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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. scott: breaking news out of annapolis where human remains have been located. news chopper 7 is flying over the 2000 of industrial drive. anne arundel county police are there. you can see the medical examiner is on the way. at this point we don't know the circumstances surrounding this discovery. it's still in the early stages of this investigation. we're going to continue to gather more information and we will pass it along as soon as we get it. meanwhile, scare at a school. a bear shows up. michelle: apparently this isn't the first time at george g. tyler elementary school. a warning was sent out last week. scott: reports today that the bear was trying to get into at least one car. in the lot of the gainesville, virginia, school. kellye lynn is there to explain what is going on. kellye? kellye:
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calm right now as school is letting out. as you can see, there are two schools behind me. side by side. that is where this occurred. the first sighting it 58:30 near pace west school. at 12:15 in the afternoon a black bear was seen heading to the school next door. tyler elementary school. >> it is scary thinking it could come over here. it's literally across the street. there are kids out here playing all the time. >> i feel like he is more scared of us than we are of him. kellye: everything is fine right now. all of the outdoor activities were moved inside today. since we have been here we have seen a police presence this afternoon. as the police reassure parents and students that everything is safe. reporting live in gainesville, kellye lynn, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. as the investigation into a child porn bust that rocked prince george's county and the school system
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short comings and come up with solutions is out with the own report. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in upper marlboro, maryland, with the findings. brad? brad: yeah, well, this is that report. 50 pages. the product of about four months of meetings, surveys, interviews. and basically it boils down to five main recommendations. essentially what it says is there needs to be better accountability from principals. there needs to be better public reporting, better education for children. and that there needs to be better screening of employees. and from this task force report and recommendations, now come a work group according to the c.e.o. of the school system to implement the idea. a discovery in february that school aide deonte car
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videoingtapeing it inside the school and that prompted safety review. in response to angry parents the school c.e.o. maxwell formed a task force to review student safety system wide. they did not look in the specific culture at sylvania woods that allowed carraway hours of unsupervised access to young children. maxwell says now he is appointing another task force to investigate how that could have happened. >> if it is discovered that anyone employed by the school system failed to act in accordance with the law, and our policy of reporting i will take swift and decisive action. brad: when we come back at 5:00, we will tell you more about the finding and give you update on the criminal proceedings. the case now before a grand jury. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. scott: all right, brad. today, a warning from parents from arlington police. someone is
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children into his truck. several incidents and several children repoing it. one thing in common, that truck's description. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live to explain what to look out for. jeff? jeff: well, it has the recent incident that happened last wednesday. a girl was walking home from washington lee high school after school got out. down here on 13th street. she was walking this way. a man drove right up to next to her. she then turned direction to get away from him. scaring off the man. she says she had seen the man behind the vehicle, behind the wheel several times before. four incidents happened in the past two months in arlington. other sightings including last week on the north park drive where elementary school age children saw a man driving a dark blue pickup truck slow down next to them as they were walking home from school. in april, two additional reports of a man in a dark blue pickup truck following young children. they were walking home
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school. they have increased patrols near barrett elementary school and parents are talking to the kids about the potential dangers. >> we have talked to her about it. we tell her she can walk home with a friend. we'd rather she do that than walk by herself. >> children have been smart. they know to exit the area and not speak to the individual. >> so certainly kids behaving smartly in this situation. arlington believe it could be the same individual. the description of the suspect is very vague. man in his 40's or 50's. medium build. dark hair. at 5:00, we tell you about the incident and what some of the children said to this man that caused him to drive
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scott: police in fairfax county look for a group of armed suspects who held up a small party at gunpoint and robbed them after 2:00. police sail more than ten victims were in the room when the suspect knocked on the door. they thought it was a noise complaint but realized it was three man with a gun and a hammer. >> is this rapping right now? i couldn't believe it. they took all of my stuff. >> one victim tells abc7 she thinks it might have been an inside job. meaning that someone tipped the suspects off about the location. >> flooding in texas became so severe even horses are now trying to find higher ground.
