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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  May 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning america, breaking overnight. in the grasps of a gorilla. a terrifying scene. >> mommy's right here. >> a little boy falls in front of this massive 400-pound silverback at the zoo. >> fallen into a gorilla cage. >> officials taking action. >> tough choice and the right choice. >> the little boy with non-life threatening injuries. the new concerns about safety this morning. rising waters, homeowners forced to flee, taking what they can. >> i didn't know it was going to come up this fast. >> record rain sending rivers over their banks swallowing entire neighborhoods. the round the clock rescues while tropical storm bonnie barrels towards the east coast. will your memorial day plans be a washout?
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terrifying tumble. lock at this, a man tumbles 70 feet down a water fall. injured, but somehow survived an incredible ordeal. >> god, i just want to live. >> he's now telling his story to gma. >> buckle up, it is time for the indy 500. racers revved up. the driver hoping to keep a family legacy alive. >> it's only right an andretti wins. >> will he take the second flag? live from abc news in new york, this is "good morning america." hey, good morning, happy to have cecelia vega in for paul this morning. a morning where people along the east coast are watching their memorial day plan goes pear-shaped. you're looking at a live shot in folly beach, south carolina. where tropical storm bonnie is expected to hit within hours and our rob is tracking the storm, he'll have much
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coming up. >> rough surf there, but we start with the pictures that are absolutely terrifying. the heart-stopping moment when a four-year-old boy tumbles into a zoos gorilla enclosure and comes face to face with a 400-pound silverback. >> as hard as this is to watch, especially for parents, we to want emphasize this this boy survived. he is in the hospital this morning. he's in serious condition, the gorilla did not survive. the zoo keeper shot him. a controversial call they are defending this morning. we have to warn you, much of the imagery may be disturbing. having said that, here's marcie gonzalez at the zoo with more, good morning to you. >> reporter: guys, good morning, what a horrifying scene. people watching and screaming for help as that boy spent ten long minutes trapped in that enclosure. [ screaming ] this morning, new video obtained by abc news capturing a toddler's screams the moment he comes face to face with a giant gorilla. >> a child has fallen into the
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gorilla cage. >> reporter: zoo officials say the four-year-old, now recovering in a hospital, crawled into the gorilla world exhibit. onlookers terrified. the boy's mother calling for him as the gorilla crouches over the boy. >> mommy's right here. >> reporter: then the 400-pound primate races away, dragging the child through the mote. >> he was being dragged by the gorilla and took him to one end of the habitat and the boy screams. >> reporter: a 17-year-old silverback shot and killed by zoo keepers to rescue the boy. >> the decision was not made lightly. they are very endangered animals. there aren't have many in captivity. but it has the proper ending. >> reporter: this morning officials are looking into how the little boy made it into the enclosure. somehow getting under a railing, through wires and bushes. falling more than ten feet. >> we have rescued the child. >> reporter: now the zoo mourning the death along with critics. many who question the use of lethal force.
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over a tranquilizer. the park officials say the encounter could have been much worse. >> we made a tough choice and the right choice because they saved that little boy's life, it could have been very bad. >> reporter: incredibly we're told the boy was conscious when he left here for the hospital. a spokesperson says the injuries are serious, but not life-threatening. and the the zoo will be back open today, but the gorilla exhibit will be closed as officials here investigate. dan. >> marcie, thank you. so happy to hear the boy is -- his injuries not life-threatening. moments ago, i spoke about this the animal trainer dave salmoni who trains us from toronto. dave, thanks for joining us. knowing what you know about gorillas, how much danger was that little boy in? >> i would say it's easy to suggest, this is life threatening danger, in a captive environment, you never know exactly how an animal's going to react to something like this, and typically a silverback gorilla can be nervous of
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something new, a child entering the enclosure, or react aggressively. it's the aggression you have to worry about. >> did you agree that zoo officials made the right choice by killing the gorilla? some are arguing that they should have tranquilized the animal. >> i wouldn't second guess them not being there. in almost every case, there's a protocol where there's an animal person watching the situation. whether they would have a lethal action on the right hand and non lethal tranquilizer on the left hand, and they will be able to make that call. >> what is this kind of moment like for somebody who works at zoo? i have to imagine, this is the worst nightmare. >> absolutely, perfect description, worst nightmare. these are the things you train for and these guys were trained for that. you hope to never be put in the situation because you obviously care about the life of the human being, but you care about the gorilla's life almost as much as, if not as much.
