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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. scott: that breaking news coming from the white house where something was thrown over the fence. forced a lockdown. michelle: hazmat crews call told the scene, even putting up mobile contamination unit there to isolate the objects on this busy memorial day afternoon. just coming back minutes ago that there is no hazardous material. good news there. let's go to amy aubert outside the white house. we are learning more about what went over the fence. what have you learned? amy: well, the secret service tells us a metal object was thrown over the fence. the latest update is that the package has been cleared with the negative results. meaning no danger. what i want you to look at is the scene we are seeing out here right now. everything really cleared out. right ao
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take a look at our video from earlier today. emergency crews parked here and d.c. fire and e.m.s. told me their plan was to keep all crews in place until the package was thoroughly tested. they got the call to come out here around 12:30. within the last half hour, as i said, secret service releasing a statement saying that it was a metal object thrown over the fence. and the person was apprehended immediately. we spoke to visitors here who say seeing the scene made them nervous. >> it's pretty shocking. especially on today of all days to see something so terrifying and not know what is going on. amy: according to the secret service the white house has returned to normal operations. we will have more on the story coming up at 5:00. live in northwest d.c., amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. before the white house lockdown president obama was at arlington
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where he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. during the memorial day observance ceremony the president called on all americans to not just honor fallen soldiers but to care for families they left behind. he said 20 members of the armed forces died in combat within the last year. scott: in addition to the wreath-laying ceremony, 30,000 roses were handed out to visitors and families of fallen troops at arlington national cemetery. volunteers from across the area are helping out at the welcome center and at section 60. section 60 is where hundreds of troops who lost their lives in iraq and afghanistan have been buried. today was also time to remember american airmen and women who were lost at war. michelle: our suzanne kennedy was at the air force memorial where a wreath-laying ceremony was held. >> one of the first events held here at the united states air force memorial in arlington.
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♪ ♪ suzanne: the u.s. air force band brass quintet set the mood. it included the presentation of the colors, a ceremonial wreath-laying and remarks from current and retired members of the air force about the meaning of the holiday. >> a lot of folks think of memorial dayas barbecue day. it's the first day that swimming pools open. that is not what memorial day day is about. it's about those that made the ultimate sacrifice. to protect our country and died for our country. suzanne: they remember the airmen who died in service to the country. since last memorial day. in arlington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. michelle: wrapping up this afternoon the memorial day parade. we aired it in the entirety on the sister station abc7 newschannel8. thousands lined up for the parade route. this is the largest parade of its kind for this holiday. turning to the we
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rain to the east. we are still fine. it's gorgeous out there. meteorologist steve rudin is keeping a close eye. glad it held up for the parade. steve: absolutely. we got lucky. most of the moisture south and east of us in southern maryland. take you outside to show you the radar. if you are watching us in leonardtown now are probably saying it hasn't stopped raining all day long. that's been the case. the rain will continue. st. george island also up to madison across the bay. heading to the by a bridge we have a few -- to the bay bridge, we have showers on both sides. over theby bay bridge, it's dry. they are moving north of hancock and flintstone. we have thunderstorms. there is nothing warned on and we don't expect it to become severe.
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out. scattered showers and storms. the temperatures in the middle 70's. we talk about one, not two, but three cold fronts on the way for the upcoming week. looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. never too early to do that. more coming up. michelle: thank you. developing in prince george's county a person found dead in an apartment building on the 18th avenue there. that person pronounce dead on the scene. they got there before noon. right now no information on potential suspects. we are gathering for information. when we get that we will have an update for you. also developing -- believe it or not, that is the sound of firecrackers. some one set off firecrackers outside a maryland home, catching it on fire. the fireworks strong enough to crack the wall. diane cho in riverdale and
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what happened. what did they tell you? diane: michelle, there is a board now covering up the damage here from the fireworks. we are also told it shattered the glass next to it and it was caught on camera. take a look at the video. you can see the suspect setting them off by her front door and they turn around and start running. the woman who lives here didn't want to be identified but heard a loud explosion and then heard the alarm going off. this happened 2:00 saturday morning. they were upstairs at the time. terrified about what might happen next. they weren't sure if the suspects were going to go inside the house. >> the smoke coming when i looked out the window. i came and ran down here on the phone with 911. i opened the door it was flames everywhere. diane: she was able to put the fire out herself before firefighters arrived at the
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illegal in prince george's county. in riverdale, diane cho, abc7 news. scott: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- mexican soccer star kidnapped. michelle: how police say he was able to save himself and his girlfriend. plus, a man goes into the water and over the falls in washington state. he survives to tell the story. >> take a breath. i realize gosh, i finally made it. michelle: ahead, the reason he went in the water in the first place and how long his recovery will take. scott: still ahead, controversy surrounding a zoo's decision to shoot and kill a gorilla after a little boy fell in the exhibit. the debate and why jack hannah is siding with the zoo. michelle: $200 plus in pennies. what this angry man was paying off that made him so frustrated when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns.
