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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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swiping packages off a porch. leon: breaking news in southeast, where multiple people have been stabbed at the d.c. jail. alison: three people are being treated, two with serious injuries. what led to the violence? leon: roz plater has the latest. what have you learned? roz: we are getting
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new information, five people stabbed, three taken to the hospital, the others treated at the infirmary. and crime scene tape and a couple of police cars on the other side of the jail. there was a fight in an inmate housing unit at approximately 8:30 involving the five inmates. the unit was quickly secured and locked down, no life-threatening injuries. the inmates were injured, with lacerations and puncture wounds caused by a home weighed -- homemade weapon or a shank. three inmates were transported. a full investigation is being conducted by the department of corrections involving the incident. they have not made a determination on a motive behind the fight, what there is a full investigation underway. that unit was on lockdown. three people transported to the hospital,
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a fight with a homemade shank broke out in a housing unit. no officers were injured. that is the information that we have now. the investigation is underway. my from the d.c. jail, roz plater, abc 7 news. alison: keep us posted, thanks. a secret service scandal, 41 innts have been disciplined connection with the disclosure of the personnel files of a u.s. congressman. last year the inspector general found that agents dug into confidential personnel files of jason shaven -- jason chaffetz. they also looked at an old job application. he was leading an investigation into a secret service scandal and it is believed they were looking to embarrass him. the leaker of the files has resigned. le
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texting scandal. now the detective who handled the case is dead and the teenager is suing his estate. roz plater has that story. roz: after a manassas teenager was arrested for sexting his girlfriend, investigators took pictures of his private parts as evidence. lawyers have filed a federal civil lawsuit. >> i don't understand what was going on. roz: it happened in 2014. not only did investigators take pictures of his genitalia, but they had pictures to take pictures of his erect pe nis, with an ultimatum. >> either he would accomplish it himself, or they would inject something to produce it. roz: after a public outcry, that never happened. the teenager
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the prince william county public attorney and the estate of the late detective who later committed suicide. the actions were motivated by spite on information and belief by private prurient interest. worked in the manassas city police department, tracking down child predators. when the police went to arrest him for sex crimes that he had coached at a local hockey team, as the police pulled in, he shot and killed himself. what he went through was completely unacceptable. i'm hoping that he gets a sense of vindication from this. leon: abc 7 reached out to the commonwealth attorney's office to respond to the lawsuit and so far we have not heard back. the teenager is requesting a trial by jury. alison:
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school pta president is charged with embezzling thousands. 41-year-old was indicted last week in loudoun county, the former president of the creighton corner elementary school pta, accused of and puzzling $13,000 from the organization. leon: 7 on your side with a health alert. we are nearing the unofficial start to summer, which means mosquitoes. tonight, a warning about the mosquito-borne virus zika. the cdc said thousands of people may have inadvertently carried the dangerous virus. tom roussey has what you need to know. tom: a lotta folks came out here in silver spring tonight. among other things, they are told that what i'm wearing tonight, long sleeves and pants are good, even in the summer. >> we are going to get started. tom:
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still came to learn about zika, they had to bring in more chairs and it was still standing room only. is one of a number of pregnant women who came. >> making sure that i'm keeping safe. tom: zika has been linked with babies born with small skulls and brains. in the u.s. it only comes from people after travel to certain countries or who had sexual relations with those who have. but there is a lot of concern because of the rain in standing water, like these giant puddles. >> with all the moisture, and when it heats up, yes, there will be more mosquitoes. we have been anticipating that. >> dress, defend, and rain. tom: even in the summer, it's a good idea to wear long sleeves and pants. >> in the summertime, that is the last thing they want to do.
