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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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sam: leon, maureen, we are at the faaragut north station. last night, thieves and armed robbers were on him no sooner than he got on the train in maryland. >> the train left the station. guy ran up on me with a pistol. sam: we're concealing the identity. the 25-year-old man said he left the branch avenue station at 9:00 and headed for his job downtown he noticed others getting on the empty car. >> ran up on me with a pistol. yeah. let me get the shoes. took my shoes. that is when his friend came up on me. reflesh, you know. gun in your face, you will try to move it. he said if you do it again we'll shoot you. then he kept hitting me with the pistol. the dude with the pistol didn't stop hitting me the whole time. sam: he has numerous staples in h
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whipping that he took as they robbed him on the train. broke his glasses. stock his iphone. >> wallet, shoes, book back. took my house keys. zach by the time they exited at the suitland station the next stop he was covered in blood. >> they said get down on the ground. i'll shoot you. they said if you get up, i will shoot you. sam: scary tough. >> yes, it was. sam: he says he tumbled off the car at the next station where they called an ambulance. he said you see few cops on the green line at night. >> it's unfortunate. can't think too much about it. it happened. it could happen anywhere. it had to happen on the metro. i'm on my way to work. >> we just received the photographs. momentarily. from metro. these are three suspects that metro is looking at. people that were leaving the train stationed there around this time. of coue
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attacked him and the train left from the branch avenue. the next station was suitland. where the people metro believes got off. these are suspects in this case. this young man told us that, you know, obviously normally he comes here. he goes to work at night. but he is not coming tonight. he is recuperating. reporting live from northwest washington i'm sam ford, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, sam. we have news on a separate attack on metro we brought you first on 7. metro general manager paul wiedefeld says the agency is making changes after a woman was raped on a red line train but the public was not warned. wiedefeld says the transit agency will soon publicize all violent crimes the same day they occur. as for the april 12 attack on the red line train we have now learned the suspect had a previous run-in with metro police. he was accused of lewd acts on metro weeks ea
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police were waiting for a warrant. leon: meanwhile, metro g.m. is considering more security on board trains throughout the system. >> basically, you know, increasing the presence in the system to basically using sworn officers from around the jurisdiction. leon: paul wiedefeld making the promise after acknowledging the system is too big to have officers on every train. the words coming after a capitol hill hearing where wiedefeld updated congress on metro rebuilding plan. maureen: as wait time at airports get longer the transportation security administration has reassigned the head of airport security. administrator says the agency is taking a different approach to speeding up lines without compromising safety. the t.z .a. said the removal of security director kelly hoggen has nothing to do
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criticism from the republican lawmakers about the bonuses he received in 2014. the t.s.a. capped manager bonuses last year. and in los angeles, a s.w.a.t. team call told a passenger jet after a bomb threat at the airport. cameras were rolling as the s.w.a.t. team approached the jet, weapons at the ready. about 30 minutes later, a stairway was brought in for passengers to get off the plane. all of them were given patdowns as a precaution. leon: very goes terry mcauliffe is -- virginia governor terry mcauliffe is fighting back against claims he violated election laws while trying to become governor. jeff goldberg is on capitol hill. he has new information for us on the story. jeff, what have you learned? jeff: the governor is strongly denying he attempted any illegal campaign contributions. he said they have not been contacted by the federal investigators. he was in town today with previously scheduled meetings and press events n
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ending here with an event at the capitol, focusing on metro. this morning the governor was across the river talking about par role programs but the reporters talked about something else. the arrival at a morning event in alexandria was not expected to draw much attention. >> press gaggle, hang on, whoa, whoa. jeff: until news broke yesterday of federal investigation into governor terry mcauliffe's dealings with the donors. >> first, i haven't alleged wrongdoing. jeff: the f.b.i. and justice department review donations from the businessman wang wenliang. a chinese national and american citizen who through his american company donated $120,000 to the governor's 2013 campaign and inauguration. >> hi was vetted by the campaign and he was entitle told give money to the campaign. >> have you spoken to him? ever met him? >> mr. wang? i don't think i have to be honest with you. >> no conversation whatsoever? >> i think he committed to crime. jeff:
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case with the corruption case against former governor bob mcdonald is another sign the feds think ethics are a problem in the commonwealth. >> they are saying we don't have the confidence to trust you can take care of yourself. we are not doing it in other states. we are doing it in virginia. >> as for whether it will impact the presidential campaign of the friend and the confidant hillary clinton -- >> i don't think it will affect hillary clinton at all. i won't affect me at all. haven't done anything wrong. jeff: this investigation has been going on for some time. at this point it does remain unclear what evidence if any the federal investigators have against terry mcauliffe. one thing is very clear is this investigation is far from complete. live at the capitol hill, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. maureen: still ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- how a simple mistake is leading to a $500,000 repair bill for a brand new bridge.
