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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  May 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: in fairfax county, gunfire early this morning, one man is dead, this happening on richmond highway in huntington, now, no information on a suspect. john gonzalez takes us to the scene wher
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continue their search for clues. john: still an active homicide investigation here in the huntington neighborhood in alexandria, virginia. the property manager at the city side huntington metro apartments has asked us to leave the property, we are quite a distance away. up the hill, the police tape beyond their is where a man was shot and killed at around 2:30 this morning. this will be an investigation for some time, three different locations within this same complex off of route 1 any the fairfax county section of alexandria. police keeping a close eye on ,he vehicle and the motorcycle they have been taking a lot of pictures and collecting clues trying to piece this together. they have had a chopper above taking pictures, trying to figure out
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suspect took off and in which direction to about 200 cars are within this crime scene and those drivers will not be able to leave while the investigation is ongoing. >> scary because i walk up that hill to go to the bike path to get to the metro station. i am taking it easy and try to be careful. they know who the man was but have not publicly identified him as they try to figure out what caused this early morning homicide in alexandria. back to you. jummy: developing in southeast david eisenhauer, always looking for two men -- this happened at 10:00 in the morning wednesday. the woman forced into a van, driven off and assaulted. one of the men said to have a gun, both men are described as 6'6" inches, if you see anything out of the ordinary nea
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contact always. side fighting back against crime in our area, you can see all reported incidents in your neighborhood, log on to and click on the 7 on your side cap and click on stack crimes, enter your address and see what crimes have happened. overnight, a couple get a firefight in north d.c. firefighters can watch live power lines are draped across the home, not the first time 911 has been called to the home, suzanne kennedy shows us it is almost a total loss. >> every the left of this two-story house in the 4300 block of douglas street northeast, where firefighters responded at about 12:30 this morning. when they got here, they had something to complicate
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the front yard, it was arcing at the time they arrived, that made things challenging. authorities found no one inside at the time of the blaze. this house has been the scene of recent police activity, 10:15 wednesday night, authorities found a man and a woman arguing outside the home, also a dog at the time, one eyewitness from the neighborhood, here is how he described what happened wednesday night. >> a police yield, control your dog. how are you going to control your dog while he's being wrestled to the ground. saw the police pulled out his gun and step back and fire one in the air, he pumped five rounds into the dog. >> authorities do not know what started the fire, no one was injured. jummy: it is bike to wor
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day and good morning washington's kidd o'shea participated. events are being held all across the area. sam sweeney follows up in mayorest d.c., where the greeted to real commuters. >> ps been writing in the district for 15 years. >> get my workout, get outdoors, avoid the metro or the traffic. whack he was joined by thousands of others, some do it every day, other made today especially occasion. >> i wish there -- i wish everybody did it. onthousands showed up pennsylvania avenue in freedom plaza. >> pretty impressive, you talk ,o people on the roads, biking which i feel is a cool community to be part of. >> 4% of washington's workforce commutes by bicycle, they want to increase
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better infrastructure, this year, six miles of new bike path built and they will add more bikes than ever before. >> we are focused on trails and completing those trails. the metropolitan branch trail will bring one of them that will connect washington, d.c. two parts of montgomery county. we have acquired the land and we want to make a trail. >> in the number of years, the increase,expected to now, 13,000 district residents ride to work each day. in northwest, sam sweeney. jummy: you really cannot ask for a better biking weather, maybe even lunch or dinner outside, doug hill is here with the forecast. no excuse for staying inside today. doug: plenty of sunshine. great visibility, plenty of blue sky and sunshine and temperatures warming up quickly.
