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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 25, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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breaking news this morning on "world news now." dangerous storms, tornadoes leveling homes and knocking out power for residents. flash floods sweeping away a teenager. the full accuweather forecast ahead. >> and a yos overnight at a donald trump rally. those are police in albuquerque using smoke, grenades and pepper spray trying to fight back protesters. this as trump finally gets the an probable of one of the stars of the republican party. >> new this half hour, president obama treated like a rock star overseas. >> his trip through asia captivated people in the streets and thousands riding on motor bikes just trying to catch a glimpse of the president before he makes his next move across the region. >> last night's season finale of "dancing with the stars." who took home
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trophy and what the champ is saying about who is ending up as the real winners. we're taking you backstage in "the skinny" on this wednesday, may 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you like that, huh? the dancing? >> i liked the dancing. >> did you dance on your vacation at all? >> i might have done some dancing and some singing. it's not socially acceptable for anybody to hear or see. >> we're happy to have you back. i'm glad you didn't document that part of it. >> yes. it is good to be back. we're going to start on a serious note and with the breaking news developing overnight. a new round of severe storms on the move. >> this monster twister in kansas was one of two dozen tornadoes reported in five states. this by far was one of the biggest. storm chasers are getting a up close look at those powerful
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storms. police are going door to door checking for victims. >> tornadoes touched down in michigan, colorado, texas and oklahoma. several homes and trailers damaged or destroyed there and trees and utility poles were knocked down. however, no injuries reported in oklahoma. the strong winds and heavy rain made driving almost impossible in some parts. the tornadoes dumped debris on roadways. look at this scene, this propane tank starred leaking. trees and telephone poles blocked some streets. >> and in jonesboro, arkansas, raging floodwaters swept away a 13-year-old boy but get this. he was found safe several hours later. the teen was apparently pulled into a drainage ditch. a police sergeant heard him calling from below a grate and officers pulled him out. the teen is reported to in good shape and good spirits. police are calling his survival a miracle. >> let's get the forecast now from accuweather's paul williams who joins us there in the weather center.
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>> good morning to you. widespread trouble throughout the entire midwest. des moines, omaha, kansas city, wichita, oklahoma city down to dallas and san antonio. this is for wednesday and this is for thursday. dry air coming in behind it with a strong jet stream makes for a bad combination when you combine it with the warm humid air coming out of the south. and then things are changing dramatically for the northeast. a taste of summertime will kick in there with temps in the 90s. kendis, diane. >> all right. summertime is back. turning to politics now and a violent scene accompanying donald trump's return to the campaign trail. anti-trump protesters stormed the albuquerque convention centering where he was holding his first rally in several days. demonstrators broke through barricades, threw rocks at officers in riot gear and sent trump is signs on fire. inside, trump shouted down protesters who interrupted his speech pep mocked hillary clinton for not putting a
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called the democrats a mess. house speaker paul ryan is planning to endorse trump. ryan has decided to officially back trump. earlier this month, ryan said he was not ready to you support the republican nominee. he even held off on endorsing trump after their meeting two weeks ago. >> all three candidates are campaigning in california today ahead of the june 7th primary. hillary clinton was repeatedly heckled last night during a campaign event at the university of california riverside a group of students were escorted out by security but not before clinton fired back. >> you know, some people are just allergic to the facts. they're certainly entitled to their own opinions but not to their own facts. >> clinton then turned her attentio
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hammering him for profiting from the housing crisis and accusing him of making money off of other people's misery. sanders also went after trump last night and steered clear of criticizing clinton. he blasted trump's candidacy an before a crowd of 5,000 supporters in san bernardino, california. he said voters are not going to support aid candidate who insults, latinos, muslims and women. he's now requesting a recanvassing of the kentucky primary where he trailed clinton by less than half a percent. that means a thorough check of voting machines and absentee ballots. this morning, president obama is wrapping up his visit to vietnam. he was welcomed like a rock star in ho chi minh city where he hosted a town hall meeting. with about 800 young adults. he then will travel to japan where he attends a g7 summit and visits the city of hiroshima. check out the streets of saigon. they're always jammed but especially when a u.s. president is in town. our own bob woodruff even got
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he said it was impossible to get around in a car so he took a motor bike. a new york man is facing terrorism charges for allegedly supporting isis. sajmir alimehmeti was stopped twice from traveling to the mideast. he allegedly became so frustrated that he tried to help an undercover agent join the terror group. he is charged with providing material support to a terror organization as well as passport fraud. an ordeal for passengers as twos planes face terror threats. an american eagle flight from houston was surrounded by swautd teams on the tarmac in los angeles. the plane was searched and each passenger cleared by bomb-sniffing dogs, and two f-16s were scrambled to escort the jet. and a delta flight departing from atlanta. the plane about to take off had to return for screening before being cleared. outraged customers and baggage were rescreened. both incidents are being investigated. nearly a week after the disappearance of egyptair flight 804, the question remains,
