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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  May 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> chaos at umd. police say they were forced to use pepper spray. armed and dangerous. a gun man in a robbery and a shoot out still on the loose tonight. and when will it ever end? another rainy weekend with more wet weather ahead. your stormwatch forecast is first. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now abc 7 news on your side. first, yet another day of rain, clouds and cool temperatures putting a damper on outdoor plans and don't put away that umbrella just yet. there is more rain ahead. josh knight has a look at your first forecast. tracking more rain. i n
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they are feeling about the weather but i think at this point, it is safe to go with that storm -- showers continue. temperatures across the region, 57 degrees. we are right around 55 in manassas. tough to even hit the 60 degree mark today. showers continue to wrap around the area thanks to this upper-level low pressure. that sticks around tomorrow. by tuesday, that is moving out. light showers for most of us. a bit heavy around d.c. into fairfax county and farther south. maybe you have just had enough. you are going to get out this evening, go out to dinner. make sure you take the rain jacket. temperatures will stay in the 50's. dry weather tomorrow morning but rain is back in monday afternoon. i will time that out and when we are feeling like summer coming up. kimberly: thank you. you can stay connected with the stormwatch team when there is rain on the radar, get updated forecasts by following us on facebook and twitter or by downloading our stormwatch app.
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scene on the umd campus this weekend. alleged violence at a party ending with police using pepper spray. was that really necessary? amy aubert reports, a larger investigation is underway. amy: video capturing the scene. >> my reaction is that it seems it was very chaotic. there. and people were on -- very upset. amy: one of those people very upset, ashley baskets. >> she was shaking and in tears because we were having small flashbacks. amy: she was pepper spray twice. >> it went straight into my eyes. amy: david mitchell says officers were responding to two complaints about the apartment party early saturday morning. yed complaint, the other about a possible fight inside and a baseball bat being used as a weapon. >> are there
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here? anybody using a ball that? they said no. felt an obligation to make sure everybody was ok. done nothing. no one had put their hands on anyone, especially police. amy: police say the cell phone video does not give as clear a picture as the officer's body camera video. they are still going through. >> it gives you from the time the officers arrive on the scene. amy: police are still looking into whether the use of pepper spray was justified. >> number one, was this an action that the police targeted a group of people? was the use of the oc spray appropriate? amy: they are still digging through footage for an answer. kimberly: a driver in the hospital tonight after a csx freight train hit a car sitting on the tracks in
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this morning. police say the injuries are not serious. car was onwhy the the tracks. the railroad crossing was closed during the investigation. tomorrow, and expected verdict for a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. chargededward nero is with several counts, including assault. gray died from injuries he suffered in the back of a police van which triggered national protests. a judge is expected to make the ruling tomorrow. stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage. active search for an armed and dangerous man behind a robbery at a shoot out. this all started at a jewelry store in fairfax yesterday. diane spoke with a friend of the jewelry store owner who witnessed the ordeal. diane: the lights are turned after the springfield shopping center turned into a shootout between an armed robber at
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officer. this man who works nearby asked us not to identify him. he says he is friends with the owner of the jewelry store. he noticed his friends hands were tied up behind him. >> he called -- i just go to help him, but the police tell me don't do anything. started before 12:30 on saturday. the armed gunmen and walked outside and when the officer challenged him, the suspect opened fire. they believe one of those bullets hit an innocent bystander. offce say the gun man took in a getaway car and crashed it less than two miles away. police say he carjacked a vehicle and took off, crashing again, this time in the 7600 block of hose road. >> i hope catch him. i hope that is the guy. diane: policeay
