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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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-- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by cbs television distribution announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: we begin this afternoon on storm watch as heavy rains are starting to drench part of the region. chief meteorologist doug hill is keeping an eye on what is going on. there is a lot going on, doug. doug: no watches or warnings in effect. but zoom in first up to go north of the metro area where the heaviest lines of storms are located in montgomery county and western section of howard county and southeastern carroll county. heavy rain and lightning. they are moving quickly enough i don't think we have sustained flooding. ponding of water is an issue. this is moving to la plata in the southeast. we have the same setup tomorrow with more showers and storms. but the bigger threat is sunday when we are
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weather. this is what it means with enhanced chance. a better chance of widespread heavy to severe thunderstorms with possible wind damage and possible flash flooding. we will put it together. give you the timing to make your weekend plans coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. michelle: thank you. you can stay connected connecteh the stormwatch7 team whenever severe weather hits through or the abc7 facebook page and twitter feed. you can download the stormwatch7 app for your smartphone or tablet. jonathan: it really was a dark day for the u.s. military. it started the the crash of the f-16 u.s. thunderbird in colorado. alison: in the next four hours we learned military transport vehicle flipped in flooding in texas, killing five soldiers. michelle: a blue angel fighter jet crashed in tennessee killing the pilot on board. the u.s. military and the federal aviation administration are both investigating after fa-18 hornet went down in a practice
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last week, the captain was in annapolis with the blue angels for the u.s. naval academy graduation. maryland bureau chief brad bell is there. what are people saying today about this? brad: you know what? they are saying they are saddened by this. it hurts them. it's almost like they have lost a star athlete from a favorite team. take a look at this. this is the static display, the blue angel plane that is at the navy marine corps stadium. it's a land mark in town. every year when these planes come soaring over town it's a tradition to go see them. they were just here. we were just watching them roar through cloudless skies. the stunned reaction in annapolis today to the death of blue angel pilot yesterday in tennessee. >> it's a terrible thing. people like that fight for our
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country. it's a tragedy. brad: a week ago, the pilot and the blue angels roared over the naval academy graduation after two days and rehearsal and shows over the severn river. >> they are the best. to watch them fly is amazing. >> the thrill replaced by sadness. to have them perish like that and have them die makes you think about everything they do. >> the pilot himself explained in 2015 in a video that flying that jet was a dream come true. >> it has been a great experience every time i strap into it. i'm grate. for the family and the friends that got me where i am. >> when we come back at 5:00, you will hear from the pilot from navy video. we will get in his
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crashes with the blue angels, one that hit me personally hard. alison: thank you. in texas crews are searching for four soldiers swept away after the vehicle swamped by flooding. five others killed. three rescued. we are live in killeen outside of fort hood. reporter: military leaders held a press conference outside the front gate. but there are a lot of questions about what happened are unanswered. fort hood is a massive military post covering 300 square miles. commander say the 12 soldiers were learning how to operate at two and a half ton vehicle north water crossing on the post. inundated with rain. the spokesperson said everything about the training was routine up until the point of the accident. >> they were out on the range. they
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the weather conditions like this. this is a tactical vehicle. they were in a proper plate. this is an unfortunate accident. the military leaders say all resources are used to search for the four missing searchers. no names have been released from the military leaders here. they have been receiving outpouring of support from the community but they need continued prayers and assistance in this difficult time. reporting from fort hood. michelle: covering metro today. as the region gets ready for safetrack the push to maintain the track starts the first real surge tonight. transportation reporter brianne carter is live with the latest. brianne: look at the preparations underway. we have the mobile command center se u
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church for the crews that will be doing the work in a matter of hours. earlier today, metro's general manager paul wiedefeld said this is not going to be easy, period. but they are going to try to mitigate what could be commuting chaos for so many who rely on the rails in the morning and the evening commute. well, today we understand that they say they have alternative options that they want you to focus on. whether that is metro bus, carpool, ride sharing services or a bike. use that if you can instead of the train. the single tracking will happen between east falls church in ballston. the worst congestion will be at all of the stations west of ballston. if you still plan to use the trains on monday, expect extreme crowding and long delays. if that is only if the trains are running properly. this is about the track work. there could be doors not closing or a train needing to offload. that could cause more congestion along the rails.