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>> that's an emotionally fridayed moment, i'm sure. the fact that child was able to get into that enclosure. what does that safety about the zoos where we all take our kids? >> you always think there is some responsibility that says you have to abide by our barriers. you can only put a fence in, you can only do so much to keep someone safe, and then that person has to also take some responsibility for their own safety. >> you said a moment ago something that this is true, this was not the gorilla's nult, some animal advocates are going to see the story and ask, should we even be keeping animals in zoos anymore? >> it's a really tough question because absolutely in a perfect world, there would be no animals in zoos. and i think everyone agrees to that. i think the problem is we do have animals in captivity, and those animals need to be cared for. >> dave salmoni, we appreciate your analysis on this story. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> such a tough story to
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happen too. thank you, dan. we want to turn to the dangerous weather this holiday weekend, deadly flooding in parts of the plains, rivers cresting, swamping entire neighborhoods, homeowners ordered to get out. abc's phillip mena is in spring, texas, with the latest on the evacuations and the rescues. phillip, good morning. >> reporter: cecelia, good morning, i am right off of interstate 45, that is a main highway between dallas and houston. this sign is about 12 feet high, look at the sign just down the street, you can get an idea of how submerged these roads are. this morning, mandatory evacuations near houston. >> look at that water flowing. >> reporter: residents being ordered to leave their submerged homes as the threat of rising waters from the near by brazos river becomes more real each minute. >> i thought we were going to be safe. i didn't know it was going to come up this fast.
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historic storms has left at least five dead. dumping almost 20 inches of rain in 48 hours. the river predicted to crest over 53 feet. and unleash more havoc on quickly disappearing streets and homes already underwater. >> i've been here 20 years. i've never been under a flood yet. this is the worst i've southeastern. >> reporter: the worst of the storms may have passed, but rescue crews have been out in force around the clock. river rafts pulling this family to safety from their sunken home. while a pickup barrels through water-logged roads is to aid this man. in wichita, the search for an 11-year-old boy will resume this morning. he's been missing since friday after being swept away in a swollen creek. the boy, among four others still missing in storms across texas and kansas. all of of this water you see here is headed south, and that's going to lead to record flooding in towns south of houston for the next several days. dan, cecelia. >> okay phillip, thank you. and rob is tracking thatea
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hey rob, good morning. >> good morning, cecelia, we have four major rivers that are still at flood stage and rising. also west of houston, flash flooding happening there, but that's beginning to dry out. we're looking at another two to four inches potentially as the dry line fires up later on today, but southeast texas does look to be dry. another story on the southeast coast, this is a tropical storm bonnie, barely a trorp call storm, this is becoming less relevant as it has makes its way on shore. rain-maker. three to four inches of rainfall here, and this will drift off the east coast as we go through the memorial day holiday. we'll talk about the timing for a lot of people eager to hear that. rob, thank you. we are right there in folly beach, south carolina, eva, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, dan, we're still waiting on bonnie to arrive here at folly beach. you can see, there is some rain right now, light wind, we have had heavy downpours for periods of about five or ten minutes or so this morning.
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that's one of the major concerns with bonnie, are there heavy downpours? she's moving so slowly and sits in the same area. that's where you'll see those isolated risks for flooding. look at the video we saw yesterday of those outer bands pushing in, really worsened conditions at the beach. dangerous waves, lifeguards keeping a close eye. they were pushed off the beach by the rains. the other major issue for people as they head to the beach all up and down the southeastern coast, and invisible threat. rip currents. life guards really giving people a warning about those rip currents this weekend, dan, cecelia. >> a lot of people rethinking those beach plans. eva, thank you. we want to turn to politics now this memorial day weekend. donald trump on the campaign trail today trying to woo veterans in his bid for the white house and now coming under fire for his past comments. a highly decorated person wants an apology. dan dwyer is covering it all, hey devin, good morning.
