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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  May 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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jummy: the rainy may continues. more showers in the region. sure you have the umbrella
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out. doug hill is here timing this out. doug: it looks like we are seeing the back edge of the rain, just about to clear the i-81 corridor. steady rain across the area. heavy rain across the peninsula. light tomorrow rain, steady, will continue to move east. will not be raining the entire afternoon or evening. a close-up of our doppler radar shows we are locked in. the rain is coming to any andy temporarily. a break in the rain, but more coming our way. some areas west of the metro might see the skies brightened a bit. look at the temperatures. 20 degrees below
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home. steady rain moving across the bay. be cloudy and damp and cool. developedes of rain east of the mountains. the question is when will it end? it looks like the afternoon. any chance of a sunny weekend? you have to be kidding. of the rainiming chances going forward. jummy: you can keep track of the downloadn the go, just the free app for the latest radar and rain totals. following new developments this noon. in the year-long investigation into the deadly amtrak derailment outside of philadelphia. the engineerng went from distraction to disaster in a matter of seconds. kennedy has new details we are lea
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suzanne: amtrak engineer brian boston was described as a concerned operator who made a fatal error that caused -- that cost the lives of eight people. the train jumped the track minutes after it left the 30th street station. the crash killed eight people and injured 200. distracted.n was >> he was concerned there might be workers on the tracks, which is something he needed to look out for. he was concerned about the engineer who had requested assistance. suzanne: he became confused about where he was and what he should do next after the
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ntsb board members say the accident could have been prevented by a safety net system. >> ptc was not implemented where occurred.ment if a ptc system had been active there, this train would not have derailed. close to 200 passengers would not have been injured and eight would have been alive today. bryan remains suspended without pay. says more education and simulator training is necessary as well as the installment of positive train control. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. jummy: thank you. we want to switch gears and look at the traffic. we are
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roads. you will see a lot of volume in certain areas. be careful, make sure you have the headlights on. taking a look at what we are seeing in the d.c. area. the freeway looks good. no problems to report. line on theolid inner loop of 18 miles per hour. 355 is where we have the overturned truck. everything moved to the side and they are doing work there. on 66.lems to report good on the gw parkway. 395, slow approaching edsall road, 16 miles per hour. words zones are in place this afternoon. please be cautious and watch for the road spray. that is a look at traffic. alert in thee district after a
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hours. police are investigating five shootings and three stabbings, including one near logan circle. it took place in the last day. with us with is how officials are fighting back. you can see the crime tape. something that has become in a -- that has become a too common site. young lady who was walking by with her boyfriend last night when she says she saw a group of men and minutes late police racing down the block here. an adult male found with multiple stab wounds. the victim is in critical condition. >> he heard the police officers racing down the street. we looked at each other like -- i hope
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those guys. john: the other stabbing, two hours later. a third stabbing, two people stabbed on kennedy street this morning. comes after a violent evening. five separate shootings that started at 1:00 in the afternoon, a man killed near plummer elementary and then a woman on 49th and be street in southeast, gun down while -- gunned down while walking home. >> i am kind of used to it. john: the assault with a deadly weapon with crimes are up 7%. back to you. learned theve identities of the victims of both deadly shootings john talked about. 22-year-old tayvon
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cummings and 45-year-old tracey cooper. talked about this latest crime spree. she says while they are making arrest, many crimes are committed by people who have been through the system. is a smallest issue number of people that are repeatedly involved in these crimes. we are arrest the same people again and again. when they come back to the community, the community asks why we can't have peace. believesief lanier they will close all cases. she says there has to be an analysis of the justice system and how the offenders end up back on the streets. you can use our spot crime map to see what is happening in your neighborhood. go to
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teenager killed by a train in fairfax county. was walking on the tracks when she was struck by the train. it happened just after 9:30. she died at the hospital. else was injured. police are investigating the circumstances. police pursuing a car that ends in a crash. it happened south of the beltway. police were trying to make a traffic stop but the driver took off. police were able to stop the car. arrested ande was taken to the hospital. police say the car was stolen. in the day ahead, family and friends will say goodbye to the killed intwo who was a shooting spree in maryland earlier this month.