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three tornadoes struck. twister leaving destruction there the wake. a farmer forced to watch the twister as it made its way toward his home. watching it go to my house. i hope it doesn't hit it. oh my god! michelle: his house fortunately spared but his shed was wiped out. power poles were damaged finding many to lose power. no one was injured. >> a car slamming through the glass entrance at o'hare international airport. one of the busiest in world. the taxis going in the terminal. police say nobody was injured and the driver was going too fast. the question today is the airport secure? should the planters have stopped the car getting that far? you have probably seen the video of the 4-year-old boy falling i
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michelle: the zoo killed the gorilla to save the boy's life. at 4:30, the new investigation launched by the prosecutor's office. scott: who do you blame? the parents or the zoo? grab your smart phone, tablet or desk top and go to let us know. michelle: coming up for us at 4:00 -- the happiest places in america. scott: your don't have to travel far. we have the list ahead. >> this is an unhappy driver. what sparked the road rage that put a couple in the hospital. michelle: washington, d.c. joins a short list when it comes to food. the reason a lot of chefs in the area are on their a game. doug: it's humid across the area. heavy downpours. a couple popping up. track them on doppler radar still to come.
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michelle: hate speech will soon be deleted from your favorite social media sites. they are teaming up with the european union to crack down on online hate speech. they are review flagged content in 24 h
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it if necessary. the e.u. justice commissioner says social media is a group that terrorist group use to radicalize some people. >> news to make chefs nervous. michelle: d.c. will be the fourth city in the u.s. to have the restaurants rated by the prestigious michelin travel guide. alison starling is here with details. alison: this is exciting for washington, d.c. i am joined by the international director for the red guys. this is exciting for us here. can you explain why this change is coming to d.c. and why now? >> have been looking at this for a while. the dining is great. we had the resources available and we pushed the button. alison: how do you choose the restaurants involved? >> we use a lot of sources. existing guide. social media. inspectors
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go out. they ask concierge at a hotel and bar tenders where they go. a variety of different areas. alison: should all the cefs be nervous now -- chefs be nervous now? >> no. the most important thing is fill the restaurant with happy customers. that is objective number one. alison: so for people in d.c. we eat in virginia and maryland. a big happy family. is there a chance it could expand to other region? >> yes. this year is in district of columbia but we have ambitions to go beyond and canture the metro area shortly. alison: you live in paris and traveled from paris to be here in washington for the big
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can you put d.c. as the same place as paris? >> there is great here. i lived here in the early 1980's. upand coming neighborhood of adams morgan that is now up and came so it's a big neighborhood now. d.c. is a fourth addition we have in the united nations joining new york, san francisco, chicago. alison: puts us on the map. getting closer to the paris level. thank you. >> thank you. alison: back to you. michelle: the next story not on the paris level. pizza hut, they may not make michelin's list but it is working to improve the food by removing two preservetives from meat topics. they will also remove chicken produced with the antibiotics and the preservetives by march -- preservetives by march. they want a natural approach. scott: starbucks is adding chemical
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nitrogen infused coffee. it's poured poured poured from . you can see why the c.e.o. says it pours like a guinness. only available in chicago, seattle, new york, boston, portland, l.a. for now. driver caught on camera in an alleged case of road rage in florida. now facing serious charges. wow! witnesses there say it started when the car cut off the motorcyclists in tampa. the driver and the motorcyclist exchanged angry word. what followed is the violent hit-and-run. witness was already recording it all on the phone. >> i knew something was going down. i didn't know that extreme. anywhere that you do that. scott: police arrested the driver farther down the road minutes afterwards. the motorcyclists were
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hospitalized. time for a check of traffic situation. jamie sullivan has details. jamie: we have a few issues. i want to begin in virginia. 66 heading eastbound before route 110. two lanes are blocked. that is with police activity. yesterday afternoon was nice on most of the street inside the beltway. outside the beltway where we saw the heavy traffic. but today is back to normal. as you outbound on 66, you can see this looks good. that is inbound. this heavy volume heading outbound driving to some of the sun glare. you will have that. of course, the volume traveling along the beltway at the american legion bridge. volume in both directions. no major crashes to report, though. happy to say that. if you are traveling in the district right now, typical volume. but we don't have any crashes.
