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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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jay joins us. the veteran really did carry his life in the backpack. jay: indeed. three transplants. two kidney and one liver transplant in the last few years alone. this all unfolded on sunday right here where i am standing. he has a catering business. he unloaded the items for the catering stuff. in a short period of time. 20 to 30 seconds it took to go from inside to outside. somebody went in the cargo truck to pull out the key black backpack that he owned. it had his phone in it, his medication. as you know with the transplant the recipient they have to take a lot of medication. to make sure that the body won't reject the new organs. the medication is critical in that. he had important business documents and nearly 100 original pages of notes and passe
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writing about his harrowing near-death experiences. those were also in backpack. he did not have them backed up. so he is desperately looking for that backpack. >> even if you just want to get in touch with me, i will give you a reward. the stuff inside that bag is more important to me than it is to them. it's part of my personal life. jay: from a medical standpoint, d.j. jordan, his name, he is lucky. he was in the military 21 years so he was able first thing to go to walter reed to get all the medication he needs to keep him alive. coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, you will hear more about mr. jordan's past and the hard fight he has had to stay alive and to start a business and his hope to find
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jay korff, abc7 news. jonathan: let's hope they find that. jay, thank you. look at the video from the d.c. police. you can see two men break out the glass door of the yogurt shop on 12th street in northwest washington last monday morning. second later racing through the office to grab what looks like lock boxes or computers and then they are gone. if you recognize the men, let d.c. crime stoppers know. you can gets up to $1,000 reward and remain anonymous in the process. maureen: significant changes are recommended to improve student safety in prince george's county. task force issued recommendation. it was formed after the arrest of school aide deonte carraway on charges of videotaping a dozen students performing sex acts as sylvania woods elementary school. >> it is the responsibility of adults to protect children from harm. that is the underlying theme in this report. maureen: the reports makes
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including more reporting, accountability and prevention as well as the creation of a new compliance office. the school c.e.o. kevin maxwell pledged to do whatever is needed. jonathan: it was a contentious meeting even for donald trump. that is the snapshot from the news conference where he faced barrage of questions over $6 million he said he raised for veterans. scott thuman was at the january fundraiser in question and joins us to follow the money. where is it going? cot: well, keep in mind all of this came to a head because trump critics and members of the media were asking where did the money go? did he donate the $1 million he personally promised? today, answers. >> i'm totally accountable. i didn't want to have credit for it. now actually, though, what i got was worse than credit. scott: holding up a a list of recipient a copy of personal check he gave for $1 million and firing back at the media. he explained he was a bit short of his january claims.
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right? $6 million. scott: still, $5.6 million raise and doled out to veteran groups. the delay he says was due to a cumbersome process of vetting recipients to make sure they are worthy. >> instead of being thank you very much, mr. trump, or trump did a good job, everyone is saying who got it? who got it? who got it? you make me look bad. others think it's a publicity stunt. >> you think veterans are used as problems? >> yes, i do. scott: he is a vet an and is active -- veteran and supports hillary clinton's campaign and he cites the time to donate the money and the tone. like when he said john mccain isn't a war country because he got captured and he wonders how today's t
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described. >> what happens if one of them is held hoz tage and taken -- hostage and taken to be a p.o.w. will he say they are a coward? scott: today trump read out the organizations to receive the checks from $50,000 to $1 million and proudly claiming none of the cash on his end went to any administrative fees. jonathan? jonathan: thanks. on the democratic side of the ticket, a big endorsement for hillary clinton. governor jerry brown of california made his choice for her. it showed that clinton has double-digit lead over sanders in the state. last night sanders had a brief scare. watch this. that is the secret service asking vermont senator to move to the side after protesters tried to rush the stage. they got over the first layer of the gates and they were quickly tackled. all four removed in handcuffs
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final primary in the nation is underway in the district. early voting began today. for now this is only at one judiciary square. locations will open in each of the district eight wards starting this saturday. election day is june 14. maureen: tug-of-this-war over the homeless shelter in d.c. and what to do once d.c. general closes for good is continuing. today the d.c. council approved revised plan to open several smaller shelters. this plan greatly differs from mayor because because because's. her plan got opposition so we have to wait to see what she does when it hits her desk. jonathan: the rising price to drive in d.c. it costs millions if you break the law. starting tomorrow it will cost more to obey the law
