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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> and he started getting closer and we ran away. anchor 1: the parents are on edge. kids say that they were approached by a stranger in a truck who sometimes speaks and sometimes does not. time, 2: each
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descriptions are similar and the police want families to have a talk. tom spoke to a family who experienced this first hand and joins us. reporter: they are worried. guy, he hashe same not been found by the police. this is the high school behind me. this happened on this block. talked to parents around the area. the nine-year-old says that the man got near her after she got off of a school bus. >> he had a mustache. reporter: she knew that her mom would not have a stranger pick her up. >> never. reporter: she did not go. >> we ran away. told sister ran to me and me a guy came and asked where we
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christopher and asked where he lived. reporter: what did you do? >> i ignored him. reporter: this may not be the the manldren approached. on may 23, a man drove near two girls on park drive near barrett elementary. a girl was approached on stafford street. in three of the four cases. , the man had a blue truck. the mother asked not to show her face. she says that she is proud of her kids. >> i always thought they never listened. they do listen! reporter: what is more scary is that they had seen this guy three times before the day he tried to entice
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r into the truck and twice after that. they would feel better if this -- feel better, if this guy was caught. have breaking news in prince george's county of the police on the scene of a murder. a man was shot in capitol heights. police are investigating the circumstances. stay with abc 7 for updates. within2: sexual acts the school. now, recommendations to prevent another disturbing incident. suggestions,has 28 which include a compliance office, better screening of anyone with kids, and adjusting the
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teenager has been arrested for an armed robbery in an assault that took place on a metro train. these three got on the train and one of them pistol whipped the victim and robbed him. as for the victim, he had to have staples in his head. anchor 2: life-saving medicine and powerful words tucked in a veteran's backpack and stolen. we have how he is trying to reclaim his life's work. of hisr: the last years life have been a challenge. while running a catering business, he has survived three organ transplants. in a blink of an eye, he could have lost it all. he
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while unloading catering from this cargo truck into his business, someone swiped his black backpack that contained life-saving medication. medication is not taken, my system goes berserk. reporter: jordan served in the air force and was able to get his medications refilled at walter reed. >> this is what i have to take every day to stay alive. reporter: something other than medicine was in the backpack. >> how could someone just turn someone's life upside down? he says that dozens of passages and information about his organ donors were in his backpack and very little of it was backed up. >> the stuff inside the bag was more important to me than them.
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life. reporter: a frantic search of the neighborhood came up empty. he sees this as another hurdle to clear in a life that is still blessed. the writings back, no questions asked. reward, ifing a someone comes forward. weatherperson: grab an umbrella. there will be a 20%-30% chance for showers and thunderstorms. this is what it looks like. as we move through the afternoon hours, they showers and a few thunderstorms will start to gyrate. if you find yourself under a shower, it will only last half an hour. daytime highs will be in the
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we will talk about the cold front for the weekend, in a few minutes. anchor 1: a new terror alert warns americans who are heading to europe that there are risks for terror attacks at high profile events, including the soccer championship and the catholic church's world youth day in july. areave what passengers saying and what the state department is recommending. reporter: yes. that is right. the airport is busy, even at this hour. there are no specific credible threats. they say that they are concerned about people who are traveling to europe this summer. the alert was triggered by a large number of tourists heading overseas to venues, allowing greater targets for attacks. they have
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state of emergency through july 26. the world soccer championship and the tour de france will be held there. polandill be visitors to between july 26-31. most say they are not worried. they are cautious. >> always be aware of everything and everyone around you. better safe than sorry. a little extra time for security does not hurt. should not beple scared because of some threat or danger. people are getting ready to unload and getting on their flights. the big concern is for those traveling to europe and those going to the many large venues. live from
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international -- anchor 2: to the race for the white house, with donald trump lashing out at the media today. hisas talking about fundraising for veterans, saying that he has raised nearly $6 million. today, he read a list of charities that cashed checks. the reason he did not publicly announce who got the money was because he did not want to take credit for it. donald trump: this has been a great time. this is incredible. this is my check for $1 million. anchor 2: the campaign has given conflicting amounts of how much money was actually raised. trump's team says they were waiting on the donors to make good on the pledges. firefighters.
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someone in serious trouble. he collapses. the firefighters heard the sound and jumped into action. pulse.ient had no >> we did not know what we were walking out to, at the time. us what wasal told wrong and went into cardiac arrest. >> they switched gears and saved a life. for the patient was taken to the hospital and is listed in stable condition. firefighters say that this is a good reminder to everyone to learn cpr. procedure'-- prestigious new ranking. an entire guide will be dedicated to the district, just the fourth city with this distinction.