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michelle: mexican soccer star and his girlfriend are safe after being kidnapped over the weekend. 25-year-old abducted at gunpoint saturday night. at some point he was able to call police while his captors were distracted and freed before midnight sunday. police arrested one man in connection to the kidnapping. now to
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to see to believe. we want to warn you, it might be difficult to watch. a self-described adrenaline junkie made a risky move and fell nearly 70 feet. scott: slamming into jagged rocks over the falls at olympic national park in washington state. our sister station in seattle has that story. >> you know, keep yourself moving. reporter: when you consider what josh went through eight days ago, it's nothing short of a miracle he is doing physical therapy today. >> it's so helpful. reporter: the 30-year-old lynnwood man is a former soldier and attended west point for two years before being medically discharged from the army. the now college student and his wife celebrating their third anniversary on may 20 hiking to the falls in the olympic national park. when the wrong move nearly took his life. >> he suddenly decided to jump. at that point
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mad. josh, what are you doing? reporter: josh said he wanted to drink the water from the center of the river when he realized he went too far. >> i got really scared. i was like oh, boy. because i couldn't get back. i looked at katrina and i was like i don't think i can get back. reporter: when josh tried to escape from the river center the force of mother nature pulled him over not once, not two, but three major falls. >> i broke the surface, i took a breath and i realized gosh, i finally made it. reporter: josh estimates his wild ride down the river took at least five minutes. he got bumps and bruises. hypothermia and injured toe and a shattered heel. he was on the ground with first responders for seven hours before olympic mountain rescue pulled him to safety. >> i would never ever do that again no way. that was so foolish. reporter: josh says he knows his curiosity could have taken
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dangerous ride over the falls reminds others mother nature is always in charge. >> don't ever risk something that is so life threatening over something so small. michelle: gosh, that video is so breath-taking to watch. i'm glad he doesn't have plans to venture out there again. scott: it sounds lake he learned his lesson. michelle: for sure. if not he will hear it from his wife. scott: she is probably giving him an earful. take a look outside at this one. outside new york. tractor trailer dangling over the side of the overpass there on the cross bronx expressway where they are working to right the truck and the trailer. two people were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. time for a check on our traffic situation. jamie sullivan with details and hopefully nothing like that in our neck of the woods. jamie: no! i'm glad. i'd have a busy afternoon. right now not much to worry
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today. 395, 66. don't forget 95 is the pay to use express lanes so you is to pay. you can see mostly all green. no problems in the d.c. a little volume as you cross the 14th street bridge continuing on the freeway. we have an accident. this is northbound 295. just before the capital beltway. right lane is blocked. look at the traffic approaching the bay bridge. this is actually on the bay bridge. not approaching it. you can see all three lanes, a lot of volume we have to deal with. currently, just about an hour to get closer to the bay bridge. the wazers are saying there is heavy traffic. everyone is checking in saying it is slow. so again, very, very heavy traffic. and just a few minor problems. that's all. back to you. michelle: thank you. all right. tropical dep
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turned inland after unloading five inches of rain in south carolina. one woman says this storm was worse than the ones that hit three t region last october. crews spent most of sunday trying to get neighborhoods drains unclogged as the storm transformed streets into small streams. they desperately need a break. we have been fortunate this holiday weekend. scott: really lucky. steve: a lot of folks thought today would be a complete wash-out. a lot depended on where the storm would be located. now it's far enough south that southern maryland with the heavy rains. delmarva beaches, not pretty. i have a picture to show you. this is what it looks like behind the graphic. raining. foggy. it's cool. at least at the beaches with the temperatures in the 60's. right now at reagan national we stand at 79 degrees. winds are out of the south at 8 miles per hour. humidity levels, dew point levels are in the 70's. across the area we have had
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where we have not had the rain. temperatures with a nice opportunity to warm up. leesburg. frederick. hagerstown, 84 degrees. further south and east across southern maryland we have had a hard time climbing out of the lower to middle 70's this afternoon. let me show you what is going on with the satellite and the radar. showers beginning to pop up. all the action, though, to the south and the east of us across southern maryland. the edge is trying to sneak north and west but it will have a hard time doing that with the drier air moving in. a cold front, weak one to the north and the west of us. showers and thunderstorms that are beginning to pop up. the showers we have north of the mason dixon line eventually make its way to the outlet mall, near hagerstown over the next 45 minutes to an hour or so.