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back to you. michelle: all right. thank you. gators on a golf course is nothing too uncommon, right? there was something unusual about this creature. check him out. slow moving. the massive alligator caught on camera walking across a florida golf course. no one close enough for intact measure. but only rivaled by godzilla. that is huge! scott: i grew up in florida. there was a golf course we golf at daily. hole number seven you knew don't hit right. there was a water hazard and inevitably on a sunny day the gator would lie by the bunker. you knew if you hit right you will let it go and take a mulligan. that is a big guy. michelle: that is a house pet, dog. doug: i play golf that don't come south often. they will shank the ball in water and go look for it.
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michelle: crazy. speed dial 911. doug: let the ball go. scott: big boy. doug: scary. weather wise in a summer pattern. warm and muggy. showers here and there. thunderstorm chances will creep up tomorrow and later in the week as well. hunker down to summer. june tomorrow. the hurricane season officially begins tomorrow. we have had two tropical storms. we will update you on bonnie, what is left of it. 84 at reagan national. looking live at the tornado factor. dew point is 64. that combination with the dew point is making it feel almost uncomfortable. sticky to uncomfortable range now. in the summertime the lower the dew point the more comfortable it is outside. the higher the dew point the more impressive it gets. we'll have plenty of hot and humid days. at the moment, check out the numbers. 88 in leesburg and manassas. 86 in frederick. 86 in fredericksburg. again, 84 in the face's capital.
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looking at doppler radar, things are clear. there were showers over southern fairfax and pushing south. heavy rain for a while. zoom in now. and notice the action is moving from north to south. heavy one in western charles county. they rain themselves out. that is the pattern today and likely the pattern tomorrow. maybe a couple of thunderstorms tomorrow as well. big picture, the moisture left with bony. slow up the coast. no effect on us. but it will help keep winds out of the east and the southeast in the next couple of days to keep us muggy. unstable. chance of showers. otherwise the temperatures through midatlantic and northeast. summary for late may and early june. 86 in boston. 84 in roanoke. 84 in columbus, ohio. the future cast here get you cracking. look at the showers to the south later this evening. things should dissipate. notice the effect of the winds now that are coming more off the atlantic tomorrow. we have a few clouds at times. we have showers, a maybe isolated thundersto
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thursday. couple more could pop. most of the heavy action far away. cold front will come here friday to give us a chance of showers and storms. the next seven days. 83 tomorrow. 80 on thursday. warm and muggy. isolated showers and storms. likely with a cold front on friday. another cold front bringing showers and thunderstorms that could last till monday. scott: list of the happiest counties in america is out in our area. well represented. according to smart loudoun county is ranked as the happiest county in america. fairfax came in close second. michelle: carver county, mingles, came in third. chester county, pennsylvania, fourth place. hunterton, new jersey, rounds out the top five. howard county and montgomery county made the list at seven and 19. next at "abc7 news at 4:00",
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amber heard divorce. it's getting uglier. back and forth after restraining order was granted. that's coming up. scott: plus, the police getting involved in cincinnati after the gorilla was killed when a child fell in the tent. we will explain how. we want to hear from you. who should be held responsible? the parents or the zoo? go to
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scott: new developments in johnny depp divorce drama. those who know the superstar actor well are defending depp following accusations of abuse from his estranged wife amber heard. michelle: brandi hitt has the latest. brandi: the ugly divorce playing out in public, johnny depp friend and family jumping to his defense. refuting amber heard accusations of domestic violence. heard claims that the superstar actor recently smashed an iphone into her face in a drunken tirade. providing these photos in court showing what she claims are bruises below her eye. the judge granted a restraining order friday just days after heard filed for divorce. >> it will be a game changer. weigh in the judge's consideration about whether there should be spousal support granted. brandi: now ad model who has
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written a letter saying he was never abusive with her. and their daughter posting this on instagram writing my dad is the sweetest, most loving person i know. >> over the weekend he was in port gasoline at a charity event in good spirits. >> on the night of the alleged attack, the police department says it responded to a disturbance at depp's house but officer said there was no evidence of any crime. depp's attorney writing in court documents amber is attempting to secure a premature financial resolution alleging abuse. brandi: she did not press criminal charges on the night in question and her attorney said she didn't give a statement to police to protect her privacy and depp's career. michelle: next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- controversial swirling around the death of a gorilla at a cincinnati zoo after a child falls into the exhibit. why police are getting involved. plus, you can weigh in on this. we want to hear your opinion.
