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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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officer noah leotta. pictures of the december 3 scene released for the first time today. show leotta's damaged squad car. including a front door bent forward and the fuel flap sheered off. reluzco's s.u.v. had a spider webbed windshield where officer leotta was hit and thrown 27 feet. witnesses describe seeing smoke. >> noah i can't get back. kevin: today marks the first time the family saw reluzco in the flesh. >> i was preparing for it. i didn't look at him much. i didn't, you know, there is no vengefulness. i can't get my son back. but there needs to be appropriate punishment for crimes people commit. kevin: on the evening of the crash, reluzco says he took a xanax pill, smoked pot and opened a tab at the rockville hooters. he was so impaired the prosecutors say reluzco had no idea he hit
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the attorney says his client is remorseful. >> from the day this happened through this day, he has had problems handling what he has done. kevin: his defense attorneys went on to say that the client supports the d.u.i. laws in maryland including noah's law. luis reluzco will be sentenced in august and faces up to ten years in prison. we're live in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: kevin, virginia is making some changes to its ignition interlock law. the measure is designed to stop drunk driving, of course. this week governor mcauliffe approved an adjustment to mandate those devices come with cameras. that will ensure that the person who is operating the car is also the one taking breathalyzer test. in maryland, governor hogan is set to sign ig neg interlock
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tomorrow in annapolis. leon: to breaking news now about the fiery crash at the silver diner two weeks ago. the man hit by the hummer died. jeff goldberg is live outside the restaurant tonight and he has had the latest on the sad development, jeff. jeff: they have announced that 76-year-old andrew sheren died after injuries from the fiery crash from two weeks ago. witnesses tell us that mr. sheren was walking in the silver diner and pinned between the hummer s.u.v. and that white column in between the two doors. here the video we have seen.
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his wife had made it inside the moment before he was walking in the diner. suspect and the driver of the hummer, benazir bhutto of springfield is -- abutoh of springfield. he had been on bereavement leave. we don't know why he drove in diner and tried to light the vehicle on fire. he is charged with the malicious wounding and felony destruction of property. the charges are likely to be upgraded as a result of the fact that mr. sheren has died from this crash. the silver diner opened up a few days after crash. no official word from the diner as a result of today's news about the death of mr. sheren. speaking with employees inside. they are heartbroken to hear theer thal news.
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alison: allegation of bullying in the fire department swirled to surface since the death of nicole mittendorff. before we covered the development in the silver diner crash, jeff goldberg was there when some of mittendorff's colleagues came forward to defend the department. jeff: in the month since mittendorff's suicide -- >> it's difficult for everybody. jeff: female firefighters in the county believe the department has unfairly been portrayed as unfriendly place for women. >> as a woman, i'm not afraid to come to work. i am not ashamed to be a member of the fire department. >> in general i have always found the department very supportive. jeff: following mittendorff's death last month, blog posts on the website fairfax underground raise questions about bullying against women in the fire house. the post dating back to december were purportedly written by male firefighters and were critical of mittendorff's personal actions and behavior. last week, fairfax co
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lawsuit claiming that for years she was subjected to sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. just yesterday the fairfax county board of supervisors agreed to fire a third party consultant to assess working conditions within the department. focusing on equal employment issues, mental health assistance and morale. board chair thinks an independent perspective is needed. and even if she does believe the culture is healthy and strong. >> i expect that we will learn of some situation where that is not the case. we want to know that and address it. >> we are a family. like any family we have some black sheeps. jeff: these firefighters say the so-called black sheeps -- >> i have had nothing but positive experiences. jeff: -- will not break the family apart. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: online threat raising concerns on a number of different campuses today