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manager said that metro will try to put the best cars out there to keep that from happening. >> staging gap trains. if there are issues. if something comes in a car, we will have the maintenance people preposition. we have medical issues. we have all kind of issues that can play out. we will look at that to maximize it and minimize the risk with any of the cars we have. make sure they perform the best they can. brianne: this is one piece of the puzzle of what will be happening here. starting after midnight tonight lasting for 13 consecutive days. coming up tonight at 5:00, we have more on what metro has done today to help you out on monday morning. michelle: thanks. some businesses are changing plans to help employees deal with the long-term closures associated with the safe track. we have a closer look at that at 4:30. before safetrack begins head
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metro text alerts. that is your best way to be prepared for whatever happens this weekend and monday morning. alison: new information today about the investigation into whether anyone should be charged after a little boy climbed in the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. this morning the prosecutor's office says it will announce its decision monday afternoon at 1:00. now the zoo shot and killed the 17-year-old gorilla named harambe to try to protect the little boy. jonathan: that story overshadowed another one playing out in japan over the weekend. that is when a 7-year-old boy abandoned by his parents in a forest. he was left on the mountain side by the parents because he was misbehaving. they quickly turned around. when they. we back the boy was gone. the searchers found him this morning four miles away in a small building at military exercise ground. the boy's parents did apologize saying they never thought this situation would develop quite the way it did.
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forced my son to experience a very painful time. i deeply apologize to people at his school, people in the search operation, and everybody for causing them such trouble. i first said to my son i'm sorry, that i forced him to experience a very painful time. jonathan: officials say the boy was dehydrated but otherwise not hurt. michelle: wow! alison: in ohio, a father's anguish boils over in court. the moment they try to attack the man who killed his daughter was caught on camera. [screaming] van terry just started to give a victim impact statement when he looked back at michael madison. >> he looked at me and smiled. disrespectful. alison: madison is a convicted sex offender and he is in court to be sentenced for murdering terry's 18-year-old daughter shirellda as well as two others. he mutilated my child. how you cut
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child was alive. you caused my baby great pain. alison: they dragged him to out of the courtroom and the courthouse altogether. the judge accepted the jury recommendation to give madison the death penalty. >> it was horrible. to be that close and breathe his air, to be in the same room with a person so horrible. and don't care. a >> these were beautiful women. >> she can rest in peace. alison: hard to imagine any father not doing the same thing in that situation. jonathan: i know we have a sense of order and justice and all of that, but you smile at a guy who is a dad that lost his daughter, i was hoping that the guards would let him get to him a couple of minutes. disgusting. alison: so sad. michelle: you can't help but understand where they come from. so much raw emotion in the motion. to see a smile from the person
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hurtful. jonathan: you want to give the hug to the father. slug the other guy. all right. michelle: still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> you have to be kidding me. >> what makes it about this doll that makes this girl happy. jonathan: protecting ourselves from zika and the role the government is playing to fight the virus. alison: do you feel like you are paying more for less? look at the best way to find a deal when you order that morning pick me up.
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kidd: welcome back to "abc7 news at 4:00". i'm kidd o'shea. time for your weekend kickoff. we begin with the ninth craft beer and food experience. it takes place this weekend with brews from 28 different states and it is tonight and tomorrow. at the national building museum on f-street and northwest. superheroes unite for awesome con. batman, adam west himself and from the agent of shield brett dalton. started today at noon and runs through sunday. a countdown to capital pride
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next weekend. abc7 news and newschannel8 are proud sponsors of this year's parade. there are events every day leading up to capital pride including sunday with drag ball 2016. which is kickball featuring d.m.v. greatest drag queens. gates will open at 3:00. if you are going to the movies, here is what is showing. "teenage mutant ninja turtles 2" is expected to be number one and should open in the $30-$40 million range. "x-men apocalypse" could be close behind with $30 million. other releases are "me before you" and "pop star: never stop stopping" should finish in the top five. whatever you do this weekend, have a great weekend. i'm "good morning washington's" kidd o'shea. back to you. michelle: looking ahead to the summer it's the reunion tour that is sure to spice up your life.
