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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 18, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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david kerley, abc news, washington. now, to a major milestone for the nation's military. eric fanning has been confirmed as secretary of the army making him the highest ranking openly gay official at the pentagon. the vote had been delayed for eight months because of an unrelated disagreement between kansas city pat roberts and the white house over the closing of guantanamo. and gay rights advocates are praising a proposal by mexico's president to legalize same-sex marriage. the proposal would require an amendment to the mexican constitution. top catholic leaders criticized the president's call and urged lawmakers to listen to their conscience and vote against it. new numbers from the cdc reveal a hick drop in the number of americans without health insurance. by the end of last year, number of uninsured adults had fallen to just over 9% down from 16%ness 2010 when obamacare went into effect. a major new report finds that genetically engineered foods are safe for
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animals to eat. gmo foods did not lead to an inreese of cancer, obesity or host of other health issues. >> the growing controversy over transgender barge use is met mostly with a shrug in this seattle school district. yesterday there were celebrations as the district opened its latest gender neutral bathroom. nearly half of the city's public high schools have restrooms that can be used by people of any gender with one dating back to the 1990s. facebook ceo mark zirk berg has an important meeting at the network's head quarters. more than a dozen top conservatives will be there to discuss allegations that facebook intentionally downtown played stories reflecting conservative vusz. zuckerburg berg denied the bias. and a senior bank of america executive says her employer isn't very open top women executives. the lawsuit by megan messina calls the bank a bs
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underpays women and claims improper activity harped clients. when she complained she alleged bank of america retaliated by suspending her. it's been a big week for formerly conjoined twins at a corpus christie hospital. the little girls along with their triplett sister celebrated their first birthday. >> they were dressed in big tutus for their "frozen" theme party, of course. they're expected to go home from the hospital today. it was just a month ago they were successfully separated. at that time, doctors thought they were going to be in the hospital for a lot longer than that. >> they have been more the most part, she is same doctors and nurses have been caring for them pretty much since their birth. >> look at their little outfits. >> it was a "frozen" theme. nice? is there any kids birthday party right now that isn't "frozen" themed? everyone i know having a birthday party for their kids, "frozen." coming up, w
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side of the tracks is being called unconstitutional. a court is ordering a school district in mississippi to desegregate. >> how secure is your home? the surveillance video that may give you chills this morning. our security expert puts one family to the test. but first, a look at today's temperatures and things are warming up finally in the northeast. >> whoo-hoo. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by my pillow.
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ath. lurping) dishes. every dish, every time, only finish has the powerball to take on anything. rescue off the pacific coast. two people and their dog were saved after their boat went up in flames off malibu, california. they were forced to jump into the water about a mile from shore. luckily, another boat rush in to help them. fire boats then put out the flames. no one was hurt. still no word on what started that fire. there's improvement for african-americans but apparently not
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the conclusion of the report from the national urban league. it shows slight improvements in economics, het, social justice and civic engagement and much better than 40 years ago when the first report was issued. blacks still lag in homeownership. a court forcing a controversial move in a mississippi town. >> you have two high schools. one nearly 100% black, the other historically predominantly white being ordered to integrate. not everybody's happy about it. abc's steve osunsami with the story. >> reporter: the court order sounds damning, and forces the cleveland, mississippi, school district to combine schools, creating new ones that aren't so racially separate. east side high, for example, that's 100% african-american, would merge with cleveland high, that's predominantly white. but here's a wrinkle. the black school is the one with better scores. take a look at a map of the town. an old railroad line divides it. schools with the most white students are on this side of the tracks, schools almost entirely
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black are on the other. some families worry that bussing students around will encourage more white families to leave. >> bad idea, because you're trying to force kids to go to schools they don't want to go to and it's going to cause people to move or go to a different school. >> reporter: no one is accusing current school officials of willfully segregating children like it was 1950, but federal officials say they're not doing enough to keep schools from becoming segregated on their own. it's an issue across the country. here's a look at some of the most segregated states for black students. new york, california, illinois and maryland top the list. in a statement, mississippi school officials say they plan to appeal. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> that's an interesting one. >> it is an interesting one. it's been a long process to try to integrate there particular district. it started about 50 years ago about, 12 years after brown v board of education. it's still an ongoing matter. >> and a heated one, right. >> not a lot of
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looking forward to it. >> 29% of the students are white, 67% black and the remainder considered asian or hispanic. coming up, keeping your home safe. how prepared are you if this happens in your home? the surveillance video that may surprise you. >>
