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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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kimberly: tonight, breaking news in fairfax county were a jewelry store robbery ends in a gunbattle with the police, a carjacking, and a suspect on the run. plus, chaos at a graduation party after the neighbors called police. reports tended about what we know and do not know about the crash of egyptair flight 804. now. news at 6:00 starts from fairfax county, where a jewelry store robbery in springfield led to the suspect and the police shooting at one another. suspect fled, crashing a car, carjacked another, then crashed a se
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springfield piecing this together. is the suspect still on the loose at this hour? yeah, kimberly, he is still at large, armed with a handgun. behind me, a very active scene. behind me is the jewelry store where this began, the authorities looking for evidence, trying to find out who this gun man is. it began with a 911 call from this jewelry store at 12:22 saturday afternoon. an officer on patrol nearby responded to what was initially called an unknown situation. from a concealed location, the officer watch the front of the store. he saw a man walk out with a handgun. moments later, a gunbattle, with many rounds fired. >> the officer immediately challenge the suspect. the suspect immediately opened fire upon the officer, shooting rounds at the officer.
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in a gunbattle with the suspect. unfortunately, it appears that a citizen who was driving their vehicle in the background was struck by a round that appears to be from the suspect. richard: witnesses say that two rounds went into the bystander's car, shot once in the leg. meantime, the suspect took off, the getaway car crashing. he then carjacked this car and crashed it. a witness said the man bailed out of the car and ran off. the police have used k-9 units and a helicopter to find the suspect, with so far no luck. he slow down and got hit. richard: that is when you got shot? >> yeah. richard: we don't know the condition of the bystander. the police to have the suspect's car
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trying to identify who it is. there is a general search for that suspect. live in springfield, richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: the man shot by secret service agents outside of the white house friday after being asked to drop his gun is in critical condition. the secret service says that jesse oliverio of pennsylvania never made it inside the white house complex. he has no known connections with terrorists. [commotion] scene at anld apartment at the university of maryland campus very early this morning. it happened at a graduation party, and it's still not clear how things escalated to what you are about to see in this dramatic video. same.ideo recorded at the -- at thescene. marylandersity of
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gathering for a graduation party. >> you think that you are enjoying the celebration, and within a matter of 10 minutes you are on the floor blinded. amy: she said she was pepper spray twice. the police got a complaint about a laurel the party -- about a loud party the swing. >> it escalated on to people on the ground unable to breathe or see. it does not make sense. amy: she said partygoers were leaving when it happened. >> they continued out the front door and one of the officers tackled me into a wall, damaging my speakers, but my knee. thatthe police confirmed pepper spray was used in that two people were arrested. it was not clear what led to the incident. a have not said why pepper spray was deployed. >> it is scary, painful, upsetting, disappointing.
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powerlessness. a university of maryland police spokesperson said they are reviewing additional camera footage, including body-worn cameras from the officers. heard our screams. it was terrifying. hundreds of area high school students attended a youth empowerment summit with the transit agency metro today. students took part in the after a and activities, number of fights, stabbings, and shootings in and around metro stations, many involving teenagers. know what somebody is going through in what is going through their head. if somebody walked up on me and pushed me or something, i would walk away, because you never know what somebody has on the. kimberly: organizers say
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it was an important first app and what they hope will be an ongoing dialogue with teenagers in the region. sorry to show you this, but another gray day outside. at least nobody needed an ark today. josh knight has the first forecast. the soccer game today, everybody said it was annoying. josh: we have a heavy rain that moved out quickly, replaced by mess that has stuck around all day. midy and a little chilly, to upper 50's. the satellite and radar, cloudy sky stick around, most of the heavy rain is moving out, but there are showers and possibly thunderstorms in west virginia, but they will not make it over the blue ridge mountains. the next few hours, mostly cloudy and misty, a few heavier showers along i-81. the rest of the even
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in the 50's. if you are walking the dog, there will be a lot of wet paws. rain tomorrow, but we have temperatures in the mid 80's in the seven day forecast. stick with us, a little taste of summer coming up. theerly: we have received very first video of the wreckage of the egyptair flight 804, belongings,sengers' and uninflated life vest. the only information of the accident wednesday night has been from messages from the airplane, which indicated smoke in several locations before the airplane dropped off radar. and fire inas smoke the airplane, it's difficult to see how this would be an incendiary device going off. it's possible, but not probable. kimberly: the egyptian government is denying reports the black boxes have been found. after three days ose
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board the plane died in the crash. federal investigators are looking into what caused a blimp to make an emergency landing on a philadelphia construction site. it narrowly missed several vehicles, power lines, and hit the ground next to i-95 yesterday. amazingly, no one was hurt. the department of motor vehicles in virginia will be open as scheduled monday. they had to close offices all around today after a computer issue this morning. online transactions are up and running right now. putting thext -- past behind them, and hopefully picking up some cash. how to get your hands on a piece of this history. a u.s. marinehy was not allowed to walk in a high school grad
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and we want to take a moment to honor the men and women who serve this country. president harry truman established the third saturday of may as armed forces day, and abc 7 which is all of
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kimberly: three people are dead after a volcano we wrapped it in western -- when a volcano erupted in western indonesia. lume went about two miles into the sky. in costa rica, several eruptions. nobody was injured, but the streets were covered. they're asking people to avoid the area and wear protective
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ash. vice president biden spoke at west point's commencement today. he called for more diversity in the military, saying that would only strengthen the nation's armed forces. a u.s. marine was barred from walking at her high school graduation in illinois in her dress uniform. severaled the marines months ago, but when she returned to walk with her class friday night she was told that she could not walk without a cap and gown. >> rules are rules. just because she is in the military, the military stands for rules and order, and she is fighting for them. >> they start off by pledging allegiance. when a student actually does ed
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in her dress blues, she was sat down. kimberly: the school issued a statement saying the cap and down regalia is aimed at the are that the graduates celebrated as a whole in traditional attire. still ahead -- ready to race. we will take you to pimlico for the muddy preakness. and will the weekend to be a these little guys? they represent blood cells.