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says the spice girls are in talks to celebrate the 20th anniversary with the reunion tour. brown tells e.t. online the girl group is working on staging concerts to celebrate the release of their 1996 album. jonathan: well, the spice girls are one of those bands you get one of their songs in your head and no matter what it is stuck there for hours. the question is what will be the ear worms this summer? here is what we did. spotify is making predictions that justin timberlake new single "can't stop the feeling" will be one folks can't stop singing. it's an ear worm. i heard it. still in my hand. "into you." "one dance" by drake. and "work from home." also "this is what you came for" featuring rihanna will round out the top five. you will sing them all day. >> you are a fan of drake. i have been telling you, you need to listen to "one dance" because the beat is infectious. jonathan:
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get it out of my head. michelle: you still on one. jonathan: i move slower than you. alison: anything with justin timberlake is awesome. jonathan: the video is catchy. alison: you know it. get a check on the traffic. on a friday. jamie is here. hi. jamie: it's slow but those are great songs to put on the play list sitting in traffic. right? good ideas. especially when you have to get in the traffic on friday. this is 270. northbound traffic, 45 minutes. southbound is 30 minutes. this will give you an idea. the rain just came through here. german town and gaithersburg. so that is why we are seeing a lot of heavier traffic than usual on 270. there is a car fire northbound 95 in virginia. with the lane blocked to take you 30 minutes. just getting closer to the spr
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if you get to annandale, bumper-to-bumper. trying to leave d.c. heading southbound 295. just before the n.r.l., one lane is blocked with an accident. this is a live look at 66. you just get an idea. road spray heading outbound is very, very slow. if you are planning to go to beach, not bad at all. if you cross the bay bridge now. that is a look at traffic. back to you. michelle: thank you very much. jonathan: busy weekend. michelle: it is. i don't think it's the weekend for the beach. doug: no. the beach will have its chances but we are talking about nasty, heavy weather here sunday afternoon. you may run into it on the way home. the beach in the day is warm and muggy with a chance of showers. not terrible. here it will be a bit of a mess. in the next hour or two across montgomery county. we will show you live. looking at congressional country club this bethesda. looking dark out there. line of heavy rain is 10 or 12 miles west/northwest to the camera location at
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look at the live doppler radar. we notice this line fell apart. in the western part is rebuilt quickly in the past hour or so. in the past 30 minutes. now you can see there is heavy rain from gaithersburg, goes across the river to loudoun county. this area moving southeast. not enormous lightning. but some. haven't heard wind reports. the good news is the line is moving quickly. start to bow out like this. every now and then might develop the wind gust. for the north side of the beltway watch for the next 30 to 40 minutes. brief, heavy rain. no flood warnings out. because the systems are moving quickly we don't think that more than ponding of water is a concern right now. south of town, more showers and isolated storms moving through southern maryland across the big bend of the potomac. the future cast, rough idea of the timing and the features. at 9:00 tonight, it should calm down
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sunshine tomorrow. at time the clouds are warm and humid. late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening another area of the showers and storms will form. they should dissipate approaching the city. sunday a different story. the storm prediction center has us under enhanced chance of severe thunderstorms. we will show the metro area and beyond is under the enhanced threat. what does that mean? here is what it means to be placed in the category. numerous severe thunderstorms are possible. damaging winds over 58 miles per hour. one to two-inch hailstones and potential for tornadoes. with we will here to keep you well advised of any threat that the weather may produce. meantime we put the probability of thunderstorms 100% on sunday. after the nastiness gets out of town sunday night, look at the weather pattern for next week. sunny weather and less humidity. it's nice. michelle: you are
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sunday. jonathan: you are saying there is a chance. doug: it depends how much sunshine we get. with a cloudy day we will have isolated severe thunderstorms and the heavy rain developing in the day. but if we break into three or four hours of sunshine it could be a much more serious weather event later in the day. we will be here and be on air to tell you about it. jonathan: people should pull in the backyard furniture and get it out of there. doug: yeah. don't do it now. enjoy the weekend. but be in touch with us sunday online, mobile app and on air. there is potential for nastiness sunday afternoon, sunday evening. alison: good to have the warning. thank you. jonathan: talk about the dead tree. this is firewood. "7 on your side" stepped in to help solve the controversy a year in the making. >> the hair was standing up a little bit on that one. michelle: speaking out. the yellowstone national park tourist who put the shivering baby bison, that one, in their trunks.
