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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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jonathan: what a beautiful day it has been this friday. memorial day tradition. rolling thunder roared into town. michelle: thousands of bikers descend on d.c. to show their respect for fallen service men and women. there are events all weekend. we have you covered. following the holiday weekend forecast. and traffic. jonathan: we have you covered in fairfax. good afternoon. welcome to "abc7 news at 4:00". we are coming to you live from the patriot hardy david shop in fairfax for good weekend. over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of riders will descent on d.c. they are here to pay their respects to the fallen. this is something that got started in 1987 when riders wanted to raise awareness of m.i.a.'s and p.o.w.'s from vietnam. and what grew from a small number of riders all over the country has grown into something huge. we have you covered on the different angles for this weekend's ride. let's start with kimberly suiters who got a chance to get on the back of a
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see what it's like. hey, kimberly. kimberly: i sure did. we are on the roof of the harley davidson dealership in fairfax. look at the gathering. people are coming in from all over the country. we talk to people from tennessee, minnesota and this is what they said about why they like to ride. >> it's very emotional. you start getting the rumble going on sunday. it's amazing. it rumbles to your bones. is it so cool. >> when you are riding by yourself it's cool. when you have a few thousand of your closest friends riding with you it's a phenomenal thing to have you but. the feeling the sound, the whole atmosphere, you feel like you are on top of the world. you really do. kimberly: take a look at the view from the roof. you can see some riders coming in right now. they have been coming in all day. we understand more than 10,000 cycles will be lined up right here. you see t
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so if you want to come and watch, there is a place for you to sit in front of the dealership. if you will swing back over here with me. they are advising if you are not riding and you want to be a spectator, they want you to bring a towel in case it's wet. okay? if it's not wet, you know, you always want plenty of water and plenty of sun screen. rain around here they say is a bad four-letter word. so we are not talking about that. everyone is looking forward to a fun and an emotional ride. now back to you in the parking lot. jonathan: this started as an advocacy ride. they wanted to raise awareness in the 19802's. that's how it started. but comrades come together because a lot of the riders are veterans. today the activities behind me, you saw it from the rooftop. they have a stage set up and a concert. tonight there is a candlelight vigil at fairfax high school. there are a lot of things planned over the weekend. a lot i
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from the riders on the west coast, washington, california, oregon. it takes them longer to get here. they are expected to roll in tomorrow. on sunday, as kimberly suiters said. 10,000 riders will be packed in this parking lot alone. that is here. staging from different areas. they will ride to the pentagon. from the pentagon they will ride to the wall. a man who is familiar with how it works is the general manager at patriot harley davidson. mike come in here to talk to you. you have been the g.m. of three months but this is a ride you are familiar with. >> very familiar with it. i, myself, am a veteran. i have had the opportunity to take the ride different times from different vantage points and different dealerships other than that one. jonathan: what does it feel like? the folks standing by the side to watch the biker goes by this is emotional. this isn't a get-together and everyone is having a good time. a message is being sent. >> you are exactly right. vietnam, the forgotten soldiers at one time. not anymore. since the wall was built. like you said ea
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you will see come ballot vets with tears streaming down their eyes and people on the sideline crying. it has become, you know, an event. i mean many people died for it. it's an event to cry for, actually. jonathan: you have been doing this as general manager three months. but this takes 12 months to stage and plan for. how have you done it in a short period of time? >> i take my past experience. i'm a retired sergeant major, so. need i say more? jonathan: they just say "yes, sir" after that. >> it's a group effort. i'm fortunate. i have a great staff here. patriot harley davidson that has been here prior to me being here. some of them have been here 10 or 15 years. they have been doing it for 18 years. jonathan: thank you for your service and everything you are doing for the ride. >> all right. jonathan: ride safely. >> come join us. jonathan: i would love to. kimberly got the offer to ride on the back of his motorcycle at the front of the line. she may take im
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attention to is what is happening upstairs. clouds are rolling in and a storm is brewing out there. bring in chief meteorologist doug hill to find out what to expect over the weekend. doug: let's get to it. right now it's gorgeous. plenty of sunshine. fair weather clouds. 86 at reagan national. southerly winds at 14. dew point at 69 degrees. it feels like 90. muggy weather will be the story in the weekend. other area temperatures kick off the memorial day weekend, 91 in leesburg and fredericksburg. 88 at andrews and baltimore. the story of the doppler radar. we see showers and storms along and west of 81. most of them will stay there. we can't rule out isolated shower closer to town. these should rain themselves out in the everything hours. great weather at the ballpark for the nats against the cardinals tonight. 84 is the game time temperature. as they throw out the first pitch. for rolling thunder on sunday we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms. we will complete the forecast and take care of the beaches and the mountain and your backyard in a couple
