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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kellye: right now, starting on , when we will see the worst of it. one hour and accounting, the headaches already being caused by metros safe track program. and attributes pouring in tonight
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to memorialize muhammad ali. starting on stormwatch tonight, a line of powerful weather pushing through virginia and maryland right now. let's go straight to steve rudin for a check of the forecast. steve: the strongest of the storms will south and west of d.c., charlottesville, with a severe thunderstorm warning, but around the capital beltway a much different story. the storm slowly drifted the north and east, from fredericksburg in the early morning. a lot of thunder and lightning. was slowly move off and more severe weather on the way tomorrow. it is quiet and dry around the capital beltway. if you have anywhere to go in the next few hours, metro closes at midnight, it should stay dry around the beltway.
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different story. futurecast, fredericksburg, leonardtown, 3:00 a.m., heavier thunderstorms, shower over the district. ,omorrow, brighter skies limited sunshine, then the strong storms on the way. this is the futurecast, freshly updated. 6 p.m. tomorrow, strong storms for montgomery county through the district, fairfax, loudon. more on what to expect in terms of damage and when everything will funnily be out of here as we move through tomorrow night into early monday. kellye: our storm watch weather team is staying ahead of every severe storm. sign up for the latest warnings on your phone by going to pastbreaking news in the 10 minutes, a shooting in prince william county. cheryl conner is at the live desk with the latest.
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cheryl: what we know as an adult male was taken to the hospital with life-threatening gunshot injuries. block ofthe 14900 potomac heights place in woodbridge. that is an apartment building. we don't know if the man was found inside or outside. county police are investigating. that is all we have, and when we get updates, we will bring them to you. an adult man shot and taken the hospital with life-threatening injuries. cheryl, thank you. do plans impacted by safe track, metro's ambitious overhaul, means the train stopped running in less than an hour. roz plater is live in northwest with a look at the changes. shawwe are in the
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district, and the streets are packed. folks are going in and out of all of the restaurants and bars. a littlele is just while from now the restaurant workers will be scrambling to find a way home. things are already hopping at this restaurant in d.c.'s booming shaw district. but there is a new wrinkle, how to get his workers back home. >> we paid for parking for some people, and some people have except they will have to take uber on the weekend. roz: metrorail will shut down at midnight, instead of staying open until 3 a.m. friday and saturday. the closings are just the start. the last customer may not leave until midnight. >>
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the oven is hot, 500 degrees, so we have to let it cool down, put everything back where it should be. roz: they plan to offer a small late-night menu. the trouble is there was little time to plan ahead. >> we can react quickly, but who can react to this? roz: they are hoping 70 will figure out something soon. everybody is finding ways around it. how did it become our problem? one more thing they are worried about, the limited metro service means it may start keeping customers away. roz plater, abc 7 news. kellye: we have full details of the safe track land on our website at you can also sign up for alerts from abc 7.
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tonight, memorial plans in the works for muhammad ali. tonight we learned the boxer died of septic shock. the will be a public funeral for him friday at his home town in kentucky. bill clinton will give the eulogy. in the toughest about of his life, muhammad ali went out a champion. "we all tried to stay strong and whisper in his ear it was ok." he leaves so many tender memories. the world will miss that kind of compassion. as ae>>
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kid, i gravitated towards him because he is a champion. kellye: two michael j fox, a feller parkinson's -- a fellow parkinson's victim. >> i cried. kellye: muhammad ali also remembered as a civil rights pioneer. >> he went from being despised to the most loved and renowned because hehe planet, stood for something. kellye: the president and mrs. obama saying, "ali stood up when it was hard, spoke out when others would not." in his hometown, flowers to remember their native son. they will welcome him home friday in grand style. funeral plans will include a huge procession through the streets of louisville. people all over the world are sharing
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area. most of whom never met ali. boxing gym in georgetown, who shared stories of being inspired by his actions in the ring and in life. >> he made me realize how i should take pride in everything i do. >> by being a worldly person who believed in his heart and following his heart, think you talk other people to do the same thing. kellye: services for ali, including a procession through the streets of the way bill, will be friday. coming up, muhammad ali's death also making waves on the campaign trail. what donald trump said months ago that is getting new scrutiny. plus, 24 years and it has come arrival atmonumental the mlk memorial in washington, d.c., and the 410 stops before it. fit,
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kellye: the blue angels did not fly, but the great tennessee air show continued as scheduled today. the air show honored the blue angels captain jeff huss who was killed thursday, and announced a portion of the ticket sales would go to his family's fun.