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michelle: the yellowstone national park tourist who put the shivering baby bison in trunk are revealing why they did it. alison: the father and son spoke exclusively to lindzy davis and she explains why they did it. a move that led the baby bison to be youth -- euthanized. >> they are now setting the record straight. shamasha kassam and his son
4:25 pm
shekeel were the subject of scathing headlines after putting the baby bison in the back of the survivor that caused the baby to be rejected by the herd and euthanized. >> i was so shocked. i could not believe -- >> it was the way it was presented. wi didn't know what we were doing. we picked up the bison because it was shivering. that is not the reason why. we picked it up because it was abandoned by the herd. we thought we did a nice thing taking it to the rangers. reporter: this video taken by the different visitor shows the same calf struggling to keep up with the others. you can see it here appearing in distress and trembling. >> it was whacked and huddled next to the engine of the other car. we decided to leave it alone and go. reporter: half a mile down the road the dad had a change of heart. >> i told him let's go see what is happening. >> they never
4:26 pm
fiercely critics would pounce. if you had to do it all over again how would you react now? >> in yellowstone park we would leave it. they say let nature take the course. alison: yesterday, shamasha kassam got six months probation for putting the calf in the car. he was ordered to pay $500 to yellowstone park foundation. the wildlife protection fund there. you certainly can sympathize with where their hearts were and what they were doing. michelle: before you go places like that it is so important to read ahead and know what is okay. because things like that, you know, you just feel so bad they were trying to do the right thing. but nature has its own checks and balances to take care of things like that. jonathan: there are so many groups outs there that raise animals that parted with herd you figure there is something out there to bring in a bison and raise it. alison: good point. you would think there is somewhere else it could go. michelle: sanctuary. alison: i'm going to step away from you for a mi
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at "abc7 news at 5:00". we are working on a story about a local high school senior charged with possession of child pornography. we'll tell you what he is accused of doing at school. that is coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". michelle: still ahead for us at four. look at the efforts to escape the flooding overseas. jonathan: riders are getting ready for safetrack. look at what a company is doing to make it easier for the employees.
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doug: back at "abc7 news at 4:00", give you an update on the heavy rains moving through montgomery county. the heaviest areas are south and southwest of gaithersburg. we will track them in the next 20 to 30 minutes. on the timeline, wheaton at 4:35. fairland area of montgomery county at 4:42. chillum at 4:59. lanham at 5:08. part of the district by 5:19 this afternoon. not a lot of wind but heavy rain and lightning with the system as well. we are tracking the southern storms. to the big bend and the river and across southern maryland as well. tomorrow is similar to this with sun and the afternoon/evening showers and storms. a couple of areas picked up rain from montgomery county in clarksburg. germantown a little over an inch. look at the temperare
4:31 pm
knocked to 70 degrees with the rain. taking a look ahead we will see by tomorrow evening late afternoon and the everything, scattered showers and the thunderstorms are a possibility. sunshine tomorrow. low to mid-80's. muggy day. looking to saturday night it will calm down briefly. on sunday, potential for a large area of the mid-atlantic under a threat of the heavy to the severe thunderstorms. the best time frame is 4:00 to 8:00. isolated tornadoes, large hail and heavy rain. steve rudin will be here in a few minutes and look at the weekend weatherf you in a few minutes. jonathan: thank you. when the weather takes a nasty turn, you can stay ahead of it going to you can get text alerts on your phone, on your tablet. just download the free app on storm watch. it's the latest radar, rain totals, you name it, you will get it. michelle: meanwhile, we are keeping a close eye on a dangerous weather situation in france.
