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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> he was coming to the car. and try to reach in. kevin: johnson spoke to us through a cracked front door at silver spring apartment says the 62-year-old beggar was extra pushy. >> once he crossed that, i felt threatened. i warned him a couple of tiles. he didn't back up. kevin: what did you do then? >> i shot him once and he backed up. kevin: the shot from johnson's b.b. gun hit the panhandler in the face causing a bloody injury. >> he should be charged. kevin: maryland motorists like troy were happy to hear police arrested and charged johnson with assault. >> i don't understand why you are carrying a b.b. gun in your car anyway. like, who does that? >> was shooting him in the face extreme? was that too much? >> i wasn't aiming for his face. i was just, i just shot at him. >> he was reaching in. once e reached in, i don't know. i shot at him. once he backed up, that is when i put it down.
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the cheek, the panhandleer managed to pull out a pack of cigarette from his pocket and used a pen to write down johnson license plate number. the police went to that house where they also found a tomahawk stashed. leon: thanks, kevin. rough evening commute today for folks taking commuter trains south from union station. a fire on the rail bridge between the district and virginia halted rail traffic for a while. the bridge is open and there will be delays. amtrak, v.r.e. and the freight trains are affected but metro is not by this one. no injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. michelle: we are going to a long holiday weekend. you may have motessed a familiar sound this time of year. it's rolling thunder time. jonathan elias has been out with the riders for the the past couple of hours and is live at a gathering spot in fairfax. how is it going out th
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when you hear a hog go by, deafening roar of one. but there will be 300,000 for the memorial day ride. they have been doing this since the late 1980's. they will have the riders staging at the pentagon. but they all get there at different staging point in the area. we're at the patriot harley davidson shop. this is in fairfax. you know, they will be in the neighborhood of 10,000 riders leaving from here heading to pentagon for sunday morning's ride. a couple of riders not normally a political thing. this started because they want to raise awareness of m.i.a. and p.o.w. from the vietnam war. this year i have seen shirts that said, "riders for trump." i asked one rider. i heard trump would be in town to address the riders. he said tomorrow at 3:00 he is hoping to be at the lincoln memorial but they are trying to iron it out with the secret service whether it's saturday or sunday. if you want to come out and support the riders, they encourage it. they love to see people waving, clapping a
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they will leave from the pentagon heading over to the vietnam war memorial. anywhere in between there you can stop by and you will see a show. 300,000 plus riders. live in fairfax, i'm jonathan elias, abc7 news. back to you. leon: all right. thanks. it's the exclamation point on commissioning week at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. three cheers for the class of 2016. then all the caps fly, as you see there. that never gets old. maryland bureau chief brad bell explains why today is unlike any prior graduation ceremony. brad: the united states naval academy commissioning ceremony is like any college graduation. like an aircraft carrier is like any other boat. from the deafening blue angels flyover to the words of the secretary of defense. the point is made, these young men and women now have a job to do. >> you take an oath to a life of service and sacrifice. brad: b
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diplomas they swear to defend the constitution of the united states. against all enemies. foreign and domestic. first, the new marine second lieutenants. and then the navy. each one of them you ask says he is ready. >> it has been four years. ready to get out on the fleet and serve. >> i feel like it was the best fit for me. take a challenge every day. >> the class features a celebrity. >> star navy quarterback keenan reynolds drafted by the baltimore ravens and given a release by active duty, the secretary of state of defense. for each of the 1,076 graduates it has been a challenging for years, working for this moment. they are officers now. after three cheers, ready to launch their midshipmen hats. >> hip, hip, hooray! brad: with that, the newly commissioned officers head out. th
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they will be navy seals. they will be infantry officers. all of them telling us they are ready to defend our country. in annapolis, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: how about that? brad showing skills there. we have to have him talk to the nats. beautiful day for graduation wasn't it? the sun continues to shine right now in the 5:00 hour. chief meteorologist doug hill with a look at how long the sunshine and the hot temperatures will stick around. doug: it will stay mighty warm tomorrow. then it will change noticeably on sundays and monday. right now sunshine. we are monitoring the showers and storms west of town. i want to take the opportunity for the latest on what we have been watching what the hurricane center is watching. they investigate the aircraft today. they believe that over the next 12 to 18 hours it will become a low-end tropical storm named bonnie. it slowly makes a trudge to the south carolina coast. notice that it is going to take till sunday afternoon to make landfall. a lot of rain. not particularly high winds. a lot of ra