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sel seal ya. donald trump will be in washington for rolling thunder's motorcycle ride for veterans. he'll give a speech at the lincoln memorial as bob dole the former veteran and senator calls on trump to aapologize for anyone he's offended. >> i love our vets, where are our vets? >> reporter: this morning donald trump headlines an event honoring americans missing in action and prisoners of war. >> i like people that weren't captured. >> reporter: his past comments about pow john mccain faced criticism. this time for bob dole, the only former republican nominee endorsing trump. >> i'm going to try to get trump to issue an apology. >> reporter: on twitter overnight, no apologies from trump who's blasting the media for quoting staffers on his campaign, trump tweeted, the only quote that matters is a quote from me. one trump quote creating controversy. >> is there a drought now? no, we have plenty of
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california is in a historic drought. state water officials says the last four years, the driest period on record. meanwhile bernie sanders begging trump to reconsider a debate. >> if you have any guts, come on down and let's debate. >> reporter: now the hash tash chicken trump went viral. this morning on abc's this week, top democrat diane feinstein of california is calling sanders to back out of the race. >> we'll talk about that many other things with chief white house correspondent john carl who's getting ready to host "this week" later this morning. hey john, let's start over the veterans. do you think trump is going to apologize for his comments about john mccain and will it matter anyway? >> no and no, dan. donald trump's not one who's very big on apologies. although in fact, if you look back a few weeks ago, he did say that he does think that john mccain is a hero, he thinks he is a good guy, but in that very same interview, literally in the next sentence, hsa
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regrets about what he said about donald trump, i mean about john mccain. he noted that after he said it, his poll numbers went up. >> and john, devin mentioned that those comments from diane feinstein the california senator who basically called on bernie sanders to drop out. we have that sound, let's take a listen. >> able to read the sign posts as well as anybody else. if he did that, he would know that it's all been over. >> okay. you were there talking to her, is she basically saying what the clinton campaign can't say themselves? >> absolutely. and cecelia, you know this as well as anybody, they really fear that sanders is doing damage to hillary clinton. let's look what's happening in california, the most recent poll tied, and suddenly hillary clinton's campaign is forced to spend money, a lot of money, six figures, on advertising in the california democratic primary. that is not where they want to be
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>> she's got a two-front battle right now, sanders and trump. and the "new york times" has a front page story saying clinton is struggling to find her footing in the race against trump. early on her campaign seemed giddy to be running against donald trump, but now some are worried that she's not fighting back hard enough. do you think they're right to be nervous, do you think? >> they are certainly right to be nervous, dan. if you look on all the traditional metrics, you would think hillary clinton is the overwhelming front runner in the fall campaign, demographics are on her side, trump has incredibly high negatives, but he is such an unpredictable candidate that who knows what's going to happen in this fall campaign. all right. right to be nervous john, thank you. i want to remind everybody, we have a big show this morning, later this morning, john one on one one with the campaign chair. that's coming up on this week, right here on abc. john, thanks again. a lot of news, let's go over to dr. rod clayborn. >> good morning to you, good
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morning, everyone, we begin with new allegations, revelations really of russian olympic athletes using performance-enhancing drugs. russia's olympic committee says that eight of its athletes who competed in the london olympics in 2012 have failed doping retests which could lead to suspensions from this summer's rio games. last year's russia track and field suspended after a commission found widespread state-sponsored doping. dangerous lightning strikes in france and germany injuring dozens, parents and children. children were huddling under a tree when they were struck. eight children and three adults were injured there. one of the children is seriously hurt. germany, 35 people rushed to the hospital after lightning struck a children's soccer game. three of the adults with serious injuries. an atlanta, police officer was shot and wounded during a traffic shot they a
