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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> what she was after was the bus. -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by cbs television distribution announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: we gin with disturbing revelations about a man say police pointed a gun at them. michelle: the man taken into custody after a struggle is an uber driver. and his criminal history is lengthy. how did he get approved to drive for the ride-sharing company? montgomery county reporter kevin lewis has the story you will only see on abc7. kevin: police tell us the uber driver, 52-year-old jonathan hemming of gaithersburg, has a felony record in at least three states. so today we printed out and taped together every traffic and criminal charge ever filed against hemming. this list is just for maryland. the paper trail more than 20
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police say hemming has a record of armed robbery, burglary, felony cocaine, vehicle theft, destruction of property, and now two counts each of attempted first and second-degree murder. the latest charges stem from an incident last week when hemming allegedly tried to kill two montgomery county detectives with a homemade pistol. they were attempted to arrest the uber driver on a warrant at the time. uber of course, require all applicants to submit to background check. how did he clip through the cracks? we contracted uber five hours ago but have not gotten an answer. >> it gives you pause when you think those are the people that could be picking me up at my house or any random place and brick me somewhere else. >> they are driving you and you expect them to have record or be model
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kevin: no word if uber parted ways with him. we'll tell you what we discovered outside his house this afternoon at 5:00. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: quite the rap sheet. thank you. we showed surveillance video all the time. look at this closely. a game stop robbery at the shore on colesville road in silver spring. that is a little boy trying to stop the robber. even punching the guy trying to rob the place. the thieves got away with cash and game. everyone in the score including the little kid is going to be fine. we are trying to track down who this little boy is. there is a $10,000 reward for any information about this case. >> oh, my god. >> see the house come apart. i never seen anything like that before. jonathan: the storm chasers get close. this is quite the shot. just one of more than two
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outbreaks across the heartland. there were a lot of them. that outbreak a couple days ahead of the big memorial day get-away. everybody keeping an eye on the weather. elizabeth hur has a look at the damage left behind. >> all right. big, big tornado on the ground. reporter: massive tornadoes ripping across the plains. >> destroyed something. reporter: tearing apart homes, sending debris flying and flipping tractor trailers to the side from michigan to texas. >> trash pretty good. it's not level but still standing but blown apart. reporter: in kansas, clean-up is now underway after the storm left several people critically injured. in oklahoma the search is continuing for missing pets and livestock. >> it's a miracle we found him here. reporter: in arkansas, a 13-year-old boy is recovering after being swept down a storm drain by raging floodwaters. is there he said he was 10 to 15 yards up un
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lot and hung on as tight as he could. reporter: the danger not over yet. forecasters are calling for more extreme weather through the end of the week. >> there has been a tush -- turbulent week. we had double and triple tornadoes at times. today's threat from mexico to minnesota. reporter: the system is affecting us on the east coast but we are talking heat and humidity with the temperatures soaring and hitting near 90 by thursday. in new york, elizabeth hur, abc7 news. >> tornado number one and tornado number two. jonathan: this is out of dodge city kansas. chasers spotting two twisters at the same time. large one on the left. small one forming on the right. incredible video. given what we have seen -- bring in chief meteorologist doug hill. it has been a month, pattern now. not overnight. this is crazy. doug: calendar wise we are on
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season. a look of arkansas north and we have action. going through kansas and nebraska and oklahoma today. for isolated severe thunderstorm and tornado. tomorrow the guidance is suggesting that there could be a large possibility, high probability of tornadoes tomorrow across the same area. the atmosphere will be set fine for it. jonathan: this is tornado alley from texas all the way over -- doug: slope to rocky mountain to tennessee valley. and down south. a big alley. jonathan: terrifying. doug: let's talk our weather. locally better off. change gear. swing to the east coast. look at the clear skies with a few clouds off to the west. high pressure dominates the weather pattern. because of that we expect more sunshine. dry weather tonight. humidity levels under control. for this evening, we will stay sunny. it will be warm. temperatures in low 80's. at 7:00 or 8:00 tonight with the light winds. sunset at 8:23.
