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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  May 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the memorial day sale. from classic to contemporary, havertys. the memorial day travel rush is officially here. experts say if you are heading out to him, you will likely sit in some traffic. today is predicted to be the worst day to drive on to your holiday destination. john gonzalez is live with already some that cups we saw earlier today. john? they call the thursday before memorial day
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the new friday. the holiday rush is well under way. take a look behind me at that beautiful view of the chesapeake bay. things are pretty smooth and now on the chesapeake bridge, but what an eventful morning we had here. at around 6:30, calls started coming in for an abandoned vehicle on the eastbound span. take a look at some of the video from news chopper 7. you can eat a man described by authorities as distraught. he climbed over the rail and was literally perched on a support beam under the bridge, his feet dangling about 20 stories above the water after talking with a man for a while, rescue crews were able to grab him and bring him back over to safety. a lot of holiday traffic and even some daily commuters we spoke with left very frustrated. traffic was stopped for nearly two hours.
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calling it a record travel weekend. nearly 960 6000 people in the region will be heading out of town, and that the most since 2005. for some, the morning did not go as planned. was really excited to go to the beach with my mom. it was right when the sunrise was happening. i told the tall man you get to see the sunrise, and he just looked at me and said happy thursday, and then we are here. i just found out what's going on, and i cannot believe it. it's kind of sad. john: kind of sad. luckily that man survived this and that young lady with her friends late to the beach today. gas prices, another reason why travel this region is so high. $.37 lespe
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year around this time, memorial day weekend. roadu have not hit the yet, aaa officials say you may want to now wait until way later tonight. coming back, whole different ballgame. you may want to leave really late sunday night headed back home, if not very early monday morning. thank you. maybe you are taking a half-day and heading out this afternoon, so let's get to jamie sullivan, who is checking out the problem spots this afternoon. jamie: we are seeing traffic that is not too bad. most areas were ok. we do have some midday roadwork. when you mix that in with people traveling, they are not expecting what they will get into. construction work on the beltway and 95 in maryland, so you may see a few work crews, but again, we are in the green. not causing any issues for us here. if you have to travel along the capital beltway, we are ok.
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are ok on 66. little bit of roadway -- little bit of roadwork near 10 nine, but you are ok for the most part. northbound traffic, a little bit heavy, approaching a work zone near seminary road. we dropped down to about 18 miles an hour. if you are heading out of town, you are definitely not headed northbound on 395. said, the beltway right now is ok. midday traffic jummy:, this is a good time to go. jummy:thank you. tomorrow is expected to be the busiest holiday weekend for the airlines. top tsa executives are back on capitol hill to testify about airportslines plaguing nationwide. the tsa director was reassigned in the wake of this crisis. the agency is hiring more
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process. an atlanta, new technology like larger bins with more space, are being implemented to keep those lines moving. tsa administrator's promise more change to come. a crash sent nearly two dozen students and one adult to the hospital this morning. all the injuries are not life-threatening. this happened in the southbound lanes of columbia pike around 9:00 this morning. vans were transporting students ages 12 to 14 when they collided. again, everyone is expected to be ok. no word on what caused that crash. to the weather now where the heat and humidity picking up today, and that could bring the chance for thunderstorms later today. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at the forecast. doug: could well be the warmest day of the year. wind out of the south/southwest, and that's good for the sunshine, but when will tend southete
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clouds back. showers and storms across indiana. western kentucky, a few showers over kentucky and eastern tennessee. they will not bother us. because humidity levels are coming up, this just goes to show some areas of moisture and instability getting closer. a chance ofhave showers and thunderstorms likely happening late in the afternoon and evening. as far as what will happen down at the park tonight, good weather for the nats. we will keep our eyes open. otherwise, partly cloudy. it is looking increasingly like a storm center will develop here, but even if it does not, we will still see moisture increase, especially sunday, monday. hurricane hunters going to go out and check this storm later today, but initial computer models suggest some system developing moving in this direction. something to monitor. we will let you know what the possible impact could be. jummy:
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so much. cleanup is under way in kansas after another tornado touched down overnight. luckily no injuries reported overnight, but the twister left --ath of description destruction. adrian: this morning, recovery in america's heartland as residents pick up the pieces after several tornadoes hit across three states including one in the small town of abilene, kansas. officials are calling it catastrophic. home, but like his neighbors, made it through by seeking shelter in his basement. >> i survived. i didn't hide. i've got her. adrian: at least 20 more homes are damaged or obliterated. the big one here in kansas reported to be a
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the twister on the ground for an hour and a half. in tennessee, damaging winds and rain, enough to flood streets and topple trees. >> it sounds like the building is almost shaking a little bit. adrian: across the nation, a case of extremes -- hail across the plains with heat and humidity across the northeast. forecasters say besid the stormy weather expected from texas to iowa today, we expect tropical storms for the southeast as soon as sunday, and it really heats up in a the northeast. temperatures into the 90's, plus that dreaded humidity into the memorial day holiday. developing now, neighbors on edge and police on the hunt after two men allegedly bound and gagged women and children in a manassas home. thenne kennedy is following latest developments on this disturbing story.