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the thunderstorm activity. what little does develop to the west of us. it will likely fizzle out by the time it reaches the immediate metro area. embedded thunderstorms will likely impact the forecast for the next several hours or so. this is the latest. as we are watching that storm that is moving off toward the north and east. bonnie will have little impact on the immediate metro area moving through the next several days. 62 to 68 degrees for an overnight low. patchy fog likely to develop. especially the areas that have seen a lot of rain today. our future cast shows the showers in the forecast during the early evening hours. tomorrow morning will be dry. however, grab an umbrella as you head out the door. showers again dot the radar moving through the day. highs will make it in the lower to the middle 80s. winds out of the south at 3:00 to 8:00. look at the next seven days. if you like warm weather and you like humidity, well, a lot of that is out of here. for
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toward the end of the week. friday, saturday, sunday though you see showers and the thunderstorms. a lot of that will depend on the third cold front of the week, whether or not it will clear the region. it's only monday. a lot can change between now and then. hopefully we get it out of there and take showers and the thunderstorms out of the seven day. scott: we have had our fill. steve: ready for summer. michelle: i listened closely to the overnight forecast because we hoped it would be clear enough to see mars but it doesn't look like that is the case. mars will be the closest though than in more than a decade. you won't need a telescope to see the red planet clearly. but again it won't be possible because we will have so many clouds and possible storms. the best time for viewing according to nasa around midnight tonight. scott: next on
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4:00" -- cincinnati is defending the decision to kill a gorilla after a boy falls in the zoo. >> it's unprecedented. we have never had to kill a dangerous animal in the middle of an emergency situation. scott: the reason the animal experts across the country are rushing to back the zoo as protesters wonder why nonlethal action wasn't an option. michelle: today at 4:30, a girl beaten and left unconscious. this third grader opens up about the attack her mother demanding justice. that story is just ahead.
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scott: the gorilla exhibit is closed off to visitors at the cincinnati zoo. it will be for some time. officials killed a gorilla after a child fell in the enclosure. enmall rights activists say the lethal action wasn't necessary. but as elizabeth hur reports the zoo and other experts are defending that decision. reporter: the video is disturbing. a 4-year-old boy coming face to face with a 400-pound gorilla after somehow crossing a barrier and plunging 15 feet in the moat. >> the barrier is adequate. we need to work to make sure that the families and kids are safe whether you visit a zoo or a shopping mall. >> a child has fallen in the governor ril la capable. >> the mother watched in horror from above. >> momma loves
4:23 pm
>> until the scare ended with the search response team had to shoot and kill the animal. >> i wish i wasn't here right now. i really do. >> this is a tragedy. reporter: the concerned community members want to make sure harrumbe is never forgotten amid growing outrage and anger over the entire situation. >> obviously people are out with pitchforks and torches for the mother. at the same time, nobody is perfect. >> the boy's mother in a now deleted facebook post responding as a society we are quick to judge how a parent could take their eyes off their child. calling this an accident. the zoo defending its decision to use lethal force instead of a tranquilizer. >> it was determined that the child was being injured. potentially injured, but being injured we had to make a decision to shoot him. we did. michelle: that 4-year-old is now home recovering. zoo officials say they
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not been in contact with his family. they maintain the zoo was not negligent. in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for abc7 news. scott: a lot of people are upset with the decision to kill the gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. as you saw jack hannah on "good morning america." more of his explanation supporting the zoo's decision. >> what about all the people online who say why not tranquilize the gorilla instead of shoot it to kill? what do you say to that? >> working with researchers to tranquilize gorillas i have seen with other animals, once dart would go into that big beautiful silverback male, what is he going to do with a child there? he will jump like you would or any other animal or anybody. jump like this with the power the animal has, it's uncomprehension. magnificent creature. there is no doubt in my mind that child wouldn't be here today if they didn't make that decision at the zoo. scott: the discussion continues online. we have posted the story to the facebook and the twitter pages. where y