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schools in fredericksburg today and even harvard business school had to evacuate buildings there for a bomb threat. in bowie closer to home, someone took to twitter to threaten high school there. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in bowie. we look at the calendar. you have to wonder if this is a matter of kids trying to get out of tests or whatever. what are the police doing about this? are they taking it seriously? brad: they have no choice in this day and age to take it seriously. something else about this incident police thought they knew who sent the tweet. as it turned out they didn't. they have not identified the person so they don't know the intent. one other thing, power of social media. i will do a quick demonstration. i will send a tweet of my own. when come back after the story i'll show you what has happened since, the point police are make when kids send something, everything is out of their co
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at the bowie high school, heavy police presence. police officers at the ready just in case. reaction to a single tweet. this one posted yesterday by someone calling themselves unknown kid 18. threatening. "i will be shooting the annex up. don't come to school." it got a reaction. the school resource office every and detectives questioning a number of students tracing the source of tweet to a certain wi-fi location. tracking the sender. the tweet shared among the school community. the principal sending robo call declaring it a prank. police however have no choice but to take the threat seriously. and beef up a message of their own to students in the social media age. >> they need to remember that the internet is forever. when you put something out there, you can't untweet something. you can't call it back from the internet. the society we live
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accordingly if there is a threat. >> according to the school system attendance today is near normal. the school day. and dismissal at 2:25 without incident. now joining you back live, i sent that tweet just a little over a minute ago. it has been retweeted four times. there it goes again. the bottom line is when a young person hits "send" on this thing they have no idea who is going to see it. police absolutely have to take et virally because this entire community can feel worried about what they have read on twitter. bottom line today, nobody hurt. police have backed down. dismissal, the school day, everything went fine. in bowie, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you, brad. the 1900 block of h street and 1800 of northeast is back open after a tree fell this morning. it hampered the morning commute. this has been r
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road has been reopened. the skies reopened briefly. we saw sun this afternoon. alison: it was nice and bright. how long will it stick around? chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a check on the forecast. we love that, doug. doug: it was a nice break. probably most areas won't see much sunshine for the rest of the day. may not see much more until tomorrow afternoon. in the short-term encouragement in the forecast. watching showers all day to the west. moving northeast. not to the metro area. while there is a chance of isolated sprinkle or shower, this evening and tonight better chances anything like that will hold off until much later tonight. zoom in and show you the areas. the winchester, this is all west of the metro washington area. pullback on the doppler to show there are a few more showers downstream. keep an eye on it. perhaps tomorrow morning there could be an isolated shower. after that, a dry day. 47 to 55 overnight. morning showers. and then we will see the cloudy skies and maybe
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afternoon. weekend check in a few minutes. alison: we'll see you then. meanwhile tonight, developing, two powerful earthquakes again rattled ecuador. the first measured 6.7. near the area where a 7.8 quake just last month killed hundreds of people. another earthquake hit measuring 6.8. it's not known how much damage was caused by the quake. leon: officials at medstar georgetown joined forces with c.s.x. and the government to take part in full-scale disaster emergency drill. the training that ended an hour ago had the crews from each department responding to hypothetical train derailment. we are told that the exercise is not in response to the recent events in d.c. alison: the obama administration is changing the rules when it comes to how more than 4 million americans get paid. jonathan elias at the "live desk" to explain the new overtime
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and it will affect a lot of people. department of labor is expanding mandatory overtime pay to include people who make less than $43,476 a year. that is about $913 a week and double the current threshold. so that means that 35% of salaried workers will be eligible for overtime pay. their employers will now pay them time and a half when they work more than 40 hours in a week. vice president joe biden talked about the plan in ohio today. >> you work 60, 70 hours a week and not compensated for it. you lose the opportunity to improve yourself or spend time with your kid. jonathan: the biggest impact are retail and the restaurant industry. labor secretary perez says some chains pay lower level managers $25,000 a year but expect
