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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 24, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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greeks to line up behind it the lead investigation country the egyptians. different countries putting forward rumors, that's exactly why the egyptians demanded all of that data so the they won't be caught off guard. >> has to make it so hard on families. molly hunter live for us in cairo. thank you. and in iraq, the battle for fallujah raging on with the prime minister hailing big successes against isis. troops recaptured some agricultural areas along the northeastern edge of fallujah under intensified iraqi air strikes. u.s.-led coles carried out two air strikes in support that have operation. isis is claiming responsibility for a series of bomb blasts in the syrian coastal cities but the government is blaming other middle eastern countries. it says the attacks were efforts by turkey, qatar, and saudi arabia to derail the peace talks in the five-year civil war. dozens of people were killed in the explosions. till now, the cities had
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one of the police officers accused in the death of freddie gray was acquitted. a judge ruled edward near rode played little role in the case. there were no riots after his acquittal. but many in the african-american community are unhappy with the verdict. a week of severe storms in the central plains. heavy rain flooded many streets in wichita with many cars stalled in high water. some people drove around barriers to drive through standing water and then were surprised when they got stuck. and it looks like a winter wonderland. this is central pennsylvania in late may. there's so much hail it, fell so quickly that it coated the ground with a layer of ice and slush. it melted away quickly but not before clogging storm drains. that created minor flooding, as well about the violent storms today extend all the way from north texas up to the great lakes. >> there will also be rain and snow in the western mountains
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northeast. there will be steamy and sticky in the southeast today. there is one more test naval academy plebes have to pass before they are no longer freshman at annapolis. they have to climb the herndon monument and replace a paper cup with an upperclassman's hat. that monument there is 21 feet high. what makes it dlirvegs it's covered in grease. the class of 2019 finally managed to do it. it took them just over 72 minutes. >> that's not even close to the record by the way. we're told the tradition demonstrates tradition, teamwork, courage and class unity. on the other hand, tradition says whoever places the cap will become the first admiral in the class. that's never actually happened. >> that's never happened. >> i imagine saying that kind of makes the teamwork part of it tricky. you've got a bunch of people that want to be that person. >> the longest it ever took
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1998. it took them four hours to complete that thing. >> i want to know who thought of this. because it's brilliant, in my opinion. but you probably do have to end up stacking everybody on top, one on top of the other. >> the grease plays a role. and that year that it took four urs to complete, they played a trick on them. they actually taped that cup up there to make it even more difficult. >> that's just mean. >> so dirty. >> it looks like they had a good time. i hope that's true. coming up, the brazen robbery at a verizon store caught on video. what these two suspects did to the store's twos employees once they got them into the back room. we'll show you. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by life alert.
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and a free gift. all i did was make a phone call and all of my questions about the colonial penn program were answered. it couldn't have been any easier and we both got the coverage we should have had for years now. mm-hm, with change to spare. (laughing) (colonial penn jingle) a manhunt is on in georgia for two suspects who robbed a cell phone store in the atlanta area. video sho
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is spray one of those robbers is separate workers at the verizon store with mace, then led employees to the back of the store and duct taped their hands police say they made off with about $30,000 worth of cell phones and other devices. george zimmerman claims he's getting a quarter million dollars for the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. he said a previous bid for $150,000 fell through. he then accepted the bid from an anonymous buyer. zimmerman said he wants to use some of the money to fight hillary clinton's anti-gun proposals and violence against police specifically from black lives matter. a new development in bill cosby's criminal sex assault case. the comedian failed an attempt to delay a key hearing. >> he is expected back in court today after the pennsylvania supreme court refused to grant that delay. abc's linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: bill cosby
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is preparing to go back to court. this, after his hail mary attempt to delay was denied. for the first time in years, the embattled comedian may be confronted face-to-face by one of his accusers, andrea constand. a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to put cosby on trial for sexual assault allegations, stemming from a 2004 encounter with the former temple university employee at his home in pennsylvania. prosecutors are likely to introduce evidence that allege cosby gave constand three blue pills and wine, which they say made her unable to consent to sexual contact. cosby, however, has maintained all along that the encounter was consensual. a 2005 deposition for the constand case reveals a cavalier cosby. when asked a graphic question about a sexual encounter with another woman, a young model, and the manner in which she pleased him, the comedian answered, "bingo." this case, brought last december, was an 11th hour decision by the prosecutor's office, just days before the statute of limitations was set to run out. linsey davis,