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about 73 or 74 this afternoon and later tonight, clouds increase and the reason for that is a developing area of low pressure over northern mississippi, you see the rain shield headed in our direction, tomorrow will be a rainy day but the timing of the heaviest rain will be important for your outdoor plants and i will break that down for you through the day tomorrow coming up in a couple of minutes. you must have better news than the here and jimmy -- you must have better news than meat. southbound virginia, working -- the issue is an accident, near route 234, everything on the shoulder, multiple vehicles. not bad south through lorton, in the 30's, no problems forced the mixing bowl and a nice right through washington, d.c.. the capital beltway, the american legion bridge come interlude, outer loop, moving well but today is national bike to work day
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afternoon and this evening to be very alert because a lot more bikers are out there today. jummy: we want to get to breaking news from across the country, this is seal beach, california, live pictures, and video on your left, the same area, a diner at the end of the peter fully engulfed in flames, seal beach, you can see through the windows, smoke is billowing injuries or what went wrong, insight, the restaurant, we will find out to have an update. following new developments overseas, portions of the wreckage of egypt air flight 804 found, signs pointing to an act of terror that brought down the plane. marcy gonzales explains. wreckage and human remains believed to be from egypt air flight 804 spotted in the meder any and acc
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-- mediterranean according to greek officials, devastating news for families of the passengers. and a major breakthrough, investigators trying to find out what caused the plane to drop suddenly from radar early thursday morning. the jetliner traveling from paris to cairo with more than three hours into the flight at a cruising altitude of 37,000 feet , preparing to defend with no distress call, greek officials late is radar showed the jet turning left and strangely to the right before vanishing. >> we have had no indication of the cause of the accident. whack egyptian officials say terrorism is more likely than a technical problem at every possibility is being considered. investigators looking at the captain and cocaptain. checking tarmac workers in paris and reviewing the jet's stop before the flight, including one in tunisia earlier. that there is out a bombyo
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security for all the flights, where the aircraft came from, what kind of bomb was it. >> also looking at the passenger background, european officials say no one on board was on current terror watch lists. officials at charles de gaulle airport are looking at surveillance footage looking for possible clues while search teams off the coast of egypt are focused on finding and recovering the plane's black boxes. in paris, marcy gonzales. ahead, it is the call before the safe track storm, plenty of we can track work, the two lights that will have partial shutdowns. and you could own a pony for a lot less than you think, we will take you to the adoption program and let you know how much it will cost you to take him a wild horse. , -- >> how would you get a virus from a porno site if you had never been on one? kimmel questions jim webb
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jummy: if you are planning a weekend involving metro, here is orangeu need to know, writers on saturday, buses replacing trains between stadium armory and minnesota avenue. on sunday, between stadium and carrollton come on the blue line, no trains between stadium and capitol heights. silverlight service, only goes as far as east falls church, single tracking all weekend on the red line, the green and yellow lines have no work. if you have been thinking about getting a horse, and event in fairfax county that might be for you. the bureau of land management holding a two-day horse adoption
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. two dozen horses available for $125 a piece or 24 $150, therefrom western states and range from draft horses to quarter horses even thoroughbreds, the bureau is putting them up for adoption to curb overpopulation. >> on the range, in the western states, probably close to 65,000 horses, that is scattered over seven states but that is a lot of horses, too many horses. jummy: they are not broken and not writable, they have two meet requirements to take one home. one another horse that's what another horse -- want another horse? -no. -- doug: no. temperatures will go downhill stash
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jump for the weekend by going to ocean city, good call, this is your beach day today, temperatures will climb into the 70's, plenty of sunshine, this is the view from the boardwalk on second street. looking good. conditions along the delaware beaches are exactly the same. things will change tonight. midday, in the 70's, 73 in leesburg, reagan national, 73. 73 in frederick. 73 in southern maryland. is giving us everything we need to note, washington in the clear, much of the mid-atlantic and coastal areas, clear skies, however, these clouds headed these ways ahead of a storm system, producing a fair amount of rain across kentucky, tennessee, extending in across the river into southern indiana, all this will move to the east, the warm front will not get this far no
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chilly, in the 50's tomorrow with times of rain that will move in before sunrise in some areas, especially south and southwest of washington, the rain could be heavy at times, especially south and east of the city. this gives you an idea of the timing, some of the rain arriving as early as 6:30, the areas in yellow and orange and red, the heaviest amounts of rain, this is six own 30 in the morning of the system comes by, passing to our south and by 1:30 the heavy rains shifted to these, that is a good thing. anddy rain left over midday through the afternoon, we still have areas of rain, this is at 7:00 tomorrow night, heavier showers showing up over in elkins, west virginia and along -- west of the appalachian mountains. the pattern will continue with rain and another bunch moving through sunday morning as an upper-level area of low pressure chases after the surface low. we will have rain, a rainy weekend. fingers crossed as we get through sunday afternoon then we
