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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 26, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a tornado emergency across a wide stretch of the middle of the country. one twister has been declared catastrophic leaving widespread damage and the tornado threat isn't over yet. also breaking this morning, concert chaos. a performance by rapper t.i. preempted by deadly gunfire. witnesses calling it a panic after those shots were fired. hillary clinton has her first response to a report about her use of a private e-mail server. donald trump is also wasting no time trying to use that report against her. we're live in washington with the details. and one high school erdem straighting quite a talent on stage in front of his classmates. just wait till you see what happens next.
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a good thursday morning. we begin with breaking news. extreme weather is pounding the plains again this morning. >> violent storms pack full of wind, rain and hail and that, tornado, taking aim at 35 million americans. this tornado last night you see there in kansas measuring about half a mile across at time. >> it touched down about a mile outside the small town of solomon damaging or destroying at least 20 homes and you can hear the tense moments in these recordings just in between authorities and the area. >> 2700 and fair road is completely destroyed. family is all accounted for now. >> trooper out at south of highway 18 with several houses that have been leveled. >> get all of those trucks out of that staying and get them out of there. >> late last night storm chasers caught this twister outside oklahoma city. so far there have been no reports of any injuries but at least 30 tornadoes have now hit the area in just the last day. >> accuweather's justin povick
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including a look ahead to the all important holiday weekend. justin, good morning. >> kendis, diane, thanks, good morning to you as well. tracking additional severe weather over the nation's heartland south into texas later this afternoon and this has the potential to produce widespread swaths of destructive winds, large hail to the size of baseballs and violent tornadoes. again, this is going to be running all the way from des moines, iowa, south into southern portions of texas. the northeast not dealing with severe weather, but it's definitely worth noting it's going to be very warm, it's going to be very humid and this type of air mass will continue throughout the rest of this week and believe it or not heading in toward the upcoming weekend as well. so it's going to be into the 80s but it's probably going to feel more like it's 90 degrees plus. kendis, diane, back to you. >> justin povick at accuweather, thank you. breaking news from right here in new york city where deadly violence has broken out at a popular concert venue. a 33-year-old man was shot to deat
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t.i. was scheduled to perform. three others were injured. video captured the chaos there at irving plaza as concertgoers rush toward the doors after shots were fired. >> i heard gunshot, boom, then i fell on the floor and i knew something was going to happen. i'm like everybody was having a good time until everybody started running. >> panic? >> yeah, there was panic. >> witnesses tell "the new york daily news" it started as an argument in the green room between two rival rap crews, the gunman and victims all had access to that vip area backstage. turning to politics, hillary clinton is trying to dismiss a damping report. >> it says she and her team broke federal standards and possibly put sensitive material at risk. clinton says it won't affect her presidency but donald trump seizing on the controversy during a late night
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the latest from abc's stephanie ramos who is following those new developments. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. hillary clinton is having to defend her e-mail use once again after that critical report from the state department. as her rivals donald trump and bernie sanders campaign out west. on the campaign trail, dtagging along with hillary clinton is the controversy that dogged her campaign from the start. her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. >> well, there may be reports that come out but nothing has changed. >> reporter: clinton and her team slammed in a state department inspector general report that said her e-mail setup disregarded federal standards and could have made sensitive material vulnerable to hackers. to that clinton has said the private server was never hacked but the state department investigation did uncover an attempt. >> it's the same story, just like previous secretaries of state i used a personal e-mail, many people did. it was not at a
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>> reporter: the new report confirming that another secretary of state also used private e-mail accounts. donald trump at the root of these chaotic demonstrations in anaheim, california, just a day after violent protests in new mexico making an appearance on "jimmy kimmel live" reverting back to her nickname. >> i came up with crooked hillary. you know what is going on. she's very crooked. >> reporter: as for bernie sanders, getting an invite from trump. >> i debated him, we would have such high ratings. >> reporter: it didn't take long for bernie sanders to stopped to that challenge taking to twitter writing game on. adding, he looks forward to debating donald trump in california before the june 7th primary. kendis and diane, back to you. > i'm sure a lot of people would like to see that. stephanie ramos with us this morning in washington. thank you. house speaker paul ryan by the way is still not ready to endorse trump. now, the trump campaign sources
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the presumptive republican nominee but ryan made it clear he will not be rushed into an endorsement. he added that the lines of communications are still open. he was scheduled to have a phone conversation with trump last night. president obama's in japan where he is meeting with top leaders at the g7 summit. before that they visited the holiest site. tomorrow the president will make history from hiroshima becoming the first american president to visit the site where the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb. 11 states are suing the obama administration over its transgender bathroom director. it advised public schools to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity. it argues the administration is overstepping its power violating federal law and the u.s. constitution. and south carolina is the latest state to ban abortions at or after 20 weeks of pregnancy. the new law does not include exceptions for rape or incest. similar bans are already in place in 13 states.
