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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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released a couple of hours ago. the superintendent of schools, the c.e.o. here says he will take this information and now appoint a work group to implement it. and set up another task force for another investigation. appointed after the arrest, volunteer aide deonte carraway for child abuse and creation of child porn inside sylvania woods elementary school, the school safety task force making 28 suggestions. school c.e.o. kevin maxwell says he is appointing a work group to implement them. >> my promise to students and to students, parents, staff, members of the community i will take whatever actions are necessary. >> the task force chaired by the president of prince george's community college recommends yearly safety reporting by this c.e.o. to better hold principals accountable for student safety. to create a new compliance office to institute better screening of everybody who has contact. and to adjust curriculum to empower child
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themselves. >> it is the responsibility of adults to protect children from harm. that's the underlying theme of the task force. brad: the task force did not identify the culture or procedures at sylvania woods. they are performing a news or the to do that. specifically looking at the action or inaction of the principal. today parents at the school say they don't need a task force to know what needs to change. >> we need to have stricter policies or whatnot about who they allow to come around the students. >> listen to the students. don't brush the students off. if a child is something to tell you, that something is going on. you know trust them first. brad: they found findings similar to what the parents were saying at the end of the story. deonte carraway is under federal indictment.
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courthouse here we understand his case is before the grand jury. it's possible that indictments on state charges will be coming down soon. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: there is a warning after four cases of kids approached by a man. in each of the cases the kids gave almost the exact same story and the same descriptions of the guy in the vehicle he is driving. jeff goldberg has details. high school and elementary school students report a man driving dark pickup truck or sedan creeping up next to them and sometimes talking and sometimes not. last wednesday the recent incident outside washington lee high school. he said one time he honkedhi
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horn and the other time he was clearly watching her. jeff: the news to make any parent feel like vance does. >> it makes me nervous. jeff: two girls walking home from barrett elementary school when a man in a dark blue pickup truck drove beside them at a slow speed staring. vance's daughter is in the fourth grade at barrett and walks home from school with friends each day. >> we don't want her to grow up being afraid of the world. jeff: in the past few months four incidents with a pickup truck or dark blue van happened outside washington lee high school. the recent case wednesday a block away from the school. in early april driver reportedly told some elementary school kids their mother had sent them to pick them up but the children responded with questions the man could not answer. so he took off. >> the suspect's behavior is suspicious in these cases. so
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suspect and discuss exactly with him what his intentions are with us. jeff: at barrett elementary school they are keeping a closer eye on the nearby streets. they hope it will lead to an arrest. >> i'm surprised. this area is before like this kind of situation. jeff: the description of the suspect is vague. a man in his 40's or 50's. dark hair. seemingly average height and build. arlington police are saying none of the children have been abducted or touched or physically harmed in any way. but they want parents to talk to kids about what is happening here and talk to them about how to respond if they are approached. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. turning to the war on terror. the state department is extending the travel alert for americans in europe. this is a decision that is based in part on the european soccer championship in france. and the catholic church w
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those are both in july. the alert now expires at the end of august. >> we are just one week away from the california primary. there is a poll that shows democratic front runner hillary clinton with a double-digit lead over senator bernie sanders. according to a hoover institution golden state poll she holds 51-38% advantage over sanders. sanders has a lead with voters under 30 and those with no party affiliation. on republican side, donald trump fought back against the critics who pressed for more information about where the money from fundraisers for veterans is going. he has raised $6 million for military veterans. he read off a list of charities that he says have already received and cashed checks. trump says the reason he did not publicly announce who the money was going to because he didn't want to take credit for it. >> i wanted to make sure this out of the goodness of my heart. i didn't want to do it with the
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a sudden everybody is going where did it go, who did it go to? we said who it went to and said how much was it. we gave -- look, when this started, i think you were there. i said if we could raise $1 million that would be good. we ended up raising $6 million. alison: the campaign has repeatedly given conflicting account of how much money was raised but the trump campaign says they were waiting on donors to make good on the pledges. jonathan: polls at judiciary square open tonight and other venues are opened saturday through the 11th. if you need absentee ballot the deadline is june 7. primary day june 14 you until 8:00 to cast your vote in person. alison: all right. abc7 on storm watch tonight as more rain drenches part of texas. meteorologist brian van de graaff show us how swollen rivers are tur
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state. brian: people aren't the only one seeking higher ground. these are horses on the porch trying to avoid rising waters. >> i couldn't sleep. there was no water here last night. it started to come up slowly. faster and faster. >> 20 inches of rain fell in texas. sending rivers over the banks and stranding cattle. the brazos river cresting at the higher point ever. >> this is worse than the 100-year flood we had. >> i've never seen it this bad. even in 1994 it wasn't this bad.
