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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 20, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," day two in the desperate search for egyptair flight 04. >> the rescue and recovery teams are back out there this morning looking for any signs of the plane that vanished from radar. fears growing now that the cause was terrorism. we're going to have the latest details. we'll take you behind the scenes to see how security measures are being stepped up at major airports here at home and why you may need to leave yourself more time before your next flight. >> in the race for the white house, hillary clinton taking a comfortable lead over donald trump in the latest poll and overnight trump responding to clinton after she said he's not qualified to be president. it is friday, may 20th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday
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i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. we begin with the search for answers in that crash of egyptair flight 804. more than 24 hours after it disappeared, there's still no sign of wreckage. >> officials do believe that terrorism is the likely cause. the airbus a320 was nearing the end of its flight from paris to cairo when it suddenly spun around and plunged into the mediterranean sea below. grieving family members have been waiting at the airport in cairo desperate for information but getting conflicting reports. we get the latest now from abc's kenneth moton. >> in the mediterranean sea, the all out search continues for egyptair ms 804. so does the mystery of what happened to the doomed flight from paris to cairo. the possibility of having a different action or having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical. >> this is video of the airbus a-320. the night had 56. near the end
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flight and a half hour before landing in cairo, it vanished. the greek defense minister says his country's radar showed the plane erratically terning left and making a circle to the right. the jet line her flowntom terror spots before paris. >> if it turns out this is a bomb you have to look at the security for all the flights. >> a u.s. military aircraft is helping in the search and tsa remains on high alert for u.s.-bound international flights. >> flights that the originalnate from charles de gaulle bound for the united states are subject to additional screening. american passengers can take confidence from that. but the emotional roller coaster continues for the victims' families. earlier reports from egyptian government officials that wreckage had been found were false. this man changed his flight or he would have been on ms-804. >> i am really lucky, he said. the fbi and white house are monitoring the situation. we're told.s
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images and the backgrounds of all on board that flight. kendis and diane. >> thanks to kenneth there. so far, there is no credible claim of responsibility, but if terrorism is to blame, investigators will have to determine if and how a bomb smuggled on to this jet. >> busy an's brian ross has more upon airport security and the methods some terrorists are using to bypass screeners. >> reporter: security officials say few airports in the world have better security than charles de gaulle in paris. but investigators are screening surveillance video there fearful a massive failure either in screening luggage or screening airport employees may have allowed a bomb to be hidden on the egyptair jet. abc's alex marquardt is there. >> reporter: after last year's paris attacks, security was beefed up here at france's airports. and concerns grew over the tens of thousands of workers. more than 70 of the so-called "red badges" that give access to secure areas were revoked or not renewed because of fears of
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radicalization. >> reporter: al qaeda and isis have a long track record of targeting airplanes and airports, including the russian jet brought down over egypt last year. isis claimed explosives hidden in this soda can were responsible, and officials say it was an airport worker who smuggled it onboard. and now u.s. officials are warning that al qaeda-connected terrorists have come up with a new hard-to-detect bomb hidden in laptop computers. a laptop bomb blew a hole in this jet, killing the suspected terrorist, after takeoff from somalia in february. surveillance video caught the moment when, again, two airport workers handed the laptop bomb to the terrorist, just before he boarded the plane. >> if you can mold the explosive so that it just looks like another part of the laptop, it's very difficult for a screener who is only using x-ray to detect that explosive material. >> reporter: and just last weekend, officials in somalia discovered seven more laptops
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being constructed as bombs, thwarting what they say was a much larger plot. neither isis nor al qaeda has claimed responsibility for what happened. and normally they're not shy about taking credit. but still, the working assumption by european and u.s. law enforcement is that this was most likely an act of terror. brian ross, abc news, new york. very frightening thought there. we should point out right now it's about daylight starting there in the mediterranean sea. there's a massive search effort that is getting under way at this hour. >> france, egypt, greece, all involved now. >> as well as units from the united kingdom. you see the scene there in paris. that is the counter where so many of those people checked in more than 24 hours ago before that doomed flight. >> egyptair has now changed its logo color from blue to black actually. >> just sort of a sign of mourning. > keep in mind with a massive effort like this and you have several countries involved, a lot of times the communications