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for takes effect in south dakota on july 1st and three more blocked by court challenges. overnight the solar impulse plane finished its latest leg in america. >> the solar powered plane landed at lehigh valley international airport in pennsylvania, 17 hours after taking off from ohio. it's expected to make at least one more stop in the u.s. before crossing the atlantic ocean. >> yeah, that crossing should probably take it a month. >> i don't know. the plane started its global journey last year without using a single drop of fossil fuel. >> slow and steady wins the race. >> i guess so. coming up a stunning report linking cancer and the world financial crisis. details straight ahead. we have new body cam video in the shooting that left an unarmed man dead and arizona officer facing murder charges. a parking place that no driver would want. how did that happen?
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help arrived just in time for these migrants off the coast of libya. that small boat packed with people rocked under their weight and capsized in the mediterranean. luckily two italian navy ships were approaching at that very moment and tossed life rafts and life jackets and managed to rescue 562 people but at least 7 people till died. in syria dramatic new video of children being rescued following a barrage of attacks. a town, this is a town north of aleppo which was targeted in a series of air strikes and barrel bombings. the video shows at least two children pulled from rubble by syrian civil defense volunteers. activists on the scene report one civilian was killed. takata is trying to dig itself out of the mess created by the massive air bag recall. the japanese company
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major asset management company. it lost $120 million during the last fiscal year which ended in march. the company is hoping to reach a deal with carmakers to share the cost of the recall. this is an interesting one. a new study links a spike in cancer deaths to the 2008 global recession. researchers found that an extra 260,000 people died following the economic crisis. unemployment and cutbacks in public health spending were linked to an increase in those cancer deaths. the study also found that countries with universal health re fared much better in lowering the rate of cancer deaths than those without it. plenty of retailers making it easier to spend and save some money over memorial day weekend. >> some clothing items on amazon will be 60% off. you can get up to 35% off at best buy on certain items like stoves and microwave. >> home depot offering up to 25% off some items including barbecue grills, patio furniture up to
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that means you can buy double. you save 25% you can spend 25% somewhere else. >> yes, math, at 4:00 a.m. >> when we come back a high priced home in a fancy section of washington, d.c., where it is it will have very well-known occupants. >> sick and tired of being tied to your work e-mails, well, we've got just the destination for you. > sick and tired of beid to your work e-mails, well, we've got just the destination for you. sick and tired of bein tied to your work e-mails, well, we've got just the destination for you. r you.t just the destination ,n r you.t just the destination ,
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well, this was a result after a man lost control and drove his vehicle into a backyard pool in massachusetts. the driver and his adult grandson managed to escape injury in this accident. but there's no word on what might have led up to the crash. it's going to be a rough ride to work for a lot of the country this morning. the biggest trouble spot extends from the gulf coast to the great lakes where you can expect some major storms. also plan on wet roadways in the northwest. if you're flying all of the extreme weather is likely to cause airport delays in minneapolis, kansas city, chicago, dallas and denver. in mesa, arizona, a judge released body cam footage capturing the tense moments before an unarmed man was shot and killed about i a police officer. >> take a look. officers with guns drawn responding to a report that a man was pointing a rival out of a hotel room window. daniel shaver, a father of two, came out of the room and followed instructions
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toward the officers. he begged them not to shoot but one officer suddenly opened fire. >> listen to my instructions or it's going to become very uncomfortable for you. >> officer phillip pulled the trigger five times. he said he thought he was reaching for a gun. he was fired from the force facing second degree murder charges. a surprising new report about intruders breaching u.s. airports has just come out. the investigation by the associated press finds people slip through perimeter gates at major airports once every ten days. the investigation found that dozens more of those incidents occur than airports have disclosed but airport officials say some of the incidents the a.p. found should not count as security breaches. from hollywood a new celebrity split to tell you about. amber heard has filed for a divorce from johnny depp citing irreconcilable differences. they've only been married 15 months but heard is asking for
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reportedly planning to fight. sources say the couple had no prenuptial agreement. depp is said to be worth around $400 million. the actor best known for playing screech on "saved by the bell" has been arrested yet again. dustin diamond apparently violated probation by traveling outside the state without permission. he was released from jail last month after serving three months for stabbing a man during a bar fight in wisconsin. president obama and the first lady have a new place to call home once they leave the white house next year. it's a swanky mansion in an upscale d.c. neighborhood. the obamas will rent the 8200-square-foot nine-bedroom home. >> this is valued at about $6 million with an estimated monthly rent of $22,000. the obamas plan to stay in d. while their youngest daughter sasha finishes high school. >> pretty nice digs. no american athletes have been named in a doping scandal that could keep dozens from competing in the olympic games
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today." 31 olympians have been named for using banned substance in a reanalysis of drug tests from the 2008 beijing games. the russian olympic committee says 14 of its athletes are suspected of cheating. so we've got a first in hockey and some hoops. >> highlights from our guys at espn. >> nba playoffs still going. in cleveland, home team has won every game in this series between the raptors and cavaliers. lebron james said he was calm and confident with his team back at home throwing that up for richard jefferson who is 35 years old can till get up like that. james wound up with 23 points in the game. kevin love, great bounceback game for him. he had 25 points after a pair of disastrous games in toronto. it's cleveland up 3-2 now. game six friday from toronto. sharks advance to their first ever stanley cup final if they beat the blues in san jose.