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the week. at some point it will make a right-hand turn. indication showers starting to pop up. a few parts of the area for the next few hours. that is the latest. michelle? michelle: one week left until metro starts the safe track program. that means the entire system will close every night at midnight. this weekend there won't be service on the orange line. silver line operate between new carrollton and reston east. the i vienna and west fall church will be
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simons charged with first degree sex abuse, robbery and kidnapping. both attack happen on the red line. once they got off the train at the friendship heights station the victim said the man sexual assaulted her. later that day the police say simons robbed a second victim at the vanness metro stop but stop -- van ness metro stop. but arrested there. we are watching breaking news in poolesville. these are live pictures from news chopper 7. this is happening on darstown road and bealsville road if you know the area. this is a single vehicle accident. no one else has been hurt. there are power outages caused by the down pole. michelle: he is only 26 years old but a northern virginia man is now facing the possibility of decades in
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supporting isis. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg now has more on an indictment that authorities hope could lead to more information about the global terror network. >> 26-year-old, a cab driver from woodbridge accuse's of providing material support for isis in 2015, and 2016. following this indictment from a federal grand jury he could look at up to 48 years in prison. he pleaded guilty to one count of inspiring to support the terrorist group. he is accused to aid and abet the attempt to join isis by connecting him with another in
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every investigation like this is a jigsaw puzzle. you want to piece it together until you have the entire picture. >> details surface in the future in regard to the possible connections to isis. coming up at 6:00, we go to his mosque in woodbridge and find out what those who knew him think about his arrest. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: close call. an officer tried to clear a tree from road and what happens next to have him running for cover. michelle: plus, what is causing the elevator issues at the washington monument? chris papst went to the source to find out. leon: that is little chloe who had a fun day as the school and the community came together to rally around the fighter. she is batt
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>> we are not in ocean city. we are not in rehoboth beach. i'll tell you where we are coming up in the story on
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leon: we know the popular beaches and the long drivers to get to them. how about something closer? how about cheaper even? michelle: that sounds great. cheryl conner dodged the bay bridge traffic to find half dozen alternate spot to drop the beach blanket. you scored a great assignment today. leon: way to rub it in. cheryl: i know! i have had to pinch myself all day. look at this. we have our toes in the sand. we have been walking to the water. for memorial day weekend it's cold but it doesn't feel so bad out here. look at the dogs. they are having a great time out here. check out this beach. this is not a bad option if you want to skip the
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there is a turtle in the sand. dogs in the water. the people back in the sun enjoying one of the local beaches off the beaten path. >> i found out about it from a friend who lives in annapolis. cheryl: rebecca lives in alexandria. she drove about an hour to end up here at beverly beach park in edgewater. with her boyfriend and two dogs. you can say they are dodging ocean city. >> it's a hot mess. it's just, you know, so crowded. it's so dirty. cheryl: there are no swimming signs but beach lovers were playing in the chesapeake bay. there are kayakers. the big bolts in the distance. the high school seniors are dreaming about graduation day. >> being here is calmer. it's family-oriented. >> it's nice to come to a place that you worry about the crowds. cheryl: we did digging on the local beaches an hour from d.c. take a look. you may avoid the
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it's more likely to be your own slice of paradise. >> i want my friends to know about it so we can have doggie play deaths but -- play dateless but i don't want a lot of people to know about it because it will run the fun. cheryl: a helpful heads up from d.n.r. they tell us often times on holiday weekends, stat park like sandy point that is not too far from here will close to traffic as early as 9:00 or 10:00. the capacity is based on the parking. sat sandy point they have 10,000 spots. so if you plan on going, go early this weekend. we are live in edgewater, cheryl conner, abc7 news. leon: you are lucky it didn't rain today. have fun out there. cheryl: so lucky. leon: all right. now go from the breaches to the pools right now. steve rudin standing by in d.c. washington where d.c. mayor muriel bowser had an annual summer kickoff event. a
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steve: i could not resist not stepping in the pool. this is beautiful. a lot of folks are enjoying themselves. the pool opened up a half hour ago. thanks to the mayor. muriel bowser. she was here. we will show you what it looked like here when she decided she would jump in the pool. a lot of folks are surprised she did jump in. they had the countdown and then there you have it. everyone enjoying themselves. having a great, great time here. this pool was completely refurbished at oxon run here. this is the first time everyone is seeing this. it will be open tomorrow, sunday, monday from noon until 6:00 p.m. then it will open seven days a week starting a couple of weeks. the best news of all, something new. free to d.c. residents. they have 18 pools for the district that are outdoors. and something for everyone to enjoy. they have 11 indoor pools and 24 for the kids.