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coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a third grader falls off the scooter and is taken to the hospital. the injuries didn't come from the fall. i'm kevin: kevin: with the explanation coming up. michelle: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- millennials now outnumber baby boomers. last generation drafted into war. will tradition live on? new americans taking on the responsibility ahead. (rothat cigarette smokingght just messed up your lungs. i never thought that at only 45, it would give me a heart attack. my tip is, do your heart a favor and quit now. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: a 9-year-old girl beaten and level unconscious outside her silver spring apartment building. her attacker, she says, two teenage boys. kevin lewis is live with the story. kevin: a security officer found the young girl lying next to the garbage dump beside her apartment building. the guard then carried the girl to the building hobby where he dialed 911. today we spoke with the 9-year-old girl who was hospitalized overnight for a
4:29 pm
concussion, sprained ankle and back pain. around 7:00 last tuesday evening she was playing outside, riding on her pink razor scooter coasting down a sidewalk. she lost control of the scooter and fell. two teenage boys who saw the tumble started to laugh and call the girl names. when she fired back telling the boys to mind their own business. the girls said they attacked her. >> she was crying. she said, you know, it's not funny. don't call me names. he was like what? what did you say? don't call me names. they came up and started slapping her. repeatedly punching her. they threw rocks at her head and slammed her in concrete. took her scooter and threw it in the dumpster. they kept punching her and she was left unconscious by the trash dumpster. kevin: montgomery county police interviewed two witnesses and they filed a police report. the maryland department of juvenile services will now decide what if any charges the
4:30 pm
we're live in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. scott: well, the carolinas are not the only part of the country handling too much rain in too short of a time. at least six people have died in southeast texas from storms. but one story of survival. one man and his 10-year-old son trapped in the camper until firefighters were able to reach them through the rushing waters. clean-up continues across southern texas today. we have had our share of rain. steve: we are lucky, with the tropical storm bonnie has been downgraded. still rain in south carolina. if you look at the map, you can see behind you for those driving home across the delmarva and ready to move across the bay bridge you are going to run into wet weather. if you expect anyone to be on time you might want to give them a few extra minutes. the good news is the heaviest
4:31 pm
east. a few showers and thunderstorms that are developing near hagerstown. nothing severe. but keep a mindful eye to the sky. barbecues going on this evening and outdoor activity. the weather will continue. showers are bless soming. a weak cold front across the area in the first of three for the upcoming week. if you are watching us in silver spring. up to college park. northeast d.c. light showers at this time. it's not reaching the ground. grilling out, the temperatures are upper 70's. showers and thunderstorms. not a total wash-out. go to a place that is dry. we will show you more coming up in the upcoming weekend. michelle: today the parades
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honor those who protect our freedom and keep our nation safe. john gonzalez take us to rockville where hundreds gathered this morning. john: it's memorial day in montgomery county. the 72nd memorial day parade in downtown rockville, maryland. dozens of groups are participating from the police districts to the high schools. we have a diverse group as well. we can tell you asian groups represented, latino group, a bolivian group now. they have come through with a lot of energy. of course on the streets a lot of red, white and blue. sir, can i talk to you real quick? you brought the children out for the parade. what does it mean for you and your family on this memorial day? >> a chance to celebrate, you know, all the sacrifices that the troops made for us over the years. john: with the red, h
4:33 pm
