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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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captions paid for by cbs television distribution announcer: this abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jonathan: we begin right away with breaking news from the national mall. michelle: horace holmes live there where a man drove his truck onto it. what do we know? horace: well, the gentleman was saying he was exposed to anthrax. we, of course, because police are exercising a lot of caution a couple of blocks away. if you see the scene in front of the capitol, it's front of the reflecting pool in front of the capitol. a big police presence. d.c. fire, hazmat is also there. we are told by police that the gentleman came, drove his truck in the area, parked it. said he had been exposed to anthrax on a farm in virginia. he came to the area seeking help. we just learned, a couple of minutes ago that
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has take an look at the truck and there is no anthrax on the scene and no anthrax in the truck. we don't know if the all clear has been given at this point. the gentleman is in police custody but they are continuing to investigate. that is the situation as have it now. police on the scene and they have not given the all-clear but they are telling us there is no anthrax in the truck and on the scene. horace holmes, abc7 news. jonathan: when you say abundance of caution, how far away are you? they look like they made two lines to rope off things. horace: yeah. we are about two or three blocks away from where the truck is. the truck is parked in front of the capital. we are going to move after we finish here to get closer with another vantage point of that. they are using caution. they did not know what they were experiencing when they first got here. they have been able to take a look in the truck and through it. and no signs of anthrax, which
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michelle: it's tough to pinpoint the exact vehicle when your photographer zoomed in there. did you see the truck for yourself? is it a commercial truck or a pickup truck? horace: we understand it's some sort of pickup truck. we have not seen it ourselves because we are so far away. let me move out of the way and let us zoom in there, tim, and see what we can see. you see the police presence. and the fire hazmat to the left of your screen is also there. so the truck we understand is right in the middle of your picture. we can't see it from where we are standing. jonathan: all right. we appreciate that. thanks. michelle: we just turned around sound with police. let's listen in to that. >> drove his white truck to the national mall on third and fourth street. he believed he was exposed to anthrax at a farm in virginia. he gathered the substance and drove it onto the mall. let me start that over. sorry.
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out. so this man believes he was exposed to an flax. he brought the substance to the national mall. he had -- let me not say that. michelle: all right. so the officer there reiterating much of what we heard horace say. early in the investigation. a lot we still don't know. jonathan: interesting the guy said it's made on a farm somewhere he had been exposed to it. he drove to capitol to get help instead of the hospital. we'll try to get you more developments. michelle: developing today, though, a high school athlete accused of attempted rape at northwood high school. jonathan: a 17-year-old now is charged as an adult in this case. michelle: this is all happening in silver spring. the victim saying it happened in a school stairwell. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is there. you spoke with the teenage suspect. what did he have to say?
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permission the 17-year-old suspect told us frankly he is innocent. he says according to his perception of this, they met the girl at the locker. they walked hand in hand to a school stairwell where the suspect tells us the two -- here is the keyword here -- willingly engaged in sexual activity before they returned to the northwood high school gym nazzum, laughing and flirt -- gym mazum, laughing and flirting the entire time. the next day the administrators called him to the office and he was placed under are and charged with second-degree rape and two counts of third degree second-degree assault because according to the montgomery county police the suspect forced himself on the girl. tearing off her clothing and ignoring her pleas for him to stop. we have opted not to identify the suspect by name. we blurred out his face. but here is what he told us on camera only a short while ago.