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the plane fall out of the sky because of terrorism or some sort of mechanical failure? victims' families are now offering dna samples to authorities in egypt to help identify remains. abc's matt gutman has more from cairo. >> international officials struggling with the little evidence they do have to try to unravel the egyptair mystery as this french ship tries to pick up the pings of the black boxes, these skiffs have been grimly gathering dozens of pieces of human remains. they're being held by egypt's coroner. >> right around the corner here is the morgue in cairo. we're not allowed to shoot there. but the forensics could be key to understanding what happened to flight 804, especially if the black boxes aren't found. we do know the flight 804 disappeared without a distress call. the pilot's exchange with the tower seemingly routine. >> thank you so much. good day. good night. >> we really only have two sources of real data. one that said that the a
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feet and disappeared and the other that said there was electrical problems and smoke in the airplane. everything else at this point is a guess. >> reporter: those conflicting reports are undermining confidence in egypt's ability to handle this investigation and already the families of the french victims have come and said that they don't trust the egyptians. they want french investigators on the case. matt gutman, abc news, cairo. to medical news now and a new study that finds antidepressant drugs are being prescribed for much more than just depression. the researchers say they've become a go to drug taken by more than 10% of american adults. often it's because they can't or they won't see a specialist. more than half the antidepressant prescriptions were written for depression. more than one in five were for anxiety as well as panic disorders closely related to depression. the nfl has awarded super bowls to atlanta, south florida and los angeles. three areas that made significant financial
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recently upgraded an existing one. atlanta will host in 2019, south florida the next year followed by l.a. in 2021. the l.a. area has not hosted a super bowl since 1993 at the rose bowl in pasadena. let's move on to a driver doing his best impression of the dukes of hazzard. specifically we're talking about the part of the show in which we saw the general lee go flying. >> now this actual scene happened in romania. security cameras show the car hit a sloped wall at a traffic circle. it launches right into the air after flying several feet, it then lands in a puddle. look at that in slow mo. >> just a good old boy. the 22-year-old driver wasn't seriously hurt because the car's air bags deployed but he was arrested for damaging the roundabout. >> so there's that. >> there's that. man, he stuck the landing. > that's even higher than the du
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they say this happened on may 4th, but the cops just released the video yesterday. and the driver has his license suspended on account of that. >> it was actually a fairly smooth driver. >> a pretty good driver i guess. pretty good. >> coming up, the new warning from the white house i should say about the zika virus. and why you may not be as protected as you think when you use certain mosquito repellent sprays. what you need to know before the summer. >> later, it was a red hot night in the ballroom for the season finale of "dancing with the stars." who took home the mirror ball trophy and who the season's champ is crediting as the real winners. that story ahead in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. e , empty my pocket change into this old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance
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wow. that boom in st. petersburg, florida, as an underground transformer exploded shooting flames and a manhole cover into the air. witnesses say they could feel the ground rumbling before the explosion. no injuries reported. the white house has a new a halt alert about the zika virus. >> yes, the obama administration is now saying that mosquitoes infected with zika will be here in the u.s. in just a matter of weeks. now there's a new warning about the effectiveness of those mosquito sprays. abc's gio benitez with the story. >> reporter: maria lora is 37 weeks pregnant and she's one of the millions with fears about zika. she's already staying indoors as much as possible. >> i don't even go to the park. >> reporter: with the warning that mosquitoes carrying zika will b
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weeks, the question -- which repellants last the longest? consumer reports with answers, testing both natural and chemical bug sprays. 5 out of 6 natural brands lasted no more than 90 minutes, including popular brands like burt's bees and alter rain. is that concerning for you, that here you are, as a mother, you're trying to get away from zika? >> oh, for sure. >> reporter: in a statement, alter rain says independent testing shows their product is 100% effective for two hours. burt's bees says it doesn't claim to protect against a zika mosquito. the test shows one natural spray protected for seven hours. repel lemon eucalyptus. and most of the brands with chemicals, effective for five to eight hours. so, gynecologist dr. jennifer wu says, don't dump deet. >> there's a very small amount of deet in the commercially available mosquito repellant. >> reporter: and the doctor says, you don't necessarily need to spray all of your skin. you can also spray your clothing. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> i wouldn't have thought of that.
