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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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was forcefully removed from the women's bathroom at a grocery store in northeast washington. >> a female curl guard 45-46 years old according to the police sources and the witnesses was arrested at the giant today. witnesses tell us that she barred the transgender women won from using the bathroom pushed and shoved the woman out of the store. >> i don't know what happened. nonsense there. >> witnesses tell us there was commotion and noise surrounding the situat
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guard who was taken into custody has been charged with simple assault. but she is alleged to have made a homophobic slur in the altercation. during this confrontation and therefore is under investigation for hate crime as well. we will stay on top of the story and bring you the latest at 11:00. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: thank you. guilty plea today from the repeat drunk driver who hit and killed a montgomery county police officer in december. luis reluzco admitted that he took xanax, smoked marijuana, drank five beers and took four shots the night of the crash. in hearing, the prosecutors showed picture of damage to noah leotta's squad car. reluzco is facing ten years in prison when he is sentenced in august. tomorrow noah leotta will be remembered in annapolis. governor hogan will sign noah's law which requires interlock for anyone convicted of drunk driving. the law takes effect this fall. maureen: a judge will soon decide the fate of
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police officer charged in gray's arrest and death. officer edward nero defense team rested the case today. closing arguments are expected tomorrowm in the bench trial. nero is charged with assault and misconduct in office related to gray's death in april of last year. the judge will issue a verdict on monday and abc7 will be there. leon: update to the fiery crash at the silver diner in tysons corner tonight. one of the victims has died. 74-year-old andrew sheren had been severely injured after being hit by a hummer earlier this month. police say the driver of the vehicle samuel abutoh intentionally drove it in the diner. abutoh who worked at the diner faces charges of felony, destruction of property now. the charges could be upgraded. maureen: one day affair fair county leaders -- fairfax county leaders ordered investigation in the fire department working environment, women firefighters are defending their colleagues. >> as am woman, i am not afraid to come to work.
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member of the fire department. we trust the lives in each other's hands every day and we will continue to do so. maureen: the controversy surrounding the department began last month when firefighter nicole mittendorff took her own life. her disappearance and death revealed she had suffered vicious online bullying. some claiming to come from inside the department. fire chief bowers promises a thorough investigation. leon: million of americans could see a boost in the pay thanks to a change in eligibility for overtime. maryland bureau chief brad bell explains who is eligible and why some says it could hurt americans instead of helping them. >> the new overtime rules are expected to affect 4.2 million american workers. many of them in the retail and the restaurant industry. places like family owned k.b.q. real barbecue in the woodbridge town center in lanham. >> our initial reaction is how will it hit the pocket. >> she says as a small business owner she c
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but she also values her employees. including her own daughter who works as a manager at the popular restaurant. >> i feel like it's a good step for people in general to have a living wage. >> the new federal overtime rule mandates automatic overtime pay for salaried workers making less than $47,476 a year. the old pressurehold was $23,660. >> how are you doing? >> at this restaurant in silver spring the owner is not happy. >> it will be harder for to us make a penny. >> the harsh reaction from the national retail federation. this tweet from the head which says with a stroke of a pen the labor department demoted millions of workers. the prediction from opponents is that managers will be made hourly workers a it a lower wage or get slight raises to hit the threshold. any new costs will be passed to consumers there. they are killing
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i don't think they are small business friendly. brad: regulation takes effect december 1. in hand lamb, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: speaking of pay raises, a scheduled one may be for virginia employees. if the state revenue doesn't catch up with the projections by june. virginia secretary of finance says they are hopeful that april and may will post higher than expected revenue. maureen? maureen: g.o.p. candidate for president donald trump wrapped up a meeting with former secretary of state henry kissinger. the presumptive republican nominee met with the 92-year-old at kissinger's manhattan apartment. it lasted an hour and came after trump released the name of 12 potential supreme court nominees that include three federal circuit court judges two appeal court judges and six state supreme court justices. with her v