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the by standard suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and the officer was not hurt. if you know anything about what happened in this case, call fairfax county police department. kimberly: usually the stripmalls have a budget surveillance cameras. any video or description of what people should be looking out for? -- usually strip mall's have a bunch of surveillance cameras. know of.t that we they do believe he may have changed his clothing since the shooting took place yesterday. kimberly: thanks for that update. hundreds stop and salute a fallen police officer in massachusetts. ronald tarantino was shot and killed early this morning during a traffic stop in the town of auburn. an hour outside of boston. the shooter left the scene. tonight, there is a statewide manhunt underway. >> we are devastated for his family. the residents of auburn
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public servant. no stone unturned in our investigation to determine who was responsible for officer tarantino's murder. kimberly: new developments now and the search for egyptair flight 804. at least 100 pieces of debris have been found in the mediterranean sea. a submarine is heading to the area where experts believe the plane crashed. it's going to scan as deep as 10,000 feet in hopes of finding those black boxes. radio transmission show the pilot said good night peacefully. even as the system was warning of smoke on board. >> now we have evidence that says something mechanically went wrong, whether that was caused by a bomb or was just plain mechanical, we need to figure that out. kimberly: tomorrow, french officials will send a sonar ship to help with the search. new developments in the war on terror tonight. the afghan government has confirmed the u.s. airstrike did kill the
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who has been in that structure along time. i'm glad he is gone. kimberly: president obama ordered yesterday's drone strike that took out mullah mansour. pakistan condemned the strike near its border calling it a violation of its sovereignty. president obama has arrived in hanoi, the first stop in a weeklong trip to asia. the president plans to discuss trade and china's military buildup when he meets with the enemies leaders in just a few hours. later this week, the president has to japan for the g-7 summit. he will also visit hiroshima, becoming the first american president to do so since the u.s. dropped a nuclear bomb on the city to end world war ii. 30,ing up next on abc 7 at 6: doing something off the books? there are new revelations about that alleged shadow campaign involving former
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vincent gray. who is speaking out now? a clean record at his high school. the surprising reason he was banned from taking the stage at graduation and what is being done about it now. and believe it or not, more wet weather ahead. we are tracking which areas will get soaked the most in our stormwatch forecast just ahead.
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there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. not look likeay from the finish line, but 8000 bicyclists pedal to the rain this morning. the d.c. bike ride started at the capital. the total journey 17 miles. big festivalth a at the capital. an update
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commenced 20 tame a aural campaign. reportingngton post" the campaigns chairman or was -- offrwoman was running it the books campaign. her concern through details an e-mail. 's former political adviser was sentenced to six months for lying to investigators. gray is now running for his old ward 7 council seat. new information on a story we first told you about on friday. like your average teenager. he is a scholar athlete, valedictorian of his louisiana high school, why would andrew jones not be allowed to walk the stage? his facial hair. the school has a policy against it. tonight joan says he has had that beard all four years of high school -- tonight jones says. >> my hair on my face have nothing too
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kimberly: the school said it did ask jones several times to shape. a school board member will investigate whether the school violated any policies and the naacp is looking into it. another successful landing for the solar powered airplane around the world. the solar impulse landed in dayton, ohio. the location? pretty significant. dayton is birthplace of the wright brothers who were pioneers in aviation. trip startedulse's on march 2015 and is destined for the middle east later this year. looking backabc 7, at one of the most devastating natural disasters in u.s. history. joplin arein commemorating lives lost in the twister five years ago. plus, another dreary day in the nation's capital. josh is back went when we will see some summerlike temperatures next. >>
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countdown to memorial day brought to
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kimberly: it has been five years 5ince that 3f tornado hit -- e tornado hit joplin, missouri. around here it is wet with temperatures too cold for tornadic activity. we talk aboutn thunderstorms over the next week, we are not looking for severe weather but a chance of cyclical afternoon thunderstorms. here is the highlight for monday. we start the day off dry. that will be a nice change. the afternoon does bubble up with a few thunderstorms. jumping right into summer by the end of the wee