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use as much insecticide. tom: one mosquito control service center says his calls have tripled since last year. >> my phone rings continuously. thisthe folks who came to meeting tonight were also told if they have a neighboring property where mosquitoes are breeding and the owner does not do anything about it, that can actually be a health violation in montgomery county. tom roussey, abc 7 news. more day until memorial day getaway and a lot of folks are getting out early, especially tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine, middle 70's in the morning. 1:00, lower 80's, by 6:00 we have showers and thunderstorms, highs in the upper 80's, with the heat index closer to 90 degrees. daytime highs well above average for this time of year. culpeper should reach 90, 91 leesburg, 89 winchester.
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the rest of the weekend, and the tropics flaring up. more on that in a few minutes, alison: steve, thank you. 30 millioneats for americans as we head into this memorial day weekend. at least a dozen tornadoes have been reported in the last 24 hours, one of them in kansas with wind-up to 180 miles per hour. jonathan elias has the situation. jonathan: a terrifying situation. in missouri, passengers at kansas city airport had to be a vacuous because of the threat of the storms, but a bulk of the damages in kansas. some say they were among the most intense tornadoes they have ever seen or chased, one was an on the half mile wide, ground for a terrifying 90 minutes. responders had to rush to
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the good news is there have been no injuries reported. that is a blessing. that is the latest from the satellite center. jonathan elias, abc 7 news. leon: a thief swipes packages off a porch and runs away. the victim watched the whole thing happened live on his phone. he hope now is that the app was using will catch the culprit and get his stuff back to stop richard reeve has that story. richard: the package theft happened on this very stoop. the package was tucked behind the storm door, but the surveillance camera was watching, and so was the owner from miles away. in broad daylight. >> i was thinking, what is he doing? richard: a surveillance camera captures him at the front door in the afternoon, stealing two packages. >> grabbed the packages and ran back to the car.
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he did not realize was he was watching in real-time from 15 miles away. >> i'm amazed we have this technology. app allows remote video monitoring of surveillance cameras. the technology is pretty new, only a market about a year. it pops up on your device and almost real-time. in other words, sandoval was a wireless witness from his office miles away. >> it happens anywhere, it's just a matter of time. it's always good to know that it will help you. richard: the items were presents for his son's ninth birthday. >> i was heartbroken, but i'm glad we have the technology. richard: there's surveillance camera and app were a package deal they cost about $200. >> i hope that he gets caught. richard: the packages were worth only about $25
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re-sent and they will be here in time for his birthday. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: imagine never having to type a password again. google wants to make that a reality. alison: and donald trump is officially the gop nominee for the white house. the unexpected way that he celebrated
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sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36-month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. tonight we are looking inside what may be the first family's new home. arepresident and mrs. obama reportedly considering moving to this home in colorado. baths.nine bedrooms, 8.5 reportedly it will be leased for
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$22,000. per month. the obamas plan to stay in washington for the next few years until their daughter, sasha, finishes high school. has reachedld trump the magic number of delegates, so he is the gop. mcdonald's.on, caused controversy today, reportedly saying that you have to be wealthy in order to be great. the idea tozz, debate bernie sanders. i wouldrump: i said love to debate him, but i want money to be put up for charity. 10 million, $15 million for charity, it would be a very good amount. alison: sanders has responded via twitter saying, "game on." leon: 7 on your side
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matters. the fda has approved a new arm plant to treat the addiction of heroin and other opioids. the implant emits a drug over time that eases cravings. some addiction efforts say it will help addicts they other medication. opponents still are favoring total sobriety. alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert -- how about ditching your password for good? working with big banks to make that a reality. to phone would use sensors determine if it is you trying to log on. it takes into consideration facial recognition, typing patterns, and even how you walk. the program could be available by the end of the year. leon: american flags placed at the gravesites of more than 228,000 headstones at arlington nationalem
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they are honoring fallen veterans on memorial day. alison: memorial day travel reached its peak tonight, 38 million americans traveling for the holiday weekend, including a million from our area. the busiest time was this evening. a reason for the surgeon travel, low gas prices. on average, gases down $.42 from a year ago. leon: 7 on your side to help you get to your destination. download the abc 7 smartphone at. in addition to the headlines, it connection with traffic resources. 88 degrees was the daytime high today, the hottest day so far this year. if you like it hot and humid, you will love tomorrow in the first half of the weekend. right now, reagan national airport, 75 degrees, the wind out of the south that seven. it will
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probably falling about 5, 10 degrees. 77 leesburg, 70 degrees southernr, luray 72, maryland 76 degrees. overnight lows ranging from 60 to 68, partly cloudy skies. were we had showers this evening, those areas are likely to see patchy fog. i don't see any travel delays in the morning or into the afternoon hours. satellite and radar, the showers earlier mainly to the west, cumberland and hagerstown. those have just about fizzled out. they never made it to the d.c. metro, but the clouds are still here. the tropics, an area of low pressure beginning to form. if this becomes a tropical storm, the name will be bonnie. it appears that it will have an impact on the south carolina/north carolina coastline as early as sunday into monday.