the parade? >> it's really creative. i am very amazed. john: what has been your favorite part of parade? >> my favorite part is when they showed all the cultures. john: that is always a fan favorite. thank you for talking to us. here it is. downtown rockville for memorial day. hard to believe they have been doing this for 72 years. well, everyone having a great time. but also remembering all the sacrifices that so many of the soldiers have endured and have put up with through the years. back to you inside. scott: well, flag sales are on the rise. between the memorial day holiday and the upcoming fourth of july, business is booming. this year flag sales are being helped by the fact it's a national election year with many flags needed for political events. another surprising industry, though, spurring growth in flag sales is construction. all the new
4:34 pm
flags. with all the remembrances at memorials and cemeteries across the country, there are some shocking finds over the weekend. vandalism at some veteran sites. some items even stolen. the problem in several states this holiday weekend including here in virginia. chris papst takes us to petersberg national battlefield. part of it now a crime scene. chris: a national disgrace. that is what many people are calling what recently happening here. behind me you see a hundred small flags. each denoting a spot where somebody came here, dug up an artifact and took it. those artifacts could be very valuable. 151 years ago the siege of petersburg changed america. i was here that 70,000 union and confederate seasonals were killed or -- confederate soldiers were killed or wounded near the end of the war. it's here that relic hunters want a piece of history. last week, someone likely with a met
4:35 pm
hunting for artifacts, bullet, buttons, guns, anything they could find. according to the national park service the relics are put on online auction sites. last year the siege of petersburg celebrated the 150th anniversary. so right now relics from the battlefield are bringing top dollar. >> people want money so much now that they are doing whatever it takes to get more money. i really think that is unfortunate. chris: we did research to find out how much relics pulled from the battlefield cowell be work. coming up at 6:00 we tell you how much bullets from the civil war are going for on the marketplace. in petersburg, chris papst, abc7 news. michelle: similar frustration today on this memorial day. in cedar falls, iowa. police there say someone vandalized the freedom rock. a monument dedicated to honoring veterans. they think it happened overnight. investigators say there aren't any surveillance cameras in the area. cedar falls police are inv
4:36 pm
and the city's park service is coordinating a clean-up there. this memorial day, millennials outnumber baby-boomers. scott: young adults between 18 and 32 are become to become the standard bearers for keeping tributes to america's war dead alive. here is national correspondent jeff barnd. ["taps"] jeff: criticized for holding cell phones above all else, millennials will inherit something far more meaningful that past generations learned to cherish. honoring those who sacrifice their lives for all of us will become their responsibility. >> i know that we are supposed to remember something. i am not exactly sure what it is. >> i think we are ungrateful. >> behind every memorial i see thousands of lives sacrificed. >> they would rather have us
4:37 pm
their deaths. >> it started out of decoration day, born from the civil war and designated to decorate graves of the comrades who died in the defense of their country. it has evolved to the unofficial start of summer with family gathering and parties. >> the pool is usually open. ice cream shops and stuff. jeff: technology has changed but human behavior has not. millennials are no different than any other young generation preceding them. organizer for one of america's largest memorial day parades sees millennials carrying on 151 years of respect for our fallen heroes. >> i do see that appreciation for the sacrifices the men and women made continuing on. >> what tim holbrook with the veteran center sees is what we observed at the vietnam memorial. ever-present cell phone in hand but so, too, heart-felt appreciation. >> we need to cherish what we have. it's not free. >> i respect soldiers from the bottom of my heart. i thank every soldier i
4:38 pm
>> he suggests all americans should pause and reflect on why this day came about in the first place. >> one small act of remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice. i think that is something that we can all hope and strive for everybody to do. jeff: lest we forget. i'm jeff barnd, abc7 news. scott: iraqi forces are gaining ground in fallujah. the military there says it has seized a key town just outside the city with the help of local militias. a full-on invasion of the city could come any day now. the united nations reported tens of thousands of people are trapped in fallujah and their fate is unclear as the fighting intensifies. michelle: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the balloons you see here. no celebration for north korea. what they were carryin
4:39 pm
makes this a major fail. scott: paying in pennies. what was the angry texas man paying off? speeding ticket? college plan to or his taxes? we have the answer when "abc7 news at 4:00" continues.