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a private memorial will be held in rockville. coming up, two states heading to the polls today. what happens if hillary clinton loses both. a look at a new ad she just launched. a look at airports around the company -- around the country. the solution lawmakers are proposing and the unusual actions airlines are taking. tornadoes to snow, cleanup underway. a look at the damage is coming up. we will look at our local weather. doug will be back.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: a battle in the race for the white house. and bernienton sanders are trying to gain more delegates. all of this while donald trump fends off attacks over his treatment of women. kenneth mouton has the latest. kenneth: it is primary day. tolary clinton is hoping prevent a double loss tuesday against bernie sanders. heckler she took on ahead of the contest. entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts. paceth: a pro-clinton super released its first anti-trump
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trump's own words. kenneth: amazing she can do a hit ad on me when her husband -- was the worst abuser of woman in u.s. political history. severalill run in battleground states. in the investigation into his , theyopriate treatment defended donald trump. executiveime trump backed the report on cnn. [indiscernible] >> donald
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trump blasted the employee. the paper is standing by its story. jummy: officials will release their findings on the north charleston police department. a white police officer was caught on video shooting a black motorist who was running away. airlines are now taking measures to calm passengers as lines continue to grow. it is all thanks to more people flying, tighter security, but no help to run tsa. as threes are as long hours in some places. in chicago, passengers had to spend the night after the last flight left without them. >> could
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that would have been nice. jummy: lawmakers are calling on airlines to drop baggage fees and add more canines. trying authorities are to calm everyone down. in denver, they are offering candy. in seattle, musical performances. seven is on your side with a consumer alert. delta plans to increase fares. plans todelaying expand business because it wants to stop airfares from falling. increased capacity usually means lower prices for passengers. delta is bucking that trend. scandal could shake up the olympic games more. the committee says 31 unidentified athletes were caught in a doping crackdown
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dating back to the 2008 games. they retest of the samples and found positive results. those athletes facing a banned from competing this year. the retests are not over. the committee is retesting samples from the 2012 games. evacuations in alberta, canada, as the wildfire grows. workers near for mcmurray were told to evacuate. hundreds more were told to leave. air quality in that city is at high levels. moving away.been -- 2400t days, it structures have been destroyed. severe weather is causing problems in the heartland. tornadoes reported in oklahoma and new mexico.
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the snow. it returns to the area. in maine, people are digging out. better abouteel the rain we have gotten. it could be snow. doug: we are in a pattern that keeps repeating. when we go into a cold, damp rainy weather, they go into a stretch of dry weather. we need a wholesale change in the upper level patterns of ross the country. a weekappens, it will be or two before we see signs of that. it cleared outet and warmed up by memorial day weekend, we have a shot. in the meantime, not so much. during the day, clouds and more clouds and more rain. the rainfall has not been heavy in most spots, but we had a few areas that have picked up more than others.
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inch. look at the numbers. 53 degrees. is 76, wayh today below the mark. we will stay cloudy. sunshine will be limited. leesburg. 54, andrews and baltimore. este five, reagan national airport. move east.ntinues to heavier rain moves across southern maryland. the rain is coming to an end. is --s cloudy, but there it will take a couple of hours to move across the metro area and the rain will end. this afternoon, cloudy skies. we might get a little clearing or at least some thin spots. it will not have much affect on the weather.
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calm and quiet with showers moving into the overnight hours. showers through the day. one final batch could move through early tomorrow evening and we will see clearing into thursday and friday. rain totals between now and thursday morning, less than half an inch in most areas. number wise, we go 59. that is the best we will muster today. lower 60's tomorrow. thursday and friday, sunshine, highs around 70 degrees. saturday, cloudy. sunshine sunday and monday, but a chance of showers, highs near 70 degrees. jummy: not too bad. coming up, a new study about the dangers of e-cigarettes. plus, how much protection does your sunscreen provide?
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jummy: a health matters alert. a new report shows your sunscreen may not provide as much as much protection as you think. the latest tests and ratings with spf claims of 30 or higher found that 28 tested lower than their advertised protection level. >> the products they looked at for children were coming in at a level of eight. that is below what you should see. apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes
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and reapply every two hours. we are also following a study on e-cigarettes. the number of children under the age of six who were poisoned by the drug nick attained -- the drug nicotine increased. 90% of the cases to the system involved children swallowing the drugs e-juice. coming up, doug is tracking the rain and moving through the region, when it all moves out.
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jummy: the washington monument open at noon. thead power issues in elevator on saturday. a faulty computer chip on the elevator's control board caused the trouble. similar problems shut down the monument twice in march. -- visibilitysy is not good. rain is moving west to east. metro will see the rain ending over the next couple of hours. of forecast calls for a high 59. more rain tonight. tomorrow, rain ending. maybe sunshine by the afternoon. jummy: thank you for joining us.
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>> your heart races, your palms sweat, your adrenaline goes into overdrive, and that's just trying to answer the $500 question. are you ready? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] let's do this. our first contestant beat the "millionaire" computer game when he was just ten years old. now he's finally on our stage, and there is nothing imaginary about this money today. from norwalk, connecticut, please welcome andrew kirkman. [cheers and applause] hey, andrew, welcome. >> great to see you. >> great to see you. that's pretty incredible. when you were ten years old, and no


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