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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 31, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, extreme weather. the water still rising in texas with more rain on the way and tornadoes touching down, look at this, new video of a massive twister. we're tracking the severe storms. and protesters arrested rushing the stage heading towards bernie sanders. plus, a big day ahead for donald trump clearing up the confusion about a fund-raiser for vets and why hillary clinton just made a major change to her plans. dodging lights and power poles. a pilot's flawless landing on an interstate staying calm just like his shirt says. and game steph, match. the warriors win setting up an nba finals rematch. the highlights and the kiss for riley.
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>> that sums it up, game, steph, match. fantastic game seven and times coming up good tuesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm gloria rivera in for diane macedo. as many americans head back to work today severe weather in many areas. it is not doing them any favors. >> take a look. first the radar. strong storms rolling through the middle of the country today. there is a potential for more scenes like this. a massive tornado yesterday afternoon near the colorado/nebraska border. interesting one there. there were two more in that area. no injuries and only minor damage. >> unfortunately, that is not the case in southeast texas where record flood levels are expected today. details from abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: this morning the floodwaters still rising. >> we've never seen it this high so -- and, of course, everybody thinks i'm crazy for not
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river has already invaded several communities. many more threatened. >> i thought we were going to be safe. i didn't know it was going to come up this fast. >> reporter: it already turned deadly. at least six killed. several are missing. in parker county, texas, a setback for crews look fog or i missing 10-year-old boy. more water and debris rushing in making it difficult. >> it's frustrating we have the family here and they need closure and we haven't been able to give it to them yet. >> reporter: flash flooding and tornadoes. >> my god. >> reporter: this colorado twister touched down near the nebraska border. today the severe weather watch continues for much of the central and northern plains from kansas to north dakota. on the east coast from the carolinas to new york, people are dealing with the remnants of bonnie. the tropical system dumped 8 inches of rain in south carolina shutting down parts of
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on memorial day. the good news, bonnie is a weakened depression. this week residents will have to deal with rain and rip currents at the beach as she crawls up the coast. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. all right, so for some of the things kenneth mentions more severe weather on the way today. >> there is and for those details we turn to accuweather's paul williams. >> good morning. kendis, gloria. we're looking for the strongest storms to hit oklahoma and the southwest corner of missouri going into the western portions of arkansas. now, with this area of red we're talking about another round of tornado, another round of supercell thunderstorms with dangerous hail and downpours. flooding concerns along the gulf coast from new orleans up to little rock all the way down towards corpus christi and another bit of storms towards minneapolis. >> thank you. overseas where the latest attempt by north korea to test launch a missile has
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failure. officials in south korea say the powerful medium range missile blew up on the launchpad. if true, it would be the fourth failure by the north to conduct a successful test launch. the missile has the potential to reach u.s. bases in asia. well, iraqi special forces are encountering stiff resistance trying to retake fallujah. the city 40 miles from baghdad is the second largest still held by isis. there are tens of thousands of civilians still in fallujah and fears isis may use them as human shields. the city may also be filled with mines. president obama sparked controversy during his memorial day remarks at arlington national cemetery while paying tribute to troops who was recently killed in iraq he mentioned the word combat. but the president had officially declared the end of combat in iraq back in 2010. >> in iraq in our fight against isil three americans have
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behalf and today i ask you to remember their stories, as well. >> the president went on to praise the heroic actions of the three men. critics accused the administration of avoiding the word combat in a recent interview the president acknowledged our troops in iraq will sometimes face combat situations. the race for the white house and bernie sanders holding another massive rally in california. an estimated 20,000 turned out. a group of protesters rushed the stage. secret service quickly intervened leading away four people in handcuffs. sanders did continue fairly unruffled. he has a string of rallies lined up before next tuesday's primary and is expected to draw some more big crowds. >> just amazed by the kind of turnouts we've seen in california and the energy behind those turnouts and if we go in there with a lot of momentum i would obviously hope to come out with the nomination. >> well, hillary clinton is
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barnstorms the state. she canceled a new jersey appearance set for this thursday instead clinton will campaign in california right up until the primary, a week from today. a much anticipated announcement expected today from donald trump. he plans to reveal the names of the veterans groups that benefited from $6 million they says he raised for vets. it took a long time to distribute the funds because the organizations had to be properly vetted. things are back to normal at the white house after a security breach. the secret service ordered a lockdown after a metal object was thrown over the white house fence. i woman taken into custody immediately afterward and emergency crews then swept the grounds and determined there was no danger. we're learning more about the suspected gunman in that houston shooting rampage which left one person dead. police say dionisio garza entered an auto detailing shop and started shooting killing a customer then he walked into the
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random. the gunfire started at a -- started a fire rather at a gas station. he was eventually killed by police. garza was from southern california. he received several awards for his military service in afghanistan. his stepmother believes he suffered from ptsd. a brief sports note. this year's nba finals is a rematch of last year's nba finals. >> the golden state warriors made sure of that last night winning their game seven western conference showdown against oklahoma city. look at that. we'll have full game highlights later. the warriors will face the cleave cavaliers in the finals, game one is thursday night. i can't wait here on abc. >> there was a cute moment last night. golden state's steph curry trying to give his daughter riley a kiss. but she was having none of it. she didn't seem to want one from her dad. >> riley cam on going. >> she's like, we'll wait till you win the finals. all right. still
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people on earth getting 9 best view of another planet in more than a decade. >> growing outrage over the shooting of a gorilla after a child climbed into its exhibit. memorials for the animal grow. >> water rushing through streets where this wild flooding is happening.
