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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: this is a stormwatch7 severe weather alert. jonathan: we begin with the severe weather alert. thunderstorms moving through the area right now. michelle: the strongest crossing south maryland and into virginia. we go to chief meteorologist doug hill with the latest. doug all right. we have had a big change during the day today. we are still feeling the influence of a storm center that gave us the lousy weekend. that is all sure. the circulation now is starting to put in individual thunderstorms. these are individual cells that kind of rain themselves out but in the process they give us briefly strong wind and hail. that happened in the areas in charles county, la plata and waldorf. they had a severe thunderstorm warning that expired. you can see on the radar are more upstream. they are moving northeast to southwest. one moved to the district. more through the northern suburb. that will continue through sunset this evening. after that the storms
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this will move offshore and the skies will start to clear. there is the area of low pressure spinning around. we will get rid of that later tonight. skies will clear. wait until you hear about the warmup we have coming. the forecast tonight. showers and thunderstorming ending after 7:00 or 8:00. clearing skies overhead and we look ahead the memorial day weekend ahead. back to you. jonathan: raw emotion from baltimore today as police officer edward nero was found not guilty, acquitted of the charges against him in the death of freddie gray. michelle: the man you saw in the video wasn't even him leaving court. we believe it was his brother. the officers departed a short time later. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in baltimore. we still have five more trials ahead. brad: that is right. that is some of the comfort people that have been protesting are drawing today. they are saying we still have the trials ahead. you saw some of the raw emotion. tonight all i
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the truth is people are not that surprised by today's verdict. this officer, officer edward nero, was barely more than present at the arrest of freddie gray. [chanting] brad: immediate reaction outside the courthouse to the verdict. officer edward nero not guilty on all counts. >> somebody lost their life but still nobody has been held accountable yet. what does that say? brad: the attorney for the family of freddie gray offering a different view. >> if you didn't hear every bit of the evidence, you have no rationale basis to be angry about the outcome of this case. brad: in the videos of the arrest of freddie gray, officer edward nero can be seen only briefly touching grey, lifting his feet in the police van where freddie gray would soon suffer the fatal injury in a tumble in the front of the prisoner box. in rendering his verdict,
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the court there was no evidence that nero committed a crime. that other officers were far more involved in the arrest. attorney murphy saying the gray family only wants justice. >> i found no guilty with the reasoning. i think he was amazingly impervious to public opinion. that is the hallmark of a great judge. brad: not long after the verdict the lawyer for officer nero issued a statement saying they are relieved that the nightmare is finally over. he is not entirely out of the woods yet. he remains on suspension. the baltimore police putting out a statement that they will now conduct their own internal review of his actions. you mentioned additional trials. if everything goes as scheduled, the next one will be for officer roger caesar goo. he is the one driving the prisoner van and he is the one a lot of people po
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responsible to seat belt freddie gray into that van. when we come back at:00 -- at 5:00, more on that and more reaction from the nero camp. in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. while things remain calm in baltimore, emotions ran high in the moments following the not guilty verdict. a man in a white shirt and a woman were front and center in the protests. you see them here. sam sweeney has that angle of the story. sam: the scene grew from calm to chaos in seconds. a man walked out of the side door of the court. one peeveser announces it's officer nero and a storm of people rush to taunt him. the only problem, it was actually nero's brother. reading the crowd, this man, baltimore pastor wesley west. >> that could have been my son. i have a son in this community. what happened to him? c'mon! today is a statement.
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profanity at nero's brother and sent so far to say he should be dead. as fast as it started it was over but anger kept boiling. >> listen, you saw he was in the van. sam: the local leader of the naacp moved in and calmed the situation and held on to pastor west and begged for peace. >> we need to be calm. it's okay to have protesters and okay to march. i applaud that. naacp does that. we don't want anybody hurt, locked up or get chased by police. we don't want property damage. sam: everybody in the city is pleading for peace. i caught up with pastor west after he cooled off. he told me he is also asking for peace but he is angry that nobody is marching in the streets. meantime, police here say if people do take to the streets later and it does get out of hand, they will be ready. reporting in baltimore, i'm sam sweeney. back to you. jonathan: here is a timeline of the events that led up to where we are today.
