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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  May 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] noon -- on 7 news at your side. >> while we bring you to several events, we are keeping a close eye on the weather and the rain in some areas. thanks a much for joining us. i'm kellye lynn. a cause totaking remember. many memorial day observances.
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force memorial. events: one of the first being held at the air force memorial in arlington. band set theforce mood for today's ceremony. this event included the presentation of the colors, a ceremonial wreathlaying, and remarks from current members and former members of the air force. >> a lot of folks think it is a barbecue day. the first did the swimming pool is open. that is not what it is about. it is about those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. also remembered here today, the 168 airmen who died in service to their country since last memorial day. abc 7 news.edy, kellye: president obama just
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wreathlaying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he and ash carter spoke to the crowd. john gonzalez takes us to the memorial day parade in rockville where hundreds gathered this morning. is memorial day in montgomery county. that means many folks are maryland in rockville, for the 72nd memorial day parade in downtown rockville, maryland. they are expecting 20,000 people to line the streets downtown and dozens and dozens of groups are participating from police districts to high schools. we have a very diverse group, as well. asian groups are well represented. we have a bolivian group coming through right now. teamsle of very good step come through.
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you brought the children out for the parade. what does it mean for you and your family? >> it is a chance to celebrate all of the sacrifices that the troops have made for us over the years. what do you think of this --john: what do you think of this parade so far? >> it is really creative. i'm very amazed. john: what has been your favorite part of the parade? >> my favorite part of the when -- myhe -- favorite part of the parade is when they showed all their cultures. john: that is always a fan favorite. thanks for talking to us. downtown rockville for memorial day. they have been doing this for 72 years. everyone having a great time, but also remembering
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sacrifices that so many of our soldiers kevin durant and -- have endured and have put up with. is shining right now, but the rain is coming. meteorologist jacqui jeras is tracking the rain. a lot of people have their rain gear in hand. jacqui: that is a good idea to have the umbrella on standby. been quite fortunate this morning that it has been on the dry side. now, skies partly sunny. a few breaks in the clouds. it feels fairly comfortable out there. take a look at the satellite radar picture. we have all this rain moving across southern maryland over toward the eastern shore. it has been a washout. not great beach weather today.
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as we move through the afternoon, things are going to be changing. generally, we have a cold front that is going to be approaching from the west. that will trigger new showers and isolated thunderstorms. not everybody is going to get it and it is going to be a washout, but quieter conditions can be expected into tomorrow. road closures and things to workaround, jamie. jamie: we do have different closures in place. let's start with what we are seeing. place onre in constitution avenue because of the memorial day parade. it is blocked off between 7th street and 17th street. bad, youl out a little can see a clear ride for you.
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great. freeway, no problem. if you are trying to get closer toward arlington, arlington national cemetery, no problem. you can see how light traffic is. , i want toto waze show you traffic near the bay bridge. no problems to report. there is some heavy traffic westbound. no major backups just yet. back to you. thanks a lot. if you are traveling by air today, there are delays at john f. kennedy airport after a server crashed yesterday. at the peak of delays, 1500 customers were waiting to be checked in. a reminder for metro riders, metro trains and buses are operating on a sunday schedule. off-peak fares are in effect all day. there are service adjustments on all six lines.
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no orange line trains are running today. -- metro's service general manager is marking six months on the job days before the start of a major rebuilding plan. sam sweeney spent the morning at mcpherson square and explains this has not been an easy six months for paul wiedefeld. he perhaps has the least sought-after job in our area, the general manager of metro. paul wiedefeld has been on the job for six months. he is being paid $400,000 per year, but many people say that is not enough for what he has to do. he has set a solid foundation to get metro back on track, but we still are very far away from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. he has laid out a year-long master plan to fix the system called
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that starts on friday. we have had a shutdown under his watch, as well as smoke and fire incidents. we recently sit down with them and he has said he has had a few unexpected surprises. >> we have to be more proactive and not as reactive. right now, we are somewhere between that. there were some things that were worse than i thought. my colleague brianne carter has the full interview and that story tonight coming up on abc 7 news this evening. forye: police are searching the suspect responsible for another shooting of a metro station. she will -- a woman walked up to a metro officer and set a man shot her in the leg.
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roped off the area and begin investigating the matter. police have not released information on a possible suspect. the woman is expected to survive. breaking news out of prince george's county, police are investigating a homicide. you are looking live pictures of the scene right now. still, very limited information about this. gorilla exhibit still closed in cincinnati after an animal was shot and killed after a child fell into the exhibit. some rain here, but not quite like this. how one father and son survived a near-death experience for hours in these waters. also coming up, another check of the weather and the
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7 newsare watching abc at noon. kellye: this is the gorilla that was shot after a child got into the animal enclosure. the cincinnati police department has no intentions of charging the parents of the child who fell into the enclosure. a vigil is being held for the gorilla. some want to warn you that of the video you are about to see could be disturbing. elizabeth hur has the latest. >> a community in morning offering --
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honoring the silverback gorilla was killed following the scare. a four-year-old boy trapped inside the cincinnati zoo in the clutches of that 400 pound gorilla. the boys mother reassuring him from above.