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held accountable? vote right now at scott: plus, signs hacked in texas. donald trump is a... we'll show you the rest when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: you are looking live at the white house. president obama congratulating the ncaa champions, villanova's team. president obama hosting the wildcats. they won on a buzzer beater over u.n.c. let's listen in. president obama: it was like christian laettner shot. jimmy v. running up and down the court shot. charles barkley jumped out of his seat which he doesn't do often these days. michelle: the president speaking about the buzzer beater moment. chris jenkins, you will
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recall, -- kris jenkins made the three-pointer and that helped them clinch the title. that was against u.n.c. they are celebrating and that is a look at what is happening at the white house. scott: the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo slated to reopen this weekend. michelle: that is a week after one of the endangered species was fatally shot to protect a child who had fallen in the animal enclosure. alison: there is a lot of outrage from different people today. this by the way the subject of our instapoll. so you can log on to we are asking today who do you feel is at fault for this? the parents or the zoo? well, today, more outrage directed at both.
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zoo once again under fire following the decision to put down harambe, the 17-year-old endangered silverback gorilla. >> a child has fallen into the gorilla cage. alison: after authorities say a 3-year-old boy climbed over a three-foot barrier and plunged some 15 feet in the moat. >> mommy is right here! alison: with his mother watching in horror from above. >> this child is being dragged around. his head was banging on concrete. this is not agenteddal thing. alison: an animal rights group is calling for feds to investigate. saying this rail that separates the crowd from the exhibit is up not to par. >> this is very simple. if there was an adequate public barrier on the gorilla facility we would not be standing here. >> barriers are safe. they exceed any required protocols. alison: the zoo naining it was not neg -- maintaining he was not
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relationship to harambe going back to his grandparents finds the situation tragic for everyone. >> he was in a situation where there is a strange thing here that i don't know what -- what do i do? alison: the boy's parents are changing heat online. petition demanding they will held responsible for not sun vising the child. it has more than 300,000 signatures and counting. prosecutors are saying now they are investigating to see if charges are relevant here. the gorilla exhibit in the meantime set to reopen this coming saturday. we are asking for your opinion. instapoll. weigh in at michelle: a lot of strong opinions on that one. alison: definitely. scott: all right. well, let's change the mood up a little bit. doug hill is here. alison: hi, doug. doug: summary out there. showers. we have been complaining for so long it was so cool now th
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temperatures are warmer. with the sunshine and a breeze blowing in, enough to pop up showers. no lightning associated with these. get a sense of the motion which way they are headed. normally around here -- i wouldn't say "normally" but often the showers and the thunderstorms move west to east or southwest to northeast. but every now and then they go from north to south. we see one of the showers north of stafford. i was -- we had some a few minutes ago. they are raining themselves out as they continue to the south. this is a pattern of increasing winds overhead to bring the moisture in from the atlantic. this is left of bonnie. it will help contribute east/northeast. that is going to contribute to more showers. future cast will give fairly quiet. we hav
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and getting through the afternoon. low 80's. afternoon thunderstorms. the same deal in the day on thursday. the forecast tonight is fog. 66 tomorrow and wednesday. chance of showers and storms tomorrow. showers are possible on thursday. that the latest. scott? scott: well, in only a matter of months d.c. has turned your $5 parking ticket increase to $31 million. that is according to a study just released this morning. john gonzalez in northwest d.c. with the change tomorrow that will cost you more. john: we just got the numbers today. we are talking to drivers who are not happy about the double whammy. last october the city increased most parking tickets but $5. the city generated in the first four months of the fiscal year $31 million. that is $4 million more than the same period