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last year. he died a week after that van ride he was never buckled in. a little more than a week after gray's death, protest turned to all-out riots. fires were set. looting going on and a curfew put in place spanning baltimore. then may 1 of last year, state's attorney marilyn mosby announced charges against all the officers involved in the arrest. michelle: many of you might have heard first about the verdict through the abc7 text message be. the first to receive alerts when breaking news happens. sign up at today a rape suspect is in court for the first time. it's also the first time that we are hearing about this crime, which police happened on a red line metro train at 10:00 in the morning. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is at the station with the object that helped the police i.d the suspect. it's someth
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information. kevin: absolutely, michelle. after that rape victim notified staff here at the glenmont station the police reviewed the cameras here and they captured the suspect exit through a fare gate. he used his smart trip card. everything is computerized now, police were able to quickly identify suspect of 39-year-old john hicks of northeast. on april 12, 10:00 in the morning police say hicks walked up to a woman sleeping sg in the otherwise empty red line train car, pulled out a folding knife and dragged the woman to the back of the car and made her take off her pants. hicks then allegedly raped the woman until the train reached the glenmont station. that is when hicks who prosecutors say has three previous sexual assault convictions pled -- fled on foot. >> this is an innocent victim. riding the train after a long, hard shift at work. unfortunate occurrence
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that is why we believe he is a danger to the public and should be held on no bond. kevin: because the train was heading from d.c. to glenmont at 10:00 a.m. back on tuesday april 12, it was effectively reverse commuting so there was no other passengers inside the car. police telling us the sexual assault lasted from forest glen to glenmont. that is three stops in total. we're live in silver spring. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. fairfax county teacher's aide murdered outside the huntington apartment in an apparent robbery attempt. at this point police say the 24-year-old tarreece sampson witnessed at least one person breaking in cars 2:30 friday morning and was shot a number of times while on the phone with a friend. the students were shocked to hear the news. >> if one of our teachers was at a meeting, he would take care of us.
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city side apartment tells us that the property manager took over a few years ago stopped using a security agency. right now police have not announced if they have any leads in the case. all right. now to the race for the white house. enough polls show clinton and de neck neck in the race. "washington post"/abc news poll shows trump leading by two points. if you look at the nbc/"wall street journal" poll it shows clinton ahead by three points. it doesn't matter which one you are looking at. they're all in the margin of error. today we have a new tool to help us know how you feel about a story. it's the abc7 instapoll. it's focused on election. who do you think will win? clinton, sanders, trump? log on to vote now. we will show you the numbers in a minute because it's real-time. but first we will go to political correspondent scott thuman. these are interesting results. two months ago clinton was out in f
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now it's neck in neck. scott: a lot changed. the headline from the story is if you took an average of the major polls for the first time ever you see donald trump slightly ahead. he has the lead. we haven't seen it the entire election cycle. what is the underlying theme? well, there are a couple of possible reasons for the numbers. one, hillary clinton still hasn't clinched the nomination. inethably if she does we will have a jump in numbers. but look at the people who were republicans and not on board with him yet. we are tarting to see more people say they believe that donald trump represents the party core values. there is a huge disparity from a couple of months ago. only 29% of the people said that way. it has jumped significantly. finally something else to consider here is that donald trump really has some belief starting to act and sou
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times. some people believe that is starting to sway those who are reluctant to get on board even if they are republicans. jonathan: let's talk about the race for a second. we show bernie sanders on the instapoll. what is the story with sanders? does he have a chance if we wins out the rest and gets more delegates he could become the nominee? scott: sure. you hear him say he is going all the way to the convention. one of the other factors in this poll, the abc news/"washington post" poll that was kind of i guess catnip for his followers. they love it. there is only one candidate considered more likable than unlikable, that is bernie sanders. he will fundraise and he does well. if he has a decent showing in california. i would help him. if he can prevent hillary clinton from getting to the magic number without super delegates, if it's just on th
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stay -- delegate count he will say it's still open election. could he sway minds and get superdelegates to leave clinton's camp go to his? it's monumental task. may not be the most probable of possibilities but it can't be ruled out yet. jonathan: $1 million question. if bernie bows out where do the supporter goes? a lot of people say they may go to trump. scott: you may have some go to trump. majority would stay with what they believe the larger message of the democratic party. anti-trump. jonathan: scott at the capitol. thank you. we asked you at the start of the segment on who you would like to win. this is the election of the instapoll. it's not scientific. voting going on. trump 38%, hillary clinton 39%. that is lock, some, barrel with what we reported at this race now and the polls being neck in neck. go to a brutal attack that is all
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the reason why where the attack happened is causing concern and how to help the police find out who did this. michelle: a new twist in the chandra levy murder. defense attorneys are now pointing the the finger somewhere else. jonathan: paying tribute to prince. but not without controversy. that's ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00". we are keeping an eye on the skies. storms are coming our way. we're back after this.