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delegates short to secure the democratic nomination for president. the count includes pledge delegates and super delegates. senator bernie sanders is campaigning for a second day in california. yesterday he won the oregon primary and believe he is has a chance to win california june 7. leon: coming up at 6:00, customers hung out to dry by the cleaners. they thought the clothing was lost forever but now there may be new hope. maureen: the navy ships are coming under fire. why a government report says the crew may not survive an enemy attack. leon: and flames engulf railroad tracks in new york city. the cause of the fire coming up. doug: showers west of the metro area all day. i let you know if they are coming to town and peek of sunshine. that's in the forecast at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient. maureen: investigators know what caused the fire underneath metro north railway track information new york city. fuel was spilled on a generator in refueling yesterday afternoon. a firefighter suffered minor injury when he fell. leon: the government accountability office question the combat wort
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the navy is promising that the future combat shifts will be better protected. critics have long questioned the ability to survive direct combat. >> you didn't get what you thought you would get out of it. if it were up to me i would stop where you are now. leon: pentagon already cut the number of the planned l.c.d. from 52 to 40. maureen: online option for gun that killed unarmed florida teen ended. george zimmerman has not said two bought the weapon or how much he was paid. zimmerman was acquitted of trilling trayvon martin after arguing he feared for his life. he planned use the money to fight against the black lives matter movement. leon: coming up at
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tonight -- >> this silver spring cleaners clothes and all the customers close were locked inside. but today, some help. we will tell you from who up next on abc7 news. maureen: in the weather, new concerns for weekend coming up. when you want to plan events indoors. >> i'm robert burton in sports. why gonzalez should be pumped being on the mound against the mets. why the redskins rookie has taken immediately liking to the new coach jay gruden when "abc7 news at 6:00" returns.
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leon: "hamilton" doesn't open at kennedy center until 2018. it's the hottest ticket in town. the kennedy center says anyone who buys a season subscription in two years will begin to get a ticket in 2018. that led to run on subscriptions that put a strain on the website. spokesperson apologized for the problems and says the issues have been resolved. >> work is moving forward on the extension of the i-95 express lanes. right now
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occupancy toll lanes run from edsall on i-395 to route 6 in stafford. the just approved project will extend the lanes two miles further to courthouse road. it is expected to open in 2018 and hobe it will reduce backup seen -- always seen in afternoon rush. >> construction of he light rail will begin this year. once it opens up in 2022 they expect the train to run every seven minutes at peak times carrying 59,000 daily riders. the base fare is expected to be $2. but it's not finalized. maureen: people who fear they may have lost their shirt or suit or any other clothing they left at the super cleaners i
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before suddenly shut down. horace holmes is at cleaners where we learn the doors are back open. what happened? horace: well, look at the clothes that were locked in to this business when it went belly up. leaving a lot of worried customers. now the doors are back open. no thanks to former owners. someone else came to the rescue. it left their heads spinning. a real shock customer like steve bender who is getting his shirt donees at the super cleaners in silver spring for decades. >> i came on monday, yesterday. two days ago. found out that they were closed. i saw the signs up there. i have been coming here for ten years. i was shocked. the company
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the doors and turned out the lights. >> they have been good people. i was surprised they were closed for the reason they were closed. >> coming to the rescue is eric. >> eviction response team. >> the agency executives turned the dry cleaning clerks for the day. >> do figure we can to help consumers -- do anything we can to help consumers. in some cases the guy got to prom on time with the tuxedo. horace: more and more small dry cleaners are forced out of competition from the big guys and the customers like these are left to scramble sometimes to get the items back when the doors are abruptly shut. >> are you happy? >> satisfied. >> i got my clothing. >> it could have been worse. >> thank you. >> is there anything you need from me? great. thank you. good luck. >> all right. so if you are clothes s
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open tonight until 7:00. then tomorrow between 3:00 and 7:00. friday between 3:00 and 7:00. saturday between 9:00 and 1:00. just bring in your receipt, the slip here and fill out a form and you can take your stuff away. reporting live in silver spring, horace holmes, abc7 news. leon: thank you. explosive demonstration put on in loudoun county today to prove that homes are safe from quarry operations. this blast took place at bull run quarry. the department of mines, minerals and energy says they use seis mo gra of to make sure they stay within the limits. you may remember the time a massive quarry accident that sent blocks flying in the air and into people's homes. maureen: not a good experience for them. we have hope for the weekend. or friday. doug: a little sunshine tomorrow. more friday. saturday a rain, maybe a rain-t.