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>> brian: brianne brianne carte- brian van de graaff stormwatch7 weather. alison: chief meteorologist doug hill is here. when will they get relief? doug: in the next day or two. south texas, san antonio area. tornadoes in the past hour. that will sweep east. the pattern will diminish in the next few days. here we look at isolated shower or two. they are moving southeast. we have seen several. flare up, rain heavily and then rain themselves out. warm and muggy. 82 at 7:00. 80 at 8:00 tonight. that is the grilling out weather. forecast overnight, partly cloudy and muggy. patching fog.
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degrees. jonathan: we are keeping a close eye on developing story out of cincinnati. this is where a gorilla shot and killed over the weekend after a 4-year-old boy somehow found his way into the enclosure. this is the topic of today's abc7's instapoll. go to we'll show you results live in a moment. for now, rich joining us with a look at the growing controversy. this is not calming down a little bit. >> this has taken on a life of its own. gorilla-gate is getting bigger and nassier every day. >> no doubt the video would go viral. the gorilla going from protective to dangerous over the minutes captured on
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camera. the 4-year-old got in the enclosure. kim shot the video. >> this 4-year-old wasn't afraid of anything. should he have been out there and able to do that? no. was it neglect? i don't know. >> social media went crazy. i hasn't stopped. robert saying on facebook should have shot the parent responsible. another -- the day after the event the zoo director said he thought filing charges would not be a good plan. >> the police were here. they did not cite anyone. there is not a legal action. i think they know we saved the boy's life. >> i think the mother is to blame since she
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phone and the child showed a desire to get in the enclosure but filing charges are ridiculous. negative posts on social media far outweigh positive ones. but m. fitzgerald says -- >> the photographer wants people to know -- >> it's an accident. it's a trauma for the person that had to shoot the guerilla -- gorilla will never forget. stop being judgmental and mean. reporter: no set time frame for when the police investigation will wrap up. but when the police investigation is done they will review the case to see if charges are appropriate. it's important to point out that is standard operating procedure for the prosecutor's office. in cincinnati, abc7 news
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appreciate it. today's instapoll is asking who you think is responsible for harambe's death? the zoo or the boy's parents. you can see how the results change as you vote at right now you can see 86%, or 85% think it is the parents. the overall whelming number of the people weighing in saying the parents are to blame for what happened there. we will keep the poll up. you can continue to vote if you like. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- making changes in wake of freddie gray's death. the step the baltimore police department is taking today. alison: out of control. we will tell you what is sending costs soaring as the d.c. tries to modernize a popular school. leon: folks may joke about the cost of purses and shoes. but the price tag on this bag is no laughing matt earn. >> if you hate trying to find parking in the district, it might get worse for you
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we will tell you what is
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jonathan: covering metro tonight. after two weeks metro trains are on normal sp
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mcpherson square. metro did lift speed restrictions near the square this morning. don't forget this friday metro will start closing every night at midnight as part of the safe track program. designed to give crews more time to get out there and do maintenance across the entire system. alison: tomorrow parking rates are rising. diane cho live in northwest washington with a look at what it will mean for the city's bottom line. diane? diane: yeah, if you pay with loose coins it will take more to feed the meter. starting tomorrow. the prices are going up to $2.30 throughout the city. in some areas it's more than $1.55 per hour. in the premium parking areas it could go up by 30 cents an hour. ddot says the new rate is expected to bring in $2 million a year for
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a.a.a. says between price increase and the new fees it could bring in $12 to $15 million for for the city. most tell us it's frustrating enough to feigned a spot to park legally and that isn't helping the matter. >> it's impossible to park around the city. i circle around 15 to 20 minutes to go to an appointment. it may make me do other choices including not doing business in d.c. diane: the rates were approved by the d.c. council last year to make up for lost revenue. in georgetown, diane cho, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. new developments regarding the duke ellington school of the arts. new report from the d.c. auditor shows that the cost of modernizing the school has jumped $71 million to $178
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jump. report says the cost increase because the d.c. council didn't have comprehensive review of the location, cost of the drivers and other elements. the d.c. council agreed to rebuild the school in 2012. alison: well, a private asian collector paid more than $300,000 for a hand bag. jonathan: no, he didn't. >> yep. an hermes bag and it's now the