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starting tomorrow june 1, pay more for parking in the city. the parking rates increasing by 15 to 30% an hour. you will be paying $2.30 an hour wherever you park in the city. boy, i remember paying 25 cents an hour in the day. >> it's very expensive. i think they are unreasonable. they are just concerned about the money they make. they don't care about these things. even with the delivery trucks, you know, you see the ups people pull up and they drop off deliveries for the businesses. they are ticketing them. >> the normal areas the price soars by $1.55. jump for the commercial vehicles as well. those drivers have the option of paying an annual fee of $325. or a daily fee of $25. but the bott
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parking going up. if you use the mobile app for example. well, that is going to cost you more. 15 cents. for transaction fee every time you use it. michelle: a "7 on your side" consumer alert. the cost of buying a home is surging. it's prime house hunting season. prices climbing again in march. that is expected to continue. solid job growth and wages on the rise and find more attractive to point where the supply is limited. scott: coinciding with that, we are spending more as americans. in fact, april saw the biggest increase in more than six years. more workers are taking home more money. there is belief that the economy is growing faster than the slow start to year. michelle: talk about spending. the world's most expensive handbag sold at auction for $300,000. the hermes bag is made
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crocodile and diamond encrusted. sold to a private asian collector at an auction yesterday in hong kong. the company doesn't say how many bags it makes per year but they are believed to be incredibly rare which helps increase the value. is a cheat day really that bad for you? or is it okay if you are on a diet to break things up? we have both sides of this debate. ♪ ♪ reporter: cheat days. indull jent break from the drudgery of dieting. often shared on social media. for the rock, mountains of fudge, peanut butter browes and cinnamon buns. jennifer aniston goes for mexican food. kardashians, boxes of fried chicken. >> what do you see people eat on the cheat day? >> chips to cookies to popcorn, chocolate. cakes. huge sandwiches. pizzas. ice cream. you name it. reporter: can giving in cravings one day a wee
4:38 pm
it or hurt the diet? the science is hazy. but some say cheat days may help. but upping production of the hormone leptin decreasing the appetite and helping the body burn more calories after overeating increasing the he tablism. they -- metabolism. >> and psychological benefit. >> you can feel motivated to stick to diet plan. you know you have a day to get to eat a little bit of whatever you want. >> but for a lot of people, these days may actually be counterproductive. >> if you get me a full day to eat whatever i wanted i could ruin weeks of good work. >> right. you can take in upward of 5,000 calories. that would be a disaster. >> and it can be hard to get back on track with a cheat day turning into a cheat week. >> i talk more about moderation. have one meal that is a little more
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when you have a cheat day it turns into a cheat weekend and cheat week and then i start all over. scott: no such thing as a cheat day if you always cheat. michelle: is that your strategy? we just look this up. out of curiosity. our producer looked it up. michael phelps when he is training, of course, olympic athlete. he eats 12,000 calories. maybe if you work out the to the extent of an olympic athlete. scott: i do that but not an athlete. all right. michelle: still ahead for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the backseat rant to went viral. have you seen this? find out what this was. >> they are being so bad. michelle: that kid is henry. find out who henry is so angry at and see more of his big rant. scott: plus, construction signs hacked in dallas.
