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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 25, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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breaking news this morning on "world news now." chaos at a donald trump rally as protests turned violent. >> police crashed with rioters in new mexico as trump teamed up with the republican national committee for his first official campaign fund-raiser. trump said he would not back down to dissenters including hillary clinton. hear how she's going after him. megatwisters striking the plains. storm chasers getting dangerously close to this tornado in kansas. the storm system bringing destruction to other parts of the region and not letting up. talk about a wake-up call. a woman on safari got some unsuspeexpected visitors. only that thin piece of tent lining separated her from three thirsty lions. thankfully, they weren't hungry. >> and the grand finale
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"dancing with the stars." all the favorites were back in and outside of the ballroom for what was an action-packed event. we'll give you all the highlights including, of course, which star took only the coveted mirror ball trophy on this wednesday, may 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do say good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> welcome back. >> it is good to be back. it's great to be back for dancing with the stars finale. >> it was a big one. >> it was a very fun show. they know how to make it an event. >> it was emotional. there was so much going on. i loved the whole thing. >> i laughed, i cried. >> you cried. >> not really. it was fun. >> hi, everyone. i'm diane macedo. we begin with a donald trump rally in new mexico where angry protest razor clashing with police in riot gear that it was a long night. scenes of violence erupted overnight outside the
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albuquerque convention center as trump addressed thousands of support ares inside. pro tethers threw rocks and bottles at officers, overran barricades and shattered windows at the main entrance. police responded with pepper spray at times. the flare-up follows a day of increasingly ugly attacks between trump and hillary clinton. it's your voice, your vote. abc's kenneth moton has more on the latest war of words. >> reporter: the anticipated general election race between hillary clinton and donald trump has gotten down right nasty and personal. >> why on earth would we elect somebody president who actually root ford the collapse of the mortgage market. >> reporter: in this video, trump used the voice of monica lewinsky and other women who raised accusations of sexual misconduct against former president bill clinton. >> whoa. >> reporter: "the washington post" reports trump is also reigniting the decades old right
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death of white house an staffer vince foster. trump called his suicide fishy. the clintons are fighting back by attack trump the businessman. >> you and i together we're not going to let him bankrupt america. >> reporter: clinton is fighting a war on all fronts rival bernie sanders blasted clinton for declining to debate him in california as he continues his march to the democratic convention. >> if we march out with the democratic nomination, donald trump is toast. >> reporter: to prove every vote count, sanders requested a county by county recanvass or review of all the votes in the kentucky democratic primary. clinton declared victory but the race was too close to call since she leads sanders by less than 2,000 votes. >> kenneth, thank you. sticking with politics, breaking overnight, donald trump is getting the endorsement he's been waiting for. sources tell abc news house speaker paul ryan will officially back trump. earlier this month, trump and ryanai
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to support the presumptive republican nominee. and he even held off on endorsing trump after their face to face meeting two weeks ago. ryan had expressed concerns over some of trump's ideas including proposal to bab muslims from entering the country. and there's more breaking news. a powerful storms hitting the central plains right now. at least one home in kansas is destroyed and some buildings damages. winds knocked down utility poles and blew over a truck on u.s. 50. there were reports of some injuries but some of those critical but the details are still sketchy. a severe thunderstorm west of dodge city, kansas, was so strong it troued multiple tornadoes at the same time. luckily those twisters stayed mostly over farmland. you can see how fare powerful they were on the ground. we'll have more from that region in our next half hour. thousands of u.s.-backed fighters in syria have launched a major offensive to retake the city of raqqahing from isis.