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projected tracks. a lot can change between now and then. right now it looks like it will be of the carolina coast with a tropical storm, rain for north carolina, showers for us, the delmarva beaches and d.c. metro, but not a washout. at least that is what it looks like right now monday. futurecast calling for sunshine and a lot of it tomorrow, the wind out of the south. on, but earlyarly in the evening we could have showers and thunderstorms develop. this will probably slow traffic down. of the cityg out for the weekend. highs tomorrow, upper 80's, a good deal of sunshine, clouds in the afternoon, thunderstorms. if you are traveling to the delmarva beaches, ocean city, bethany, dewey, or
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showers and clouds on sunday. chance of storm sunday, lower 80's. middle 70's monday with a coastal storm. pools will be, opening this weekend, 85 saturday, 70's next week. and for that matter into the day thursday and friday. rolling thunder, looking good. alison: that's good. not too bad. leon: how about the nats. erin: they were not looking too bad either. bryce harper has not gone yard in a wild. could he break out of his slump?
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>> and now the toyota sports desk
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erin: the nationals continue their homestand with a four-game series against the cardinals tonight. bryce harper has had two home runs in the last 25 games, so he was due, right? absolutely smash this one, 437 feet, his longest homer of the season. one inning later, danny espinosa gives this a ride to right, gone. n thenother curley w i books, the nats beat the cards, 2-1. bryce: sometimes you are going to struggle and do the things you don't want to do. it was a good pitch tonight and i was able to do some damage with it. coach baker: it's great to see harp breakout of the home run. it was a good night for us. erin: orioles
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of texas, facing the astros. 3-1 astros. , steph curry and the defending champion facing elimination against the thunder tonight. curry and crew stepping up. green with a block, curry in transition, hits. stops the go, curry thunder on the run. the cross, then the floater in the lane is good. warriors live to fight another day. they are up by one, rather -- nine? up by nine, my producer says. game seven between the penguins-lightning. not too shabby, first goal. he would have a night. later, there was more from rush, shoots and scores the second of the game. 2-1 penguins, that ishe
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jose and the stanley cup finals. texas-baylor in the big 12. the homer by casey clemens, roger's son. that is not really the story. check this out. the guy comes running, hops the fence, trying to get the ball. him,this guy comes, knees and then they fight for the ball. i would have given it to the guy who hop the fence. lacrosse, thend women play tomorrow against syracuse. leon: not very fan friendly. erin: i would feel guilty taking the ball after that. leon: great effort. erin: if it was bryce harper's homer, i would have gone for it. that was a college game. alison:
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we had a very smart group of kids who came out on top at the national spelling bee.
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leon: the national spelling the has not one but two champions again. alison: it was a marathon that wrapped up about 13 minutes ago. a
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were the last two standing after 25 championship rounds. they were declared cochampions because each spell their word correctly of the final round, despite the fact this year the scripps organization change the rules to make the competition more difficult. yet still two winners. congratulations to them. leon:
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, senator bernie sanders, from "bloodline", kyle chandler, chefs frank castronovo & frank falcinelli, and this week in unnecessary censorship. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. welcome to the show.


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