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e >> for her to make it seem as if she didn't know what was going on or if i was trying to force her is outrageous to me. kevin: now all new at 5:00, i will tell you how much prison time the 17-year-old faces if prosecutors pursue the felony charges. and a jury is to ultimately find him guilty. that is all new at 5:00. live in silver spring. i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. michelle: thank you. new at 4:00, two women accused of stealing bags of clothing from a victoria's secret in charles county face charges. you see the video playing out here. they were caught on camera. alison starling at the live desk with how the community helped solve the crime. alison: you probably remember the video. the charles county sheriff office says a lot of tips came in and that helped them identify the two suspects in the video. it prepped april 27. a passerby started recording the video of the women as they
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trash bags full of merchandise from the front display. right in the front there at the victoria's secret. this was in waldorf. officers did receive numerous tips on the potential suspects. so they ended up obtaining an arrest warrant for one of the women. 23-year-old alexis press on the of d.c. charges are pending against a 17-year-old as well. whose name has not been released to the public. so police say they have recovered a number of the stolen items that day. so they are still looking for preston. anyone who has any information knows where she may be asked to give the sheriff's department a call. jonathan? jonathan: all right. thank you. i want to update you now on a story you will see on 7. today d.c. water crews were sent to unclog the sewer line that were plugged up by stacks -- not a few, but stacks of mail. i had been dumped in a catch basin by u.s. postal s
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employee. a neighbor say he watched this morning as the crews collected 15 to 20 bags full of mail from the sewer. it was handed over today to the inspector general's office which is now investigating this. >> i hate to see this happen. but unfortunately we live in a day an age that people do things like that. an official tells us that the regular letter-carrier was off all last week and the problem was discovered when a woman asked the neighbor to help her with a plumbing problem. there was a clog. this is a story we bro
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original reporting log on to the website and search "sewer mail." michelle: if you look outside you can see another gray, rainy day. the stubborn showers won't move out of the area. chief meteorologist doug hill has the timeline when this batch of rain will wrap up and the next one will start. dows every time we look at -- doug: every time we look at the radar, another batch fills in. the steady rain is over. we have patches rain through the evening and steady overnight tonight. the biggest bulk of rain the largest area has passed east of the metro. headed across the bay on the eastern shore. if you look south and east, the heavy showers are. more showers across west virginia and ohio. the cold internet to the west will work through but it will take through the day tomorrow when the rain will finally come to an end around the area. a quick look at the forecast. overnight, you got it. more showers, cloudy. cool. 46 to
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we have sunshine in the forecast. at some point. i promise. we'll deliver it coming up shortly. jonathan: all right. thanks. today trying to pin down a jury proving more difficult than thought? andrew small. they were accused of attacking another couple in 2014. the attacker using a stun gun, tying up the victims and cutting one of them. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is in mclean. what are the big take-aways from today? jeff: well, jonathan, this jury selection process is taking quite some time. we expected a jury to be seated by yesterday. jury selection still going on now. no opening statements today. a lot of the deliberate process is due to the fact that the defense is going with the unusual strategy. this is the strategy arguing that andrew smull when the crime occurred suffered from involuntary intoxication. what they are saying is that smull suffered spinal cord injury in 2012.
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2014 he was so intoxicated on he was so intoxicated on ten medications he didn't understand what he was doing. he did not understand the consequences of his action or the difference between right and wrong. so talking to potential jurors the defense is trying to find out any potential jurors who would accept this explanation as plausible. you can imagine that is not an easy sell. now this defense strategy is not exactly arguing that he is not guilty by reason of insanity but it's not terribly far off. the difference in this case is this a temporary state of mind according to the defense. you imagine a lot of jurors looking at this crime saying if you committed a crime like this, you understood what you were doing. this very violent, essentially hostage situation that went on for several hours involving a stun gun, a stabbing of the victim and the victim's wife. so this is proving to be a difficult process for the defense attorneys trying to find jurors that can be seated. that process is goi
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now. we expect that a jury will be seated by today. and at some point tomorrow opening statements and witnesses will begin speaking inside the courtroom. but if this process of seating a jury is any indication this trial will not be wrapping up soon. we expect it could take at least two weeks. live in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. a crime alert in d.c. five shootings. three stabbings. four victims all within hours of each other yesterday. michelle: really hard to believe. at least two people are dead as a result of all of that. today cathy lanier opening up on "good morning washington." chief lanier: when is enough going to be enough that the community says we won't let them continue to terrorize the neighborhood? jonathan: she said the summer crime initiatives began this month. stephen tschida is in northwest. perception is reality. violent crime is up in d.c. that is according to the latest stats we have.