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minutes. back to fairfax. michelle: thank you. jonathan: a lot of folks hit the road yesterday to get to the beach. that is a three and four-hour ride depending on traffic. maybe more than that. what if you want to get to the beach but you don't want to park yourself in your car for three hours? cheryl conner is joining us to give us an idea where to go to get to the beach without the three hours in the car. cheryl: yeah. look at this. i got my toes in the sand. i'm walking toward the water. it doesn't feel so bad out here for memorial day weekend either. my goodness, am i getting paid for this day? we are in edgewater in anne arundel county. look at this. look at the beach here. this is narrow but it has a lot of room to spread out. we have been out here throughout the day. talking to people who want to do just that. they want to dodge the traffic, dodge what can be the craziness of ocean city. so they came here. now we also did some homework. we look around the
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this is one part you can come to. we asked around. if you want to dodge ocean city and rehoboth beach, terrapin in stevensville. that comes from the national resources police. breezy point in calvert county. a quiet landing park. and colonial beach in virginia. they are all about an hour from d.c. if you don't want to sit in the traffic. that is on 50. you can come out here or come to those beaches that are on the map there on your screen. at 5:00, i met a cup from alexandria. they wanted to dodge ocean city so they came here for day. we tell you about their trip at 5:00. back to you. jonathan: thanks. take a look at it at 5:00. see you then. it's an exclamation point on the commissioning week of the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. they are graduating. what
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the graduates. three cheers for class of 2016. then as they do every year, the caps fly. they go high! it really does never get old. >> like most college graduation ceremony, the naval academy commissioning ceremony is long. on a day like today it's oh. you look up in the crowd and you see the program getting used mostly as a fan. there are differences between this ceremony and others. one of them is here on the cover of the program. the blue angels. graduating today 1,076 midshipmen. they are commissioned as navy and marine second lieutenants. there are 265 women among the graduates today. and for the first time in history, they have their choice of every single duty within the military. there are no limitations. there are other differences betwn
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ceremony and other colleges as well. talk to the graduates. ask them why they chose the naval academy. >> a lot of them aren't exposed to it. but if you are exposed to it you see the opportunity and what it means to serve. you are proud of the family who served. you take the pride and you understand, you feel a responsibility to do the same thing and follow in their footsteps. brad: we will be back at 5:00 with more of the commissioning ceremony including the video of the famous hat toss that concludes the ceremony. we'll also introduce you to more midshipmen ready to defend our country. in annapolis, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: that is quite an accomplishment. congratulations to one and all. fantastic. back here at the patriot harley davidson in fairfax. events are planned all weekend long leading up to the ride on sunday. sunday is when you will see 10,000 riders come through this area heading to the pentagon. there
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expected to take part. if you want to get out and maybe get on the route they will be on, they encourage folks to come out and give them a way. just say hi. you won't be able to hear yourself think. it's loud. that's why they call it "rolling thunder." michelle you are relatively new here but you have to check it out. it's amazing. michelle: there are so many great things to do even beyond to honor those who served. what is the highlight for you? jonathan: it's nice to talk to folks. some of the riders that come, they come from all part of the koontz. they all have a story about why they are here. a lot of them served and maybe some of them have family members that served and lost. emotional connection to the ride. some of them are friends. funny thing is some of the guys say i get to see my buddy who i haven't seen in 12 months. they see each other every year for the ride and that's it. it's nice to watch people reconnect and get back in touch with each other. michelle: the reunions are priceless. we will check in with you san. thank you. coming up f
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at 4:00" -- a bank robbery stopped by an off-duty cop. what the robber did moments before he was shot. also ahead at 4:00, a superbug scare. the alarm the c.d.c. is sounding about a bug that can't be cured. >> a panhandleer shot on the street. up next i'll introduce you to the man who pulled the trigger. steve: i'm abc7's steve rudin live in d.c. look behind me. it's quiet now. but a much different scene in a half an hour. i will tell you more coming up.
