blocked down. no students there were hurt. maureen: separate shooting on 49th street, abc7 confirms a woman was killed. tom roussey just arrived and he has the latest. tom? tom: this is going on behind me. a lot of detectives on the scene at 49th street and b street southeast. this has been confirmed as a homicide. according to a neighbor i talked to. the woman killed was carrying grocery bags, had just gotten back from the grocery store. the body is on the scene and there are grocery bags at the feet of the body.


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