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michelle: check this out. major fail, right? for north korea. its propaganda pamp let caught in the -- pamphlet caught in the wiring. >> they send them over the border attached in the balloon but the message was never received. this set of pamphlet was caught in power lines prompting energy crews to climb up and hand them over to police. the balloons were let go. once nothing dangerous was found. sometimes drivers receive speeding tickets they feel they didn't deserve. a texas man decided to give law enforcement a penny for his thoughts. literally. michelle: that is for sure. you see the video. brett sanders says he had to pay $212 for going nine miles over the speed limit. he got 20,000 pennys from the bank. loaded them up to two buckets. you saw it for yourself. dumped them off at the courthouse. that p
4:43 pm
counter had to sort them and make sure it was exact. what a task. scott: not a good day for either of them. another successful and extreme substitute by world famous base jumper. michelle: the wing suit pilot performed human arrow stunt at the great wall of china over the weekend. he dropped from a helicopter at 6,000 feet and flew through the air at 120 miles per hour. hitting a target suspended over the great wall. this is incredible. the attempt was planned for saturday but he postponed it because of strong winds at the site. you need everything to be exact for it to go off without a hitch. >> this is a project that is ten years in the making. it's something i have been dreaming about for a long time. i feel really, really relieved we were able to do it. was hard. super hard. michelle: that is incredible. this is just the latest jump in his long history of stunts. he has already jumped from the
4:44 pm
needle, and christ the redeemer statue in rio. scott: add it to the resume. michelle: zero room for error with the stunts. scott: amazing. still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a teen has been bitten by a shark in the waters off of florida. why experts say we could break last year's record for shark bites. and one reason it's not all bad news. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in northwest. i will tell you about an after-school program using the arts to help students cope with stress and violence in their community. that story coming up in "spotlight on education."
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michelle: growing up can be a stressful experience whether you live in the city or suburbs. in today's "spotlight on education," kellye lynn shows us how a d.c. based program is helping students overcome obstacles by connecting them to their creativity and the great outdoors. kellye: it loo
4:48 pm
class but it's not. the wilson high school students are engaged in peace education. >> we paint. we do poetry. we do music. meditation. i come here and just like let it loose. kellye: here at an after-school program provided by one common unity, an organization that uses media and arts based programming to help young people reach peaceful solutions to their problems. >> it's a good program that kind of reminds you to think before you say. >> a lot of conflict resolution work. teaching young people about how to become leaders of the future. learning about the relationships. how to have healthy relationships. kellye: one of the main program "fly by light" that targets at-risk young people in the inner city. it serves six high school in district using the arts and the great outdoors. >> so much of the work happens in the inner city, the young people have a disconnection to nature. and to being outside and being
4:49 pm
breathing fresh air. kellye: many of the activities happen outside. in the upper, students can attend a six-night, seven-day outdoor retreat. kenny carroll has been in the program for two years and expresses himself through poetry. >> statue he stands though i know he is anything but dormant. kellye: whether they are sharing artistic talent or connecting outside fly by light students are encouraged to see themselves as lights that can make the world a little brighter. in northwest, kellye lynn, abc7 news. scott: we have breaking news right now we want to show you from the philadelphia area where an american legion post is on fire. you can see smoke pouring out from multiple sides at this point. we have no information on what started it. or if anyone has been hurt. we will continue to monitor it as well as this aerial view throughout the newscast. we will bring you updates as we get them. 13-year-old boy was seriously injured when he was bitten by a
4:50 pm
florida. he was switching with his stepfather in chest-deep water when the attack occurred. witness capture video after the lifeguards carried the boy out of the water. ocean rescue says the boy was bit on his right calf and the bite mark was eight inches wide. >> when we came in, there was blood all over the sand. a boy sitting there. we got closer we saw he had gotten bitten by a shark. this year shark attacks could surpass last year's record high. according to reuters, a shark expert says the shark population is growing following historic lows in the 1990's. meanwhile, you have more people who are getting into the water than before. michelle: get a live look at freedom and liberty on memorial day afternoon. the two could be flying the nest any day now. we hav
4:51 pm
limbs outside the nest. like one is now. even flapping their wings at time in the air. but we haven't seen them take flight. we were hoping it would happen on a holiday like this. or fourth of july. but that seems too far away so it might happen on a nondescript day in june. who knows? steve: or night. michelle: true, too. we are always keeping an eye on them. you can too on the website. steve: keeping an eye on the weather. folks have barbecue and family reunions going on now. a lot of folks are visiting from out of town and they want to know should i venture outside. am i going to get wet? grab an umbrella. this is from the camera, the weather bug camera in old town alexandria. looking to oxon hill. 79 degrees. it's cooler than i