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we haven't had a stretch of warm weather yet. stephen: it was really troubling day yesterday. the sun came out in harbinger possibly of what we can expect this summer. the violent crime spree touched neighborhood across the city. southeast, northeast and here in northwest. we have a map of where the crimes went down. we can show you the map. two shootings in southeast d.c. were fatal. the one stabbing at the last report the victim was in critical condition. again today, chief cathy lanier saying crime fighting initiatives for this summer already are in place. she does not believe we have anotherry pete where the homicide rate soar and fear set in across the city. we talked to district residents who say they are fed up with crime. here is what one man had to say. take a listen. >> i have my c
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here. it needs to stop. >> what are afraid might happen when you are out here? >> might catch me. i might get shot. this is bad for everybody. stephen: as far as the stabbing that took place here last night, the m.p.d. officers were nearby. someone alerted them to the stabbing. they responded quickly. a suspect is in custody. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank. in "good morning washington" they had a chance to ask a lot of questions you want answered. michelle: one, what is driving this rise in crime? here is one explanation from the chief. chief lanier: the small number of people that are repeatedly involved in the violent crimes. women arrest the same people over and over and over again. when they come back to the community, the community starts to ask why can't we have some peace? >> why are they back on the street? why can't we lock them away for good? >> this is the frustration. i have police officers taking
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every day. and every time they do that, they put their life at risk. you know, we have, we have to take the same person off the street the second time with a gun. now you are putting police officers' lives at risk repeatedly on the same individuals. these are the same people coming back in the community and shooting again. michelle: you can watch the entire interview at and see what crime is like in your neighborhood. not just in d.c. check out the "7 on your side" tab and click on spot crime. you can enter your tip zone and even see -- zip code and see what it is like on your block. jonathan: we are keeping an eye on live breaking news going on. we started the newscast with it. a pick u.n. truck driven by a -- pickup truck driven by a guy up on the national mall on the grass. he got out and said he had been exposed to anthrax made on some farm in rural virginia. what is what he said. as a result and abundance of caution they blocked off three blocks around the truck. we have seen two robots working over
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anthrax. the initial call was no sign of anthrax. this was just a hoax and he needs help. the robots are all over his truck there. michelle: they thoroughly have to check out the situation before they can give the all-clear. our crew remains on scene and we'll update the story in the hour. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a copper head snake strikes in the most unlikely places. video proof that cats have nine lives. michelle: and from bad to just crazy. why the t.s.a. are using clowns to help people get through security lines. jonathan: what is working and what is not when it comes to sun screen? what to buy when the sun finally does come out? we don't know when that will happen. >> a pound of chicken was $5.99 a pound. i came here it was $3.99 a pound. i thought well, that is a huge difference. michelle: and same thing, different price. the eas
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to save on the weekly grocery shopping. jonathan: another live look at the national mall. that truck there, the white pickup truck is being gone over by two robots. law enforcement all over this. after a guy drove up on the grass and said he had been exposed to anthrax. we're following up all kind of leads on this. we will let you know what we come up with after this.