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goes, i should tell you friday, tomorrow and friday will be warm and humid. mid-to-upper 80s. everybody wants to know about the weekend. it will start off dry with sunshine and no rain chances on saturday through most of the area. 85 degrees. sunday becoming partly cloudy and more humid. between 80 and 83. the question mark is monday, memorial day. they will show you a system cometology the coast of south florida. south carolina. it could impact us in the east coast. right now we think there are increasing chances by scattered showers and thunderstorms developing monday with the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70's. more on the beaches and the weekend and the seven-day coming up. michelle: you heard doug mention it's that time of the year. great memorial day get-away. this is the subject of tonight's instapoll. are you traveling for memorial day weekend? using a plane, train, car, or maybe choosing to stay put. cell phone, laptop or desk and go t
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we will check back in on the poll in a bit. first go to transportation reporter brianne carter with how many people are set to get out of town. brianne: not looking bad now. we have wind coming in as we see. not bad on the bay bridge. most people will take. but we expect it to be very crowded. there will be 1 million folks getting to out of town for the unofficial start to summer. the get-away is the recent dip in the gas prices. folks are paying 37 cents less than they were paying this time last year.
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they say to expect a lot of congestion this weekend. >> the total number of persons traveling throughout the three jurisdictions is 2.8 million people. that total includes 2.6 traveling by car. that is a lot of folks. >> a lot of folks and when will be the worst time? according to triple-a, tonight from 5:00 to 6:00 and again thursday evening from 5:00 6:00 are the two worst times to start that holiday get-away. so folks when you pass the sun screen and the shades, page patience as well. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: looking cool. be sure to take us on the road with you. sign up for the traffic text alerts at one of many ways to avoid the backup when you a
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the tv. jonathan: all right. it's finally time. we knew the crab numbers were solid. but the weather now is cooperating for a crab feast. put the newspaper down and get cracking. brad bell, you got your mallet, set to go? you are sitting down, you are in the position. brad: oh, jonathan. i will talk to you about the mallet in a minute. i have a firm opinion on what you are supposed to do with these when you eat crabs as a true marylander. the reason we are here in addition to me being able to sell this story to our producers and the news directors at mike's crab house. a beautiful day. people are out and about. we want to talk about the crab health. we got the surveys from the state of maryland. they do the mid-winter dredge surveys where they go in bay and scrape in the mud. they count the crab. this year they found numbers were up 35%.
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there are people happy to here that news. >> i say you use it to crack the lengths a little bit. get the big chunks out. just like that. watch this. you came from boston, lobster country. look what happens. hmm, hm ~m, hmm. i don't think i need to stop doing this. jonathan: you don't. we'll ask you a question while you are making your way in the crab there. look at that. what part do you eat? show me what you eat there. brad: all right. what we are working toward now is getting in the back of the crab. we have taken off what is
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lungs. this is the stuff you want. you break it in half. use the knife. ready? pop it open, pretty quickly you are going to get big, big chunks of crab meat. the crabs are coming from texas to louisiana. when we come back at 5:00, we will tell you more about the science and what is going on out on the bay and helping the population to rebound. a lot of positive signs on the chesapeake this year. jonathan: when people ask me how i'm doing, living the dream. you did the blue angels yesterday and eating crab today. you are living the dream. brad: you know what? i said the same thing yesterday when i was looking at the blue
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there is a lot of good things about being a tv reporter. that's why i love doing it after all these years. jonathan: enjoy. bring some back for the rest of us. michelle? brad: you got it. michelle: promise. now to the race for the white house. trump protesters clash with the police. this was the scene in albuquerque last night. police unloading gas canisters. you can see the protests trying to ticket back the officers. the officers used pepper spray. that prompted a stern warning from officials in anaheim ahead of today's pump rallies say -- trump rallies saying violence won't be tolerated. new developments in the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail use. a state department office faulted clinton and past secretary of states for disregarding various guidelines to avoid cyber security risks. inspector general report cites long standing systemic
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agency's communication. the report did not determine if information is compromised. separate from the f.b.i. investigation. jonathan: there is a threat for metro tonight. it's for virginia's governor. meet the governor safety protocol or you lose funding from virginia. that is the call. governor mcauliffe signing the order today to instruct the secretary of state of transportation to conduct safety protocols and they must make mcauliffe comfortable with the metro safety in the aftermath of several high profile safety failures. >> i am sick and tired of it. this is the number one issue. we are on top of it. jonathan: mcauliffe also entered in an agreement with d.c. mayor muriel bowser and governor larry hogan to create metro oversight commission. kellye lynn is joining us from a youn
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hall road. we are hearing the source of the problem and can they fix it? kellye: that remains to be seen. this is a power outage affecting 2,000 customers. pepco is aware of the problem and is doing what it can to remedy it. i will give you a look here from mobiletrak7. so you can see what is happening. the 5900 block of macarthur boulevard is shut down. this is where the traffic is diverted. the police car on the left of the screen is the 5900 block being blocked. traffic cannot get on the portion. we will stay on this and bring you the latest coming up. reporting live from mobiletrak7. i'm kellye lynn. jonathan: thanks. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> millions expected to fly this memorial day weekend.