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were bound and gagged by the tape in broad daylight in their home. authorities say it happened in the 10,000 block of king george drive. the victims included of adults, ages 33 and 19. the older woman was sexually assaulted. authorities say there were also two children in the home who were also tied and gagged. there was a one-year-old baby in the house at the time, but the baby was left unharmed. >> i feel scared. sometimes when my daughter goes to work and i'm alone. i don't know what to do now. i'm just so scared now. suzanne: police tell us the victims may have an drug during the attack, so they were not able to give a very good description. all of authorities with a is
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african-american men. jummy: pdc police chief is getting ready to give an update -- the d.c. police chief is getting ready to give an update on a murder. police say a dirt bike rider opened fire and the intended target used milton as a human shield. she was a respected print journalist. no arrests have been made in the murder, but we will have an update from police tonight at 5:00. still lookingare for the gunman who they say opened fire at a concert in new york city last night. we know one person was killed and three others injured during a shooting at a concert. it happened at a venue in union square where hip-hop artist t.i. was getting ready to perform. witnesses described the scene as chaotic.
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was a 83-year-old man who was shot in the stomach. coming up -- >> i think that's going to help a lot of people. i on a daily basis have continuous delays. takingthe steps metro is to ease congestion. on talks of ast debate between donald trump and bernie sanders. plus, doug kobe back with when a
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on. metro's state track plans start in just seven days. uber announced is making a huge .nvestment in the dmv to help >> good afternoon. is investing $10 million into our community to help ease your troubled transit pain. meantime, you can see the board not looking so bad. the next three trains -- 3, 4, five minutes out, but in a couple of weeks, that is going to look a whole lot different. how about 22, 25, 30 minutes out? hopes when you look for an alternative transit choice, you join them. will help a lot of people. i on a daily basis have continuous delays.
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uber's focus is pool service, when you ride in a car with a stranger who is going to a similar destination. drivers.incentivizing uber sayske away -- they will reduce fares for there'sin areas where congestion. >> to try the car pulling option, which pairs people who are going from similar origins to similar destinations together, so we can help take the total number of cars off the road, reduce congestion, and also ensure more people take advantage of this affordable option. for all like a win-win of us. more money for drivers and a lower fare for all of us. the u.s. department of transportation to supporting a new proposal to form a metro rail safety commission. virg
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yesterday instructing officials to create the commission in partnership with maryland and the district. officialsansportation released a statement saying it is encouraging to see virginia, maryland, and the district of columbia finally have taken a positive step toward fulfilling their legal responsibility to provide safety oversight of the rail system. one presidential candidate down, one more to go. this morning, donald trump reached that telik -- that number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. the associated press count has 1238 delegates, one more than he actually needed. now trump is throwing up the idea of debating senator bernie sanders after front runner hillary clinton has declined to do so. donald trump: if i debated him, we would have such high ratings. jummy: sanders
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trump will be giving his third formal policy speech, this time on energy. a speech ofama gave his own in japan where he is attending the g-seven summit. the president said there are signs the economy is improving in europe. he also talked about trump clinching the delegate count, saying that the world has a good reason to feel rattled, considering his proposals display in ignorance of world affairs. arlington national cemetery is getting ready to honor our nation's fallen heroes on memorial day. the army's old guard will place american lags on the graves of thousands of soldiers buried there. the old guard is the oldest active duty infantry unit in the sinceerving our nation 1784.