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jonathan: welcome back. a cat in florida after being hit with an arrow. michelle: the photos are graphic. he discovered the wounded animal while mowing the law. you can see in the photo, tough to look at. the arrow is lodged in the cat's head. the x-ray shows how lucky the cat is because the arrow barely missed his brain, eye, major arteries. jonathan: holy cow! >> a pretty stout arrow. thank goodness it wasn't a hunting arrow with the blades that cut through tissue. >> a lot of things lined up for him. miracle and extreme good luck. michelle: my gosh. jonathan: surgery only took a few minutes with the veterinarians but the cat spent a few nights at the hospital. back home and is expected to make a full recovery. you feel good that not only the good vets took care of it and the cat is healthy. who is out there doing that? michelle: so cruel. jonathan: ridiculous. michelle: to
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jonathan: another warning, this is incredibly adorable video. michelle: we need that after that last piece of video, right? firefighters rescued three puppies stuck in underground pipes in california. two women were feeding a female dog, presumably the mother when they heard the puppies crying. the fire department found not one but three puppies in the pipe. they had to use a fire hose and animal snare to get them out. they were named after the firefighters who helped rescue them. jordan, jake, joel. jonathan: goodness! michelle: the cuties are up for adoption soon. jonathan: this is a terrible surprise for shopper looking to spruce up the garden. he got bit by a copperhead snake. wait until we tell you where it happened. the vennous snake popped out of a tree in the garden
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store outside of charlotte. ther is pant came out of the tree -- serpent came out of the tree. the fire department posted this picture to facebook. not clear how the customer is doing today or how the snake found his way up the tree at the lowe's. michelle: i'm thinking fake plants from here on out. you wouldn't find me back there. jonathan: time now for a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan joining us now. that would be unsettling to see a snake drop out of a tree at a lowe's. jamie: i would be so far in the parking lot jumping in my car at that point. a lot of people in their car this afternoon sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. 9-mile-per-hour is the average. it's a seven-mile backup from 95 closer to route 355. the earlier crash there is gone. just under 35 minutes. live look. you get an idea near connecticut avenue. the roads are wet. there is closer to new hampshire avenue. with eare moving at the normal pace -- we are moving at the normal pace.
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in afternoon. heavy traffic as well on the inner loop from tysons to the 270 spur. in d.c., police activity closing down third street northwest between constitution avenue and independence avenue. we will take a live look to show you near the national mall. we have crews here on scene. a lot of police activity. with a man who drove his truck on to the national mall. that is why the closure is in place. fourth street is a good alternate to use. talk about how slow we are in the other areas. if you are heading north on 95 in maryland, 41 minutes to the baltimore beltway. southbound 395 congested. let's move to the waze map to talk how slow we are on d.c. 295. this is near the 11th street bridge. we pull out. heavy traffic continuing south. working your way closer still. you can see the solid red line toward the national harbor. heading out of the city. yes. very slow this afternoon. and wet. back to you. jonathan: "7 on
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health matters alert for you now. michelle: alison is joining us now. your sun screen must provide as much protection as we think. alison: we don't need it today per se. it's been a while. but we will eventually need sun screen. this is important information. because of course sun screen is supposed to protect you from the u.v. rays. harmful u.v. rays. a new study out from "consumer report" shows some might not do their job. it tested 65 water resistant lotions, sprays and sticks. all that have s.p.f. claims of 30 or higher. you know what? 28 of them tested below their advertisedded sun protection level. three lotions claiming s.p.f. 50 tested at s.p.f. 8. >> s.p.f. is the sun protection factor. it will tell you how good it is to protect you from the rays that cause burn. the s.p.f. of 30 would al