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incredible flooding in southwestern germany after torrential rain, at least four people are dead including a firefighter. you saw the cars being swept away. the man that he was trying to rescue from a flooded underpass, more rain has fallen in a few hours than
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several months. police in santa monica, california, have arrested the man suspected of putting a drug in his date's drink. michael hu is being held on $1 million bail. three women say they spotted him dropping an unknown substance into a woman's drink while she was away from the table. they alerted the woman and posted the whole story on facebook. it quickly went viral. he is scheduled to be in court today. a man on the fbi's ten most wanted list has been captured. phillip polokra ppolocarpio was for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend last month. mars is at its closest to earth in 11 years right now at some point in the past few hours it was just about 47 million miles away and will stay close for the next two weeks. no need for a telescope even if you want
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southeast around nightfall for the object in the sky. much closer is this up close video of a mountain lion, mother and her kittens, video shot by surveillance cameras set up in southern california's angeles national forest. at one point we see the kittens wrestling with each other. the guy whose camera caught it said he has seen them before never this close. when we come back the terror before takeoff. a plane's tire catching fire. and a baby elephant stuck in a storm drain. the desperate rescue mission caught on camera. i take pictures of sunrises. it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12-hour strength of aleve... for pain relief that can last into the morning.
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to know that i'm doing the right thing so it's nice to know that it was as simple as that. a lengthy police chase in the los angeles area lasted more than two hours down highways, city street, even sidewalks. the suspect had reportedly split with his wife two days earlier and they were talking on the phone during the chase. police say he appeared to be smoking something, probably meth, while driving up to 90 miles an hour. as for this morning's road conditions, it'll be clear along the west coast, flooding will again be a problem across the southern plains and in texas. wet roads in the southeast and in the upper midwest. if you are flying airport delays are possible in minneapolis and kansas city. so officials at the cincinnati zoo are defending 9 decision to kill an endangered gorilla
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a child fell into the animal's enclosure. >> yeah, this morning there is fresh outrage directed at the zoo and at the child's parents. abc's marci gonzalez reports from cincinnati. >> reporter: growing outrage about this close encounter. those ten terrifying minutes the child spent inside the zoo exhibit causing the endangered silverback to lose his life. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the horrifying scene playing out in front of the boy's mother. >> mommy loves you. i'm right here. >> reporter: at one point 17-year-old harambe and the 4-year-old boy appear to look at each other. >> be calm. >> reporter: then the gorilla lifts boy up and drags him to the other side of the motor. zoo officials making the split-second decision to take the gorilla's life. >> my heart sank. you could tell it was a high powered rifle. >> reporter: the boy plunged into the motor and this video shows the
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railing that separates the crowd from the exhibit. the same one that's been there for 38 years. >> the exhibit is safe and the barrier is safe. that said, any of us in this room could climb over barriers if we choose. >> reporter: mourners holding a vigil as anger over his death grows. some pointing to videos like this showing a gorilla in an
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cincinnati. a very scary moment for airline passengers in tampa. their united flight to houston had to be aborted it was as it was taking off because a tire on the boeing 737 blew and started a fire. no injuries and the 131 passengers were bussed back to the terminal. their replacement flight finally left seven hours later. road rage is being blamed to are a wild hit-and-run caught on camera in florida. a driver deliberately mowed down two on a motorcycle. the bikers were arguing with the driver because he had cut them off a little earlier. it took police about five minutes to catch up with the driver. the injured bikers were taken to the hospital. and an incredible sight in south asia. the rescue of a baby elephant caught in a storm drain in sri lanka. no one is sure how the pachyderm became snared. it happened in a port city where hundreds of
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freely. they broke the drain to open and free the elephant. the animal may have suffered a broken leg. now some sports. one league is getting ready for its final series. another already under way. >> it is very exciting. we get the highlights from our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. stan, neil. i got the stanley cup final. >> still growing. >> water it every day. >> hey, let's check out the nba's western conference finals. game seven for the first time since 200. klay thompson, you remember the big game six. came back with 21 points in this one, draymond green knocking down a three for the warriors, as well, but the man, of course, was steph curry. hit 7 threes in there one. most ever by anyone in a game seven, 36 points, 15 in the fourth quarter and
