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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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grocery store in washington, d.c. come enjoys the transgender bathroom controversy. alison: they refused to let a transgendered woman use the women's bathroom. guard wasmale arrested for assault and is facing a hate crime investigation. jay korff just spoke with the victim. what can you tell us? literally got off the phone with her 15 minutes ago. and she saysbony she is hurt by this. she said the security guard had no reason to put her hands on me. she said, "it's terrible, i am distraught." giantid she came into the at noon, walked all the way around to have access to the restroom which is right there. in the processn, of going to the restroom, the female securit
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be there, you need to get out, said a homophobic slur, and than when she went out of the bathroom, she claimed that is when the security guard escorted her, grabbed her by the arm, shoved her out the door. the signage outside of this giant grocery store in northeast butington says "welcome," it is alleged that a security guard working here do not think that a transgender woman was not allowed to use the ladies room. she tried to use the women's bathroom at noon. sources say the female security guard is accused of pushing the transgender person from the bathroom all the way to the store exit. it is also alleged the security guard set a slur against the transgendered person. >> the guard and the girl were getting into it, throwing stuff, and push the girl at the store. jay: connie
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so hostile here. i'm really shocked. jay: what happened in north carolina has made this a headline-grabbing issue. sayingrs passed a law that transgendered people must use the bathroom corresponding with the gender on their birth certificate. this shopper from north carolina supports the new law. >> you have ap and, go to the man's bathroom. police say the security guard has been charged with assault. attempts to reach the security guard were not successful. a giant spokesperson released a statement that basically declined comment, saying that authority should comment on the case. live in the district, jay korff, abc 7 news. ,eon: breaking news from guam where all seven ew
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survived after their people-52 after it52 survived crashed on takeoff. creweport said the air escaped without injury. while the equipment and engines on the b-52 are fairly new, the airplane is more than 50 years old. alison: developing now, maryland is about to get stricter laws when it comes to drunk driving. named for fallen police officer noah leotta, will be signed tomorrow, just 24 hours after a man pled guilty to the crash that killed leotta. drinking,sed of taking xanax, and smoking weed before the crash. richard reeve has more on the law to stop drunk driving. richard: the le
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otta family says they are glad they did not have to go through the agony of a trial. the family says they do not want anybody to go through this again. crashonths after the dui that took the life of officer noah leotta, the pain is still strong. >> noah is gone and will never come back to me. richard: in court today, the family came face-to-face with the 47-year-old who pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter. >> i cannot get my son back. but there needs to be appropriate punishment. richard: the night of last december 3, the man drank five beers, five was tee shots at this rockville pike bar. the also took xanax and smoke marijuana before his vehicle and his cruiser. his blood-alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit. >> he has had trouble hand
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richard: leotta was thrown 27 feet. >> we turned the tragedy into something positive. richard: he is talking about noah's law, expanding the use of ignition interlocks. the interlock is a breathalyzer that must be used to start the car. >> noah i cannot get back, but his legacy will always be saving lives. richard: rich leotta was wearing his son's badge today. the new law will be signed in annapolis tomorrow. richard reeve, abc 7 news. this onether scene, fiery. in elderly man has died from his injuries that he suffered. into thed is suv silver diner. jonathan elias has the ongoing investigation. jonathan: we have learned the identity of the victim
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74-year-old man from mclean. the humvee went barreling into the building earlier this month. the guy behind the wheel is still in the hospital. for a time, he worked at the diner. as far as a motive, we do not know. witnesses told the police they are sure that he did this on purpose. we will keep tabs on this and let you know more on the investigation. sunglasses and the umbrella tomorrow, you will need the umbrella early on. by thetures in the 50's midmorning, rebounding into the lower 60's. by the afternoon, brakes in the clouds, sunshine. a nice sunset tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 60's. futurecast, a few showers early tomorrow morning, then the skies clear and the temperatures warm up and it gets a whole lot better friday. more on
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joining together to answer a political climate they say of hate. tonight, the crowd wanted their voices heard. tom roussey has that story. of the folks who came tonight also want to become citizens. the local immigration group casa says it has seen three times the interest as this time last year for folks who want to become citizens. the big reason, 2016 politics. tonight, local immigrants rallied against what they say is a political climate of hate. hate,er we can stop that that hate that is constantly attacking our communities. this was about more than that. >> we have a campaign across
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increasing numbers that casa says want to become citizens. hilda is from exit code and is lived in northern virginia for 26 years. her children are citizens, she is not. what is driving abraham's statements like this from donald trump about mexican immigrants. >> they're bringing drugs, crimes, they are rapists. >> i'm sorry, but i don't like it. better jobs and helping family come here are why people want citizenship. >> today, they are coming in big numbers because they want to vote in november. tonight's event held at patrick henry elementary school. casa says any immigrant who wants to register to vote in time needs to start citizenship process right away. live in arlington, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: 7 on your side
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with a consumer alert, and a new fallout from men old cyber attack. targeted by hackers four years ago in turns out it was much worse than they thought. criminals got more than 117 million passwords. originally, the 2012 pack was only believed to have compromised 6.5 million. linkedin is working to track the accounts and reset the password's. leon: news chopper 7 over the scene of violence in frederick tonight. ride raising awareness about the imports of drivers to share the road with cyclists. alison: a happy update to a story we brought you last night. remember maggie? she is home safe. the little boston terrier was snatched from her car in broad daylight in northwest yesterday. we spoke with her family
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night, and it were so worried they were putting up posters offering a reward. now a high school student says that she found maggie inside a carrier bag on the sidewalk in petworth without her collar or tag. when she saw the news, she tracked down the family and brought maggie home. happy about that. leon: the reward was $10,000. alison: i think so. leon: a nice little high school graduation gift. alison: fantastic for the family. still ahead -- it is the fastest growing plastic surgery in our country. we will tell you about this popular surgery that has also turned deadly. we investigate the risk versus the reward and what you need to know.