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the cut is a tricky process. >> our inspectors are anonymous. bartenders where they go. different sources of information. anchor 1: they are dining in the city. this will go on sale on october 13. the guide is for new york, san francisco, and chicago. anchor 1: we should be there. anchor 2: you know that the chefs are a little nervous right now. a potential sexual assault is stopped by fraser. anchor 1: i thought he was trying to lace her drink. -- >> i thought he was trying to laser drink. -- lace
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footage of the flooding in texas. you can see the camera pulling out and it has become an island of cows, who are trapped now. ands washing in snakes debris. ininches of rain has fallen 72 hours and more is expected. anchor 2: that is incredible. ole closed lanes of a highway and it stretches across almost all of the lanes. look at that. no word as to what caused that. the authorities are thinking about charging the a gorilla was shot and killed to protect a four-year-old who fell into it and enclosure -- fell i
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enclosure. it is claimed the barrier was not up to par. groups are demanding that the parents be held responsible and there are more than 300,000 signatures already. anchor 2: strangers are stepping and theyuburban bar are now being called heroes. saw awomen say that they man drop something into the drink. one of them rushed into the bathroom to tell the woman. >> i know this is weird. we saw the guy put something in her drink. s staffrestaurant'; called the police and the videotape confirmed the suspicion.
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their story on facebook and want to warn other women. anchor 1: you better get ready to pay more for parking. $2.30.oing up to in $2ays they will bring million for the city. to makes were approved up for lost revenue. the happieste of places in america are right here in our backyard. loudoun and fairfax county are two of the happiest counties. weatherperson: happy about the nice weather on the way for the overnight hours. -- we h070 degrees
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temperatures across the area. 72 in manassas. 67 over in culpeper. not a whole lot going on. we had this traveling to the south. you see the remnants of what was once tropical storm bonnie and there is not much left right now. we just need this mechanism to shoot this off over into the sea. heading closer, there are scattered showers and we are looking at the mostly-cloudy looking ate could be a little bit of fog. -- nothing will cause traffic delays. fairfax.e 65 in middlesbrough
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is 63 -- middleburg is 63. as you move through the visibilityhours, will improve and we are not looking for any sorts of air travel delays. dry and 9:00t is has mostly hig-cloudy skies. the umbrella might be worth taking a long. with only aimited, 30%-40% chance and it will be followed by a cold front into friday, which promises to bring showers and thunderstorms across the area. here, at is out of little bit of clearing for the upcoming weekend. the highs tomorrow will be 84 degrees. partly cloudy skies, otherwise. winds out of the
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here is your extended outlook, with a better chance for storms and a cold front. an isolated shower as possible. saturday is the better bet. temperatures will be in the upper 70's with nighttime lows in the 60's and the weather will cooperate. my nephew is here and they have been asking for nice weather. anchor 2: how old is he? reporter: it is his -- weatherperson: it is his eighth grade trip. anchor 2: you can control the weather. weatherperson: indeed, i can. >> swinging for the fences. this hit has everyone talking and we will show you why it is so special.
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>> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> daniel murphy proves why he is the acquisition of the off-season. jayson werth got things started for the nats with a home run to center. 1-0, washington. he is hot, right nboow. murphy, cranks one. a ball offere with of the scoreboard. all."like, "i want it he heads home. drew with the
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inside-the-park home run. what a night for mookie. gone.cond pitch is the next time, he does it again. so, how about the seventh? you know what is going to happen. sails into the stands. the orioles drop one. it is a rematch of the cavaliers and golden state. the warriors defeated the six, giving game them their first title in decades. this year, lebron james says that the cavaliers are a better team. >> we are well coached and have so many good players on our team. we are ready for
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this. abc is your home for the finals and we will broadcast every game. tip-off is at oracle arena. after the oklahoma city season ended, kevin durant says that he has thought about his free agency. he has spent nine years with the thunder. unrestricted free agent on july 1. sister see this on our station and coverage starts at 7:30. i'm looking forward to that. anchor 1: kevin durant is not going anywhere. anchor 2: i don't think so. >> anything could happen. anchor 1: you can already make your own soda.
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stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger. anchor 2: soda stream is known for "make your own soda." it is venturing into beer. it will be released in germany and switzerland. they are looking at more markets.
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blondie." it is 4.5% alcohol by volume. anchor 1: you can make it in a matter of seconds. anchor 2: dangerous. anchor 1:
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anchor 1: warm and humid. weatherperson: a few showers and thunderstorms. aere will be a cold front we willers crossed, have it out of the way for the farmers market and temperatures will be in the upper 70's. jacqui jeras will be in here and get you through the day. anchor 1: jimmy kimmel is coming next.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live". tonight -- megan fox. from "silicon valley", thomas middleditch. and music from josh abbott band. and now, here's jimmy kimmel. [ applause ] ♪


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