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too, a lot of people they don't read the instructions and start doing things. you're not, for example, supposed to spray any skin that's under a layer of clothing. air not an supposed to use it indoors. you're supposed to wash your hands as soon as you get indoors. no one reads the back of the bottle, right. >> spray and go. but there's also clothing that you can wear. of course, you know some of the athletes that are going to brazil will be wearing some special zika-proof clothing. >> for infants they recommend using a mosquito net that may be treated to protect kids rather than using deet on kids. >> scary times ahead. >> when we come back, the big night in the ballroom. >> who took home the mirror ball trophy on "dancing with the stars"? "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ skinny, so skinny always an exciting "skinny." the recap the morning after the finale of "dancing with the stars." >> it was a good one. we now of course, have a new champion. it's nyle dimarco dancing with pro peta murgatroyd. and the "america's next top model" winner spent all season raising the bar with each performance. he changed a lot of people's opinions on the very idea of dance. >> it was difficult. this is, what he pulled off was an amazing feat. his final stunning
3:49 am
carrie ann inaba brought him to tears delivering a message to him in sign language saying, thank you for showing us your beautiful heart when you danced. >> this was peta and nyle right before they started this routine. she also signed to him, as well. >> runner-up -- there's carrie ann signing to him. let's move on to paige. she also brought the judges to tears as she and mark earned a perfect score with fair fusion dance of jive and salsa. i've said this before. sometimes it's hard to tell she's a contestant and not the professional. >> she looked like a pro throughout the entire season and len was saying he thought she should have won it all. in the meantime, finishing in a strong third, our own ginger zee who has been nursing a pelvic injury and she and professional partner val chmerkovskiy scored 27 out of their 30 for their fusion dance of the argentine tango and fox trot.
3:50 am
controversy with her particular dance. >> there was. at one point the judges said she made a mistake when she turned to the crowd and started clapping and nyle and ginger said no, that was intentional. it was for her to have a good time and thank the crowd for their support. >> it did seem a little out of step. but it was exciting. it's great. >> she jumped in and said she was just trying to enjoy that moment. i'm sure it was a great one. it wasn't all just about the competition. the first 90 minutes of the show featured performances from all of the season's departed dancers including geraldo riviera. >> there goes geraldo. nicely tanned. a special guest appearances in the meantime, among others, from guy. you know him. mr. 305. and these ladies put in work. fifth harmony performing their new song titled "all in my head
3:51 am
with nyle and peta backstage. >> through an interpreter, nyle explained that this was much more profound for him than just for himself. >> it really means a lot. i have my own foundation to inspire deaf kids and make changes in their lives. it's about the community. there's 70 million deaf people in this world. and it's about them. >> by the way, t-shirts for nyle's foundation which benefits not just deaf children but deaf adults as well as their families they are flying off the shelves now. no surprise there. >> yeah. and finally last night's "dancing with the stars" win is heating up social media. >> we couldn't resist sharing this one photo that nyle shared on instagram. he and peta kissing the mirror ball saying i can't believe we won. this is for the 70 million deaf people in the world. >> our own ginger zee gracious as always, she instagramed this photo from the back of the bus with host tom bergeron congratulating nyle and peta.
3:52 am
>> she had a baby less than six months ago. >> unbelievable. i can't believe she danced that way with an injured pelvis, too. val chmerkovskiy.
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unstopables by downy. the ultimate in long lasting scent. ♪ trump wall hanging in there. >> love that. 46 years after their breakup, the beatles are still arguably the top rock band in the world and are still the best selling band in history. >> amazing history there. but this morning one of the surviving members of the fab four is now opening up for the very first time we should say about what really broke up the beatles.
3:56 am
here's abc's david muir. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ help ♪ i need somebody ♪ help >> reporter: the beatles and their music defining a generation. ♪ close your eyes ♪ and i'll kiss you >> reporter: the screams following them everywhere. but when they were no longer together, behind the scenes, tremendous pain for paul mccartney. >> it was depressing. and not knowing whether i was going to continue in music, that was kind of depressing. ♪ and when the night is cloudy ♪ there is still a light that shines on me ♪ >> reporter: "let it be" was their last album. ♪ let it be >> you were breaking from your lifelong friends, and even -- we used to liken it to, like, the army, when you've been army buddies for a few years and now you weren't going to see them again. >> reporter: he reveals he began to drink, but knew he had to stop. >> i took to the bevvies.
3:57 am
and then after awhile, it was -- >> reporter: his late wife, linda, got him through. >> linda sort of said, you know, you just -- you got to get it together and we got to do something. ♪ maybe i'm amazed at the way you love me all the time ♪ i wanted to go back. you had to hold your nerve. but then, you do in life. so it wasn't yoko? >> apparently not. sir paul mccartney, by the way, knighted because of his service to music. and they say more than 2200 people have covered the song "yesterday" now. it's the most covered song in the world. >> yesterday now. >> when will then be now? soon. >> "yesterday," beautiful song. more than any other songs. more number one albums and singles than any other group. they're all right. >> they're pretty good. >> they have a future. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. nsomniacs for two
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making news in america this morning, breaking ovnight, violence at a donald trump rally. protesters squared off with police smashing doors, throwing rocks and breaking through barriers. the violence went on well into the night. breaking overnight the all-out search for an active shooter taking aim at drivers and police officers on a big city highway. we have incredible new video of a massive twister up close. it was just one of two dozen tornadoes in the past 24 hours. we have pictures of the damage coming in now. plus, an incredible night. "dancing with the stars" crowning a new champion. who took home the mirror ball trophy and what happened after the ballroom cleared out? a good


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