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battle is being led primarily by kurdish force with air support from the u.s.-led coalition. stoois has controlled the northern city city for the past 2 1/2 years. egyption authorities are taking steps to begin identifying the remains of those on board egyptair 804. relatives of victims are givingd na samples that will be compared with remains found in the sea. there was some confusion yesterday when one egyptian official said body parts that were recovered suggest the jet was brought down by an explosion. later, that suggestion was dismissed. the justice department is seeking the death penalty against the man accused of killing nine black parishioners in north carolina. dylann roof is awaiting trial in connection with the attack in charleston. this is an unusual move from the justice department. federal executions are extremely rare. still attorney general loretta lynch says in this case it's warranted. the bodies of a missing washington state
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been found buried not far from their home. two brothers have been charged with murdering the husband and wife over a property dispute. the sheriff's department says one of the brothers now in custody provided the information that led to the discovery. the other brother is still on the loose. in pennsylvania, a stunning turn of events for the entertainer once known as america's favorite dad. a judge ordered bill cosby to stand trial for sexual assault charges. the alleged victim andrea constand did not appear in court yesterday. prosecutors say the actor drugged and sexually assaulted her at his home in 2004. cosby's defense team wanted the charges dropped. >> the inconsistencies that plague this investigation from the beginning continue to plague it now. this case should end immediately. >> cosby's lawyers also pointed out after the alleged incident, the accuser stayed in touch and in contact and even gave gifts to cosby. he waived a formal
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which means he automatically enters a plea of not guilty. this is the only criminal case against cosby. a trial date not set. >> an oregon top cop placed on leave. larry o'day accidentally shot a friend while on vacation in april. rethers were initially told the friend accidentally shot himself. o'day is a 30-year veteran with portland's police department. the shooting incident is the subject of at least three investigations. the administrator of the tsa will be on capitol hill where he can expect a grilling about long lines at security in airports. peter ef fin jer can expect to be questioned about the dismissal of kelly hoggan. new moves designed to keep lines moving smoothly get their first test this weekend with memorial day travel. critics say a change of leadership may not be enough. >> does a management shake-up change the lines? >> i don't believe and i think tsa has said this it's going to
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>> among the changes the tsa is making the launching of a command center which will coordinate with airlines. that center will be able to deploy more officers and dog unitston specific airports if a surge in travelers is expected. the real estate market is off to a strong start. new home sales soared nearly 17% to the highest level in more than eight years. new and existing homes together sold at the fastest pace in nine years. median selling price was up almost 10% and the housing market is getting a boost from a healthy employment rate and cheap interest rates. but not so much for young adults. more and more of them are continuing to live with their parents. in fact, hue research reports that the first time on record living with parents is the most common arrangement for people between 18 and 34. those records go back to 1880. the researchers say millenials are concentrating more on school and contemporaries and less on forming new family
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new home. and here's a story that has been has had a lot of people buzzing we shall say. at the center of it is a poor woman and her mitsubishi outlander. >> there's the outlander. part of it back there is covered with about 20,000 bees. all of them were trying to follow their queen which apparently had gotten into a gap in the trunk. >> oh. a bee keeper collected them all but the next morning all the bees were back again trying to get near the queen. a bunch of thirsty bees. the beekeeper never found the queen but apparently. >> can't mess with the queen. >> she was there. >> she's got to be in there, right? they seem to think so. maybe she was kind of tired of them and wanted to move on. >> mother of bees. >> stop buzzing leave me alone. coming up, the stallion they're calling the most handsome horse in the world. >> but first a major warning to pet owners about a common plant
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and how it can poison and sometimes even kill your animals. an investigation into the lack of warning signs just ahead. also ahead, the fearsome threesome leaving it all on the ballroom floor in dancing with the stars. we have a full report direct from hollywood. >> and remember to find us on base fook and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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unnerving. a woman camping in africa looked out of her tent to see three lions licking water from just outside of it. now that, material you're seeing is just a strip of mesh that is separating her from the lions. now, what i want to know is how on earth she managed to remain composed enough to record the scene. she later wrote on facebook that the experience was a privilege. >> it makes you count your blessings i guess. that's sort of a privilege. >> apparently you don't want to leave your tent flap 0 open because as long it's closed they don't know you're there. if it's open, they can smell you. >> here's another thing. don't camp out over there. >> do that, too. >> here at home, we have a new warning for pet owners over what your four-legged friends might take a bite of. >> you might know about the dangers of poinsettias, chocolate and grapes, there's another house plant so toxic to plants one or two seeds can be
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>> take a look at this everyday plant that grows in homes across america. it's the sago palm and one small bite from its leaves is enough to kill. tiffany and taylor smith lost their 4-year-old bulldog when he died two days before christmas 2014. >> we never knew what happened to walter. >> reporter: it all made sense when history repeated itself with their new puppy wilbur suffering seizures after they saw him chewing on a sago palm. >> exact same symptoms. >> he googled it. >> the first thing i saw was poison control and emergency vet. >> veterinarian came in and says he has a 50/50 chance. he was in stage three liver failure. >> reporter: this time their dog survived. >> is this one of the most difficult things you guys have dealt with? >> easily. >> yeah. >> reporter: how do you explain that to someone? >> it's the worst. >> it's like losing a family member, a child. >> reporter: over the last ten years, the