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week. so tonight at 6:00 we will get reaction about a local restaurant owner what it could mean for business. i'm at the "live desk," jonathan elias, back to you. alison: thank you. this just in to us here. linkedin says a 2012 security breach was actually worse than previously believed. that business social media site says 117 million e-mail and password combinations for compromised. the hack happened and the company said it was 6.5 million. linkedin says it is working to determine how many passwords are still in use and they are contacting users to change them. leon: missed it be that much. alison: just a little bit. leon: 17 million. wow! coming up at 5:00 -- >> still two years out the hottest ticket in town. i'm mike carter-conneen in the newsroom with a look at the length people are going to, to get their hands on "hamilton" tickets and the online li
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leon: plus, long lines in chicago. what does the t.s.a. plan to do to making easier this summer. alison: fruit juice? i'm kimberly suiters. "7
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alison: coming up tonight the office of human rights ruled a manager at a starbucks in dupont circle used a homophobic slur against a gay couple. michael campbell and angel rivera filed a complaint saying the manager called them names, chased them from the store and assaulted campbell. the couple said it happened when he introduced him as his boyfriend. the manager who remains on the job denies the allegation. however, this is not the first time he has been aused of using -- been accused of causing hateful language. >> a prior customer stated he was in fact called homophobic slur. alison: this comes after a two-year investigation. leon: a parent reached out to "7 on your side" with concerns about cleaning product that was found on t
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popular store. consumer investigator kimberly suiters now is here with a look at the concerns. kimberly: does it look like fruit juice or floor cleaner? it's a cleaner and it is sold in home depot stores and online. it's called mixed fruit. all purpose cleaner. it comes in bright colors and a person said it reminded them of gatorade. a concerned parent reached out to let us know about the cleaner and the colorful packaging and fruity pictures. on the bottle it says on the bottom there keep away from children. but a customer commented on home depot's website. that it is a good cleaner but has terrible packaging. writing, "my daughter commented twice we forgot to put the juice away." even i had to do a double take it was cleaner and not just says the woman. if you have little ones in the home like i do, this is a very big safety risk.
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i called the local home depot store and the person i was talking said, "it does look like it." and that is not the official response. home depot said they appreciate the concern and they will take it into account. this product should be kept safely out of reach regardless of packaging. also when we talk to home depot we asked if a lot of people complain and they said no, just the one you saw on the website. we will keep you posted to see if other consumers are speaking out. alison: see if they make changes. leon: the minute i saw that, that is the first thing i saw it look like gatorade. kimberly: they are probably going for the natural part. it's non-chlorinated, nontoxic to that level. but not something you want to mistake for a drink. alison: no. leon: who would think fruit would be used to clean something? it doesn't make sense to me. alison: right. kimberly: it smells nice, leon. alison: good to be aware. thank you. leon: keep an e
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us. alison: how about burger king? they said you can have it your way. apparently they weren't just talking about beef. one b.k. restaurant in helsinki, finland are not just selling whoppers. they're selling sauna time. they opened a steam bath last year and they get 60 customers every week. it costs 250 and 300 euros per group. something we didn't realize last night when we did the story, you cannot eat in the room. you have to do it afterwards. it costs extra. leon: okay, good. if they make eating afterwards mandatory, fine. i wouldn't want someone to eat first and then go in there. imagine a guy that ate large onion ring next to you in a sauna. alison: no thanks. there you go. top that one. doug: i can't do that. we will get sunshine in here tomorrow afternoon maybe. friday is a nice day. saturday, not so much. alison: okay. doug: okay. monday,
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wi are in a pattern. this afternoon the sun broke out for a little while. the clouds have been a story most of the day. it will brighten and clearing out. but not so much. that is the weather story. pollen count today, if you are having problem. no surprise, moderate level of tree pollen. grasses are low. weed absent. mold spores in the high category on wednesday. temperatures are below average. average high is 76. we are in the low the mid-50's in northwest. way below there. we are 12 degrees below the average high temperature in may at reagan national where it is only 64. 65 in annapolis. 63 in fredericksburg. watching the rain on