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answering tough questions about how to deal with the long lines. that is coming up. the face of lung cancer is changing. michelle: the reason for hope in the fight against lung cancer. ahead. >> the obamas already said they will stay in d.c. after they leave the white house. in a moment we will show you what they will be calling their new house.
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jonathan: so the first family only have a few months left in the white house. michelle: they found a stay in the neighborhood. we knew they were looking there but now we may know the exact home address. stephen tschida is in the northwest neighborhood tonight. a multimillion dollar mansion can't be a bad place to live. stephen: no. it can't. let me show it to you. check this out. the classic tu dor, classic neighborhood in kalor aema. this is eight bedrooms. look at the roof. that is what you call a real slate roof. something you would see in england. really nice. of course, look closely and it could use tender loving care. on the street, t
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kalarama. check out the street. nice, beautiful houses. show you some of the parking space. big old parking area. gar ran here. now a lot of the residents are very enthused about the first family moving into their neighborhood. some people, though, a little bit skeptical about what it might mean for the community. coming up a little bit later in the newscast i'll talk to the residents of kalarama to get their reaction to the first family staying to d.c. and coming in the neighborhood. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: i think it is safe to say with the security moving in with him it will be a safer neighborhood. jonathan: time for a check of traffic. james on the roads for us this afternoon. jamie: we are starting off with a blown transformer. keep in mind you will see issues. macarthur boulevard. all lanes are blocked. you are being
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northwest at canal road. you will see activity in this area. another thing to keep in mind in d.c. we did just let out everyone from the nats game. we are seeing heavy traffic. both directions on the freeway. as you can see below me how are you going to be traveling this memorial day weekend? i'm traveling by train. but we want to know. go to to let us know. are you traveling by train, airplane, driving? a lot of people who are driving this afternoon i want to talk about the heaviest areas for you. on the inner loop, 20 minutes to get from 66 continuing to maryland. outbound on 66 from the capital beltway to fairfax county parkway averaging 20 minutes. if you are traveling by plane and have to head to b.w.i., northbound the baltimore washington parkway 50 continuing to the baltimore beltway is just under 50 minutes. that is traffic. back to you. michelle: thank you. we know it's not friday yet. but w
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the favorite vino watching abc7? it is national wine day. have a glass or two. enjoy. jonathan: didn't it seem like we just had national wine day? do we have seven or eight a year? michelle: it was cocktail day i think. any excuse crack open something cold. jonathan: is there a day you want to call it national something or other. with the weather outside. doug: absolutely. we have been waiting for it for a long time to get rid of the low clouds and cool day. it won't stay like this every day but enjoy it while it lasts. warm temperatures and humidity. i will feel like summer in the next few days. live shot of the beach in ocean city, maryland. tomorrow is the big travel day locally. a lot of people get a head start on the holiday weekend. as it develops we see a lot of folks on the road and the weather will cooperate. give you a preview of the memorial day weekend forecast at the beaches here.