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we are heading for the mid 80's based on the way it is out there today -- breeze out of the northwest around 8 miles in rp to most of us, some pretty light showers but down here we have this darker green color showing up on live doppler. things are a bit heavier. lorton to triangle as we go out fairfax city closer to manassas, that is where we have heavier showers coming down right now. let's zoom way out. toupper-level low continues spin around basically just on top of the dmz. that creates extra lift in the atmosphere. rain in the forecast tonight and into tomorrow. 10:00 this evening, things the start to break down. by early tomorrow, this is dropped to the south. a few peaks of sunshine. by 12:00, close to lunchtime, shower start a bubble back up. and even that chance for thunderstorms. that low finally starts to move out of here heading
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tuesday. and that is when we are going to take all of this into the atlantic and we start off tuesday morning more sunshine, 7:00 in the morning, things are looking good. your temperatures close to 80 degrees. so we are going to continue that warming trend throughout the majority of the week. 50's this evening. showers continue. that is we head into tomorrow, we are up to about 69. warmer than it was today, thanks to a little bit of morning sunshine. showers develop around lunchtime and thunderstorms are possible as well. once again, not anything severe. this being warm up heading to the memorial weekend is thanks to high pressure setting up off the coast, low 80's on wednesday. mid-80's thursday, friday and saturday, sunday and monday. and dry days are tuesday wednesday. with this summerlike heat and humidity, we have that daily chance for pop-up thunderstorms. stormwatch 7ab the app. you can track those on live doppler. kimberly: very specific. mar
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lacrosse. both on top right now. going up to college park. men took care of business. could the women take care of business today? it's scherzer on the amount for the nats. a
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>> now they take notice sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> nats had their rubber match with the marlins in miami. max scherzer was on the amount. not a lot of issues today -- max scherzer was on the mound. top third, 2-0 nats. anthony rendon turns on one down the left-field line. daniel murphy comes around to score. 3-0 nats. ben revere had a big day. picks up his third hit of the game.
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danny espinosa, he would hustle around. it's 6-0 ntats. max scherzer was on his game. gave up only two runs, struck out 8. he improves to 5-3. the final 8-2. inning angels, big third for the angels. they laid 2-0. pujols lines a shot to left. cold call whom scores with the double for pujols -- kole calhoun score. 5-0 angels. o's go down in this one, 10-2. maryland women had no problems against umass in lacrosse. they get off to an 8-0 start. megan whittle had a hat trick in the first nine minutes of the game. terps blow out umass.
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we're really excited to have the opportunity to go back to the final four and have the chance to play a really good syracuse team. umass came out on fire today and we had to stick it to them. we played really sound maryland defense. i'm really proud of our efforts. >> in the nba, golden state oklahoma city, game three. 1-1. speaking of type up. the eastern conference mashup is getting physical. take last night. fireworks between tristan thompson and biyombo. lebron with his epic flop. no retaliation from king james. here is what he had to say afterwards. >> i can't afford to react. any kind of way and will get me thrown out of the game but i will protect myself. i always think back to the jay-z phrase if
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ot you, i'm blameless. if you shoot me -- i got to keep my brains. >> they are back in toronto tomorrow night at 8:30. kimberly: that slap could compete with some of the pro athletes and soccer. >> if you can compete with the soccer players. kimberly: josh with
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kimberly: we are tired of hearing ourselves complain. more rain in the forecast. josh: we'v egot more sunshine fighting through. not
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start. showers develop to the day. here tomorrow and they are here to the weekend as well as watching for that chance for a few thunderstorms early on. get to around first pitch, most of that range should be moving out of here. temperatures hanging in the 60's. then it is going to be like playing in june and july the end of this week. afternoon thunderstorms will be the story as we warm up into the mid-. -- mid 80's. kimberly: not to be negative, but there is a lot of lightning in your forecast. that messes people lot more than anything. josh: that is something that we will watch for. useful with these pop-up thunderstorms spirit the atmosphere is not conducive sit severe weather. -- for severe weather. rains itself out and moves on throughout the rest of the evening. watch radar. kimberly: thanks
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need
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