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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, severe weather. tornadoes, large hail and strong winds on the move overnight, flash flooding still a concern right now. and for several days to come, we're tracking it all. one of two brothers accused of killing a couple in washington state is now in custody. >> primary day. voters heading to the polls in two states. bernie sanders hoping for another win while hillary clinton turns her attention to donald trump and the new scandal surrounding the presumptive republican nominee. we're live in d.c. it was a risky rescue when people at the beach jump into action to save a shark.
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good tuesday morning, everyone. we'll start with the severe weather that's on the move right now with at least one tornado touching down overnight. >> the wet and stormy weather will not quit in the southern plains. looking at the radar you can see the massive system in oklahoma and texas. >> yeah, you can see that widespread area of rain and heavy thunderstorms and this was just the start of what's expected to be several days of severe storms. taking aim at the southern plains. overnight a possible tornado touching down along the oklahoma/texas border. this new video showing heavy winds and hail tearing apart trees. further south the flood emergency remaining in corpus christi, this morning after a foot of rain since the weekend. the flash flood threat will remain throughout the week according to accuweather's paul williams. >> surge of gulf moisture is going to make for flooding and flash flood threat all the way to thursday. so this is elongated event even beyond the storms just happening for today. flooding expected
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i-20, i-40 across arkansas, louisiana, mississippi, oklahoma and a good chunk of texas. >> the wild weather also stretching east, cold and blustery conditions in new england. so windy and boston history has fallen. a 160-year-old ben franklin statue toppling over. in maine a record-breaking spring snowstorm. less than two weeks until memorial day and people are digging out with 6 inches of snow on the ground. all of this happening in lay mate. now that late season snow shouldn't stick around too long. temperatures in maine today expected to be near 70. breaking overnight that raging wildfire in canada that had thousands of people three their home, well, they're on the move again. earlier this morning the fire destroyed sections of the city of ft. mcmurray. now it's moving north forcing evacuations at work camps more than 30 miles away. 8,000 oil production workers had to evacuate for a second
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week's long manhuntis partly over. one of those suspects is in custody. tony reed surrendered at the mexic mexican border. his brother john is still on the run. they are suspects in the disappearance and presumed murder of their former neighbors whose bodies still have not been found. turning now to the race for the white house, donald trump is slamming a story about his relationship with women as a fraud and an ex-girlfriend is now taking his side. >> the democrats are facing off again as voters head to the polls in kentucky and oregon. we get the latest from abc's megan hughes in d.c. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton has been fighting hard for one win tonight, specifically in kentucky and she's also looking to the general election. hillary clinton battling in the bluegrass state and looking ahead. >> let's just imagine i'm on a debate stage with donald trump.
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so, let's suppose here's the question, so what is your plan to create jobs? his answer is, i'm going to create them, they're going to be great. i know how to do it. but i'm not telling you what it is i'm going to do. >> reporter: clinton earlier making headlines saying she'd put her husband in charge of revitalizing the economy. now backing off it saying his role has yet to be decided. bernie sanders drawing big crowds in puerto rico which has a primary in early june. >> all: bernie, bernie. >> reporter: on the republican side donald trump still dealing with the fallout from a "new york times" story on his alleged treatment of women. the former model quoted by "the times" coming to his defense. >> he's very much a gentleman and he's polite. thoughtful. >> reporter: the story said when she met the billionaire he asked her to put on a swimsuit and paraded her before
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the paper said she was quoted fairly, accurately. >> they promised it wasn't a hit piece. >> reporter: trump making waves across the pond responding to david cameron's contention that trump's position on muslims was stupid. >> it looks like we won't have a very good relationship, who knows? >> reporter: a group of republicans including mitt romney have been looking for a third party candidate to take on trump, last night ohio governor john kasich said he would not be playing that role. kendis, diane. >> megan, thanks for joining us. a key vote in the senate could provide additional funding for the battle against the zika virus. senators will consider approving just over a billion dollars but a house bill provides just about half that. the white house wants nearly $2 billion and has been fighting with congress for three months now. the virus is predicted to hit the u.s. this summer. and there will be no showdown in the supreme court over the obama administration's rules for cost-free
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the court sent the case back to the lower courts with instructions to explore a compromise and avoids an even split ruling as the high court has only eight justices. president obama says the practical effect of the court's move is that women will still be able to get contraception. the president is defending his directive about school bathrooms for transgender students. the president commented on the issue for the first time since instructing public schools to allow children to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. he said everyone should realize kids who are different or in the minority are potentially subject to a lot of bullying. >> they're vulnerable and i think that it is part of our obligation as a society to make sure that everybody is treated fairly and our kids are all loved and that they're protected and that their dignity is affirmed. >> schools that don't comply
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funds. many republican lawmakers have criticized the directive as an exam of presidential overreach. there was a scene at the white house. the president awarding some 13 police officers with the medal after valor. it is the nation's highest honor for law enforcement. among the recipients were l.a. officer donald thompson who suffered serious burns while pulling an unconscious man out of a burning car and oklahoma officer david huff who confronted a knife wielding hostage-taker saving the life of a 2-year-old girl at a walmart. >> true heroes there. stale had i had, reducing your risk of cancer. possibly by exercising. we'll give you the connection. >> and deadly crash. a pilot making a dramatic call, what he said moments before the plane went down. plus, it was a near miss. an alert driver avoids this collapsing wall. the whole close call was caught on camera.