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of course, monday being memorial day, we are maybe showers, but the rest of the weekend looks good. weekend far, the best day locally for any kind of outdoor activity. sunday looks pretty good. maybe some late date showers. thursday, a big getaway day driving. we are looking live in fairfax. temperatures nice and toasty out there with mostly sunny skies. 82 degrees. kicked up play on the soccer field a little bit. temperatures will continue to rise, maybe another four or five degrees in some areas. maybe more than that. we are monitoring some showers and storms. pretty good line of thunderstorms just off indianapolis, stretching off the southwest into missouri.
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individual areas will not affect us, it is indicative of the moisture starting to climb. you are starting to see that in some of the mountains. we think there is a chance of an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon, this evening. the best chance will be west of the metro area. meanwhile, the futurecast paints a picture of a few of these later this afternoon and evening popping up. tomorrow, warm and humid once again with more chances of showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon anything hours. notice all the while, the wind taking on a southerly flair. this will bring us through saturday, and we think it will remain dry in our area with temperatures in our area tomorrow. a lot of driving going on tomorrow, but late a thunderstorms in all directions for the metro area. our updated outlook of the beaches, mid atlantic beaches, beautiful weather saturday, sunshine, 85. are our forecast. 85 saturday, 83 sunday.
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monday has the best chance of more widespread showers and storms. there's a good chance we could one mostly cloudy skies memorial day. beautiful weather saturday. 75 and sunshine. on sunday. slight chance of an afternoon or evening shower. looks pretty good. .onday, too, is a question look at these ridiculously cold temperatures of water. i think i would stay on the sand. daysa look at the next few -- a high probability of warm temperatures. have not had anything to forecast like this in a wild. dry saturday, 85 sunday.
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monday and tuesday, not only with moisture coming in off the atlantic also potentially a tropical storm somewhere off the coast monday and tuesday. what i'm watching is saturday, 85, sunday. coming up, congress considering a new way to battle the zika poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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7 is on your side with a health matters report. obesity in kids does not only threaten their physical health but their emotional health as well as more than 1001st-graders from dozens of rural schools were studied and found that obese kids were neglected by their peers, and most work
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he'll up on, making them likely more depressed. maryland officials plan to meet tonight to discuss plans to prevent the zika virus from spreading in the state. a town hall meeting is set for as congress considers a new approach to battling the virus. the makers of genetically modified mosquitoes pitch their plan to lawmakers and claim they can reduce the bug ovulation by 90% in urban areas using genetically modified male mosquitoes that breed with e-mails, eventually producing offspring that die after hatching. ,oming up after the break
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gosh, take a look at this a -- an suv in the u.k. was swarmed by bees for two straight days after a queen bee accidentally got trapped inside the vehicle. beekeepers did their thing again. reported a stinging incident when a drunk man tried to swipe the bees away with his barehands. i think i would just trade my car. take it back. weekend for you -- 85 saturday. maybe a late day storm sunday. fresh update on this and the beaches at 4:00. jummy:
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>> there are a few ways you can get your hands on $1 million these days: rob a bank, become a hedge fund manager, win the lottery, or you can come in here and blow the doors off the place. you ready? it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. today's first contestant is finally finishing a passion project she began 40 years ago. she needs $1 million in order to finally make her dream come true, so let's do it. from lexington, massachusetts, please welcome karen evans. [cheers and applause] hi, karen. >> hi, chris. i'm a fan. >> nice to meet you. oh, thank you, i love that. >> i'm a fan. i have to give you a hug.


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