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far as sunshine goes. delmarva beaches. 72. there may be sunshine sunday morning but increasing cloudiness sunday afternoon. highs of 71. a slight chance of the shower in the evening. it won't be aer thal weekend. monday is cloudy with the increasing chances of rain. key advisory here. 58 to 68 degrees for s the ocean water temperature -- is the ocean water temperature. complicating matters for late. sunday and monday. area over the bahamas. maybe low pressure to the coast. that could influence the weather. even if it doesn't develop on its own we will develop strong push southeasterly wind to increase the moisture, clouds and the rain chances heading through late sunday, monday, tuesday. the temperatures are delightful. low to mid-80's in sight. bay water is 67 degrees. hourly forecast tomorrow sunny and warm. 88 for high. maybe everything t
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tomorrow. if you are traveling tomorrow the big get-away day here is how it looks. check out the region. we'll see the possibility of a couple of late afternoon thunderstorms. pittsburgh. but generally up and down the east coast anywhere in a good day's drive. you will enjoy sunshine. may like temperatures. thunderstorms by tomorrow evening. michelle: not bad. thank you. jonathan: check in with the eagle friends. hard to leave the nest. the two are having a hard time with it. they have been standing there. flapping their wings. looking around. we haven't seen them take flight. freedom and liberty. they are trying to adjust around learn to fly. we have not seen mom or dad at all. they have not been in the picture. we are watching them every day to see when they take off and which will take off first. there they are. michelle: they are negotiating that. you go first. no, you go first. jonathan: mom and dad make it look easy. why don't you do it. michelle: are you looking to expand your family? maybe not a new baby, but a cute puppy perhaps? jonathan: like having a baby. "7
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is in arlington with a warning before you drop money on a new dog. you found a new friend it looks like. horace: i have found a new friend. we are in a room full of puppies. but the warning is about online companies. warning is be extra careful according to the better business bureau. a number of these online breeders, uh-oh. i'm getting swamped here by the puppies. a number of the online breeders are targeting the consumers in the area. according to the b.b.b. they show picture of the pup on the website. take a deposit from the consumer and then they deliver nothing. >> i was determined to get my $250 back. horace: $250 just the beginning. in many cases. we will tell you more about what is going on with the online companies.
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how there little business works. how they try to suck people in. we will tell you how to spot them and what you can do to protect yourself. that is coming up on abc7 news at 11:00. broken puppy promises. also these guys here want to tell you they are available through the animal welfare league of arlington. you can actually come, take a look at the puppies and adopt them. watch us at 11:00. "broken puppy promises." i'm horace holmes, abc7 news in arlington. very cute friends. jonathan: what puppies are they? horace: these are blue kick hounds. jonathan: good watchdogs. horace: deep voices. very cute. jonathan: that one is all yours. taking him home. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- if you are afraid of dropping your phone. why not wrap it around your wrist. company developing a bendable touc
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the catch and how much it will set you back. michelle: plus, more backlash for the t.s.a. alison: congress is doing prememorial day grilling. officials in the hot seat. the man in charge of the t.s.a. trying to explain how he will help shorten the long airport lines. that is next.
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alison: the man in charge of the s.s.a. are back in front -- t.s.a. is back in front of congress to answer questions and address how to fix the problem. >> the crisis didn't come out of nowhere. airports and airlines have been sounding the alarm for months. >> t.s.a. administrator acknowledges the endless airport security lines are unacceptable and promises the agency is taking action. the moves include removing the t.s.a. director kelly hoggan and create with the command center to deploy more k9 units. >> we are tracking projected volume, staffing and lane availability. actual wait times to allow us to address the critical concerns in real time. >> recent staffing changes seem to be making a difference in the wait time. especially in the trouble spots like chicago.
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it's not that at all. >> more screeners were added here after passengers who missed flights slept on cots. in atlanta, new technology was also unveiled this week. >> here you can have five people doing that at the same time. >> larger bins with the radio frequency tracking. designed to provide more space and keep the lines moving. the changes encouraging but for the millions flying thism coming holiday weekend and this summer security experts say do not expect a miracle. >> i don't believe and i think t.s.a. said it will change the lines this summer. >> the t.s.a. is getting $34 million to hire more officers and pay for overtime. we will check
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greta cruz who overcame herself and she will share her story of inspiration ahead. michelle: plus, time to honor our local coach of the week. yes, sir see morgan is a woman's lacrosse coach at george mason. we will show you what she is doing to help fight cancer with children. jonathan: the moment of ahh. doug hill will have more (rothat cigarette smokingght just messed up your lungs. i never thought that at only 45, it would give me a heart attack. my tip is, do your heart a favor and quit now. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now.