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the country president declared state ofral disaster due to the flood -- state of natural disaster due to flooding. the water is expected to keep rising. >> we are having wine, expecting the ducks to float by in the morning calmly. we wake up and it's like noah 's ark. michelle: go famed museums were forced to close frizz so or thework can be moved from the flooding. >> we will make it work. people are patient, flexible. we will get through this and be a better place when we are done. jonathan: the arlington county board today trying to reassure residents ahead of the safetrack program. it starts tonight. jay korff reports at least one local business making plans to try to ease the commute for the employees. >> headaching and selling
4:33 pm
>> the first one coming out. half margarita and half pepperoni, italian ham and sweet sausage. >> the co-owner is putting his employees ahead of the bottom line. >> we know we will take a hit. >> the business is now closing an hour early at 10:00 p.m. on friday and saturday. thanks to metro closing at midnight due to lang overnight track maintenance. >> a lot of the workforce uses the metro to travel. >> he doesn't want his employees to worry about being stranded or forced to use more expensive travel options. >> if our employees are happy they will make sure the customers are happy. >> his hope is the loyal late night customers will get their pie an hour earlier. >> it's really great they are supporting the workers. >> customers say the pizza provider position is refreshing. >> i am surprised. this is rare to
4:34 pm
company caring enough to cut the profits. >> they perfectly positioned the location near the rail station to make getting to and from work easy for employees who are now caught up in metro mess. >> when it worns it's great. but it can be really hard if you can't rely on something. jay: coming up in 30 minutes at 5:00 we will have multiple report on today's developments along all of the metro line. in addition to what will happen for monday and try to make the commute easier. reporting live, jay korff, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. we are trying to help you prepare for the weekend and days ahead. if you sign up for the metro text alert that will keep you ahead of things. you text the word "metro" to 43187. also, head to the website
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there is a metro safetrack guide to tell you everything you need to know about what is coming. michelle: "7 on your side" getting action in potomac neighborhood where residents were concerned about a dead tree shedding big branches. after a year of phone call and e-mails to montgomery county, residents contacted us. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis shows us the results. kevin: two days after "7 on your side" started asking question this impressive stump is all that remains of the timber that had been plaguing homes in the neighborhood. around 6:30 this morning a tree removal company contracted by montgomery county rolls up in an industrial-size crane with chainsaws and woodchuckers to boot. for six hours they disassembled the tree piece by piece. some were so big they wouldn't fit in the woodchucker and had to be transported by truck. residents first contacted montgomery county for help 345 days ago but to no avail. a coun
4:36 pm
delay was in part due to confusion over whose property the tree was on. >> it was incredible. the next day after it was featured on the news they were here at 6:00 something this morning and done by 12:00. quite amazing to spend a year working on it and then you see the e-mail kick back and forth and drag and drag. feel like you are getting closer, not quite. then in a day, gone. kevin: with a serious threat of severe weather impacting area for this sunday, folks out here are quite relieved to not have to fret over the idea of large branches or the entire tree toppling on to the property. reporting in potomac, i'm kevin lewis. back to you. michelle: maryland governor larry hogan plans to honor the waterman two rescued more than 20 people from capsized boat. the group was on a field trip near bloodsworth island when they truck something underwater and slapping. jeremy shockly of toddville an
4:37 pm
scene and pulled everyone on to their fishing boat. governor plans to honor shockly with a citation for his life-saving actions. jonathan: a former pilot is safe after being at sea for 20 hours. he fell out of his boat in the gulf of mexico and he wasn't wearing a life jacket. the coast guard rescued him 17 miles off the florida coast. he was doing fine after the ordeal. he said he was in the process of grabbing a fishing pole while the boat was in gear. that is when he went in the drink. michelle: coming up at 4:00 -- starbucks deals. what and when to buy to save a buck. things you might want to buy somewhere else. jonathan: firsts, did you see disney released a version of "finding nemo" told in emojis? part of the ramp-up in the seek with "finding dori." when we come back the new emoji that could leave your mouth watering.
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jonathan: get your best homer simpson voice together. this is national doughnut day. this started when the salvation army started to salute women serving doughnuts to the troops in world war i. we have a list of the local places that are giving away free doughnuts. go to search
4:41 pm
dunkin' offered me a doughnut. i can't turn it down. michelle: i can't turn one down. maybe that is not your thing for breakfast. jonathan: perhaps you prefer bacon. folks that oversee emojis improved them. they have 70 new ones. bacon, pancakes. there is an avenueca doe. carrot -- avocado and carrot and kiwi fruit. michelle: they are getting creative. they have a person dancing and a drum. jonathan: pooch who was being called britain's loneliest dog getting worldwide attention. freya is a bullterrier cross. she spent six years at an animal shelt every unwanted by any of the
4:42 pm
came in and had a look as potential pet owners and they passed. now freya caught the eye of the movie director michael bay who saw her on social media. so he cast her in the fifth installment of the blockbuster transformer series. she is getting love and she will be a star. michelle: all you can eat milk bones for her. doing much better than the shelter animals. this is a story you have to see. sit down and look at the tv. a little girl emotional reaction to a gift from her parents. 10-year-old emma was born with a rare birth defect. she was born and had to immediately get this prosthetic limb for most of her life she has had it. she always wanted a dog the looked like her. her parents bought heifer a custom american girl doll. >> you have got to be kidding me. it's got a leg like m
4:43 pm
that emotion? the dog was specially modified with a prosthetic limb just like emma's. the video was posted online. and already has millions of views. emma's parents hope it will persuade more doll manufacturers to think of kids with disabilities. jonathan: if you make dolls, and you see that video, that is why you make dolls to bring that in the life of a child. michelle: that is why so many parents like american doll because you can customize them to look any way you want. they are pricy. but you can make it special. jonathan: they did a good thing there. michelle: coming up for us at 4:00, the battle over zika funds on capitol hill. where congress is at in passing funding as the numbers grow in the u.s.