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a close call for that silver suv as a wall collapsed. the quick thinking driver scooting out of the way just in time. rain apparently weakened the foundation of the old building in washington, d.c. causing the wall to cokocome tumbling down. we expect to get a firm answer today into what led to the fatal amtrak crash a year ago in philadelphia. a source close to the investigation says the engineer was distracted paying too much attention to radio messages about rocks thrown at a philadelphia commuter train. the amtrak train went into a curve too fast. eight passengers were killed in the derailment. the boat two teenagers were in when they disappeared has been transported back to florida. it arrived in a container on a massive cargo ship. the boat was
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bermuda in march more than nine months after the 14-year-olds perry cohen and austin stefanos vanished. cohen's mother is asking authorities to examine the boat as a possible crime scene. the federal government is taking steps to shorten those long airport security lines. the tsa plans to hire nearly 800 new screeners this month and pay for more part-time workers and overtime. but their union says the tsa needs 6,000 more screeners. the long lines have delayed hundreds of flights and caused passengers to miss many more than that. apple may be having a little trouble lately but billionaire investor warren buffett apparently still has faith. his company berkshire hathaway purchased more than a billion dollars of apple's stock. well, that boosted the stock's value by nearly 4%. buffett usually avoids investing in tech companies but one reports others made that critical decision. when we come back racing to the rescue. a group of people at the beach grab a
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tried spraying a large farm field to cut down on that dust. this video just in, a fireball shooting across the sky in maine just hours ago recorded by police dash many kas. some residents reported hearing a large bang and said their homes were shaken by the blast. the meteor was seen in canada and as far south as new jersey. all right. checking today's road condition, expect wet roads up into the rockies and across the central plains to the east coast, flooding is still going to be a problem in much of texas, oklahoma and louisiana. if you're flying expect delays in dallas, houston, denver, new orleans and washington. a prep school graduate convicted of sexual assault could be freed from jail as soon as tomorrow. >> owen labrie admitting to violating his curfew but yesterday a judge said he would allow him to be free on appeal as long as he wears an electronic monitoring bracelet. labrie was convicted of assaulting a 15-y
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prestigious saints paul's school. federal investigators are in mississippi trying to figure out what caused a small plane crash. the aircraft was on its way from texas to virginia when it made a stop in tupelo. shortly after takeoff the plane crashed just half a mile north of 9 airport killing all four people on board. the pilot obviously knew there was a problem. >> we got smoke in the cockpit. we need to come back. >> the coroner plans to use evidence to possley identify the victims. the firehouse is the building that that car is actually skidding into. the crash was caught on the house springs fire department security camera. the firefighters pulled equipment off the trucks to get the passengers out and believe it or not, no serious injuries, but the fire station now needs some extensive repairs. >> i'd say the car, as well. singer sinead o'connor has been found safe. she was
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not returning from a bicycle ride early sunday. two hours after that there was a rambling message posted on her facebook page. she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder more than a decade ago and admitted to having thoughts of suicide and overwhelming fear. it is a first for this country and an incredible transplant, 64-year-old thomas manning has received the nation's first transplanted penis. he had lost it to cancer. the operation at massachusetts general hospital took 15 hours. it was performed last week and now manning says he feels well and hardly has any pain. the operation may help accident victims and some u.s. troops who are maimed by roadside bombs. new research shows exercise plays a key role in the battle against cancer. the national cancer institute confirms moderate to intense exercise lowers the risk for many forms of the disease. smokers and former smokers who exercise cut their risk of lung cancer by
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23% and the danger of breast cancer drops 10%. all right, well, safe to say tiger woods had an under whelming performance. you can see him tee off and that shot lands in the water. >> yeah, so that wasn't supposed to happen. neither was it the second time there which landed in the water. his third shot -- >> three's a charm. >> well, it did a little bit better. hit the bank but then it rolled back into the water. >> now, earlier woods had told reporters he's getting closer to a comeback and hitting the ball better. he did pride himself on consistency, though. >> yeah. >> he got that. >> what kind of comeback is that? he did have consistency. now some playoff excitement to tell you about. >> the highlights for rooms and hockey. >> good morning, america. max and the coach th
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playoffs. we'll start with the nba playoffs. game one of the western conference finals, your mvp, steph curry, russell westbrook, tale of two halves. steph curry is only three points in the fourth. 14 in the first half. but in the second half he and klay thompson could do nothing. kevin durant didn't have a great game but hit a big shot here. he had 26. his partner, westbrook, had 27. but here westbrook, he's going to travel. they don't call it. and the thunder would hit some free throws down the stretch and the thunder steal game one on the road in oakland, 108-102. stanley cup playoffs, game two between the lightning, penguin, sidney crosby and pittsburgh trail 1-0. he hasn't scored a goal in his last eight games but there's a breakthrough. 40 seconds into overtime. first career overtime winner i
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crosby and the series knotted at a game apiece. don't forget, coverage leading up towards cleveland/toronto all day on espn. tip around 8:30 eastern i'm. >> that's going to do it for us. that's max. he's the coach. have a great tuesday. >> all right, sounds good. back at you. up next in "the pulse" some people like to share everything on facebook. but one couple even streamed their child's birth. >> oh, lord. >> speaking of streaming online new proof that we spend way too much time on netflix. o smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix.