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michelle: this is something you don't see every day. take a look here. bank rob rin near cincinnati, ohio -- robbery near cincinnati, ohio. the officer shot the robber who had a loaded gun on him. that robber tried to fire the gun but he had the wrong ammunition loaded. the robber died from the injuries. michelle: closer to home, check this out. d.c. fire boats called to action aiming their water cannons at the c.s.x. railroad ridge across the potomac. v.r.e. are holding trains at union station and amtrak
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train continuing south up d.c. also. no word of the cause at this point. we will keep an eye on this and keep you informed as to when commuter rail service starts back up again. all right. protecting your family or going too far? a father shot a b.b. gun as a panhandleer posing at santa. now he is in trouble with the law. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis has the story you will only see here on abc7. kevin: 25-year-old paul johnson was stopped at the corner of georgia avenue and university boulevard west with his wife and two young children. that is when he thinks the panhandler walked up to the car. he had a bushy beard and asked for money and then he pretended he was santa claus. he told the panhandler to back off. but he was reaching reaching ine car. when he did that, he
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b.b. gun and he fired twice. one b.b. missed the panhandleer but the second shot hit him in the face. johnson drove away with the family leaving the man standing in the median with a bloody injury. today we spoke with johnson through a cracked front door of the silver spring apartment. his excuse, self-defense. >> i was feeling like he needed to back up. you are on the car, trying to roll up the window. you are holding it down. it's unnecessary. this is stating to get a bad situation. >> was shooting him in the face extreme, too much? >> i wasn't aiming for his face. i just shot at him. he was reaching in. once he reached in, i don't know. i just shot at him. once he backed up. that's when i put it down. kevin: the police didn't buy the story and they charged johnson with first and second-degree assault. he now faces up to
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all new at 5:00, i will tell you how a pack of cigarettes helped officers solve the crime. we are live in wheaton, kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. a record number of drivers are expected to hit the road this weekend. meanwhile, the t.s.a. will be tested by 2.5 million travelers who are flying to a memorial day destination. earlier at reagan national, security lines were moving along nicely. in chicago and charlotte, thousands of passengers there had to miss their flights and forced to sleep at the airport. t.s.a. is working on a solution. >> we are authorized to pay overtime to the officers. so again, we have more officers out there. again, it's a holiday weekend. a lot of people are traveling by air, by car. so you have to treat it like a holiday weekend. you need to get to the airport two hours before your flight. michelle: here is something you can do. it's handy. if you are flying this
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where you can see how long the wait currently is at your airport. time for a check of the traffic situation. a lot of drivers on the roads this afternoon. trenise bishop in the traffic center. how is it looking? >> folks are moving slowly in some part of the city. outside the capital beltway. if you are headed to the beach, eastbound now on 50, it looks like we have an accident on northbound 97 to slow your ride. if you are on the bridge span you are sitting trying to make your way to the plaza. very heavy volume leaving across the severn river bridge to the eastern shore. for folks who are closer to the d.c. area, the heavie delays on the southbound span of i-95 trying to make it from downtown d.c. in to fredericksburg. long delays. back to you. michelle: all right. thank you. hurricane season starts in less than a week. forecasters say this season will likely be an average one. in terms of the