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>> "7 on your side" with a health matters alert. the world health organization is convening a committee to consider whether the rio olympics should be delayed or postponed. it follows a request by u.s. senator to evaluate whether the game should proceed as planned.
4:47 pm
meet soon and findings will be made public. the centers for disease control and prevention is warning people the threat of the zika virus is growing. as we report, with lawmakers returning to washington next week after a short break, many will be watching to see if they dole out the dollars. reporter: for the caffey family, summertime means play times outdoors. >> don't go in there. there could be bugs. >> are you scared of bugs? >> well, i'm not scared of bugs. reporter: more specifically, mosquitoes are now on the mind of many. with the zika virus exploding overseas. and now hitting u.s. shores. >> you can use bug tents, there are things you can do. a 3-year-old or 2-year-old won't listen to you if you tell her to stay inside all summer. reporter: a concern in washington as well with the democrats slamming republicans before leaving down for not delivering on the dollars.
4:48 pm
experts say is needed to combat this. for education, research, treatment. >> when we appropriate money for defense spending or wars the republicans often say -- and i'll quote -- "listen to the generals in the field." reporter: some republican lawmakers say there is only so much they can do. >> it will be up to the individuals than the federal government. >> the main type of the mosquito to spread the zika virus can be found mostly in the southern part of the country. experts warning people who live in these states face the most danger. >> we need the money and we need it pretty quickly if we will continue in a full blown effort. in every area. public health area. prevention area. vaccine development. >> this doctor says time is running out and lawmakers need to ask quickly. >> their job is to fund us. that is something we struggle with. >> a perfect spot for you to
4:49 pm
>> for alysse and her three girls the lack of progress is troubling. new concerns for the caffey family and so many other americans as the summer travel season kicks off. in washington, abc7 news. jonathan: local olympians are getting ready to head for brazil. >> you know, we are willing to put everything on the line. to chase that goal. michelle:over work doctors and medical mistakes is a link that can prove deadly. study raises concerns about the hours are working. we raise questions about the study itself. it may be putting patients at it risk. that is this sunday on "full measure" with sharyl attkisson. jonathan: throughout the weekend you can expect lane closures on the outer loop. at 9:
4:50 pm
perform emergency prepares for the bridge over jones mill road and stony brook drive. the maryland state highway administration will need to close two lanes from georgia avenue to connecticut avenue. all lanes should be reopened monday morning. michelle: we are in a summertime pattern. steve: a lot going on in time for the rush hour commute. a lot of folks want to get home to get to the delmarva beaches. they are going to run into delays. outside we go. congressional country club. you can see the rain. pouring. but brighter off the horizon. that is where the rain is beginning to come to an end just a little bit. let's head to rockville where kevin lewis is reporting live. what is going on there? kevin: we are live along 355 in rockville. the rain coming down f
4:51 pm
20 minutes. moderate right now with the heavier ten minutes ago. you were mentioning how you can see just the different part of the storm system. much lighter north looking toward downtown rockville. but if you come this way, you can see the gray skies in south direction. toward downtown bethesda. the traffic conditions are standard. there has not been any winds to report. we haven't seen lightning. this is strictly as we have seen in rockville a rainstorm. live in rockaway, i'm kevin lewis. back to you. steve: the heavy rain will continue for the next hour or so. this is the cell we are looking at that he is under. moving toward south and east. i will eventually move to the district and arlington and alexandria. we will track it for you. fairfax will be 5:11. oldtown alexandria around 5:30 hour. it's nothing that is exp
4:52 pm
heavy downpours. rumble of thunder. sunday looking at storms. lower 80's. if you are staying in town keep an eye to the sky and stay with abc7, on sunday. looking at a high likelihood for the strong storms across the areament the greatest threat is gusty wind and heavy rain. download your stormwatch7 weather app. look at the next seven days and it will improve on monday. lower 80's. chance for a few showers on tuesday. rain, friday afternoon. rush hour commute. mix it together and what do you get? jamie: a bad combination. it is rough. virginia, route 28 near dulles. you can see that the visibility dropped. it's lower than what we would like. that causes accidents. car fire in clearing stages northbound 95 in virginia. near backlich road.