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leon: if lord of the police officer cited for this terrible crash. he was chasing an armed robbery suspect when he ran a red light and slammed into a woman's car last week.
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90 miles per hour. the woman suffered two broken arms. the officer is on paid leave. buttockss called augmentation surgery, but it is also known as the brazilian butt-lift. it is the fastest-growing surgery in our country, but it does not come without risk. two from-old mother of west virginia recently died after fat particles clogged her heart and lungs during a surgery that took place in florida. tonight, kimberly suiters takes us inside the operating room. a warning -- some of the video and the language is graphic in nature. kimberly: this maryland mother of four is hours away from a three-hour, $9,000 surgery to make her butt bigger. what are you hoping for? >> t
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she connected the results at the gym, she once these results. >the patient comes in and says i want a butt like serena williams, what do you say?
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was. the style in the 1970's was slim. the 1990's, super skinny. thanks invy is cool, part to celebrities like kim kardashian. the american society of plastic surgery and's has seen a 30% -- plastic surgeons has seen a 30% increase. >> it really surprises me. kimberly: dr. benjamin does not what you to be surprised. if you are considering making your bottom bigger, time will take its toll. it will droop. nature runs its course, even if it is done unnaturally. >> exactly. that's very harsh, but it does run its course, yes. alison:
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kimberly says dr. benjamin says he loves the surgery because his patients do, but he has another warning about the financial risk. that want topanies finance your surgery if they charge more than 20% interest. it may not be worth it. -- phony the newsroom ultrasound pictures. a group of expected mothers in canada are fuming over what they say are fake images of their babies. more than a dozen women posted similar photos on facebook. one of them turned out to be a stock photo. the clinic is calling it a technical issue and is offering refunds. we have sunshine in the forecast for part of the day tomorrow, later into the afternoon and evening. we start off with a few showers. not going to amount to a whole lot. tomorrowck your back morning, the umbrella and sunglasses will be necessary. outside right now,
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satellite and radar, just a few showers across the area right now, not amounting to a lot. shareware activity in upper northwest d.c., silver spring, college park, chillum. all of this moving off to the east the next half hour, 45 minutes. if you have to take the dog out for the last rest stop, just a few showers. upper 40's, middle 50's overnight, stray showers. through the next several days, tomorrow afternoon looks brighter. outdoor recess for the kids come if you have plans to eat lunch outside tomorrow, it is a firm go. friday will be nearly picture-perfect, lots of sunshine, middle 70's. saturday, the low pressure will be overhead. that is what is going to bring us a lot of rain across the mid-atlantic. upwards of in inch the time the system finally moves out. be an all-day rain
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into the afternoon into the early evening. by early sunday morning, most of the showers should be out of here. the forecast tomorrow, upper 60's off to the west, may hit 70. partly sunny by later in the afternoon. the wind changes direction. the southwest and west at five. don't forget the preakness saturday. it will be wet and sloppy in baltimore. the temperatures only in the 50's, but it looks like the heaviest of the rain will be early of the morning. , light rain. 6:45 the yunel girl d.c. bike ride, 17 mile sunday morning, starting in the middle 50's -- the inaugural d.c. bike ride, 17-mile ride sunday morning, starting in the middle 50's. chances areday, we will have an 80 degree day
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the polar vortex after. steve: i hope not. robert: we are still talking about rg iii. alison: we are? robert: he is still in our hearts. an update on former redskins quarterback rg iii. his latest comments regarding washington.
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it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. leon: latebreaking news -- cnn is reporting in egyptair flight heading from paris to cairo has disappeared from radar. the airline said the flight disappeared. egyptair says they will release new information as soon as it is available. will bring it to you one air and online as soon as we learn it. and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the nationals trying to avoid a four-game skid on the road against the mets. k's,onzalez went 6.1, 5 one run. new issues with offense. anthony rendon scores two. 3-1 nats.
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murphy smashes this ball. not quite,for a sec, but it is a sac fly. nats win 7-1. >> it feels good to score some runs, number one. beber two, gio continues to one of our best pitchers. he is getting better and better. mariners.'s- , histrumbo, a solo blast 12 of the season. very next batter, matt wieters says i can do that. back to back jacks. o's win 5-2. it has been two months since rg iii has been released from the redskins.
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a be one day we won't be. until then, robert responded to asking about his exit from washington. here is what he said. >> i'm so far removed from washington now. my focus is on this opportunity in cleveland. i don't even worry about these things anymore. i can only focus on what i can control. the voices in my teammates. i just focus on those things. i do not see that story. on the mystics taking dallas wings, formerly the tulsa shock. tayler hill had 20, but they come up short, 87-77 the final. beating thetate thunder tonight, tng
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leon: once again, the breaking news, cnn reporting moments ago in egyptair flight heading from paris to cairo has disappeared from radar. passengers on board, 10 crewmembers. we don't know where or how the airplane may have
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from radar, but it did so before entering egyptian airspace. the airline said the flight number is ms805. -- ms804. egyptair will release the information as soon as they have it, and we wil
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steve: brighter skies tomorrow afternoon, a nice sunset in the evening. friday looks gorgeous, near 75 degrees. wish i could say the same for the weekend. saturday, not so great for the horses, temperatures in the 50's with heavy rain through the morning. that will diminish later in the afternoon. sunday will be the better of the two days for the weekend, lower 70's, a bit more sunshine. tuesday and wednesday of next week,
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight dax shepard, from fox sports, katie nolan, and music from macklemore and ryan lewis. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. thanks for watching t


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