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we explain. maureen: a bear spotted outside a local elementary school. where it happen and why it may not is surprised parents. jonathan: the race for higher ground. what is at risk in texas as the river crests at historic flooding. doug: partly cloudy, warm and humid. coming up we will check doppler radar to see if there are early evening showers with us. that's coming up at "
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jonathan: breaking news from metro transit police. arrest made in the attack on the green line. eric king is charged with armed robbery and assault. police say it was king and two other men that pistol whipped a man eight days ago on his way to work. when the crime happened they released surveillance image showing three people who they were looking for. no word on the other two men in the picture. we have more information as it's available. maureen? maureen: the state department is extending a travel warning for all of europe. the alert sent today warns americans going to europe of a potential for terrorist attacks. it lists several major sporting vents that could be targets including the european soccer championship and the tour de france. it runs through the end of august. jonathan: frightening moments at prince william county elementary school after a bear was spotted on campus. this happened after lunchtime
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school in gainesville. news chopper 7 just missed the sighting but we are told that the bear was seen trying to get into parked cars before it ran off. bear was cited in the same area last week. well, coming up next at 6:00 -- >> parking in d.c. costs more tomorrow. we will tell you how much it isn't expected to bring in for the city next. maureen: chief meteorologist doug hill has timing of changes in the weather that could mean thunderstorms. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. the nba finals are set. stupidity is what lebron james said in the interview with the media. we more on that when "abc7 news at 6:00" continues.
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jonathan: a year after freddie gray's death, the baltimore police department revealed new transport vans that were made to hold fewer prisoners and every van will be equippedded with a security camera that stores to the cloud. gray died after
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and driven in a police van. maureen: the cost of driving in the district is growing. even if you obey traffic laws. new report found last year's $5 increase in traffic fines yielded $31 million for the district. this was in four months. starting tomorrow, the price of obeying d.c. traffic laws will increase, too. diane cho joins us live from northwest washington with what to expect. diane? diane: maureen, this parking meter says it is going to cost you $2 an hour to park out here in georgetown today. but starting tomorrow, that price is going up. finding parking if d.c. -- >> it's a nightmare. diane: -- can be challenging enough. >> i've been driving around for 20 minutes to find a spot. diane: not to mention what this man did today. >> it's not working. diane: but now get ready to pay more to park at a meter. >> this is ridiculous. i heard the news yesterday. i was irate.
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metered spots throughout the district going up to $2.30 an hour. motorcycle parking will be 25 cents an hour. in the formal demand zone that means it will go up $1.55 an hour. >> it's already pretty much impossible to park downtown. diane: the d.c. council approved the measure to make up for lost revenue. >> it won't stop me to come to d.c. probably. take the metro. diane: they expect it to bring in upward of $2 million according to ddot annually and will help d.c. pay for the share of the wmata operating budget. a.a.a. says the price of the fine last year isn't helping the drivers either. >> so when you nickel and dime everything, motorists will pay between $12-$15 million more to park this year than last year.
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council released a statement that they have turnover for short-term parking for local businesses. in georgetown, diane cho, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. residents of and around fort detrick could get a loud wake-up call. they will hand cannon blast to the revelly and retreat. the change will begin june 18, the birthday of the u.s. army. jonathan: i want to show you images from houston. flooding is bad. but the scene along the brazso river, antique cars moved to high ground. a guy with the collection moved everything to the high ground. mopars on a dry patch. you see humvees and the military vehicles here. late 1960's cars. horses were clinging to a home 's porch. the brazos river crested seven
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a thousand people had to flee the home. getting the valuables to high ground. doug: heavy rain of central and south central texas moving eastward. some of it is going to wind up in the brazos river basin again. maureen: we have rain coming our way. doug: a couple showers but not much left. it's warm and humid. don't worry about the weather. it's just muggy. 87 today. eight degrees above the average high of 80 on this final day of may. tomorrow we begin meteorological summer. the first day of the atlantic hurricane season. and another day we will be in the 80's with the warm and the mug muggy weather. live look at the potomac river from the national harbor. 83. southerly winds at five. it's feeling very humid indeed. temperatures around the metro hold in low to mid-80's. 83 at reagan national. 84 in frederick and baltimore. 85 in fredericksburg.