4:53 pm
to the licking bowl. -- north to the mixing bowl. it's typical. but there is a lot of red and the yellow spots that are popping up. on the inner loop of the beltway it's very slow. there was work supposed to be done on the outer loop between georgia and connecticut avenue with a double lane closure. they did cancel that weekend roadwork. so just a heads up. everything will be open. they canceled it because of the pending weather. look at this. oh! visibility is terrible. remember to turn your headlights on. be careful this afternoon with the heavy rain coming down. back to you. michelle: a good warning. thank you, jamie. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- on the heels of a $5 million lawsuit about getting too much ice and not enough drink at starbucks a look at the deals to be had when you need your caffeine fix. jonathan: coming up new for us at 5:00,
4:54 pm
release video showing dozen of shootings involving officer and why it could be a trend. michelle: at 2:00, new court documents revealed what the armed man shoot outside the white house last month allegedly said to police after rushing toward the pre
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. michelle: with starbuc
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more food this year it's easy to run up bill. john matarese shows us where the value is. john: visit starbucks much? you would be amazed how much you spend. a latte a day is $100 a month. you might be interested in the best and the worst deals at starbucks. they aren't into just lattes. they added breakfast items, lunch sandwich and more iced drinks. the new report lists the wallet friendly and the wallet busting starbucks menu items. the best deals is refills. basic coffee is 50 cents at most location. free samples of the seasonal drinks like peppermint mocha. afternoon drink discount. with it, summertime treat receipt and the rewards program. but from the doesn't that stink file, "money magazine" worst starbucks deal include
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water, travel mugs and ground coffee beans. you might say doesn't that stink? if you just paid $12 for a bag of beans at a starbucks store and found it for $9 at the grocery store an hour later. finally, a last way to save is order 8 ounce short coffee for $1. it's not on the menu board but they will make it for you. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. jonathan: tonight getting safe track on track. metro scrambles to get started on time, we are getting you ready for monday. hitting close to home. >> people fight for our country and a tragedy. jonathan: sadness at the loss of a blue angel. and turns to rage when a remorseless killer pushes a father over the edge. alison: we begin on storm watch tonight as part of the area deal with the heavy rain. right at the height
4:59 pm
jonathan: we have seen rain out there now. that is ahead of what could be a dangerous weekend for the storms brewing. start off with chief meteorologist doug hill. anything could happen this weekend. shaping up to be rough. doug: sunday, 'em. tomorrow will be like this day, with the late afternoon showers and storms. those watching on the radar are showing the signs of weakening approaching the metro area. zoom in on that. on top of it, in the past 15 minutes no lightning strike. north bethesda, line of the heavy rain continues. that continues to the southeast. patches of the heavy rain over arlington. that is moving through the portion of the district. as far as the timeline goes moving to southeast, we think any minute it will move through chillum and prince george's county and part of northeast, northwest washington. 5:19 in fairfax. 5:32 in annandale. there is no flash flood warning
5:00 pm
of water and the heavy downpours that could cause flooded creeks. go out of the banks. tomorrow we have the afternoon showers and the storms. sunday is setup potential of the severe thunderstorms. isolate tornado. damaging wind. mid-afternoon through the early everything hours. we will spell out the timing of this in a couple of minutes. alison: thank you. kevin lewis is in montgomery county. tell us, what are you seeing now? kevin: well, we are on 355 in rockville close to the white flint metro station. the rain is lightening up. turn the camera to the north. clearer skies there. that is where the storm came rolling in from. if you look southward you can see the darker, the gray skies in the direction toward bethesda. silver spring. that is where the storm is located now. started to come down around 4:30 here. heavy rain initially. it has tapered off sense. we d


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