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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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mind. >> what would you do if you saw somebody drinking in a bar who was pregnant? time, billhe first cosby will go face-to-face with his accuser. and terror on the metro. topchanges from the metro's brass, right now on abc 7 news at 11:00. alison: first, you just saw this, "dancing with the stars" has a new champion, niles, from gallaudet university. he is a local guy. we will take you live backstage coming up in just a couple minutes at11:05. leon: our top story, scared to ride metro, the police
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tonight, because of our stories, metro is changing how it follows up on crime, but are they calming the fears of riders? tom: it has been a bad few days for safety news for metro. you go down that way, south of year, there was an assault and robbery. you go up that way, there was a rape on the red line. we know that metro will change its policy about how it informs the public about violent crimes. safety is at risk, not knowing that people are doing that. s are upset that metro did not tell them about the red line rate. raping ais accused of woman 10 a.m. tuesday, april 12. metro said nothing at the time in the public only found out monday when abc 7 broke the
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>> we have things happen every day. manager saidral hicks was arrested hours later, so they do not publicize the rape. >> we caught the person. >> that is an escalation of anything i've heard. tom: riders say they should have been told. they least let people know have to be aware this is possible. if you are not aware, you don't pay as much attention to your surroundings. >> he hit me with a pistol. a groups man said that of people robbed him on the green line at branch avenue. case, he was the only other person on the train car. move, he dided to it. metro says in the future when there is a violent crime on one of its trains or the platform, it will have transit police inform the public the same day
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investigation or their ability to catch a suspect. tom roussey, abc 7 news. peopleeveloping now, two are dead after a small plane crashed in orange county, virginia. the faa and ntsb will be investigating. the single-engine aircraft crashed on the one way -- on the runway. the victims had not yet been identified. alison: two suspects in custody after a weekend crime spree put fairfax county on edge. it started saturday with an armed robbery at a jewelry store, which triggered a shootout with the police, a car crash, and a carjacking. officers have been searching for the suspects around the clock, and today william franklin was arrested in waldorf. another man was arrested in new jersey, all as the jewelry still owner relives the horror. >>
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gun right here on my head. he said do you want to get killed, you want me to shoot you? i will shoot you right now. the police are praying that the police will recover his stolen merchandise so he can reopen his store. we finally cracked 80 degrees for the first time this month. we have even warmer temperatures through the next couple days come into the holiday weekend. outside right now, not a lot going on, mainly clear skies. we are falling from the 70's into the 60's. tomorrow, grab the sunglasses. you will need them from early morning into the late afternoon. high temperatures in the middle to upper 80's. if you look at the map, the hottest temperatures are just to the west of d.c., leesburg, frederick, manassas, 87, 88, upper 80's by the end of the week, the heat index clo
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degrees. the holiday weekend, the ups and downs, and memorial day you will likely need an umbrella. the timing of that coming up. let's go to way hot scene at red rocks in northwest. deaf students from gallaudet university are gathered to watch the finale of "dancing with the stars." boy, the crowd is very happy to hear one of their own walked championship. why they weren celebrating, because it was a big night in hollywood. the winners of the mirror ball trophy were just crowned. nile! winners are -- alison: this
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celebration. laura lister has been in los angeles all afternoon. we spoke with her earlier today and she has the excitement backstage. hi, lauren. lauren: the show just wrapped, everyone is so thrilled. we are joined by a couple of the ,avorites, the season 21 winner and also tony, when of the dancing pros. what did you think about the winners of the mirror ball trophy? >> so deserving in every aspect. during our season, we fell in love with bindy. this season, anybody could have taken the trophy, and nile is really deserving. >> you watch them together, they are so gorgeous. nile is one of the kindest people, he genuinely has so much time for anyone he meets. he is such
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a gorgeous person and it comes from the inside as well. everyone did so well this season. lauren: do you think people knew that he would win? this season was a tossup. any of the top six could have won, the final was that strong. i think only 2% separated all three. the level of dancing, literally, you know how hard this is. what do you see out of this? >> it is a great show to be part of, who you are as an individual, but the beautiful thing is you get to see this. lauren: very exciting. thank you very much. back to you. leon: congrats and have fun. famed comedian bill cosby will be facing trial for sexual assault. a judg
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decided to move the case forward. jonathan elias has what happened. will be athis showdown between cosby and his accuser. he is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting her in pennsylvania in 2004. the judge says there is enough evidence to move forward. a detective said the woman told the police that cosby gave her three blue pills and wine, and then she had blurred vision and felt paralyzed. hert was intoxicating to and she was unable to consent. >> they will have the opportunity to present this witness, under oath, and allow them to be confronted with her accusations. jonathan: keep in mind, the woman is one of dozens with similar accusations against cosby. if convicted, cosby could be facing 10 years in prison. he is out on a million dollars bail with an arraignment set now for july. we will keep watching the