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york. coming up, the american tv star who is making history across the pond. >> how matt lee blank is shifting his career into high gear on one of the world's biggest car shows calling it his dream job. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world ne
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my car ♪ >> get into my car. >> finish it. i love it. >> how you doing, everybody. this next story has a lot do with cars. an awesome show i absolutely love. and matt leblanc apparently now getting involved. >> he says it really is a dream come true for him hosting the world's biggest car show. it's the international hit "top gear" on bbc america. he took time to show off for abc's lama hasan who checked it out and even rode shotgun. >> one, two, three, four. >> reporter: top gear is the high octane, adrenaline pumping jaw-clinching car show every motoring fanatic loves. >> it's a fun show. it's a car show for pepperheads also but also got a bit of traveling and a bit of culture, a bit of comedy in it. >> reporter: and it's getting a full throttle makeover with none other than the much
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"friends" star matt leblanc. >> i would watch the show and say i would love to be part of that and here i am now. >> reporter: he's the first non-brit to host "top gear" ever. and not such a shabby driver either. >> oh. >> all the way around. >> reporter: that's not fun. i don't know about that one. what's been your favorite experience so far? >> right now. >> reporter: also taking the wheel, british tv and radio star chris evans. >> i think we're like ernie and bert from sesame street. it's a two-hander. >> but we don't sleep in the same room. >> not yet. >> no, not yet. >> reporter: and this man, he is called the stick. the eb
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gear." his identity a closely guarded secret. think of him as a super human race car driver. so we're just about to go around the racetrack with the stig, the icon. i am petrified. [ screaming ] the stig likes to burn some serious rubber on the track. >> oh! it's a porsche 911 gt 3, zero to 60 in three seconds. top speed, 190. and that comes in handy on the show. speed is what it's all about. >> it's got to be out there. it's got to be totally original and got to be frightening and usually life-threatening to one of us if not both of us. >> life
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>> yeah. >> yeah, there's a couple of times during the shooting of these things i've been like okay, that's dangerous. i kind of get lured into this you know to his world. >> reporter: these hosts will be going head to head driving to exotic locations, racing each other. >> watch the bump here. >> reporter: and testing the most outrageous cars can out there. >> it keeps getting better and better and better. >> reporter: strap on your seat belts folks, you're in for one wild ride. lama hasan, abc news, london. >> a lot of fun. >> it really is. it's one of those shows that sounds like such a nich interest. but it's not. there's such a broad appeal to their dynamic almost like "mythbusters" meets cars. they test out theorys and have fun races. i really enjoy it. >> i am sold. >> he got this job i the last host was removed because he attacked one of the
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for better results, use finish jet-dry. .. ♪ cancer is a diagnosis that's hard enough to hear when you're a grown-up but imagine hearing it when you're just a child. >> it's all the more naezing when you see how one young cancer patient is not only bravely battling the disease but helping others do it, too. tyler of an austin station has her story. >> reporter: when you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are. the 1940s disney song promises anything your heart desires will come true. 7-year-old karen is a star in her dance class. but it's what her heart desires that could make many dreams come true. >> when i grow up, i
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a scientist because i want to find a medicine for persons that have cancer because i heard that people have died when they have cancer. >> reporter: karen knows a lot about cancer. >> i had it when i was 4 years old. it was a long time ago. >> my mind just went blank. i went cold. and i said, chemotherapy. that means she has cancer. like how could my 4-year-old baby have cancer? >> reporter: lymph phoenix maher family would soon learn. >> my mom told me in that i told her about what is cancer and then she started crying. she went to find a quiet place and i got pretty scared. >> reporter: eight months of chemotherapy took its toll. >> i think that was the most difficultest part ever. >> reporter: but it left karen wanting to help other children. >> one time i told my
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how can a little kid have cancer? >> reporter: today karen is using her voice and her battle to spread the message of hope as the leukemia and lymph foam malsociety's girl of the year. she's joining others raising money which will go towards research and treatment. it's a job karen's mother says she was made for. >> we got our strength from karen. karen was really the one that really pushed us. >> reporter: and she continues to do so all the while wishing upon a star that the dream of a cancer-free world will come true. tyler seswarda, k view news night beat. >> what an inspirational little girl there. >> brave, thoughtful. deserving girl of the year. that will do it for the news for this half hour. >> remember to fool us on facebook at
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this morning on "world news now," another not guilty verdict for an officer in the freddie gray case. >> protesters hit the streets as all members of the baltimore police force were called in to keep the peace. more just ahead. hillary clinton trying to shake bernie sanders but overnight he's vowing to fight on, saying the democratic national convention will likely be a messy one. this as a new social media post from donald trump's camp attacks bill clinton. the tsa's top security official has been remove after reports he receive aid plum bonus despite issue of an issue at the nation's busiest airport. will the move help ease growing security lines? and hoverboard hijinks. the viral video of a girl taking a spin on the popular toy but wait until you see


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