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with harper's name and luke 1 :37, which is the one that says "without god, nothing is possible." no word on who is selling the jersey. the field is getting set for the preakness stage, but a rough day. horses died in early morning races, one of a heart attack, the other had to be euthanized after breaking a leg. but that is not dampening the spirits ahead of the main of its. were the right attire for this year's preakness, it was downright muddy. we even saw a few umbrella hats. the infield, known as the people's party, the forecast did not dampen their spirits.
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the weather took a turn for the warmer. >> it is much better than we thought it would be. no high heels, no wages, nothing. reporter: governor hogan said this morning he is favoring nyquist. pimlico racecourse, abc 7 news. kimberly: we were just talking about how sad it was that the two horses died, and i am worried about this wet track. josh: it is so muddy, and they had been prepared, but when there is a half-inch of rain, there's only so much you can do. a little lesst is rain than they were expecting at pimlico, so some good news. the cloudy sky stick around, and misty weather at race time just a couple minutes away.
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national, the breeze out of the north at 12. the same picture for us, the weather willy stick around the rest of the evening. the low pressure system is developing off the coast, and what that will do is barely move the next two and a half, three days. of new be off the coast jersey, continuing to wrap around with more waste your and a chance of rain. this what forecast for tomorrow into a good portion of monday as well. live doppler, some heavier rain entering parts of the shenandoah valley, but never makes it over the blue ridge mountains. in d.c. we hang on to the drizzle and mist overnight. into sunday, most of the rain comes down early. in the afternoon, things break up, but still not expecting much sunshine tomorrow. the temperatures will be stuck
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monday, six 30 a.m., starting off with a drier weather, a few peaks of sunshine, and lunchtime is when i expect more rain to pop up in stick around into the afternoon and evening. i moved up the rain chances tomorrow and monday. the good news, by the time we get to tuesday we turn it around. 48 to 53 overnight, scattered showers. if you're trying to get to the golf course tomorrow, try to stay dry and dress to stay warm. we start in the low 50's, near 60 the high tomorrow. the big warm-up on the way, the low finally moves out the middle of the week. the high-pressure sets up in the ocean, meeting low 80's wednesday, mid 80's thursday, friday, and looks like the hot weather carries over into memorial day weekend. 60 degrees tomorrow, 70 monday, 60% chance of rain. tuesday, 77, with a lot more sunshine.
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up, mid-80's thursday through saturday. as you make plans with the heat, more summertime-type weather, also looking for afternoon pop-up thunderstorms, so keep your plans flexible, but a big improvement from where we are. kimberly: the 80's are going to be nice. in miami,e nats are so they don't have to deal with it. nats enjoying miami right now. and a special coach
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. , the turkscrosse trying to make it to the final four for a third straight time. rp
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who always comes to play, find still in for the third goal of the half, the hat trick. 6-2 terps. rambo finished the game with four goals, giving maryland an 11-7 lead. terps win, advancing to their third final four in the last six seasons. navy gets on the board early. comes around the net, top shelf for the goal. mids up 1-0. fifth for a seeded reason. nice move around the net. the final 11-10, brown. baseball, the nationals enjoying the miami marlins' weather. right now they have a two-game
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then, joe ross will get the start. on the other side, jose fernandez will start for the fish. he is 5-0 all-time against the nats. first pitch 7:15. in sterling, virginia, one of our local coaches doing her part in the fight against cancer. george mason's lacrosse coach sat in the chair for a quick buzz, shaving it all off for pediatric cancer. a kid ise minutes, diagnosed. she made it a mission to fight for the cure. >> it's liberating. for a woman to shave her hair, you are so connected to your hair as a woman, so it's so nice to release from that and focus on other things. i'm excited. it means i'm a person who
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instead of having to go through chemo and not have the choice. it means a lot to the people who are going through that challenge to shave my hair and show them that we are in support and there are people out there willing to do what they can to support the cause. robert: looks great both ways. and watch out for the full story on coach morgan later on. kimberly: a beautiful woman, and
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kimberly: join us wednesday for a town hall on heroin abuse. we will have live reports from cumulative is struggling all across the country. -- live reports from cumulat
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nities struggling all across the country. ank isconic orange fuel t halfway through its trip down a busy las vegas street. the last shuttle fuel tank certified to fly in space is on its way to the california science center. look how fast he gets to go -- five miles per hour. that triple take 17 hours. the 15-story tank will eventually go on display with the shuttle endeavor, which retired four years ago. so that's why the traffic was delayed. hour.going five miles per kimberly: what do we need to do to enjoy this weather? josh: unfortunately we are dealing with the rain. ride, no the d.c. bike traffic, but dress for the
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80's towards the end of the week. kimberly: thank you for
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tonight." new clues in the mystery of flight 804. pieces of the missing jet picked up at sea, the new recordings from the cockpit. >> thank you so much. good day. have a good night. >> and now smoke detected inside that plane. what happened in those final moments? donald trump on a twitter tirade against hillary clinton over guns. why he says she doesn't deserve secret service protection. breaking news, not one but two race horses collapse and die at the start of a big day at the track. distracted drivers beware. vigilantes taking matters into their own hands when you take your hands off the wheel. >> you're endangering your child as well as everybody else that's on the roadways. and the all girl baseball


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