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doug: someone may want it. >> the weather is fine. it's muggy. alison: summer. doug: we're in the season you can't make everybody happy. the pollen count is tough today. we know when we get to the end of may and june the grass pollen takes over on the leaderboard. get used to it. big number for the grass pollen. high range for mold spores today. beautiful view from alexandria. belle haven country club. it's gorgeous. a may 31 afternoon. not a whiff of wind. they are calm. it feels uncomfortably humid outside. a couple of degree higher than dew point and would feel oppressive. 88 in leesburg. 79 in
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84 if fredericksburg. 95 in charlottesville. the mid-atlantic most of the northeast enjoying warm temperatures. it's cooler especially hatteras. the weekend circulation of bonnie is there. we have rain, too. a shower east and the eastern shore and salisbury. a heavy downpour there. this is light. starts out as a brief moderate shower and rains itself out. this will past east of hartwoodment tracking the circulation there. not a huge storm.
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this is going to creep northeast and it will be out of the picture in the next few days. we will have an easterly component to the wind and that will lead to fog tonight. under partly cloudy skies. drop to the 80-degree mark. at 7:00. in the morning some areas in the mid-60's. you will notice that the winds will turn northeast and easterly pattern. southeasterly. awful the directions will contribute the humid conditions. isolated thunderstorms. we will see it tomorrow. future cast tomorrow afternoon, heavy bands from pennsylvania. you will see the push out of the south. more showers thursday. in between partly to mostly cloudy. it's muggy. this cold front is going to cross the area on friday to give you a bt
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forecast tomorrow is muggy. 83. chance of isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon or the evening. sunday is cooler. then another chance of showers and storms. alison: thank you. jonathan: they may call disney world the happiest place on earth. but you don't have to go so far to find the real thing. alison: we'll explain that and why local chefs may be sharpening the lives and pushing the envelope this summer. >> today, four prince george's county men pleaded guilty to dealing drugs. but none of them are going to jail. i'm kevin lewis with the story up next. jonathan: but first a look at what is coming up tonight on abc --
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jonathan: just about two and a half hours ago the department did tweet it hears the concerns of the community so it will continue to tweet crime information out. over the weekend the department announced crimes to scale back the crime tweets
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they have revised that. alison: you don't get a lot of second chances in life.
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opportunity you are forced to go back doing what you know. >> in order to be eligible, participants must be between 18 and 26 years old. be arrested for a low-level drug dealing charge with no weapons involved. have no prior felonies. >> i see myself being an electrician. along that line. >> i see myself spending time with my family on the way to complete my associate degree in prince george county community colleges. >> 30 people in the program. if a participant fails the judge will sentence them to prison for the original drug dealing charge. reporting from upper marlboro, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: interesting and pretty inspiring when you listen to them speak. >> they want
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offenders to give them a second chance. seems like a good program. alison: right. kevin told us in fact this program costs $5,000 a year. whereas like you mentioned actually locking them up would cost $47,000. >> a lot more money. alison: amazing. jonathan: maybe it will take off. jonathan: good news for the folks in flint, michigan. a look at what is changing in their water. alison: hitting a high note. information on a group forced to fall silent after a
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jonathan: a little more than a year since freddie gray died in the department. we look at the changes that took effect today. >> on any given day vances are used to track those to booking. but freddie gray's death exposed flaws and allegation of the rough rides to disruptive prisoners and the detainees not
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they are unveiling newly retrofitted vans to enhance safety. >> the best practice to have a configuration that works from officer, and prisoner safety standpoint. >> the old vans were divided in the middle to allow the police to place up to four prisoners on one side and four on the other. but these have a separate section for two detainees. and it's designed for their own protection. every van will be equipped with four tiny security cameras with video recorded and stored on the cloud. >> this is getting us to a place of higher sense of civility. in terms of human life. it's a good thing. >> all prisoner van will be retrofitted by the security cameras by late summer. in baltimore, abc7 news.