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mid-shore, easton is 84. it's widespread warmth around the mid-atlantic and northeast. keeping an eye on the remnant circulation from bonnie. you can't measure it in the miles per hour. feet per hour drifting along the outer bank. the circulation is strong and bringing the rain inland. this helps to direct the winds with easterly component. that is how we will stay so muggy as well. the radar now is spinning around. couple of showers we have seen now. one left is fredericksburg. another to waldorf and la plata. that is it. everything has a north and a south trajectory here with a light north/northeast wind. couple of showers either side of 95 in fredericksburg area. for this evening we will see the partly cloudy skies. late and overnight there is a good chance we will see patchy fog as well because of the high dew point temperature and wet grounds will drop to 69 in
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overnight. the future cast shows a few clouds tomorrow. and as we get through the day, a couple more showers. isolated showers could pop up. the winds are out of the south and the southeast a little bit. maybe a power by 6:00 or so in the baltimore metro area. winds from the southeast getting to thursday. muggy again. better chance of a few showers and storms. chance of the storms will increase heading through the day on thursday. friday, rather. thunderstorm complex could develop along a cold front. tomorrow looks good. like today. late afternoon or the everything -- evening or storms. then it goes up to 60% possibility on friday. saturday there could be a shower but most of the day is dry. partly sunny and 83. another front ends sunday evening and monday with more chances of showers and thunderstorms. back to you. maureen: thank you. jonathan: well, the nba finals. they set the table for teams. erin: it will be a rematch ost lear yees -- rematch of last
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it will be fun. bryce harper was hit by a pitch last night. what is his status for tonight? uh-oh. we have the very latest. jonathan: tonight on newschannel8 at 10:00, three women credited with stopping a potentially sexual assault. after they blew the whistle on a guy who appeared to be putting something in his date's drink. that man was arrested. now we are learning more about the man and his possible roofie attempt. join me and michelle marsh and storm watch 7 meteorologist steve rudin at 10:00.
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erin: the nba finals are set. it will be a rematch from last year between the cavaliers and golden state warriors. steph curry and company beat cleveland 4-2 last june. but the cavs will arrive in the bay area in much better shape than they were a year ago. and they are going to try to end cleveland's 52-year title drought. right now the warriors are listed as 2-1 favorites to repeat. but that doesn't mean much to cleveland. >> i wouldn't say revenge. i just think both teams are happy and excited to make it to the finals. it's a big thing. i just think that, you know version a different team than we had last year -- you know we have a different team
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>> i don't get involved with the underdog, overdog whatever the case may be. it's stupidity. erin: i love it. abc7 is the home for the nba finals. we will broadcast every game starting this thursday. tip-off for game one is at oracle arena at 9:00. to the nationals and as it turns out, bryce harper will not be in line-up tonight against the phillies. harper was hit in the knee by a fastball from jeremy hellickson last night. he took first base and tried to run the bases. but after his leg tighted he left the game with a bruised right knee. d.c. united feeling good today. red and black won a tight one on the road saturday night at kansas city. now a short turn-around as they get ready for a home match tomorrow against seattle. >> it shows we have character. that goes a long way in this league. in a league that is very even across the board. sometimes mentality is the
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it's something we have been missing a little bit in the first part of the season. erin: you can watch tomorrow's d.c. united match against the sounders on the sister station newschannel8. pre-game coverage starts 7:30. a lot of great programming for us. jonathan: you want to make a prediction about the warriors-cavs? erin: i'm going warriors. you are, too. jonathan: i am. erin: so we can't fight. that is not fun. >> we'll just make predictions about the weather. doug: showers right now near the fredericksburg area and smaller showers near la plata and waldorf in charles county. muggy nice. chance of isolated shower tomorrow and 80. 83 thursday. better chance of showers on friday. we talk about the end of the week cold front and beach outlook at 11:00. maureen: beaches are calling. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next.
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tonight, breaking developments in the child and the gorilla. what the cincinnati police have just now revealed. after that 3-year-old boy falls, the gorilla then shot and killed. investigators now say they are reviewing the actions of the parents. also breaking tonight, the deadly rampage. police talking just a short time ago, after the young army sergeant opens fire. multiple victims. they now say 212 rounds. donald trump's promise of millions for veterans. was it kept? tonight, he makes his case and then takes aim with the cameras rolling. the school bus scare, crashing down a 30-foot embankment. the children trapped. >> the bus just crashed into a house. and caught in the act. what three women say they witnessed in a suburban american restaurant. tonight, what this man is


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