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leon: stormwatch across the country. weatherimages of wild in several places. storm chasers caught this video kansas ands in arkansas. jay korff is live with a look at the very latest happening in this part of the country. multiple tornadoes described as potentially deadly tearing through parts of kansas, oklahoma. it is not clear how much damage has been released. reports are coming in and the storms are still hitting communities. >> we havetwo tornadoes on the ground. jay: this is live coverage from our affiliate in wichita, kansas, tracking the tornadoes to the west of dodge city. this tornado was caught by storm chasers in kansas. tornado on the ground, a quarter-mile to the west. jay:
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the twisters have destroyed property and homes through parts of kansas. >> a house destroyed northwest of dodge. at least one person unresponsive. >> these are significant tornadoes. jay: in arkansas, another terrifying situation. a 13-year-old ran away into a ipe, but the teenager has been found alive and is being evaluated. are waiting to hear back reports of damage and injuries in kansas, we do have a confirmed -- confirmation in northeast oklahoma where there are some injuries. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: thank you. >> i never thought this would happen to my daughter. and i want people to know this can happen to their kids. alison: a
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high school girl's life cut short by drugs. fairfax county police have arrested a fellow student in her death. the 17-year-old died from a lethal combination of drugs like morphine and oxycodone. richard reeve spoke with her family tonight about the loss, the arrest, and the road ahead. saw, thealison, as you
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if you were ever sad or angry, she would be the first person to call. richard: last month, she went to a birthday party. among the teenagers there, david evers. >> he was arrested with intent to distribute. richard: alexia came home, went to bed, but never woke up. the cause of death, a lethal combination of morphine, oxycodone, ethanol, and other drugs. >> she had not tried drugs in the past. they were telling her, try this. this is really great stuff. richard: the police are still investigating to find the source of the drugs. >> i don't ever want this to happen to anybody else in this scheme unity. it is too painful. was ad: powell said this terrible wake-up call for her family and others. these are serious felony charge
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is convicted, he faces between five years and 40 years behind bars. richard reeve, abc 7 news. drug abuse is the subject of a national town hall tomorrow night. the focus -- heroin use. we will have a live reports from across the country, people struggling with this issue. watch tomorrow at 7 p.m. on news channel 8, or stream it live on leon: may be the most important discussion we have. but a big mess and prince george's county. a truck carrying water caught fire during rush-hour. a big job for responders. and a hazmat crew was called out to take care of a diesel fuel mess. nobody was hurt. the cause is under investigation. alison: 7 on your side with consumer news -- five people busted for
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irs phone scams come accused of posing as irs agents and threatening to arrest people if they do not pay up. they were arrested in miami, charged with wire fraud. they are behind a most $2 million in schemes that had more than 1500 victims. if you were targeted in the scam, reported online. we have a link on our website, e, it isps and booz boo, yes, but it is also illegal. this month, new york city issued guidelines and that pregnant women cannot be refused alcohol in a bar. kimberly suiters joins us live in arlington with a 7 on your side social experiment. kimberly? the cousin'st legal does not mean that people like it. 7 on your side paid an actress to pose as a pregnant women. -- pregnant woman. sent her into bars
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to water alcoholic tricks. many people told us they were horrified, but only one person spoke up. >> i will have a glass of cabernet, please. cheers! paidrly: 7 on your side hilly to strap on a seven-month four and order booze at arlington bars. >> when are you due? >> june 10. >> give her water. the responses ranged from outrage to encouragement. >> whoo! the cdc warns against raking while pregnant. no amount of alcohol is advisable. 18 states including virginia consider substance abuse during pregnancy child abuse. but pregnant women still have a legal right to drink alcohol. >> there
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everywhere, we cannot discriminate. you definitely see a look from customers, from regulars, but i have to. kimberly: the bartender said that our pretend a pregnant woman caused concern. >> the second drink, everybody was [ gasps] foundly: 7 on your side that women have the strongest opinions. >> that's irresponsible. kimberly: some people say that the bars should not server. >> that would be illegal. >> i had half a glass of wine here and there for: really a few people admitted they wanted to say something but did not. >> it's hard not to judge. kimberly: and halety felt the judgment. i felt that normal hay
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next to you. any conversation i try to start, nobody was interested. it was immediately eyes to the out., eyes to the drink, only one person in a bar confronted her. saying, "you cannot drink that," with the kind of tough love that you would expect from a grandmother. our actress said she had two reactions. one come in character, she felt offended that somebody would challenge her. woman, she wasnt glad that somebody cared enough to say something to her face. kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. alison: we want to know what you think about this. you can still weigh in our kimberly's twitter poll. 62% say it is never ok. 29% say one glass is fine.