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jonathan: caesar goodson is the next officer to go on trial. alison: well, it looks like not everyone is excited for the history channel remake of "roots." rapper snoop dogg took to instagram to call for boycott of the film. he says films like "roots" and "12 years a slave" only showed slavery of black people. he wondered if they would make a movie about successful black people and how they inspire people today. jonathan: water quality in flint, michigan, scientists say it's now safe for hand washing, showering and bathing. however, a filter is needed for drinking and food preparation. the testing is led by engineering professor mark edwards of virginia tech. flint resumed using detroit water last october after the water became tainted with lead when the officials did switch the source to flint river in 2014. alison: well, "7 on your side"
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report. the u.n. health agency says sexual transmission of the zika virus is more common than first thought. the world health organization is now advising women in the areas hit hardest by the virus to wait eight weeks after suspected exposure to conceive. previously they recommended a four-week minimum. zika is linked to microcephaly that can cause small heads and brain damage in newborn babies. zika virus is being blamed for drop in the puerto rican tourist industry this year. they estimate 42,000 hotel cancellations through 2018. that translates to $28 million in the lost revenue. the zika virus hit puerto rico hard with 1100 confirmed cases. jonathan: "7 on your side" now with a consumer alert. this afternoon general mills announced it's recalling 10 million pounds of flour in 20 states. that inc
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gold medal and signature kitchen brands sold at safeway. 38 people got sick so far. how do the d.c. restaurants stack up to those in paris? apparently well. scott thuman has the prestigious ranking coming to the capital. this is big news. scott: especially for foodies. the coveted michelin stars want to make it fourth city in the u.s. with the distinction.
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where they go and the restauranturs. jonathan: find the newest hotspots at d.c. alison talked to director. there has to be nerves out there. jonathan: there are great restaurants. if you tried something new every night -- scott: never repeat yourself. jonathan: think of the money you save not going to paris. alison: a new study by the mortgage company smart asset finds loudoun county and fairfax county are the happiest places in all of america. jonathan: who knew? alison: yeah. the company looks at unemployment and the poverty rates and median income. howard county
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seventh on the list. nothing else in the top ten, though, is here in our area. but we did pretty well with three doing a pretty good job there. jonathan: we are happy in arlington. always happy here. alison: that is right. close to fairfax and loudoun. that is why. jonathan: border. coming up next on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- lines as long as the eye can see. we look at the role that congress could play trying to resolve the t.s.a. woes with the summer travel. alison: but first a rare glimpse in the wild. what researchers think they were caught
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steve: one day closer to the upcoming weekend. the temperatures on friday 80 degrees. chance of showers and thunderstorms. drive on saturday. lower 80's. just around 79 to 80 on sunday. delmarva beaches looking at
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70's on friday. better chance for storms in to saturday. the temperatures around 75 degrees. couple of degrees warmer on sunday. but check out the water temperatures. upper 50's to the lower 60 ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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alison: come look at the surveillance video captured by a camera. rare glimpse of mountain lions at play in southern california. videographer martinez caught them up close at the angeles national forest. at one point the mountain lions knocked the cameras over as they were play fighting. jonathan: get the cups in there. that is mom licking herself. alison: they are in the corner. jonathan: adorable. alison: really cool. adorable? i don't know. jonathan: keep at arm's length. maybe further. there was a scare this morning at two schools in prince william's county. it wasn't a mountain lion. a bear. they spotted it on campus. the first was 8:30 in gainesville. four hours later black bear spotted next door. at tyler elementary school. no one was hurt by the bear. but as a precaution all the outdoor activities moved inside for the day. good precaution. >> good call. rising sea temperatures are taking a toll on the great barrier reef for the second time in six mont
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sounding the alarm about the reef's health. the arc center of excellence for coral reef studies says 35% of the coral at the world heritage site died. researchers say climate change, one of the main causes of the damage. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- for a virginia high school junior running for a state title is only part of her journey. how this week's rising star is running free thanks to the skills on the track. >> a music group back in rhythm after an outpouring of support from the community. i'm amy aubert. i will have that story coming up.