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times longer without anything else without burning. alison: top performers -- this is a long title. that is one. jonathan: it sounds expensive. michelle: it does. alison: number two, pure sun defense. number three is banana boat sun comfort continuous spray. jonathan: i can remember that. alison: and number four is aveno. protect and hydrate s.p.f. 30. there you go. something for everyone in that list. yeah, you have to think about it. especially when little kids. they run around and sweat and get in water. you have to keep reapplying. jonathan: a lot of times with the kids you buy cheaper stuff. store brand kind and think it's good stuff. not so much. alison: some of them are but read into it a little bit. michelle: i can't wait for day when we need it. jonathan: i know. thank you. alison: sure. jonathan: we have somebody to turn t
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doug: yes, me. friday we will need it. michelle: okay. jonathan: between the hours of what? doug: between 9:00 and 4:00. then you won't need it again until tuesday of next week. we are in that pattern. get started here. live look at the wheel. bright spot in the sky. but it is still cloudiness across the potomac river looking northwest. 55 degrees. running 21 degrees below average now. temperatures. but the steady rain ended the metro area. but there are more patches to deal with. typically on a may afternoon like this we would be in the low 70's with the sunny skies. we are only in the mid-50's. upper 50's like leesburg. well, leesburg and hagerstown at 57. everybody else is cooler. 53 in baltimore. 55 in fredericksburg. 54 at andrews air force base. closer look at the temperatures in the metro. 48 in georgetown. ashburn is 49. 48 in largo. 51 in brentwood neighborhood of the city. the temperatures are not going to change much. the rain which is fa
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of moving eastward all day. we had for a while kind of a sheer back edge. it looked like the rain would stop. every time the main area moved east. new area of rain would form behind it. while it won't be a steady rain this afternoon and this evening, if you have plans for dinner and a show, whatever you'll do. umbrellas, slickers with you. the period of rain is likely. the future cast shows that on the overnight we have a chance of staying rain free. by early in morning the rain is back. the next area moves in to be with us through the rush hour. it may taper off at times in the afternoon. later wednesday afternoon scattered showers. wednesday night, scattered showers around the area. thursday looks promising with breaks in the overcast. more showers develop in the afternoon. friday is your day. with a chance of sunshine here. look how the temperatures pop up here with sun. 74. but then he said with an anticipation of resignation in his voice, saturday. oh! cloudy. cooler. rain likely. michelle: miserable. doug: sct
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and monday. then back to sunshine on tuesday. jonathan: do you realize the softball league we play on saturday. we haven't played in three weeks. by the time we start playing it will be out of season. doug: time for flag football. michelle: you know we complain about the weather but liberty and freedom, the guys, the resident eagles are at the national arboretum and they live in it every day. they could be flying not too long from now. keeping an eye on the nest there. we have seen them perch there on the edge of the nest. seeing what is out there. how high up they are. looking for the sun perhaps. jonathan: do you realize they would already be accomplished flyers if we had more sunny days? they have to stay in the nest because of the weather. michelle: all the problems with the rain. jonathan: still ahead for us at abc7 news -- you know the hashtag by now. #ihatethewait. >> are you [bleep] kidding me, t.s.a.? jonathan: ouch. long lines, endless waits and missed flights. i have a head, how some
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your pain and four steps you can take to make travel less stressful. michelle: the u.s. military hasn't used draft measures in decades but a plan to overhaul it hit a stumbling block. millions of americans will remain ineligible despite a shift in military culture. we'll explain at 4:30. right her
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hi, everybody. we're here in the "7 on your side" phone bank and doing ask the veterinarian. i'm dr. katie nelson, the abc7 veterinarians. we have veterinarians here manning the phone from caring hospital. the phone number is 703-236-9220. call in. ask questions about your pets. anything you're curious about. we'll be here to answer them from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. we'll be here ready and waiting. 703-236-9220. jonathan: dr. katie, thank you. ahead on abc7 news -- overhaul to military draft policy blocked on the hill. the millions who are ineligible. and will remain ineligible. we'll explain it to you. michelle: plus, venting about the t.s.a. on social media. you know the hashtag. #ihatethewait. >> are you [bleep] kidding me, t.s.a.? michelle: long lines, seemingly endless waits and missed flights. how some airports are trying to ease your pain and four steps you can take to make travel less stressful.