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shot that struck him in the face. he was walking toward that vehicle. the suspect is charged with aggravated assault on a police officer. the deputy was rushed to the hospital where he is recovering. and police in dallas are investigating the shooting death of 23-year-old the new orleans pelicans guard bryce dejean-jones. he barged into an apartment and was shot by the man who lived there. he was sleeping inside. police say that jones mistakingly thought he was entering his girlfriend's home after being locked out. he was in dallas to celebrate his daughter's first birthday. and crews working for 15 hours yesterday, fished out the wreckage of the world war ii era aircraft. that crashed into hudson river here in new york city on friday night. you can see the video of that there. divers already recovered the body of the pilot, 66-year-old wpm gordon. friends and colleagues of gordon honoring the pilot on saturday after flying over long island in a missing band formation. finally, don't normally see pro-skate border tony hawk
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gravity, this is what you get. hawk and fellow skater aaron jaws having some fun and a lot of difficulty in a 0-7 plane where they attempted some weightless tricks. that plane flying in to check out this video, they are laughing their heads off having a great time skate boarding. >> looks like they hurt themselves. >> yeah, check out this video by the way, they are laughing their heads off having a great time. skate boarding. >> i was assured after junior high that i would never be confronted with the parabola again. >> that may be the answer on your show. >> use that on your new show. >> thanks for promoting that show, i appreciate that. >> dan harris, folks. don't touch that dial. >> geniuses. >> yeah. we have differentiate between the two, there's a big difference. speaking of geniuses, what's cooking in the weather department? >> nice plug for me. parabola, no. >> anything to do your dancing in the show. >> horrible. >> i show you this lightning out of west texas yesterday,
8:18 am
ron mentioned the dangerous part of this as folks got hurt in france, remember that lightning is lazy. it goes after the easiest target, it is not attracted to metal. if you're out there, this is a funnel that touched down there as well. just get low and get away from there. we have a dry line. more storms are going to fire in the same area. not a terrible risk for tornados, certainly large hail and damages winds across lubbock, beware of that. the big story is tropical storm bonnie. this yellow, this is the moisture content in the atmosphere. how much rain can come down or forced out? there'll be some forcing with the front that comes through later on, your holiday weekend, but also some forcing with the low right now and we could see flooding. we're already seeing that north and west of charleston where they had flooding last year from hurricane season. and look at all this rain, right up the i-95 corridor. tomorrow doesn't looking to the
8:19 am
best day for services or your outdoor plans and in between that and the west coast, we look good. we'r indy 500 happening today. weather looks all right. i think. threat of thunderstorms will hold off until midway through. >> possible precipitable content. >> yes, maybe some lightning, so get low. lightning is lazy. >> next weekd
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our lightning is lazy t-shirts. thank you for that. quotable. now to the speech that stole the show on graduation day at harvard. >> some are calling it one of the most powerful graduation speeches ever. the story is going viral, this speech. >> reporter: beyond viral and when you say some are calling it powerful, harvard officials are calling it one of the most powerful and heart-felt speeches that you will ever hear. jonathan livingston speaking to his fellow students and staff using spoken word poetry to address racial inequalities and inspire his graduates class of future educators to lift off. >> class of 2016, this is your address, and this is your day. >> reporter: he's the graduation speaker skyrocketing to fame. >> our the stories are the loudest and make it easier to touch the star, so climb. >> reporter: for his school of education speech, j
8:21 am
livingston says he turned to spoken word style poetry to special circumstance up the audience and inspire them as well. the north carolina complication performance soaring on social media with over 89348 views and at least 200,000 shares. >> wake up, every child so they know of their potential, i've been at the black hole in a classroom for far too long, absorbing everything without allowing my life to escape, those days are done. i belong among the stars, and so do you. >> reporter: the poem lift-off even touching celebrities and presidential hopefuls. hillary clinton posting, it's young graduates like you who make it clear america's best days are still ahead. and justin timberlake sharing, you don't feel inspired, here you go. >> it's quite a humbling experience, any time a presidential candidate who likes what you're doing. i had no idea it would turn into something like this. together, we can inspire galaxies of greatness for generations to come. so no, no, sky is not the limit. it is only the beginning. lift off.