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moment for any plebe completing the herndon climb to be a plebe no more. why this midshipman said his father and uncle had his back for the climb. maureen: armed men run into a convenience store. what happened after cleaning out the cash register. doug: finally feeling like late may. sunshine, warm temperatures. more days of that. all important what is the weather like for the holiday weekend? that is next on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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maureen: metropolitan police hope the video helps them catch two robbers. in it you see two masked men run in a convenience store on hawaii after near taylor street in northeast. one man is armed with a gun. the other a knife. man with the gun pulls cash from both registers and grans a bag of potato chips. a person inside the store was also robbed. senator bernie sanders is favor from backing off in the race for the white house -- is far from backing off in the race for white house. he launched a $1.5 million add -- ad buy in california ahead of the next set of primaries and filed for recanvassing of vote from the kentucky primary where hillary clinton beat him by a mere 1,900 votes. both candidates are in california now. sanders challenged c to
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leon: the c.d.c. advises there is no amount of alcohol safe for fetuses. is it legal to refuse to serve a pregnant woman alcohol in a bar? "7 on your side" decided to conduct a special experiment after there is a human rights report that women with baby bumps were turned away from bar and concerts. we did it sending 24-year-old actress pretending to the pregnant to bars. cams ra were there and roll -- cameras were there and rolling. >> thank you! >> that is unacceptable. it wouldn't cross my mind to be okay. >> virginia by the way was the 18 state that equates substance abuse with child abuse. expecting to come to expect tant mother defense in this case. the special report comes your way tonight at 11:00. maureen: up next on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- >> a fun tradition and
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united states naval academy. i'm brad bell. when we come back, a midshipman's tribute to his fallen father. leon: nice to see the sun on brad's shoulders there. it's peoplely beginning to feel -- finally beginning to feel like may. when warmer weather could include storm ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care.
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are proudly partnering to bring better care every patient. maureen: dramatic sounds and sights of the blue angels through the skies. this was taken at the rehearsal today ahead of tomorrow's full show in annapolis. the six f-16 hornets in the area to perform for the naval academy graduation. they do a flyover on friday. the best place to catch the show near the jonas green state park. leon: naval academy tradition of the plebes marking the transformation to midshipmen by climbing the herndon monument. we showed you the images from news chopper 7 yesterday. quite a scene there. now we have a closer look at this young man here. you see him. this young
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the young cadet who climbed to victory to place the cap atop the monument. maryland bureau chief brad bell reports that the naval academy is in this man's blood and on his back. brad: the united states naval academy is proud of the pageantry. this is noon lunch formation. it is a daily routine. but there is another annual tradition here that makes a hero of one lucky mid-shipman. that is him. standing at attention. in his gleaming white uniform today. and this is midshipman chris bianci yesterday reaching the pinnacle of freshman or plebe year. [applause] brad: the graduation week tradition. challenges a midshipman to place an officer's hat on the herndon monument. this year it was done in one of the fastest tim
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>> it was just pure joy at the end. my favorite part was being on the bottom with my classmates tackling me. brad: there is more to the story than climbing a greased monument. he proudly wears a large tattoo on his back a tribute to his father kevin. academy grad killed in a helicopter crash when chris was 7. >> it signifies that he always has my back. i mom loved it. she is emotional about it. brad: today he is enjoying a steady stream of congratulations. and a new expectation. now legend has they the midshipman who puts the cap on top of the herndon monument will become the first one in his class to become an admiral. but the problem is it has never happened. chris says it's fine with him, this is memory enough. brad bell, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. old adage in construction. measure twice, cut once. apparently civil engineers in delaware
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way. when the newport road bridge opened in wilmington four years ago. engineers discovered it was six inches too short and could not accommodate c.s.x. trains carrying the double containers. they measured the height from the bridge from the ground but they should from measured from the top of the railway track. now we're told the mistake will cost $'0,000 $500,000 to fix. delaware now requires three measurement from the railway track, one from each side of the rail and one from atop the rail. leon: now you tell us. now you tell us! maureen: hard learned lesson. learned hard lesson. a lot of money. beautiful day today. doug: in a perfect world it would stay like this until labor's day. maureen: in everybody's perfect world. doug: a couple of showers leon: why stop at labor day? doug: there is a name for that. it's called san diego. things will change. it will get warm and humid,
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plenty warm temperatures. the weekend is what everybody is thinking about. let's get started. beautiful live look at ocean city, maryland. "good morning washington" will talk about the events at the beaches to gear up for the official start of sum archdiocese -- start of the summer and the weather conditions. polen count, no surprises here. there is high level of tree, pollen, high level of mold spores reported today. official 83. the first time this month of may we have hit the 80 degree mark. this is one of the latest times on record it has taken so long in the month to hit 80. we did it. we will do it for several days as well. 78 is the average how. 2:00, still 83 -- at 6:00, still 83. 82 in frederick and fredericksburg. 81 in annapolis. 81 in midshore in easton. delightful for anything you want to do tonight.