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so they could see this. oh, what did they see? joe pavelski, yes, after joe thornton, no, beats his wisconsin roommate or teammate, brian elliott there. sharks up 1 and then brett burns, he's got a big beard and he likes snakes. joel ward tips it in. ward got two. sharks go on to win 5-2 and they'll play the winner of the penguins and lightning game which is thursday, game seven. >> all right. we'll keep an outlook for the razor. i don't think it's coming any timesoon. >> not until it's over. >> no razors at espn. >> too early for movember. it comes down to today for the country's best young spellers. we'll check in at the national spelling bee. this impressive youngster making it look easy on her waterskis. stay with us.
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♪ all right, time to check "the pulse" starting with the moment of truth for master spellers from all around the w-o-r-l-d. >> well done but the words were more difficult than that at the scripps national spelling bee. this year's winner will be crowned tonight. the contest started out with nearly 300 kids yesterday and now down to the top 45. >> i-n-t-e-r-m-e-z-z-some. inter intermezzo. >> that is correct. >> very impressive but one little boy made
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becoming the "first women" grader to be in the contest. >> wow. >> at just 6 years old he was eliminated in the second round yesterday but his competitors gave him a standing ovation. >> and well deserved standing ovation. >> he had to adjust the mike every time because he's so much shorter than the other contestants. six-month zyla cannot walk or talk but is learning to crawl but has this amazing skill already. >> that's a talent. >> she is a water skier. last week she glided 686 feet across a man-made lake in florida in her parents, a record by the way. her parents say they got the idea to put her on skis because of her strong grip which you can tell she has there and that skill is probably in her dna. her parents are professional water-skiers. >> so she's got good examples to follow. >> they had a lot of people in the water ready to catch her when she did fall but that took a lot longer than expected. >> walking will be tough.
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france is well known for making the most of leisure time. the 35-hour workweek, 6 six weeks of vacation time. >> not bad. >> and now the roo it to disconnect. >> so it's not illegal to send work-related e-mails during weekend and holidays with any employee with 50 employees. it's part of a new labor law aimed the reducing burnout and allowing people to take full advantage of their time off. >> an awesome idea. >> never happen. >> it won't work here. finally, a sort of drop the mike moment at a high school talent show. the guy who pulled it off a senior in charlotte, north carolina. >> at this point you might be thinking his so-called talent is quite limited but wait as he approaches that folding table, he's not doing anything outstanding at all. >> and then he tosses a water bottle and that is the reaction from the crowd. that's because watch it in slo-mo. perfect lift. sticks the landing. he practiced that for a year. he said it's all about the
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toss to eileen today: partly cloudy. hot and more humid. isolated afternoon/evening storms possible. highs: 85-90 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy. isolated t-shower possible. lows: 64-68 winds: s 5 mph friday: partly sunny. hot and humid. a few pm thunderstorms. highs: 86-90 winds: s 5-10 mph
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connecticut ave -- 395 south of seminary breaking overnight in the
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police are trying to figure out who is responsible for a violent attack on the 25-hundred block of 18th street. officers responded to the area just after 11 o-clock last night, and found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. he was rushed to a nearby hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. new this morning.. presidential candidate hillary clinton is responding to a new federal report on her email usage as secretary of state. an inspector general's report found hillary clinton violated state department email rules. questions about clinton's use of a private server have dogged her presidential campaign. late last night-- she brushed off the controversy . the report also found that clinton and several of her
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predecessors failed to follow proper protocol while in office. we'll have much more on this story-- including reaction from clinton's fellow presidential candidates-- coming up in a few minutes. another legal battle is brewing in connection to criminal charges filed after the death of freddie gray. baltimore police officers alicia white and william porter are suing the state, and baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby. both officers are charged with involuntary manslaughter. the officers claim mosby knows that the charges are false and but filed them anyway for political reasons. porter is awaiting a new trial. his first one ended in a hung jury. the holiday weekend is almost here-- but if you are planning to get an early start to beat traffic. you may want to think twice. a study of traffic patterns by the transportation planning board found traffic is consisttl
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thursday than on friday. that runs counter to a common perception the friday before memorial day weekend is the worst time to travel. triple-a says nearly 966-thousand people from this region plan to drive 50 miles or more from home this weekend. that would be the most drivers for the holiday in 11 years. it's xx and we're just getting started. a fatal shooting inside a manhattan concert hall-- sparks a stampede. several people are now hospitalzed. we'll tell you how it started and what witnesses are saying. dramatic video of an armed robbery shows gunmen aiming their weapons at a 7 year old boy! where it happened and how you can help track the men down.. coming up.
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good morning washington. today: partly cloudy. hot and more humid. isolated afternoon/evening storms possible. highs: 85-90 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy. isolated t-shower possible. lows: 64-68 winds: s 5 mph friday: partly sunny. hot and humid. a few pm thunderstorms. highs: 86-90 winds: s 5-10 mph


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