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d.c. sneak up here. come here for a second. are you having fun? >> yeah. steve: awesome. she is enjoying herself. out there smiling. that is a good thing. check on the full forecast and head back inside. chief meteorologist doug hill. doug: thank you. we kick off th weekend here. memorial day weekend. we have haze; clouds. very, very warm temperatures. as we head through the evening here. the latest numbers for you. coming in. still 91 in leesburg. 90 in manassas and fredericksburg. 8 is in annapolis. 85 in the city of washington. moisture level creeping up. so it's muggy. the combination is yielding showers and storms. most of the activity west of the metro area now. for the first pitch tonight at nats park at 7:05, again cardinals, the skies are partly cloudy. 84. we can't rule out isolated shower or thunderstorm in the imbah. we are seeing on dap lar radar, we have seen in the past couple of days. most showers and storms that are along and west of 81. some a
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and woodstock. heavy downpour and lightning. other areas that are trying to flare up over charles county. it's not out of the question. there could be isolated shower and rumble of thunder east of the mountain. that is where most of the activity is and where most will stay. if you didn't get in the pool today, tomorrow is a great day. plenty of sunshine. 87 degrees. muggy, too. good pool weather for sunday and memorial day. the weather may not be so cooperative. if you are heading to the beach, this is what we enjoy the beach weather. 74 and sunshine. partly sunny. 70 on sunday showers and storms in the afternoon. sunday as people wrap up the beach. skies turn cloudy with a chance of showers or highs in the upper 60's. on the chesapeake bay for memorial day. it looks good to me. water temperatures 63 to 68. no anticipation right now of a small craft advisory on the bay. any showers or storms could cause sudden increase in the wind speeds on the waters. temperatures mild enough showers and st
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especially sunday night and monday as well. if you are headed west of the mountains. west of 81, isolated showers around storms expected sunday. more likely sunday and monday. temperatures just a pinch cooler than they are in metro washington area. the probability of rain here. 70% on sunday. we may get morning sun. but moisture will be streaming in our direction. showers and the storms are likely in the afternoon and the everything. on memorial day. cloudy for the most part. 76 for a high. showers and storms. can't rule out storms on tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday should settle down to a very average temperatures. partly sunny skies. not bad. michelle: it looks good for a holiday weekend. good job. thank you. leon: thank you. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> i stepped on improvised explosion if device. it result -- improvised explosive device. it resulted in amputation of my right leg and thumb. >> the simple invitation
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saved that marine's life after stepping on the i.e.d. >> a maryland school kicking off a pep rally today in support of 6-year-old student battling cancer. i'm
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help.
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assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me michelle: a of-year-old battling brain cancer was all smiles heading to school. leon: but it
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ordinary day as the academy in suitland. amy aubert tells us that team chloe came out to tell brate chloe williams. amy: just like that, the star of the show arrived. >> chloe! chloe! chloe! >> this is above and beyond anything i could have expected for her. >> trying to make her happy wile she is having cancer so she can forget she is sick. amy: the entire school playing a part. to bring a smile to the 6-year-old they call a ray of sunshine. >> i need it would be today. >> banners fill the gymnasium and music and cheers echoing
5:24 pm
amy: she has been fighting her parents say since 2012. >> she walked into the room, you see the room light up. amy: today that room shined bright. the activity don't end today. the school is planning to plant a cherry blossom tree in this area in honor of chloe. >> ahereby appoint cleeland cheyenne williams -- chloe williams as fire chief for the day. amy: a fire chief that knows about smiling through the tough times. >> that is just here. like the sunshine. amy: amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: for more about chloe's story and how you can help the family go to our website. keyword "chloe." leon: i love the smile. a knew fighter. undergone three brain surgeries and three spinal surgeries ever since she was 3 years old. she has been through quite a
5:25 pm
with them and the family. hoping for the best. leon: good luck, chloe. michelle: still ahead for us, some firefighters were in the right place at the right time for an emotional rescue in prince george's county. members of the ber win heights fire e.m.s. station were speaking to kids. elementary school there. when a student noticed a baby bird fallen out of the nest. they watched them put on their glove, cradle bird and returned it to the nests. that got a lot of kids thinking maybe they want to be a firefighter when they grow up. leon: heads up. officers put their lives on the line not knowing what they will encounter. that is ahead. michelle: the problem getting to the top of washington monument from the man that runs the elevator