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most of it has been well west of metro washington. along the i-81 corridor. moving northeast. this is along the frontal zone. the whole zone is moving eastward. the individual element of rain moving northeast. it makes sense that later tonight and tomorrow morning a few showers could crawl across the area. for the next couple of hours dry and cloudy across most of the area. the future cast shows according to this solution, some showers that are possible in the morning. especially south of metro washington. as we work through the day, a couple more showers come in. high pressure from the north. as we get through the day, there could be a passing sprinkle. skies will start to clear with the sunshine across the area in the afternoon. on friday, the high pressure takes control and the high ankle with the mid-may sun takes over. low 70's and a nice day. it only lasts for a while. by friday evening the clouds are back on top of us. by the time we get to saturday. we are talking rain and the
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especially washington. this is 9:30 in the morning. period of rain will continue through the day on saturday. ending late saturday afternoon. overnight forecast generally cloudy. we can't rule out a stray shower. overnight and in the morning. through the day in the morning the skies will brighten with sunshine later in the day. 68. friday is beautiful. 74 degrees for a high. as far as the ride your bike to work day on friday, it will be fine. we will salvage one good day and keep it dry and pleasant in the 70's in the afternoon. morning hours low 50's. comfortable. late afternoon not bad. the next seven days put in the 100% probability of rain saturday. 30% chances on sunday and monday. clearing out tuesday and wednesday. next week is a big week it leads in the memorial day weekend. question will be sunny and warm or nasty and gross like now. alison: like it has been. you don't do the 100% often. doug: no. leon: not a good sign. doug: secret to a long career in my business.
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alison: never go out on a limb. all right. see you in a few. a scary situation for our good friend and a member of the abc7 team has really become a warning sign for all of us. leon: right. plus, waiting in line to get through security is frustrating but one possible way around the problems at o'hare. alison: first a look at what is coming up tonight.
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> in your eye and then there was a dark arc in the side of my eye. i didn't know what it was. so i arranged to get a meeting with an optometrist thinking i was going to go there and cover a story that day. that was three mondays ago. it didn't happen. the optometrist sent e
5:27 pm
to dr. spellman at the retina, the washington retina group here. and then that night he looked at my eye. he said you have a detached retina. we'll have to perform surgery tonight. so that night i came here to the washington medstar hospital center. surgery. i was stunned it was so serious. is there you had classic symptoms, floaters followed by flashing lights and followed by the symptom of the peripheral visional loss. the excellent optometrist made a diagnosis and sent you to me. we examined you here at the retina group of washington and found your eye was identical to the one in the diagram. you had a tear in the retina up here at 12:00. fluid was developing under the retina tracking to the center of your vision. sam: what if it had fallen? >> if it extended to the central vision you would h
5:28 pm
the retial detachment would not have been more difficult for me to fix but it would have been less likely to get your normal vision back as we did. but i felt we needed to do prompt emergency surgery. >> people go blind from this. >> if it's not repaired you will lose your vision. correct. >> this is something that was nerve-wracking to me. they put a gas ball in my eye to heal the retina. at that point you said i had to sit like this for 207 out of 24 hours -- 20 out of 24 hours a day. >> yes. we performed an operation in which we went inside the eye with tiny micro instruments. we cored out the jelly that filled the center of your eye. we drained the fluid and sealed the hole in t
5:29 pm
bubble. we had to keep you face down so it wouldn't be a cataract in the front of the eye. sam: this is something, we are a very active person drive me crazy. imagine sitting there looking down for 20 out of 24 hours a day. >> you were a wonderful compliant patient. that is why you had your normal vision restored. sam: what should people look for? >> look for the symptoms of floaters and flashing lights. worrisome symptom is of a shade coming over their peripheral vision. if you have severe retial detachment you will get a shade at the bomb of the. inferior detachment is shade up at the top. if the detachment is on the right, the loss is on the left, et cetera.