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be." there are lots of levels to this story. leon: 7 on your side with a health alert and ominous new information about the zika virus. thousands may have arrived in the u.s. carrying it. the cdc is concerned about transmission. travelers can spread the virus to mosquitoes in the u.s., which can then infect other people. doctors have urged folks to take steps to avoid getting mosquito bites. had,: what a day we finally hit 80 degrees for the first time in the month. tomorrow we will do it again, warmer and more humidity. highs in the middle to upper 80's. lots of sunshine, so grab the sunglasses. you will not need the amber alert tomorrow. --ht now, reagan national you will not need the umbrella tomorrow. right now at reagan national
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annapolis 64. the satellite and radar, absolutely nothing, clear skies in the district, arlington, alexandria, prince george's county, loudoun county, fairfax, looks great. 50's, low 60's, mainly clear, the wind will be light. open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. tomorrow you may have to crank up the air-conditioning. we start off with lots of sunshine. even though in the morning it is only of the 60's, by about 11:00 we are quickly into the 70's and lower 80's. a few clouds in the afternoon, but it will stay dry. the wind out of the south and southwest, lots of sunshine, outdoor barbecues, practice after school, it will be a firm go. the upcoming weekend, a few changes on the way, a bit more humidity thursday along with pop-up showers and thunderstorms.
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just a few showers. therday will be the best of three-day holiday weekend, 84, 85 tomorrow in town, lots of sunshine. the wind out of the southwest. memorial day for the delmarva beaches, lower 70's saturday, a nice mixture of sun and clouds. clouds on sunday. monday, not so great at the beaches, upper 60's, showers, water temperature 58 to 63. or openingols saturday, middle 80's, lots of sunshine. rolling thunder is sunday. if you have never seen or heard it, don't miss it. 82 degrees through the midday, clouds later in the day. and i stretch of 80-plus degree days. barbecues, thehe reunions, whatever you may have planned outdoors, have an alternate plan
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chance of showers tuesday, highs both days in the middle 70's. alison: thank you. leon: how about rolling strasburg? were certainly alive. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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alison: let's listen in backstage at "dancing with the stars" as they talk with the winter. people ine were more the world like her, it would be a better place. >> be honest, did you think you would when this? >> i knew he was a winner when i first met him. >> the first week, i was not sure, honestly. competing against hearing people , we just had to see how that would happen. we work together every week and we a comely star goals. >> thank you, guys. alison: those were the winners of "dancing with the stars." the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: more than 400 mets fs
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support for matt harvey. after tonight, he will need all the support he can get. in the fourth1-0 inning until robin -- ryan zimmerman deposits this into the seats. next batter, same result, this time anthony rendon, 2-1 nats. that was just the beginning. in the fifth, daniel murphy getting in on the action, upper upper deck. harvey gets tagged for five runs in five innings. the nationals win 7-4, five home runs. real in houston, -- orioles in houston, taking on the astros. manny machado with his 13th home run of the season. right now this game is in the 10th inning. between the thunder and warriors. kevin durant steals it from steph curry.
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half. they led the warriors big late in the fourth quarter. they are ahead right now. tampa bay lightning are one win away from advancing to the stanley cup. the penguins are one loss away from a long summer. pittsburgh forces the turnover. sidney crosby goes 5-hole. gameins win and force seven thursday. craig sager will receive the jimmy v. awa
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leon: live pictures from albuquerque, new mexico. this is a rally that went awry, a trump rally. things are getting out of hand. law enforcement is on the scene. alison: a final look at the weather? steve steve: lots of sunshine, daytime highs in the m
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-- daytime highs in the middle 80's. the same on thursday. a few showers on sunday. memorial day, showers, 75 the high.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- colin farrell. plus music from brad paisley, featuring demi lovato. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ applause ]


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