5:26 pm
his explanation for the recent closures and what it takes for a permanent fix. >> the third annual blessing of the bikes at the national cathedral is getting underway. the ceremony here. you can see hundreds gather for it. the start of the rolling thunder weekend. just ahead you will hear from
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announcer: you're wifing "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. doug: for viewers in shenandoah county, flash flood warning issued by the national weather service. it's in effect until 8:15 p.m. for southwestern frederick county, northeastern shenandoah county west of interstate 81. heavy rain is falling. additional two inches in a one-hour period in the region. strasburg, to wardenville. the regions that could rapidly cause the flash flooding. we are on top of it. we have more about this and the rest of the local weather in a few minutes. leon: thanks, doug. this memorial day weekend is a busy one at the
5:30 pm
the national park service hoping that the elevator in the washington monument will hold out. michelle: "7 on your side" investigation learned in the past 12 months the elevator malfunctioned 20 times leading to the monument closure. and leaving wondering what is going on. leon: a lot of folks stuck, too. government investigator chris papst went to find out. chris: some of the 20 closures when the tickets were not available were minor and didn't make the news. but in the investigation we found the washington monument is now closing every couple of weeks because of elevator. and the man who maintains and repairs that elevator tells "7 on your side" in his first media interview it needs to be replaceed. >> washington, d.c. is a city of symbols. none stand as tall as the washington monument. every year millions gather to view it. take a picture. go to the top. over the past year many of the trips never happened. as the monumented only elevator keeps brei
5:31 pm
vegas. you can't go up the monument? >> no. >> i probably won't be back in a while. disappointing. chris: what is the problem? why does it keep breaking? for 25 years the monument elevator has been maintained by jim schneider. his company has contracted white house, state department, federal reserve. and many others. >> not many elevators are constraint loaded all the time that they run. i see this elevator being replaced soon. >> in his first media interview, schneider told "7 on your side" the elevator's problems are likely a combination of age and the 2011 earthquake. for two and a half years the elevator didn't run. monument was being repaired. meanwhile cracks allowed moisture inside. which corroded the electronics.
5:32 pm
frustrating. >> the i-team did digging. in year leading up to the earthquake the washington monument closed 11 times due to the elevator. most outages lasted five hours. it's closed 20 times for days or a week. close the monument for six months. >> the job is to keep the riding public safety and reduce inconvenience as much as we can. >> the previous elevator lasted 30 years. the one currently in there started to run 15 years ago. the national park service is leaving the elevator company to get a second opinion on what could be done. southwest d.c., chris papst, abc7 news. michelle: president obama headed back to d.c. after
5:33 pm
asia that ended with a visit to hiroshima. they laid a wreath this morning at the hiroshima peace memorial. it's the only structure left standing from the world's first nuclear attack. president obama met with the survivors of the attack and made a case for ridding the world of nuclear weapons. leon: as we told you earlier rolling thunder riders rolled into town for the holiday weekend. tonight they will get a special bit of attention for themselves. roz plater is live for the blessing of the bikes. tell us about that. >> i am going to be quiet. the sacred prayer going on now. the blessing of the bikes will begin. after that we are told there will be a special salute that is a
5:34 pm
it will ring six times. it usually brings out a couple hundred veteran, family and friends to kick off the rolling thunder weekend. for many of the bikers this is about getting the weekend off to a very safe start. safe here and safe home. it's the third year for the ceremony. part of the national cathedral veteran initiative. they are seeking to recognize and pay tribute to veterans to offer secret space for spiritual healing for them and to educate the civilian public about the challenges that veterans and their families face when they return home. we found a lot of folks in this crowd who are here representing their sons and daughters who are currently active duty military. >> he is in 13 years now. i look forward for the day he can retire and come join me for the rally. roz: he is not alone. t
5:35 pm
annual rolling thunder weekend. thousands more veterans will be here on motorcycles over the next three days or so. this isn't the only event of today. tonight at 9:00, there will be a vigil at the vietnam veterans memorial. we will be there to bring back for you as well. for now live at the national cathedral, roz roz plater, abc7 news. leon: we are hearing that donald trump may address the rolling thunder crowd sunday afternoon. we'll have coverage of that if it happens. >> but before he comes to d.c. this weekend, protesters greeted mr. trump at his latest campaign stop. still ahead, what the protesters were focused on. jonathan: tonight a young marine lucky to be alive but luckier still he met fellow veterans a changed everything for him. we have his story coming up. >> plaque missing in the john wilson building of world war ii shet has been found and is going to be