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improvement sunday afternoon. maureen: aren't you getting tired of this? doug: yeah. it would be nice to have a nice stretch of dry warm weather. coming but not in the foreseeable future weather future. time lapse for frederick, maryland. earth and space lab. 57 degrees. this is not a may 18 temperature by a long stretch. look at the cloud cover. never changed. every time it looked like breaks inover cast sky, more deck of clouds come overhead. that is the story. we did have a couple of areas with sunshine for a while. there was a nace surprise. we will see more of that tomorrow afternoon and again. especially on friday. pollen count time. moderate level of tree pollen. absent were weeds and mold spores. high range today. 66. best with the cloud cover. 10 degrees below average. 54 was the low. every now and again it's hot in may. look at the record from 1877. it goes back a long time. almost 140 years ago. set at 96 and it has st
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no chance of tying or breaking that today. at this hour, 50's and 60's. 54 in win chester. 56 in take take. frederick at 69. 64 t reagan national airport. it's interesting to watch the rain in the day. in the past couple of days in the rain the elements are moving west to east. now during the day the rain moving from southwest to northeast. getting through the evening, isolated shower. maybe a few showers late tonight or overnight. general through chances of the showers demin niche through the next 12 to 18 -- diminish through the next 12 to 18 hours. patches of rain will move out of southwestern virginia to northeast. once we get through 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow the weather portions will improve a bit with the skies starting to clear. this is a computer model but it is on target for tomorrow. 9:30 the rain is out. breaks in overcast. this suggests sprinkle tomorrow night. not sure about that. before that happens there could be sunshine mixed in.
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take over. we will be fine. sunny and pleasant. low to mid-70's. but by friday late afternoon and evening the clouds will roll back in the area. ahead of a developing storm is center that will approach. to give us rain throughout the day on saturday. rain could be heavy at times. southeast of the city. on sunday maybe lingering showers and a touch of sunshine by the afternoon. look how temperatures go. chilly weather. 59 on saturday. 71 on sunday. partly sunny skies with a chance of showers. same deal for sunday. then we will start a stretch of warm, sunny days. how does it sound? maureen: looking forward to that. leon: all right. how about sunny days ahead for the skins? robert: exactly. leon, thissing things out together -- looking things together. robert: your cavs looked great. leon: for one game. robert: why gio gonzalez should be excited to start against the mets tonight. sports i
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robert: we start with football. rookie mini camp is done. players are still in the mood to work out. guys like dachshund, a high first round pick by the way isn't just going to assume he will get playing time this season. he didn't know what to think about the new
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gruden either. the roles are reversed because jay is making an impression. the media knows jay as a laid back guy. doxson is finding that out now. >> really player-friendly guy. a bit different from t.c.u. i like it, though. it is really neat to learn from somebody like that. everybody out there having fun to make you feel comfortable. robert: in baseball nats trying not to use the four straight in new york against mets. gio gonzalez gets the start and he fared well against mets. 9-4 lifetime record but he has excelled at citifield going 6-1. added bonus, gio has three career home runs. his last one was off of the mets' starter colon in 2014. minor league baseball. remember what happened rodney mccray? cameron mongur, watch out for that wall. it was actually the bullpen door. that is o
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it's still awesome. it still counts. how about that? take that. you will love this. jordan spieth, marshmallow on the ball. hits ball. eats marshmallow. need i say more. a look at it. it's loose to see it time after time after time. see there it is. it's pink, too. it makes it better. final note. game two of the western conference finals. thunder versus warriors tips off at 9:00. o.k.c. leading 1-0. after watching that game the nerves are starting to pick up for golden state. >> you think? robert: i don't know. leon: it's one game. that's what you said about cleveland. one game. maureen: tell us what to expect. doug: a shower late tonight. tomorrow, brief shower becoming partly sunny. 68 in the afternoon. beautiful day friday. ride your bike to work day. steve will talk about that. talk more about what may happen here on saturday at 11:00. maureen: pote
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"world news tonight" with david muir coming up next.
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tonight, the urgent meeting, as passengers revolt. three-hour lines. passengers missing their flights. late today, the airlines venting their anger too over the tsa. the senator calling for the head of the tsa to be fired if he doesn't fix it in days. the rush hour attack in new york city. the knife-wielding man not far from times square. tourists right there. police opening fire. donald trump's money. what he says he made last year, and how. and late today, his list of choices for the supreme court. and breaking news, the reversal between donald trump and hillary clinton. the whisper revealed. for the first time, o.j. simpson's defense attorney robert shapiro speaks out about


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