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jonathan: we continue to follow the developments going on right now on the national mall as breaking news. a guy pulls up in that pickup truck. jumped out and said he had been exposed to anthrax. and as a result they shut down a big section of this area of the national mall near the capitol. robots are now going over the truck and they are trying to figure out if there is any trace or sign of anthrax. we'll let you know what we find out as soon as we get any developments on th
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jonathan: new pictures from the national mall. the robots now have opened the door of the truck and they are inspecting the interior and looking for any sign of anthrax because the driver said he had been exposed to it. so far there is no word that he has. in fact firefighters made sure the guy was clear before he was taken into custody. as far as the truck, as soon as we get word about what they find there, we will let you know. stay with abc7 for updates on the incident. back to weather. doug is here with the forecast. we are changing the zip code from arlington, d.c., maryland to iceland. doug: that will work. same weather. same temperature. same sky condition. that work. as far as what is happening, no major changes this afternoon or tonight. we are
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you can see what is happening. raindrops on the camera lens. we have a new patch of rain. tomorrow the highs are only 61 degrees. thursday showers in the morning. friday is nice. it's bike to work day so perfect timing with the sunny day coming up. sunshine. 50's in the morning. that is the latest. back to you. michelle: thank you. the "7 on your side" phone bank asks the veterinarian is now open. call 703-236-9220. to ask questions about your pets or if you're ready to take the plunge and become a pet owner.
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as volunteers from caring hands animal hospital to answer phones for you. again the number on the screen is there. we are here until 6:30 tonight. jonathan: well, the republican-led house rules committee now removed provision from the annual defense policy bill that would have requiredded women to sign up for a military draft. texas representative pete sessions says that the action was taken to prevent what he called a reckless bill from progressing. however, a senate bill includes a version of the provision. the bill was originally introduced to prompt discussion after the pentagon decision to open all front line combat jobs to women as well. michelle: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. while delta is paying less, they want you to spend more. the airline says it is delaying plans to expand the business because it wants to start air fares from falling. all of the major u.s. airlines had plans to expand capacity to try to take advantage of low fuel prices. that means lower prices per
4:38 pm
passenger. so delta is delaying plans to expand and hopes to increase fares this year. alison: speaking of airlines, michelle. there is mounting frustration at airports all across the country. endless lines. even o'hare tweeted out this morning give yourself three hours in chicago. thousands of would-be passengers are missing their flights. some are forced to stay overnight. now some airports are taking extreme measures to try to calm the angry passengers. even bringing in animals. passengers have had it up to here. they are posting videos all over the internet of the crazy long lines at the airports. all to shame t.s.a. >> are you [bleep] kidding me, t.s.a.? alison: with wait times as long as three hours hours in soe places it's no surprise people are missing their flights. >> it's crazy. they should be a solution with this. alison: in chicago, 450 passengers who paid good money had to spend the night sleeping on
4:39 pm
last flight out left without them. >> not the greatest. i could have used a bed. that would have been nice. >> it's a hassle. alison: the airport authority caught up in the middle. in denver they are offering passengers candy in line. in seattle and atlanta musical performances with snacks. in kentucky, miniature therapy horses to help calm your nerves. in san diego, they are bringing in the clowns. >> there has to be a better way. alison: today lawmakers are calling on the airline to drop baggage fees and add more k9's to speed things along. >> you don't have to take off your belt, coat, shoes because they can smell explosives. alison: how can you cut down your time and others? here are summer travel recommendations. if you are headed to the beach wear flip-flops or something easy to slip on and off. know the 3-1-1 rule. 3.1 answers
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passenger. liquid, gels, creams are among the biggest holdups they say. also empty your pockets before you get in line. don't wait until you get right up to the body scanner. they say then you are slowing yourself and others down. and finally, arrive early. scrambling, asking to cut in line in front of everyone else just makes them wait longer. frankly makes them upset with you. back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks. we have an update on last year's deadly train derailment outside of philly. the ntsb says the engineer was distracted by radio transmission from the operator of another train whose windshield was shattered by a rock. nonetheless, investigators also say the train was traveling above the legal speed limit when it went in a zone of curved tracks before derailing and never slowed down. of the more than 200 passengers and crew on the train, eight people were killed. dozens of others were hurt. in an emotional afternoon for the family of claudina molina.