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n.o.o.a. predicts four and eight atlantic hurricanes. between one and four predicted storms will turn into major hurricanes. >> resilience to hurricane can only be accomplished if you use the outlook to become better prepared for the hurricane season. and heed specific warnings and local orders from the emergency managers. michelle: noaa is hedging the bet about the hurricane season saying there is still 30% chance that this could be a very active season. you know, all it takes is just one to hit your area. it's a big deal. doug: absolutely! we have one storm we are watching and give you an update on from the hurricane center in a moment. lease jump into it. memorial day weekend underway. by the power vested in me by myself, i hereby declare it gone. let's get to it. talk about weather and sunshine. high clouds. fair weather clouds. we look live at the capital
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temperatures in the upper 80's to near 90. again today the thunderstorm activity over the higher terrain, west of interstate 81. we think it will stay there in that area for the rest of the evening. pretty long line here with high pressure offshore. acting to buffer this stuff away from us. i think we will be good to go. muggy. meanwhile in the atlantic ocean, high pressure in the future cast. steering the winds. more so out of the east. this is tomorrow afternoon. sunny and delightful here. it's very warm. but through the day on sunday, cloudiness increase. showers increase. the l represents a low pressure system that the hurricane hunters went through this afternoon. i appears that the hurricane center is going to designate that as a tropical depression and advance. put hurricane flags up along the south carolina coast. our moisture only a little bit related to it at the beginning. we have to wait to see what happens in the day on memorial day. we could get rain from that system as well. the weekend forecast, 87
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sunshine all day long. 80 degrees on sunday with increasing cloudiness. chance of showers and thunderstorms. 76 on memorial day. cooler with showers and storms as well. if you are going to the beaches, 74 tomorrow. sunshine. partly sunny. afternoon showers and storms, 70 for sunday. better chance of period of rain and 68 on monday. the water temperature are chilly. 53 to 58. in the metro area a beautiful day to be sitting by the swimming pool. speaking of which, that is where steve rudin is. at the oxon run center and the pool. steve: it's cooperating. the pool is quiet. you can look behind me. pan over to the left. the kids are getting ready. waiting for the mayor to arrive to officially open the pool for the season. d.c. has 18 outdoor pools. 24 sprinkler pools. a lot of kids are
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or. so look at the pool forecast as we head through the day tomorrow. tomorrow is the best of the three-day weekend. highs in the mid-to-upper 80's. good deal of sunshine with added clouds in the day. in the hour the mayor will be here to open the pool. don't know if she will jump in or not. i notice something is different this year. no diving boards. they're gone. the kids are sparkling clean. i wish i could jump in. back to the studio. michelle and doug. michelle: thank you. the water will be so cold and the kids don't care. doug: they just want to get wet. michelle: still ahead -- >> what is see you tomorrow, trebek? michelle: ahead why the "jeopardy" champ is dividing the internet. how much he is taken home in
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the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36-month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. michelle: "jeopardy"'s reigning champion dominated. cohen has taken home six figures on his run. he has also done a lot of showing up. ditching chances
4:26 pm
wins. something out of s.n.l. we have the antics that have the web divided. >> who is phillip ross? >> you are right. again. >> he won the $164,000 so far. nine-day champ. dividing the internet. love him or hate him for 200. some say smug. some say sexy. >> who is buzzy cohen? >> in final "jeopardy" he wages zero, prize money to goof around. >> see you tomorrow, trebek. >> has there been a more pungable agenda champion? looks like a kid i'd push in a locker. >> this is just me. my hair and my glasses. >> then there is this -- buzzy is my soulmate. i have never loved a way the way i love buzzy. >> there are people who sought me out and sent me