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jonathan: it has been more than a month since prince passed away. michelle: last night madonna paid tribute to the late star at the billboard awards. alison starling is joining us now. there are controversy with the people chosen to perform. y'all a lot of people are talking about it. i was a fitting tribute but controversy. this is as new details are emerging about his unexpected death. it was one of the most anticipated moments of the night. [singing] madonna paying tribute to prince at the billboard music aw
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to you." ♪ nothing compares to you unexpected moment; stevie wonder joining her on stage. ♪ purple rain, purple rain alison: the duet quited critics that complained that the producers should have tapped a black artist to perform. 9,000 people signed a petition to stop mo donna being the only -- madonna being the only artist to pay tribute. the producer released a statement saying, "we are honored and could not be more excited for madonna to be on the show and to pay tribute to her friend, peer and colleague." on the day of the passing material girl posted this picture on instagram with the message, "he changed the world. a true visionary. what a loss. i'm devastated." according to rolling stone, the two icons briefly dated in 1985. even si
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"love song" in the late '80's before feuding for decades and ultimately reconciling. while the results of prince's toxicology report have yet to be released new details about the circumstances surrounding his death are coming into focus. according to the "star tribune" a responding paramedic said prince appeared to have been dead for at least six hours before his body was found in the elevator at his paisley park recording studio. >> paisley park, person not breathing. alison: after the plane made emergency landing the musician became increasingly agitated prompting members of the staff to contact the california expert in pain medication addiction for help planning a life-saving mission. update on the status of the investigation. everybody is talking about the tribute last night and whether they thought it lived up to what he deserved or not. michele:
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catalog is so huge we should have expected manufacture than two songs. jonathan: he played with so many. huge names. made guitars. should have had people representing that. alison: a lot of people would have jumped at the chance to perform. michelle: more awards coming up so i bet the trend will continue. alison: another story to share. "ferris bueller day off fans"? jonathan:♪ danke schoen alison: they celebrated the 30-year anniversary this weekend. here it is. hundreds came out for ferris-fest in chicago. they even recreated the famous parade scene in daily plaza. right down to the "twist and shout" performance on the parade float. >> i just liked it because it's mischievous. he could do what i never did because i'm such a nerd. >> righteous dude.