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jonathan: a music support group on the homeless is back playing tunes again. thanks to big donation. they had to shut the doors after somebody stole the instruments. that happened this month. after our story aired on abc7 news, what happened afterwards was great. the d.c. thrive, or thrive d.c. as they say were flooded with replacement instruments. and our amy aubert caught up with the team who say they are getting the band back together. amy:
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>> got to get it just right. amy: tuning these guitars is music to his ears. >> you can totally tell. people were touched by what happened. amy: he had music support group with thrive d.c. gathering that earlier this month sat quiet. after someone stole the very tools to make music. >> i think the best thing that came out of it is like you have to see people rise to the occasion. amy: seven guitars, two ukuleles, and a keyboard. >> all showed up one day. amy: responses that thrive d.c. says came quickly after their story was told. >> immediately after that, same day the story came out. >> this is amazing, right? amy: for the group, it is about more than strumming a guitar. >> we have a lot of people that use as a way to get through things. amy: outlet of sorts now back at their finger
5:47 pm
music session getting back on their feet. the windows of the group says were broken into still boarded up. they helped install bars over the windows to keep it from happening again. >> a room now crammed with gratitude, full of instruments and the smiles that they will bring again. >> helping us get back to a good place emotionally and instrumentally. amy: amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: fantastic ending. jonathan: we have the best viewers don't we? stepping up like that. alison: great. jonathan: good stuff. alison: i can't wait to hear what they do next. check the roadways with jamie sullivan and traffic watch. jamie: a few things. i want to begin with a big picture. a lot of green but unfortunately a lot of red, too. red is in the normal spots. bottom side of the beltway approaching the wilson bridge. northwest corner to the american legion bridge. yes, we are heavy. outbound
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volume passing by nutley street. mix in the sun glare delay and traveling outbound now on the toll road. slower than usual. we had an earlier accident. while they clean it up we have residual delays. live look near bradley boulevard. inner loop and how heavy we are. outer loop at the capital beltway it's heavy getting closer to 270. i want to talk about 270. northbound past montrose road look at the heavy traffic. there is an accident up here with the accident. that is why we see the traffic bumper to bumper from the split. no problems as you get past this continuing toward gaithersburg. but this is what will hang you up right now. that is a look at traffic. back to you. alison: okay. thank you very much. still to come at 6:00 tonight -- a back pack stolen. leaving a man's life at risk. we will tell you what was inside and what was lost he says he can never get back. plus, beyond the bluster today. we go beyond trump's anger for the
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media to determine where did $6 million raced for veterans go? the new travel warning for americans tonight. jonathan: part of france are on storm watch today and for good reason. heavy rain drenching the country and causing delays a it the french open. look at the streets. they are now looking at riverbacks. flood warnings are issued near the english channels. tourists are getting soak and covered in paris. rescue workers had to evacuate homes in the far north as the rivers rose three feet in some spots. alison: around here, supper-like weather -- summer-like weather. humid today. jonathan: talk about it with chief meteorologist doug hill. we start off with sunny sky and humid and then a chance of rain every afternoon. doug: that happens in the summertime because of the heat and the humidity combination. at the end of may and start the hurricane season and the first day of meteorological summer tomorrow. we get more of that in the
5:50 pm
84 degrees at the reagan national airport. winds are calm. no rain in metro. looking live from the tornado factory across the river. current temperatures elsewhere. 88 in leesburg. 86 in luray and win chester. 84 in baltimore. 84 in fredericksburg. doppler radar, there is not much to see. we have a heavy downpour in salsbury area. that is moving slowly. we go south to southern section of stafford county for a little shower. hour ago it had life to it that will rain itself out in the remaining evening hours. take you hour-by-hour through monday or tuesday everything with the partly cloudy skies. later tonight as the temperatures fall. we are likely to see the patchy fog at times. see it early in the morning and then partly sunny sky for the balance today. temperatures will climb to 83. once we get to the late afternoon and the early evening more showers and thunderstorms are a possibility. we have several chances of rain not only tomorrow afternoon but t
5:51 pm