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headed back to the nba finals taking on the cavaliers thursday right here on abc. stanley cup final game one, penguins hosting the sharks. this would be pittsburgh. under three minutes to go tied at two. it smelled like overtime. brett burns, he loses his stick. 88 right there. whiffs on trying to play the puck with his hands. kris letang minds nick boninbon. 7 looking the wrong way, mark jones, look this way. this way. too late. penguins win game one, 3-2. >> all right. so again, game one of the times thursday night 9:00 eastern here on abc. >> 6:00 pacific. >> rematch of last we're nba finals. back to you. >> up next in "the pulse," he can figure out the universe's mystery but stephen hawking admitting he cannot explain donald trump's popularity. and like a sne
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ergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear. ♪ time to check out "the pulse" starting with donald trump stuffering the man who can explain the theory of everything. >> yes, renowned theoretical physicist stephen hawking is baffled by the political success of the presumptive republican nominee. hawking who speaks through a computer told a british tv show that he can't understand trump's popularity. >> hawking went on to call trump a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator. >> so i guess he's a fan. >> maybe. imagine if you're driving home near jackson, mississippi, when someone tries to cut into traffic in a cessna. it actually happened on interstate 10 as people were
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weekend. >> what a surprise. the small plane's engine had failed and although the pilot was cleared for an emergency landing at an airport he knew he could not wait. >> i take off, i don't think i'll make mobile. i think i'll put it on the road. are you declaring an emergency. affirmative. >> mcknight signaled drivers he was going to land on the highway by moving the wings and the motorists made room for him. >> most amazing thing what was written on his shirt, keep calm and land on the center line. nice. and florida is the home of gators but few are as big as this. >> talk about your hazards. this was on a golf course in south florida. that monster of an alligator just strolling along the fairway and needless to say all play in the area coming to a complete stop. >> the guy who shot that video estimated that gator was at least 14 feet long. >> and he stayed away from it. more news after this.
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the last day of may. and for many people this is also the first day of teh work week, after a long holiday weekend. good morning washington. toss to jacqui warm and muggy in the 60s now with temperatures in the mid 80s this afternoon. the warmest day. limited rain chances the next three days. more comfortable air arrives tomorrow afternoon and thursday.
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270 germantown -- 66 in centerville new this morning -- a suspect under arrest in connection with a double shooting in the district. it happened around nine o'clock in the 42-hundred block of 4th street southeast. two men are being treated at the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. a look ou
4:27 am
sedan was issued, but police confirmed overnight that a suspect was taken into custody. only on 7- a nine-year-old girl is seriously injured, after two teenage boys allegedly attacked her. last tuesday, icysis ) morgan fell off her scooter in the white oaks section of silver spring. she says two teenage boys laughed at her, and beat her. a security guard found her unconscious, behind a dumpster. since then, isis hasn't been back to school.. and is having nightmares. the girl's mother is now speaking with counselors. she wants the teenage boys charged as adults. in arizona-- health officials are dealing with a small measles outbreak this morning. a dozen cases have been reported at a private detention facility. but state public health officials say everyone in surrounding counties may be at risk because of the poten
4:28 am
the measles is highly contagious and symptoms often take seven to 21 days after exposure. the source of the outbreak is still under investigation. terrifying video out of new york city- after a crash leaves a tractor trailer-- dangling over a bridge!! check this out. one person was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. fire officials say the driver of the truck had to climb down to safety. luckily the truck wasn't carrying any cargo - or it would have been heavy enough to topple. emergency crews took hours to secure it. no word on what triggered the scary situation. it's xx and we're just getting started. a young mother found murdered near her home. are police close to catching the person responsible? the latest on the investigation.. coming up. heavy rains triggering deadly flooding from the midwest to the east coast. we are tracking several storm systems and will let you know how it will impact us here in the d-m-v.
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washington. clouds this morning giving way to more sun this afternoon. topping 80 degrees by noon with highs in the mid 80s. a stray shower is possible south of dc.
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95 in stafford -- beltway @ river developing now-- new details in the search for a killer- after a mother is murdered in a condo complex laundry room. family members tell us the victim is 29 year old ashley solano. and as tom roussey explains-- police are looking for the person who took her life. right now--


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