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all the stars from the movie were also in attendance. the iconic chicago film was released in june 11, 1986. michelle: look great. alison: bueller? there were so many great lines. jonathan: the sound effect and then the music with no words. [laughter] alison: good stuff. jonathan: time for check of traffic situation. you are not flying around on a ferrari on our roads today. jamie: gosh, not this afternoon either. i want to start in northwest d.c. closure on 24th street northwest between connecticut and calvert street because of the fire department activity. slowing on the freeway heading westbound. that is due to an accident. we are in the single digits. a tree is down so closing suitland parkway heading westbound. that is between silver hull and branch avenue. all lanes are completely blocked. heading outbound on 295, 23 minutes getting closer toward eastern avenue and baltimore washington parkway. seeing volume as
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inner loop heading northbound toward the g.w. parkway. left lane blocked. because of this accident we will take a look here and you can see some of the volume. again on the inner loop as well as the outer loop. heavy traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. michelle: turning to one of the greatist military tradition. the hearn don climb. jonathan: the freshman class climbing the herndon monument. 21-foot tall that has been greased up. but not before they put a plebe hat at the top. the midshipman who makes it to the top to replace the dixie cup with the hat are plebes no more. i took less than an hour and a half. the sunshine in the video. there are storms today. doug
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more. fun to see how they problem solve. doug: you are right. we are making a pivot from the weather pat fern for 20 years and now we have a storm center off the coast. we will have warmer temperatures. look at the conditions. we have had downpours and blue skies and we have had it all. it's a brief shower that went by. now threatening clouds. it could be in the forecast. it's the area of low pressure off the coach. it spins and pinwheel the moisture
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we have warm air over the surface and they are ideal for the thunderstorms. splash and dash. they are single storms. not a whole line but they did produce hail, winds and rain to move on the way. some coming to us from baltimore. we will have heavy storms down river. thaw are going to move through quantico and stafford. until we get to 4:48. notice how it all changes to bring us warming air and we will transition to summer pattern. look at the next seven days to
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it's going to be more humid thursday and friday with the afternoon storms. dry saturday. sunday and monday right now calling for 30% chance of storms and warm temperatures. but we will have more to talk about and what will happen with the weekend weather. michelle: thank you. time for a check on the eagle cam. this is freedom and liberty. this is video from an hour ago. the eagle testing out the wings. they have grown quickly. before you know they will be flying the nest. taking on the world on their own. jonathan: how much longer do they hang around before we call them free loaders? michelle: it has been a while since we have seen mom and dad. jonathan: they are like wait until they leave and we go back to the nest. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- paying more
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girl's version of products. the biggest offender and "7 on your side" jumping to action. we have it ahead. michelle: a brutal beating caught outside the d.c. school. the manhunt and the reaction from the school ahead. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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jonathan: here is a question. what is so special about the color pink? it turns out that women are payin
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michelle: check this out st. stuff we have here. sunglasses, duct tape, products that are colored pink cost more than the same products in blue or more traditionally masculine colors. mainly because women shop more than men. marketers and the manufacturers know it. >> trying to figure out why this would be -- >> it's the color. all in the color. >> do girls pay more than boys? michelle: doesn't it make your blood boil? consumer investigator kimberly suiters is here to talk about this. doesn't seem fair. kimberly: it's not fair. it's illegal. "7 on your side" talked to two different attorneys general about this. we are trying to get changes made. an example today, shopping today. the red ones cost less than the pink ones. $2 less. i'm sure they both cut but $2 less. pens red are cheaper than pink ones.
4:29 pm
making donation to breast cancer. that does happen and that is a t always. these razors are marketing man versus woman. men were way cheaper. big rebate. sunny thing here, these are marketed to women because they're sensitive and soft. inside, it's a blue razor, people. don't be afraid to by blue is a lesson we learn from this. one more. do you recognize your shirt here? got it dry leaned for you. my shirt here. it's smaller. jonathan: are lot more expensive? kimberly: yeah. $2. $5.785. this is not a you in issue. jonathan: what if jonathan brought if your shirt? kimberly: i borrowed one of jonathan's. why women pay more? that book was written 23 years ago. they were paying
4:30 pm
white woman would pay $150 for a car. block woman $ -- a black woman $800 more for a car. hopefully that changed. we're paying more for haircut and dry cleaning. deodorant. the same ingredients on the back. more in this one, this one costs less. jonathan: is there any recourse with this? it's infuriating for dad of young girls and wives and sisters. infuriating. kimberly: a couple things to do. "7 on your side" took it to the attorneys general in d.c., maryland and virginia. we have asked them to look into legislative change. that is one. you as a consumer can go on social media, find examples like this. post them. i have some posted at abc7 suiters. #genderpricing. sometimes just get the word out. the lines are blurring between the underrers, the male, female -- between the genders, the male, pink blue. more people are buying other colors marketers wil