5:30 pm
sam: go in right away? >> go in right away. you were referred to me and fixed right away. it happened in one day for you. that is ideal. leon: sam, i got to ask you. i have heard about this happening to boxers. i have seen it happen when people have impact injury to the eye. is that not what happened to your case? sam: what happened? how did i get this? >> i have certainly cared for boxers. jersey joe walcott was one of my favorite patients and trauma is a cause of the retial detachment -- é6retial detachment. but most are not caused by trauma. as the eye is older the jelly that fills the central core will pull from the retina. the inside lining of the back of the eye. sam: age thing basically. >> age thing. for everyd
5:31 pm
situation to develop floaters. one in 10,000 people per year will end up with detachment. >> i wish i won the lottery. >> you got it fixed. >> you did win the lottery. you are still here. you did win the lottery. that is all that matters. all right. listen, thank you for the information. we appreciate it. glad you took care of yourself. next time let us know what is going on. >> i must say that the retina group of washington provides the highest level of care. there are 26 of us and the largest retina group in the country. we provide expert, compassion and care. we educate young fellows and cutting edge research. >> you took care of our buddy. we'll let you get the plug in. thank
5:32 pm
all right. leon: the bad news is you are getting older. you can't escape that. take care. talk to you in a bit. >> i'm older than he is. leon: take care. all right. alison: okay. moving on with more of the news of the day. we have seen this video all week long. today the transportation security administration announced relief on the way for travelers making their way through chicago. michelle marsh reports now that the plan comes on the same day airline industry experts release the summer travel forecast. >> if you think the lines at the airports are unbearable now -- >> ridiculous. >> brace yourself for the situation to get uglier. >> frustrating. takes a while to travel. >> according to the travel experts, passengers this summer will be one for the record books. with 231 million people expected to fly, surpassing the record set last year with 222 million. that is 95,000 more
5:33 pm
every day. >> the noose about the people sleeping on cots. >> that was at chicago o'hare where thousands of travelers had to come one a plan b after missing the flight. >> if i did my job this bad i wouldn't re-sign. >> part of the problem are fewer screeners and more passengers. while the t.s.a. promises to fix the problem by the summer -- chicago is getting immediate help. 100 part time screeners rushed to full-time by this weekend. 250 more agents added in the coming months. this is just in. in the last hour, four chicago alderman called for the city to privatize security at the two airports. coming up at 6:00, one way to stay a step ahead of security lines before you head to the
5:34 pm
line snap a picture send a it to us. alison: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- protecting the grid. leon: later -- >> i have been working seven months to do this. i didn't think failure was an option for me. leon: local high school student athlete trying to break three world records at the same time. find out if he did it. leon: with that, coming up tonight, tons of rock comes tumbling down. the reason people were invited to come down to watch the explosion in the area.
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steve: i'm steve rudin. a lot going on this weekend. preakness stakes saturday. heavy rain in the early morning hours. by the noontime, upper 50's. the rain should lessen a little bit but it will be a
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get prepared in terms of umbrella and rain slicker. ♪
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leon: the topic of immigration sparked heated exchanges in the 2016 u.s. presidential campaign. from donald trump bowing to build a -- vowing to build a
5:41 pm
promising cop henceive reform to -- comprehensive reform. since 2005, a local non-profit embracing the youngest new arrivals. it's called "liberty's promise" and it's this week's "harris' hero." >> 100 in english. 99 in history. crazy. leon: twice a week at high point high school, more than three dozen students get together for a unique after-school program. >> that's better. >> like the multicolored sheets of paper here, the students come from a multitude of countries. the program is run by liberty's promise. a non-profit that teaches young immigrants about life in the u.s. everything from the role of police officers to different career options. >> we are here to present the opportunities. and let them know they can take advantage of them. >> if they see a role modellal, if they see someone who has succeeded that look like them, has their background, they feel like they can do it, too. and they c
5:42 pm
leon: but this is more than a civic lesson. projects like making lunches for the homeless encourages them to be active and conscientious american citizens. for the students, liberty's promise is not only helped them fit in, it has given them the confidence they need to pursue the american dream. and their promise of a bright future. >> they gave me an internship. put me a step forward for when i was applying for colleges. >> i started -- [inaudible] since being in liberty promise. talking to people more. i feel better. >> the people here are like my second family. >> i expect great things from the young people. i think they are going to show us that. leon: a great group. some of them have the most amazing stories. with the help of liberty promise, 70% of the teens go on to enroll in college. receiving full scholarships along the way. liberty's promise is at 15 high schools in maryland, d.c., virginia.