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scott: the race for white house turned bizarre as if that hasn't already been mentioned. already, we have another one for you here. a new one. construction signs were hacked in dallas. one me
4:43 pm
"donald trump is a... shape-shifting lizard." another -- "bernie for president." it was a busy day on a serious note. donald trump revealing information about donations for veterans and hillary clinton and bernie sanders focused on california. reporter: donald trump unveiled his veteran charity list. >> i have raised a tremendous amount of money for the vets. almost $6 million. all of the money has been paid out. reporter: that figure slightly less than he claimed in van. some of contributions coming from trump himself. >> i gave $1 million. reporter: months after he said he raised the fund for vets at an event in iowa he is releasing the name of group that were paid adding he wanted to if keep it private. >> i'm the only one in world can raise $6 million for veterans, have uniform applause by veteran group and be criticized
4:44 pm
reporter: playing out in one of trump's fiery press conferences yet, attacking the press for "making him look bad." >> i never received bad publicity for doing a good job. reporter: sleazy, slime, horrible, dishonest some of the words that trump used to describe the media with reporters pushing him on the numbers. but veterans outside trump tower protesting the real estate mogul say it's not about the money he generates but integrity. >> he got caught lying about the amount of money he raised for veterans. were -- we were here last week calling him out. now he is scrambling to explain himself. reporter: hillary clinton holding fundraisers in new york and new jersey but will soon head west to secure the delegates she will need to clinch the nomination. bernie sanders is putting all of his efforts in next week's california primary to try and prevent that. right now in california, there are two against trump university. they released document to
4:45 pm
was marketed. trump calls the handling of the case unfair. scott: warning now to americans traveling to europe. the alert coming from the state department warning of the risk of terror attack in the summer. in particular, warned about two events. catholic church world youth day in late july in poland and the european soccer championship that france will host june 10 till july 10. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- her stage name is maggy mcmuffin. the burlesque performer told to change before flying. we will show you the outfit she had on that sparked the controversy. michelle: backseat temper tantrum going viral. the little boy on a mission. >> let me do my job right now. michelle: why this 6-y
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scott: we all want to dress comfortably for a long plane ride but a woman in boston says her clothes nearly got her kicked off a flight. michelle: the burlesque dancer was told her shorts were too short. the entertainer who goes by the stage name "magge mcmuffin" trying to fly from boston to seattle. but an airline worker approached her and said a pilot decided that her shorts were inappropriate. >> i could tie a sweater on around my waist or get a blanket from you. i was told if you don't change your clothes you will not board the flight. michelle: jetblue says the employees are allowed to deny boarding to any customer whose clothing may be offensive. they offered her apology and flight credit but mcmuffin says the airline should offer sensitivity training to the pilots or be more clear with the expectations of the customers. what do
4:50 pm
scott: oh, maggie mcmuffin. michelle: i remember days that people got blazed up in blazers and dolled up. scott: absolutely. suit to fly. michelle: those days are gone. scott: by far. michelle: it is a backseat rant that has gone viral. scott: yeah. when children set their minds to something they can really want it. this 6-year-old henry marr is determined to save the environment. >> the planet, they are being so bad. i could just call them dumb people. i wish i was an adult right now. i just want to do my job right now! scott: okay. henry has written a book and got his friends to sign it to try to help clean up the environment. michelle: he says he was inspired after a teacher showed a video of a chickadee eating garbage. he is not stopping there. he has a big summer ahead. >> and tomorrow we are goi
4:51 pm
happen and what is going to be our plan and we are going to go together at little mountain and take care of it. >> care of what? >> the planet. i'm still thinking about it. i have been to little mountain. guess what i have done? i saved a slug. scott: he saved a slug. at least 16 million people have seen his rant online. i wish i were an adult, he says. michelle: yeah. that is one intense kid. wow! "7 on your side" health alert for you now. fears of a new measles outbreak. this time in arizona. a dozen reported cases of the virus all stemming from an outbreak at a private detention center. officials say people in two different counties may be at risk of exposure. people who have a rash and fever are being asked to contact hospitals or clinics before showing up at a facility in hopes of containing the virus. scott: time now for