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to that. michelle: we look forward to your report. catch kimberly suiters' consumer report tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. don't miss "the pink tax." >> i'm fired up. i need a deep breath. thank you. michelle: next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- robbery, beating caught on camera outside of the d.c. school. jonathan: wow! michelle: the target, a student there. the manhunt and the reaction from the residents who are just now seeing the video. >> first it was long security lines. now a new waiting game for airline passengers just trying to get to the gate.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. doug: want to give you a quick update on the showers and storms through the area. this is the beginning of a new weather pattern to make it summary in the week. at the moment, we have showers and thunderstorms developing. moving in from the northeast part of the region. the baltimore area moving southwest across the metro and beyond. doug: some of these are heavy. hail and heavy downpours. the line starting to form up, and that pushes southwest toward the southern foothills to the blue ridge in the next couple of hours. there will be showers as a possibility. the nats at home tonight. mets in town. isolated shower/thunderstorm possible at gametime. we will keep an eye on th
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scattered showers and storms tonight. overnight we have clearing. the forecast for tomorrow. sunshine for a change. no rain in the forecast. we will be in the upper 80's toward the end of the week. we have a change weather wise. jonathan: thank you. you know if you are just joining us, this afternoon, we are covering news that we have been following from baltimore. officer edward nero found not guilty on all counts. the first verdict in the freddie gray case. there were some protests but everything remained calm. five more officers are awaiting trial in death of freddie gray. nero's baltimore police internal review does continue. to a developing story here. d.c. police looking for three people of interest in a brutal beating and robbery. right outside of the d.c. school. you can see the school bus o
4:36 pm
are looking at. stephen tschida? stephen: this attack went down right here on 42nd. this is the georgetown day school. the prestigious high school. that is the surveillance camera that caught the incident on april 27. we have the surveillance video. let's show you the surveillance video. what happened when a student, a 17-year-old student walked down the street. runs into the three individuals. one of them punches him. he is knocked to the ground and dazed or unconscious. we're not clear. but instead of rock rob him, he continues to beat him, punch him and take off with his cell phone and the debit card and sunglasses. the reaction because it went down at 1:30 in the afternoon on a school day has a lot of people unnerved. >> it's another assault
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in this neighbor. people have been robbed and stuff. >> it's worse. i don't know. stephen: we did hear from georgetown day school who say they responded to the student and got him medical attention. they also reached out to m.p.d. d.c. police and brought in a police officer to work with the students here to instruct them on how to keep their guard up, on how to keep themselves safe. as for the 17-year-old student, we do understand he is doing well tonight. the search for the suspect continues. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. "7 on your side" fighting back against crime with what we call spot crime map. you log on to under the "7 on your side" tab. spot crime. michelle: a lot of travelers are heeding the t.s.a. warning to plan for long
4:38 pm
there is a surge in precheck applicants. brianne carter is at national airport. with so many people signing up, is it still considered a time saver? brianne: it depends who you ask. now it's a waiting game for the airline passengers just trying to sign up for t.s.a. precheck to avoid the long security lines. t.s.a. says just in the past week, they have seen an uptick in the number of people signing up. from 7,000 to 8,000, would have been a rare occurrence in one day. now last week several times they had more than 13,000 people in one day sign up for t.s.a. precheck. they come up with the long security lines at major airports including chicago. you don't need an appointment, it's recommended to make sure you get the time and the location you need. with so many people signing up, it may be four or five weeks before you find an open slot. you can walk in but
4:39 pm
we found folks here today at the t.s.a. enrollment at reagan national airport that had to wait more than two hours. >> it is worth it. it lasts for five years. it won't be worth it for this trip coming up because i won't be able to use it. brianne: now coming up tonight at 6:00, we talked to one woman. both she and her husband signed up for appointments to go to the t.s.a. precheck application process today. she was the only one who walked away signing up. the reason why tonight at 6:00. reporting rivalling, brianne -- reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: see you at 6:00. metro will give us update on the metro yard statement. they have completed the potential impact statement and will release results with any design and construction impact on the city of alexandria. the open house is held tonight f
4:40 pm
charles houston recreation center. more than 135 employers held a career expo at arena stage today. part of the marion barry summer youth program. this year, 12,000 youth will be getting jobs. the jobs last total of six weeks starting next month. michelle: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- making vodka? how much it will cost. and why one california distillery is doing it. jonathan: plus, what does deflate gate have to do with bush versus gore? we will explain the next step of the nfl cheating scandal. that won't seem to go away.