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animal cruelty prevention organization says more than 1400 dogs have been pointed by the palms. 34 of them died. surprisingly we found no federal agency is responsible forewarning pet owners about this plant. that means it's at each store's discretion to let you know. we wanted to find out how often are sago palms sold without warning labels. we sent producers to stores across the country on the hunt for those labels. >> first thing you see, extremely poisonous to animals. >> reporter: at the five lowes stores we vusted it was different from store to store. in one new jersey store, no warning labels on any of the plants we found. but in this california store. >> you can see there is a warning label. >> reporter: a label on each one. at all four mom and mop stores we visited. >> no warning label at all on this plant. >> reporter: so we asked the store clerk why. >> do you know whether they're safe for animals? >> i
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them, it would be harmful. >> do you guys caution people if they're buying them? >> only if they ask that question. >> reporter: that store did not respond after our repeated requests for comment but lowe's told us it's our intention every sago palm be labelled. tags may come off before they are purchased. we're looking at ways they can be affixed. >> what do you say to dog owners everywhere? >> eremove the plants. take them out of your yard, out of your house. they are not worth it. >> reporter: it's important to remember it's not just the leaves that are poisonous. the seeds are, too. especially so. it's not just pets getting sick. in florida alone, more than a quart of all poisonings are children under 5. steve osunsami, abc, atlanta. >> frightening. coming up in our next half hour, the new warning about
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virus. mosquitoes infected will be here within weeks. a new report reveals not all mosquito sprays are created equally. >> the curtain has gone down on season 22 of "dancing with the stars." the latest from hollywood next. noinls "world ne
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♪ dance, darngs dance ain't nobody keep dangerous ♪ >> so just dance, dance, dance. >> dance indeed. on last night's season finale of dancing with the stars it was about way more than dancing. > it was an emotional night. nyle dimarco capping off what some are calling the comoest competitive season in years. >> lauren lyster has the latest from hollywood for
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good morning. >> tonight's show had big performances. a reunion of all contestants and, of course, the winner was crowned. a star studded finale for season 22's "dancing with the stars." enough for multiple stages and los angeles rooftops. with all 12 original celebrity contestants back out on the dance floor. and several live performances including pitbull. ♪ >> reporter: and fifth harmony. but it all came down to the three finalists and their last fusion dance with just 24 hours to rehearse. ♪ just like fire >> reporter: first up despite suffering a recent pelvic and back injury, ginger zee. >> you transformed from a weather girl to a true leading lady. >> 9, 9, 9. ♪ >> reporter: then it was model and the show's first completely deaf con teasent nyle dimarco. >> what you prove is the onl
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on ourselves. >> 10, 10, 10. ♪ >> reporter: and finally, going into the show with the highest score from last night, ufc fighter paige vanzant. >> page, have you set the standard from day one of this competition and you continue to set the standard. >> reporter: the hosts first revealed this season's third place celebrity. >> ginger and val. >> thank you all so much for having me. thank you. >> reporter: then the big moment. the dancing with the stars sheinelle. >> nile and peta. nyle and peta. >> reporter: a big night indade for nyle dimarco. it doesn't end here. the winners fly across the country overnight to appear first thing in the morning on "good morning america." kendis and diane. >> thank but want to mention nyle tweet aid few hours ago, i can't believe we won the mirror ball. this is for the 70 million deaf people in the world. >> he was so emotional at the
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carrie and inaba at one point signed a message thank you for dancing and showing us your heart on the dance floor. so nice. >> beautiful.
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okay. topping "the mix," this is why some folks won't let certain uncles baby-sit their kids. >> oh, boy. >> so this kid said, hey, my uncle, i want to get the haircut that looks like the guy next door. so happens the guy next door has male pattern baldness. he grants what the kid wanted. this is in the uk. shawn is the uncle here. look at the back. >> i mean. >> it really does look. >> it seems to be a very accurate portrayal. >> obviously, he said that afterwards, he didn't let him keep it, but just imagine his parents' reaction to that. >> ow. i would have loved to have seen that. oh, hi, honey. how was your day. uncle of the year.
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perhaps the being with the most beautiful luscious locks i think we've ever seen. meet frederick the great coined the fabio of horses. the most handsome horse in the world if you will. >> look at him. >> he's a parisian stallion. the same kind of horse that was ridden by zorro, by the way. black beauty has nothing on him. >> he is beautiful. >> frederick the great. more than 12,000 followers on facebook. >> i would follow frederick the great, as well. >> i think we might have to. he has a blog, too. >> look at the muscle. frederick's got more fans than we do. >> that's the good brazilian dwaev. >> au natural for fled rick. that's what his hairdresser says though. au natural. >> all that sexiness to a woman who really has a way with animals. particularly one elephant here. this is in thailand. and when she starts singing, the elephant here falls asleep.
3:27 am
♪ >> that's really sweet. >> that's really sweet. okay, okay. >> sorry. >> we've got go. >> yeah. what were we talking about. >> she's very effective. i like that. >> i went to new zealand one of the most beautiful places i've ever been. it's just as beautiful below ground as it is above ground. >> the subway. >> take a look. this is a cave full of glow worms. >> that is really cool. >> the photographer -- they have fos for resent glow to them and hang out in caves. they're limestone caves. the photographer says you have to stand completely still in cold water for up to six to eight hours a day in order to photograph them properly because you have to keep the shutter open to catch the glow. he says totally worth it. >> yeah. >> i think so since i wasn't the one who had to stand in cold water for six to eight hours. >> anything for the photo. i'm glad he did i
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breaking news this morning on "world news now." dangerous storms, tornadoes leveling homes and knocking out power for residents. flash floods sweeping away a teenager. the full accuweather forecast ahead. >> and a yos overnight at a donald trump rally. those are police in albuquerque using smoke, grenades and pepper spray trying to fight back protesters. this as trump finally gets the an probable of one of the stars of the republican party. >> new this half hour, president obama treated like a rock star overseas. >> his trip through asia captivated people in the streets and thousands riding on motor bikes just trying to catch a glimpse of the president before he makes his next move across the region. >> last night's season finale of "dancing with the stars." who took home


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