5:43 pm
immigrants representing 105 different countries have benefited from the program. alison: fantastic. all right. still to come at 5:00 -- >> set three world records. >> what did it feel like for you? >> i get choked up. sorry. alison: a local high school student athlete just did pullups for two days. find out why. and who he did it for ahead in
5:44 pm
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♪ someone thinking past tomorrow ♪ alison: well, "hamilton" is coming to the kennedy center in the summer of 2018. you probably know that by now. it is already the hottest ticket in town. maybe too hot to handle for the kennedy center's website today. because hundreds of theater fans spent hours clicking through it. desperate to get season subscriptions. even though "hamilton" tickets are not available yet. as mike carter-conneen reports, all that demand resulted in some difficulty and some delays. mike: "
5:47 pm
still two years away. but today at 10:00 a.m. there was a fan frenzy on the kennedy center website. >> i'm not really a theater person. if this is a good show people will spend the money. mike: following an elaborate strategy, fans rushed to buy subscriptions to the theater season. because then they are guaranteed seats first in line for the 2017-2018 line-up featuring "hamilton." however, once saw the subscription prices -- >> not in the budget. >> they decided to wait for the single tight sales. >> i heard tickets will be hard to score. >> others said i'll spend the money to new york. >> i'd rather sit in the last row of new york. >> fans using the kennedy center website today flooded twitter with complaints. having so many issues. the system is bouncing me right before payment. kicked out again and back in the virtual line. epic fail today, kennedy center. whoo hoo got my
5:48 pm
only took two hours. the kennedy center apologized offering assistance. a spokesperson declined to go on camera but in a statement said our online waiting room is activated anytime we experience higher than usual demand. to ensure a smooth process and good customer service we have a team dedicated to monitor from the online waiting room to the site as quickly as possible. >> the good news is the website seems to be working fine now. the online lines are much shorter than earlier today. even if you have hundreds in line in front of you in a matter of seconds, you can see the numbers drop draw matticly. -- drop dramatically. be patient. alison: you have to wonder if that has happened before on the day they opened subscriptions. leon: first hour they opened. the first minute they open up. lines of 300-400 people waiting. alison: amazing. leon: you have to think they'd be waiting for that. alison: a lot of demand. definitely. leon: check to see how it is shaping up with the supply and the demand of the emty
5:49 pm
jamie sullivan is watching that. alison: happy birthday. jamie: thank you! leon: happy birthday. jamie: i appreciate it, guys. the one thing that would be great on my birthday is nice traffic, right? without any big accidents. that is what we have. nothing major on our interstates at least. you can see here crossing the american legion bridge, it is slow. we have that. crash. watch for this in fairfax. glen carlin drive. it may be closed for extend period of time. you want to avoid the area. that is a look at traffic. leon: thank you. alison: we saw the sun today. doug: yes. we saw the sun. it was brief. but we saw sunshine for a while. we will see more tomorrow as we get into the afternoon hours. and friday is look good. tonight we will talk about lunch box weather again. alison: love it. doug: that was, this afternoon, or earlier this afternoon. maybe you can flip it so i can see where the location
5:50 pm
thank you. josh knight visited langely elementary school in northeast washington for the lunch box weather program. they go there and do experiments and they answer questions. it's interactive. they can make clouds. when they get, if they want fresh air he takes them outside to show them the storm chaser with the stuff that is in it. it's really fun for the kids. we also answer questions from the students around the area. and the questions today, well, first had naz on the kid cam. adonis had this question for us. >> hello. i'm adonis. i would like to ask why do hurricanes come to d.c. if we are not on the ocean? doug: that is a good question. why hurricanes come to d.c. you think ocean stuff. well, talk for a second why that happens. first, hurricanes develop over the oceans and the gulf of mexico. and then where they travel is
5:51 pm
combination effect. mostly jetstream winds, upper level systems. usually happens the hurricanes like to stay close to the power source which is warm water. every now and then north carolina gets clipped, because they are close to the coastline. if you notice on the left-hand side of the screen, you see tracks from the gulf of mexico and the storm subside by the time they hit the great lakes. the key here is very seldomly does a hurricane come to washington, d.c. normally it's a weakened hurricane. there have been times i remember the thoracic here is 1954 -- remember the classic here of 1954, hurricane hazel. it passed a few mile west of washington. it can happen. >> we don't like it but it can happen. leon: unlike this story you have to see this. erin: yes. we have the story of a local high school student who set out to break three world records. using his dad as motivation.