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jonathan: a california distillery is making and selling vodka from fog cantured in san francisco bay area. michelle: they call it fog point. how much does it cost? $125 a bottle. by collecting fog, the distillery says it's conserving water. there is enough for 124,000 bottles. the taste is subtle and delegate from hangar 1. jonathan: all right. tom brady's attorneys are
4:44 pm
suspension for deflategate. he added former solicitor general theodore olson to the legal team who gained fame from arguing bush versus gore. the case now heads to the second circuit bench. will it ever go away? michelle: not until he retires some say unfortunately. jonathan: still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- what happens next? a big hole. discuss the struck plow in the parked cars? it's a sinkhole. we will tell you about it. or does a thief break in? the back story is funny. we'll show you after the break. kellye: i'm kellye lynn outside dunbar high school. they are packing the bags for colorado. that's coming up in "spotlight on
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mcauliffe's use of a state airplane. according to the "daily press" mcauliffe used a state airplane to fly to cuba and a university of virginia basketball game in chicago among other destination. the rate to use the plane is $985 an hour. mcauliffe's flights have been scrutinized since he used the plane last year to attend to u2 concert and bill clinton's birthday party. michelle: many young people who live in urban areas have limited options when it comes to play. in today's "spotlight on education," kellye lynn shows us the award-winning solution developed by students at dunbar high school. kellye: a problem familiar to many who live in urban neighbors. a shortage of play area. >> i have younger siblings and we want to take them to play but it's hard to find an area. kellye: students at dunbar high school came one a concept.
4:49 pm
up with what we believe is the best solution to the challenge. our kids chose the play challenge. they came out on top. kellye: on top with a pop-up play area. the team beat out other institutes in the challenge. >> they're affordable. think school can buy the stuff. >> we can pick up the box and roll it down if we have a big lot. kellye: inside is chalk, games and colorful play equipment. would the idea work? dunbar team decided to do a test run at a park across the street from the school. the students hand delivered invitations to five area schools and on the big day more than 120 kids, mostly second graders, showed up to play. the children who attended embraced the concept. now the pop-up play creators are headed to an all
4:50 pm
paid trip to asen idea festival in colorado next month to share the approach with leaders from around the country. in northwest, kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: over the course of his career, bernie williams known for big hit with the yankees to help pinstripes win four world series titles. michelle: not many know he is accomplished musician. the other hit help children in class now even in d.c. erin hawksworth shows us how. erin: no secret that the music programs have been cut from many schools across the country. mlb star turned musician bernie williams is working to teach kids the importance of music. today he did it in d.c. southeast washington today hosting a new york legend. >> day of service. >> chicago classic. bernie williams, former yankee star and guitaris
4:51 pm
friendship prep academy. >> with the music and hopefully we will spark interest in them. erin: williams latin grammy nominee shared the virtue of music with the middle schoolers. >> the kids learn better when they are exposed to music and the arts. it's proven scientifically. erin: the national association of music merchants donated instruments and provided instructors and whether it was percussion or power cords from the famous song by chicago, this event was a hit. >> our kids are so excited. to bring music in changes the whole dynamic. >> music is something that appeals, it's a universal language. >> what i love about music. it's fun, loving, peaceful. erin: students tuning in to music may be for good. >> it will make their life richer for them. erin: williams help provide
4:52 pm
to very lucky students at the friendship tech prep academy. great opportunity to learn what music is all about from a former mlb star. jonathan: awesome. erin: fun that day. jonathan: see all of our "spotlight on education" reporting go to click on the live on education tab. michelle: hopefully travelers are safer than what was caught on camera in china. take a look. four cars and a tree. suddenly collapsed to a sinkhole. people were eating lunch across the street when this happened. the whole was more than 16 feet long, and nearly nine feet deep. fortunately no one was hurt. jonathan: can you imagine sitting across the street having lunch and it was your car that went in there. oh, no! how is your insurance doing? michelle: look at all the spectators. jonathan: talk about our monday. not that great weather wise. steve: it is not. we had sunshine, a few shower