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the railing. >> i'm not sure she could have reacted and done anything at that point. he was there and that he was gone. the mother later posted this on facebook. >> accidents happen, but i'm thankful the right people were in the right place. the post has since been delete it. democratic candidate bernie sanders campaigned last night in fresno ahead of next week's california primary. california senator dianne feinstein says it is time for bernie sanders to drop out. donald trump plans to announce the recipient of $6 million he helped raise for veterans after skipping a gop debate. just about a year ago, this man was shot to death. he was a deputy counsel to new
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cuomo's development. he was caught in the crossfire between two rival groups. has arrested a man charged with second-degree murder and other offenses. an explosive package sent to a corrections officer has investigators trying to find a suspect. the package went off outside his home in floyd. no word on whether he opened the package before the explosion or of the incident is related to the officers work area he is in hospitalized -- he has been stabilized in the hospital with burns on his hands and arms. houstonle are dead in in wvhat police are calling a random shooting. one of the two suspects was injured during the shooting and the other was pronounced dead at th
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for people down south. the medina river and surrounding creeks flooded their banks. several people had to be rescued , including a father and 10-year-old son, who held onto a tree for three hours. meanwhile, the rain shut down parts of i-95 in health carolina, leaving people frustrated this holiday weekend. we may be seeing some rain, but thankfully we will not have anything like that. jacqui: no, although there has been quite a bit of rain along the coast. the beaches have been getting rain all morning long. there could be some standing water in those locations. for us, it is the tale of two different cities. check this out. we will start you out with a live picture from montgomery college. temperature, 76 degrees. we have clouds around, but the sunshine is filtering through. now take a
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if there was one day i would rather not be at the beach, this would be the one. it has been raining all morning long. look at how much cooler the temperatures are. it is only 68 degrees in ocean city. take a look across the region. 77, winchester. 78, downtown. andrews, 77. it is cooler at annapolis with 74 degrees. much clearer, we have warmer temperatures along i-81. stockton with the clouds. it is raining. it has been raining a good part of the morning. a couple of different things going on.
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this is what is left of tropical storm bonnie. this has become post-tropical. now that it is overland, it is a spinning cyclone. that will continue to bring wet weather to south carolina and north carolina. take a look at what is happening near us. this is working around the subtropical area of high pressure. we have this steady flow. it is why our rain line has not lot. a whole heck of a i don't expect it to move very much. that rain will stay where it is as a cold front approaches from the west. that could trigger isolated thunderstorms late this afternoon and this evening. too of today shakes out not terrible. i expect to see isolated thunderstorms at 6:00. most of us will be able to get our grilling on this afternoon and this evening.
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8:00 tonight. skies will become cloudier by that time. by tomorrow morning, we will see fog.y or fog -- patchier tomorrow looks like a dryer day. we could see an isolated storm later in the afternoon. it will be partly cloudy with high temperatures in the low to mid 80's. wednesday, my pick weather day of the week, as well as thursday. we could see thunderstorms to end the week. not a bad week ahead overall. jamie: i will take it. not bad. check out this gigantic sea sponge. it is about the size of a minivan. i've got one of those. the creature was spotted 7000 feet down in a marine conservation area near hawaii. it is 3.5 meters long, two meters high,
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and 1.5 meters wide. it may be century old and could be the oldest living animal on the planet. my goodness. it is hard to see some planets with the naked eye. coming up, why tonight is going to be easier to see one neighboring planet
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kellye: the stock markets are closed for the memorial day holiday. an agreementeached with striking employees who will likely return to work this week. 40,000 employees went on strike six weeks ago. the parties have reached an agreement and are working to get it in wr
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the union. flag sales are on the rise between the memorial holiday and the upcoming fourth of july. it is like christmas for flag makers. the are being helped by fact that it is a national election year. and improving construction industry is a boost, as new building often get new flags. a big upset at the indianapolis 500. alexander rossi, the rookie, was the unexpected winner. it was a huge turnout on saturday, more than 300,000 people showing up to be part of the weekend event. and taking a live look outside, it may not be sunny, but it is pretty bright. why you probably want to take a strong days at the dark sky -- gaze at the dark
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tonight. we are taking a break in remembering our fallen heroes this memorial day.
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the best time to look for it during this close approach will be around midnight. there is a good reason to stay up. i know you won't be staying up. [laughter] jacqui: the clouds may be an issue. kellye don't ruin it for us, jacqui! jacqui:v4 you can pick it out pretty easily when it is in the southeast. it does look a little bit rusty. if you live in southern maryland, i don't think so. kellye: this is our only opportunity? jacqui: you will see at the next couple nights. kellye: the best night? jacqui: probably tomorrow night. have the a relative the self. i think we are ok in the metro. kellye: thanks for watching us. watch the news
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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>> hey, everybody. you're invited to sit back and watch as our players today are faced with some of the most important decisions of their lives. 14 questions, 14 answers, and a million dollars in the balance. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right! let's do it! having worked in a hospital for the last 20 years, today's first contestant is no stranger to tense situations, and he's feeling confident he'll remain calm, cool, and collected today. from coney island, new york, please welcome jonathan weinburg. [cheers and applause] hey, jonathan. how you doing? >> good to meet you, chris. >> good to meet you. come on in.


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