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michelle: may is lung cancer hope month. we thought it would be a good time to check in with familiar and beloved member of the abc family at abc7 news. alison: long time anchor greta cruz was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012. a nonsmoker. what you are about to see may be the best reason for hope you can imagine. we always knew our friend was talented, kind and funny. but it was when she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer we learned how resilient she is. >> some people say it's kind of a miracle. i believe in miracles. i also belie
4:35 pm
medicine and good doctors. supportive family and friends. alison: this month greta is four years out of having stage four lung cancer. she is doing great. after several surgeries and years of cre mow there is no evidence -- chemo, there is no evidence of the disease in her body. the five-year survival rate for cancer is only 17%. but that is improving. >> the face of lung cancer is really changing. it's not necessarily a death sentence anymore. alison: greta like the tenacious reporter we knew for 26 years at channel 7 become a quick study on lung cancer and passionate advocate. she speaks for the american lung association and the group lungevity. she is with 200 survives that gathers last april. six years ago there were only 17. her oncologist fred smith says thanks to new treatment and the encouraging options like immunotherapy there is reason for hope.
4:36 pm
>> it's still intimidating. more options for treatment. more success for treatment. even with the stage four disease like greta. alison: he is talk about larry ashe ineboch who also has stage four lung cancer but he has seen amazing results with the f.d.a. approved therapy drug. >> i think i will live for as long as they keep progressing with the medicines that are available now. alison: greta exercises every day, eating healthy, cherishing her children, sleeping more. one more thing -- >> manage my stress. stress and cancer don't get along. they like each other. cancer likes stress. i don't like stress. alison: well, she says gone are the days where a stereotypical lung cancer patient is an old man smoking a cigarette. she says that 60% of the new lung cancer cases diagnosed this year will be
4:37 pm
nonsmoking women are three times more likely to get lung cancer than men. a bill introduced last week to look into why that is. jonathan: all right. thank you. doug is back now to look at the forecast. all eyes on saturday, sunday, monday. doug: yeah. historically here, i have been here in this area for dozens of and dozens of memorial days -- and dozens of memorial day weekends. no matter what it looks like it has south last minute. this has a potential to but it kicks off with a nice note. like this. er to pee doe factory. mid-80's for the -- torpedo temperatures. mid-80's. the key number, dew point is 54. it's comfortable. it will become more humid tomorrow and friday. with that the afternoon storms but this is a thing of beauty. sunshine mid-80's across the board.
4:38 pm
hours to stay sunny. lower 80's this everything. dropping to the 70's later tonight. if you are out, perfect weather conditions for any outdoor activities. overnight 59 to 66. clear skies and light winds. go to the day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. humidity comes up. close to 88. 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow, isolated thunderstorms are a possibility. we will repeat the pattern on friday. afternoon storms at 2:00, 3:00. dry on sunday. warm. sunday, looks like we have a chance of the thunderstorms late in the day. better chance on monday. steve will check out the beaches in ten minutes. michelle: thank you. time to recognize one of the great mentors and motivators from the region. coach of the week just made a big change. all to help young folks battling a deadly disease. robert burton takes us to george mason university. introduces us to women's lacrosse coach jesse morgan. robert: george mason women
4:39 pm
sat in the chair, it wasn't for a quick tease. >> are you cutting? >> shave it. robert: the sweet locks were coming off. >> i'm nervous about losing my hair. it will grow back. i'm fortunate i get to choose to lose my air. some don't. robert: coach morgan let it all go. snipping away at pediatric cancer. a child is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes in the united states. numbers that transcend any and every statistic in sports. >> it meant a lot to support the people going through the challenge. to shave my air and show them that we are in support and there are people out there willing to do what they can to support the cause? i saw it in college when i went to virginia there are people shaving their heads. at that time i didn't feel like i could. you know, barriers in the way. at this point in my car