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♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me ♪ ♪ and i have no privacy oh, oh ♪ i always feel like >> apparently somebody may be watching. >> you is that right? >> yes, when you're home and worried about this, we all have these paranoid dreams about it. your home may it be a lot more vulnerable han you think. >> how prepared are you against home invaders? our expert put one family's home to the test
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>> reporter: watch as this home security camera captures someone outside ringing the doorbell and moments later a crash. two intruders are now inside. in this home break in, they claimed to be police. >> we've got a search sfwheernt at least one appears to be carrying a gun. are you prepared if it happens to you? jeannette brady and her husband raised their husband in this beautiful home. williamsburg, virginia. security not exactly the first thing on their minds. all in all, we feel pretty secure here. >> reporter: secure enough to allow safety and security expert bill stanton permission to conduct a test. >> when i'm looking around the house, i'm looking for vulnerable points. >> reporter: with their permission, stanton is testing the security of their home to see if he can break in just like a common burglar. >> what jumped out at me, when you went around back there were many, many points of entry. front door, side
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but then came the moment that the ureka moment. there was a ladder in the garage that i was going to use to get into the house. >> stanton also uses some technology to help his cause. and with the family's explicit permission. >> i took a gps and i put it on her car. so this way, i could track her. >> reporter: the very next day when jeannette was out, stanton put his plan into action. >> i knew my best shot is on the second story. because most people cro overwhelmingly neglect second and third stories in their home because they don't think anybody's going to go to the trouble to get that up high. right now, i'm casing the place. >> reporter: and why is he so calm in remember that gps he put on jeannette's car. >> i see they're on the other side of town. >> reporter: he knows exactly where she is and he has plenty of time. >> this looks
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>> reporter: when jeannette does come home, a surprise she wasn't expecting. >> excuse me. i'm going to give you a b minus on the home. here was the mistake. the alarm wasn't set. your garage was left open. and what do we have in the garage? a ladder. and i used. >> you got my ladder. >> i used your ladder to get into your house on the second floor where one door, one entry point was open. >> i'm in. >> interesting. you think maybe your area it's in the suburbs there is secure and safe. >> you always think people would see something. they would say something. a lot of times your neighbors assume it's someone doing work on the house. in addition to setting the alarm, try to create the illusion someone's home. >> they say install a motion detection devices inside and outside of your houses. i have one in my home that captured nothing but a ghost. >> a ghost. haunted. and don't count o
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unless the dog is trained. the ghost on the other hand will scare the bejesus out of you and any burglars that try to breaking inning. >> true story.
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k-y touch. ♪ i downloaded trump's wall to try to figure out what it is. you basically try to build a wall while he quotes and says i'm rich. deal with it. let me tell you, i'm really a smart guy. >> someone made this app. >> this is an app in a
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you try to build -- it's one of the top free apps out there. >> technology. >> switching gears, in boston this week, a 13-year-old boy has been given a hero's salute for waging and winning a nearly impossible bat. >> it was a surprise planned by his aunt and her fellow soldiers.our boston station has the story. >> reporter: good news marched into dorchester. it paraded up washington street turned left on to lynnville terrace. and stopped at the front door of a clearly surprised krista lopez. army soldiers saluting the 13-year-old boy who has battled and defeated stage 47b cancer. >> we just wanted to thank chris for fighting one of the biggest battles ever in life. >> reporter: christian's aunt a retired army master sergeant put the march together had a hard time keepi
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>> chris i salute you. you're a true, true soldier. >> reporter: the young soldier was then given his gear. >> you have the united states army, we present you with a pair of acus, an army uniform. >> reporter: he was presented patches earned by these very soldier who's fought for us all. >> these are all the different patches that all these guys have served in combat. >> reporter: like a patch, the 13-year-old's emotions on full display. each soldier thanking christian. he reciprocated. >> i appreciate you guys coming out here to do this for me. >> reporter: not all soldiers wear uniforms, not all battles fought on foreign land. christian soldiering through his own war and coming out victorious. >> thank you, i appreciate it and god bless. >> you our thanks to read lamberti of our boston station for that report. apparently the mayor declared christian lopez day. >> congrats.
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this morning on "world news now," the race for the democratic nomination continues. >> overnight, bernie sanders energized by his big win in the west refusing to give up. as hillary clinton hopes she can collect more delegates from the kentucky primary but sanders promising to fight on till the convention. and many communities across the south are feeling rained out this morning after more downpours caused flash floods closing roads and threatening drivers. plus, heavy winds and funnel clouds destroying property. this frightening scene in new york city as a truck fire ignites underneath railroad tracks. some trains continued passing through the fire and smoke and even as the rails started to melt. thousands of commuters trapped for hours. imagine spend agentire day doing pullups.


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