4:41 pm
she was shot and killed friday may 6 in a giant parking lot in laurel. police say it was part of eulalio tordil's two-day rampage. two other people were killed. three others injured. molina moved to the united states with her family from bolivia. service held at the shine of st. jude in rockville before her burial. michelle: scholastic art and writing award has gone to well-known artist like stephen king and andy warhol. tonight we are introduced to two local high school students who can add their names to the list. kellye: the words 18-year-old rachel paige reads are her own. >> their faces were period at the end of sentences. kellye: the wilson high school senior exhibited a gift for storytelling when she was 2. before she could put words on paper the stories spilled from her tiny body. >> it's the way i express myse.
4:42 pm
it's also the way i see the world. >> her writing is amazing. because she spends a lot of time thinking about stuff before she writes it. so she is a really good listener. kellye: her abilities earned her numerous accolades, including the 2016 scholastic art and writing gold medal portfolio award. students from around the country submitted more than 300,000 works of art and writing samples. but only 16 high school seniors received the program's highest award. which carries a scholarship of $10,000. >> it hurt me to see people the same as me being bashed. kellye: 17-year-old rashan uses images of women in the traditional hijab head scarf to dispel myths about muslims. the oak tonics senior stresses her love of faith and country. >> she started to reach inside herself and show us who she was and what she believed
4:43 pm
she taught us a lot. kellye: work embraced by the judges who awarded her the same $10,000 scholarship. >> it's a good feeling because it feels like you are valueded. you are worth it. kellye: kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the surprising difference in prices from market to market and what you should look out for in your neighborhood as a sign there might be better prices out there for you. michelle: but first, we all know how cute pandas can be. but it turns out they have a naughty side. how the zookeeper tries to keep the cubs under control. jonathan: basket case right ther
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michelle: raking leaves can be unbearable task. tricky if you have friends like this. it becomes less bearable to throw in pandas. jonathan: the zookeeper had to jump in the bears as they were jumping in the bucket of leaves. the pair worked in tandem. one distracts while the other one jumps for the basket. michelle: no word if they were able to clean up the leaves. jonathan: no, they didn't get to it. michelle: they are so cute, though. you can't get mad at them. jonathan: no. climbing in the basket. no, i want to play in the basket. that is really cute. michelle: they live to play. jonathan: the leaves are still out there. michelle: probably, right. i could watch that all day. jonathan: still ahead for us -- michelle: bargain hunting isn't just for big ticket items. you mightw
4:47 pm
the grocery store. surprising disparity in prices from store to store. neighborhood to neighborhood. when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns.
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jonathan: the woman who was taken to the hospital after being bit by a nurseer shark is out of the hospital. she was taken to the hospital with the fish clinging to her arm. the woman took the shark home when released from the hospital. she buried it. she didn't stuff it and put it on the mantle to say it didn't get away. she buried it and gave it a proper burial. michelle: when people have dogs and they say, "he doesn't bite." he has teeth. he bites. >> mine wouldn't. yours wouldn't. jonathan? jonathan: mine might. every dog would bite if they had to but most loveable and don't bite.
