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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight come a terrifying lie that keeps growing. families say they are getting caught up in a twisted kidnapping stamp. saying they call kidnapped your child, demanding money. the first cases happened in d.c. alison: richard reeve has what you need to know. richard: this is scary stuff. the police call it virtual kidnapping. so far, three cases in fairfax county. [phone rings] richard: it begins with a phone call. the scammers called an unsuspecting parent saying there shall has been kidnapped and demand a ransom. a child who is kidnapped was a 17-year-old girl at west springfield high. investigators say the woman acted quickly and intelligently. she took a second phone, put it on speaker, and c
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she repeated her address out loud. the police responded. meanwhile, a human resources officer confirmed the girl was ok and never in danger. at some point the call disconnected. voicey hear the child's either crying or stating they have been kidnapped, next thing you know the man's voice comes on and says i have your child, demanding a ransom in return for the child safety. i don't know. richard: was it scary? >> of course. in one: the police say of these cases, the targeted parent was a 33-year-old mother with a 10-year-old daughter. the police say the best thing to contact the somehow child upon school to make sure they are safe. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison:
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veteran first responder in charge of saving lives is now on the wrong side of the law. a d.c. fire captain arrested for gun and drug charges. jay korff has the arrest of brian grace. what can you tell us tonight? jay: captain brian grace worked from engine 8 in southeast, jumping into harms way, helping others. he is not accustomed to having his mug shot taken. brian grace works in washington, d.c., at this fire station and lives in maryland. virginia.starts in fairfax county police are sharing information about the details surrounding the case. they will not say where in the county he was arrested or the circumstances that led to his arrest. what we know was the police picked up captain grace wednesday in conjunction with an ongoing narcotics investigation.
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the time he was picked up. he faces drug and weapons charges, including possession with the intent to distribute . captain grace has been with the fire department in the nation's capital for going on 16 years. he has been placed on administrative leave. attempts to reach him have not been successful. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: a dangerous underground in charleseapons county, now serving charges against a drama trump -- a donald trump delegate. caleb bailey is accused of having explosives, and illegal machine gun, and child pornography in a fortified room underneath his home. he was elected as a trump delegate to the republican convention. now he is locked up with a court date next week. leon:
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search for answers about what took touted egyptair flight. has been a day of back and forth with the investigation. jonathan elias has the very latest. jonathan: the investigation is just getting started. earlier today, report that debris from the flight had been found. tonight the airline says that is a false report. when the were on board airplane disappeared while flying from paris to cairo. that number includes three children. the focus of the investigation is possible terrorism. u.s. officials believe they could have been a bomb on board. checks of the passenger manifest have not resulted in any hits on terror watch lists for anybody on board. all maintenance checks had been done on time and there were no problems reported. onation experts are focused the believe the airplane swerved and plunged somewhere between 20,000 feet
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straight down into the mediterranean. is a multi-nation still in its early stages. we will bring you any developments as soon as we get them. jonathan elias, abc 7 news. steve: it is looking fantastic tomorrow, national bike to work day, 7:00, 53 degrees, noontime 70. then we have clouds through the afternoon with daytime highs near 75 degrees. the futurecast quickly, drive for the morning rush-hour. as we move through the late evening, the clouds increase. with the clouds we have rain, a lot of it, on the way saturday. the exact timing coming up. tonight, the fbi is getting involved in the case of two missing teenagers from fairfax. the 13-year-old, danielle, and the 14-year-old were last seen may 10. investigators say both
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need of medical attention. leon: it is not news that almost anything these days can be hacked. medical equipment can be turned against you and be lethal. seniorur side investigative reporter lisa fletcher traveled to san francisco and met the man who discover the vulnerabilities. we found out very little is being done to fix the problem. when you are sick or injured, you depend on life-saving medical equipments, mris, ct scans, drug infusion pumps that deliver everything from pain medicine to chemotherapy. they are all designed to save you. but the way the equipment is built could put you in more danger than you ever imagined. >> the cyber security on my smartphone