another front late sunday to monday. that is the latest. back to you. jonathan: thanks. alison: so you have someone special to introduce us to. erin: that is right. this is the time of year the 4a virginia outdoor track and field championships begin on friday. for this week rising star, scott abraham takes us to heritage high school in leesburg. scott: junior rainey loves to run. >> i want to get my time. scott: the stand-out distance runner fell in love with the sport in her home country in africa. >> we were running. scott: in the summer of 2014, she was competing in the world championships in eugene, oregon. she never went back home. she defected. >> i didn't know
5:52 pm
i want to change my life. scott: using the same motto in life and on the track. >> if you said i'm going to do this, i have to do this, if you believe in yourself, you can do it. >> standing at only five feet tall and maybe 100 pounds, she packs a big punch on the track. lungs on legs. the farther the distance, the stronger she gets. she is leaving her mark at heritage. >> she is a really strong kid. her cardio respiratory endurance is unbelievable. cot: training hard though her -- scott: training her though her heart is in africa. >> i love you. wish love, peace, happiness. scott: running for a bigger purpose. scott abraham, abc7 sports. erin: thank you. do you know someone who has overcome adversity to star and excel in the athletic arena? we want to hear f
5:53 pm
nominate the next rising star. e-mail us -- we have had good ones. alison: she is a perfect example of a rising star. we wish her the best. jonathan: i love to see someone who can run long distance. doesn't even look like she is winded. erin: inspiring. i need to get out there and run. alison: thanks, erin. travelers all around the country are dealing with the long lines at the airport security. jonathan: when we come back, how congress can help get you moving faster.
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alison: so the summer travel season is officially here and some are experiencing unwanted changes. three-hour flight could mean six hour of travel if you factor the time it takes to get through the t.s.a. screening. this has prompted many on the hill to call for a change in strategy. reporter:
5:57 pm
almost always means holiday traffic. the stand still is no longer reserved for the road. reports of two to three-hour waits in the t.s.a. lines have passengers thinking about how they can speed things up. >> maybe just have more t.s.a. agents. you know? >> t.s.a. precheck. reporter: for janice who has a metal knee the problem is ongoing. >> you have to sit there until they get someone to come over and they will wand you do the whole nine yards. gee, i guess it's your knee. reporter: just before returning to the district many lawmakers in washington said they want to make fixing t.s.a. a priority. >> you have to get people where they need to go if you have a strong economy. >> we need to take the behavior detection officers, 3,000 of them nationwide. redeploy them to the front lines. >> we should be more effective to identify people two pose a threat and have the people go through advanced screening. >> lawmakers have been working on how to improve the t.s.a. for years. often
5:58 pm
to testify. in a ranking of best places to work for large government agencies the department of homeland security that overseas t.s.a. is ranked dead last. a concern that some have about keeping good trained workers on the job. d.h.s. secretary jeh johnson says there is a plan in place. is there we are aggressively bringing on expediting the hiring of more t.s.o.'s with the support of congress. we have additional money to pay the existing workforce more overtime. >> with a reminder for more lawmakers for passengers to pack the patience. >> it is all about the security. so in some regard we need to be patient. our world changed after 9/11. reporter: in washington reporting. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". but right now new at 6:00 -- the theft that put a military veteran very life at risk. we will tell you what was inside the stolen backpack and why he now has to start his
5:59 pm
life's work over from scratch. donald trump goes on an offensive to defend himself. >> i think the political press is among the most dishonest people i have ever met. like this sleazy guy right over here from abc. he's a sleaze in my book. you are a sleaze, because you know the facts and you know the facts well. alison: we will tell you what sparked the outcry as we go behind trump's contempt to media. to show you where millions of dollars raised for veterans really went. paying more to obey the law. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. ♪ ♪ announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: when it first appeared to be a minor crime is anything but for a d.c. military veteran because the content of his stolen backpack literally keep him alive. jonathan: jay korff just spoke to the veteran, recipient of
6:00 pm
jay joins us. the veteran really did carry his life in the backpack. jay: indeed. three transplants. two kidney and one liver transplant in the last few years alone. this all unfolded on sunday right here where i am standing. he has a catering business. he unloaded the items for the catering stuff. in a short period of time. 20 to 30 seconds it took to go from inside to outside. somebody went in the cargo truck to pull out the key black backpack that he owned. it had his phone in it, his medication. as you know with the transplant the recipient they have to take a lot of medication. to make sure that the body won't reject the new organs. the medication is critical in that. he had important business documents and nearly 100 original pages of notes and passe


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