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steve: i'm steve rudin live in southeast d.c. the pool is closed now but it will reopen tomorrow. if you are close in the d.c. area it looks amazing. tomorrow's high temperature around 785 degrees. good deal of sunshine. if your travel plans take you to the mountain, cooler come sunday and monday. with the highs in the 70's. your delmarva beach forecast shows the temperatures beautiful tomorrow. then cooldown from added clouds and showers for the day on monday. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:
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jonathan: tonight the story of a young marine. lance corporal. thiss. one minute he was in afghanistan and the next his life was almost taken from him. he crossed paths with veterans to show him he could do things he never thought he could. >> out of high school he
5:40 pm
>> 2010 was one of the bloodiest years in afghanistan. >> then his life changed. >> i stepped on i.e.d. resulted in amputation of my right leg and right thumb. >> two years of rehab and he was left wondering what he'd do with his life battling ptsd and depression. it treading water. >> simple invitation changed everything. >> the air show came to his hometown. the pilots were there not just to entertain. they were there save him. >> a month out of walter reed. >> pat owns the jet. flies it. use us it to recruit veterans. the air aims to steer veterans to a life of
5:41 pm
>> the cool guys with a cool airplane. they take a wounded marine out for a wide. i was awesome. >> ill was more than that. they gave him a scholarship to get the pilot license. studied hard and got both. >> he is extremely self-motivated. credit has to go to him. jonathan: he may be missing a leg and a thumb but he found his future. career doing what he loves. >> one thing i would like to say to other combat veterans going through a tough time keep pushing through the pain. we are brothers and we are here for you.
5:42 pm
>> now he can be a mechanic. in the interview he said i don't want to be millionaire. i want a small piece of property. i want a family. now he has a good job. he is moving to tennessee because he found a woman, a girlfriend. it's all going his way. we thank him for his service and sacrifice. if you know someone to salute at abc7. let me know. live in fairfax, i'm jonathan elias. back to you. >> we can tell. it will get louder. >> the officer didn't expect what came next. >> all she wanted was to clean up the quality of the air in her house. but ended up with her pocket book cleaned out. she called "7 on
5:43 pm
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leon: caught on camera. police officer narrowly escaping being hit by a falling tree. this happened this morning in northern new jersey. dash cam veo
5:46 pm
officer attempted to move a big branch blocking the road. as he does that the rest of the tree begins to fall. he is still here to tell the tale. leon: horace holmes explain what is to know if you invest in hard earned money for coupons for the cleaning service. >> that is not good. she feels like she has been cheated. >> she tried to cash in on a coupon to get the air ducts cleaned. >> smart phone. he made motion. >> that turned into a bill for more than $1,000. because when the technology came to -- technician to look at the duct, he told
5:47 pm
>> to, my goodness. you have a mold in here. >> wait. we have heard it before. >> there's mold. >> this is victor. we featured him in the "7 on your side" duct cleaning investigation. that happened earlier this month. he was attracted by an $89 coupon. they said there was mold and charged him. >> it's buyer beware situation. >> justin and his partner michael. >> this is the filter on the vent. this is filthy. >> they are two of the good guys who own and operate crystal clean doesn't. they contacted us after seeing the air duct investigation because they want people to know that they need to get the ducts clean. >> indoor air. 70 times more polluted than the outdoor air. and warn about trick of the trade. >> for $389 there is no way you can clean a house the way it needs to be cleaned for the indoor air quality
5:48 pm
>> she wish she knew this before she got sucked in to an expensive mistake. >> i didn't tell my husband what it cost. charged $89. i couldn't tell him. it's money we need. horace: ouch. she told him when we showed up. >> she contacted the cleaning company. contracted with the company who said they have received no complaint from mrs. ward. we're trying to get them together. call us if you have a story for "7 on your side." >> hopefully they will work something out. >> i hope the day she told him wasn't his birthday, too. that would have been messed up. check to se
5:49 pm
how does traffic look? >> we are seeing delays for the folks. if you headed to the beach. watch for the slowdown. the delays from 450 leaving anne arundel county. to vandale drive. it's getting much better and you can see your way to the eastern shore. not much of an issue there. outside of that we have a problem for the folks traveling northbound on 95 through virginia. it is approaching the prince william county parkway through dumfries. slow due to an accident is that is blocking three lanes. for folks on the 270 corridor you're slow from germantown to 109 in hyattsville. escape folks trying to get through georgetown and to frederick. westbound 66 also slowing due to accident blocking the right lane. back to you. michelle: thank you. leon: hope the weather will hold out. michelle: yeah. today was great. fe