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we got earlier conflicting reports of whether or not they found wreck and. we're trying to filter through everything to make sure we're bringing you accurate information. >> that's one of the things you. have to question what sort of information you're getting from the egyptian officials. we went through this during the metrojet investigation. i get the sense we're going to get conflicting information, as well following this crash. we're going to keep on top of it for you. we'll have much more in our next half hour, including a live report from egypt. >> stay with abc news for continuing coverage. we'll get you the latest later on this morning on america this morning and "good morning america." the senate approved just over a billion dollars to fight the zika virus. this sets up a showdown with lawmakers in the house who voted for a much smaller amount yeshl this week. and the u.s. swimming team has moved its preolympic training from puerto rico to atlanta over concerns about the virus. this follows a
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league baseball to shift two of its games from san juan to miami. oklahoma's legislature passed a bill that essentially bans an bortions by punishing the doctors who perform them. doctors could face felony charges or have their medical licenses revoked. it may be the first legislation of its kind in this country. it's unclear if the governor will sign the measure which is sure to face legal hurdles. on the campaign trail, both donald trump and hillary clinton are accusing each other of not being qualified to be president. a new national "new york times"/cbs poll shows clinton ahead of trump 47 to 41% this that margin is shrinking. her lead is down from ten points just a month ago. clinton insists she's trying to stay bob the fray when it comes to trump and will not respond to every accusation he makes. she's calling on bernie sanders to step up and help ian phi the party essentially declaring that the democratic race is over. >> so you get into the
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election if you're the nominee for your party >> i will be the nominee for my party. that is already done in effect. there is no way i won't be. >> trump is lashing back at hillary's assessment saying he's not qualified to be president saying she's the run unfit for the role. he cited her responses to recent terror attacks saying just like president obama, she refuses to acknowledge or use the term radical islamic terrorism. >> the company which owned the an error rare movie theater is not liable for that attack. jurors deliberated before, 27 family members who lost loved ones sued claiming security was lack. a separate suit in federal court is still pending. james holmes is serving a life sentence for that shooting. this morning a bridge collapse new under investigation. it happened after a tractor-trailer carrying a boom lift struck the br
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engineers are on the scene trying to figure out whether the extent of the damage and how long it will take to repair it. no one was hurt in the collapse. >> in baltimore, preparations underway for the preakness stakes. nyquist is looking to keep his triple crown hopes alive but his main rival exaggerator who was second in the derby will be there. exaggerator is 0 for 4 against nyquist. both horses will probably have a sloppy tracking to contend with. rain is expected at post time. >> now to anchorage, alaska, and a wildlife challenge or two. it was quite a triathlon. take a look at this, a mama bear and her two cubs cross the course. >> i thought they wanted to run into. >> the cubs seemed especially curious. >> the owner says she can't remember a bear coming within sniffing distance of a
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that runner props. staying surprisingly calm. >> wow. i would have finished that run in record time. >> i wonder what charity the bears are running for? >> yeah. no. >> . >> that's one way to motivate to you finish or just turn backwards. >> every race should have a pack of bears behind you. >> i'd finish it in kenyan time. coming up, we'll have an update on the certainly for the missing egyptair flight. >> we'll look at how airports are going behind the scenes at l.a.x. see how airport security is keeping us all save. >> later a dive standed in water. how the diver fought off sharks and stayed alive. you can always get our updates on facebook at or twitter
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disappearance of egyptair flight 804. officials believe the plane crashed in the mediterranean sea heading from paris to cairo. so far searchers have come up empty. >> egypt says at this point terrorism seems more likely than technical failure. investigate remembers now doing background collection on everyone on board. and that includes 56 passengers, seven crew members and the three security officers. and here in the u.s., one
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america's busiest airports isn't wasting time in accepting up security. >> passengers heading into or out of l.a.x. can expect to see more officers, dogs and weaponry. our los angeles station gives us an inside look. >> reporter: l.a. x., a flurry of planes, travelers and lines of travelers. tacked with keeping things i've and flowing. the l.a.x. police force. while they're easy to spot in the terminal, you're less likely to spot them here. at their firing range next to the runway. or here senator he will bite you. >> reporter: training their canine units how to stop an attacker. or here at their long range rifle training. the airport police in a cop stant ballot to stay ahead of the bad guys. because of the rise in terrorism, brussels, pairs and now san bernardino, l.a. x. is up to speed and staying on top of terrorism. one of the main things we have is the weapons knows weapons are