4:52 pm
showers inside the capital beltway. take you further to the north and the west of us. around hagerstown area. this is where we have showers a few embedded thunderstorms that are beginning to develop. now moving off toward the south and east at 25 miles per hour. hagerstown will get in on the action. beaver creek, 5:35 or so. moving to the south and the east. isolated showers for the overnight. temperatures fall in 60's. patchy fog. may become dense. some areas have seen the heavier rain. 84 to 85 for a high tomorrow. looking ahead to upcoming weekend, folks may start the weekend early. friday, 80 in the mountains. lower 80's on saturday. delmarva beach forecast calls for a few showers and thunderstorms on friday and saturday. clearing out for next sunday. let's get a kek on the afternoon rush hour commute. a lot of folks are heading home from the beaches. jamie: they
4:53 pm
not a fast pace. 9 miles per hour. that is the average as you try to get to the bay bridge. 68 minutes. we are talking over an hour. that is to get from the split here near 50 and route 301. continuing across the bay bridge. continuing across the severn river bridge closer to route 97. so again, the heaviest traffic will basically be in this stretch. just approaching the bay bridge. here is a look at what you are seeing. all three lanes start to break up once you get across the bridge. it is just getting to that point we are seeing the heaviest traffic. if you are traveling in to d.c., 395 is heavy now. restrictions are listed for 395 and 66. metro has been an issue for the weekend and today with so many restrictions in place. everything should be back to normal tomorrow. you can see mostly clean. not a lot to worry about. looks great out there. back to you. scott: all right. thank you, jamie. well, coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- hackers taking another step
4:54 pm
e-mail account. your money is at stake. simple thing that you can do with your password to keep bad guys out c
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4:56 pm
john: a few weeks ago news broke of russian hacker accessing millions of e-mail addresses. no big deal. a lot of people in the d.c. area thought. one man believes the hei
4:57 pm
$1,000 from him. chris green got an e-mail the other day that made his heart skill a beat. >> there was an e-mail from paypal that stated i transferred $920. i opened it up and it went to a russian account. john: the home inspector said the strange lettering address left no question in his minds. >> the e-mail address was russian account. john: he filed a fraud complaint with paypal which is now looking into it. >> they told me they have to investigate it. they would get back with me. john: chris has no way to know how the account was hacked but he did right thing. he contacted paypal and changed all of his passwords. paypal can't confirm a connection to the case but the security blog says hackers can get in all sort of accounts with stolen e-mails and passwords. requesting a password reset.
4:58 pm
security of the customer account, data and money is their highest priority. he says never use the paypal password for over sites, especially for e-mail. sign up for paypal security key that sends you a text if money is requests. change the password quickly. >> use numbers, letters, everything. that is the biggest thing. john: whether or not the russian hacker fears are overblown it's a good idea to change the e-mail passwords just in case. don't use the same password over and over so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. announcer: now "abc7 news at fos at 5:00". on your side. michelle: emergency crews and hazardous materials response teams outside the white house just minutes after the president arrived from arlington national cemetery. in the last hour, new information about the suspicious package thrown over the white house fence that locked down the president's
4:59 pm
executive mansion. i understand one person is in custody now? amy: that is right. that person was apprehended immediately we are told. i want you to take a look. the scene out here is pretty much back to normal. just about two hours ago this location full of ambulances. fire truck. and police vehicles. emergency crews parked outside the white house fence. access to the area closed off for more than two hours. >> it's pretty shocking. especially today of all days to see something. so terrifying and not know what is going on. amy: d.c. fire and e.m.s. called to the scene around 12:30 after they say a suspicious package was thrown over the fence. >> it's surprising. you see it on the news. you think wow! that doesn't happen often. then to be here only a week and it is going down in front of you. >> according to the secret service a metal object was th
5:00 pm
immediately. emergency crews clearing the scene around 3:15. after the package was cleared. it was determined that there was no danger. the incident happening not far from where the memorial day parade was taking place. >> we were at arlington yesterday. so, we thought we would come to see action today. not this type of action. amy: the secret service released a statement around 3:30 saying that the white house returned to normal operations. live in northwest d.c., amy aubert, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. police in prince george's county investigating a murder in adelphi. it happened on 18th after. they got there and found a woman dead in apartment building suffers from trauma. police say there are no suspects or even a motive in the case. they are asking anyone with information to please call p.g. crime solvers.


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