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>> reporter: in his speech he credits his seventh grade teacher for encouraging his poetry. and he will be going to the university of north carolina in the fall. >> what a great speech. coming up here on gma, terrifying video, man plunging down a water fall and hitting the rocks on the way down. how did he survive? what he's telling thus morning. plus revving are up for the big day, it's indy 500. keep it here on abc, we've got it for you today. "good morning america" is brought to you by walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. of course you go all out for date night... ♪ ...even if you're just staying in. ♪ walgreens has all the beauty products you need for whatever makes you feel beautiful. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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>> brian: this is a shot from ocean city, you can see this and over the board. they have some fog, 67th. we are seeing some sunshine, and we are fairly mild. 72 in leesburg,
8:28 am
downtown, 68 in fredericksburg. have sunshine early, clouds will be moving in from south to north into the afternoon, those clouds will again, eventually rain. fine, midans are afternoon, showers and far southern maryland through portions of southern virginia. probably not till after 5:00 or 6:00 in the metro area, we see scattered showers. late tonight into tomorrow morning, heavy pockets of rain possible as bonnie churns up the coast of the south and east. a wet start, but
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to gma, dangerous weather in much of the country this memorial day weekend. record rains and the desperate search for a young boy in kansas, washed away by the fast-moving flood waters. this as tropical storm bonnie now makes its way towards south carolina. golden state warriors are still in it. steph curry and clay thompson working hard to force a game seven in the western conference finals where the wild fourth quarter comeback over the oklahoma city thunder. important milestone for nasa, first expandable habitat for astronauts is fully inflated. it took astronauts on the international space station more than seven hours to get the beam up to full size. they'll spend the rest of the week testing for leaks. that sounds important. >> no easy feat. also coming up on the show, gearing up for the greatest show in racing. the in
8:31 am
lindsey takes a ride, lucky one there with racing legend mario andretti who is hoping his grandson did take the checkered flag this year. >> 200 miles an hour, lindsey liked it. i'm glad she got the assignment. first here, incredible story of survival. >> if this video did not exist, you wouldn't believe the story. it was all caught on camera by a photographer who just happened to be in the area. the man falling 70 feet down three water falls. we are joined now with more, lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, cecelia, josh reicher saying this was a simple day visiting these water falls with his wife. he saw a boulder out in the water and thought it looked cool to go out. he'd seen another guy do it. what happened next, nearly killing him. a terrifying moment, caught on tape. [ screaming ] >> there he went. >> reporter: watch as the 30-year-old is sent tumbling down the first of three rapidly rushing
8:32 am
>> where'd he go? >> reporter: this newly released video shows him moments before the fall climbing out to the to the middle of the rapid, testing the water to see if he could get back to shore. but then, he loses his footing and goes over the fall. plummeting 70 feet in all. a witness catching the whole thing on video. >> there goes his shoe. >> reporter: the wife heard screaming for help as her husband falls nearly seven stories. >> i couldn't believe my eyes. i was just shouting that my husband is gone. he's gone. >> reporter: but reicher didn't die. he survived. going down the rapids with shattered bones in his feet and nearly drowning. he was somehow able to get to the side of the river. >> i thought god, i just to want leave. you know, if anything, i just need to start swimming right now. >> reporter: his swim to shore, just the beginning of a nine and a half hour rescue. responders beginning at about 5:30 in the evening.
8:33 am
descended down with medical supplies, wrapping him up to keep him warm and pulling him up the ravine. >> we expected it to be a lot worse. hand to god right there. >> reporter: this morning, he is recovering and thankful. >> don't ever risk something that is so life-threatening over something to small. >> reporter: beyond broken feet, he has cuts and bruises and remarkably, no other injuries. the emotional wounds, big. he's regretful and he knew at the time what he was doing was wrong, his message to adrenaline seekers, it is not worth it. >> yeah, yikes. >> you can hear it in his voice and see it on his face, lauren, thank you, he made a mistake, but he's paying for it. all right. weather once again with mr. rob, what's happening? >> yesterday we broke out the beach forecast and if you headed that way in the northeast, you were thankful. look at the record-high temperatures, 96 degrees,
8:34 am
that doesn't include the humidity. poughkeepsie, 94. maine getting into the 90s. 92 in boston, 93 in hartford, connecticut. let's break down a cool air coming in for a brief amount of time after another hot day today. tomorrow a cooldown, then warming back up tuesday, wednesday, and into thursday. should be a little less humid than it has been. back to bonnie, rain that could bring flooding inland. georgia, carolina border, more today. flash flooding a possibility. lumbers onshore, rip tides, rip currents as well, if you are going to the beach there, but tomorrow, look at this rainfall. right along the i-95 corridor this front will come through. may get away d.c. to new york of morning rain and clearing out a little bit in the afternoon. certainly not the best memorial days considering the dry weekend that we've had here. mostly dry for indy, i think, at least to start the race. 81 in chicago, gorgeous day there. and looking at 70 in portland. that i
8:35 am
this weather report is brought to you by petco. during these heat waves, make sure that your pets are cool. make sure they have enough water. >> wonderful. >> absolutely. >> i love the animals. >> sells those bowls for the water as well. >> rob walks around the office with a little parrot on his shoulder, thank you. >> she tells me what to say. >> exactly. coming up on gma, revving up for the big race, the indy 500, our high speed ride along with the racing legend who's going to be rooting for a family member to win today. and prince william poses why he was doing yoga in front of the cameras. it's coming up on pop news. that's not downward dog. i don't know what that is. >> cat cow. >> cat cow?