5:50 pm
leon: that is for sure. humidity is coming back. doug: more humid. still looking like tomorrow is the best outdoor weather day of the three-day weekend. let's get started. live look at the national harbor. you can see the serve off the water of the potomac. it's 80's. we drop to lower 80's after sunset. good to go for the first pitch at the national park at 7:05. 842 and partly sunny skies. can't rule out thunderstorm this everything. update now. flash flood warning in effect for southwestern frederick county virginia. northeastern shenandoah county. watch for the flash flooding. heavy rain reported in that area. close up to show the area from the woodstock to strasburg getting the heaviest now. the main area of the rain will for the meantime stay well west along the mountains. the future cast shows a pushing of southeasterly winds from the atlantic ocean into our area during the day tomorrow. partly sunny. we could see isolated thunderstorms i
5:51 pm
tomorrow. saturday clouds will increase. shower and thunderstorms developing. that is the latest. back to you. michelle: thank you so much. leon: robert burton checking in with the rising stars. >> it's very cool. one more of the many riding stars in the d.m.v. roller coaster. that is how bishop senior describes the past year. press top had a big plan to do big things in soccer until the life changed forever. this week's rising star scott abraham takes us to bishop high school. in alexandria. >> preston
5:52 pm
playing division i soccer. >> college soccer. yeah, that seemed like it would happen. >> last may, he was a junior and he collapsed after club soccer tryout. >> i laid there for a second. i woke up and there are people like coming at me. dude you passed out. scott: at 16 years old he had heart problems and he was diagnosed with a.r.v.d., a genetic disease affecting the heart's ability to pump blood. >> no more soccer. he was like yes. that would be the case. scott: when one door closes another opens. preston told me he felt sorry for himself for 20 minutes. he is the type of person that always has to stay active. he quickly grav stated to the game of soft -- gravitated to the game of golf. >> it seemed interesting. i hadn't tried it before. >> preston is a seven to a ten handicap. >> i told his dad take a year off from going o
5:53 pm
play golf all year. he might get a scholarship offer. >> there is something else to throw yourself into and love as much. >> passion for life and sports. scott abraham, abc7 sports. robert: if you would like to submit high school athlete for rising star series, remail you like to swing. leon: he has potential. michelle: we could learn a lot from him. i could. i have never seen you play. robert: i could. i'm with you. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36-month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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leon: vote 2016 taking place in california. another trump rally and set of protests. this time they gathered outside a trump rally in fresno. they held signs with the slogans like dump trump and no hate in my state. there within 200 protesters. democratic front runner hillary clinton was in
5:57 pm
to participate in community discussion to break barriers and increasing opportunity. maureen: trump started to waiver and saying he would debate whoever is the first place finisher. it may still be a reality, though. the the bait on the debate is having an effect on the race. >> these two long said they would love to debate each other the next pairing could be these two. donald trump and bernie sanders. >> the goal is in a big stadium. >> leaving out the front runner. >> i understood it was a joke. >> but many believe it wouldn't comedy coming to life. >> i don't think he will make it to the
5:58 pm
>> id would dramatize that she is week. the party is divided and she want beat bernie sanders. >> and it may be more than two hours of bashing clinton. >> she was the most overwhelming favorite of any non-income bent ever. >> it would be positive for sanders. it will continue with trump at the steering wheel. >> i could imagine trump saying let's debate once a week. >> will it happen? sanders
5:59 pm
won't chicken out. trump says they would have to donate profit to charity. it's hardly a done deal. michelle: right now at 6:00 -- >> northern virginia cab driver indicted on terrorism charges. how the arrest and the others like it fid in the big picture in the fight against terror. >> ready to roll. thousands of motorcycles roll in for a memorial day weekend tradition. >> the plot thickens. the d.c. council hopes that you can solve the mystery of the missing piece inside the wilson building. maureen: the federal prosecutors said he wanted to
6:00 pm
northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg spent the day getting answers. >> the federal indictment handed down yesterday targets one man. el hassan. but the criminal investigation is deeper. >> the most important part is identifying many people as possible. >> brad is a terrorism analyst and former f.b.i. agent and says the arrest of someone like him could open the door to future arrest. >> the people involved have a piece of the action. they don't know the big picture. they may have the information attached to them that will take you to somebody up the chain. >> according to investigators, the 26-year-old cab driver from woodbridge worked with 28-year-old owe receive farouk also of woodbridge. he drove to help him fly


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