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security built into medical devices, which has more security? >> the smartphone, definitely. lisa: he is a cyber security expert who found serious threats. in their spare time, with their own money, he and his business deconstructand vital hospital equipment to find access points that hackers can exploit. they report findings to the department of homeland security. >> it's really bad. i have never walked away from a medical device that did not have an issue. there is a medical device being looked at that has over 4000 vulnerabilities in one device. are no federal requirements for cyber security scanners on hospital equipment. that means once the machines are on a hospital network, and are thousands in every
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says mostar easily hacked -- and the easily hacked settings can be changed, like on this x-ray machine. it took him less than 24 hours to hack it and reconfigure the system. the cause they are good guys, they installed a videogame. >> this controls radiation that goes to a patient. guys,if they were bad donkey kong would be now where, they could do everything from incapacitating the machine to delivering lethal doses of radiation without anyone being the wiser. for much of the acquittal they have researched, like drug infusion pumps, the hacker can be on the other side of the world. >> they don't even have to be close to it. i thousand miles away, some software goes on to the device. is a frightening example of what he handed to homeland security. in just a
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takes over a drug infusion pump and pushes the entire file of medicine at once into a would be patient. the fda reacted in may 2015 by issuing a first-ever cyber security advisory. >> they recommended hospital stopped using these. lisa: to this day, the problems have not been fixed. thisare quick to point out is a systemic problem, not limited to any one manufacturer or single piece of equipment. is the fda doing enough? >> no, they are not doing enough. as they certify the equipment to go into public use, there is no doubt they should be evaluating it for cyber security. imagine, we might had a lot of questions for fda and pfizer, the maker of some of the fusion pumps. both declined the requests for interviews, but they did provide some written response. the
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important role in assuring safety of medical devices and our regulatory abilities allow us to take appropriate actions to protect public health. today, pfizer announced in hand cyber security on one of its devices, one of which will give hospitals more direct control of security. read the fda's responses and those from pfizer in their entirety on our website at leon: nice going. you certainly hit the ground running. lisa indeed. alison: it's good to have you back. lisa: it's great to be here. leon: welcome home. wants toad -- metro make your ride safer, but in the process, there could be service headaches. what you need to know about the changes ahead. alison: a scandal over tabs. the candidate involved is speaking out.
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leon: fairfax county police are looking for leads in a fatal hit and run pedestrian accident. officers canvassed the area where the 33-year-old man was killed one week ago tonight. they handed out flyers with information and urged anyone with information to contact the police. alison: a woman admits to torturing her ex-boyfriend's new car because she thought he was cheating. last week, the 24-year-old germantown man was taking out the trash when he saw flames coming from his car. when he looked closer, he saw his ex-girlfriend
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18-year-old, standing beside it. the man says he is working through the insurance process to get the 29th thousand other car replaced. the woman is in custody. a scandal after what appears to pornography websites schaub in a post by local congressional candidate. tonight we spoke with mike webb, who says he does not watch pornography on the internet. >> it was an eye-opening experience. alison: after failing to get the gop bid for congress, he is running as an independent. this week on his website he posted a screenshot from yahoo! with tabs at the top that appear to be porn sites. he said he was told he might have gotten a virus related to campaign filing and was trying to figure out how. >> i went to one of these sites,
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, and they had these video things. they had different sections, tabs. talked to jimmy kimmel live tonight. see that right after the newscast. leon: this just in -- not your typical open house, chaos and confusion over lgbt writes. measure look like it was going to pass, but the vote stayed open for extra time, and then seven republican switched their votes and the measure failed by one vote. lawmakers shouted "shame." democrats accuse gop leaders of twisting arms to change the votes. we have shown you the recent problems with metro. tonight we have a look at the proposed solution.