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me we are just hours away from the greatest spectacle in racing, the indy 500. >> the 100th running of the race.
8:40 am
and now for the first time in decades, this is a sold out crowd. some big names on that speedway this year, including the grandson of a legendary driver. abc's lindsey zarniak was lucky enough to snag one of those coveted tickets, good morning, lindsey. >> reporter: hey there guys, we got here at 5:00 a.m., and the line just to get into this track was two miles long. the cars were stopped. people were out there with coolers standing outside their cars ready to get the party started. the fans are ready, so are the drivers. drivers admitting that the chance to win the 100 running adds pressure to the biggest race of the year. this morning, the indianapolis speedway is prepped and ready to host its first-ever sold out crowd. more than 350,000 fans are gearing up for the 100th running of the indy 500. the greatest spectacle in racing. a race that comes with steep tradition. this year, marco andretti.
8:41 am
revved up hoping to repeat his grandfather's big win almost 50 years ago. you're trying to become the first to win. what is the pressure like that goes along with that? >> yeah, it's big. it ramps up every year. >> reporter: a love for the indy 500 that runs deep in the andretti family. >> it's a mega, mega celebration as you can see. >> reporter: mario taking me on the ride of a lifetime so i can see firsthand what the buzz is l about. how fast are we going to go? >> pretty fast. >> reporter: it's a last faster than i go in my car. >> closer to 100. >> reporter: just incredible. i'm blown away. and i'm still shaking. what was your favorite moment from that experience? when you think back on it? >> crossing that finish line and having a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. >> reporter: now it's up to his grandson marco to keep the legacy alive. >> i think realistically, his chances
8:42 am
>> reporter: and marco, the third generation driver tells me he's ready to make history. his fan base might lose their minds. >> i think it would be pretty cool, yeah, any american, but i think it's only right andretti wins the 100. >> reporter: his grandfather has advice, just do what you do. and dan, i heard you say you thought that was terrifying, you stuck your head in a lion, didn't you? >> thank you for bringing that up, my wife is still mad about that. so i appreciate it. >> go lindsey. >> anyway, thank you very much. great coverage, and i want to remind everybody that you can catch the indianapolis 500 here today on abc today at noon eastern, 9:00 pacific. coming up on gma, free vacation? sure. at least close it, all in the weekend download, keep it right here.
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that sound means it's the unofficial start of summer. and time to plan some vacations. before you book those trips, we have the tips to save you some cash. travel and lifestyle editor genevieve shawground is here to tell us how to travel for free or at least close to it. >> close to it. >> if you're lucky enough for a frequent flier, you have a bank of mile you can use, but what if you don't have those stored up? how do you get the free trip? >> the truth is that most of us don't have a lot of frequent flier miles. we want to do this summer as the planes are flying full, especially on the weekends, look for offers to bump you off the flight. you'll get $400 or $500 off a free flight the next
8:47 am
take a trip. between now and then, concentrate on those aspects. >> you hear those announcements, i have to get to the front of the line. what about hotels or accommodations, you say there's another way to stay. >> try it's the oldest home shopping website. you don't have the to worry about creepers or anything like that. you can get a villa in paris, you can get an apartment in new york city, place in tuscany. really, if you can dream it, you can find it. and there's a misconception that you have to exchange simultaneously, so you have to be going to one destination while they come to yours, that's not necessarily true. a lot of these places are vacation homes, in vacation destination, good news. >> house swap almost. rental cars annoy me, they're to expensive. is there a way around this? >> there is, for domestic trips, and for people who can travel somewhat last minute, transfer car is a great option. they offer cars and rvs for free or close to it. gas
8:48 am
included, it works because rental car companies need to get their cars back to home cities, and it's cheaper than a truck. >> great tips. pop news is coming up next.