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and even this. a tactical bearcat armored vehicle. the officers hanging off it members of l.a. x.'s s.w.a.t. equivalent. the esu. emergency services unit. blug. it's around the clock 12-person team. >> constantly training being proficient with our firearms, the rifles and shotguns we carry and sidearms. >> esu working hand in hand with the airport's canine unit. exact number of bomb-sniffing dogs is classified. we're told it's more than any other airport in the country. the dogs aren't just trained to sniff out explosives. they're multitaskers and patrol dogs trained to go after suspects. >> most of the local police dogs only search for suspects. these dogs are also trained in explosives. >> officer down straight ahead. r
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500 sworn l.a.x. police officers. last year alone, some 74 million ralphers came through l.a.x. the police walk agfine line between making them secure and making them feel intimidated. >> they don't want to feel like they're imprisoned with an overabundance of guns. >> someone will tell you is this really necessary? we understand but it is a sign of the time. >>. >> the dogs look so cute and sweet you. see them in training. do not let go. >> you know they're out to -- they're no joke. >> all business. >> that's one of the busiest airports in the country, about 35 mill or or so pass through l.a.p. every year senator it is its own city. but you and i have both ralphed extensively abroad. recently i was traveling in rio, and kept my
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plugged the laptop in. even snuck a liquid through. it was a domestic flight but there are imp rules. a lot of things have to be looked at. >> that water that you snuck in. >> >> they had only metal detecters. anyway. >> about you, l.a.x. a massive airport. on the one side, it kind of freaks you out a little bit when you see that much security somewhere. on the other hand it, l makes y feel safer. kind of mixed emotions seeing all that. coming up in our next hour, a police officer says he pulled over this woman for failing to use a turn signal. surveillance video shows she's did and also shows this. that's the officer punching her in the face. hear what that officer is saying now. >> first stranded at sea. the real life open water scare for one skew ba diver confronted by an eight-foot shark. his tale of fievel straight ahead. you're watching
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♪ >> all right. so we have a close encounter to show you i'm guessing one skew ba diver will never forget. >> imagine swimming to the surface only to find your boat left you behind and you're stranded in the ocean miles away from shore. >> and as if that's not terrifying enough, along comes a shark. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: randy fail says he surfaced from a scuba dive off florida sunday and found himself all alone in the middle of the ocean. his daughters on board the boat not realizing they had drifted more than three miles away while he was under. blowing a whistle
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hip and holding up his dive bag as a flag. then he dips back down. and sees eight feet of pure terror. >> he was as close as the end of my flippers. >> reporter: fails now in a frenzy keeping the shark at bay with his unloaded spear gun. his story nearly ripped from the screen play of the 2003 movie "open water." >> i thought he said they never come that close. >> they also said the boat would be here. >> reporter: two hours later muscles cramping he's rescued and reunited with his family who had been sending out distress calls. >> i asked them if we wanted to go out and they said that was enough excitement for the day. they wanted to go home. >> he says he can't wait to go back. kayna whitworth, los angeles. >> that is a nightmare. >> i think he might have claw marks in your arm from me going -- >> the scene that have shark. >> just coming up out of the water looking around and realizing the boat is gone,
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to see this after that. >> no way. i wouldn't go back. >> no, i don't think so. >> i would be good. >> right here. >> we're all right.
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d. let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade. all right. time now for the mix. we start with a high school that had to walk down their graduating class had to walk without their own valedictorian. >> why? >> this is a high school in louisiana. and andrew jones was denied the ability to walk at his graduation because of his facial hair. >> that little thing? >> that thing. >> peach fuzz. >> the school says despite his 4.0 average and the fact that he was top of the class. >> wow. >> that his facial hair broke skol policy. they have a dress code. the hair is not allowed as part of it. >> but the dred locks are okay. just that little facial hair. >> they even took his gown off him. >> these online schools are going far these days. >> the superintendent says the rule's been in place for years. jones was warned multiple times and
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graduation day with fales hair. so no diploma for him. >> congratulations, kid. good job in the meantime. so what's the key to a happy marriage? i would say not ever getting married. about you, but or happy life. there's this blogger an amanda da warn. >> happy wife happy life. >> the key is basically keeping it hot. cooking for your man. >> wait. no happy wife, happy life. >> he's happier. by being hotter. >> that's it for this half hour. polka. >> i don't like this story at all. ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now," the search resumes. daylight in the mediterranean offering some hope that search teams will find the missing egyptair flight. our reporter standing by in cairo with a live report. >> the chief of the san francisco police department is resigning amid racial tension this after an officer killed a young black woman. we have details ahead. >> and kesha is back on for their sunday's billboard music awards after she said she had been barred by her record label. why she's now allowed to perform on one condition. that story ahead in "the skinny." it's friday, may 20th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. of course, we'll get started here


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