4:51 pm
delightful compared to yesterday. more rain on the way. but it looks fantastic out there with the greenery. not so green in this picture. national harbor. breaks in the clouds. it's 55 degrees right now. the temperatures across the area now are in the middle 50's. the further north and west toward montgomery county, western maryland. it's finally beginning to dry out a little bit. mid-40's to lower 50's for overnight lows. for day tomorrow, grab an umbrella. yet again. it's not going to be a wash-out. the daytime highs around 60 degrees or so. warmer. looking ahead to the weekend. a lot going on. we have the miranda lambert concert at jiffy lube live on saturday. temperatures will be in the 60's. saturday we could see heavier rain in the afternoon and the evening hours. sunday morning waking up for the walk to cure arthritis. temperatures rebound from the upper 50's to the middl
4:52 pm
yes, we are talking about a little bit of sunshine on the way. and the inaugural d.c. bike ride. that is also on sunday with temperatures eventually making it into the middle 60's. a wet tuesday afternoon. it's almost evening in washington. the impact on the roadways, what does it look like? jamie: it's impacting us. we are seeing the heavy traffic everywhere. you add in that. i want to begin, though, with a live look of the national mall. the closure in place with the police activity with the truck. along the national mall. the area we have blocked off on third street northwest. constitution avenue to independence avenue. fourth street northwest is the best action as the alternate. when the roads are wet, you see that in d.c. 395, 32 minutes from the 14th street bridge continuing south to beltway. single digits past tysons to american legion bridge. live look at the american legion
4:53 pm
sluggish ride. jonathan: too many headlights. we continue ahead to 4:00. grocery shopping is like house hunting. location, location, location. how you can use that to save the next time the fridge is running low. michelle: then, new at 5:00. >> you wouldn't believe how much mail was pulled from the sewer. i'm mike carter-conneen. update to the story you will only see on 7. michelle: a reminder, we are keeping an eye on the breaking news situation at the national mall. a man driving that truck to the national mall claiming to have an flax -- anthrax inside. we'll
4:54 pm
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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john: grocery are in the neighborhood but you can find more. this busy mom, every penny counts when you shop for groceries. >> we try to make the dollar stretch.
4:57 pm
john: she couldn't believe her eyes when chicken breast was higher at one store compared to another nearby. >> a pound of chicken was $5.99 a pound. i came here. it was $3.99 a pound. i thought well, that is a huge difference. john: she is not the only viewer to complain to us. charlotte wilson told me the same thing two years ago. finding grapes for $1.76 a pound at one wal-mart and just 92 cents at another wal-mart. >> consumer should be aware of the fact they have a large discrepancy in the prices. john: she says several produce items at her wal-mart were more expensive at the other wal-mart ten minutes away. i'm discovering you may be paying more. simply because of where you live. to find out we compared prices at 16 grocery stores from four chains on the same day. we chose nine popular grocery items ranging from chicken to dry goods to fruit. the results? we found most prices uniform in the same chain. our big grocery chain had only one price
4:58 pm
discrepancy with chicken breasts ranging from $2.26 to $3.83 a pound. one wal-mart had the cheapest bananas, 38 cents a pound opposed to more than 50 cents at the other stores. wal-mart referred us to the website. there under the frequently asked questions wal-mart explains the prices may vary from store to store because each store must manage its own inventory and compete with local merchants. so if there is a target down the road that wal-mart will probably have lower prices. bottom line, most major grocery chains tend to have the same prices in a region. we did find several lower prices in the one neighborhood with three competing grocery stores. plus a target and a sam's club within one mile. remember your t
4:59 pm
it's not worth to drive 15 minutes out of your way to save a couple of dollars. john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight. a high school athlete charged with sexual assault. >> i wasn't forcing her. even afterwards she was still smiling. leon: only on 7, the accused teenager's version of what went on in a school stairwell. a clean-up crew arrived at the scene of a small mail dump. it turns out to be the dip of a dirty smelly iceberg. "7 on your side" consumer alert. be careful with bike share. >> whoever is going to read the 333 pages. leon: the leisurely wide might empty your wallet. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. leon: that breaking news is from d.c. where a robot and hazardous materials team now are helping to inspect a pickup truck a man drove onto the national mall. this is all at third street and madison drive outside the national gallery of art. horace holmes has been there live on the scene for the last hour and a half.
5:00 pm
what is going on right now. what is the word? horace: we have a good look at it. close to the truck. behind me with the white pickup trucks on the doors open. there are police robots that have been scanning the truck for the past hour or so. we understand that they have found and determined that truck to be clear of any dangerous substance. what happened was a man drove that truck onto to the grass there at the mall. earlier this afternoon. claimed that he had been exposed to anthrax on a farm in virginia. he said he wanted help. what ended up happening was the police took him into custody and took him into decontamination tent to the left of us here. then they have since transported him to the hospital. they are looking still, investigating that truck. they swabbed the gentleman down, tested him for any dangerous substance. they say he is clear. there is no anthrax on hi


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