4:27 pm
>> saucy messages. >> things you can't say on tv. >> but this gary grant meets arthur the aardvark is sleek. >> who is you aren't rid of me, trebek? you will pursue the theme as long as you are the champ? >> are you arrogant and cocky? >> of course. >> just having a blast. >> who is one smart trebek once more? >> abc news, los angeles. michelle: certainly having fun out there. ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- it's got doctors across the world and now here in the united states. sounding alarms. the super bug that no medicine can turn back. that is coming up. jonathan: hundreds of thousands of riders descending on d.c. for rolling thunder. we'll tak
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jonathan: back live in fairfax. one of the staging area or rolling thunder. today is a few hundred riders in the parking lot of patriot harley davidson. there will be 10,000 riders from the parking lot. there are different areas around virginia and maryland. in the district. they will be mti
4:31 pm
for the ride over to the ememorial veet -- memorial and the vietnam wall. they want people on the route. there is usually a lot of people cheering them on. it goes a long way to see the people come out and recognize those who have given all for the country. that is how it got started in 1987. rolling thunder started to raising awareness for the m.i.a.'s and p.o.w.'s. every year they come back here and ride to the pentagon and the wall. today is an interesting weekend. president obama took his trip to japan. he was at hir rochema. one of the site -- hiroshima. suzanne kennedy at at is the world war ii memorial to get reaction to the president's trip to japan. suzanne: this will be a busy weekend here at the world war ii memorial.
4:32 pm
here will be about president obama's historic trip to japan. stirring debate for veterans. some of them were in town for a honor flight from utah and they had strong opinions about mr. obamas historic trip to japan. >> i think it's horrible. it's so out of place. it dishonors everything we have stood for. >> as long as he is not making an apology for what happened. that's fine. if he is not making apologies for it, i get that 100%. it had to be done. >> the two government acknowledge the controversial nature of the visit but they hope it will go a lon way to better relations between the two former enemies. suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: so many riders pulling in town. they are coming from all over the country. the r
4:33 pm
west, oregon, california, arizona, they are expected to come in late tonight and tomorrow. there are events planned all weekend long for the rolling thunder. tonight there is a candlelight vigil at fairfax high school which is nearby to remember all of those lost in the vietnam war. and those held prisoner after the war. a big component to this is the weather. all eyes for what will happen over the weekend. doug, that is where you come in. a lot of folks lean on you to have what we had today hold through for sunday night. doug: i wish we could do that. the best thing we can offer is beautiful day tomorrow. sunshine early on sunday but it will start to desteerate in the afternoon and the -- deteriorate in the afternoon and the everything. many community pools open. steve rudin is reporting from oxon hill pool over there. it's 87 in the afternoon. unless you have heaters in the pools i
4:34 pm
chilly. on the water of chesapeake bay, look for the southerly winds. 7 to 10 knots. water temperature is 63 to 68. specifically rolling thunder through the area. by the time we get to sunday it look like the temperatures will climb in the upper 70's to 80's. but after 1:00, the thunderstorms are possible. later in the day you get if more likely they will come. that will continue through the day on monday. that is the latest from here. michelle: thank you. stay with abc7 all weekend near or far. we're providing update on all platform. follow us on twitter, likes on facebook and download the app from the google play and the itune store. "7 on your side" in health matters. for doctors it's one of the worst fears ever. a powerful bacteria resistant to antibiotics. found in the u.s. for the first time. the drug used only in the last ditched effort in effective. lindsey davis has the health alert. reporter: it's what doctors dreaded for years.