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help. nobody was hurt, but one man was held for questioning and charges are pending. the red cross is helping 10 people with displacement. and take a look at this, a massive brush fire in california getting dangerously close to home. we are hearing from officials one of those houses may be up in flames. so far, no word on injuries, but this is one of several fires burning in los angeles county tonight. new developments in vote 2016, hillary clinton has just won the democratic caucus in the u.s. virgin islands. seven delegates were at stake, another 60 are up for grabs tomorrow in puerto rico. california votes tuesday. clinton: i'm talking about the tests that you should
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president to pass. theie sanders: you bring in say, where it you see the problems, word you see the solutions. fewer thannton needs 70 delegates to secure the nomination. 800 delegates are up for grabs in six states tuesday. a tweet by donald trump last december is getting some scrutiny on line in the wake of muhammad ali's death. trump doubted if there were any muslim sports heroes. ali announce the band. , trumpd ali's death called him a great champion and wonderful guy. history has already been made at the rio olympics, two months before the games began. a team made up of refugees will
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the six men and for women from the middle east and africa will complete -- compete under the olympic flag. expenses will be covered by the international olympic committee. the national park service celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. sterlinga man from making history, spending half his life visiting every national park and monument in the nation. today was his final stop. along for thewas ride, a story that you will see only on 7. >> manassas national battlefield. cheryl: dan elias has been there and seen that. today he walked into the martin luther king jr. memorial, his passportmp in his look. traveling from sterling, virginia, he visited all 411 national parks, monuments, memorials, and
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planning's ring break in college. >> when other people are going to florida in mexico, i was thinking about going to tennessee. 92eryl:: his first stamp on 1909 he prayed that he would meet someone with as much interest. in history, and along came his wife of nearly 10 years. she said that each visit was more than a walk in the park. the preparation, studying the history of the park or the monuments, the area, the city, the state. sure: they took a boost plane -- a bush plane in alaska. >> we learned about the sacrifices. cheryl: he gives back by volunteering at the clara barton national historic site. he did a lot by him
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something like that that you realize there is so much out there. elias plans to keep traveling as new national sites are added to the list. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kellye: looks like the weather cooperated for him, but tomorrow is different? steve: a few showers come a little break in the action in the early afternoon. that is nothe sun, good news for later in the day in terms of the storms. that will only fuel them stronger. 75 degrees right now at reagan national, the high today 82. sunshinerm once the came out. 75 leesburg, 73 frederick, 75 hagerstown. lower 70's cumberland, winchester 73. it is warm and humid. it
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the overnight. we are likely to hear some rumbles of thunder, especially south of d.c. early in the morning. the nasty weather is well to the south and west, harrisonburg, charlottesville. that is where you have strong thunderstorms. andonly a lot of thunder lightning, but heavy downpours and the potential of flash flooding. this moves off to the north and east, but we think that it will lose some punch overnight. the heavier rain for fredericksburg, about 3:00, 4:00, south of d.c. right now, no worries. a lot of people rushing to the metro to get there before it closes at midnight, and you will be fine just before midnight. then things deteriorate after that. showers and5 to 72, thunderstorms, fog mainly south of d.c. early tomorrow
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widely scattered showers, more sunshine across southern maryland. 2:00 p.m., midday, showers and thunderstorms begin to clear up. this is freshly updated, through dinnertime. stronger storms at 6 p.m. this is a computer-generated model. with the storm, gusty wind, andy downpours, hail, cannot rule out the potential of an isolated tornado. this point is at least a severe thunderstorm watch, and within that watch numerous severe thunderstorm warnings. most of this out of here by about 9 p.m. monday morning, a lot better, brighter skies, temperatures in the 70's. it looks good for the rest of the upcoming work in school week. tomorrow, damaging wind, a high probability, along with heavy rain, hail, an isolated tornado, not quite as prevalent. the forecast tomorrow, 85 degrees, keep the umbrella
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. the best chance of storms late in the afternoon. download the stormwatch 7 weather app. nicer weather monday lasting through the entire week. kellye: we definitely have to pay for the nice weather, so we will get through it and be all right. the sports world continues to mourn. robert: lost a true hero. we will have a report from a hot ali's home town in ali's home t♪wn in
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by or local toyota dealers. robert: the world lost another legend, muhammad ali, the world is in mourning after he passed away at the age of 74. we have more from louisville. >>
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the hundreds of the hometown of a legend, a larger-than-life icon whose impact inside the ring was just the beginning. muhammad ali was a passionate fighter for freedom and justice, and his message and purpose ring loud and clear here in louisville. generations from all walks of life to pay tribute to a man who meant so much to so many. some brought flowers, some boxing gloves, some came to pray. all were affected by the loss of the greatest. >> outspoken. he did not just speak for himself. he felt for things that he felt that he could affect change in, and that really resonated with me. greenfor many, like jerry , the lasting legacy of ali will be his courage and conviction. >> a lot of people called him a draft
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what he was doing. he gave millions and millions in the prime of his career. fight was hisest 32 year battle with parkinson's disease. it could never take away his grace, his dignity, or the impact he made on millions. at the muhammad ali center in downtown louisville, i'm brad. he even made his mark on the nba finals. example of how you speak what you believe. he gave us a sense of confidence. imagine if we just stopped what we were doing in the prime of our c
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that would not happen today. that means more than anything that fame or money or glory can make up for. of the catch game two nba finals at golden state, right here on abc 7 tomorrow, tip-off at 8 p.m. nats still have a one-game lead over the mets in the nl least. some history for stephen strasburg in the fifth. he recorded his 1000th career strikeout. out 10, and struck left the game with calf tightness. danny the eighth, espinosa, solo shot, tied at 3-3. after another long rain delay, bottom eight, this one is launched deep to left. and gone. that is a three-run shot. na
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in tennis, the french open women's final, it was not serena's day. for her 22nd grand slam phil short today. she lost in straight sets. the penguins and sharks are in overtime tied at 2-2. pittsburgh leads the stanley cup finals 2-0. kellye: painful to see serena lose like that.
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kellye: the fourth annual all wesome-con is underway at the washington convention center. it is a must-see for fans of superheroes, comic books, and a pop-culture. >> we took a three and a half hour drive just to be here. theust came out to enjoy convention and see some celebrities. kellye: filmmaker kevin smith and others wrapped convention.
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