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we cannot guarantee that. how much rain between now and sunday, 1.5 inches in the metro and two inches south and east. in the northern neck, middle peninsula, over two inches. the farther north and west you go, the better, baltimore would get one inch. thekness, heaviest rain in morning but a good chance there will be rain at post time, temperatures holding in the 50's. rain-day, 100% chance of saturday, sunday 40%, a big jump in their temperatures saturday and sunday, we settle it down and warm it up tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. jummy: thank you. the sheriff's office are being trained to save the lives of opioid users, more than 160 of them are learning to administer the drug which counteracts the effect of an opioid overdose. this comes as heroine cases have increased in that county. hope we would use has increased national since 2012, the
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to 46 cases this year, 13 of them deadly. join us this wednesday for a town hall on opioid abuse, we will have live reports from community struggling all across the country, you are invited to be a part of our live studio audience, to do that, log on to and fill out an audience participation form. tonight at 10:00, an exclusive, camera never saw, a police officer, a former all-american football player, accused of preying on women, he says he is innocent, now opening up to abc news and we have a preview of what is coming up tonight in 2020, what an interview. he spoke to us from behind bars where he is serving a sentence of 263 years behind bars, he proclaims his innocence, he did not speak during the trial, he says he did come in contact with these 13 women who accused him of sexual assault. he says he was not committing crimes, he was
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forces are trying to locate drug houses and this was all a misunderstanding. jummy: the jury in this case, we all watched, and emotional trial , especially the berdych, they deliberated for 45 hours and he spoke with one of the juries member -- jury members. >> that jury room was very complex, the juror told us that some of the jurors, when they went in were ready to let him go free. there was so much confusion throughout the next four days, a record-setting number of hours of deliberations, in the end, they found him guilty of 18 of the charges against them, but not guilty of 18 more. some of the women they found were not credible, some were high when they came to best buy and high during the all -- when they came to testify and high during the assault, it was a very difficult trial and the juro
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city and the nation a berdych but we had a very difficult time -- oklahoma city and the nation a verdict that we had a very difficult time. make sure you stay around for abc seven news at 11:00, right after 2020. coming up here, jimmy kimmel grills a local congress shall candidate -- congressional candidate who posted a screenshot of a pornography website. >> how would you get a virus from a pornography website if you had never been on one. ?
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jummy: new video of a carjacking and the police chase that follow, a search is on for someone who showed a driver out of the car. to keep up with the suspect got away. this started on a shoplifting call. a local congressional candidate trying to set the record straight after his internet habits became a national punchline, the scandal began webb appeared to post on sites come he said he might have gotten a virus. jimmy kimmel had questions. >> what is your favorite kind of porno to not watch? [laughter] videos tohave two choose from. say --
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-- no ihaven't here have not. virus would you get a from a porno site if you had never been on one? you does it is like when you go to gore, you want to know what the opposition is thinking, replay their scenarios, we were replaying. >> did you have your pets off while you are replaying -- pants off why you are replaying? jummy: watch the entire interview on, search for mike brown. -- mike when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden.
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jummy: nice day today. doug: delightful, sunshine, 70's, delightful, clouds on the increase tonight i had a storm system that will bring times of the to the region through day tomorrow. our weekend outlook, rain,-the it did, rain heaviest in the morning and south and east of the city, could taper off but still times of showers through tomorrow evening and tomorrow night, a little bit of clearing on sunday for the preakness, live, therey lube could be a scattered showers in the afternoon and evening. jummy: enjoy today. thank you for joining us.
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>> what do you get when you combine amazing contestants, mind-blowing questions, and ridiculous amounts of money? "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right, we got a good game going. our returning contestant is an opera singer who's decided to do something out of character for his 60th birthday. the more money he wins, the more likely his wife will be to let him do it. from camp hill, pennsylvania, please welcome back ty walker. [cheers and applause] hi, ty. >> hi, chris. >> how you doing? >> good. good. [applause] >> so last you were with us, we learned that you want to get some sleeves. tattoo sleeves. >>


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