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spectacular. sunshine. warm. no rain. once we get to thursday or friday, the situation changes. enjoy tonight at the ballpark. 80 degrees at first pitch. that is sweet. typical summertime thing here but we haven't seen a trails of it yet until today. enjoy it. tomorrow 86, plenty of sun. thurs and friday mid-to-upper 80's. partly cloudy and more humid. late afternoon and the everything. scattered showers and the thunderstorms in the forecast thursday and friday. more summer like weather conditions. pools are opening on saturday. looks good to me. temperatures will be in the 80's. mid-80's by the afternoon. but chilly water temperatures will remind you how chilly it has been. next seven days we have showers and thunderstorms 30% is the probability from the late day on thursday and friday. saturday sunshine, no rain. sunday increasing cloudiness. 82. memorial day and tuesday it's
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temperatures expected in the 70's. at the beaches the weather could be more uncomfortable. we have increasing cloudy on sunday. saturday is sunday and school. sunday is 69 degrees with the increasing cloud. monday is rainy and chilly due to the development of a storm center that is off the coast of florida that could bring rain to coast and bring rain to the forecast on monday. more with steve at 11:00. back to you. maureen: thank you. leon: nats have the mets in town. erin: i'm jealous. you are going to the game. nationals hope history repeats itself at the park. he may be retired but it doesn't mean his playing days are over. why ben olson was back on the pitch today. that's next in sp
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guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another. their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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erin: the nationals will try to bounce back after the 7-1 loss to the mets last night. i will be stephen strasburg and matt harvey on the mound. the nats won all nine games that strasburg has started this year. as for harvey, he is trying to forget his last outing. i was the worst start of his career. five days ago against the nats harvey gave up nine runs in 2-2/3 innings. the nats know harvey is still pretty solid pitcher and can't be overlooked. >> he is obviously really good pitcher with really good stuff. you know, this game has the abil
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a lot of people will get to see you know what he is made of. i'm sure he will be fine. i don't think he is far off. you can't discount anyone with that type of talent. you know i know we are not taking him lightly here. erin: all right. meantime, over at r.f.k., d.c. united held practice as they gear up for a match on friday at sporting k.c. head coach ben holson -- ben olson trying to give his team a spark. here he goes. he is retired from professional soccer in 2009 it look like ben can still play. nice work! we caught up with him after practice today. >> it's good therapy for me. you know that. every now and then, it's nice to get out here and have a little fun. it's important even when we have tough times with the team. you still enjoy your job. today was about that. a good day. now we get back to work tomorrow and get ready for the weekend. erin: still looks he is having fun.
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lacrosse teams will try to take over philadelphia this memorial weekend in the final four. one weekend, two national titles at stake. the-terms are ready to bring the hardware back to college park. for more on maryland's quest for two national titles head to the website click on sports. earlier the nfl owners awarded the 2019 super bowl to atlanta, 2020 to mime and 2021 to l.a. solid super bowl locations coming up. leon: good looking line-up. erin: have fun at the game. maureen: note here about a young man, i believe. doug: i thought the last weather i could do it. eileen was at the barnard elementary school she run into a young man named joshua who said he could do it in ten seconds. take it. >> i'm joshua. today the weather is nice, hot and very sunny. but it will not be raining. [laughter] doug: got it right. steve will have
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thanks, joshua. maureen: i see the future.
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tonight, the bill cosby bombshell. the judge says the first criminal trial will now move forward. the accuser says he told her to drink wine and take herbal medication before the alleged assault. his defense attorney shouting in court. the threats onboard today. two passenger jets, one of them escorted by f-16s, s.w.a.t. teams racing onboard, when the plane lands. breaking news. the deadly collision with an amtrak train. we have late details coming in. the tornado watch in effect as we come on tonight. several reported tornadoes already. storms from texas to minnesota. and the big change coming for the memorial day weekend. the race for 2016. hillary clinton fights back tonight, after donald trump's attacks against her husband. and this evening, new reports the clinton team has reached out


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