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and smoke incidents. you may be inconvenience along the way. tom roussey checks and with this. this sounds like a mild use, -- mild word, inconvenience. safemetro updated its track plan and there are some big changes for some riders, especially on the blue, orange, and silver line. from eastern market to minnesota, this would be completely shut down. we knew that was happening in the summer, but now what is happening in just four weeks. new carrollton metro is busy during the evening rush hour. most of these orange line riders have just weeks to prepare for a major headache. today, metro announced changes plans, track maintenance one of the biggest involving the orange, blue, and silver line track starting at eastern market . they will be shut down
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days, starting june 18. that was not supposed to happen originally until august. anybody from maryland to downtown will be affected. >> i commute all around town. i really rely on metro to get me where i need to go on time. i'm really concerned. tom: metro will you shuttle buses as an alternative. >> i've heard people say it's not work well at all. tom: this woman said she would do the best with it. >> it will slow me down, but i will just have to get up early. safety trackted plan was announced between east falls church and balston. we already knew there would be signal tracking in november. now that will start in two weeks and it will happen again in july. not good news for the passengers here in virginia. live from the newsroom, tom roussey, abc 7 news. you enjoy the sunshine that we had earlier today?
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back again tomorrow, daytime highs in the middle 70's, and the clouds will increase late in the day. clear skies right now, 55 leesburg, 52 manassas, 51 reagan national, middle 50's fredericksburg. the satellite and radar, the high-pressure overhead, moving to the east. through the day tomorrow, that allows us to have some storminess just in time for coming you got it, the weekend. meantime, quiet and dry overnight. anywhere to go tonight or into the morning, midday, it will absolutely be fantastic. mainlyt and i, 47 to 53, clear skies, the wind will be light. futurecast, keep in mind extra bicyclists on the road tomorrow for national bike to work day. it will be perfect, lots of sunshine. 5:00, clouds increase, but outdoor
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barbecues, picnics tomorrow night, going for a walk am exercising, looks great. plows increase late tomorrow night, and with the clouds, the rain. the heaviest of the rain arrives midday saturday. most of this will move off to the east by late afternoon. that is great news for the horse race on saturday, where we will have temperatures only in the 50's. tomorrow, 75 degrees, lots of sunshine with afternoon clouds. the preakness saturday will start with heavy rain during the afternoon, middle 50's, near 60 degrees by noontime. ae rain should begin to ease little bit late afternoon, early evening. it will still be wet and sloppy. bike rideral d.c. will be sunday with temperatures in the middle to upper 60's, near 70. a nice mixture of sun and clouds. the
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we have not seen in a long, long days at 80 degrees or better, wednesday and thursday of next week. leon: don't jinx it. alison: we will believe it when we see it. erin: what a series, the nationals were dominating in the big apple. n 13 straight wo games started by strasburg, a team record.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: it was a record-setting night for mets pitcher matt harvey, the shortest start of his career. innings.lled after 2.2 the nats at started quickly, dano murphy making his former team today. that was just the beginning of the offense of explosion -- the offensive explosion. then, ben revere into the gap, curtis granderson cannot make the play. revere with a triple. nats score seven runs in the third and beat the mets 9-1. orioles-mariners, afternoon matinee. adam
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takes tyler wilson yard, three run shot. that broke it open. seattle takes two, 7-2 the final. nba eastern conference finals between the raptors and cavaliers. the first company won game of the series, not even close. tonight, game two. it was close, but then lebron takes it, coast to coast. the cavs close-out the first half with a great pass to lebron. withn moves past shaq fourth on the all-time scoreless list nash scoring list. cleveland wins game two 108-89. it's like directors did not even know they were in the conference finals. did notlike directors even know they were in the conference finals. a hurler at ohio state suffered one
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you seeof falling down, the pain in her face, she tries to keep going, getting it done for her team, and she does. she finished the race, and that is what you call a champion. don't forget that d.c. united will play tomorrow, looking for their first road win of the season in philadelphia. good luck. leon: that is a frontier woman. erin: you could just see it on her face. leon: coming up, the start of a wine revolution?
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alison: cutting out the middleman come a california a startup says that a can make wine and champagne and 15 minutes without grapes. ultimately, it may save you money. a synthetic selling replica of a 1992 don perry perignone for just $50. leon: but the hangover is free. alison: with no grapes. kno: i will let you
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beautiful day tomorrow, near 75 degrees. not so great on saturday, almost a washout.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight earvin "magic" johnson. from the billboard music awards, ludacris and ciara. and music from ariana grande. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming.


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