4:35 pm
resistant that the toughest antibiotics can't kill it. it's almost here. the c.d.c. is sounding the alarm revealing a woman in pennsylvania has become infected with a bug this country has never seen before. >> the more relook at drug resistance the more concerned we are. >> overuse of antibiotics spread super bug, resistant strains. 2 million infections in 2013 alone. even worse, 23,000 of those infections are fatal. this is the first strain ever found to be resistant to the old drug of last resort rarely used because of the harsh side effects. >> the medicine cabinet is empty for some patients. it's the end of the road for antibiotics unless we act urgently. michelle: there are so many questions about this. joining me now is dr. william marooney to talk more about the super bug. thank you for joining us. first, how concerned should families be about this? >> it
4:36 pm
preventive measures. if you have to have procedures or work in these areas, hand hygiene is very important. contact precautions. not to touch people. we know contacted with contaminated skin, contaminated feces and equipment used in hospital that may not be properly decontaminated is how this can spread. we also encourage single rooms if you have to do anything in a hospital overnight. minimal invasive procedures. michelle: when it comes to the pennsylvania case, though, we don't know how it was contracted, right? dr. morrone: that is right. but what people have seen in the past is there has been some travel or some contact outside of the united states. obviously what this is, is evidence we have a carrier, domestic carrier making
4:37 pm
contact with this pennsylvania woman. make sure that people don't pay attention to urinary tract infections because they seem common. the pain that you get in this is flank pain. flank pain. kidney pain. terrible infections in the kidney. we need blood cultures to diagnose this. michelle: okay. dr. morrone, in a piece we just ran the reporter mentioned this is the first case in the united states. have there been cases similar to this outside the country? what can we learn from the other cases? dr. morrone: here is what we know and this is important from where it comes from. in 2015, we thought that medical tourists, people that leave their country to go to another country to get a special surgery, plastic surgery or
4:38 pm
that that is how it came around. that it came from medical tourists. the other thing we want to get across here is antibiotic stewardship. antibiotics are overwritten. a lot of times. we can see it with the narcotics and the pain medicine. they are overutilized. so what we need is proper stewardship in the management of this. michelle: all right. dr. morrone, thank you for your expertise. appreciate it. we have another alert for you. more than 3 million tommee tippee sippee spill-proof cups are being recalled because of the risk of mold. may borne usa says they received more than 3,000 reports of mold in the removable valve of the cup. the reports say children survived from diarrhea -- children suffered from die rearia, vomiting or other
4:39 pm
it involves five type of cup. contact mayborn to get a free replacement. we are a list and pictures of the cups on the website. head to but first, weekend track work. no orange line service at all. we will let you know what is replacing it and how to navigate the system after this. ♪
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michelle: we are following breaking news from poolesville, maryland. a car has run into a pole. there were reports of brush fires when the wires came down. keeping an eye there. don't see any flames at the moment. we will keep mon nowhering the picture. these are live pictures if news chopper 7. this is on darnstown road. no word on injuries. we have a traffic report in a few minutes. covering metro now this evening. get ready for significant changes with the weekend track work scheduled. here is the breakdown. starting saturday morning, silver line service relaces the orange line to new carrollton. stations west of east falls church are closed . vienna, west falls church. the bus service there only. there will be single tracking on the silver, blue, red and
4:43 pm
now important to note this is the last weekend of the rail service after midnight. safe track begins june 3. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a federal study finds a link between cell phones and cancer. but there is a difference for men and women. and a catch. the risk next. plus the takata air bag recall expands yet again. the millions of vehicles already recalled. just the tip of the iceberg. a live look at the harley davidson in fairfax. a nice night to be out there. perfect evening for those participating in the annual rolling thunder events. we'll be right back. check in with jonathan elias again coming up at 5:00.
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michelle: children, teens, adults becoming addicted to their cell phone. t.j. holmes has the tell-tale sign of addiction.