4:40 pm
like this is the time. stage for me to do it. i just took the leap and did it. robert: robert burton, abc7 sports. michelle: she looks great either way. 24 hours ago after this deadly plane crash in orange county we are learning who was on board. the pilot charles caldwell of florida and passenger 81-year-old john quinn jr. of culpeper, virginia. they were both killed. the single engine aircraft crashed in the road along tender lane 24 hours ago. we mentioned the f.a.a. and the ntsb are investigating the cause. jonathan: from the gee whiz tech file. check this out. new tool for underwater searching. this is like a drone but it does everything below the surface of the water. howard county fire and rescue debuted the equipment today explaining that the remote control device fixed with a camera and it allows rescuers to go to part of a lake or a
4:41 pm
waterway that drives can't get to. they unveiled device to use sonar to scan the terrain. that is one cool thing, now the next. the next is cool. bendable phone. that should help you if you prone to drop it. a lot of people are. this one actually if its around your wrist with a flexible touch screen. the screen right now is only black and white. only in china right now. the chinese startup group is hoping to have a color version of the screen by 2018. the cost by the way is $760. if you want perspective, the cheapest iphone 6 come all over china. get them for $800. this is in the same ballpark in the iphone in china. michelle: no color. i don't know. >> it's coming. but it is bendable. michelle: that is cool. jonathan: gaudy wrist. kind of big. michelle: i have small wrist. i wouldn't see much real estate on there. jonathan: falling on the floor. still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- should sk
4:42 pm
in school? we let you know which ones say yes. they are too revealing. the debate coming up. michelle: we showed you the home where the obamas will move after leaving the white house. where it look like we could see them around town. we head back to kalorama and show you the hotting spot there. ♪ what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone]
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jonathan: the first family has eight months left in the white house. michelle: but they are not leaving d.c. we know that. they have found a home in kalorama. stephen tschida is in the northwest neighborhood. folks are hoping for obama sighting. where should they check out? stephen: this stairway. this is where we believe the obamas will be coming and going from their new home. once they leave 1600 pennsylvania avenue. luxurious. the streets and the homes of kalorama. apparently this is the future home of the first family. so what do neighbors think of the obamas moving in? >> a lot of people complain. stephen: but other long-time residents are thrilled with the first family staying in d.c. and moving in this falling
4:46 pm
abundance of bedroom and ample space to room. it's close to connecticut avenue. restaurants for nights out. plenty of facilities for michelle obama to work on her fitness. >> a lot of shopping and cultural things. i think they will fit in. stephen: others expect the former chicagoans to enjoy life in the classic neighborhood. >> he is from chicago. i'm originally from chicago, too. we have neighborhoods. the white house is not exactly a neighborhood. stephen: they will probably be paying a little more for the rental than if it were in the windy city. keep in mind, d.c., basement one-bedroom can go for a couple thousand dollars a month. this will probably cost the first family when they are the former first family a pretty penny in rent. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: she is right. the white house is not a neighborhood. michelle: no. a lot of people will walk their dog along the road to see if they spot
4:47 pm
do they show too much? acoughedding to a system -- according to a school system yes. dress system to cover up. plus -- [applause] michelle: nial, graduate from gallaudet a champion. celebrations continuing at his alma mater after this.
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michelle: harrison students voicing disapproval of a new north carolina school system proposal to ban skinny jeans. jonathan: what is it with north carolina lately? it would ban other tight panting including leggings unless the top covers the bottom entirely. the new hanover county school system developed the proposal after bigger girls were bullied over their tight jeans. a parent argued that this is just body shaming. i don't know. not going to touch that. talk about the weather situation. steve: neither am i. how is that? michelle: people will be stripping off layers. it's hot.