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>> a come in california gave birth live on facebook. the delivery captured in realtime and shared by her husband. the video was shot from the stomach up and mostly focused on mom's face. >> so the healthy boy made his entrance 37 minutes into. it racked up tens of thousands of views and congratulations pouring in. >> congratulations to the mom. and there's some indication this morning that we love our streaming video more than just about any other activity. >> i would say says the average user watches netflix for an hour and 40 minutes a day, more than they spend reading or exercising and socializing with friends combined. who knew? >> guilty maybe. >> yeah, all of the above. and how do you feel about surpri surprises? lilly apparently doesn't like them too much. take a look at this letter she wrote. pretending to be her dad trying to find out what
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was. >> dear wife, what did you get for lilly for a surprise again. i for got. please reply here, love dahn. >> give her an "a" for her attempt. >> the swimmers were the one that saved the shark. tangled in a fishing line with a hook in its mouth. the beachgoers brought it to shore, removed the hook and line and returned it to the water. most of the sharks that live near the hawaiian shore aren't that aggressive but still risked being bitten. >> that seemed like a gutsy move but also really nice thing to do. >> after seeing that video of the shark of the woman hooked into that arm, yeah. see how dangerous that could be. >> i wouldn't want to be the guys on the mouth side. >> i'll take the tail. >> i'll be the tail person. >> more news after this.
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break out those umbrellas again. we had a few days off, but we are expecting another round of rain again today. good morning washington. toss to eileen today: cloudy and cool with periods of rain. highs: 56-69 winds: light tonight: cloudy. a few showers. lows: 47-51 winds: light wednesday: mostly cloudy. isolated showers. skies brightening late afternoon/early evening. highs: 63-70 winds: nw 5 mph
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495 @ richie marlboro -- 395 @ duke breaking this morning.
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and killed by a train in burke, virginia. it happened last night around 9:30 near burke lake road and burke road. the 18-year-old was taken to the hospital where she later died from her injuries. inveigators believe this was an accident. and there is no word on what type of train struck her. a deadly start to the week in the district leaves the city searching for answers. mayor bowswers
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separate shootings in the span of four hours..2 of them deadly. later this morning, we will speak with police chief cathy lanier about how police are responding to this spike in violent crime. right now.. police are looking for a man caught recording a student inside the bathroom at the university of maryland. it happened monday in mckeldin library. a student tells police he was using the restroom, when he spotted a camera above him. he confronted the suspect, who fled before police arrived. officers received a description from the student, but have not made any arrests. they are telling student to be on guard, and report any suspicious behavior. a judge in minnesota says anyone claiming to be prince's heir could be subject to d-n-a testing. it comes as the special administator for the late singer's estate requested a way to test anyone claiming to be an heir. potential heirs must also pay for the tests. prince is not believed to have left a will. it's xx and we're just getting starte
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a violent day in the district. a series of shootings in broad daylight--- leave several people dead. now city police are promising action.. the details ahead. final report. federal investigators reveal the cause of a deadly amtrak accident in philadelphia. why they say the engineer didn't know how fast he was going. good morning washington. today: cloudy and cool with periods of rain. highs: 56-69 winds: light tonight: cloudy. a few showers. lows: 47-51 winds: light wednesday: mostly cloudy. isolated showers. skies brightening late afternoon/early evening. highs: 63-70 winds: nw 5 mph
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