4:53 pm
and thunderstorms. once we get rid of all of this, tomorrow and the rest of the week it will warm up and look fantastic. this is the camera from nationals park. if you are heading to the game, bring an umbrella or parka. 68 degrees right now at reagan national airport. moving through the game time hours we'll see the scattered showers. thunderstorms. dropping in the lower 60's. moving toward the end of the game. hopefully it will be a winning game in d.c. inside the capital beltway. heaviest rain about 270 beltway spur. bethesda toward rockville. heaviest rain there. head to southeast d.c. at nationals park, nothing. at least not right now. all of this is moving toward the south and the west. different direction than we normally see with the system. 54 to 59 degrees for overnight low. scattered showers and storm will come to an end. tomorrow looks fantasti
4:54 pm
degrees. a lot of sunshine. looking ahead for the weekend, for those looking to get out early on friday to head to the beaches, upper 60's. by 9:00, we'll be in the upper 80's by 6:00 in the everything. the memorial day weekend forecast at the beaches look fantastic. lower 70's saturday, sunday, monday. closer to home we will keep temperatures above average for this time of the year in the 80's. michelle: thank you, steve. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- when you own a home, you are responsible for appliances and the upkeep. the six big ticket items that don't last as long as you think after this.
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john: if own a home do you wonder why you replace something every few months? roof, air conditioner? knowing when something is getting ready to go is heal of. hope to get 40 years out of the front-loading washing machine like your mom did from the maytag? don't count on it. the high-tech and the energy efficient appliances don't last as long. national association of home builders say you may have to replace many home items sooner than you think. refrigerator two to 13 careers. dishwasher nine years. microwaver, nine years. water heater, 11 years. central air,
4:58 pm
gas furnace, 18. the new washing machine just ten years. doesn't that stink file. what happens when you ignore something in an attempt to save money? that can cause costly damage which will have you saying, "doesn't that stink?" the home builders group says set aside money once your roof hits 25 years of age. and your deck hits age 20. letting a leaky roof continue to leak or old deck continue to sag is dangerous and can cost you more in the long run to repair. stay up to date on the maintenance so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight, a race on the red line at 10:00 a.m. on a tuesday. how the alleged attacker handed his name to investigators. not guilty on all counts. >> it's still no accountability. that hurts me the most. leon: freddie gray protesters deal with the verdict. turn to trial number three. plus --
4:59 pm
the money? "7 on your side" puts them to a hefty test. now "abc7 news at 5:00", on your side. alison: a woman raped on a red line train at 10:00 in the morning. you saw the story first at "abc7 news at 4:00". montgomery county reporter kevin lewis live in silver spring. the suspect was in court today? kevin: he was. a judge denied him bond. we want to point out the alleged rape happened tuesday april 12, nearly six weeks ago. metro transit police made a quick arrest. no one informed the public. this morning a source called me. he wanted the story on the air because frankly he felt riders deserve to know. an unthinkable attack on the red line. john hicks of northeast walked up to a sleeping female passenger and
5:00 pm
have a boyfriend" and, "are you going to glen mont?" he dragged her to the empty train car and prosecutors say hicks raped the woman as the train moved through the fourth glen and the wheaton station. when the train reached glen mont, hicks fled but useed the smart card at the fare gate. they were able to identify him. >> a crime like this at knife point, while they run at 10:00 in the morning is a threat to the public good. >> he has a lengthy criminal record, including three previous sexual assault convictions. two against children. >> this victim is innocent victim. she is just riding the train after long hard shift at work. unfortunate occurrence that mr. hicks preyed upon her. that is why we believe he is a danger to the public and should be held on


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