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check on eagle cam. freedom and liberty soaking in some of the afternoon sun rays. they could take off any day. they are climbing out to to the limb of tree and getting lift even. but so far staying put as you can see there. michelle: there is a lot of scoping out the scene to look for the best opportunities. today is a beautiful day out there. steve: it is. when they get hungry, they will fly. they will find the next meal. all right. it feels like summer. it should. now memorial day weekend has come and gone. belle haven country club in alexandria, virginia. few clouds out there. temperature at reagan national at 84 degrees. we will stay on the warm side as we move through the overnight hours. satellite and radar, not a lot going on around the capital beltway. but the further south you go on 7959, around stafford, that is where we have had showers. wet pavement for them. it won't
4:53 pm
tomorrow is a warm and a humid day. slight chance for thunderstorm. temperatures in the lower 80's. talk about the upcoming weekend. chance for storms on sunday. upper 70's. the delmarva beaches, the water temperature is still chilly. upper 50's to lower 60's. temperatures friday, saturday, sunday will be in the 70's. i will take you out to look at the next seven days. calls for temperatures in the upper 70's on friday. lower 80's on saturday. check on the afternoon rush hour commute. to jamie sullivan. jamie: steve, some of the heaviest traffic is heading outbound on the toll road. you can see the solid red line as well as 66. not too bad. the crash on the toll road before hunter mill road in the single digits. if you know
4:54 pm
have to catch a flight at dulles, we are not used to seeing this traffic. get ready for extra time. scott? michelle: all right. thank you, jamie. scott: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- concession of so-called mommy blogger. the surprising story behind the picture-perfect posts and what prompted one woman to give it all up.
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michelle: a stunning confession. mommy blogger making thousands of dollars off her post reveals the images she published, painting a happy family didn't tell the real story. we have more. >> i was a mommy blogger. it consumed my life. reporter: her picture perfect life started out as a way to earn extra money. >> i had up to 5020 unique viewers per month. i was making $1,500 per blog post. >> for three years the 27-year-old mother of three would stage and post nearly every moment of her life. from birthday parties to family vacations. but she says it was squeezing the joy out of parenting. and her marriage. life wasn't as peachy as the pictures she posted, not even close. >> i posted happy pictures because i needed it. if it's sponsored post i need happy photos. if i had a deadline t
4:58 pm
the sponsored post and we weren't having a great time, i still needed to get the photos. reporter: feeling like she was living a lie she quit the blog and now living to expose the world of paid posts. in a candid sign off that has gone viral called "dear mommy blogger" she writes -- 90% of the fake nonsense i usedded to share on the internet as mommy blogger writing about my fake life and oh, so happy marriage are pure bull. >> what she is expressing about the infancy of her post is a problem with all social media. whether you are a mommy blogger or not. we have a habit of only posting the most perfect images to make our lives look incredible. lives are as messy as fun. >> today she says she is happier without the burden of a blog. >> i feel better about myself so i don't have the constant insecurity and the need to post constant cheerful positive messages online. it's a relief to be authen
4:59 pm
announced to keep sex predators slipping through the cracks after a school aid allegedly produced child pornography in a school bathroom. boosting d.c.'s bottom line. the city's latest parking revenue figures are in. astonishing increase is about to kick in. and finding their happy place. residents in two local counties learn they live in america's two most pleasant places. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: better screening, accountability and prevention. those are recommendations from a task force examining exactly now a school aid was allegedly able to videotape several opportunities engaging in sexual acts inside a prince george's county school. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in upper marlboro with the new information. brad? brad: well, this is the work product of that student safety task force
5:00 pm
released a couple of hours ago. the superintendent of schools, the c.e.o. here says he will take this information and now appoint a work group to implement it. and set up another task force for another investigation. appointed after the arrest, volunteer aide deonte carraway for child abuse and creation of child porn inside sylvania woods elementary school, the school safety task force making 28 suggestions. school c.e.o. kevin maxwell says he is appointing a work group to implement them. >> my promise to students and to students, parents, staff, members of the community i will take whatever actions are necessary. >> the task force chaired by the president of prince george's community college recommends yearly safety reporting by this c.e.o. to better hold principals accountable for student safety. to create a new compliance office to institute better screening of everybody who has contact. and to adjust curriculum to empower child


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