4:47 pm
minutes. can you make it 30 minutes without looking at your phone? >> i can do it. reporter: jason clark loves his smart phone. reporter: no surprise there. he is a 15-year-old. but he is so attached to it his family worries he might one day need therapy to get his phone habit under control. >> been on the phone how much time today? >> four hours. >> it's 3:00 in the afternoon. reporter: we asked jason to put an app on his phone to track his phone use. >> what was yesterday? >> yesterday, six hours. reporter: six hours? his mom tamika says there are days it has been eight or 12 hours. at home. at school. the library. >> the library with books. right? >> makes me feel bad. reporter: between social media, music, texting, gaming, the hours add up. cell phone addiction isn't officially designated as a clinical disorder like drug or alcohol addiction but dr. edward specter things it should be. he t
4:48 pm
for what he calls compulsive use of technology. >> they are bringing change in similar ways to real kemmical addicts. that sounds nuts. reporter: when does it go to being normal, acceptable teenage behavior to a problem that needs to be addressed? specter says don't focus on the hours. >> when we talk about compulsion, it's not the behavior. it's whether you have control over it. >> she worries that her son fits the definition. the compulsion is affecting other part of his life. as the smart phone use has gone up, his grades have gone down. and she noticed changes in his behavior. jason says there is nothing abnormal about his phone use and doesn't believe it has a major impact on other parts of his life. though he does admit he could probably stand to cut back. later. >> i'm about to end this interview. what is the first thing you will do? >> check my phone. michelle: now to a new study
4:49 pm
n.i.h. experts are already poking holes in the agency's new study that seems to link heavy cell phone radiation to a slight increase in brain tumors in male rats. they found tumors in 2-3% of male rats which the study authors called low. but the females weren't affected at all. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert and the takata air bag recall ballooning by 12 million more vehicles. eight auto makers joining in because the defective air bags explode with too much force. the canisters breaking apart and sending shrapnel to drivers and passengers as a massive planned expansion of the recall. with 35 to 40 million in total being added to what is already the largest auto recall in the world. this weekend is the unofficial start too summer. there is plenty to do. no excuses for being bored. kidd o'shea has the weekend kickoff. kidd: wel
4:50 pm
weekend. but if you are sticking around, there is tons you have to happening. begin with eric benoit. he has two shows tonight at bethesda blues and jazz. he was on "good morning washington" this morning and said he loves playing in d.c. a quick plug from my hometown of milwaukee, wisconsin. he was also born and raised there. if you want to keep cool this weekend, head indoors for a movie. "x-men: apocalypse" expected to be number one this weekend even with the mediocre reviews. it is expected to gross $80 million. "alice: through the looking glass" number two opening this weekend. national memorial day concert, an annual event on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol with performers by trace adkins, catharine mcphee and trent harmon. the national symphony orchestra and the beach boys among others. all takes place this weekend, the gates open at 5:00 p.m.
4:51 pm
it's free to attend. of course this weekend as we celebrate with family and friends enjoy cookout and take advantage of the megasales, let's not forget about the fallen heroes. i'm "good morning washington's" kidd o'shea. i hope you have a great weekend. >> we have been talking about this for quite some time now. look, the kids are in the water. this is such a great day, steve. you have been looking at the water wishing you could jump in. you got work to do. >> let me tell you i would love to jump in. it is beautiful out here. you can see the kids are enjoying themselves. the mayor, excuse me, moments ago jumped in. take a look at the video for yourself. we have the countdown five, four, three, two, one. then they all jump in and now they are enjoying the pool. they are 18 outdoor pools poolsn the district. something new, free for all
4:52 pm
tomorrow, sunday and monday open until noon till 6:00. open seven days a week next week. let's talk about the weather. storm the best of the pool days for the kids to enjoy. temperatures will be in the 80's. for those of you who may head to delmarva beaches look for a beautiful day tomorrow. with temperatures in the 70's. as we move in the sunday, monday range. clouds and a chance for a few showers. the mountains look good. the temperatures in the 80's. eventually 70's. moving to the end of the weekend. don't forget about the rolling thunder on sunday. temperatures will be in the 80's. good deal of sunshine to start today. if you have never seen rolling thunder, don't miss it! it is phenomenal. the seven-day outlook shows memorial day as the coolest day in town. with the temperatures that will be in the mid-al 70's -- middle 70's. a lot of folks enjoying themselves. this pool is ward eight in southeast d.c. across from ballou h