4:51 pm
warm up more tomorrow. the focus is on the upcoming weekend. a big holiday weekend. a lot of folks are going to head out to the delmarva beaches. the weather will cooperate most of the time. monday i'm concerned about. right now looking at the national harbor. that is packed this weekend. looking at a temperature of 85 degrees at reagan national airport. a few clouds out there. we move through the day tomorrow, looking at the highs to make it in the upper 80's. showers and thunderstorms later in the day. not expecting anything to become severe. good news there. beach travel day. leave early. temperatures in the lower 70's. sunshine. moving to the late afternoon hours for the early evening you may see pop-up showers and the thunderstorms. nothing to cause a huge problem. but a little bit of rain. offthat much traffic. heading in the same place you know what can happen. saturday, lower 70's. the lower 70's on sunday with clouds. few showers monday. we are looking at temperatures for th w
4:52 pm
it is cold at the ocean. pools are opening. temperatures around 85 degrees. rolling thunder sunday. lower 80's. take you out with the seven-day outlook. i should say the weekend outlook. cooler monday with showers and thunderstorms. head to james with a look at traffic -- jamie sullivan with a look it at traffic. jamie: there are a lot of people traveling today and tomorrow. we have a poll online. are you going to be driving on the roads which is when you need me? plying or traveling by train? i'm actually traveling by train. vote online. so blown transformer is what we have been dealing with in northwest d.c. macarthur boulevard. all lanes are blocked. you are able to get around it. but we do have the update. 6:00. when they hope to have it reopened and hope to have a restoration. we had traffic lights out in the area. most have been
4:53 pm
right now, on the freeway, heaviest stretch from 11 street bridge to 395. in the entirety. outbound 295. ten miles per hour. that is the average. northwest corner very heavy. good idea of the inner loom. michelle: thank you. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a lot of excitement. gallaudet grad does the school proud. nialls is the "dancing with the stars" champ. celebration continues today. jonathan: tonight at 5:00. my way or the highway. what virginia governor wants from metro before he orders the commonwealth withholding money from the transits system. michelle: coming up tonight at 6:00 -- a woman buys a h
4:54 pm
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jones tonight, abc7 is fighting back against the
4:57 pm
town hall. catch it at newschannel8. at 7:00. we're streaming it at [applause] jonathan: a big night of celebration. nyle dimarco taking home the mirror ball. michelle: he is a graduate of gallaudet. there was a watch party nearby. cheryl conner shows us the excitement that gallaudet carries on. cheryl: before winning, nyle took a break from the dance floor to return to the alma mater, gallaudet. brandon grew up with him since the sixth grade. >> he has been a unifier of all of us, the whole community. >> his attitude inspires the 1600 students on campus
4:58 pm
teacher. >> you don't need to be able to hear to succeed. you can succeed if you are given access. if you have a change of attitude. cheryl: he is all about the bass. >> when you talk about deaf people in the community they like heavy base. they can feel the beat better. cheryl: this is where nyle got to know the classmates. the marketplace where he came to eat every day before he got a degree in 2013. the president of the university is thrilled that the two graduates are allowing people to have a deeper understanding of the deaf community. >> the world is asking more questions about a person being deaf. it means he is doing it differently. cheryl: northeast d.c., cheryl conner, abc7
4:59 pm
>> tonight. a woman living in fear attacked by men calling themselves russian agents. virginia governor putting metro on notice. making it all about him. lulls, "7 on your side" winning the parking battle. >> i would want to know. leon: where and when you are most likely to get a ticket. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". "7 on your side." alison: a woman groped walking in a popular georgetown restaurant. her fiance asked for apology to be threatened with death. the couple left in ambulances the accused groper was never charged. sam ford live in georgetown to explain why. this woman is saying she is still afraid. sam: she said she is a mess. this took place at 3:00 in the morning. a couple of months ago.
5:00 pm
coming to a restaurant here for a late/early if you will breakfast. they never made it inside to a table. >> i don't know. >> we spoke with her and her lawyer today. she and her fiance and another couple were entering the bistro from a restaurant in georgetown. two men were leaving. one of them groped her. when her fiance protested -- >> i'm russian k.g.b. and we will kill you. >> she says they were attacked. >> i got thrown to the floor. >> she and her fiance ended up in an ambulance to georgetown hospital where she had a concussion and other injuries. the police managed to catch one of the men and they plan to charge them with aggravated assault but never happened. >> two thugs grope her. threaten to kill. sam: the attorney says the police told him the


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