5:52 pm
nobody believed me. erin: this amazing feat took a toll physically. >> it destroys your giants, muscles. if your body isn't tough enough, it can just really, really hurt you. erin: emotionally. >> i'm going to get choked up. >> high school junior set out -- >> i worked seven months to do this. >> to set world records. >> for this in six hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. >> to raise money to fight cancer. andrew's father allen is a colon cancer survivor. >> compassionate son. a compassionate brother. in all, 7,306 pu
5:53 pm
hours. and his dad was there to help pull him through. >> seeing him there is really great. >> he raised, you know, over $5,000. >> andrew is still coming to grips with what he accomplished. a world record holder and son who wouldn't quit. >> when you see a child accomplish his goals as a parent, that has to be one of the best feelings you can have. it's great if you accomplish goals but if your child accomplishes them it's something you will never forget. >> a goal now is compete on a reality obstacle course shows. >> my hands hurt just thinking of this. erin: my arms. i can't do one. alison
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
specifically targeting the nation power grid. as scott thuman reports there are constant attempts and we are not prepared for them. >> concern on capitol hill. can other nations or terror groups cripple cities through cyber attacks? chair of the homeland security committee told us yes and too few are paying attention. >> these are real threats that we need to take serious and anticipate these to put in whatever protection to the electrical grid that we can. >> in 2003, when a software glitch triggered a massive blackout in the northeast, paralyzing new york. airports were shut down. trains halted. 12 people die and it took days to restore electricity. natural disasters pose threats to the grid. now the potential for true attacks on the facilities sometimes se
5:58 pm
more than chain-link fence. >> a lot of people have been warning about it. not many folks have been paying attention. >> veteran journalist ted koppel testified about the year-long research "lights out." >> we are good in reacting to crisis. since 9/11 we have spent trillions of dollars. tens of thousands of men and women have gone overseas to fight two wars. we're not good at pre-empttive action. >> it's not just what if. according to "usa today" last year that wrote there is cyber attack on the nation's grid once every four days. >> people are not taking the threat seriously. >> in fact, senator johnson says back in 2008, congress was presented with 15 recommendations on how to better secure the grid. all the years later he says none of them have been done. he hopes today's testimony might change that. on capitol hill, scott thuman. abc7
5:59 pm
alison: thank you. that is it for 5:00. at 6:00, a developing story. a transgender woman removed from a bathroom. we will tell you about the charges just filed. also right now, new developments in the case of a man who police say intentionally rammed an survivor to the silver diner and set it on fire. the change that would mean a raise for 4 million americans and not minimum wage. a dry cleaner that shut down sees the door reopen so the customers won't be hung out to dry. maureen: this afternoon we
6:00 pm
was forcefully removed from the women's bathroom at a grocery store in northeast washington. >> a female curl guard 45-46 years old according to the police sources and the witnesses was arrested at the giant today. witnesses tell us that she barred the transgender women won from using the bathroom pushed and shoved the woman out of the store. >> i don't know what happened. nonsense there. >> witnesses tell us there was commotion and noise surrounding the situat


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