4:53 pm
fantastic time had by all. get a check on the rush hour commute. >> thank you, steve. sounds like perfect weather for the pool this evening. but not such perfect conditions on the roads if you make your way away from the district for the holiday weekend. the mass exit has begun. a lot of folks on the roads. we are looking here at an accident in bealsville. it's shut down due to what you are looking at here. between 109 and martinsburg road. you will find the road closed and find detour through the area. elsewhere if you are trying to make the ride home through the 270 corridor northbound. take you to 80. for folks on the beltway heavy on the outer loop trying to make it between maryland and virginia. still moving. but heavy due to earlier accident on the inner loop. back to you. michelle: thank you. financing your next big purchase. exactly what to look for in a contract so you don't understood up with a much bigger bill than the price tag of the actual
4:54 pm
at 5:00, a fire truck escort to a school for a special 6-year-old battling a very adult issue. the emotional pep rally for chloe williams straight ahead.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
john: can't afford the new refrigerator or living room set? no problem. most stores will let you
4:57 pm
the 90-day one year same as cash program. one man learn the down side. furniture and appliance stores love to advertise 90-day same as cash. three months to pay with no interest. but tim greg says watch out. >> it's very much a trap. >> he bought a new bed. agreed to pay $77 a month before the 90 days were up. he said he paid the bed off in full. but that was just the start of the problems. >> i got a call in february. saying i am late on the payment. i'm like what do you mean? i paid off my mattress. they are like well, did you get your certificate of ownership? i'm like no. i have to get a certificate of ownership? john: he got slammed with a high a.p.r. rate and almost $300 in back interest and fees. all because his account was still open and now delinquent. >> i paid it in full. but i did not close out my account. john: there is a caution here for anyone buying furniture with the 90-day same as
4:58 pm
look at the contract very carefully. which allows for high interest rate for just missing one of the rules. >> you have to contact us and call us after you make your last payment. >> in the end, his attempt to build up the credit this way may end up hurting it. a company spokesperson told us they would refund any money if anything was done incorrectly. but this is a lesson to all of us. be careful with same as cash. you could pay more in the end. don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight, a panhandler shot in the face with a b.b. gun and a favor charged. the con -- father charged. the confrontation and why the dad says it was justified. and the workers get to the bottom of the washington monument elevator trouble. surprise for chloe. >> make her happy and forget she is sick.
4:59 pm
aside her troubles if joust for one day. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: a panhandler on the streets of montgomery county shot in the face with a b.b. gun. michelle: but the driver who fired the weapon did it because he was afraid for his children's safety. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live in wheaton with the story you will see only on 7. kevin? kevin: well, michelle and leon, most of us have been stopped at a stoplight, idling next to a panhandler. some are meek. others are more assertive. in this case, the beggar with hod a bushy white beard walked up to the car and pretended to be santa claus. that jolly skit ended in a hurry. >> it was 4:00 p.m. at the corner of university boulevard west and georgia avenue. 25-year-old paul johnson, his wife and two young children were stopped at the busy intersection. when this panhandler approached the white chevy impala
5:00 pm
>> he was coming to the car. and try to reach in. kevin: johnson spoke to us through a cracked front door at silver spring apartment says the 62-year-old beggar was extra pushy. >> once he crossed that, i felt threatened. i warned him a couple of tiles. he didn't back up. kevin: what did you do then? >> i shot him once and he backed up. kevin: the shot from johnson's b.b. gun hit the panhandler in the face causing a bloody injury. >> he should be charged. kevin: maryland motorists like troy were happy to hear police arrested and charged johnson with assault. >> i don't understand why you are carrying a b.b. gun in your car anyway. like, who does that? >> was shooting him in the face extreme? was that too much? >> i wasn't aiming for his face. i was just, i just shot at him. >> he was reaching in. once e reached in, i don't know. i shot at him. once he backed up, that is when i put it down.


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