8:49 am
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novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient. "good morning america" is brought to you by the all new maza cx-9. it's pop news, a lot of people have asked me this will be back next weekend and tomorrow on gma. >> i can feel her energy in here, already. >> it's crazy in here. >> she's fantastic. so you're big into meditation. yoga though, yoga? no. >> not the most limber guy. >> prince william does, he's going to show us all up here. he's doing yoga, looking flexible, concentrating, and doing it all in jeans. >> what? >> white jeans in the middle of
8:53 am
>> what's that move right there? >> i don't remember the name of it. i feel like if he was wearing spandex, it would be a whole different segment. >> you're right. like exercise with the royals. this is just, some people are saying this is everything. this is right before a match. >> this is the cat cow. >> yeah. >> ron is upset that he's wearing white jeans before memorial day. >> you're supposed to wait until wednesday. big deal, tuesday. >> well, we'll send him a memo from you about that. >> black socks. >> no grass stains on his white jeans. adele, she has fans all over the world as we know, and they're singing her songs, that doesn't mean she always remembers the words. look at what happened in portugal when he messed up her own lyrics. ♪ [ bleep ], no words. [ bleep ]. >> oh my gosh. sorry.
8:54 am
though. right? that's why people love adele. >> i'm not sure what her reaction was, i just heard "beep." >> we didn't want to offend ron, so we beeped it. >> she needs meditation and yoga. >> she's so cool though. she's still really awesome. >> her reaction is what makes people like her. people love me because i bring food. today i have oreos from the wonder vault. they're always dreaming up new flavors. these ones are blueberry pie, and then fruity crisp oreos. these are based off fruity pebbles -- >> naturally. this color. >> it's like a blueberry pie. >> this may be the first time that ron hasn't reached -- >> i'm not going for this. >> they will be sold exclusively at target. they are like fruity pebbles, the cereal. >> do you do just the frosting in the middle? that just came right off. >> i could see myself eating a
8:55 am
deep, deep shame spiral for a while. >> i did the shame spiral after the burger yesterday. >> really? >> ate the rest of it. >> amazing. >> such a pleasure to have you this weekend. thank you for filling in. cecelia, you as well. >> thanks. >> you were saying? >> and very quickly, do you think the indy 500, will the weather hold? >> i think for the start of the race. should be a fast track, go get them. >> that will be later today. right here on abc. at noon eastern, ron, you're going to be watching? >> ron, eat the purple one. it's called funfetti in the middle. >> i wonder how it is with beer. >> anything with beer is better. >> i'm a traditional girl. >> thank you everybody, we'll see you tomorrow morning right here on gma.
8:56 am
>> from abc 7 news, this is a good morning washington update. kelly: we begin with breaking news out of the district. police telling us one person is dead after a shooting along the 200 block of 50 states -- 55th northeast. the second person was shot and taken to the hospital for treatment.
8:57 am
in the shooting. we will continue to follow this and pass along new information once it becomes available. right now, we focus on the weather. a pretty nice start to your sunday, brian. brian: we do have some sunshine. dulles international airport is highgrees, we do have clouds building in. and through the day those clouds will thicken lower. mostly clattered through later this afternoon. manassas, 72. warming nicely, we get to the low 80's, maybe mid 80's in some spots. clouds are looking south to north and bonnie turns up the coast. it's been downgraded to a depression, without her bands of rain reaching into a southern suburb of my afternoon, sours -- showers could approach us. rolling thunder through the afternoon, the nats game is looking good to go. by 3:00 or 4:00, southern maryland to seize looking forward. by 8:00, the national memorial day concert on the mall could feur
8:58 am
on this. tomorrow morning, bands of heavy rain pickup, and through the midday, showers are likely. by monday afternoon, rather than isolated showers, i think the bulk of monday afternoon is dry for your outdoor barbecues and celebrations. there are improving conditions headed our way, especially by tomorrow afternoon. kelly: thank you. join us at 10:00 on our sister station, news channel 8.
8:59 am
9:00 am
starting right now on this week with george stephanopoulos, trump over the top. >> we hit 1,237, right, 1,27. >> but he's now facing massive protests. >> donald trump has got to go. >> from the most unpopular candidate in history to win in over voters. and his party, trump's campaign chairman is here live. hillary's rough week. clinton brushing off that scathing e-mail report. >> it's not an issue that is going to affect either the campaign or my presidency. >> will voters feel the same? plus, it's crunch time. >> we are going to win here in california. the pressure's on, clinton's biggest golden state factor, senator diane feinstein is


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